Dave Matthews Band
Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

Donít Drink the Water *
Rhyme & Reason *
Grey Street *
The Space Between *
Recently *
You Never Know *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
Tripping Billies *
Fool To Think *
I Did It *
Where Are You Going *
The Stone *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Dont Burn The Pig *
What Would You Say *
For The Beauty of Wynona +
Ants Marching *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

This was the worst show I have seen out of 3. If anybody says that it was an amazing concert, they're lying. Not that it was all bad, just the first hour. You know when the biggest reaction from the crowd is the space between, that you're not gonna be having a fun show. Tonight was the Dave Matthews Trio. Leroi and Boyd were almost non-existant, except for tripping billies, which had the longest boyd solo I've ever seen or heard on any shows. Highlights: Beauty of Wynona played by dave solo, that was nice to hear. Boyd's solo in tripping billies. Lowlights: the rest of the show. Leroi was mic'ed bad so you couldn't hear his solos, although he only had two. The boys have definatly lost it. And to the angry people swearing at me in the parking lot; if you're gonna be pissed off after a dave show, you shouldn't be there in the first place.
Michael A.
First off I want to say y'all should check out Government Mule they are a fun band live. Interesting setlist tonight by the band. I was thrilled to see Recently and Wynona in the mix. It seems like I'm destined to get Don't Drink The Water no matter where I see the band. Grey Street seemed tight as ever. I would say it was one of the most convincing songs live. Despite getting no pretty girl outro Recently was a nice change of pace. Billies injected a lot of energy into the set about half way through. Before These Crowded Streets surprisingly had five songs played live. The Stone was well played out with all members of the band jamming hard. Although Pig was fun as well they should change it on the setlist to just Pig. I don't remember once where Dave actually said Don't burn the pig. Personally, the whole night was made when Dave came out and played For the Beauty of Wynona solo. Blew my mind. I think the show lacked a good jam song and an opener. Nonetheless getting Wynona and Recently made it all worthwile. See y'all at Staples.
Tyler H.
With all of the hype for this year's tour, I was stoked to go. I must say though, that this concert lacked a lot of energy. DDTW was a good intro with R&R. Grey Street was awesome. Pig dominated and so did WAYG. Encore time rolled around and ANTS with Beauty of Wynona were a good way to cap off a decent night. All in all it wasn't a bad show, but at the same time it wasn't a great show. Peace to all that were there!
Very enthusiastic crowd, there were not alot of typical Dave jams but the show was tight.Rapunzel,Pig,Billies,and Ants were the best I have ever heard them.Boyd's solo at the end of Ants was amazing.I am looking forward to the show at Darian Lake on July 20. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
I have one word for this show, WEAK. First off this was my 35th show ever and my 3rd so far this tour. This show may have been on the top 3 all time worst list. There was no flow to this show what so ever. They would play a more upbeat song and then right when the crowd ws pumped and ready to explode they would bring out some slow and mellow songs. The best example of this is when they just jammed the shit out of Tripping Billies and then played Fool to Think, I Did It, and Where are you going in a row. The best way to describe the show without going through it song for song is that it seemed like the band didnt care. It was almost like they were laughing at us because they knew that we didnt want to hear most of those songs. They just ran through the motions. Nothing was jammed out except or Billies. And why do they always have to do the same thing with songs. Just once cant I hear Big Eyed Fish without hearing Bartender immediatly after it. The other thing that irratated me was the show length. It was 1hr. and 10min with the encore and the encore break. Not DMB quality by any means.
Brian M.
