Dave Matthews Band
AutoWest Amphitheatre, Marysville, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

Warehouse *
Too Much *
Grey Street *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
Crush *
Fool To Think *
Lover Lay Down *
The Stone *
What You Are *
Where Are You Going *
Bartender *
What Would You Say *
I Did It *
If I Had It All *
Two Step *
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away +
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Good God... Amazing. I thought that Shoreline was good, but after this setlist and even hearing Dave say that this was the best show so far... yeah, you figure it out. We had awesome seats. closest I've been yet. The sound quality was great. Warehouse is the best opener I've seen. The band came out really pumped. The only songs I want to talk about were Grey Street, Two Step and PNP/Rapunzel. All were amazing. Grey Street was so nice to hear. My fist time in two years. The new lyrics are great. Two Step, well if you didn't go, kick yourself now. They jammed for so long. They were all so excited after they ended it that they threw each other high fives and hugged each other. PNP/Rapunzel was a great closer. After Two Step, we all knew that they couldn't top it. But they came out with this and got pretty close. What an amazing display of their talents. The Dave Matthews Band is truely the best band!!!
AFTER a wonderful weekend stand at shoreline, dmb once again graced us with another amazing performance...........just before SOULIVE came on, my friends and I had a little tailgaiting, called lauren to see whats up with the nancies party then preceded to enter and hung out in the lawn for awhile for some socializing and what not. we then met lisa and diane for a drink then quickly went to our seats (section 104) just in time to see dave introduced SOULIVE. SOULIVE set: 2stepping (loong!) then "hurry up and wait"- drummer allen evans went off on this one..then an unknown new song and then he went and talked to the audience..they didnt have a set setlist so they were asking us what we wanted to hear..somebody from the front row yelled "joyful girl" and then allen said, they would love to but cant right now, while he was explaining this, the alto sax guy was playing "joyful girl" in the background for a minute or two...what a tease! "tuesday night dub" ended their set with bang! one by one, they left the stage, allen first then they jammed some more, then krasno leaving the other evans and the alto sax jamming..then brother evans left leaving the alto sax and he took it home! well onto DMB now...jsut before DMB took the stage, tortillas were again flying from section 105 but failed to re enact what happened at shoreline... WAREHOUSE (stop time)= once again carter and stefan led the "woos"...boyd and leroi were the tearing the shit out of this one... TOO MUCH = continuing the great energy provided by warehouse, dave and co took that energy and times it by two as dave was a dancing fool on this.. GREY ST = heeeeelloooo! 12-string...take the energy from the first two songs and times it by three! *sara and heidi along with yours truly did our TWO STEP chant! (#1 of the night) WTWE = not bad, first ED song... YNK = another carter intro, sat (shoreline) was longer though...awesome! soooooooo gooooooooooddddddd! thanks sara and heidi again for backing me up singing along... *another 2step chant (#2) CRUSH = BOYD tinsley! sara, heidi along with tanya and sherdawg joined me for this one, singing our hearts out...for some reason we were all in a huggy mood as we hugged everybody to our left, right, front and back...and oh yeah, carter is gawd! Fool to think= *2step chant (#3) lover lay down = sherdawg's wedding song so he quickly called her lovely wife erin for this one...dave sang on this one, and leroi took an extended solo.. *while it was fading out, dave pointed at ROI then carter then ROI then carter then went straight into = STONE = carter was going nuts on this one...tight and well performed..butch was actually adding alot to this one.dave sang a different lyric towards the whole row sang "wisemen/cant help falling inlove" towards the end..thanks again guys for backing me up on that one!!! WHAT YOU ARE = knew it was coming..electric, lights, mumbling...WOW! i said on my saturday review that this one has a potential closer written all over it...the energy on this one was unbelievable. dave was growling like there is no tomorrow...and of course THAT much rage and so much! *2step chant (#5) WHERE R U GOING = dave again had his little acoustic intro before busting to this one...same as saturday and sunday..nothing especial, beautiful! my row/section was again singing their hearts out! BARTENDER = no need to explain...this song once again was THE highlight for, wailing and all have heard the bartender's from this tour...simply amazing..we were