KBCO 97.3FM Studio C, Boulder, Colorado
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Where Are You Going
Long Black Veil
Dave solo.

Jeff G.
Very informal, very nice little show. I watched and listened via the web, and Dave talked a little about the Lillywhite Sessions, Busted Stuff, Everyday, and pinching. First off, the DJ is saying how there's so many fans watching, even in the hallway, and Dave just belts out, "Yea, I had to pee, and I had to sneak around the crowd" or something like that. Very good.
Becki P.
This was the best stroke of luck, to be able to catch Dave live at the KBCO studios. He was gracious to let us in, and even though I got to meet Dave, the music was the highlight. Long Black Veil brought tears, and Where Are you Going was so strong. Any Dave fan needs to keep hope that they will get to see his magical fingers working up close, and hear the lyrics coming from a genius sitting ten feet from you. After years of living in Charlottesville, I had to go 2000 miles away to meet the masta. Peace.
Scott G.
This was my first Dave MAtthews Band concert and I thought it was awesome. The had a lot of energy during the opening song WWYS. Grey Street by far was one of the best songs played all night. One Sweet world rocked the can, Stephfan ripped the bass on Crush, Jimi Thing got the whole house singing. Carter was awesome during drive in drive out and tripping billies. Ants was a great way to close the set. I would have liked to see them play DOn't burn the pig, and a few less Everyday songs like SO right but thts ok. The show was great and I can't wait to see next years show.
Ryan F.
The show last night at the can was incredible! At first I thought it would be a repeat of lst years folsom field show, but half way through dave brought out the old school jams. Crush, Jimi Thing, and Drive in Drive out were amazing. Not to mention Cortez the Killer with the guitar player from Gov't Mule. I almost missed going to this show until I found tixs yesterday. I am so glad I went though. OF the three DMB shows I have been to, this ne was the best by far. He played for so long and all the members were right on last night. What an amazing way to spend a friday night!
The show at the Pepsi Center was killer, as in Cortez the Killer! Holy sh!t, who would have guessed it. That Neil Young cover tune with Warren Haynes was great, I thought. The rest of the show was excellent. They got the crowd going right away with WWYS, great opener! I really liked Grace is Gone. I think that is a beautiful song. OSW is one my favorite 'old' tunes and is always a pleasure. Even though they have been playing it pretty freguently on tour. Then So Right and after that my girlfriend says, "Hey look, they brought out another mic." Out comes Warren Haynes from Gov't Mule and they bust out Cortez the Killer and I was psyched! Although not many people around us seemed to care. Oh well, I love old Neil Young tunes!! Then Stefan plays the opening chords to Crush and presto, the sleepy heads around us came to life. (the girl in the row behind me was actually falling asleep on her boyfriend's shoulder) Crush was wondeful as always and Jimi Thing was smokin'. My girlfriend and I really wanted to hear this one and I thought they might play it. DIDO was awesome, one of the best ones I've seen DMB play! I like WAYG - one of the best new songs. Then a high energy Ants and I thought they might play one more before the encore but they didn't. The encore was awesome! Dave did a sweet solo version of Waste and ended with a kickin' Tripping Billies. All in all another great show!
At last, I have a answer to the question "what's my favorite show?" I can now just say "the one Im at" Pepsi center was incredible with jams with Crush, Jimi Thing, Ants, just to name a few. Boyd was on fire the entire night, and Carter was going nuts with his usual bubble gum in his mouth. I still find it amazing how cool the intro to "You Never Know", Which is nothing but a little tempo block solo, but a clinic to anyone who knows anything about drumming. (could you play a single stroke roll that fast? Didn't think so.) Anyway, it was a incredible night of DMB music, I wish I had the money to see them more this summer.
Tim M.
