Dave Matthews Band
Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal

onstage: 8:08pm
So Right *
Grey Street *
Crash Into Me * (Dixie Chicken)
#41 *
Busted Stuff *
Dont Burn The Pig *
I Did It *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
What You Are *
Grace Is Gone *
Jimi Thing *
Fool To Think *
Lover Lay Down *
Raven *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
offstage: 10:20pm
onstage: 10:26pm
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away +
Lie In Our Graves *
offstage: 10:48pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Evan J.
NICE show tonight! I haven't watched the setlists for a couple weeks, and I was happy with what I got. Crowd was REALLY into it, which was great. My take on the setlist: So Right-Nice upbeat opener Grey Street-and I was officially happy Crash-You know, I like crash and it hasn't gotten much play recently. #41 - extending one heck of a streak to start the show Busted Stuff-welcome back! Pig-like those before me, I've been fulfilled I Did It, I flicked off dave, do you think I went too far? Actually, it is sounding better. Big Eyed Fish-smiles. Bartender-always a pleasure What You Are-Sweet intro to bring it in. Grace Is Gone-I finally sat (bad knees) Jimi Thing-GREAT solos! LeRoi had a funk jam at the end Fool To Think-okay. Lover Lay Down-Welcome back, part 2. Raven-sure. PNP/Rapunzel-Ended with a BANG, great outro with Dave dancing like he wanted a heart attack. Aint It Funny-I was expecting WAYG, surprise! Lie In Our Graves-WOW. WOW. WOW. Boyd tore it up, including a "face-off" w/Butch before letting Mr Keyboard take it home.
Betsy W.
First off, MAD props to Bo and the Warehouse crew. My "Don't Mess With DMB" tshirt finally paid off, and we got upgraded to nothing but front row (almost) center. So for all yall that shot me crazy looks for my tshirt, whatever, I sat front row. So about the show.... personally, not my favorite. It was nice to finally hear Pig, Lover Lay Down, & Big Eyed Fish. I went into the show anticipating something new like Where Are You Going or You Never Know, but I'm guessing he'll play at least one tomorrow. So Right makes a nice opener I think, as do LIOG and Rapunzel as closers. I think Big Eyed Fish wins my vote for best of the evening, perhaps b/c I still feel cheated from the tease last year. No wait, scratch that... Pig all the way. I used to skip that song when I listened to BTCS. But after forcing myself to listen to it recently and hearing it live, there's no way I'll ever skip it again! Halfway through the show, my friend's mom comes up to us in the front row (how I don't know) and hands us after show passes. God only knows how she got them! So we went to the catering room at the Pavilion again and Boyd came out to meet us this time. He didn't spend nearly as much time with us as Dave did last year, but I'm not complaining. He took pics with us and signed everything. When it came to be my turn, he said "Where did you get your shirt? It's so bad ass. Yada yada yada." Thank god he didn't perceive me as the psychotic freak that I am. Stefan is sporting wristbands now, which is something I totally dig. Roi was wearing a Captain America tshirt, and at one point, Dave introduced him as "Fighting crime since 1940-something, LeRoi Moore." And Roi threw his hands up while tossin the "rock on" to us all. Butch is so awesome, I love having him with the band. So that's my POV on things... thanks again to Mrs. Evans and Bo. See yall tomorrow night... anyone else expecting rain?
Brooks B.
