Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

onstage 8:08pm
Cry Freedom (tease) -->
Seek Up *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
The Space Between *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone *
So Right *
Raven *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Lover Lay Down *
The Stone *
If I Had It All *
Ants Marching *
Where Are You Going *
Everyday (#36) *
offstage 10:29pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Peter J.
Wow Wow Wow.... Thats all i have to say about tonight's concert. Good old DMB and a such a better setlist than the summer of 2001's. Ok well i think it would be best to start from the beginning. SEEK UP: had no idea that this was gonna be an opening song. Kinda kewl to hear it, but not a good ide to start a cocnert with it. Next song is PNP to RAPUNZEL... EXCELLENT!! What a pleasure to hear such a happy and upbeat song in the beginning of the night to set the mood. Not as much dancing as expected, but the overall song was nice. Next song was such a teenie bopper pleaser, CRASH. even though i could have done with another song, it was kewl to hear it live especially with the DIXIE CHICKEN outro. The next song was OSW. Now im not a fan of this song, but dave played it so well so i guess it makes it all good. SPACE BETWEEN is another crowd pleaser and although i could have done without this, Dave played it very well. Now here come some of the highlights.... GREY STREET AND GRACE IS GONE!!! Probably my two most favorite songs on the new album to come up. GS was sung with such emotion and such power I enjoyed every minute of it. GIG was so beautiful and it put a smile on face to hear it. SO RIGHT was all right nicely done, but not one of my faves. RAVEN.... i only heard the lillywhite version and i thought that on was ok, but it was an experience to hear it live. Next was the SMTS=>ASTB=>TM bit. First time i heard it and i must say it gets the crowd rolling. Nice choice by the band. LOVER LAY DOWN was nice but not many liked it. Everyone around me was sitting down and it decreased the enjoyment of the concert. Then THE STONE!!! HAHAHA! Completely took me off guard and the first time i heard it live, it was really nice to listen to. IF I HAD IT ALL don't like the song, one of the low points of the show. Finally ANTS MARCHING.... need i say more about this song except that it ROCKS!!! Can't think of a better way to end a main setlist. However the encore was kind of dissapointing. I think DMB just wanted to get it over with and so they did two repeats from last night: WHERE ARE YOU GOING and EVERYDAY. Don't get me wrong, these are great songs, but it would have been nice to hear some other songs like LONG BLACK VEIL and TRIPPING BILLIES. But hey, i can't ask for everything. All in all, very very nice concert. The band didnt have the usual energy, and the crowd wasn't that supportive for the band, but they still played the songs very very well: some of the best ive heard in a while. One of my top favorite concerts. Out of a 10, I'd rate this concert a 7.5 or 8. Hope to see em play well in Alpine.
Mike, M.
Kelly - Okay, Seventh Row Tonight!!! And again I was all painted up (by Julia of course) but since he played #41 last night I had to retire the number for the weekend and bust out #40 tonight, I was hoping for maybe just a tease even but no luck, dave even saw me too when he introduced Soulive, but it's all good! He played the main songs (with exception to one, watchtower) that I wanted to see and hear from my close range seats! Grey Street, The Stone, and Ants!!! The whole list was amazing! Even though I was hoping for some Watchtower, Everyday was the absolute best that I had heard, as soon as dave started the tune...the entire audience started singing #36 without any hesitation. The band just let us sing on and on at the end while they just jammed out, Dave didn't go anywhere near the microphone! And on a side note, I didn't bust out the beach ball tonight, I was a bit intimidated and I really didn't want the ball to be rolled over the band this time! But we decided to keep it for the Sac show, see ya then! Julia - (Totally speechless...well, except for these few words) ... HOLY SHIT! I couldn't believe how close we were! This was my first time on the floor and the closest that I have ever been to the band... it was amazing! To have Seek Up as an opener was unreal! I couldn't believe my ears... and then PNP and Rapunzal! The two best openers back to back! THANK YOU DMB! Grey St was awesome, as usual, and Crash... they totally played that for me... I wore my Tennessee Lamb shirt that I made; even though I didn't have my Dixie Chicken w/ me (wish you were there Mere!) We got some So Right (always a good one to dance to)...and LLD! My 1st LLD...absolutlely beautiful. I was happy to hear SMTS into ASTB into Too Much at least once this tour...always nice to see Stephan groovin' his hips during ASTB...yum, yum. Ants was awesome (again, as usual)...WAYG was nice for an encore; I liked that little jam before it...and, of course, I was praying for Watchtower, but it was #36/Everyday. It was the best #36/Everyday though! The guys loved the crowd singing #36...esp. Carter. My new fave show! Don't if it was b/c of my location, but the setlist kept me going...I even got into TSB...I hope you all had fun...only one more for this trip...see you @ Sac! Mere- I was home again tonight, but Julia called me during my favorite song, Lover Lay Down! I wish I could have been there! Mike- There was another concert tonight? Lisa- Dave played The Space Between at the show that I didn't go to! (Julia-Don't start throwing rocks at her...she can't help it if she likes that song) Oh well, there's always next year! Andrew-'s 2:10 am, Julia's tired and Kelly has to study for his final in 6 they really don't want to think of anymore shit to write...we are sure that Andrew had a good night though...