Show #12 for me, and it was amazing. All in all in a bit short, but the song selection made up for that. WWYS was a great opener, hands were in the air, the Pepsi Center was alive. WTWE, nicely done, crowd still very into it. Grey Street! Tight as hell, even the people who didn't know the words were singing along by the end. A great crowd, probably the best of any show I've been too. Respectful yet full of energy. I Did It, yeah yeah, YNK--blew me away, great song. Grace was beautiful with a nice jam at the end. OSW, always great to hear. So Right, my favorite Everday, so I enjoyed this a lot. Energy still high in the crowd. CORTEZ!!!!! The biggest surprise of the night. Warren was amazing, his guitar and vocals were perfect. A nice long version with Dave and him trading off verses. Crush, as soon as Stefan hit those opening notes the place lit up, literally! Great jam at the end, the Boyd Tinsley Band took at that point, as dave took side stage so Boyd could get jammin for the outro. Fool to think--did nothing for me. Jimi Thing, great as always, a great new jam at the end. Dave had a nice finger picking solo, and then they got in their "jam circle" to finish the tune out. DIDO, always good, Carter was tearing up the drums. WAYG, beautiful, amazing song, it seemed like most of the crowd knew this one, which is nice. Dave did it on a local radio station during the day and I think a lot of folks tuned in. Ants, a bit of a suprise because I was expected a couple more tunes. It was rocking though. Again, the energy of the crowd never let up. Short encore break, and I predicted the last two songs!!! Waste was absolutely beautiful, of course I had to explain to everyone around me,what that tune was, but they seemed to enjoy it. In fact, I heard more than one group of people blaring the Phish version in the lots afterward. And then Billies, a great closer (the best in my opinion), such a happy human race. How could we not be after such a marvelous show?
Eric G.
Great Show!! WWYS was great opener. Other highlights were the OSW opener and Ants. It was really cool when Warren Haynes came out to play Cortez the Killer with the band. Plus when Dave played Phish's "Waste" on his own for the encore, that was awesome. All around a good show, but not as good as last year at Folsom Field, by the way, does anyone know when that is coming out on DVD? Anyways I still had a great time, "wasting my time with you". ~Peace Out
David F.
It was hard to top the energy and setlist length from last year's show in Boulder, and DMB didn't really try to do such on their most recent trip to Colorado. It was a pretty mellow night all in all. But for all its mellowness, it didn't suck. There was no Crash, Space Between, or Satellite to slow things down. It was more of a groove mellow - Songs like Crush and Fool to Think, for example. Grace is Gone just keeps getting better. And the moody Grey Street might jam at spots... but it really is a fairly mellow song. The two new songs were mellow too. Cortez the Killer was awesome, too. But most of the crowd was unenthused my another such slower song. The Pepsi Center's sound wasn't so hot. There was a lot of ringing and echoing that you really noticed on songs that you didn't know the lyrics too. Still, a wonderful show. Better than last year? Maybe not. But it was different and it was Dave Matthews Band. So we still went home happy.
Good show tonight, my first of this tour. The opening band, Gov't Mule, was great and their last song (name??) especially kicked ass. The crowd was really into this show tonight and I don't think a single person wasn't yelling the words to WWYS when they started. Highlights: Grace is Gone--their performance during this song was amazing, and they played a sweet little jam afterwards where Leroi rocked; Cortez the Killer was a surprise and turned out great w/ the lead guy from Gov't Mule singing and playing w/ Dave, Stephan (who plays on a track of Gov't Mule's next album), and of course Carter. I think the first song that the band really started getting into it was Crush. I saw this last tour, but somehow it was way more full of energy and emotion this time around. But the best song of the night was Jimi Thing. Every member of the band was putting everything into it, and even Butch was dancing around behind the keyboard. And the dave dance finally came out in full force (but there wasn't a ton of it overall tonight). I loved DIDO after but was hoping for a drum solo. Ants Marching never gets old and this tour is better than ever. The crowd went nuts! And finally, Waste and Tripping Billies was a great ending to this set. My only disappointment was getting I did it, Fool to Think, and When the world ends instead of another jam. I don't mind these songs on the album, and I'd say they're even better live, but I'm still partial to the other albums and when their only playing 18 songs... Anyway, awesome show, and like Dave said in between Jimi Thing and DIDO it was great to be in Denver and get some of that "Rocky Mountain High."
J P.
