Dave Matthews Band
American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal

onstage: 8:18pm
Too Much *
I Did It *
Rhyme & Reason *
You Never Know *
The Space Between *
Grey Street *
What Would You Say *
Where Are You Going *
What You Are *
One Sweet World *
Crush *
Drive In Drive Out *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Two Step *
Sleep To Dream Her *
Ants Marching *
Everyday +
Tripping Billies *
offstage: 10:40pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Tarek S.
Great show tonight. I just got back and my head is pounding (Drive in Drive Out) from the crowd's screaming. Kind of surprised by the opener of Too Much, wasn't really expecting it. Dave opened the show with a lot of energy, but I thought things really didn't get started until Grey Street, which really rocked. Great version, I like the new lyrics even though it was hard to sing along. What would you say was great, solid version, Carter went nuts on the drums and the lights were awesome. WAYG was very pretty, first time that I have heard it. I am looking forward to checking it out on the new album soon. Great versions of What you are and OSW. I did not expect Crush at all, and it was great to hear Stefan play those first few notes. Boyd rocked on the middle jam and the band closed the song out with a great, solid outro. I like Pig a lot, and it was a good version, but it will take a little getting used to live now that the boys have brought it back. Two Step rocked, the lights were amazing and Carter went psycho on the drums, great version. I was really hoping it wasn't the closer, so I welcomed STDH with open arms. Expected a segue into GIG, but instead it went into Ants, which was a nice choice to close out the set list. Great version, crowd really got into it. For the encore I don't think anyone expected to hear Dave play Everyday, but the solo version was AWESOME. On the "loves" the crowd say along beautifully with Dave's voice, and then the boys all came back out and jammed on Tripping Billies. Good version, I was hoping to hear Watchtower, but Boyd made it worth it. He jammed tonight, and Stefan couldn't stop grooving. He rocked tonight too. Overall, good show. Definitely missed out on Raven, The Stone, Crash, Rapunzel, and #41, but hey, you can't win em all. I would like to see more variations in the setlist, but I won't complain too much. See you in Hartford (if not sooner in Europe, fingers crossed.)
Ben W.
Made the trip to American Airlines Center tonight, I was disappointed with the venue, just a little bit too upscale for Dave. Everyone loved you at Starplex Dave! Anyways onto the show, the show had tons of energy, hilites of the night...Grey Street, Where Are You Going, Crush, Pig, and of course the closer and encore. Perhaps the wildest part of the show though the acoustic Everyday that Dave came out with for his first encore, AWESOME! Low-lites Sleep to dream her with no Grace is gone, and of course the God forsaken radio hit I Did It. But all kinds of energy and one of the best set lists of the tour so far. When is Dave going to bring back Say Goodbye?
Andrew G.
Great show tonight. Let me please start with a little bit of ettiquete for those of you that will eventually be attending a show. If you are a female between the ages of 14 and 18, or more importantly, part of a group of girls from said ages...SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! Honestly, Boyd may be playing the greatest solo of all time, but I wouldn't know it with your awful screeching! On to the opened with a stock, jamless Too Much. I was a little worried when he followed it with standard I Did It and R&R. But the show took off with YNK..great new song. Hilights of the night - an amazing Crush, a kickass Grey Street, a killer Ants and Billies, and PIG!!! They play Pig again!!! It's a bit faster than the cd and Boyd took control. Definitely the highlight of the night. Low points - does anyone actually like STDH?? Obviously was the universal bathroom break song. And I Did It sucks. Also, the accoustics here SUCKED!!!! However, this was an EXCELLENT show and it is by far my favorite show I've ever attended. Dave, go back to the Smirnoff Center...the accoustics are better and you always had funny things to say about the crickets. Overall, great show!
