Dave Matthews Band
Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal

onstage: 8:14pm
Warehouse * (stop time intro)
What Would You Say *
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *
You Never Know *
One Sweet World * (instrumental intro)
Drive In Drive Out *
If I Had It All *
Two Step *
Granny *
Too Much *
Crush *
Rhyme & Reason *
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
offstage: 10:13pm
onstage: 10:18pm
Long Black Veil +
Tripping Billies *
offstage: 10:28pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Betsy W.
So no rain, but hey thats all right... so here we go, a play by play report by yours truly... Warehouse- prayed for it last night, got it as an AMAZING opener, set the tone/mood right from the start, Stefan led the crowd with the WOOs again, he was throwing his whole body into pumping his fist, gotta love him. WWYS- niiice solos by Boyd in the beginning and Roi at the end. WTWE- did anyone else notice Dave's out of control hip gyrations? swear to god, i thought he was having imaginary sex on stage, wow he's got some crazy hips, right before the "we'll be burning one... we'll be sweet makin love...." part the whole band got really quiet then picked up again after that. Space Between- nothing out of the ordinary. You Never Know- god i love this song, I've been listening to it nonstop lately, but everyone around me didn't feel the same as they all saw it as a bathroom break/beer run opportunity, the lines "dream, little darling, dream..." and "don't lose the dreams inside your head, theyre only there until your dead" hit me really hard for some reason, and i got a little teary-eyed, i know i'm a loser, let's just move on. One Sweet World- lots of crowd clapping, man did this crowd like to clap tonight, hey but it was fun. Drive In/Out- Carter Beauford is a god b/c of this song, thought he was gonna break his drumkit he was banging them so hard. If I Had It All- no surprises. Two Step- hoooly crap, didnt see that one coming, awesome solos from Butch, Carter, Dave, then Carter again, I was glad to hear Butch get a solo. Granny- where the hell did they pull that one from? who cares! it was insane b/c it was so out of the blue, gotta love screaming LOVE! BABY! over and over again. Too Much- kick ass of course. Crush- just as surprising as Two Step but absolutely lovely until the guy in front of me farted and totally ruined the moment, at one point something funky happened to Dave and his guitar b/c he went to sit on a speaker in the back, then disappeared to me, and came back and started playing again. Rhyme & Reason- very intense. Where Are You Going- mark my words right now, I can see this being the next Crash Into Me, it's really beautiful with the whole band. Ants Marching- so excited to hear this one as it makes everybody happy. LBV- always wanted to see that live, even nicer to have it as a dave solo. Billies- kick ass closer, so much energy. I think someone was hyper when they made the setlist b/c it was soo upbeat and kick ass. People always bitch at me like its my fault when they dont like the shows, but I know on Monday I'll only be hearing about how awesome Sunday's show was. Definitely unbelievable. I talked to Bo again before the show. We bought him a Cinco de Mayo sombrero and Rudy took some photos of all of us talking and the updated backs of our shirts that said BO 4 PREZ, BO KNOWS ROCK, and we added a PLEASE and POR FAVOR after UPGRADE ME! He laughed, and told us about how after last night's show at the margarita party, they were all saying "did you see those girls in the front row? weren't their tshirts awesome?" and so i asked him everyone, like the band everyone? and he said yeah, EVERYBODY. woohoo, how cool is that. well on that note, im off to bed since ive got an AP English Lit test in the morning at 730... woo what a way to end the weekend.
Michael R.
Here is the most important piece of info you will find in any of the reviews, as well as the key to this show being possibly the best ever, Dave Matthews only took off the acoustic ONCE tonight. The Space Between, early in the show, was the only song to find Dave with out his Taylor. This was my 5th show, and my friends had to head to Kansas City this morning, but I stayed in town to see tonight. Had to go solo, but here is the thing-I was able to get to the front row, just off center. Couple people next to me made some room, thanks, and the show blew me away. Life changing? WithOUT question... All the songs were there-just when I was starting to doubt my faith. Can not descibe it in words, but highlights were Two Step, with Dave busting out a nice little solo. Opener-Warehouse, can't beat that. Ants to close, great energy, and a predictable Tripping Billies encore, also very good. OSW was nice, good intro by Dave. Steffan was into it more than usuall, with him and Boyd having a few showdowns. Boyd threw his cowboy hat out after Billies, and guy next to me caught it. Soaked with sweat. All in all, amazing show, with all the favorites. Without question, best set of the tour so far, and in the top 10 of all time. Thanks to DMB and the great Houston crowd!!! Celebrate we did!!
