Dave Matthews Band
Iowa State University - Hilton Coliseum, Ames, Iowa
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

What Would You Say *
When The World Ends *
One Sweet World *
Rhyme & Reason *
The Space Between *
You Never Know *
Grey Street *
If I Had It All *
Crush *
What You Are *
Jimi Thing *
Where Are You Going *
The Stone *
I Did It *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Tripping Billies *
Waste +
Ants Marching *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Wow...I just got back, and this show rocked me...hard...The old songs were strong, and the new songs were awesome. Jimi Thing was good and phunktastic. Billies was superb, with Boyd venturing all over the stage. Then, Dave comes on solo. I don't know what to expect. Perhaps a "Long Black Veil", as he said that it is a song by a friend of his. But no...it's Waste. What you have to understand, is that I'm obsessed with Phish. They were one of the best bands out there, in my opinion, until they went on hiatus. When Dave played the opening chords, I nearly wet myself. I needed this...badly...Anyhew, Dave rocked, but the crowd sucked. I was the only person in my section that was actually standing up and dancing throughout the show. Most others opted to only get off their lazy asses when they heard a song that they had heard on the radio. Even then, it was like pulling teeth to get the audience to get excited. I dunno about the rest of y'all, but when I hear that kynd guitar, I can't help but to dance along. All and all, good show, horrible crowd.
Great show! I don't know what section you were in, but everyone in mine was going nuts. Everyone around me was way in to it. Dave was way into it too. First time he gave it his all singing since his vocal chord strain! Jams were awesome. The whole band was getting in to it. Boyd was dancing around stage!
Great show, thought it was interesting when I saw a sign in the crowd "It's my birthday, What Would you Say" and as you know, WWYS was first... DId a good job of mixing up between the years, couple older, couple newer. I'm not a huge fan of Everyday (or wasn't at least) but as all Dave stuff live is better. Hearing I did it live, and especially What you are (I liked that song in the first place) was awesome. I'd have to agree about the crowd sucking. I wish I could've yelled more but am in the middle of a cold. The guys behind us sat down half the time and even yelled at us for staying standing. But the guy to my left was cool, and I had a good time so, to each their own.
Personally, I thought it was a great show. Sweet jam during Jimi Thing...Pig was great. Loved WAYG and You Never Know. Boyd and Dave had a lot of energy tonight and seemed to be really into it. Overall, it was a great setlist. Looking forward to some great shows this summer.
Peter L.
Iowa was a pretty good show. It was my first DMB concert. Unlike the fans near the other guy that posted, all the fans around me were into the concert and on their feet grooving. Only one person sat down during the concert that I could see. He opened with What Would You Say, which got everyone pumped right away. One sweet world was great to hear, especially since he hasnt played it thus far on this tour (as far as i know). Jimi thing was definitely one of the shows highlights. They had some great freestyling on that song and everyone in the crowd was digging it. Anyhow, he ended the normal set with Tripping Billies which was madly good and was a great way to the end the set and get everyone hyped up for the encore. Dave closed the night well with Ants Marching and everyone left stoked. I can't wait til Alpine!
The show tonight was Awesome! It was my first Dave show, and I had some sweet seats. Dave and Boyd were going all out tonight. I thought the set list was good too, and wow what can you say about "the Stone." I was pumped he played that. I don't know what that 1st guy was talking about, the crowd seemed really energetic, I didn't see anyone sitting down. The Jimi Thing and Crush Jams were great! and Amen for the Encore! All in All it was one of my favorite concerts, and I am looking forward to going again!
Brian G.
Just rolled in from the show in Ames!! it's 3 am!! And class in 5 hours.. THIS SHOW WAS STRAIGHT OFF THE HOOK!! To quote RJ.. I thought last nights show was strong!! However this was unreal and unbelievable at the same time... It was a fan's set list tonight!! My favs one sweet, rhyme, stone, & PIG!!!!! For my personal fav that i wanted to hear!! However, more than a few other songs stand out.. crush, jimi thing, billies, ants!!! all with great jams or solos!!! Thanks for two great nights...4/29 & 4/30!! See you all in ALPINE VALLEY!!!
BOYD! BOYD! BOYD! Was he ever rockin'!!! His legs were movin' around more than I've ever seen Dave's more (only my 5th show, but hey...). Even Butch was jammin... not the meek and mild Butch from listener supported where he barely cracks half a smile... he was up off his seat rockin' to the music and stompin' his feet around too!!! I really enjoyed watching Stefan on The Stone... that's some fast hand work and he get's so into it. The guys seemed to be having a good time and I think the crowd did too, even if a few folks were a little more laid back than usual. It was nice to hear "Waste" and "Pig" I was starting to worry that it would be an "off night" for pig. The Everyday songs have developed great in concert. The Highlight for me tonight was definitely Boyd however... especially on Billies...when Dave said his name he TOOK that stage and didn't leave an inch uncovered... and the crowd ate it up. Great Show!!! PS - wish ya coulda been there sis, but I'll see ya in Alpine.