again singing our hearts out! i love my section, thanks everybody especially sara, heidi, sherdawg, tanya, lori, nancy and the people around me (i dont remember all your names, sorry!) *2step chant (#6 i think, i lost count) WWYS = same as saturday, ROI took the extended solo.. I DID IT = IF I HAD IT ALL = "ill fuck it up" *another 2step chant and finally! sara, heidi and I almost fell after hugging! jumping around whatever!) TWO STEP = holy shit! intense intense jamming from the very start, CARTER (MVP of the night) AND BUTCH were going nuts for at least 5 minutes then stefan then boyd then more butch and carter and then dave...dave then introduced the band members, while carter quietly pounded the snare..boyd then carter then stefan (he was wearing a black bandana today, like what the rappers wear, lol) leroi was all smiles when he was introduced (leroi dissappeard when carter and butch were going nuts, he was behind carter all along!)..they then finished it off with more of carter (he is gawd!)... ENCORE: AINT it FUNNY = the background wow! it was a gorgeous night out and the moon was shining, the huge screen behind dave was showing the moon while he was doing his solo (i was the only one singing along)..what a beautiful site..dave solo with the moon as the background.. PNP->RAPUNZEL = NUTS as usual, everybody was a dancing fool on this one, even ROI (he was feeling it!) GRADE=B+/A- thanks for a wonderful 3 show stand here at NORCAL..*see ya at the GORGE!
Dave, I hope you read these and if you do, please take my advice: Stop playing songs from Everyday. Nobody likes them and they just do nothing for the concert. Last night everything was going wonderfully at first, with Warehouse as a strong opener and then followed up by Too Much and Grey Street. Then the momentum was squashed by When the World Ends and Fool to Think a couple songs later. I'm just tired of hearing them in concert and I just don't think anyone likes to hear them in concert. After over 20 shows I've finally come to the realization that the Dave Matthews Band will never be the Grateful Dead. I was at the show in Shoreline on Saturday and last night they played 9 of the same songs. When you have 60+ songs in your repertoire, why don't you play more? I should have known 2 years ago that they have resolved themselves to being a "band for the masses" and nothing more. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I must say that I was extremely pleased to hear Lover Lay Down and The Stone. Some of their jams last night have restored my faith in them but as much as I hate to say it, I believe they have a long way to go to be considered one of the greatest live bands ever. Of course this won't stop be from being a fan and that's what it's all about.
Kevin W.
WOW! I had awesome seats...not floor but I was in 105 8th row chilln with fan club members! Good view and great sound. WAREHOUSE was a great openning song. The crowd yelling between the pauses was great. A very powerful TOO MUCH, was followed by a awesome GREY STREET. I have get tired of that song. YOU NEVER KNOW was also good to hear again and I can't wait to hear it on CD. CRUSH was good to hear and it had a good jam and powerful energy from Boyd. In summary from here on....Carter kicks it up in STONE and BARTENDER's emotion spilled from Dave's vocals! BARTENDER in my opinion is one of Dave's best songs! TWO STEP!!! This is the best rendition I have heard. A great solo from Butch Taylor. He doesn't usually go off....but last night he rocked it hard. Carter only added to his solo and with they coordinated a little outro into Boyd's solo, it only got better. Dave even soloed a little at the end. I wish Leroi would haave got some play time but i guess he has to save it for the ending! It was great to see Leroi smile once while Dave introed the band members and awesome to see Stephan raises his arms up and down when he left the stage. Dave's dancing was off the hook too! Dave mentioned to the crowd about being the best crowd, venue and having the best time since the beginning of the tour. It's good to know that make them feel welcome and can repay them in a way for such a wonderful show.
This show was awesome!! The band came out with energy and passion and showed it by breaking out with Warehouse then going right into Too Much. For my 9th show I would have to say that this ranks right up there at the top. Not quite as good as Shoreline on Saturday but the rendition of Two Step was worth the price of admission and more! This show was filled with very powerful songs and even more powerful playing. I went to the DC kickoff show and was somewhat disappointed, the last two show at shoreline and Sacramento have made up for any disappointment and I cant wait for Portland on Thursday and the Gorge in a couple of months. Taylor was awesome on the boards, Way to Go DMB.
Michael W.