Diego V.
DAMN. That was badass. I dont know where to start. I met Stefan yesterday and got upgraded to the front row right in front of him today. Thank you BO!!!! The show was so was incredible. Two Step was definiltey one of the best I have seen in I dont know how many shows, it was at least 15 minutes long. Boyd was rippin it up and so was Carter. They were both going crazy tonight it was pretty badass. DIDO was really amazing as well...Carter went off on that. Stefan was himself most of thew show and even got in a little jam with boyd. anyway just had to say whats up to all yu guys up at the front, and the back of course..Mike, Betsy, Anne, The other Diego, Eddie, Sam, Wayne, Sam, Bob, the fake backstage pass guy...Kristen and Rachael of course..all you guys the Texas shows ahve been badass..maybe ill make it to dallas..if not havbe fun.. p e a c e l o v e d m b
Matt D.
Tonight was a history lesson from the band with all the old songs, and I felt like they were thinking "Screw it!" until Ants when the energy skyrocketed. Tripping Billies was really tight, but extremely short. There were a couple of Dave Matthews Guitar solos, which I don't think I've ever seen - one during Two Step, and one during Ants. Not much jammming aside from Two Step. Good show, but not the best - ok setlist, but not the worst (or best). Overall, they rocked it like Stan Getz.
Jason C.
Hi everybody just got back, pretty decent show...nothing to complain about. One thing first, if you get the chance DONT look at the setlist before the show!! I did this tonight and it totally takes away something from the concert. Warehouse: Sweet!! Been wanting to hear this as an opener for a long time and finally got it! The guys were all over this one, crowd loved it, great opener! What Would You Say: WOW, this song is usually pretty standard, but tonight, DAMN! Roi just keep going and going and going on the jam, a considerable amount of time longer than usual. VERY good start to the show so far. When the World Ends: completing the WWW start to show here...not bad really, cant complain too much. Space Between: Im really tired of this song, but oh well, it was standard as usual. You Never Know: Half the crowd goes for a piss break, if these people only knew what they were missing. Been waiting to hear it, didnt disappoint! One Sweet World: I swear, half the crowd still doesnt recognize this song from the instrumental intro. Great song. Drive In Drive Out: Wasnt too thrilled to hear it, but it was actually really good. Carter ripped ship up as usual.....some line about we screw things up.....might as well keep screwing them up!!! If I Had It All: This was actually one of the Everyday songs I wanted to hear, I love this one live. Two Step: WOW, highlight of the night right here. I had been dying since the summer 2000 tour to hear the 20 min ass pounding version with Butch, and finally got it tonight. I cant see how people dont like Butch when it comes to stuff like this. He takes it to a completely different level. Song got real quiet in the middle for about 5 min where Dave kinda soloed and Carter played off of him, Carter ripped it up at the end!! Granny: Hadnt heard it in a while, good to hear again, crowd ate it up. Too Much: Gotta love it funked up with Butch, crowd loved it. Crush: Oh yes, been dying to here this again since I saw it the first time back in 99....soooo good this tour, Boyd and Roi both ripped their solo's up, and Carter killed his drums at the end. Rhyme and Reason: I love this song live, glad we got it tonight. Where Are You Going: Crowd responded pretty well to this for it being so knew, looked like some people knew it. Waiting for next summer when this becomes a massive sing-a-long. Ants Marching: After seeing part of the setlist before the show, I was sad to hear this one come, tons of energy though, crowd loved it as usual. This song really is their anthem. Long Black Veil: Really cool to hear this solo, I like it more than Aint It Funny in this spot. Crowd sung along nicely. Tripping Billies: Just as usual, this song rocks. Boyd went apeshit. Great way to end it. This was a pretty decent show, I would like to have some more jams, Seek Up maybe, but overall lots of energy and lots of fun! No repeats from last night, always a good thing, and thats pretty damn rare. Only pulled out the electric once tonight....stayed with his standard acoustic the whole 12 string even. Another thing, too much dancing leads you to being tired, and therefore being pulled over by a cop who thinks you are drunk on your way home
Heather T.