Amazed again, The Woodlands Pavilion is one of those places that The Dave Matthews Band just eats up. Look at the set, what jam songs did he not play tonight? Seek Up, Two Step, and the OSW intro are the only three that have been played so far that I can think of. Two Hours and Forty Minutes too, this is very impressive with 19 songs. Well, where to start, Taj played a nice set. Good jammin' music to begin the night with and allow people to get used to the Woodlands again and I love that hammond b3 organ. I wish that Dave would invite them back to play on the main set - we'll see tomorrow if this occurs. Onto Dave, he started at about 8:10, kinda early in comparison to previous years here. So Right was a solid opener - it is still the best live song off Everyday. Then Grey Street, gotta push Busted Stuff. He then put down the 12 string and brought out his Taylor 6 string, I knew it was on then. Crash was classic, so glad to have it back. #41 was pretty short, nine and a half minutes which was hard to live with at the time but... Back to the 12 string and Busted Stuff, very nice as always, get it out as a single now please? We got Pig and I was expecting it tonight, great song and interesting version seeing that Dave's guitar went out on him - they pulled through it with flying colors. I Did It, got It way the hell out of the way, glad it's short. Then can we say Jam again? BEF -> Bartender with pennywhistle, Dave's wailing, and jammin' all the way. Taking it up another notch, we enter the jungles of Africa with the "jungle intro" to What You Are - nice intensity. The boys brought it back down to Grace, no line about "This is about a girl I met in Texas" that's alright though, I knew it. Then Dave did his Jimi Thing intro where he messes around with the intro chords. Music to my ears and lots of it proving the guys were in the groove. Highlighting Jimi was the slide they had in the lights showing leaves of that infamous plant. Solid jam there about 15+ minutes. Fool to Think - just that. Then Lover Lay Down, nice in concert, really nice, and wish I had had a girl to hang with. Raven, pretty good, and a short PNP - I missed the lead in jam but that's alright. Dave hit the high stuff too - he's back. Rapunzel was absolutely awesome. Carter wouldn't stop at the end, Roi wouldn't stop at the end, Dave, Boyd, Butch, Stefan, same thing. The pavilion was as loud as I've ever heard it. Rapunzel has hit the level of Too Much, Watchtower, or Ants and now a good closer in my book. Encore break was 6 minutes which seemed right and then a very nice Dave solo on Ain't. He needs to get Willie Nelson to open for him, especially here in the lone star state - TEXAS BABY!!! When I heard the D chord chiming in while everyone else was making their entrance, my dream was about to come true. LIOG is my favorite song, I strive to find the best cut I can find, and this one can be summed up in one phrase: "and we dance away". Boyd burned us all again while taking center stage and tearing up the fiddle. Butch's solo lasted for ever, almost if he had 2 solos - pretty much his only opportunity to shine all night. Awesome, 19 minutes of awesomeness. Then the reprise where Dave lingered around the mic to sing and the infamous line, what I was doing on the way out, and what I had been doing all night summed the whole thing up. Gentleman, thank you again for an awesome evening, we received another jewel from ya'll. See you tomorrow night and more later from here: "...and we dance away..."
Diego F.
Tonight's show was solid, complete with jams. Something that seemed to be lacking in Selma on Thursday. The crowd was better too. The band came out rocking with So Right as an opener. I liked it's placement in tonight's set. Greystreet and Crash ,were as they always are and got a loud reception. That's one thing I would like to mention. The audience was loud tonight. And the band found it easy to play off that energy. #41 was good as always, even though they cut the jam short and didn't do the Everyday bit. Busted Stuff was great. Took them a while to get Dave's guitar volume right. (He brought out the Martin from the Listener Supported show, I was wondering were that guitar had disappeared to for the past two tours) Leroi's sax solo was worth mentioning too. The Big Eyed Fish into Bartender rendition was pleasing with well deserved jams. I really hope they recorded these too songs together like that on the new record. The intro into What You Are with Stefan on the bass, was intense, they really built up some suspense, before Dave started chanting. Jimi Thing was one of the highlights. Boyd's Solo as well as Leroi's was amazing, full of energy and attitude. Dave had his solo also in which he took a bass approach to, slapping the strings and creating lots of rhythm. Raven had different lyrics, but nonetheless the same as the 2000 tour. PNP?Rapunzel was awesome. They really had fun with this one. Dave dance like crazy. His legs were going everywhere!!! You could tell they were having fun tonight. I might want to add something that I noticed tonight. When the band would jam tonight, they would all kind of crowd around one area. Meaning Boyd, Dave and Stefan would create a triangle around the little area infront of Stefan's equipment. When you add the position that Carter and Leroi are usually are in, it creates a circle. They all kind of face the middle and just play. It was very nice to see this happen. I can now imagine how they jam in the studio or in private, all facing each other having a good time. I guess their plans are not only to get more intimate with the audience this tour but also get more intimate amongst themselves on stage. It seems The stage gets bigger and bigger as time goes on, thus the distance between them gets larger as well. Now back to the show. The encore break seemed to last forever. But Dave came out and teased Little Thing. I immediately thought he might go into Typical Situation, like he does in the Red Rocks disc, but he went into Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away. Which he cut short, by not playing The Doc of the Bay add in. Lie In Our Graves was amazing. The crows LOVED this one. Boyd was amazing and Butch, who hadnt really made his presence felt in the past two shows, let everyone know he was there. It was so good that after the song Dave walked over to him and showed him ten fingers as to say that his solo was a 10! And gave him a hug. It was a great rendition of Lie in Our Graves, even with the rare ending lyric "till we dance the night away", but I don't know about its placement as a closer. Yet it kind of makes sense, since they have one more show here and that song was placed there as to say, "Just wait till Tomorrow".