Just got in from last night's show at the Pepsi Center and first off thanks a bunch to my man JM for the great seats- you the man. On to the show-Gov't mule was a great opening act, those guys can really play. The show got kicked into high gear right away by the ever croud pleasing WWYS- it really set the mood for the rest of the night. Boyd let everybody know from the start that he owned tonight- he was purely amazing. Then came WTWE really enjoyed this song. Then dave pulled out the 12 string for a smoking version of Grey Street - Dave puts so much energy into this song. IDI followed and then the new song You Never Know. I really think that once the new album comes out and people become more familiar with the lyrics this song will be great to hear live. GIG was amazing with Boyd and ROI really jamming out. Next came OSW with the instrumental intro which is always great to hear and such a crowd pleaser as was So Right. Next came the biggest and most pleasant surprise of the night. Dave brought Warren Hayes up on stage for an amazing 11 min version of Cortez the Killer, most of the crowd was lost during the song but still really into it. Crush was probablly the song that made the show for me tonight. Between Stephen and Boyd they had the crowd worked up to a frenzy, I honestly thought the roof was going to come off the Pepsi Center. Although Fool to think usually becomes a lower point during shows the energy was so high that this song seemed to be embraced by the crowd and Dave was really into it. Jimi Thing was great - jammed out at about 15 min it was longest song of the night with ROI, BOYD, and DAVE taking turns with solos. It was probablly one of the best versions that I have heard -esp. the funky solo that Dave did. Great version of DIDO. So glad I got to hear WAYG really like this song. And then Comes ANTS- man the crowd went nuts-BOYD was tearing it up like most of the night. Really enjoyed Waste as an encore song but Tripping Billies put me over the top. Dave was dancing around like a mad man, Boyd rocked so hard that his sunglasses actually flew off his face, Stephen was hoping up and down, Roi even into it as did Carter banging the hell out of the drums. All in all it was an amazing show and wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Tommy L.
Overall, it was a decent show, but you always favor the shows you attend. Opening with what would you say was way sick....and totally unexpected. You never know was the next highlite of the night. That song gets better and better everytime I hear it, just like every other song, but this song has a special ting to it. So right rocked the place until Cortez the killer came on. The entire crowd was looking cross-eyed towards the stage, but it was still a treat to hear. Crush put even more pump into the show following cortez. From then on, it was a pretty solid show, even though I couldn't remember most of it. WAYG was a treat, as always, but completely expected. Waste was also yet another covered treat. Can't wait to get this show.
Ok, kids...out of the 3 shows I have seen (including this one)this was the best...the crowd was awesome and I even sat next to a few nancies (Hi Troy, and his friend who I didn't talk to and guy from Kansas!)... All day I kept thinking, "He's gonna open with WWYS." That was awesome...and I was so excited to finally hear Grey St.! When Warren came out I was praying for Cortez...I heard it over and over from MSG and never thought I would be able to hear it live...then the 1st few notes...I freaked out! Unbelieveable! This was my first time hearing Crush live...Carter was AMAZING at the end! I couldn't stop screaming for him... And Boyd! My goodness! He was insane that night! Jimi Thing and Trippin' Billies! This was the first time I heard You Never Know, and I feel in love with the song...and I hadn't heard WAYG with the band until that night (I forced myself to wait for both, and am glad I did)... both brought tears to my eyes... Just awesome that night...can't wait for Wednesday! *Julia
Scott W.
After reading the other reviews I don't know what show I was at, I thought it was horrible, the set was decent and Cortez was awsome along with a couple of other songs, but over all i have to give the show a very gennerous D-. First of all the pepsi center sucks for concerts, and never should have been there. What happened to last year when we were at boulder and he said f*$k this next year we're going back to the mountain? Second it seemed as thought the band had been fighting or just not getting along, or something, but myself and about thirty people i know felt a bad vibe coming from the stage, Boyd never really went off except once or twice and when he did there really wasn't much to it. Third it felt like they were not toghether, they were just not quite together, I thought i saw at one point early in the show, Dave trying to get the rest of the band to speed up, maybe not. This was my third show of the tour and by far the worst. I just hope the band pulls their heads out of their you know what or I might just sell my tickets to the other shows I have. To end on a positive note, I'll say again Cortez was incredible, and i thought Leroi was amazing my hat goes off to him, he had some great jams through out the show. Oh yeah I almost forgot about Studio C that was sweet.
Sami H.