I went to tonights concert and last nights as well, but tonight I had a Row 1 in the Pit ticket which was AMAZING. I was like 15 feet from Dave and right in front of Roi. I cried hysterically when I found out where I was sitting in April and now that the night has come and gone, it was the best night of my life. The set list tonight was sooooooo AWESOME! Last night's was great with all of the Lilywhite stuff, but there was a lot more energy in this show!! I LOVED IT! The opening song of Warehouse just set the pace for the rest of the night and WOW... honestly that's all I can say right now is WOW! (Not that I can say anything... Heather is VERY horse right now and probably won't be able to talk for an additional four days, Blah!) GREAT GREAT GREAT! Thanks for a wonderful show guys!
Brooks B.
Another night at the Woodlands. The band was on yet again, just not the sweet hit after hit setlist like ours from last night. Tonight is growing on me from the musical perspective and what really happened. I've had my first skewed DMB experience cause some 6'2"ish dumbass was playing an air guitar in front of me the whole night who belonged in row GG instead of F. Center section, row 7 would have been much better. I actually listened to Taj Majhal tonight, they play some fun music. I'll be brief tonight due to my mixed experience - everything was solid, the band pulled off a great performance. Carter was cracking up all night in the back and beating the hell out of his drums. Highlights were Two Step, One Sweet World, Crush, Ants, and LBV for me. Two Step had some great intensity with Butch tearing it up. Then they went chill which was really neat, almost as if they could have ended the song chill, but they ended without being able to stop - clocked at 18:20. OSW was solid as always, the tape will sound good when it gets out. Crush was nailed, Stefan commanded the song from the beginning and played with Boyd who went ballistic. Ants closed the set very nicely and Dave doing the solo acoustic stuff rocks, LBV came through clearly with the crowd in unison. Other mentionables, the two newbies You Never Know and Where Are You Going are sweet new blood to the mix - glad I knew the words. Missed the Lillywhites tonight. Too Much is a good concert song cause everyone knows it, it's a great song when you pair it with So Much To Say and ASTB. Two hours and about fifteen minutes tonight is decent too after last night's jamfest. People who were there both nights will agree in stating that The Dave Matthews Band loves the Woodlands and always plays solid stuff. As to whether or not May 4th or Cinco De Mayo was better in 2002, to each his own because both were solid and everyone has their favorites. Dave, Carter, Stefan, Boyd, Butch, and last but not least Roi, thank you yet again for two fun filled nights at the Woodlands. Keep making the best music on earth - I'll keep coming back.
Matt G.
My 7th or 8th show, best I've ever seen. Had 3rd row seats which made things all the better (thanks Steve). There were only 3 Everyday songs, and I did it was not one of them...thank God. Space Between I kind of like; IIHIA is pretty good, and WTWE is not too bad either. I hate i did it though; glad we didn't have to sit through 2 nights of that. Every song was played with more energy than i've seen in a while. Dave was dancing like a mad man, MUCH MUCH more than i've seen in the past. You never know is one of DMB's best tunes ever. Everyene needs to get a copy of that song and learn the words, cause i was the only person singing along. Also, glad he played crush. Ants and TB were well done. TB was not best ever; i'd attribute that to last year's first show in the woodlands. Crowd was really into it tonight. Anyways, good job DMB and see you in dallas.
Scott G.
last night's show of the boyd and leroi band was spectacular. the setlist speaks for itself except "i did it". seriously, when boyd tinsley and leroi moore are reduced to singing back up only during most of a song, the song needs to get tossed. the highlights for me were 41, BEF-->Bartender, Pig, and LIOG. both leroi and boyd made the most of their spots to shine. the show was incredible. so right as an opener disappointed me (i was hoping for warehouse), but it actually has evolved into a good live song. last year the everyday songs were not really worthy to be played, but this year at least they are decent. i was really pleased with the mix of old and new songs. it was awesome to hear my favorite two lillywhite songs combined into one big long jam. twenty or so minutes of pure bliss! i wasn't expecting so many jam songs in one show, and for once, i didn't get bored during any of them. not that i mind jam songs all that much, but i know they take up a lot of the set and sometimes would rather them go into another song. why hear just one when you can have two, you know? i would have traded a couple of the songs like fool to think and i did it for maybe rhyme or reason and too much, but no regrets about last night's show in the least. anyway, if i have to end up selling my tickets to charlotte in july i won't really have a problem with it. last night's show definitely will last me till next year's tour.