Sean P.
Once again, i am speechless. I really dont know what to say again. Sadly, my week has come to a close. 5 shows in 7 days....PRICELESS! I will always remember this week, for traveling up california. I saw and met many different people. Each show has its own feel and identity, that is why there is nothing wrong with seeing this band more then once. People think i am crazy for what i did this week, but unless they have seen DMB they have no idea. Tonight's show at Shoreline Amp was 100% ABSURD..... The band playing with so much love and emotion it spread throughout the place. By the end of the last song, Everyday, everyone in my row sec 101, row Q was hugging eachother. I have seen nothing like it before. When i think of Shoreline i like to take it all in as one big show instead of two nights. DMB loves playing at Shoreline, dave said it 3-4 times this weekend. They feel very comfortable here, therefore they really let loose. And that is what they did this weekend. I mean, come on, leroi took his glasses off on the second song, when was the last time that happened. I like to take shoreline in as a weekend instead of one night because if you look at it as a weekend you can say that you heard songs such as Crush, Crash, LIOG, Lover Lay Down, Seek Up, Ants Marching, Beauty of Wynona, Stone, #41, PIG. That is no joke for two days, and only two repeats for night two, the encore. How cool is that. 5 shows in 7 days....priceless!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks DMB...
Tolga E.
Soulive came out to rock the set as always, Sam Kininger is the man... but on to DMB Seek Up - when they started to play this, I just about died because its one of their best songs, and as an it just set the tone for the whole night it rocked on and on just unbelievable way to start. PNP->Rapunzel - Its like two kickass openers in a row!! this was one of the better versions I've witnessed and definately the longest jam at the end I've ever witnessed. just sooo much energy, awesome! Crash - standard beauty. dixie chicken too! One Sweet World - instrumental intro straight into it, great version, fairly standard, but great. Space Between - eh, normal, what can ya say? Grey St. - Awesome, dave busted out the 12 string, fuddled up the lyrics a little bit at the end, and had a great time...finally got some crowd recognition as well. Grace is Gone - standard, sweet jam at the end So Right - most rocked out I've ever heard it, plenty of energy from Roi throughout. Raven - cant complain about raven! SMTS->ATSB->Too Much - awesome awesome awesome, followed the energy so right had before, great Bridge with Stefan rocking out funky style, he even walked towards the front of the stage! Lover Lay Down - he seems to really love playing this at Shoreline, it was sweeeeet. Stone - When they started this, I just knew Wendy ( was going to flip out. it was great, Carter showed why he is the best drummer in the world by far....he took this song outa the atmosphere, it was unreal. IIHIA - standard, but nice, one of the better everyday songs. Ants Marching - DMB closed the set in style with their favorite song, and it showed, it rocked out, jammed, was amazing, everybody on stage was having a great time and the crowd went nuts. WAYG - standard, but nice. Everyday(#36) - Unexpected, slightly dissapointing, but the crowd singing Hani, Hani at the end made up for it, the band kind of backed off, and let the crowd sing it and that was just amazing. They opened with this song at shoreline last night and closed with it tonight, which was really cool. Overall, a great great show with one of the strongest sets this year, I had a great time and got to meet some cool nancies like wendy, elisa, josh, victoria, kekoa and a bunch of others! that was simply awesome!
