Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

Uncle Junior
Hurry Up and Wait
Tuesday Night's Squad

onstage 8:20pm
Everyday (#36) *
Granny *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
#41 *
I Did It *
Busted Stuff *
Fool To Think *
Bartender *
Song That Jane Likes *
Crush *
Rhyme & Reason *
What Would You Say *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Where Are You Going *
What You Are *
Beauty of Wynona +
Cry Freedom (tease) -->
Lie In Our Graves *
offstage 10:47pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

The C.
Dave, of course, is always great live and tonight was no different. I was a little suprised that he chose to play Everyday to open up the show, but they jammed it out for awhile and I was impressed. They followed that up with a standard rendition of Granny, followed by When the World Ends. You Never Know and #41, I thought, slowed down the show due to their consecutive slow pace, but Dave rebounded with I Did It. Fool to Think and Bartender both had incredible intensity, if you could make it past the speakers going on and off in the lawn area of Shoreline. I was extremely glad that they played Song That Jane Likes and Crush because they do not play these often, and it was refreshing to hear them. I thought that Rhyme and Reason, What Would You Say, and Pig highlited the show, and the fans were most into the band at this point. Where Are You Going was a nice slow compliment to the fast-paced songs preceding it, and What You Are is always a great live song. Lastly, Beauty of Wynona was rather unfamiliar among the audience, but Dave did a good job; Lie In Our Graves was the perfect finishing touch on yet another great show. This song lasted for about fifteen minutes and included a phenomenal piano jam between Boyd, Stefan, and Butch. This was a muscular show tonight at Shoreline.
My first DMB show in almost 3 years (you think that's bad? I dragged my roommate along, it'd been about 5 for him) and boy am I glad to be back! This show had everything we could have asked for in a comeback show, with some great older tunes sprinkled in among the new stuff. Absolutely loved Granny, STJL and the encore of Wynona (what a great f'in song - and he teased us with a line from Cry Freedom after that too, that would have been just incredible!). Everyday was as 36-heavy as I've heard it (although it's not like I've got that many shows with it) too, which made the roommate happy. Other highlights included What You Are, my favorite Everyday tune, which I called early on, surpring since I haven't ever heard it live, Crush, Bartender, and one amazing Lie in Our Graves encore. It's been forever since I've even listened to a show with that song on it, and this one really blew me away... Butch started off with what seemed like a poor solo but about 2 minutes into it he really turned it on... it was awesome! It was just about the only time you even realized he was there (he was sorta low in the mix) but he really stood out when it counted. I had heard the two new songs, but haven't gotten really familiar with them... You Never Know honestly wasn't all that good (it was sort of slow too I thought) but Where Are You Going was really fantastic... that's a great song. Busted Stuff has come a long way from the old versions of it that I have too. The crowd seemed pretty quiet, compared to others I've seen. I can remember being deafened at SPAC on the lawn when I lived back east, but out here even at the height of the applause I could talk to my roommate without yelling. I guess there's nothing wrong with that though, my ears aren't ringing for once... although now that I mention it, maybe I was just sort of deaf from Mule the night before :) Anyway, I was one of those cynical hard-to-please Dave fans back in the day (which is part of the reason I haven't been since 99, I suppose) but I have nothing but good things to say about tonight... and it impressed my roommate too, which is hard to do. :) So now I've just got to get myself some tickets for tomorrow night!
Tolga E.