I have to start by saying that this forum (Nancies) is a really cool thing. Such a friendly and loving sort of deal. I know my sister Julie has found it to be a beautiful experience forever! Now, onto the set - It has been two years in the waiting for a WAREHOUSE opener and I got it tonight. Played with power and energy. A flawless version. I could feel the band was on from the get go tonight. Sefan, raising his fist during "whue" part. Next, was TOO MUCH and was the typical crowd pleaser but, is always great to hear. Followed by the great signature of this century GREY STREET. I say that because this is the song people will be talking about in ten years. I love the ending. Its so powerful. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS and not SPACE BETWEEN was next. This is a great EVERYDAY song and fell perfect in the arrangement. YOU NEVER KNOW. This song is TOO complex for most to handle but, the crowd hung in there to the end. Is this tune on BUSTED STUFF? This song proves the band is incredible and it makes them so different that any other. A standard CRUSH was next but, Dave likes to play this for couples and stuff so just enjoy the Boyd when you can. Another EVERYDAY song with FOOL TO THINK. They played this on Saturday but, did a better job with it tonight. Not bad, song kind of grows on ya. LOVER LAY DOWN was good but standard. I had heard better jams come out of that song but, Dave likes playing it. Another couple pleaser. The next five songs made the evening. THE STONE -Don't ever stop playing this song. Since the first time I heard it (in 1998), I new we had a classic DMB song. Great arragement, played very well. Great ending. WHAT YOU ARE may have stole the show. Freak, Dave whales (sp) and put it all into this one. Best version I have ever seen. My lastest favorite WHERE ARE YOU GOING was next. They are playing this song every night as it is the new single but, I never get tired of it. Just a classic ballad. BARTENDER was the next highlight of the night. From start to finish it was flawless. It goes from sad to happy then, a since of overwelming closure at the end. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY is what brought me to investing all of this time and money on a exceptional group of players (DMB). Again, never get sick of this song. Please play it for me every year. Back to the EVERYDAY'S with I DID IT. I never cut this song because it is so fun to dance to and gets everyone moving again or in this case did not let anyone stop (after WWYS). IF I HAD IT ALL is another one of those songs that has that bar jazz sound and is good easy listening music. I like it. TWO STEP ended the regular set and I have never before witnessed so much cohesion in a group of musicians. This may have been a record jam with respect to time. Butch and Carter, call and response, for an easy fifteen minutes. The end of this song is breakthrough increadible. Dave comes back to do you solo Willie with AIFHTSA then a standard quick PNP into RAPUNZEL. Was hoping for BILLIES or DIDO but they love playing this song and the crowd likes to hear it so, seem amused. No, really this song rocks. What more can I add except for thanks NANCIES (including you Julie), WAREHOUSE, and the DMB for playing the best gig of the 2002 tour to date. I have to say I have never seen the band so INTO IT and the crowd was not the loudest, most personable or the greatest but that did not stop the boys from putting their all into this one. Every year this band improves and does their fan base. It is so cool to see the same people year after year. This is a great new venue but, departing traffic is a nightmare. Bring additional food and beverages for the lot later. Play this venue again next year guys. SEE YA AT THE GORGE in SEPTEMBER.
Well, last night was the culmination of the '02 California tour... After San Diego and two epic performances at Shoreline in San Francisco (no doubt one of DMBs favorite places) - with Sunday's Shoreline show being one of the best performances I've seen to date - Sacramento Valley was a worthy conclusion. Solid setlist, good energy, fairly good crowd (surprisingly) and possibly the best version of Two Step I've heard (and I've heard many). Wow! This was experimentation at it's finest with Butch adding some nice alterations to the tune. What a memorable last couple of weeks! See you at the Gorge in September...