OH MY GOD!! so i have had a couple days to think about the show, but my feelings about it are the exact same as 11:00 Friday night, THAT WAS SUCH A KICK BUTT SHOW! i went with my best friend and we were both Dave Matthews Band concert virgins. whe the opening note of WWYS started i knew i was going to have a great time. the crowd was extatic the whole show (we are Coloradans you know) everything was played really well and Boyd and Carter were both on the ball. it was so loud in the can that Dave would just mumble in the mic after songs and everybody would just cheer not even knowing what he had said. the best songs of the night were Crush, WWYS, Ants, Jimi Thing and GIG. i am definatly coming next year and my goal is to meet Dave..GREAT SHOW
M. W.
This was my 6th DMB concert. In hind sight going into this show I had unreal expectations. After last summers unreal performance in Boulder I was hoping for a similar experience and this one came up short. The group sounded amazing and the song selection was excellent, but something was missing. The acoustics at the P-Center are average at best and it seemed like Dave just was not into the indoor gig in the Mile High City. We can always hold out hope for a series of shows at Red Rocks.
Jimmy M.
Another solid night from DMB. Needless to say, it was strange to go from the beautiful open-air atmosphere of Journal Pavilion to an indoor arena, but I rediscovered the beauty of arenas as the show went on. It was a long drive up from Albuquerque, but the weather was very nice until we reached Denver, where clouds had rolled in. This show had another sort of excitement for me because it was very hyped, having sold out the fastest of any show they are playing in May. This is the only show that Colorado has planned for the year and the Pepsi Arena (only 19,900) is far too small to handle the band's following in this large city (although I heard rumors of Red Rocks..). I had hoped to get downtown nice and early, but I was lazy and that didn't pan out. From what I could see as our light rail (THE way to go!) pulled up to the Pepsi Center, the lots were alive (at least more than those down in ABQ- ironic with the weather difference). The lines to get into the venue were huge. I LOVED the seats that I got from the warehouse, they provided a perfect contrast to my Journal tickets- section EEE, row 11, seats 1 and two- which translates to middle of the floor, right in front of the lighting board, on the aisle. I had a great view of the stage and lights and was right in the sweet spot for sound- so that helped a lot- thanks warehouse! It seemed dark and gloomy in the arena during Gov't Mule's set (people were not into it), which was very good again. During the break between I realized how packed the place had become. As the lights went down and the place was suddenly emerged in darkness, I noticed what I love about arenas- THE ENERGY. Everywhere I looked I saw excited fans and the volume was amazing- sharp contrast to the fairly chill crowd at ABQ. The band was definetely not as energetic as they had been at Journal, which I would suspect was from the long drive they had taken the night before and Dave having to be up in Boulder that morning for a radio show. I called "WHAT WOULD YOU SAY" from the first notes Dave strummed- and it made for an energetic opener that worked up the crowd. "WHEN THE WORLD ENDS" was good to hear again- it was one of my favorites from the 2001 tour and I am glad they kept it in the rotation. The crowd seemed to all know "GREY STREET" and love it- I did too! I enjoyed "I DID IT" again because the band seemed to. No one seemed to know "YOU NEVER KNOW" but I loved it- Carter's drum intro is just getting longer and longer- really cool. "GRACE IS GONE" was beautiful- didn't see that little guy Wendy was talking about. "ONE SWEET WORLD" and "SO RIGHT" were standard. Then I jumped about 10 feet in the air as Warren Haynes took the stage- again the crowd didn't seem to realize just how good a sign this was. The band started to mess around a little bit and then I heard something I had not heard since my favorite show ever attended- 12/13/00 MSG- "CORTEZ THE KILLER"- hearing Dave and Warren Haynes exchange licks and lines was really great. Warren Haynes is unbelievable- he played the song like it was his usual- the amount of music in that man's head is truly astounding. The song wasn't as long as the fall 2000 versions and seemed to just stop awkwardly but was a treat none the less! "CRUSH" was much appreciated by the crowd. I was very suprised to hear "FOOL TO THINK" repeated, I don't know what exactly the band sees in this song. I used the oppurtunity to grab some water and cool off. I was glad I did because out came the meat and potatoes of 5-10-02, "JIMI THING." Boyd was again on fire, but Dave did not get as into it as he had the night before during LIOG- dancing was minimal on his part- but not on