First off, I wanna say Soulive is really awesome, so check it out. Everday- an awesome way to open, teased a little #36 at the end of the song (but not the beginning) I swear, I heard Dave TEASE BLUE WATER!!!! and im not the only one, some people on the lawn (who threw tortillas out tonight and also back in 2000) thought they heard the same thing! Granny - pretty standard but awesome version, seemed to flow well coming after everyday. WTWE - standard YoiNK - standard, but i mean, its YoiNK so it ruled. #41 - pretty great rendition, its not bela/tones version, but still pretty sweet jam by Roi throughout. IDI - ummm.....yeah. Busted Stuff - cool little jam outro, extended a bit Fool to Think - very exciting and awesome for an everyday song, I actually enjoyed it a whole damn lot Bartender - this is where theshow started to really pick up, bartender was its usual epic self, dave was totally losing it on stage with emotion...just beautiful. STJL - awesome awesome awesome!!!!!! no way to explain how badly I've missed this song, it was great and the intro was jammed a little longer than i've seen before...great. crush - stefan had an extended bass intro, boyd tore it up, there was some funky new stuff going on between boyd and stefan (boyd walked all the over there, he walked all over the place tonight) it was definately a highlight. R&R - pretty standard, cant complain. WWYS - good funky power jam. Pig - Really awesome, the whole crowd was lovin it, it seemed to last longer than normal ( i cant explain why tho) and it was just sweet as all hell. WAYG - standard, but you can tell theyve been playing it a whole lot, it seemed really cohesive and together tonight What You Are - great new intro and outro, really powerful song, best lights of the night, lots of emotion. Wynona - great dave solo acoustic cover Before LIOG, dave came up and sang "how can i turn away?" from CRY FREEDOM and teased us to all hell before (ironically) turning away and facing to carter to start into ... LIOG - absolute top highlight of the night and there are about a billion reasons why. From the start is was uptempo and crazy, the jam started off in its usual manner, but really started to kick after boyd and then roi's solos when boyd walked over to stefan, and dave walked over to stefan as well, and the 3 of them, about 3 feet away frmo each other, went nuckin futs!!!! absolutely brilliant, then, boyd, who seemed to be running the song like a QB tonight, headed over to Butch and slowly passed the song over to him. If you could see Butch, you could tell he was in complete and total awe of what was going on and really took a while to start his own solo. but once he did, it was unbelievably beautiful...just absolutely the most graceful thing ever... the song eventually ended after AT LEAST 15 minutes, but possibly more than 20, I couldnt tell i was just soo into it. it was a crazy night, a couple crazy-interesting teases, and a slew of just knock-me-out songs...
Michael F.
At this inspired DMB show @ Shoreline, the mood was so right, the setlist tight, and the crowd on their feet the entire time. I've been reading a lot recently about the lack of jamming, but it seems the band extended almost every song. Also, Dave looked comfortably saused, talking a lot to the crowd. EVERYDAY(#36) was a sweet and suprising opener. I absolutely love the way they blend the two songs. great start. GRANNY was great to hear live with the whole band. Dave made the song comedic with a gibber-gabber outro. WTWE began with Carter busting out a two minute rim-shot drum solo. Pretty standard otherwise. YNK is one of my fav. new songs, I love the song lyrically...Dream. #41 is where I creamed my jeans. He opened with this last year @ PacBell, but they must have jammed it out to 12 minutes. Solos all around. Dope. THis is where i really got into it. BUSTED STUFF was sick with a jammin outro from Boyd and more gibber-gabber from Dave during the high pitch part of the song. Maybe his voice couldn't handle the "feels just like a fool.." BARTENDER:Holy shit. The lighting with this song is excellent, matching the mood completely. I saw myself in the crowd when they showed us on camera. Dave introduced STJL, and performed a beautiful version. CRUSH was unlike any crush I'd heard before. Must have been extended to 15 minutes, mind boggling. Creamed my jeans for the second time. Rhyme and Reason was perfection. WWYS, great to hear live. VEGETARIANS REJOICE, the PIG has been spared. DMB pulled out Pig also using Don't burn the pig @ the end, absolutley crazy. Where R U Going, standard and great. Closed w/ WHAT U R, which DMB has PERFECTED live. They extended it as long as possible, w/ solos all around. AMAZING. ENCORE: BEAUTY OF WYNONA, dark and solo, just the way i like it. Ended w/ LIOG, fu*kin sick. Stretched to maybe 15-20 min. After the corus, much jamming, then Dave said goodnight to the crowd and went right into "I can't believe that we would lie in our graves..." SO CHILL. Boyd was tearing up the violin tonight, Dave started every song facing Carter, Carter had the biggest grins on his face, which made me stoked. Since it's probably gonna rain tonight @ Shorelline, maybe we can get a little JTR, or some Nancies. Peaceout.