Troy J.
Just got back from Saturday night's show at the Woodlands. What a relief!!! Wasn't super impressed with Thursday night's show in Selma. But tonight, I was beside myself. Every song was very well played. I hate to bore ya'll and run through every song on the setlist. Let me just say that the final song of the night (LIOG) was worth 10 times what i payed for my lawn seat!!!! See you manana back at the Woodlands and Tuesday in Dallas. i luv u alli
Man, what an incredible show. Out of the three shows i have attended, this has got to be the best one (even though our seats were not so great!) Starting the show with So Right was a perfect start. #41 was played which would have made me content for the rest of the night, but he continued with many more that were surprising, including Lover Lay Down and Jimi Thing. And I can't believed he ended the show with Lie In Our Graves. It was such and extended version and absolutely incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better show!! I can't wait for Busted Stuff and for next year's tour!!
Jason C.
Well it was a hot a humid night at the woodlands....a good setting for a great night of music. So Right-Called this a couple of days before the show...really a great way to open things up, high energy. Grey Street-The new shorter version packs a big punch i'll tell you that....compact and intense. Crash-eh, hadnt heard it in a few years, didnt really miss it....nice to hear the dixie chichen though. #41-Wasnt expecting this one tonight...really a very nice treat, a little shorter than last years, probably more like 2000's. Roi had a nice sweet jam. Busted Stuff-Wasnt expecting this one either...the jam at the end is sooo sweet and jazzy, you gotta love it. It will make a great opener to the new album. Pig-HELL YES!!! I had been waiting years to here this and I finally got it. One problem...the one single damn line that I wanted to hear the most....the whole fucking song dies. Right before the "i'll go out in the middle of the night" part, something happened. I dont know if it was Dave, or Carter but the whole damn song stopped. Dave tried to mumble his way through the rest of the verse but couldnt do it. Then they all had to try and figure out how to start the song up again...very amusing. This song has turned damn good live. I Did It- Has gotten better since last year, pretty decent to hear I guess. Big Eyed Fish- Been wanting to hear this one too, doesnt dissappoint. "Stay up in fucking tree!" Bartender-This song has gotten to the point where it takes a shit on every other song in the dmb cataolg. Soooo amazing, so much energy and passion, I got chills like always. What You Are-HOT DAMN!!! This song has come a long way!!! The added a tight jam at the end, and dave does some crazy ass preaching thing too!! Really cool to see. Grace Is Gone-The jam at the end of this has gotten much better over the years. Sweet song to hear. Jimi Thing-Thank god they finally sped up the jam at the end, much more enjoyable, much more groovey. The guys got into a little group of 4 and jammed the song out at the end. Fool To Think-Not much to say about this one, good to hear for the first time. Better than Angel would have been. Lover Lay Down-YES!!! Been wanting to hear this one too. Such a sweet sweet love song, thats really underated. Roi was great on this. Raven-This new sped up version is a good change from the 2000 version. I couldnt understand ANY of it in the past, now its at about 30%. PNP-Rapunzel-Great way to end the set!! Crazy ass jam at the end. Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away-I swear that for about 6 seconds dave teased Little Thing here, and me and my friends nearly had a heart attack. Then he busts into this. Not bad, but decent. Lie In Our Graves-At this point it was getting late and I was expecting something short like Billies or Too Much. But NO!! This came out of nowhere and hit me like a brick in the face. What a way to end a much energy, amazing jams, Butch adds such a nice touch to this song. Dave sung the "Til we dance away" part at the end. Great great closer. Overall a very solid show, nothing ungodly except for maybe Bartender and LIOG. Im expecting more magic here at the Woodlands tonight!!!