Well first off, Happy Mother's Day to everyone's mothers... Onto the show, the guys came out @ like 8:20pm a bit late but well worth the wait... they start off with DON'T DRINK THE WaTER- an awesome version of it... RHYME & REaSON- i needed this song, great f***in' song... GREY STREET- all of these Busted Stuff songs are so much clearer & crisper & so much better then ever... THE SPaCE BETWEEN- all the people (radioheads) who didn't know any other songs were singing this one, but glad i heard it... RECENTLY- first time they played it but no outros whatsoever but glad they brought back this oldie... YOU NEVER KNOW- everyone said this song songs like Crash but i think it sounds more like a Say Goodbye, first time i heard and loved it... BIG EYED FISH into BaRTENDER- first off BEF was the best version i ever heard & as far as the best song they ever did in BaRTENDER, nothing i can say except awesome, but i need to ask this- Does anyone notice how serious Dave gets when he performs this??? TRIPPING BILLIES- Boyd & Carter were going nuts during this song, another great version of this song... FOOL TO THINK- one of my fav's from Everyday... I DID IT- wishing they didn't play this but all the radioheads were singing this but Boyd was really into it so it was OK... WaYG- this was beautiful, especially with the whole band so much better... THE STONE- wow just wow, so much energy but then again the whole night they were especially PNP into RaPUNSEL- Dave was dancing & dancing & everyone else were so into so much energy just awesome... PIG- this version is so much better & Boyd was so into it just amasing... WHaT WOULD YOU SaY- i love this song, great way to end the first setlist... BEaUTY OF WYNONa- tell me this where did he pull this out??? i wanted to hear this song all tour, i love this song & i'm glad they decided to pull this out tonight... aNTS MaRCHING-great way to end an awesome night & Boyd and Carter were such on fire, so much energy through the whole night & the entire band... Well i'm out guys but see you guys in MSG...
John C.
I was really disappointed! They were playing sloppily. There were 3 or 4 times where the band was out of sync with transitions. The concert seemed to be more about tacky lighting effects (which I'd never seen so much of at a Dave show) than about jamming out. Trippin Billies was great, as was Rhyme & Reason, but a lot of the rest of the setlist fell flat. Fool to Think was the weakest of the newer songs they played. The two brand new songs sounded interesting, I hope they continue along that path instead of the electric guitar stuff. It just ain't Dave that way!
Paul F.
Wow! What an incredible show. I just woke up about ten minutes ago, and its the only thing on my mind. Dave never disappoints! I brought a bunch of first timers to the show, and they were obviously blown away. Right off the bat, dave comes out and the whole band jams to dont drink the water. The next big surprise for me was Rhyme & Reason. Grey street sounded wonderful and is such a great song. Tripping Billies in the middle of the set really got the crowd dancing in the aisles. The stone was another beautiful surprise. I enjoyed every song he played even Fool to think, and I did it. PPG and Rapunzal were so awesome. And then the encore. WOW!!!!! I honestly had no idea what the first song was. I was expecting waste, or long black veil when he came out. he did an incredible job, and then the whole band came out for ants marching which is always a great way to end a show. These two girls were going to leave before the encore, and I grabbed them both, and told them, "what are you doing? you're not leaving right now, trust me you are going to want to stay for this." As soon as the band busted out ants and the crowd was just going nuts dancing, the girl turns around, and with the deepest sincerity says, "thank you." that pretty much sums up the show to me.
WOW! Could I have asked for a better show? I don't think so. This was by far, one of the best shows I'D been to. Last years just didn't feel like they were into it. What a set! DDTW - way to open a great show. Rhyme & Reason - first time I've seen it live and it was awesome. Grey Street - changed the words around a bit and hard to sing along with but sounds great live. Even Space sounded tight. An unexpected Recently made me a happy girl along with 2 of the other 3 I was dying to hear, the Stone (which yes, made me actually break into tears) right into RAPUNZEL! Bartender is sounding good. Now, Tripping Billies. Ah, words can't explain how ON they were. With Dave's feet going, him and Boyd went at it head to head with an explosive end. One I will truly remember. A couple of Everyday tunes and PIG! A relaxing song towards the end.The encore, Beauty of Winona OUT OF NOWHERE! Didn't expect that and a sweet version of Ants to top it off. With Dave's voices and his little dance constant throughout the show, it was amazing. Now I just have to wait til Sept for the Gorge!
Justin J.
All I have to say is WOW!!! This show was awesome. The setlist was great and had some real good surprises in it. One was boyd's solo on tripping billies. Honestly the BEST version of that song i've ever heard. Two was the dave solo encore of The Beauty of Wynona. Just totally awesome. Recently just totally caught me off gaurd. I was real happy to hear WWYS? and The Stone. Ants Marching as the encore was great i could barely hear dave sing it because the crowd was singing along so loud. The Low-Light of the concert was that damn near everybody sat down during Where Are You Going that is such an awesome song i guess a lot of people just didn't know what song it was. I will never forget this concert Dave, Boyd, Leroi, Stefan, Carter, and Butch put on one helluva show!!!