I want to thank Dave and the band for their awseome performance on Tuesday night. It was my first concert and I must say it was truly amazing. I've heard live versions of some of the songs they played, and let me tell you they poured everything they had into the performance. When they opened with Warehouse I knew this would be a good show. I was singin along through every song and laughing when Dave was talking gibberish into the mike. I was glad he played a bunch of songs i know, like Crush (awseome), Lover Lay Down (sweet), and The Stone (go Carter). Two Step was great. Butch and Carter were jammin, then all of them exploded in the end. When Dave came back out for Ain't It Funny during the "We Want Dave" chanting the moon came on the screen behind him. After that they exploded into Pantala Naga Pampa and Rapunzel, which was the last song i was thinkin they'd play (Tripping Billies). Thanks again to Dave, Stefan, LeRoi, Boyd, Carter, Butch, and most of all my brother(his 9th Dave concert) for givin me a great concert expierience. I hope to see them again in Manasas when we move there this summer.
wow... after a looooong amtrak ride to sactown and missing WAREHOUSE (which was the only song i wanted to hear all tour, having not heard it in 8 shows thus far) and TOO MUCH after being stuck in this ridiculous muddy cow pasture with the astoundingly incompetent autowest parking staff, i REALLY needed a good show, and the boys delivered. the first half was fairly standard... i was disappointed at all the repeats from shoreline, but what can you do. the show really started to pick up in the last hour; we all thought they were going to end it with WHAT WOULD YOU SAY or then I DID IT, but were thrilled when they kept going. IF I HAD IT ALL was really great, and TWO STEP... wow. friggin... wow. i haven't heard two step in a while so i don't know how much it has evolved, but they did this incredible 5-minute jam that i've NEVER heard before. butch and carter were going insane; dave was grinning ear to ear; he started finger-plucking almost this spanish-sounding tune and for a half second i thought he might go into love of your life... it was definitely the best jam i've ever witnessed in 9 shows and the boys were having a BLAST. dave was a DANCING FOOL for the last 45 minutes... i haven't seen him that animated in quite a while. they took a loooong encore break to recover and everyone went nuts when dave came out solo... he said it had been one of the best nites of the tour and thanked everyone repeatedly. AIFHTSA was AWESOME; i've never heard it live before and the live shot in the background of the moon set an amazing mood. and PNP->RAPUNZEL had more energy than i've ever seen before and a pretty decent jam. all in all it turned out to be a very good show, although i hope i don't have to wait another 9 shows to see warehouse. :(
WOW, what an amazing show. This was my third show this tour after the Staples Center and sunday at Shoreline, and it was the best. The band had so much energy, and my seats in section 105 were surprisingly close to the stage. I got to see Dave go crazy dancing the whole night!! Everyone in the crowd could tell that he and the rest of the band were having a great time up there, especially when Dave said "This show has been one of the best for us this tour." That definitely made my night. Other highlights of the show: The Warehouse opener. This song is so classic and has such great energy. It got the crowd moving right away. Another highlight was Grey Sreeet, I can't wait to hear this one on the new album, the new lyrics are awesome. I thought that Crush was played so well last night; its a good song recorded but live it is AMAZING. The band jammed for a long time at the end - it was beautiful. Definitely my favorite song of the night. The next song that blew me away was What You Are, also a song that is pretty standard recorded but amazing live. I was so glad to hear it again after hearing it at the Staples Center. Then Bartender - I don't think I could speak after hearing this song it was so powerful. Can't wait to hear it on Busted Stuff. Then with Two Step as the closer it seemed like the night couldn't get any better, my section was going crazy. The encore was great also, in 9 concerts I had never heard Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away, so that was cool. Also, Rapunzel at the end rocked and everyone around me left the show smiling. I was a little disappointed not to hear Lie In Our Graves, but it was a great show nonetheless.
From my home in South Lake Tahoe down to Shoreline for two amazing nights...back to Tahoe to rest on Monday...then back down the hill to Sac...I cannot say enough about the brilliant music and people that have come across my path the last four days. Thank you to all! On with the show...due to horrible venue access (and a lot of bad timing on my part) I was finally in my seat about 3 minutes into WAREHOUSE...awesome opener that set the tone of the night beautifully. TOO MUCH...standard energy crowd pleaser got my rear shakin ass well. GREY STREET, WTWE, YNK all done very nicely. Then Stefan starts working that familiar bassline and soon it's CRUSH.second one in three nights for my lovely lady and I so we were stoked..Boyd got off again! STONE was phat with Carter blowing up and tight composition all around. BARTENDER was the! Powerful stuff there. A nice funky WWYS.then a bit of a break (for me at least) during IDI and IIHIA.but then breaktime definitely over when the fellas broke into the dopest TWO STEP I've ever seen live! Absolutely sick! Butch laying down some wicked pysco jazz keys, Boyd (with his smug grin) ripping, Carter simply throwing down on the skins, Stefan shredding and Dave.ohhhhh Dave that was some fine pick'n. Unforgettable TWO STEP. Fired up for the encore. treated to my second ever AIFHTSA (first was Salt Lake City last year).then a solid PANTALA->RAPUNZEL to close out a great Calif. run. Overall great show...but the venue is a nightmare to get in and out of! Arrived back in S. Lake Tahoe at 3:45 a.m. Peace! See ya'll at the Gorge!
