Dave Matthews Band
General Motors Place, Vancouver, BC Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

onstage 8:47pm
Everyday *
Grey Street *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
You Never Know *
Crush *^
What Would You Say *~
The Stone *
When The World Ends *
One Sweet World *
What You Are *
Drive In Drive Out *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
Long Black Veil +
Two Step *
offstage 11:26pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo
^ with Eric Krasno of Soulive
~ with Sam Kininger of Soulive

Show was one i have ever seen. the BC bud was wofting through GM Place.. Unmatched Crush and a 15 minute Two Step, as an encore!! Accoustic solo of long Blck Veil!! this show was amazing....
Craig N.
Quite a show indeed. The guys really know how to work a crowd. I think most of the people at the show preferred the newer stuff (Everyday-related) but myself and several others were really digging the older stuff. I thought the Crush jam was too spectacular for words - the band were something else and one of the members of Soulive who jammed with them made it even better. AM, DIDO, and LBV were certainly surprises...and welcome surprises at that. Especially LBV. We had to wait for what seemed like and eternity for the band to come back out after AM, but it was worth it. When Dave got up there and did LBV solo acoustic it was truly beautiful. YNK was also greatly appreciated. A wonderful time had by all, undoubtedly.
Don C.
For starters, let me say, Soulive won over a whole new group of fans. Great set, with Dave coming on to the crowds delight. Then came time for DMB. Lots of energy built up. By the time they came out for the opener "Everyday" the crowd went nuts. I myself was just totally stoked. Myself and my 4 friends never sat down or stopped singing the songs. Just total magic. Every song was played to perfection. Great jamming. Was so glad to hear "Crush" and "Two Step. Also, hearing some rare and older songs made this a great night. The version of "Long Black Veil" with Dave by himself was a true classic. Again, I've seen lots of bands in my life, but never one better live. Thanks for a great evening DMB. Come back sooner (4 years is a long time)
Wow...thats all I gotta say...Soulive was good, I liked "Joyful Girl" and the last number they did..onto the show... EVERYDAY-great way to start, crowd loved it, I loved it Boyd had a wah-wah solo in the middle, and then they let loose with #36...GREY STREET- HI LITE#1.wasn't expecting it cause they played it last night, made my night...SMTS--ASTB-->TOOMUCH- more energy, more crowd noise...YNK- great..I love this song the more I hear it...Crush- Kras was cool, Dave seemed to be enjoying himself too, made me remember how much I miss Timmy Reynolds though...WWYS- took me by suprise, I thought they were done with radio songs for a while, good though...HI LITE #2- STONE- wow, beautiful version..another one I didn't expect...WTWE- outro, Dave still enjoying himself...WYA- getting to be a crowd pleaser, did have a lot of energy...DIDO-"I'm talking to my self, talking to myself"...PNP-Rapunzel- really let it go, I thought they would be gone for encore, but they stayed...WAYG- same old, I could take or leave this song...ANTS- I knew it was coming, but still enjoyed the hell out of it...ENCORE- LBV- solo, it was cool, but i still like the full band version better...TWO STEP- hell yeah, no better way to end an evening... OVERALL- great show, a suprising amount of radio songs, but they picked the best radio songs to play...Grey Street and Stone were great, didn't expect them, and Ants and two step were there same wonderful selves...SEE YA AT the GORGE!
This was my first show in an indoor stadium, and it just rocked!! What a way to start the show with everyday. The crowd was pumped. I wish they had done a bit more messing around with the #36 mix because it sounds so tight. Other than that the lighting was wicked with the big screen not being very distracting and in your face. Loved the Ani difranco cover, and the guys from soulive joing them in crush & wwys. Can't wait untill the gorge!!!! Thanks for another great show dave!
This was my ninth DMB show (I was in the fifth row), and I heard my ninth different opening song! I was hoping to hear Dave sing "Joyful Girl" again with Soulive, and he did. He had his lyric sheet again, and he looked really awkward. He introduced Soulive as "one of my most favorite bands in the universe" (he has several of those!). He also made a comment about liking the culture in Canada and how it was a "downward slope" back to the US. Soulive started at 7:30PM, and so DMB didn't come out until 8:50PM. They opened with "Everyday," which got the crowd into it. People were singing the "honey, honey" part at the beginning, so the band mixed "#36" in with it like last year. There were quite a few repeats from last night, but when the repeats include "You Never Know" and "What You Are," among other songs, it's not a bad thing. The bad thing, though, was the band's lack of energy for this show. Boyd was practically asleep (he got into "Ants Marching," though). LeRoi was studying his water bottle during "Two Step." Carter was much less energetic than the night before. Dave was really strange at times-- weird faces and motions. (And I've seen nine shows, so I know what is "normal" for him.) I couldn't quite decided if he was drunk, because at other times he seemed relatively normal. It was during the jams where he seemed especially peculiar. Stefan seemed like his usual self. Maybe the lack of energy had to do with the fact that they traveled about 315 miles without having a travel day in between shows. After I saw two shows this year with "Too Much" by itself, it was nice to see "So Much To Say" and "Anyone Seen the Bridge" again. The lead guitarist for Soulive played on "Crush," and the sax player for Soulive played on "What Would You Say." Dave looked very intense at the beginning of "The Stone." Dave sang a solo "Long Black Veil" in the encore, and then they did a twenty-minute "Two Step" to end the show. I had never really thought about how LeRoi does not do much in the middle jam on that song. Near the end of that jam, Carter started wrapping it up and Dave looked over at Carter like he was surprised that it was already over. The show ended at 11:20PM, so it was 2 1/2 hours long.
An incredible show. The crowd was really into it. Constantly cheering for more and more. The Band was really into it as well. Stefan was grovving for the entire show. Carter had a huge smile on his face. Dave was two steppin all over the stage. Lighting and sound were fantastic. The sound was loud and clear. At one point in the show the crowd was on it's feet cheering for more during a brief break between songs this energy was quite intense and you could tell the band totally loved it and played to it. Set list was great. They played a little from every album. Which made for great variety. I don't understand why people complain when they hear a certain song or do not hear a certain song. The fact is this group is incredibly talented and should be very appreciative that they are one of the lucky ones that are able to witness the beauty of the Dave Matthews Band. Seeing them at the Gorge in September can't wait. Please come back to Vancouver real soon. 4 years is a long time to wait. The show was incredible as well as the players. They were on and extremely tight. Definitely one of the best of the few DMB shows I have seen. It was electric.
This was my first DMB show and now that I've seen them live I know exactly what the hype is about. The show was amazing, highlights were CRUSH, the BC Bud, and an exceptional acoustic version by Dave of Long Black Veil, I hadn't heard this song much but hearing it live definitely made me stoked for the GORGE later in the summer.
Matty B.
It was my first ever DMB show even though I have been a fan since Under the Table and Dreaming. I was blown away. The only song that I was dying to hear was The Stone and they played it! It was a stunning version, better than the one on "Listener Supported" in my opinion and Dave seemed especially intense during this song. They mixed the set nicely with hits and new songs. Grey Street was amazing and definitely my fave new song. Crush was awesome as well because of the solo from Soulive's guitarist, a great musician. The 20 minute version of Two Step was a great way to end the show with Carter ripping off a nice solo. Soulive was a great opener with very talented members. I was completely elevated by my first DMB experience and look forward to many in the future. Thanks alot to DMB and come back soon!!