Jim D.
This was my 8th time to see DMB and it was arguably one of the best. Had a great energy to it, and it seems the band has a certain knack for making set lists now that just flow very well together. LIOG as a closer was a complete surprise to me, and I was beyond excited to hear that. Also loved hearing Lover because it's so rare, I can't remember hearing that one before. Back home in Phoenix now, eagerly awaiting the show here this Sunday. For me however, it's just icing on the cake. The band knocked out pretty much everything I wanted to hear this tour (exception of Last Stop and Cry Freedom, but when was the last time those were dropped on the crowd), so cudos to DMB, thanks for a great show, see you on Sunday
Diego F.
The show was great. We arrived to the show early, because we wanted to get upgraded to the front, but no dice. Yet we still got upgraded from GG to V, which wasn't bad at all, and I cant complain. Warehouse made a great opener. The crowd tonight really got into it. And kept pretty much the whole intensity throughout the show. I don't feel like going into details of every song they played. I just want to comment on Two Step. WOW!!! That was the best rendition I have ever seen. It even beat last years Dallas rendition. The lights, the sound, Dave's dancing (which he did all night) and everything else made it amazing. Probably the best part of the past three shows. Also Tripping Billies was great as a closer, I was really hoping for that song.
BADASS is the only word I have to describe this show. Been to many DMB shows before... But next posted a review so sorry if this sucks. Warehouse as an opener... awesome. Knew it was gonna be a good show right from the start. kicked things off better than last night in my opinion. (so right)WWYS-got everyone dancing around early. WTWE- hmmm always been a fav of mine if I HAD to choose one off everyday... I had called all three of these songs...The space between-Blah. You never know- My first time hearing it live...had to sit down during this song due to a previous injury but good good song. One Sweet World- Predicted this one before the show too...DRive in Drive out-VEry excited to hear this one! nicccceee! If I had it all- Blah!!! Two step- From here out.. the show was so perfect...upbeat and entergetic. Loved hearing 2 step...was waiting for it last night. Granny- hadn't heard this one live in forever..nice to hear it again. Too much- Always a pleasure to hear. Crush- wasn't expecting to hear it..always one of my personal favs..and it was pretty nice last night. Rhyme and Reason- one of the top highlights of the show for me last night! Where are you going- Great new song, seemed like most of the audience knew it and were singing along like me. Ants marching- predicted this one also... but one of the best versions i have ever heard of it! LBV- was hoping to hear waste (being a huge phish fan) but had not heard LBV for awhile now and us at the woodlands got waste last it's all good. Tripping billies- one of the weaker versions i've seen of it, but all together a good nice strong setlist. see y'all next yr @ the woodlands!
I went to the show w/ my sis, who doesn't know any dmb songs except radio songs, so this was a great show for her. most of the songs were singles. i would've liked to hear a couple lws songs, but other than that, the show was perfect. we had lawn seats, and the night was absolutely breathtaking. warm but not uncomfortably so, cool breeze, clear sky and so many section was ok, a decent # of people were dancing, and most people were standing. there were some annoying girls beside us who talked on their cell phones for like 1/2 the concert, which pissed me off, but it guess it's none of my business. the only other thing that bothered me was that none of the other people in my area knew any of the songs that weren't from released albums. most of the people didnt even know Granny. I was also the only one singing the new songs, even WAYG. and during You Never Know, my entire section sat down. that made me mad, but i still danced and sang that song too. the setlist was good w/ the exception of the missing lws songs. when two step came on, everyone went nuts. i think i was in a alternate state of consciousness for the rest of the show. when granny came on after two step, i was just floating...also, crush was a nice surprise. the only thing that could've made the show better for me is if i'd had someone more into dmb to watch it with.