D. T.
Wow...just amazing. It is so different sitting in the lawn compared to sitting in an actual seat...especially sitting in a seat next to Warehouse members. Compared to sitting in the lawn on Sat. at the Shoreline, sitting in a seat surrounded by the best fans on the planet, this show was about 100x better. I sat next to a girl from Vancouver, WA, and two girls from Chico were sitting behind me (feel free to email me if you need help getting tix). It is just crazy how everyone around us stood for 2.5+ hours and knew the words to all of the songs. It makes a night like this truly memorable . . well, of course, along with TWO STEP!!! But first things first, Soulive was great today. People started yelling "Joyful Girl!," and Alan Evans (drums) started laughing, saying "That would be dope,'ll be getting a lot of we're just gonna do our thing" as Sam Kininger (amazing on the sax) was playing "Joyful Girl!" How dope would that have been? So Warehouse--such a great opener and I was a little shocked they played it. I guess I didn't have high expectations for this concert since it was only in 'Sacramento.' I think Dave and company were pretty happy that it was cool in Sacramento for once (I've heard that he doesn't like playing here because of the hot weather we get), but the night was absolutely perfect. Ok . . onto "What You Are,"--Dave changes the lyrics at the end everytime and it is just so moving. Crush..jammed out more than Saturday...Bartender-great as always . .. THE STONE! Wow..I had been waiting a while to hear this one...lastly TWO STEP. That Two Step was so sick...find will want a copy. Butch had one sick solo...better than the one on Listener Supported. The only thing that would've made it sicker is if Dave came back and sang another verse on the outtro. It was unbelievable and I can't believe they played like that for Sacramento! Again, thanks to the band and all of the fans sitting in section 105. You guys were off the hook.
I was at the PacBell Shows last year, and I remember the power of the band, but I also remember feeling a slight sense of disappointment and the slug-it-out manner in which the Band had to play in order to fill up the park. The sho last night in Marysville, however, is one of the best concerts I've ever attended. The unrivaled sound quality, the togetherness of the band, and the happiness everyone around you displayed was just beyond belief. I was struck by several things. First, they gave us some rarities. Instead of the ones we've heard a million times over (Watchtower, Crash, etc), they pulled out "Lover Lay Down" and "The Stone." In essence, I thought the setlist was very different, and they did amazong things with it. It really went to show the versatility of the band, unlike some other tours where the groups have the same list every night. Second and most important. Dave Matthews Band may be the best live act in music today. One word: Subtlety. At one point in the show, the only people playing were Carter and Stefan, and LeRoi played this haunting thing on the pennywhistle that nearly had the crowd silent. This band can alter sound dynamics better than anyone I have ever heard. I loved "What You Are." At one point Dave, after sawing through the bridge on his distorted Baritone guitar, starting shouting a tight, rapid fire staccato into the mike ala Incubus and the crowd went nuts. The new songs: Sweet. This next album will be dope. They alternated between quick flurrys (I Did It, Where Are You Going) and long extended jams (Crush, Two Step) That jam at the end of Two Step, with Butch and Carter playing off each other, was out of this world. Amazing show. Wish I could get a copy of it. Dave Matthews Band is the Grateful Dead of our time. This was one to tell your kids about.