Barry N.
This show was great. It is my first Dave show since 1997, and I loved it! Grey Street, Recently, Big Eyed Fish, Bartender, Tripping Billies, Pig, and Ants Marching were my fav's, however the whole show was awesome. They seemed to get off to a bit of a slow start, but by Grey Street were rockin. The crowd totally erupted when they played the first notes of Tripping Billies, and that was pretty cool. Great night, can't wait until he comes back.
Eli S.
What can I say...this was the BEST show I have ever been to. Maybe it's because I was sitting 6th row center stage, or maybe because they played some bad ass jams. But whatever the case, the most amazing show ever! I'm not really up for going into all the details of the show, but here are the highlights. After R&R Dave called for the electric guitar, but then he changed his mind and called for the 12-string, and BAM, busted out w/ Grey Street. So much energy it was awesome. Recently was kick butt...wasn't really expecting that one. It was short and sweet, but it was a real treat. You Never Know was out of control! Carter started out with this wicked drum solo and then after a few minutes of that, they broke right into the song. This is my new favorite! Carter ROCKS!!! BEF -> Bartender...good as always. Stone...WOW!!!! PIG - amazing!!! Boyd ripped it up! Wynona - nice surprise for the encore Ants - Best version I have ever seen. Well...yet another amazing DMB concert (like that's any surprise)! Hope to see ya'll next time around. Lates, Eli
Paul D.
As a long-time DMB fan (seeing them since early 1994)this was the most unspirited show I have ever seen. This was the 50th show I have seen, so I do know what I am talking about. The energy from the Phoenix fans was not there, hence, the boys decided to play one long album-like show. Lets run through the list real quick. Solid opener with DDTW, always a good way to get people into it, except no one wanted to get into it. The second song Rhyme and Reason is my least favorite Dave song of all time, so that didn't make me happy. The third song started to save the night, Grey Street, but it was not an inspired version, like Dave had to play it because of the new album, but wasn't feeling it from the people. Everyone's gotta realize that they feed off the crowd. Space Bewteen, whatever, make out song at this point. Recently was a nice kick, although very plain version, no jamming (theme of the night). You Never Know is the best song, lyrically, Dave has written since Two Step, solid live song, coming together nicely. BEF --> Bartender was good, but not as good as some shows this tour. The end of Bartender was once again, not that inspired and you could just tell. Billies added some nice energy to the middle of the set, and I'll be honest, I dont think this was on the original setlist, but the boys figured they had to wake the crowd up somehow. Fool to Think sounded the best i have ever heard it, Dave is now playing a different part for the chorus which makes it flow nicely. I Did It made me want my money back, brutal song!!! WAYG will be a nice hit, hopefully wont get killed on the radio with the teeny-boppers. The Stone, what else can you say, fantastic song, top 5 of their songs. once again, looking for some energy from the crowd, PNP-->Rapunzel, but Dave wasnt even dancing that much. Pig was one of the 3 songs that made the show. Always a pleasure hearnig that song, and Boyd played his part very, very well!!! WWYS was probably the worst closer i have ever seen, no energy, like they were ready to get on the bus and head to San Diego. Encore, WOW, Wynona, no one saw that coming, not even me. Saved the show somewhat. Then, Ants, my favorite live song of all time from any band, and they just played a simple, uninspired version once again. All and all i was very dissapointed, but i have been spoiled in the past with so many good shows. Im going to Seattle for the final 3 just because this let me down.
Jun.30.2004 .
This show was amazing. From the opener of DDTW, into Rhyme and reason haven't heard this one live in awhile. I almost shit my pants when he kicked it into Recently. Amazing intro as well. Big Eyed Fish into bartender, always most impressive. I liked the tripping billies in the middle of the set instead of the usual ender, followed by my favorite song off Every day, Fool to think. The new song WAYG is amazing, i can see it getting lots of airplay already. It's about time a new dave song came out. The Stone.. the highlight of my evening. Couldn't beleive he played 5 songs from Crowded Streets. Much anticipation on the encore and can you beleive dave has the balls to come out Solo and jam out the beauty of Wynonna. Over all the energy in our section was a little lame, but the group i came with was a high in itself. In the I did it chorus instead of yelling " i just did it for us all" Dave switch! ed it up to " I just did it for my BUD" you never let me down dave.