Well, my first dave concert, and im going to tell you what i thought, but first: a tissue to the bitches behind us, THE SEATS WERENT THAT BAD, and a boot to the ass of everyone else around me, would it be possible to stand up for more than antz and what would you say?? anyways, to da music. Too Much, good opener, got everyone goin, including dave's feet. I did it, and space between, just to keep people happy, but i wouldnt have minded not hearin them, Grey street, when da concert really gets goin great version and i think new words, couldnt hear them too well (nosebleeds) two new ones, YNK and WAYG, absolutely loved them, and id heard them before, so i could sing along, unlike EVERYONE ELSE, who was still sitting. What you are!! the only reason everyday should exist! OSW and Crush, damn great oldies, and i wish i had listened to OSW more, cuz i wanted to sing along, i just couldnt. BOYD WAS CRAZY IN CRUSH, damn he's great. DIDO, WOW, so much energy, and it sounded so good too "until the echos in your head start screamin . . . " my personal favorite (DIDO) right along w/#41, which i was sad he didnt play, but the nite was not lost, because we got an AMAZING two step, as if it is ever not amazing, but Butch damn man, the guys were on fire, and then came STDH to put them out, gag me w/a spoon. Nice close with ants, great version and gave people one more reason to stand up, they didnt even stand up for two step, tsk tsk tsk. Encore, dave alone as expected, but a nice everyday as not expected, very nice everyday, and to the guy that gave me a hug, cuz all we need is love thanks, note sarcasm. And he blows me away with Billies, damn i was rockin to this one, as was well, the lower levels, cuz my section was dead. Highlights, DIDO two step crush, and billies, hell too many, but the "lowlights" STDH IDI and Space Between BLAH, well, thats all from me, not at all dissappointed and ready to go again, but im gonna have to wait, i cant afford to go to every show in my state like most people, so ill wait :) but i had a great time and thanks dave for a great nite, u truly do rock.
Tim A.
Even though this was my 7th DMB show, it was a night of firsts for me. I got to hear some of my favorites and they were as good as I could've imagined. The night got off to a slow start, even though Too Much was a prety good opener. As soon as I saw Roi grab the "big bubba" sax, I immediately thought Too Much. Sure enough, and it got the crowd going right away. Then, I saw Dave's tech bring out the electric and I feared the worst. Yep, I Did It followed. At least they got it out of the way early. Then R&R. I've never really been a fan of this one, and that's when I started thinking we weren't going to get one of DMB's better shows. Thankfully, it got MUCH better. You Never Know seems to be a pretty good tune, although I'll need to hear it more to get a good feel for it. Space Between was pretty standard. Grey Street is quickly becoming one of my favorites. A lot of energy that got me going again after the slow start. WWYS, an oldie but a goodie. Where Are You Going was a little hard to hear, but seems like it will be a regular in the rotation. Might even be good acoustic. OSW was great as always. Man, I love that song. After OSW, Fonz kept playing some notes while the others changed up, and finally started in with the first few chords of CRUSH!!! One of the few songs I wanted to hear and it was ABSOLUTE TOTAL GREATNESS!!!!! The show could've ended there and I would've been more than satisfied. My first time to hear it and it was better than I could've expected. Then another so-so song in DIDO, but PIG followed. Another first, and one I really wanted to hear. They didn't screw it up as I heard they did in Woodlands. In fact, they nailed it!!! When I didn't think it could've gotten any better, it did. Two Step kicked ass. Butch added a really nice solo toward the end (I love what he adds to the shows). After that, I thought for sure they were done. Nope. Out comes STDH. Pretty standard, but I though they'd segue into Grace, which is one of my favorites. Wrong again. Instead, ANTS!!! My all-time favorite! And the best version I've ever heard. Wow, what a treat! Who needs an encore after that finish? Well, Dave threw us all a curveball and pulled out an acoustic version of Everyday. Couldn't believe it! The first time he's played it on this tour (I think) and he nailed it. Great song. Then Billies brought down the house and I know I'll have a sore throat for days after tonight. A tremendous show even if it did start rather slow.