Marty W.
solid show, won't go through every song, #41 and liog were highlights for me, rapunzel also, nice venue ,will have to go back, boyd stoled the show tonight, nuff said, glad to finally hear grey street and grace is gone in person
Wow...where to start? This show was so incredible. The highlight of the night for me was definitely PNP-->Rapunzel. Dave was dancing like a madman, it was so cool. The Lilly's sound great. Busted Stuff hasn't changed much but Raven and BEF has made some solid improvements. Jimi Thing was the best I've ever heard it. Dave took a nice little solo. Boyd tore it up on LIOG, fading into Butch's sweet long solo. The camera work was so cool throughout. I just want to say that DMB never plays a bad show in Houston!!!!!
Jeff M.
Awesome show of force last night at the Woodlands but several things seemed very pronounced that others might not have picked up on. This is my 6th DMB concert since '95 and I feel I've got a pretty good vibe of the band. The first thing that became apparent to me was that the band, while being professional as allways, in sync and touting the best rhythm section known in music history, was not reacting well towards one another. After the fourth song we began to talk in the audience about the possibility of an arguement backstage before the show. The second ton or bricks that hit me was that it was obvious that this was an unofficial Lilywhite Sessions tour, which had esacaped my attention despite my research on Nancies, the Warehouse, etc. etc. The band seems to be pushing a record they cannot sell, which has to be a first in the record books. For those out on the Lawn (obvious flash-in-the-pan listeners) or without an internet connection, they would have been lost. Show was still great, Crash still brings it to a head, and Fenton lived up to his name.
Third Dave show that I have ever seen and the way that the band never seems to impress me is the best. I figured LIOG would get played but for them to jam it out the way that they did was ungodly. They played just about every jam songs but maybe one or two and to hear that was just great. Boyd, Stephen, Carter, and Dave were great but i have to say that Roi was amazing. Would love to get a copy of this performace if anyone has a tape of it. Keep on Jamming DMB.
John S.
I finally had the DMB experience I'd been hoping for. I had my mouth wide open the entire show, I didn't know if it was real or not. Even though I am a diehard fan, and listen to them everyday, this band blew me away. The sheer energy of the band and the crowd was unbelievable. Setlist was amazing. I will take Pig, Rapunzel, Jimi, 41, Bartender, LIOG, Grey Street any day. I still cannot believe how energized the band was. Everyone stood and went nuts the entire time, which further fed the band's craziness. I was praying for Rapunzel to end, and boy did we get it. The place absolutely exploded. Dave was dancing from one end to the other, kicking those legs all over the place. Unbelievable. We were all thinking Watch or Billies for the last song. Who would have thought LIOG would pop up? What a way to end it. During the pause, Dave stood there for a good minute and just reflected on the moment. The lights were on him, and he just stared into the crowd with his hand over his mouth. This will not be the last time I visit the Woodlands Pavilion. Extremely impressed with the venue and the show. I hope Dallas is half as good as this one.
Ryan C.
Well, this was a great night for a concert at this great venue. Taj Mahal was an OK opening band, but nobody really took to them. Dave seemed very energetic tonight running around the stage like he loves coming to Houston!! I have been to see Dave here three times now and he always seems to be having fun! Boyd was really on tonight. He shined in songs all night but went crazy during Lie In Our Graves!! He played for a good 6 or 7 minutes before he handed the stage over to Butch Taylor on the keys! All in All a great show, and one of the best setlists you could ask for out of this tour. I would have wanted to here "Where Are You Going" and maybe one more song on the Encore, that would have made the night complete. Here is my rundown of each song: Setlist- So Right- Great start, got the crowd going! Grey Street- Always a good momentum builder! Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)- Good, great to here the Dixie Chicken, he was really into it! #41- Best four songs he could have ever started with and this one was excellent as always! Busted Stuff- Going to be great title track! Don't Burn The Pig- Isn't this song called "Pig" everyone calls it something else but still a must here, What happened in the middle, I think Dave's guitar might have busted a string but still good! I Did It- A Dud, why does he play this, only bad song on the night!! Big Eyed Fish-Good song and really was jammin--> Bartender-I love it, the whole band was really together on this one, all good to this point What You Are-Great beginning, that was the most anticipation ever, I couldn't wait, I could have listened to him yell all week Grace Is Gone-Great love song, Ladies really liked it, but no refrence to "Texas" Jimi Thing- WoW!!! They jammed!!! Great song, and great performance by everyone on stage, I loved Dave's Guitar solo at the end, much like Listener Supported only longer and more rhythm Fool To Think-O.K. slowed down the show Lover Lay Down-Always great to here live, he was singing this one from the heart Raven-This was O.K. Good Jam Pantala Naga Pampa-got everyone moving--> Rapunzel-They went nuts, but he messed up again on the second verse like in listener supported, I loved how he got it back though. I loved watching him chicken dance all over! Encore- Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away- Goog toon and said it was by his "good friend Willie" Lie In Our Graves- In the five shows I have been to this is what I wanted to here!!! Unbelievable jam!! The only thing was it sounded like Carter was off beat to start the jam. Is this right, let me know I couldn't tell?