Andy B.
Great show, the boys had a ton of energy tonight! Everybody was into it, even Butch had the happy feet. Some surprises, OSW, Crush, Stone. Overall a great setlist, and an incredible show. Glad to see DMB back in Iowa!
To all of you DMB fans out there that are waiting to see a show, you are in for a big treat! Mind you, this was my first ever DMB show, but I will never forget it. Only in Ames, Iowa can you be hanging out by the tour buses around 4pm and get Boyd, Leroi, and Carter's autograph in about an hour span. All three were very nice to the small crowd hanging out. They posed for pictures, signed CD's, shirts, etc. I do not think that anyone was refused an autograph. No sign of Dave the whole time out there though. Oh well, on to the show. The opening band was OK I guess. The guy next to me said they kindg of sounded like a mix between Weezer and Flaming Lips. Maybe a little. I thought that they were a litlle too hard for DMB fans, but the crowd was nice to them, but we wanted Dave & Company. At about 8:10, here they come! The crowd gave them about a 3-5 min. standing ovation. Dave was waving and walking around enjoy the crowd. Song#1-What Would You Say - Very nice to start out with. It got everybody on there feet dancing and signing. Song#2 - When The World Ends - Good song from Everyday - Some people sat down, but I liked it live. I am glad that played this now and not later. Song #3 - One Sweet World - This song was very groovy - I had a feeling at that point, that the really good songs will be coming later in the show. Song #4 - Rhyme & Reason - Good crowd reaction to this one. A lot of singing form the crowd - We did have a small drug bust in our section - some dude was lighting up a bowl, and some old dude comes down and starts wrestling with him and carries the guy out. Song#5 - The Space Between - Not one of my favorites, but everyone else was really in to it. It did sound a lot better live then on the CD. Song #6 - You Never Know - Great song. 1st time that I have heard it. I really like it. #7 - Grey Street - Yet another good song - they could have subbed Bartender or Busted Stuff here, but I will not complain. Song #8 - If I Had It All - I never really listened to this song on Everyday, but this song really won me over live. This seemed to be the "Bathroom Break" song for a lot of people...BIG MISTAKE because the lines were very long and they missed this - Song #9 - Crush - My personal favorite - Long Jams in this one. If I had to guess on lentgh - 10 Mins...longer? Boyd was on it tight with this one. Dude rocks. His arms are like cannons. Song#10 - What You Are - This one rocked too. WOW! Good energy. Sounds much better live. Dave was really singing hard on this one - and he has throat troubles? Not tonight. SHOCKER OF THE NIGHT!!! Song#11 - Jimi Thing - This was by far the biggest surprise for me - my sister wanted to here this song soooooo bad. I think that every single person was dancing & singing to this one. It included another long jam out sessions with everyone getting a turn. Beautiful! Song#12 - Where Are You Going - Very good song - Can't wait to hear more of this song. I thought it was a little short on time. Maybe 3 or 3 1/2 mins. It may have been me. Song#13 - The Stone - Better live then on the CD. Song#14 I Did It - YAWN! - God I cant like this song. I swear no one was standing, but everyone was signing which was weird. Am I the only one that can't stand that song. Song#15 - Dont Burn The Pig - Sweet! I dig this song, they could have played it earlier, but I am glad they played it. Song#16 - Tripping Billies - Kick Ass! Another big suprise for me. They jammed out on this one too. Dave was dancing all around. They left the stage and people started chantting DAVE,DAVE,DAVE!!!! After like what seems forever, Dave came out alone and said that he wantyed to play a song from an old friend of his, and that he wanted to "F" it up a little bit, or some thing to that effect. The crowd went crazy! Song#17 Waste - He played the song alone, and I think that he messed up the first part of it because after a few lyrics, he stopped, lauhghed and pointed in the crowd and started over again. Still, the song was very mellow and cool. The crowd went nuts when he was done. The rest of the boys came out for their final song. Song#18 - Ants Marching - A great song to finish up a great evening. Thank you DMB for coming to Ames and really treating us to a super show. I will never forget it. I am sure that Dave will be OK for the rest of the shows. His voice was fine. He was really whaling on a couple of songs, not the sign of a person with troubles with the vocals. I also wanna thank the couple from the Twin Cities that we hung out with before the show and tell them that we are sending the weird Omaha guy with that signed dollar up to see you guys real soon!!! Peace........