D. T.
So first off, to anyone sitting on the left side of the lawn, I feel ya. Speakers were cutting in and out for the first hour of the concert and that totally sucked. The fans out on the lawn don't seem to get into the concert as much as the fans down in the stands. So first off, DMB comes on stage at about 8:20, playing Everyday. I do like the version of Everyday->#36, but for some reason, it didn't seem too energetic. The fans weren't singing "Honey, Honey," and they just didn't seem so enthusiastic about it. So next, a pretty standard Granny, but after this, they had a Blue Water Tease (and I was so excited) but it lead into WTWE. YNK, a great song but people were quieter than they were before. #41, really one of the first highlights to the concert, Boyd's and LeRoi's solo's were great...but then came the only song I didn't want to hear...IDI...BS-a little slow, the band really didn't get it's energy until Bartender, where Dave just wailed. STJL, great improv in the beginning by Boyd, and the first time I've heard it live. Crush-just perfect, R&R-just like on Listener Supported, WWYS-pretty standard, PIG-great to hear live finally. There was a lead->WAYG, which I thought was great and WAYG, great improv by LeRoi. What You Are, definitely a high point of the night, even though it is an Everyday Song. Dave had some outtro, with new words that I was just amazed by. Beauty of Wynona-thanks Shoreline, for not putting him on the screen. Lastly, the encore of LIOG, best part of the night. Boyd ripped on the entire song, and there was one point where you see, him, Dave, and Stefan in a circle facing one another. Boyd went up to Butch as well, to face off, eventually giving the solo to Butch, and it was the first time I've gotten to see his talent. Overall thoughts of the show: waaay too much Everyday stuff, fans on the lawn suck, speakers sucked in the back, although a great closer. Show got out about 10:47. Can we bring back Blue Water Dave? See you all in Marysville.
Great show. The band really worked good together and played off each other. The only think i would say was that they played too many everyday songs i think they played like 6 but they sounded good. Granny was really cool to hear and same with song that jane likes. Also i was suprise to hear beauty of wynona. it sounded good with just dave not the whole band and then lie in our graves was i good one to end the show it put a smile on everyone's face
Can we say FLYING TORTILLAS?!!! Okay so some people must have smuggled in tons of tortillas. They started at the lawn and made their way all the way down to the front row. In other news, the boys were on tonight. I felt like Dave was really happy to be there. All of them were happy to be there. The rumors of Santana being there for this show proved to be false, but it's okay, I got to see him with DMB last year on the same day. Some highlights for me: WWYS-never heard it in concert and it was pretty fun. Stefan's face on the "Mom it's my birthday" part was really funny, like he was anticipating how loud it was gonna be when we all sang along. Crush-Juliana you missed it, I know you wanted to hear this one since the beginning, and you know what, I was happy to hear it too. Granny in concert was great too, sorry, I am not going in any chronological order. Pig was great to hear again, it reminded me of my first DMB concert. Here are we, on this "chilly night." Of course Bartender was excellent as usual. And can I just say, Carter amazed me on every song, it's great just to watch him play. I loved the Dave solo for the encore Winona, but he teased with Cry Freedom and that would have been awesome to hear. Extended jam on LIOG was great. Butch is so goofy, why is he there again, did ya see his facial expressions? One more complaint, what was up with all those "Everyday" songs? It's amazing how people just stop dancing once one of the comes on. What You are is the only saving grace on that and I like the intro they put in at the concert. All in all, it was a pretty fun show. It was good to see one with my brother too. He actually had to admit that DMB was great in concert, and yes David, I did see your head bopping up and down when you thought I wasn't looking. Well, thanks everyone, another good show to go down.
All I can say is UNREAL!!! this was the best show I have been to yet. The setlist was awesome. I got to hear some songs that I haven't heard yet (Granny, The song that Jane Likes, Crush, Fool to Think, Pig). Everyday was a suprise opener. There were a few teases of Cry Freedom which really got me hoping. I guess I'll wait for it at another show. I guess I am still in awe and can't really think of much else to say except that the last song, Lie In Our Graves was so moving. Everyone was at a loss of words, including the band. Boyd played the best solo ever. He was jamming away right in front of Butch and the look on Butch's face was a great example of the looks on the faces of every person in the crowd. The rest of the band just sat back and watched as Boyd released his magic. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, here comes Butch. Quite possibly the most beautiful piano solo I've heard. Chills went down my back. Why doesn't the band ask Butch to join them permanently? You rock Butch!!
Mike, M.
