Dave Matthews Band
Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

onstage: 8:10pm
Grey Street *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Song That Jane Likes *
Crush *
You Never Know *
I Did It *
One Sweet World *
Fool To Think *
Lover Lay Down *
Lie In Our Graves *
What You Are *
Raven *
Where Are You Going *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Long Black Veil +
Two Step *
offstage: 8:30pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Matthew C.
Well, well where to start......(a 2 hour and 45 min show with 20 songs) this is probably the best show I have ever seen or heard of. This is only my second show but boy where they guys in rare form. Dave was on the stage mumbling ona and on and danceing all around the stage and telling jokes to the rest of the band. Back to the show they started with Gray Street a song I have never heard live before and boy was it great. Then they played so much to say right into too much which was just unreal. After that they played The Song that Jane Likes which is just a wonderful song and he hasn't played that all tour long yes. Other highlights are a 10-15 min crush and a 15-20 min Lie in our graves where Boyd Tinsely just went nuts. To close out the show DMB played pig, pantala naga pampa into rapunzel. Then the encore dave came out by himself and played an acoustic Long Black Veil with a spotlight on him. Right then and there I peeed in my pants. Then the rest of the guys came out and played a furious 15min of two steps which made me pee my pants for the second time. To sum up the show a couple of suprise and a couple of regulars for the show but if any of the rest of the shows are like this one you too will pee your pants. Also if any one knows the intro or the pure instrumental song he played before One Swee world please write it down some where because I had know idea what it was. Last thing I have to give out a shout out to Kyle Miller. Kyle the show kicked ass and you know it. Matthew C. Ladd
This was a great show. It totally blew away last years ABQ show. As Dave introduced gov't mule i realized that a more stoned man has never lived as he began to girate like a chicken while talkin in a totally normal voice. More of the same antics occurred throughout the night, including what seemed like a billy bob thornton slingblade impression. The set was as good as i could imagine. It was very upbeat, dotted with beautiful gems like Lover Lay Down and Where Are You Going and a solo version of Long Black Veil. I got to hear You Never Know for the first time all the way through, and i must say that i do not like this song. it sounds like unrefined noise, although some of the vocals are very beautiful. Highlights were a lovely Crush jam, a beautiful Butch keyboard solo on Lie In and a loud two step to end the night. I also must say that i was very glad to hear a few Everyday songs that have come a long way since last summer. this show contends with that of 7.6.99 in phoenix. good times. massive.
Kyle J.
HOLY CRAP! This show was awesome. To start, Gov't Mule was cool, alittle repetitve but they were alright. When Dave came on and the lights went down,the crowd went nuts. They opened with Grey Street which was really cool. Dave was a lot more personal with the crowd this year. The Song That Jane Likes was amazing to hear, and then right into Crush was pure bliss. Carter was the man tonight. His solo at the end of Crush was so awesome. You never know was also cool. I did it is such a better song live than on the disc and it added some variety in the show. One Sweet World was insane. I think that cool instrumental was Swim Naked but Im not sure cause this was only my second Dave show. They jammed out lover lay down for like 15 minutes. Leroi almost brought tears to my eyes with his sax solo. Lie in our graves was unbeleivable! Boyd went nuts and Butch's solo was sweet. What you are was full of energy. Raven was cool to hear, this is also better live. Where are you going was amazing. It sent chills up and down my spine. Pig...Holy Crap again. I love this song and it looks like Dave loves playing it. Im glad he revived it. PNP to Rapunzel was,as usual,an awesom part of the show.Long Black Veil was so cool with Dave by himself. I was hoping for Ants Marching as the closer like last year, but I was nowhere near to being disappointed with the incredible Two Step. Dave went crazy in this one. The highlights for me were The Song that Jane likes, Crush, and Lie in our graves. How can you not love a show like this. Oh, and to all those in lawn seating that were telling people to sit down, especially through One Sweet World, all I have to say is *uck you. I wonder what Dave would think about all of you negative people. But other than those people, the show was one of the best experiences of my life, just like last years. See you in Phoenix.
This was my first dave show...I must say that it has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! They were awesome..they played songs from many albums and they were just awesome. The jam on Lie in our Graves by boyd was awesome...their media equipment makes the show even better. They seemed like they were just chilling and now rushing things. They looked like they were loving what they were doing...i know they were! WE all were expecting watchtower for the finale but the two step was just as good. They hinted it and they boyd just went on into it. Dave did awesome dancing and the crowd loved it. We all were involved. I will have to see them again....SOON!!!!
Jesse P.