B.J. L.
First and formost, a great show from top to bottom. Ben Kweller was surprisingly great, blending what I heard to be a little Beck, Ben Folds, and They Might Be Giants. A great enthusiastice opener. When Dave and the gang came out the crowd went nuts (The band just sat there for about five min. to a roaring applause) Opening with What Would You Say, the band took us on a trip from Remember Two Things to the upcoming Busted Stuff (Although I was hoping for more Lillywhite/Busted Stuff material). The chemistry on stage was as awesome as it has ever been as the band joked around and grooved on each others solos. Dave was had the charm turned on, especially when he came out for the encore of Waste, having to drop down after he started off too high ("let's hope i don't fuck it up" oh well) Great show, a border line life changing event, and a nice detractor from end of semster haste.
This was the 2nd time seeing DMB and 1st time indoors. I can't believe how flawless they play every time! This show had people dancing and singing and having one hell of a good time! During Ants, Stefans bass rig was turned down during intro spot, but other than that, the night was perfect! Pig and Stone were incredible and the 2 new songs are some of the best I've heard live, cant wait for KC!
J B.
I thought this was a really powerful show...but it seemed pretty standard. This is the first show I've been to this tour so I don't have much of a reference point, but the show seemed to go a lot different than the last time I saw DMB (in 99). Although there were some awesome solos by Boyd, they didn't jam as much as I it seems like they used to. Like I said I don't know if this has been the case for the other shows on this tour. The band was dancing and grooving more than any other show I have been to over the last 4 years so that was sweet. Does anyone know what Dave was shouting at the end of "What You Are"? Also, the guy right in front of me that threw the light neclace at the stage and almost hit Boyd/Dave should have been crucified. And I was happy to see one of the event staff people not doing his job and watching the band instead...that was sweet.
Derek Z.
Tonight was my first Dave Matthews Band concert ever and WOW!!! i thought that they played an amazing set but i wished that they would have played #41 or also Say Goodbye, but oh well this concert was great. i was disappointed w/the people sitting my section most of them sat down thru the whole entire show but then would get up when they heard a song that has been on the radio before. when DMB opened up w/WWYS everyone got into it all the guys from the band were havin fun jammin out. another favorite that they did would have to been crush, what an amazing song to perform you could hear everyone singing to this song, i also can't forget about the Jimi Thing jam , but ending the set w/tripping billies OMG could you have asked a better way to close their set than w/this song? then ending the concert w/ants marching WOW what a jam they performed. What a great show DMB put out for Ames, IA. hope you guys come back to IA again.
Courtney B.
so i must say, the ames concert totally blew me away. it was my first dave concert so i was amazed. holy poo can those boys play. the tease before crush was awesome and i was totally psyched about the set list. boyd rocked the house. the only thing that made me sad was that i was at like the very top and so some people were sitting down and they made me feel guilty for standing so i sat for a bit. then i decided that it was their problem and if they wanted to see the band, then they could stand too. jimi thing was amazing, especially when the crowd sang along and the band was dancing all over the stage. overall, it was by far the best concert i have ever seen of anyone. i can't wait to see another dave show.
Chad F.