Ayyub B.
OH MY GOD!!! What can I say, this was the most amazing show ever. This proved why the Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band to ever bless the earth with their presence. The opening band was Gov't Mule, and I really dug these guys. They were simply amazing, the boy really put on a good show and had some great songs. I gave them a 10 out of 10 for their performance and would love to see them again. Now to the main event. Dave and the boys took the stage a little after 8pm and they broke into DDTW, Dave's guitar sounded so powerful at this show. They highlight of the show and the song that pumped the crowd up the most was an outstanding version of Tripping Billies. Everyone was dancing and singin, I personally had lost my voice by now but continued to belt out every word to every song. I also really enjoyed the live version of Fool to Think, it was very powerful. When the boys broke into Pig, the crowd went nuts. For the encore Dave played Beauty of Wynona, and then they fell into the most amazing rendition of Ants Marching I have ever heard. Dave went crazy, he was dancing all over the place. This was a great concert, every song was amazing and the boys played their hearts out.
WOW!!!! This was an AMAZING show. my third and best yet. only one complaint- no LIOG, or #41, or seek up, or jimi long long jams :( but, still a fantastic show DDTW- oh, no, 1st song, a repeat from last year? NOT AT ALL, it was AMAZING!!!! i called this. i was hoping for seek up, but, nevertheless, it was unbelievable. the best version ive heard of it. this song wasnt on my top 10 list, but because of this version, it is now. Rhyme and Reason- unexpected, yet, still very very good version. Grey Street- This is one of the songs i had come to see. and, it was worth it!! i wouldve liked a longer jam, but, carter at the end of this song made it worth while. The space between- good version. got the whole crowd singing. im glad if they played an everyday song, it was this one. RECENTLY!!!!- hadnt heard this in a long time! VERY VERY unexpected. but NO JAM?! i was WAITING for the song to continue once dying down (like it does on R2T) but it never did. but, still, nice to hear. You never know- i had heard this song from some of the other shows. it was nice being one of the only few who knew the words to this song. very very good. you just get a good feeling when listening to this. Big eyed fish- the 2nd repeat from last years show, and didnt change much.still a nice song to hear. sad to see some people leaving when this song came on. Bartender- i was somewhat disappointed to hear them do the same fade from big eyed fish into bartender, especially since you couldnt hear the pennywhistle (sp?) for most of the transition. but, by the end of this song, i had forgotten about all of that. i got CHILLS listening to dave sing the end of this song. it was AMAZING. and probably clocked in the longest show of the night with 13 minutes. TRIPPING BILLIES!!!!!!!!!!- the Show couldve stopped after this. hell, the show couldve been ONLY this song, i still wouldve payed my $50 a ticket to see them perform this. it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! THE BEST VERSION I HAVE YET TO HEAR. (next to last years 5-11 show) i couldn not help but smile the whole song. BOYD AND CARTER TORE IT UP!!!!! there was nothing left of the song when they got done with it. i reccommend all of you show traders get this show for this reason only. (and, if u happen to get it, send me an e-mail at Fool to think- very good version, not the typical "everyday" sound. another great choice from the everyday cd. I did it-......called this one too..... couldve done better without this, but still, not bad. got the crowd going, most people singing, gave boyd a chance to sing (which we didnt hear much of tonite) Where are you going- you can tell that this is going to be the next just gets better and better every time you listen to it. LOVE the piano on this song. THE STONE!!!!- AMAZING. havent heard this one very often either. it too was unexpected. but it was VERY VERY GOOD. i love this song. PNP-->Rapunzel- WOW! That pretty much sums it up. GREAT jam at the end. couldve been longer, but still amazing. i have been waiting to hear this for a while. Dont burn the Pig- IT WAS SOOO NICE TO HEAR THIS. it was such a great song. they have really developed this one. this song too gave me chills at the end. cant wait to hear this song again. WWYS- GREAT version. got all of the crowd up on their feet dancing. didnt seem like it had QUITE the energy it needed to leave us with the encore. but, it was good BEAUTY OF WYNONA- 1st time this tour i believe, and QUITE a pleasure at that. just dave and his guitar. again, it was nice to be singing along when everyone else was wondering what song this was. very very good. ANTS- i knew it would either be this or watchtower. and, frankly, was glad it was this. (We heard watchtower last year.....and he repeated enough songs tonite) I GUARANTEE YOU there was not ONE person in the house who didnt feel some kinda vibe in this song. it was a GREAT way to close the night. even after the show, all you heard while walking to your car was people singing "they all do it the same....." it was great to see everyone so happy. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME NIGHT DMB!!!!!! SEE YOU AT THE GORGE!!!!!