Well again this year DMB rocks the house off! Every show I have been to just has been simply incredible and I am just blown away from the musical talent that DMB has. Decent venue it was an awesome night to listen to a good band. Grey Street was a good opener not to lengthy but good, SMTS and Too Much got the crowd reved up alot with dave's dancing. Song That Jane Likes very good, I have never heard it live but it was incredible. Crush a shocker that had a little jam session in it making it run a solid 15 minutes Leroi had an outstanding sound tonight. I have been waiting for You Never Know since the first time they played it, and it was outstanding, I really like this song, it just is a happy song. I could see this song being a jam song. I Did It was really clean, last year when I saw it kinda didnt sound to great, but it was great this year. One Sweet World wow as always, he hasnt played this to much this year but it was decent, I wonder if they are promoting their Ben and Jerrys ice cream, "One Sweet Whirrled". Back to the electric Fool To Think came with lots of energy and a good sound. Lover Lay Down was a crowd soother very cool. Made my girlfriend very very happy. LIOG wow, I have heard great reviews on this song throughout the tour but this show, WOW, it ran a good 15 minutes. Boyd and Butch had extended solos. Boyd went and jammed with Butch for awhile, they really got into it. I am convinced that Butch just rocks, he just knows what to play for to make any song better. Carter tore it up on the set without any problem. What You Are came out with lots of energy and brought the crowd into it. Raven was very good as well. I think everyone just hung out in this song. Where Are You Going, again WOW i just cant wait till the studio version of this, Verry well played. DBTP was a surpise, never seen it live but I think it should be played more live, it is just a incredible song. PNP-> Rapunzel decent ending on a big note. They jammed on this song for awhile making it a good ending to a show. The Encore, well I must say two words TWO STEP. Long Black Veil very good, dave solo, he put everything into this one putting his heart into his singing. TWO step WOW. I have never seen so many people really into that song, i think everyone was jumping around including dave, even stefan was bouncing around. Carter OMG that man seriously can play. I guess that is why he has is own signature series drum sticks. He was Incredible! Dave was Crazy dancing around, his legs were all over the place. Overall Tonight very solid with lots of energy and lots of good songs old and new. Minus the girl that was infront of me dancing techno style in atleast every song even in Lover Lay Down, she was really into it I guess.
WOOOHOOO!!! I thought this show kicked major ass!!! I have never been to the Journal -- but I think it's an awesome venue, & i think Dave likes it as well ;) Anyways -- I totally enjoyed the set list, some of my favorite songs (crush, pig, liog, song that jane likes, & 2 step)!!! And I was soo happy to hear You Never Know live -- although I felt I was one of the few who actually knew what song it was (along with WAYG -- people were sitting and making beer runs during these songs?!?). I thought there was soo much energy and Dave looked incredibly happy -- it was awesome seeing him soo hypped!!! He danced a ton all over stage and looked great as usual! It was also awesome to hear the Song that Jane likes for the 1st time, this tour! Anyways -- I loved every minute of it!!! Can't wait til LA & Irvine!!!
Corey M.
HOLY CRAP!!!!! I have been to two shows and this was by far the best one. Grey Street was an awsone opener. So Much To Say was very exciting and then when it went right into Too Much the crowd just went crazy. The Song That Jane Likes was sweet. Then Crush...that is another story. It was like a 15 minute song. Great jam. You Never Know was nice to hear. I Did It I'm just sick of. One Sweet World was very suprising. Great intro! Fool To Think was alright. Got the crowd going though. Lover Lay Down was a nice, sweet, peaceful song. Then for Lie In Our Graves, it was like a 20 minute song! Boyd went nuts it was so cool to see his locks fly like they did. And then to have Butch play that sweet solo on the keys. Great song. What You Are slowed the crowd down, but ok song. Raven, I'm not to familar with so i couldn't get into it. Where Are You Going was great. Same with Don't Burn The Pig. A real crowd mover. The PNP was nice but for Rapunzel...AWSOME jam Dave was a dancing fool on this song. What a way to end the show before the encore. For the encore...Dave came out and played Long Black Veil. Great solo. Then since Long Black Veil was played I thought the next song was going to be Watchtower. But I was way wrong. Two Step was a great ender! The crowd was into it! Kick Ass Show
Troy C.
