Dave Matthews Band
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Los Angeles, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Where Are You Going *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Andy T.
the Jay Leno show kicked so much a$$ !! 4 of my friends and I stayed out the night before they handed out tickets. We got there at like 1:30am, and there was already 15-20 people waiting. 20 other people showed up after us...There was a group of guys who got together and started playing Dave stuff on their guitars. It was an awesome environment! My friend Stratton got a ticket after being on the freeway for like 3 minutes, for going 76 in a 65 zone. Anyway, we got there at 1:30 and went to sleep at like 3.30, woke up at 6.30, and then got tickets at 8. We were going to come back to Claremont (my hometown) and change and have a shower n stuff before lining up for the actual show that opened its doors at 4pm , but there were people going straight to the front of the Jay Leno Show studio from getting their tickets to line up to get good seats. So me and friend Melissa stayed while my other 3 friends went home... Melissa and I ended up waiting outside his studio for 8 hours along with the 7 hours last night! We listened to Dave on Kevin & Bean on KROQ while in line. He played Where Are You Going, Everyday, and a cover song that I can't remember. They also played the new studio version of Busted Stuff which was awesome to listen to. But in the end it was well worth it! We were SO CLOSE to Dave, must have been 20ft. Their performance was so awesome, but i think that because Arsenio Hall couldnt shut his mouth up that they couldnt interview Dave and the guys cause of the one hour time slot. Then they were doing promos for Jay's show after the taping was done, and when it was all quiet, i shouted "YOURE THE MAN, DAVE!!!" and he looked right at me and Melissa and he waved at us! That freakin rocked! Melissa cried. God bless her. Then we saw him leaving the studio. He was sitting in front of his tour bus and he was waving to the people outside waiting to see him!.. This is definitely one experience i will never forget!