Jim D.
A great show. Saw them last Saturday in Houston, and the two shows combined were awesome. My review might be a little biased because I was already content with what I heard last week, so the setlist to me was awesome, because most of the songs I hadn't heard on this tour. DDTW was a great opener, Dave came out with a ton of energy and it carried on throughout the show. I was really excited about You Never Know, I hand't heard that one yet and it blew me away, what a great song. Bartender was great as always, really liked hearing WAYG, that's gonna be a big hit. BOW was the highlight by far. Dave had a ton of passion in that song and it sounded great. Two great shows I was this year, thanks DMB.
Joe L.
This was definitly a great Dave show. I enjoyed the fact that their was a lot of mixing of new and old songs. I like Where Are You Going, it did't seem like many people new the song though. The Stone, I love this song as was very happy it was played. A nice long jam on Bartender. Could of done without I Did It, but it got the crowd going. Tripping Billies got the lawn dancing. Beauty of Wynona, well first time I have ever heard that song and wasn't expecting it. My girlfriend kept bugging me about him playing Ants, and her and her two friends screamed the entire words for the encore, which is always a good ending song. Another great DMB concert, I'll see you in Indiana Dave.
Patrick M.
WHAT A SHOW...this was the best show i have been to out of 4. I love DDTW as an opener..its the best to get the crowd into especially with that intro..ahh amazing. Rhyme and reason...classic. everything was goin as a normal DMB show would, with grey street space between...a short but sweet recently..a beautiful BEF--> bartender. i love the screaming dave does at the end of this sends chills down my back. then came the turning point of the whole show...TRIPPING word....DAMN! totally not thinkin that one was comin this early in the set, but it fit perfectly. Dave was dancing allll over the place..boyds solo went on for about 2 min boyd went all the way over to stefan the boys were just jammin all over the place tonight. the energy was amazing to start off with but this song just blew the roof off! then came fool to think..this song is great live..especially daves guitar part, it sounds great. and leroi sounds good on this one as well. then came the all new hyped up I DID IT, this song has really improved since last diggin it now. "this song is called where are you going" every one cheered and the song began. beautiful song.. i love butch in the background of it with the piano..very soothing. then stone. this was my first time hearin this song live...and i was blown away AGAIN this show, the boys jammed this one out till it had nothin left and then it came to that sudden stop...beautiful. right here i thought that they would have gone out for the encore...NOPE!. dave started this funny little intro...and then the band busted out PNP--->Rupunzle. my second time hearing it..awesome..flat out awesome, once again jammed out all to hell and boyd and stefan and dave were goin everywhere! but once again..still not ready for the encore..PIG!!!! great job..this was my first time hearin this one live..sounded beautiful..another jammed out song..but still not the encore break..thats right NOT YET! WHAT WOULD YOU SAY!!! HAHA!!! boyd kicked ass in the beginning of this tune...then Leroi with his classic solos during this song...ahh the rowd was riled up with every song this concert...AMAZING! so dave causually walks back on stage after the break.."gonna play soemthin real quiet now" so im thinkin viel or everyday..waste..soemthin along those lines...NOPE..BEAUTY OF WYNONA! first time hearin this as well...beautifull..all i can say is, is that im very luck to have heard this song. then for the final song...ANTS MARCHING. great intro..i love the intro for this song. near the end while they were jammin it out...crowd was goin nuts...i look over and theres dave, boyd, and stefan all facign eachother dancin! oh man..what a far the best i have been to! i need a copy!!
What the hell happened tonight??!!? Awful, awful show. What happened to the dave matthews band jamming? soloing?? i thought thats what we were there for? i was wrong. Tonights show was a show for the mtv audience. short songs, no memorable moments, maybe 3 solos by the entire band at the maximum. the boys definatly were not on tonight. noone smiling or anything, boyd looked like he was bored the entire show, considering he only had one solo. BRING BACK THE JAMS!! please dont turn into a TRL band...
Jason B.