S. C.
Oh my my my. What can I say? Sunday was an AMAZING show. Probably the best show I have seen since August 1, 2000. What am I saying, I think I loved this show more than that show, but anyway...Seek Up was the best song I have heard live, it was unreal. The crowd was feeling it and for those who were there knew Dave was feeling the crowd too. I will try not go song by song and list how it was performed, but I would like to comment on a few songs that hit home. Hearing PNP and Rapunzel takes me back to my first DMB show it was funky. It did my heart some good to hear OSW, that also reminds me of my first show. It was fun and alive. I remember since I was so new to the band and the music, I was not familiar with that song, I went on line searching for the song as soon as I got home. And to hear Grey Street and Grace is Gone back to back, I was amped. I thought I was going to pass out from screaming so loud. LLD was also sweet to my ears. I could have done without Crash, but it was nice ... I would have love to have had DAD in its place. As for WAYG, I think I like that song more and more each time I hear it. And finally my favorite and also most sad part of my evening was the encore Everyday. Excited because everyone was totally into it. Sad because its my last show until August. Anyway I was in section 101 Row V and to my left I heard the crowd singing \Honey honey come and dance with me\. Once I heard them I started to sing along and got a couple of people to sing along with me in my section. Then it seemed the whole crowd started to sing. They played on, then it was almost like Dave couldn't help but smile and then he followed the crowd's lead and he started to sing too. The energy last night was unreal. I have to admit it was frustrating being by myself at this concert but I had to do what I had to do. I went to both shows and Sunday was much better, don't get me wrong Saturday was great with a nice setlist, but Sunday was phenomenal. There was not a dull moment on this night. Thanks DMB for a night I will never forget.
Megan C.
I just have to start out by saying that this was probably the best show I have been to yet. I love Shoreline, it is an amazing venue for any band but I think DMB owns it. And I am so lucky to have it just in my backyard. I was pleased as punch that they started with Seek up because that song is one of my faves and I love to see them go back to their early stuff. Hearing The Song That Jane Likes the night before was a treat but then Seek Up and One Sweet World was magical. PNP and Rapunzel are always great crowd warmers and they played them brilliantly. Always nice to hear Crash, you can never get tired of that song. When they played that beautiful intro to One Sweet World that I obsess about from a show Dave did way back when at the TKE house, I almost wet my pants. I absolutely love that song and last night was an incredible version. Grey Street and Grace is Gone are two of the best songs off Lillywhite/Busted Stuff and they were wonderful as always. Raven is great too, definitely a song I like to hear live. When they started So Much to Say, I just had this feeling that Too Much was next and they would play that rad segue from Chicago but when they actually did, I simply could not believe my ears. That was when I decided life could not get any better. Lover Lay Down is such a beautiful song on the album but live it is simply lovely and wonderful. The Stone is one of my favorite songs from BTCS and between that and Crush the night before...just fantastic. If I Had it All is my favorite song on Everyday, I love that little guitar solo at the very beginning. They rocked that song. All the Everyday songs are exceedingly better live. And then Ants! I couldn't ask for more. That song is just pure Dave and I love it. And I love that they love playing it. Boydd was so kick ass on the violin interlude. He came up to the front of the stage. I love when he interacts with the audience like that. Ants was completely rad. They came back for the encore with Where Are You Going which I am loving more and more every time I hear it. They played it the night before but I didn't even care because its great. And their Everyday was truly the best I've ever heard it. The audience was so into it, singing Hani Hani forever and you could tell the band was loving it too. It was a completely different way to end then the night before ending with Lie in Our Graves but it ended the night on an inspirational and peaceful note, which was way cool. Just an overall fabulous show. I was in my element and so were the people around me. Great seats too. Can't wait till Sac!
I started in Phx., and enjoyed every show, but this was easily the best show of the week. How can you go wrong opening with Seek Up, which I waited for, patiently all week... Also ranks in the top 2 of 17 shows I've seen (other was 2nd day of Vegas last year). It threatened to rain all day (actually it did, so we went to Target and bought .99 ponchos) but all it did during the show was lightly sprinkle nicely at the end, it was beautiful, there was a nice breeze, but not windy... what a nice end to the week, which was great. I love this band still, they did a great job with variety over the course of 6 shows... I'm still high and now I have to actually work so bye bye, until the Gorge...
Kevin W.
HOLY SMOKES! this was my 5th time seeing the band. being a pretty regular tape trader it was great to hear the band open with SEEK UP. a great opener! RAPUNZEL just added to the energy. The show quieted down a little with an always good to hear CRASH. but powered up again with ONE SWEET WORLD and GREY STREET. I was soooo excited to hear these song! awesome! STONE sounded soo good and carter had some great fills. Good fills throughout all the other songs too. Carter pushes the band over the top making a great performance. SMTS --> TOO MUCH....great energy. ANTs was great too....i was a little dissappointed with the encore and was hoping for TWO STEP...but if Dave has to close with a everyday track, EVERYDAY (#36) is the best! DMB never fails to produce a bad show.