"The more things change basically they stay the same." I don't think I'll ever grow accustomed to Dave with an electric slung over his shoulder nor do I think I'll ever develop an affinity for any of the material on "Everyday," save the title track which will always be the classic #36 in my mind anyway. Dave's solo in the encore was the highlight of last night's show imo, really cool to hear the crowd sing along with it. Other observations: I like the new songs, Two Step, Ants, Billies, DIDO all superb as usual --these are the songs that keep us diehards coming back to DMB shows afterall, right? Dave strummed "Little Thing" briefly before going into "Everyday." And after the encore, the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Me and Julio" was played over the PA and I could here several Nancies singing along. V. cool
This was my fourth Dave concert, and in my opinion the best by far. Too Much as an opener completely took me by surprise, giving the audience a shot of adrenaline that lasted awhile until he got into the more mellow stuff - I fall more in love with YNK every time I hear it, the chorus is so contagious you can't help but sing, and WAYG was amazing, can't wait for BS to come out. The band actually got off a few times, surprisingly- Boyd noticably missed the upbeats in two step for a few measures, but the rest was tight as usual. Crush was simply amazing, first I've heard it live, but it was wonderful. Ants was a spectacular closer, and Tripping Billies finished it off with incredible energy and emotion. As a whole, I thought the AAC was a pretty good venue. Though starplex had a special aura about it, the AAC is comfortably cozy and there wasn't a bad seat (in the lower level).
Tenth show - 1st without my husband who had a final exam tonight. The show was solid and fun as usual, but it was definitely missing the energy of Saturday and Sunday in Houston. Neither the crowd nor the band seemed to be as into it as this past weekend. Noticed that several people didn't care for Sleep to Dream Her - and used it for a bathroom break - it is not my favorite song, but I think it is nice - there are other bathroom break songs - I did it and Space to mention just 2 of them. I really like the two new songs and I thought tonight's performance was great. My highlight was getting to hear Crush - love that song. Disappointment - still no say goodbye. See you guys next year!
Nathan B.
What A Show !!! First of all, let me say that the venue was quite uptight, but what would you expect in fashionable Dallas, Tx. Dave made up for it though with a setlist that included a little of this and a little of that. No #41, Jimi Thing, or Rapunzel, but I got those in Houston on 5/4. Crush was incredible, Two Step was unexpected and let me say Dave made the night with the accoustic "Everyday." Thanks Guys for a great show!!
Brian M.
"I did it sucks", please stop playing it!!!! Dave has been taken control of by the industry. I hope he snaps out of it. Decent show but I am sick of hearing the "radio hits". Dave, I know you can dig deeper into your song bank. As for instance, "Holloween". C'mon Dave, you can do much better.
Keith S.
This was my 5th show and I must say one of the best! Can we just all agree that GREY STREET is one of the best songs EVER! That song rocked last night and then to cap the night off with tripping billies....OUTSTANDING! I had the best seats I've ever had at this show, so that was a big bonus...thank you WAREHOUSE....also the whole show was great....a lot more energy that at texas stadium last year....a lot cooler too. TEXAS is hot! Crush was brilliant and worth the drive from Ada, Oklahoma. Even though I would have liked to have heard Little Thing or I let you down, oh well....What I heard last night was outstanding and the band seemed more into tonight than the last couple of shows I seen. Or maybe thats because I better seats to see the express on the guys faces! Jenny, Emma, and Flicka thanks for comming to the show...always better with friends and loved ones. Heather thanks for the tapes.
John S.
If 5/4 was a 9 out of 10. I would give this show a 6. Of course, we did sit up in the upper deck where the sound was horrible. We couldn't make out Dave's voice at all. I wish they would have used more speakers. The show got off to a very slow start and didn't pick up until late. The crowd wasn't that great because of a lack of jamming by the band. The ending of the show sure saved the night though. Crush, Two Step, Ants, Everyday, Billies were obviously the highlights. Everyday came out of no where and fits that spot perfect. I guess I should have expected a slight dissapointment after the Woodlands shows. Next stop-Pittsburgh.
I was pissed at first that dave chose AA but it was ten hundred times better than texas stadium and dave still held his own this has to be the best i've seen them so far. Was surprised at the upfront start with too much good way to change things up. one sweet world and grey street were gorgeous, the energy was amazing on what would you say and ants. The jam on two step just absolutely rocked in the defined dave style. I'm really excited about the new stuff where are you going was great. i couldnt' believe he played pig either but it was definitly a nice edition.Tripping billies couldn't have been a better closer the crowd was wild it was a blast, dave at their best i must say. carter and boyd ripped it up with the lights flashing mad crazy, stefan on crush was just one of those moments people will be pissed they missed, crush by the way had to be a high point of the evening. all in all way to go dave, great show, i'll begging to go back as usual.