Can you say "disappointed"? First, this wasn't Gov't Mules' first show on this DMB tour, and they have played with the band in other cities. So what gives? Not even one member came out to play a song with DMB. Where was #41??? So they played the set list in just over two hours - that means each song on average was about thirty minutes too short!! So, my first grievance is not enough JAMMIN!! What happened to the band I fell in love with? With the exception of a couple of breakout moments, I felt like I was listening to a cd. I love the JAM, expected the JAM, wanted the JAM - but left JAM-less. I guess I'll have to go see them somewhere else. I would have enjoyed more jamming at the sacrifice of a fewer songs, or a longer damn show. They really didn't change anything or add anything to the lillywhite songs. According to an early review of Busted Stuff I read, DMB re-worked the songs b/c they were too melancholy and did not really capture the essence of DMB's music. I differ in opinion and was glad the older new stuff hadn't changed. If it did, I didn't notice - perhaps due to my right ear which has been on strike for the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I think they played very well. Started with DDTW, which they could have rocked. Still, it was pretty good. It just wasn't what I was expecting. So does Leroi rock or what? The best part of the show - the wicked wind blowing sound between BEF and Bartender. Oh my god does that sound cool. I feel at peace when I hear that sound. Like a baby being cradled. Mama cita!! It was identical to the Vegas show from 2001, which rocks as the best show I ever went to and will never forget. Boyd, my favorite, rocked on Ants. I think his biceps grew an inch after playing that song!! Lassard's fingers must have bled - I didn't see him stop playing all night, and Dave whaled his guitar too! And of course, Carter was awesome. At one point, I thought I saw him toss one of his sticks into the crowd. I think it was on fire after he finished banging the crap out of his drum set!! I was glad they played the Stone and Pig. Those are really awesome songs. WWYS was nice. No Watchtower, sup with dat???? Message to Dave and the gang: Watchtower shall end every set list!!! No Crash, then again, no Crush! Glad not to hear Satellite. I must be the only person on this planet who is burnt out on this song. Speaking of songs, I was hoping they would play: Minarets, Lie in Our Graves, Two Step, Halloween, Proudest Monkey, maybe Granny, When the World Ends, If I Had It All, Grace is Gone, Too Much and One Sweet World. They didn't. And obviously Dave didn't hear my multiple requests for Christmas Song. Saving it for a show with Tim? Tripping Billies - I should also mention this song stood out. They played their hearts out on this one and I was standing in left field! I never heard Beauty of Wynona. Neat ditty. Well, that wraps up the show. Hopefully, the next one will go back to the ways of yesterday. Oh, one last point - the crowd was fu*king awesome. I stepped on a million blankets and not one guy tried to screw with me. Maybe b/c I'm so freakin buff!! Ha I spilled beer on a bunch of people. I cut the line at the can (several times), and thank you Sarah (Happy 21st Birthday) and Amanda who let me and my friends cut the line to get into the show!! They rocked. The girls who high-fived me and everyone else as everyone walked in also rocked, especially when they sang Happy Birthday for Sarah. To the stoners in front of me, behind me, next to me - well, everyone but me I think - thanks for making it a great night! I live for the lawn area - it rocks!!! Lastly, two young betties who laid down for the whole show next to me - I hope they could at least hear everything since they couldn't see a damn thing.
Matt B.
Tonights show in Chula Vista was the best I've been out of Six. The Venue was great with a nice small bowl shape where every seat had a great view of the stage. Now on to the show. Great opening with Gray Street followed up by a sweet old Granny, then a great So Much To Say. So Right was swell as well then the new hit You Never Know which I think everyone will know real well when this tour is over, after that JImi Thing was played extremely well. Then Crash which was my first time hearing the song and it was terrific. One of the many highlights next was a looonnng 2Step with all the boys getting a chance to show their greatness. Diggin a Ditch has gotten a lot better since my first hearing, after that my favorite Everyday WHat You ARe which had a great new intro and outro. Then One Sweet World first time again for me, great song. And then The Song That Matt likes or Jane, thats was a pleasant surprise. And then Fool to Think blah! sounds too much like a watered down version of a Sting song. Where Are You Going was fantastic and then the other Highlight Tripping Billies which was a tight version with an Awsome solo by Boyd. I think Watchtower had to have been the best I have ever heard with a little help from that Hayes dude. The encore was great as well with a solo from DAve of Beauty Of Wynona and I could of sworn I heard the beginning to #40 before an extremely short Grace is Gone follow by an exciting PNP>Rapunzel. Well off to bed followed by a long wait for Irvine Meadows seeyaallthere:)
I am a little dissappointed in the negativity being thrown out about this show. This show blew last year's Phoenix show out of the water. Opening with DDTW is always a plus. BEF was one I was definitely glad to hear. Bartender was jammed out so long I had time to run and get 4 more beers. Stone, Recently, BEF, Wynona, Billies and Rapunzel were the best. I also got to hang out with Butch for about 1.5 hours at the hotel bar. What a cool cat. Fool To Think, You'll Never Know were lacking. Everyone seems to forget about Carter's drum solo and the fact that he threw 4 sticks into the crowd. My only complaint...Where was my Two Step?