What a show tonight in Ames. It was my 13th show, and I finally got decent seats. After last night, I decided that I need to get 4th row center for every show! What Would You Say kicked off the night. It is always such a great, high energy song, and it set the tone for the entire evening. When the World Ends was pretty standard, but I love the way that song ends. Leroi led a beautiful solo into One Sweet World, and his sax sounded very crisp and clear. Rhyme and Reason brought the pace of the show back up. It is amazing to witness the feeling that Dave puts into that song. His voice sounded flawless, and he held nothing back. He is drinking liquids between every song to preserve his voice, though. The Space Between never seems to change, and really isn't a good showcase of the bands talent. Fortunately the song is short, and before I knew it, Carter started pounding away on the wood blocks, signaling You Never Know. This was the third time I have heard this song live, and some of those chords the band strikes send shivers up my spine. Grey Street is definately becoming one of my favorite live songs. The lyrics to this song are so crisp and clear now, and the band just feeds off each other during it. If I Had It All is an okay song live, but it was one of the low points of the night. Next up is Crush. Stefan Lessard is so damn talented on bass! He really jammed out on this song, and it was a high point of the evening. What You Are is such a great song live. It gets better and better every time I hear it. Dave just goes crazy on the Electric, and the new verse at the end is great. Even though I hear this song in Minneapolis, and both Chicago shows, I was not upset to hear it again. Jimi Thing rocked tonight. It was the best version of Jimi Thing I have ever heard. Every member of the band was jamming, and all the solo's were superb. Where Are You Going came next, and lyrically the song is great. Unfortunately, the song starts the exact same way as Grace is Gone, and the musical bridge sounds like it is straight out of Tripping Billies. If they would go from this song directly into Grace is Gone, I might like the song better. Personally, I think Dave should just do this one solo. After Where Are You Going, my friend Speedy and I both yelled out "Play the Stone." Dave looked at us, said something to Carter, and then, BOOM! Never heard it with the whole band. Absolutley amazing. This is one of my favorite songs by any band, and it was an incredible experience to hear it from the 4th row. Dave grabbed the electric again, and my friend and I both looked at each other and said "he's gonna do it, damn". Sure enough, he did it. It just seems like this song is a guy with a guitar and a backup band. It doesn't have the sound or the feel of the Dave Matthews Band. Don't Burn the Pig came next, and after hearing this and The Stone in the same show, I can die a happy man. So happy to see this one make a comeback this year. Heard Tripping Billies for the first time this year, and all I really need to say is "Check it out Boyd!" What a great way to end the set! The guys left and soon enough, Dave was out alone with his acoustic in hand. Everyone around us started whispering Waste, and sure enough, Waste came next. Another song I have never heard live, and Dave does such a beautiful rendition of this song. I was a little afraid that it would be retired last year, but I am happy to have it back. By this time it was getting a little late, so we only expected one more song. Ants Marching closed the show, and it maintained the energy the band had throughout the show. The audience was great, and Hilton sounded really good tonight. A very high energy show that reaffirmed my love for this amazingly talented band. See you all in Chicago and Alpine Valley in August!
Andrew W.
The word that comes to mind about the ISU show is energy. They were really clicking and obviously enjoying themselves. Between songs all 5 of them would be talking to each other and laughing, it was great to see. The crowd in section P20 was great, very into the show and not afraid to groove. Highlights: I could go on for so long because the show was that great, but one word can sum it up...Boyd. What a great man he is. He was absolutely on fire tonight. During Crush, Jimi Thing, Tripping Billies, and Ants the band changed from DMB to the Boyd Tinsley Band and I loved every minute of it. Crush was played so beautifully I was nearly brought to tears. I have always loved that song, but tonight they took it to another level. I'll finish it up here, reluctantly...The setlist was well done with a solid mixing of old and new. Just a fantastic concert with tons of energy, plenty of jamming, and a really great vibe. See you all at Sandstone.
Nick R.
Personally I thought this show was one of the weaker concerts I have seen of thiers. Of course coming off from two nights in Chicago I knew it was going to be hard to beat. DMB started off with a good rendition of WWYS, but it kept dying down when he played newer songs like WTWE and One Sweet World. The crowd was standing still and knew none of the newer songs. There was no energy which resulted in less jamming and rocking by the band. Rhyme & Reason was ok, and the crowd finally picked up when they played Space Between. The stone and Dont Burn the Pig were two of the better played songs. Finnaly during the encore everyone was finally jamming when they actually new the song Ants Marching. The highlight was when we followed two of the tour buses to the airport where Boyd, Butch, Leroy, and Carter were getting on to thier private jet to Texas. Got my picture taken with Boyd and Butch, and the others acknowledged us. Dave and Stephan took the other bus for the long ride down. Overall, the show was good, due to the result of the lack of energy coming from the crowd. But since I am a true DMB fan, I had a great time and enjoyed every song.
Brian B.
Just got back to Fargo, ND on a three show seven day tour of the midwest. The three Dave shows were my 5,6,7 and to combine a word to describe them would be unjust(Rosemont, Minneapolis, Ames) I've never heard or read of such diverse setlists for three concurrent shows. I believe this tour is about treating the fans to something special. The Ames show put an exclamation point on what will go down as the tour of the year.
Walking into this show I just knew we were in for a hell of a nite. FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!! I gotta tell you, being this close is a rush. Dave came out amid massive cheers and proceeded to blow us away with WWYS. What a good song to get the place rockin. One Sweet World was great to hear, haven't heard this live since Denver in '99. Had a few repeats from last nights show at Target Center but they were great repeats - Crush just rocked, Boyd was going nuts. Jimi Thing, The Stone and Tripping Billies were the highlights of the show, the crowd and the band were really jammin. Excellent encore, Waste was sweet and who doesn't love ANTS MARCHING, what an ending to a great nite!!!!!
Matthew G.