mine! "DRIVE IN" and "WHERE ARE YOU GOING" were standard- with DIDO including the "tea party" segment. I was expecting "ANTS MARCHING" to appear at some point in this show- as they seem to always play it at the end of their "big" shows- a category the Denver show certainly fit. I never get sick of this song- especially the ending which was as good as ever and had the whole crowd dancing. The place exploded after this song (even the roadcrew commented on how loud the crowd was). It was amazing to look around and see all the lighters and people- loved the energy. Like ABQ, they took a lengthy encore break before Dave came out alone. I like this little tradition they are starting of having a Dave solo song to start the encore. I was really happy that he played "WASTE"- being the Phish fan that I am. He played it very well, without messing up like he apparently did in Iowa. He added a little bit of his own touch to the end, which he never did in the 2001 shows- kind of cool to hear him get into the song. Most people did not know what song this was- and they applauded at the end of each verse like the song was over. When the full band came back out, I was expecting them to play "Watchtower" but instead we got a really nice "TRIPPING BILLIES" that was an energetic way to send us on our way- but was not as great as the 4-28-01 Walnut Creek version. The whole show was over by 10:45- keeping with the tour theme of short, tight shows. Although it was not as cool a show as the Albuquerque one, I still had a great time and am really looking forward to the summer. See everyone for the second and third nights of what should be a great three night run in Camden, New Jersey in July!
Jaaffar A.
Maybe it's just me....maybe I'll full of it and have seen the band one too many hundred times....but the Pepsi Center show was TERRIBLE!!! It made the Iowa show look solid, or even the first night in Chicago this summer. (Rosemont, Illinois) I think it goes to show how many newbies there are....because it seems that everyone thinks that DMB is jamming hard. I am sorry y'all...even for those of you that have been listening to DMB since '92....I am sorry.....but DMB has gone CORPORATE. I regret going from New Mexico to Denver and then to Arizona which was an inconvenience to DMB fans and a CONVENIENCE for Dave. New Mexico ROCKED....but one in every 4-5 shows dave is on. Dave has gone corporate and Dave, and if you see this I am sorry Dave (you've always been fun to speak with)....but I have lost tremendous respect for you and to have a little fun.....what you have become is a piece of arrogant shit to me. jaaffar
Chris A.
This was first indoor Dave concert that I'd been to since the boys played Big Mac on Halloween of 1997. It was also the worst DMB concert that I've attended. The band had alot of energy and the setlist was good, but the sound quality was facking terrible. The volume was turned up too loud which blurred each individual instrument into one noise. We talked to friends who's on tour and he said, 'That the band had a great night, but the guys in the sound booth were completely off.' It too bad that the band can't play Red Rocks.
Ash H.
This was a solid show without being spectular - my first time sitting behind the stage , 3rd row . First off the sound at the Pepsi Centre was not so great but the band tried hard to make up for that - WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - I called this one , nice version , good song to open with - WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - Sounded pretty good , standard - GREY STREET - I was very happy to hear this one , great track - I DID IT - might as well get it out the way early - YOU NEVER KNOW - first time hearing this and it sounded awesome , very powerfull song - GRACE IS GONE - Nice track , sounded pretty good - ONE SWEET WORLD - Was nothing special , kinda boring - SO RIGHT - This sounded great , got the energy back up - CORTEZ THE KILLER - could not believe they played this , first time since 2000 , Warren Haynes played on it and sounded incredible - CRUSH - This was amazing , my first time hearing it full band , awesome jam at the end - FOOL TO THINK - nothing special - DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT - was pretty happy to hear this one - funky teaparty outro - JIMI THING - awesome !! , best song of the night , they really jammed this out -WHERE ARE YOU GOING - this sounded great - very mellow and chilled , first time hearing it full band - ANTS MARCHING - This was fun , always is , nice job with the lighting on this , lots of energy - ENCORE BREAK - WASTE - Dave came out and did this solo - sounded awesome although some girl behind me did not stop screaming , some fans are so stupid .. - TRIPPING BILLIES - Perfect closer , also had never heard this one full band , sweet jam - so it was a fun show and not a bad set list but the Pepse Centre is just not a great venue