So this was my 2nd DMB show, and it was by far my favorite show. Dave was super happy, a lot of dancing and grooving, he was talking a lot of gibberish as well. I would have to say that half of the people there were 30-45 years old, and never really got into it. Most of the time people were sitting down. Now to the setlist. GREY STREET- Great opener, really got everyone into the mood of things. SMTS- As soon as I heard this, I started to freak out because I was hoping that it would go on to ASTB-->TOO MUCH, which it did, and it was awesome! Very funky, Fonzie was sweet. STJL-I never expected this song, so it was sweet to hear. CRUSH- sweet. Fonzie went nuts on this as well. It was at this time that I realized that half of the crowd was sitting down and had been sitting down. I was in my own little world there for a while. YNK-great song. I love the lyrics. They are so sweet. "Everyday should be a good day to die" just gets me everytime. IDI- Next time, don't. OSW-I went nuts when I heard the intsumental intro. It was sweet. I just chilled out. FTT- What can I say? It sucked. LLD- I was expecting a faster song after 2 slow ones, but than another slow song. Great version. LIOG- I called it! It was amazing. Fonzie went nuts. It was the most funkiest version I have ever heard. WYA- I was praying for this song. It is one of my top 10 favorite songs by DMB. It was a lot better than last year. I went nuts. RAVEN- Great lillywhite sessions song. WAYG- I knew this one was coming. I wasn't that great, but I am glad that I heard it. PIG- I was so happy when I heard dave start this song out. Nobody else around me knew what it was, and most of them sat down. I was so happy. PNP->RAPUNZEL- Best part of the night. This is my favorite song, and I am so glad they played it. I called this as well. LBV- I was expecting AIFHTSA or Everyday, but this was better. Great song solo. TWO STEP- Didn't expect this song either. Second best part of the night. Great show, everyone should get this show!
Jimmy M.
What a night down in Albuquerque. I am now going to school in Denver and, although I love the huge number of shows that go on in this town, for larger tours (like DMB) we generally just get one stop- then if you want to see another show on the tour- it is generally a day's drive. There was no way that I could go to only ONE show on the spring tour- luckily the band chose to play the tiny (12,000 people- smallest of the year for DMB) Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had never been to New Mexico before and the seven hour drive down was beautiful, yet through absolutely nothing. The weather in Albuquerque could only be described as perfect- it was about 80, dry, sunny, and windy. If you choose to make a roadtrip down there to see a show I highly recommend the Comfort Inn Airport- only a 15 minute drive from the venue and very nice for $55- with a sweet pool and hot tub taboot! It felt so nice to swim outside in the first week of May! After a very relaxing swim we headed to the venue. I truly had no idea what to expect. As you head down Broadway (which the venue is adjacent to) you go through the worst part of town- nowhere that you would expect to see a nice outdoor amphitheatre. It all made sense once we turned off that road and on to the long, windy road that leads up a hill to the venue (reminds me a lot of Red Rocks). Again, not knowing how to behave in this new concert environment, I did what was natural as we parked in the lot: turned on some music, sat on the tailgate and had a few drinks. Generally at a venue the cops will either not care at all or tell people who are openly drinking to pour out there drinks. This was not how it went in New Mexico though. People looked at us like we were from another planet as they walked by to get into the venue- it was really strange. Anyway, because I think this was hands down the only event of this year of that magnitude that will occur in New Mexico, cops were on a mission. Anyone who is going there in the future- I probably would go to a bar or stay at home or in your hotel until you want to drive to the venue and head straight in. After a wierd cop incident involving the only other people I could see hanging out by their cars (they were in their 40s too)- we decided to head in. It was only then that we got a feeling for what a truly cool venue this place is. The lawn has a perfect view out over the city, the plains, the mountains, and the sunset. Although we had seats in section 3 row H (sixth row left side- ended up being really amazing- thanks warehouse!), we took a walk up to the top of the lawn- and we still had a great view of the stage- totally different than the lawn at say, The Meadows- which I am used to. It was also different in that the grass was perfectly groomed (which I have never seen before)- you could have putted on this stuff! Dave came out and introduced Gov't Mule and said the usual "honored to share the stage with them"- which never rang so true. Gov't Mule played a great set (especially "Soulshine")- Warren Haynes is awesome- DO NOT miss them! It was at this point that I noticed that it was so windy (there is no pavilion- totally open air) that the lights were all swinging around which made me a little nervous. During the break I noticed that Wendy Loo (the "traveling nancy") and her entourage were sitting a few rows up from me. I went and talked with them and discovered that the crowd was pretty diverse- there were a bunch of big fans who (generally) had traveled to the show, there was also a huge contingent of completely disinterested people along with all sorts of odd folks: old drunks (one 40 year old mom through her bra onstage much to the band's dismay), awkward dads with