First of all, I give gratitude to fellow Warehouse member Alicia Peterson for the excellent 4th row floor seats. In my humble opinion it was better than last night's show at Target Center for the single reason as the seats were better. One Sweet World got it going for me, and Grey Street is a personal favorite. The lyrics seem to be set now, different and better from the first time I saw it in June 2000. Jimi Thing and Where Are You Going made a great eader for The Stone. Sixteen shows and I finally hear it. I Did It-still the best bathroom song. Pig was a song I have not heard in a few years, and the 5 teases at Soldier last year don't count. Billies and Ants are tried and true closers that cannot be overplayed. The surprises wee many and Waste was perfectly place and flawlessly executed. Best show from Ames out of three. I will see all of you at Alpine Valley for Labor Day.
Thomas G.
Definetly a very quality show. Best Jimi Thing I've ever heard (I think it even topps "Listner Supported's". PIG was envigorating, crush was phenomenal, and waste was mind blowing. Very happy overall, it was my birthday. Got to meed Boyd, Carter, and Leroi. Definetly up there towards the top. Oh yeah what you are totally rocked with that outro and who can forget billies. That is all.
Awesome concert! This was my first Dave experience, but I... unlike other ames fans... didn't care that it was "virtually lillyless". It was DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! how can you complain?! I was so into the concert, I didn't even notice the lady behind us leave and get the cops who escorted the guy to our far left out of the concert. What can I say, I was distracted by the best band ever. Oh, and I'll SEE YOU IN ALPINE!!!
I have been a DMB fan for many years now but this is the first time i have actually got to see him live. The night started off with Ben Kweller busting out a Weezer like cover of ice ice baby. I felt like i was in sixth grade all over again. Then came Dave. I heard the first few notes of What Would You Say and knew this was going to be an awesome show. I am not as familiar with his newer stuff (Everyday) but it didn't really matter, it all sounded pretty funktastic to me. Other highlights were an extended jam versions of Jimi Thing and Tripping Billies. I also couldn't believe my ears when dave covered Phish's Waste in an ubelievable tribute to Trey
James B.
My first dmb show...WOW! I've heard several showes before, but to see it live...Better than I've heard it is. WWYS was a fun opener. OSW was one of the songs I really wanted to hear. You Never Know, the first time I've ever heard it, it was really really good, but I couldn't understand the lyrics. Grey Street awsome live! But the show really got started when Crush started. I love that song!! Jimi Thing rocked! Everyone got a solo. Even Dave! But my friend said he lost his pick during the song, but it was still great. I was kinda dissapointed in WAYG, I love song but it seemed short, and rushed. I Did It was better than I expected and the crowd was into it. Don't Burn the Pig, I didn't even know what it was at first. I never cared for it on BTCS, but it's at its best live. The highlight of the night was Tripping Billies. Boyd went off on this song and took over the stage and the whole show!!! He was jumping and dancing like crazy! Then they left the stage, and the crowd started calling for Dave to come out. When he did we got a real treat, Waste. Then Ants Marching was an awsome closer, the crowd was really gooving. A great night, I can't wait to go again.
This was somewhere around my one-hundredth and some show, and considering going to the majority of April's shows....this concert was nothing to get excited about. That's why I don't understand all the enthusiasm going around about this particular show. The sound was horrible....mind you I attended the Minneapolis and Rosemont shows....they sounded pretty damn good! The band seemed into it, but Stefan didn't look to healthy up there.....last couple of shows he's been looking a little edgy....maybe I'm just exhausted from the whole rode trip thing. The setlist was strong....he played a mild "If I had it all", which I was thankful for.....but considering it was Ames, Iowa afterall...I think the crowd would've screamed just to hear DMB play "Row, Row your Boat"......and I think the band knew that too....I am hoping Texas comes up a better hand....considering the driving hours I am logging in. We'll see you guys in Texas.
although i'm no dave matthews band expert, having only seen them 4 times now, i will say that this show was a good one. the people sitting beside were all really into the showing-standing up, dancing, etc. granted they were all warehouse members but anyway....i was just excited to hear pig after the 4-5 teases of it at soldier last summer, hadn't heard that since 98. still not a big fan of a few of the songs off of everyday but what you are is really one of my favorites. also excited about hearing waste for the first time by dave. looking forward to alpine.
The Ames show was awesome, i was close enough to see Dave's vain in his neck, thats a first for me. But I thought the show rocked, Ben Kweller was awesome! Dave Matthews Band played a awesome show, considering it was Ames. Boyd was the highlight easily, he jammed on everything, Boyd was awesome! I loved the setlist, Tripping Billies highlight for me, awesome when Boyd's sunglasses flew off while jamming. Awesome show!