Jon N.
I was impressed by how good Mule did considering they had no crowd support. I think dmb played the best show for what they had to deal with. The lawn section I was in had short attention spans and dave kept them intrested the whole show(except for some HS kids that sat down 3/4 of the show??) I was really Jonesin for a Rapunzel and the Tripping Billies was amazing. Boyd and Carter both had their moments, but have played better shows. Glad to here WAYG, Delicious!! Last but not least, I'm soo very glad they did not play Everyday, not that it's not a wonderful song, but AZ Central's Rep had this stupid little "DMB doesn't play everyday, but they sure will play Everyday Sunday at Cricket" which was just ridiculous cause Dave is far far away from the one hit wonders catagory.(huge catagory these days). You Rock DMB, but next year piss off the crowd and let the fans hear you JAM JAM JAM!!
A pleasing show. Jump started the crowd with DDTW , highlights would definitely include Grey Street, always pleases. Nice Stone rendition, pnp-rapunzel hyped up the crowd. But the biggest highlight of the night would have to be Pig!!! I think when everyone heard the first violin strums to the song they went crazy. That song made my night.
M. R.
I wasn't going to review this show, but with all the half-witted, negative reviews popping up, I feel I must. Ah, beautiful Desert Sky Pavilion, It may be the Cricket now, but it'll always be the Desert Sky to me. Saw DMB in Albuquerque on Thursday but one is never enough, and the drive from NM is a breeze, even with five guys in the back seat. The Don't Drink The Water opener was great, after all Dave knows whose land Phoenix is built on. Rhyme and Reason was great, it's always a treat to hear something off UTTAD, some crazy guy next to me especially enjoyed it. Grey Street, with some new lyrics, came next and really got the crowd going. The Space Between Us means bathroom break time, but I noticed some dirty looks as I made my way out, maybe Glen Ballad -er- Ballard's album is starting to gain more acceptance. A short recently came next, personally I miss "some do some don't" intros and "water-wine" outros, but still a treat. The new song You Never Know came next, and sounded great. This will be a popular song, the tune is very catchy, and the lyrics are a nice return to the band's pre-everyday song writing. BEF-> Bartender is a Jam monster these days and this version was no exception. The pennywhistle outro/intro between the two songs is sweet and hopefully will carry over to the album. Tripping Billies is always a rocking tune and this one brough the house down! The best thing about Fool to Think and I Did It being back to back was no more Everyday songs for the night. Actually I like I Did It these days, I love how embarassed Boyd looks singing his part. Where Are You Going, the other new song, came next. This song is, again, another fine example of what make DMB so great: Cool lyrics set to awesome music. "I am no superman" Dave bemuses, just an average guy in a kick-ass band. The Stone was maybe the night's highlight, followed by PNP->Rapunzel and the revived Pig. This BTCS four-play really made this show special. WWYS made for a great closer and the Dave solo Beauty of Wynona was both haunting and sweet. Ants Marching is a born encore, and a great way to say "watch for traffic." All in all, this was a great show. It didn't have any Big Jams or long spacey solos but was packed with 19 energy filled songs. I heard a lot of complaining from the Abercrombe and Feltch crowd, must have expected more from their first show. That's what makes DMB so great, they don't play their greatest hits every show, their not Incubus. I even heard some big guy a few rows back screaming for the Pharmhouse! What was he thinking? This wasn't the best DMB show of the 15 or so I've seen, but it was more than worth the drive and price of admission.