K. V.
wow what a show. first of all the amphitheatre was so nice and small. i was in sec 112 and i could see the whole band very well. what an opener.i was hoping they would play that tonight but i didn't expect it so when it came on i had the best energy and so did the crown. TOO MUCH...kept the energy movin and wow what a great song, so powerful. GREY SREET.... i went to Chula Vista a few days ago and heard this song there too. wow this song just gets better and better. WTWE...well i knew i was gonna here some ED songs, and i would rather have heard this one then Space Between or some of the other ones thats for sure, so it was pretty good i like boyd on this one. YNK...this is the second time i have heard this song live and i just love this song, it has an amazing energy. i think it could be one of his best songs when they get the jam down. CRUSH...holy shit they took this song to a whole new level. i have a new found respect for this song, it was off the hook. FTT...another one of my favorite ED songs, played very well into the setlist. LOVER LAY DOWN... was really nice to hear and just made me, and everyone i saw around me, feel good. STONE....all weekend i was tellin everyone if theres one song i could here the stone would be it. wow what a song. (my fav) this song just blew the lid off the concert.WYA and WAYG were awesome. daves vocals were so powerful i just felt the words as they were said. i would like to call this song a classic. WWYS...for some reason i am the only person that doesn't like this song too much. im sorry but i just don't for some reason. IDI and IIHIA.. hmm just the slow part of the concert for me. dave didn't seem to thrilled about playing them either. TWO STEP....hmmm so much to say. the song was oh my god amazing. i thought the song ended and then dave introduces the whole band while carter keeps the beat then i hear dave say "were gonna do some doodlin now if you don't mind" and i knew this was gonna be amazing and it was. all six of those guys were dancing. buthces head was crazy, daves dance, leroy was smilin, stefen and boyd were dancin up a storm, and carter (the best part of this song last night) was smilin the whole jam. wow what a version. i thought chula vista was awesome but last nights was amazing. when he came back on i was really hopin for a waste but we got AIFHTSA. this song was awesome. so graceful the way he plays it. the moon in the back round and dave, wow what a life altering 3 minutes. PNP to RAPUNZEL...i heard it at chula vista but it was still as awesome as the first time. wow all in all this show was amazing. so about 4 blunts and 19 songs later, i was and still am the happiest man alive. thank you DMB
Jeff M.
Once again, Dave managed to amaze me with a pretty diverse group of songs. Getting to this venue from near Palo Alto was not easy, but it was well worth the drive. I had never been to Autowest before, so it was kind of shocking to see a venue in the middle of farmland. From the outside, the venue looked kind of weak, but upon walking in, I realized this would be a great place to see a show. Every seat (I am not sure about the lawn) has a great view and is well worth the $50. You feel much closer to the stage than Shoreline for sure. Another difference from Shoreline is the crowd. The Shoreline crowd mostly consists of Abercrombie wearing teenagers and collared wearing adults. Although Marysville had some Abercrombie, the majority of the crowd was louder and not always in good ways Some of the people weren't really listening to the music but went there simply to get messed up. There is not anything wrong with this, but when the music is not the reason you are there, then you should go to a bar. They were also much less preppy than the Mountain View folks. I am not sure which crowd I prefer, because I am admittedly preppy at times, but I would have to lean towards Shoreline. Anyways, Soulive came out and did a pretty standard Soulive set. The one unique part of their set was that they teased Joyful Girl. It would have been awesome to see them perform this w Dave as it is an amazing song. Dave came out and shocked the crowd with WAREHOUSE. This is always a great song to hear and was much appreciated. They did not jam it out at all which kind of sucked, but hey, I can't complain. It is a sweet song. TOO MUCH was pretty standard. I heard this at Shoreline on Sunday with the Anyone Seen The Bridge, so it was kind of hard to compete with that. GREY STREET was next, and was a fun song that the crowd seemed to enjoy. Carter could not stop smiling throughout this song. It has definately become a fan