their kids, drunk teens, abercrombie kids- you name it! (strange crowd). Anyway- I began the show with Wendy and friends up in second row, center. The band came out to a huge roar, as usual. You could see the excitement for the show on the band members faces. Dave commented on what a nice night it was to be playing outside. I was thrilled to hear those opening chords of "GREY STREET" to kick off 2002 for me. It was pure bliss through that song for me. The strong energy continued into a ripping "SO MUCH TO SAY-->TOO MUCH." Nothing gets the crowd dancing like "Anyone Seen the Bridge" and this was no exception- I felt especially lucky knowing how rare this has become this tour- dave seemed to really enjoy the bridge. "Too Much" has really become one of their best songs on this tour in my opinion. I moved all around in the middle before finally settling into my left side sixth row seats- everywhere I was was really amazing and it felt great to be so close knowing how huge DMB is now. I was shocked to hear Dave say those familiar words: "I have a sister named Jane- this is THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES" They played the song without any difficulty and those who were up on the tour so far were thrilled to experience its debut. They have really been working on "CRUSH" and that ending jam has become really cool. I was thrilled to hear "YOU NEVER KNOW" which is worth all the hype- it is such a classic DMB song- all the instruments together, great lyrics, cool rythms- it has it all- the band seems to love playing it too! "I DID IT" was enjoyable for me although some fellow fans chose it as a prime oppurtunity for a bathroom break. "ONE SWEET WORLD" was beautiful as usual- with a great intro- really held significance in that beautiful place. The next highlight was "LIE IN OUR GRAVES"- which took the show to another dimension and served as the absolute highlight. Boyd, who had been in the background, suddenly took center stage with a jam that floored everyone and proved that he still has it- Butch also gave a nice jam- the band milked this one and I danced till it hurt (ignoring the dad next to me in the sixth row who sat through it while his son stood in confusion)! "WHAT YOU ARE" was dark and powerful as usual. "RAVEN" sounded great and was really cool to hear again (hadn't heard since 8/27/00)- the new lyrics are nice too. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING" sounded good- standard for the tour but my first, so great to hear. "PIG" was really great to hear- still new to me! The "RAPUNZEL" was ripping as always and worked the crowd into a frenzy- great way to end a good set. The weather stayed perfect- with the wind keeping us nice and cool and the stars above looking great. I was wondering how they would encore such a great set but they came through with Dave singing "LONG BLACK VEIL" solo- his voice sounded as good as ever on this one. We then got the perfect send off with a standard (read: "perfect") "TWO STEP." With such a great setlist it was clear that DMB enjoyed themselves. The lots were designed to take a really long time but once we got out it was a beautiful drive back down the hill. I returned to my comfy bed at the Comfort very satisfied. I highly recommend this nice, small venue to anyone within a day's drive! It was fun meeting all sorts of different DMB fans down there and I hope that those of you still on tour are having fun. I had to take off early to get to the Denver show- see you all there tonight!
M. R.
I saw DMB the first time they played in New Meico in 1995, they didn't come back to NM until 2001. After years of traveling the southwest to catch DMB whenever they came close to New Mexico, it's nice to see that Albuquerque's Journal Pavillion, with it's great sound, terrible road access, and breathtaking sunsets, may have become a permanent tour stop. The Grey Street opener was a different version than last year's Lillywhite version, but was still energy packed none the less. So Much to Say -> Too Much is usually pretty standard, but the vocal jam and Stefan's bass during the (anyone seen the) bridge, really made this one stand out. It's always nice to hear an oldie like The Song That Jane Likes, and Dave kept the crown rocking with the Crush that followed. The new song You Never Know confused the crowd a bit as it's lyrics are a little unaccessable for first time listening. It's a catchy tune though and will probably end up being very popular. I still use Everyday songs for bathroom breaks but I'm beginning to be in the minority on this one and I can see why. Songs like I Did It and Fool to Think, are really starting to come into their own. I'm always glad to see a One Sweet World, new ice cream promotion or not, and this one was as sweet as I remember. Lover Lay Down and Crush in the same show? My girlfriend was practacly expecting me to propose during this one, but I went to get us some beers instead and made it back just in time for the spacey jam after LLD. She would have rather had a ring, but a $7 beer worked too! Lie In Our Graves has become a jam monster in the last few years and this version was no different. The other new song Where Are You Going really stood out, and it was nice to see Dave return to the kind of pre-Everyday song writing that make DMB songs what they are. As if I wasn't having enough fun, after 7 years and 15 shows, I got to see my first Pig, which was well worth the wait. PNP-> Rapunzel made for a nice closer and the solo Long Black Veil was, as one fan put it, a smooth jam. To cap the evening off they played the first full band New Mexico Two Step in 7 years. Despite last years triple encore, this New Mexico show may have been the best of the bunch.