This show was fantastic! After leaving San Antonio a little late (2:30) we were frantically trying to get to Houston for the show. Once we caught on that we had to park at the mall to get to the pavilion, everything was smooth sailing. We arrived on time but with very little time to spare. I won't go into the setlist as that as already been done but I will say that the band seems to be introducing their Busted Stuff/Lillywhite album heavily...and I love it! Be nice to new DMB fans...they are what keep the fanbase growing!
Wow...remember all that talk about my panties on Thursday? Ditto! What an amazing night!!! Besides the fact that I got to meet & hug & kiss Butch Taylor, the show was definitely up there in rank! I had a great time in the parking myself a nice little buzz going and on the walk from there to the pavilion, decided to have some fun getting the crowd ready. I put my megaphone up and yelled out "IF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE DAVE MATTHEWS IS YOUR HERO...LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE!!!" Everyone around me started screaming & I ate it I went on to yell "IF YOU ARE GOING TO STAND UP AND DANCE YOUR ASS OFF TO EVERY SONG EXCEPT THE SPACE BETWEEN...LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE!!!" Again...they all started I continued..."IF YOU ARE ONLY HERE TO SEE THE PERFORMANCE OF THE SPACE BETWEEN...GO THE FUCK HOME!!!" Everyone started laughing, then this really cool guy EDDIE came back from a few rows up and told me that I was awesome and gave me the 3 disc show from April 23! Cool!! What an awesome start to the night! We got inside and I waved my Halloween banner proudly, trying once more to get the crowd pumped and see how many others I could get to shout for it. Taj Mahal was really cool...I missed a lot of it when my camera got confiscated by those nazi bitches who work at the pavilion, but I enjoyed what I saw of them. Sorry...all that talk and I haven't even gotten to the show yet! they open with So Right...and halfway through the song I'm already thinking "GO!!!" I enjoyed Grey Street & Crash (I'll never complain about it as long as they do the Dixie Chicken ending, which they did). #41 was's only the 4th song and my only thought is "Damn, Roi's on FIRE!!!" Busted Stuff makes me feel sooo sexy every time I hear it...If y'all read my Selma review, you can guess what happened when they started playing it! Toward the end of the song, Stefan started going nuts up there (btw...what's up with the was red in Selma & black on 5/4 & off white fisherman's hat on 5/ yellow anymore?) ....anyway, then Roi steps up and it's his turn again! Roi, "Oh yes Daddy give me some MORE!!!" is all I have to say about the way you were playing!! After Busted Stuff, Dave said to us "How's everyone feeling is everyone feeling ok?" ...then went into...oh baby oh baby oh baby...PIG!!!!! And what an incredible Pig it was!! (When I met Butch I told him that it was awesome and he said "We did a lot of different stuff tonight...I'll have to remember that!") Basically everyone started playing really softly and Dave went into a nice little "watch me make love to my guitar for a while" solo thing just before they got to the part where he sings "come brother...shake up your bones..." Definitely the best Pig performance I've seen thus far! I couldn't be mad about them playing IDI after Pig, cause I figured they did Pig to say "sorry for what we're about to do to you, so dance now, then run to the bathroom fast cause you only have 3 minutes and you don't get any more breaks." So I peed, got another beer, and came back to an AWESOME BEF...starting with the fish, he said " the deep sea is where a fish needs to be"...then went to the man, then the monkey in his fuckin' tree, but not as many fuckin's as usual. Bartender went from 9:06 to 9:18 with an awesome really mellow deep drum beat at the end. What You Are had the new lyrics at the end just like at Selma, but I'm not sure what they are. Then he said "Thank you everybody so much for joining us tonight (then in a deep scratchy voice) at the Woodlands! Thanks to our special guest Taj Mahal!" GIG...I didn't notice Bob the Blob but my view of the screens wasn't very good...I was up close but off to the right. Jimi Thing started at 9:34 and went to 9:48...not the longest but you won't hear me rocked! Dave said "Thank you everybody," then bowed, then waved