favorite. Next was WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. Like everyone else, I am not an Everyday fan, however, this song is one of the few good ones. One thing that was very noticeable in this song is that Dave's voice is getting tired. Throughout the night, it seemed he was having trouble with his voice which kind of worries me. But he still managed to put his heart and soul into every song which was appreciated. YOU NEVER KNOW came next and was simply awesome. This song is definately going to be my favorite from Busted Stuff. The lyrics are tite, and it sounds like old school Dave. CRUSH followed and was another tight song. Stefan (in his ghetto attire... As mentioned by somebody else, he had a Method Man like rapper black bandana... doo rag thing) was very loose and had a ton of fun during this song. Throughout the night, I noticed that Stefan appeared to be in a great mood and was loving every moment of the show. FOOL TO THINK was standard. The crowd seemed to moan a little when they saw the electric coming out. O well. LOVER LAY DOWN made up for the crowds dissapointment during FOOL TO THINK . What can U say about this song? The chicks go crazy when he plays it and the guys appreciate it too. He played this Night 2 of Shoreline, so I did not expect it. Pleasant suprise. THE STONE was another Shoreline repeat, but it was well recieved by the crowd. This always pumps up the crowd and did the same in Marysville. WHAT YOU ARE was next, and I must say, this song is great live. He added a very cool intro and last verse to this song and the band even jammed it out a little. If you have not heard the intro or last verse yet, download this version asap. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was fine to hear. I have heard it a lot in the past year, so I was not overly excited, but the radio fans loved it. BARTENDER was intense. With a tired voice, Dave was able to amaze everybody in the crowd. Great job. WHAT WOULD U SAY was pretty standard. It had some good energy. I DID IT began, and the crowd let out a loud moan. It was very quiet. I wonder what Dave thinks when he hears the crowd complain like that. Butch was dancing around like I had never seen him do on this song. Very suprising I hope Dave retires this song soon. IF I HAD IT ALL was the 5th and final everyday song of the night. People did not really want to hear 2 everydays in a row, but o well. TWO STEP was INSANE! This was easily the best version I have heard live and maybe on the internet too. It had an awesome Butch vs Carter jam. Boyd got in on it too. Dave threw up his hands towards the end of the song and waved them at each member as to say "I cant believe what I am hearing". He even told Carter to keep going when it seemed Carter might end it. He then called out every band member by name on the Mic and the crowd roared. He came out for the encore and said "this is one of the best shows so far this tour. thanks so much". He played AINT It FUNNY which few people seemed to know. I heard this at Bridge, and it is not one of my favorites. Maybe I am just slightly bitter cuz I really wanted a Waste or a Cry Freedom (he teased this at Shoreline both nights many times). He finished w PANTALA into RAPUZEL and capped off a great night. His tour buses got out of there fast (they must have literally ran onto the buses). Great show. Thanks for the sweet 2STEP!
What a show!!! By far the best i have ever been to. Dave started off with Warehouse, and the crowd went wild. A great mix of mostly old and some new tracks. The lighting was sensational along with the ever so popular improv jamming by Carter, Boyd, Butch, and of course, the man himself, DAVE!!!!! Can't wait till next tour.
Tom F.
An unbelievable show to say the least. This is the only artist in the world that sounds as identical to his recordings. Awesome energy and setlist. Great venue to say the least. Two words though, Two Step. The greatest version to date by far. The intro's to Two Step are priceless, and this was no different. The best show of the tour so far. Will never forget it. The best live band ever.
After hearing from some friends back East about how the shows back there were good but not the best they ever heard Dave, I finally feel safe in saying I'm glad I live on the West Coast! Because by the time the band gets out here, the set lists just get better and better and the intensity is just well... Undeniably DAVE! Warehouse for the opener was just awesome, and WAYG is just a killer song. This will go down as one of my favorite DMB shows, with Grey St., The Stone, Crush, Two Step, man, "I'm Blown Away!"
Justin D.