The show tonight was amazing and more then made up for the sorry show i saw in san antonio which the band seemed to play cause they were booked not because they wanted to. Tonight they jammed it out, dave and Boyd went at it together and dave constantly danced around in his amazingly odd and enjoyable fashion. At a couple of points dave stefan and boyd all formed a triangle and jammed hardcore. Butch did an amazing solo on two step and throughout the night they all had seperate points to just dig in and jam. The sudden Everyday solo by dave which hadnt been played yet this tour was a great surprize and the slight tease of Little Thing that i also heard as one of the above reviews shook me cause i couldnt believe he might be playing it. The whole night was magical everyone was SO into it screaming jumping singing along and of course a huge number or lighters during the break before the encore. What a night, great venue great band great time.
Zach V.
alright... excited about the songs i got to hear, but a little disappointed in the crowd. i guess that's what happens when good music gets commercialized. i know it's been going on for the last few years, but when the people around me stayed seated during TWO STEP but went crazy for the THE SPACE BETWEEN, i finally knew that dave was completely mainstream. he still puts on a great show, though. this year was a lot beter than TX stadium last year, but not as good as starplex two years ago. the best parts of the night had to be WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, CRUSH, DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT, DON'T BURN THE PIG, EVERYDAY, and TRIPPING BILLIES. sorry for not using the abbreviations. the new songs were great too. oh i almost forgot... opening band. alright, pay attention. it is a fucking privelege to get to hear taj mahal play. if you're not into it, then don't show up till 8. don't just come and socialize while a talented artist is onstage putting his soul into his music. basically shut up and clap. also... does anyone else miss the bela fleck jams from a few years ago? it's too bad that DMB is afraid of getting upstaged by a better jam band.
Nick G.
My first review, and a little different than most. More of a summary of the band and how they are playing overall. The Dallas show was, of course, great. All shows are, because we all love the Dave Matthews Band, and it's never not a treat to see them. But they have been playing a lot of radio hits lately. I recently attended all four shows in Texas. The setlists for the first three are incredibly diverse. The Dallas show was not mixed up at all. And as i look closer, it seems that Dave and the boys have been constant in their song selection. Could this be the result of commercialization? The crowds were very very different than that of the original Dave crowds. Now they want to hear this or see that. So Dave might adhere to this, and play a lot of radio hits, or songs people will recognize. I dont know if this is the way to appeal to the fans who truly love the music. The people who want to let Dave surprise them and not riticule the man afterwards. These people seemed rare at the last four shows. So many actually sat down for songs like One Sweet World... you know, the songs that have meanings behind them. Sorry to the crowd if they're not sing-along songs, but the band should not be there for entertainment purposes, but rather for a purpose of meaning. I hope that Dave still comes on stage for that purpose, and not to please people. Do what you want, Dave, not what your crowds want. If you feel like playing a song, but the crowd probably won't sing along with it and therefore be bored, who cares???!! Do it anyways. I know you guys can't possibly be enjoying yourselves every night playing the same things. If you do what you want, then the people who found you through your commercialization will leave, and all that will be left is the true fans who came to you because they actually knew what you were about. All of the members. We love you all, and we definetely don't want to let go of you. We want to be there forever, because that's what MUSIC is about. All I can say is start playing MUSIC at its best and purest form.
I think the show was pretty good overall. Dave played well and kept the crowd going with various songs from different albums. A big surprise was Pig because i ve listen to alot of bootlegs and such and that one isn't played much plus its one my favs. Too Much rocked. Drive in Drive out was crunk too. The crowd really picked up for Two Step and Ants Marching. I was glad he played some new stuff even though i didn't know the words that well...i really liked Where are you going. The show is kinda of a daze to me. Good work on Jams in the middle of songs specially Boyd hes the man.