and pointed his thumb back over his shoulder as if to say "this is it, we're walking off" and idiots even started leaving, but I kept thinking "there's no way they're finishing up with Fool To Think." No way dude!!! LLD was this point I was convinced by the songs and the way Dave was making love to his guitar that he was really horny, so halfway through when the music and the crowd were really quiet, I screamed into my megaphone "TAKE ME!!!! TAKE ME NOW!!!!!" Worth a shot, right? Dave thanked us after the song, then introduced Roi for the second time (I told ya he was on fire). Raven was just as nice as the previous one's I've seen...then...holy cow...PNP & Rapunzel!!!! I could have died right then (good thing I didn't cause I met Butch after the show and I met Dave & Carter on Sunday!!) They went back for the encore and I'm still praying for Halloween...oh well! Ants was exactly the same as Selma. LIOG started at 10:31 and went till 10:50...everyone was playing to each other and going crazy and having so much fun and laughing and smiling and they all high 5'd after they stopped playing and Dave gave Stefan the biggest hug. What a happy note to end on!! :)
Chelle T.
Thank God the Warehouse doesn't give refunds!! We thought about not making the drive from Alabama to Texas, but did it anyway and the show was beyond descripton. This was my first show and will NOT be my last. On to the music...So Right was a great opener and right from the beginning the band seemed really into it and wanting to jam. The crowd was up and had incredible energy and you could almost hear the crowd singing louder than Dave. We got a lot of jammin Lillywhite stuff and Crash and #41. Grace is Gone, Big Eyed Fish and Bartender were the highlights for me then they closed with PNP/Rapunzel that was on fire. Encore was Ain't It Funny and LIOG that they jammed on and on.
Laura E.
I work at the Woodlands Pavilion, so even though I am too poor to afford to go to two shows, I went to May 4, and worked May 5. Having recently gotten my Firedancer tattoo, and knowing how huge a fan I am, all the big bosses were pulling for me to get backstage. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but I got pretty damn close. They put me on the first aisle right next to the stage!!!! Ok, enough personal stuff - on to the show. I'd have to say Saturday night was better than last night, just because Dave had SO much energy Saturday. I've always thought that Dave didn't like coming to Texas shows (because it's so damn HOT) and that's why he didn't talk to us as much and give us as much energy. But after my 8th show this weekend, I apologize Mr. Matthews - you indeed love us Texans. Opening with So Right was a surprise - it just didn't seem like a song he would open with. But it was incredible all the same. And so began the true fan spotting with those who knew the words. Grey Street waned in the light of last year's - which was the first time I'd heard it. And last year it had also just stopped raining before he sang it, so...symbolism was abounding. Crash Into Me went longer than expected, and really got the crowd going - I guess it was the first "radio hit" so everyone went "Oh yeah I know this one! Yay!" Wankers. My friend and I were just WAITING on Dixie Chicken - I was early in my guesses like 8 times. But it came. Well my personal fave was next - #41. If only it was followed by my other fave Two Step, I could have died a happy woman right there. It was amazing. I remember when he did it on Letterman, and right as he sang "What if they came down crushing" he did the eyebrow "look" (ladies you know what I'm talking about) to someone in the audience. Well Saturday, I saw a repeat of that moment and it made me melt. #41 got a lot of crowd reaction too - always a favorite. Last year a fan was holding up a Big Eyed Fish sign, but to no avail because it wasn't played. But I finally got to hear it Saturday!! He had a lot of great improvisations in Fish, including "everybody knows monekys gotta stay in their fu*kin tree" - or something to that effect. Of course, got a cheer. Right into Bartender, I had to call my dear friend and fellow Nancie Justin in NC to let him hear some of his fave. And when Grace came on I did the same - talk about your all time sing-a-long. The crowd definitely made that one. Surprisingly, Jimi Thing was next! I had to call my roommate on that one, but hung up