Wow, what a concert, this was my first ever DMB show and by far the best concert I have ever attended. The opening band, Soulive, was great keeping it short and simple. They really got the musical juices at AutoWest amp flowing within the crowd. After Soulive's nice little jam, Dave and company hit the sage starting out with Warehouse, lots of energy put into this one, nice way to kick it off. Next, was Too Much and GS, 2much was basic but got everyone dancing, and GS was very powerful-what a great song-can't wait to her it on the up and coming Busted Stuff Ambum. Now just a quike timeout, the album Everyday well to me isn't the best DMB studio project, but the songs are way better live. Could have done without five everyday songs on the setlist such as WTWE, FTT,IF I Had It ALl, and I Did IT,-these 4 where played very well and I had no complaints, but could have used maybe a DDTW,LIOG, or Trippen Billies as a sub, but O'well. AnyWay, the one Everyday song the had it's place though was What you are. This song is the best everyday song played live by far. They did a great job with this one, and Dave screaming out the new lyrics tward the end is Fucking amazing. WAYG and YNK are both 2 great new songs love em both to death. Crush was nice to her had everyone singing along, as well as lover lay down-this one was amazing-Mr LM is god playing wind insruments. The stone one of my favs very well done. WWYS basic, but man did it have alot of evergy. The song bartender after tonight my new fav, great jam, boyd, dave adn carter where amazing in the one. But the highlight to the night had to be Two Step. Carter and butch and a great long solo together. Words can't even discribe. Then AIFHTSA, first time listening to this one, nicley played but day with the moon projected on the big screen, amazing. The PNP into Repunzel, nice way to close it out, dave danced all over the sage, great way to end the show. Hands down the best consert i've attended. Thanx DMB!!!!!!
Mike, M.
Kelly - Julia has quite a story to tell, I just finished a Bio Report so I'm tired of typing, The Stone rocked, and my highlight of the evening (ignoring what Julia is about to tell you) was talking to Soulive while they were on stage. I just told them to play a song again and they responded over the mic, it was cool, ah! sick of typing, i'm stopping. Julia knows the shiz... Julia- 3 words: THANK YOU BO! This man is so awesome... it's b/c of him that we were 2nd row center in Sacramento! Here's the short version of how this happened: Kelly, Rachel, and I had just sat down in our seats and were just relaxing for our last concert of the spring tour. Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy walking around with a pass around his neck and a walkie-talkie... he walked up to these girls and talk to them. I said to Kelly and Rachel, "I bet that is the Warehouse upgrader." I saw the two girls freak out and pack up their stuff and leave... I bolted to him and introduced myself. He was very nice and when I asked him if he was the upgrader he said, "Maybe..." We talked for a bit and he asked if I was a Warehouse member. I said yes, and showed him my ticket. Our tix were red while everyone elses were green; Bo thought this was weird. By now we were back at our seats and Bo asked to see Kelly's ticket. He looks at the tickets and then says, "Sorry, you guys have to have green tickets." and gave us 2nd row seats! I couldn't believe it! I started to cry and hugged Bo... I'll let Kelly tell you what he was thinking, but from what I could see he just sat there in shock... It took us about 20 minutes to finally get up and go to our seats b/c we were blown away by what had just happened. In honor of our upgrade I painted Kelly for the last time with #40 and a "THNX BO!" above it... I was having a blast and the concert hadn't even started...and now for the review... Soulive was awesome! They are just a great band and I am buying their CD when I go back to work... I just love their energy. When the guys came onstage I was just numb... I never thought that we would be closer then 7th row and here we were... 2nd row center... Warehouse was an AWESOME opener! It got my energy going right away... Too Much is always great and this time I didn't flip Dave off... Grey St! I could see Dave's veins! U Never Know made me cry, I just love that song! Crush was just wonderful to hear that close... THE STONE! Oh my GAWD! There was so much energy I couldn't stand it! WYA! I love the new intro and outro of that song! The lights are awesome! My highlight: BARTENDER! I had tears streaming down my cheeks...I almost couldn't take it...Two Step was awesome... Butch kicks ass.. Carter was awesome and words to explain Mr. Tinsley... This was my first AIFHTSA and I guess Dave goofed, but that's ok... Rachel and I were screaming for Watchtower (I haven't heard it at all this tour), but DMB served up an unbelieveable PNP and Rapuzal... their jam wasn't as long as I thought it would be, but it kicked my ass. It was awesome...The best way to end our concert week... can't wait for September.... Mike - Look, I haven't been to a show since LA, I have no idea what happened so just yeah....Dave rocked I suppose. Mere - I haven't been to a show since LA either, so I don't know why Julia and Kelly keep writing up reviews from me. It was an awesome show. Rachel - Glad I went! Totally spur of the moment and damn did it pay off! Second Row!!! I am now going to become a Warehouse member and go on all these trips with Kelly and Julia, had the best time ever! I absolutely loved Two Step! Great!