Lance W.
tonight was number 8 for me and after attending both shows in the woodlands this weekend i personally was dissapointed in tonights show. too much as and opener was really nice. i think i cried during i did it, stop playing it. me being a drummer, drive in drive out was my highlight. i finally got to her the tea party lyrics. aa center was a great venue, not a bad seat in the house. i was in sec 104 sec k, and after the show when the band was walkin off i told carter he was my hero and i loved him and he waved and gave a thumbs up, im still in total shock. tonight doesnt come close to the woodlands shows. but any dmb show is a treat in itself.
This was the last show of the "Texas Tour." I can't say I was too pleased, the setlist was a repeat of the previous Texas shows. The bands energy seemed low, and indoor veunues are a horrible thing! The set list was good, and it would have been great if that was the only Texas show you had been to. I was thrilled to hear the accoustic version of Everyday, that was something I hadn't heard that one yet! I am sad that the Texas shows are over. I met some kick ass people and I believe that I saw the band at their best. Can't wait for the next shows!
WOW! Amazing is the only way to describe the show. The place was packed with energy and it seemed that everyone had a great time. Dave and the guys played a pheonominal set. Who could ask for a better closer than Trippin Billies right after Ants Marching and Everyday! Too Much was a great opener, very unexpected. The greatest part of the show was when A LOT of people decided to take a bathroom break during STDH, and then Dave and Carter just kept laughing and went straight into Ants. It seemed at that point that everyone didn't have piss as bad as they thought! Grey Street and Don't Burn the Pig were my two personal favs. But every song was absolutly amazing. American Airlines Center is an awesome venue to play at. It had a much more intimate feeling than last years Texas Stadium show, the air conditioning was enjoyable as well. I want to thank the guys for putting on another flawless show. Hope to see them come through here again next year!
Ali R.
WOW..sweeeeeeeet 7th overall. Lucky number 7 cuz i got to hear Pig and an EVERYDAY SOLO!!!! Too Much was a sweet opener. I Did It was ok..but ive heard it once before, and thats more than enough. Man everytime Dave picks up the electric im like DAMMIT!!! does anyone else feel this way? But anyways Crush, YOINK, and WAYG were brilliant. After STDH I thought they were going to go into GIG..but they broke into ANTS!!! Props to the Warehouse for hooking me up..AAC kicked Tx Stadium's should be AAC every year..Peace out yall!!
Chris R.
wow. i was blown away by this performance, although i have to say that after seeing the flecktones make a guest appearance two years ago (sadly missed '01) for a twenty-some-odd minute version of two step, it was a little disappointing to not see something like that again. however, the band (and especially boyd) compensated and put tons of energy into the show. dave couldn't stop dancing, and neither could the crowd. that is, until stdh. if people weren't walking out at this point, they were definately sitting down. granted they had just played an intense (and unexpected!) series of songs. pig and crush were both nice and surprising additions. high points were definately the intro to what you are, osw, and the dave solo everyday. too much made a great and unexpected opener. all in all, a great performace that was full of surprises!
Ray G.
This years DMB show was i think the best ive attended. its only my 2nd one though. the concerts just keep getting better and better each time i go. ive only gone to 2 because im 15 and can only go with my sis. well anyways... Tonight Carter went nuts on the drums. he had a little solo where he just showed his stuff. Dave looked like he was in a europhia when he was playing "where are you going" that song was the best, along with "crush" and "two step" "ants marching". dave was totally baked and the smell of weed boosted his performance big time. for the encore he did an acoustic version of "everyday" it was so tight because when he got to the "loves" everyone would sing along. overall a very splendid performance. i cant wait until next year.
Bianca F.
Wow! What can I say DMB never ceases to amaze me! This had to be one of Dave's best performances to date.There is always a certain magical feeling in the air at a Dave concert, and I dont think that anyone would argue the fact that Dave fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world. Some of the best moments of the concert were when Dave started playing Two Step and that incredible encore. I was so afraid that they were not going to play Tripping Billies, but in fact they were just saving the best for last. Boyd Tinsley really played his butt off too....The energy was amazing. Where Are You Going is a great song and I can't wait to hear more. Much love to all the Dave fans out there!