right before the AMAZING 1st bridge. Couldn't believe the level that song got to. 2 songs later came Lover Lay Down which of course conjures up memories of the ex-boyfriend. It was SO SO incredible - the whole band was playing their hearts out - you could tell it was a fave of theirs to play. Raven rocked - of course. I can't get enough of this song. Saw this one dude with a homemade shirt that said C"Raven" an Upgrade. Clever my friend. Lots of Warehouse tickets floating around, but all the same, I was disappointed in the caliber of the crowd rows in front of me. I was row H, and felt that the unaffected fans around me should trade me seats because they weren't as into it as me. Anyone else get pissed because they feel more deserving to be up front??? Anyway, Ain't it Funny was a surprise, and the crowd learned the words pretty easy so you could start to hear them toward the end. Lie In Our Graves??? PERFECT CLOSER. I can't even explain how good it was, but I was definitely shedding a few tears. Boyd went INSANE on that stage - I still can't see how he doesn't bust that violin every show. And let me just say something to the jackass taper in front of me. First of all you looked pregnant dude, and second, you kept giving me "come hither" looks which were gag-worthy. You remember how you kept purposely flashing your backstage passes because I told you of my 9 year obsession with the band?? Well HA HA to you because Dave left immediately - no backstage - my boss told me. That makes me feel better. So what if you are "friends with Boyd" - I bet you are. But I digress...all in all, Dave's improv's, downhome bluesy playing at times, and beloved drunken-babble-chatter made for a great night, not to mention the incredible set. I was hoping for "Everyday" but I know it's been a no-play thus far. In time. At least I got to hear rockin surprises like Fool to Think and Pig. PS- how could I forget Taj Mahal and Gabe Dixon???? What I heard of Gabe Dixon band was reminiscent of Agents of Good Roots, and Taj Mahal - what can I say, those elders can still jam. If anyone's heard of Stew, Taj Mahal reminded me of them - they were just a lot of fun, and great musicians - good warm up. Thanks for reading this far (Justin and Andy - you're faithful friends). Cheers.
Damian G.
Well I bid on some front row center tickets, and got them. It was well worth the money, and I highly recommend doing it. All and all it was a great show, and I think I even got Dave to laugh! During LIOG I yelled out "yes I would" when Dave sang "would you not like to be". He gave a smile and had to hold in his laugh...It was pretty cool. I thought this was the better show of the two nights, but both were excellent. I will definitely go the front row thing again!
Kristen C.
This was with out a doubt the best show I have ever seen. The set list kicked ass, and I have never ever seen the band jam so hard! I was also in San Antonio and this blew that show out of the water. There were a couple of songs that were similar, but for the most part I was blown away. There is nothing I can say that could explain how kick ass this show was. Honestly, I am speechless. The crowd could have been better, but where I was they were just as happy to be there as I was. The band looked like they were having a blast. Boyd, that man is amazing. He was so entertaining, and I had never seen him more on. Stefan always jams, but he was really into on Saturday, and it was great... Dave, well he just danced like a mad man. Carter, well there is no need to even speak of him, he is always happy to be there, and always tops his last performance. Leroi was great and he got put in the spotlight several times. I am writing this about five days later and two shows later, and I have to say this show was the highlight of the "Texas Tour."
After going to the Selma show two days before I was really pumped to see my first DMB show at the Woodlands. What an awesome settign for night with the band! This show had many firsts for me, the highlight no doubt being the mind-blowing version of LIOG. But I also loved the intense and fun to watch Rapunzel (can we say...Go Dave!...Go Dave!....Go Dave!). Aside from some annoying teenie boppers around me screaming at the top of their lungs, the evening was by far the best I've seen. I didn't make Sunday's show, but have already decided I will be going to both nights next year. See y'all there!