Crayola B.
Well, this wasn't the best show I've been to, but it was pretty darn good. Seek Up was a nice surprise, but they lacked the energy that I've seen before with that song. No energy problems with Rapunzel though. Crash was typical, but it gave everyone a chance to spark up, which was good because OSW is a fabulous song sober and inebriated. His scat at the end was full of energy. More highlights include Stone, Grey Street and Ants. LLD was a nice surprise. I grooved to the song, but had to sit down to do so because my feet were killing me. The best part of the show had to be Everyday with the audience singing #36. We were singing away while Boyd busted out the wa-wa at the begining and the boys let us just keep singing at the end. Dave popped in once or twice as well. A pretty good show, though all my favorites were played last night (I should have gone to that one too). Tough to rank this show, but it's not nearly as good as 5/17/98. Now THAT was the best show I've ever been to, hands down.
Michael W.
What a second show. This was the second best show I have been to (08.02.00 was the best). What a setlist: SEEK UP WAS 17 MIN. Other highlights were ONE SWEET WORLD, RAVEN, THE STONE AND A SUPER ANTS TO END THE REGULAR SET. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was a great way to come back on and we heard GRACE IS GONE earlier so I had it all. The closer was EVERYDAY complete with a crowds rendition of #36. Everyone in the whole place singing - Honny, Honny come and dance. EXCELLENT. I am proud to say that I am so lucky to see two shows in row and one opened with EVERYDAY the next closed with EVERYDAY. Oh ya, Julie (my sister) and I got to meet Wendy Loo and other nancies before the show. See you all in Marysville. Peace - Keep Smiling
Well first of all, this show was awesome. this was only my third time seing the band, however I've seen Dave play with Tim twice. The opening band, Soulive, was pretty cool. They play a sort of jazz, cuban type thing, but aren't really meant for huge venues. They would probably be better seen in a club like Trax or the Fillmore. But back to the band. They played beautifully, it was exciting and incredibly fun. The only complaint I might have is that the encore was a little weak compared to the rest of the show. For the most part, the set was energetic (with the exception of crash and where are you going?). After ending with ants marching, one could only expect an encore with Two step or Watchtower. Also, Butch taylor should have had more solos.
The show was awsome. There isn't a whole lot more to say. the set list was fantastic.. there were a few songs i had with he has played, such as #41, satalite and all along the watch tower. but im not complaining. i have seen dave 3 times now and i must say this was the best. last year he played too many everyday songs and not enough old dave, which is by far better. the other good thing about this years concert was that he played a lot of lilly white stuff.. over all.. i give it a 10 out of 10
Words cannot describe the experience, but I'll try anyway. Amazing. Exhilarating. Dynamic. Overwhelming. Sexy. Wondrous. Energetic. Charming. Breathtaking...And the concert was just as good! This was actually my 10th DMB show and it was by far the best I had ever witnessed (especially considering I had never seen "Lover Lay Down" performed live). The energy level and crispness of the performance was evident from the opening song ("Seek Up") and never waned throughout. Please note that I am admittedly a sucker for Dave's love songs, so my world was totally rocked with "Crash", and "Space Between". The night's first encore ("Where are you going") proved to be a great live song, and with it's distinct chorus had the crowd singing proudly and loudly with Dave. I must say that I was surprised that there was no "special guest" to pop in on a song or two (ala Phishs' Trey and Carlos Santana at last years PacBell shows). But make no mistake, the only disappointment I left that concert with is that I wished the night would never end.
This was only the 3rd concert I've been to so I don't know if I qualify to judge it or not but it seemed Dave lacked some energy, like he was in a bad mood or tired or something. During the encore he seemed normal though. Don't get me wrong, they sounded really awesome but I think they were into the show in LA at the Staples Center more than this one. My husband was on cloud 9 after the show when he saw Dave at a window on his bus. Dave was gonna use the phone & my husband called out his name & Dave looked up & waved! I think my husband peed in his pants he was so happy.
Adam H.
This show was off the wall. As soon as the band walked out on the stage the excitment was more than evident. This was my first show. But there will be many more to come. They opened up with seek up adn the place exploded. Other times when we went nuts was when they played Crash, the Space between, and a great transition from So much to say into Too much. I was sad not to hear my favorite song Two step but was to excited to care. The encore was the first time that I heard where are you going and I was very impressed. There isnt a song that I am not impressed by. All five of these guys are fantastic musicians and I encourage everyone to go see them.