Kelly - A lot closer than LA so rock on. Probably the best setlist I've experienced, really unique! Crush was awesome, especially when Boyd and Stefan rocked out together (Dave disappearred, went to the john or something) and the encore was absolutely insane! Overall a fun show, I was surrounded by so many drunk people that started having a dance contest, it was great! My body was all painted up with #41 and he played it! Also, if you happened to have noticed a huge beach ball that was signed by almost everyone, it was ours! And we had no intention of that ball rollin' right towards dave, he must have been shittin' his pants as we watched that thing tank towards him at full speed, luckily it dropped in the pit where it was tamed and slashed down by the guards! They wouldn't let us get it back either. But anyway, fun show, props to the tortilla throwers, that was insane. Julia- (In raspy voice) I finally have a close to normal voice now... I guess it doesn't help that I have been going to concerts, but hey, life is peachy... I wanted to hear Bartender last night and the boys didn't let me down...thnx guys...and WYNONA! Holy $hit! When Dave came back on I used up the last of my voice to yell for it and, "This is a song by Daniel..." (can't spell that last name) WOO! Thank you Dave! This was my first #41 so that was awesome to hear and R&R too... WYA was insane, the best that I have seen...I LOVE what Dave sings at the end...and LIOG! FINALLY some Butch Taylor! Boyd is just the all-star this tour... Ok Buck-a-roo's I have to go finish our sign...look for it.....and the return of the big beach ball....Oh! and hi Sean! Meredith- I wasn't at the show, but I listened to Listener Supported... I thought I was going to die when he played Long Black Veil.... Mikey-There was a concert last night? Lisa- This was my first DMB concert and I had so much fun. It was hard to see with the people in front of me, but I got to see the dance contest so it's all good. Andrew- Pig was awesome! That was a great show! ........*Julia and Kelly can't think of anything else to say for Andrew so they are gonna go now...*
Very cool show. From the moment the band took the stage, the crowd was ready to soak up all that DMB had to offer. EVERYDAY with the #36 outro was a nice opener. GRANNY was next and the crowd was really into it! You could tell even at this early stage of the show that Dave could do no wrong tonight. The trio of WTWE, YOU NEVER KNOW, and #41 was excellent with some nice solo's by Boyd and Leroi. Then comes I DID IT. This is not my favorite song, but was played well and the crowd seemed to like it. Seems to me it could use some creative jamming to make it a more powerful song, rather than just a 3 minute pop song. But now things are begin to heat up...BUSTED STUFF was just an awesome song live. Then FOOL TO THINK followed by the song I needed to hear...BARTENDER. The crowd was mesmerized throughout and Dave tore it up with some passionate vocals. This song took the show to another level and you could really feel the crowd being blown away. Next came SONG THAT JANE LIKES and the energy level spiked once again and remained for the rest of the show. A lengthy CRUSH was great, followed by an equally lengthy RHYME & REASON into WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. Then comes DON'T BURN THE PIG and just put the whole show completely over the top! The crowd ate this one up and the boys did some extended jamming that was sweet, especially Boyd. Next up was WHERE ARE YOU GOING and I thought it was surpisingly, one of the more powerful songs of the night. I can see this one getting some extended workouts in tours to come. The main set ended with a jammy WHAT YOU ARE that left everyone screaming for more. Dave walks back out alone for a nice BEAUTY OF WYNONA and then the rest of the band closes the show with...LIE IN OUR GRAVES? What a nice surprise! Instead of the expected Ants, Billies, Rapunzel, Two Step or Watchtower they give us a smoking version of LIOG. I thought it was a really great show and am anxious to check out the revised set list for Sunday's show #2 at Shoreline. -Mike
Mel W.
That show was perhaps the highlight of my year. It was my second show, and I was worried because I could only get lawn-seating, but my worries soon dissipated when DMB came on stage. They opened with "Everyday" and that got things off to an upbeat start. All the songs were sung with such enthusiasm and energy, and the musicians looked like they were having a blast. Boyd really ripped it up in WWYS. The whole band looked truly happy and it made the show even more enjoyable to watch. My personal favorite song was Pig. I was hoping they'd play it all day, so when the familiar intro started, I was thrilled. The crowd was great, the venue was great. I can't wait for next year.
Some people say I have an obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. I prefer to say that I am very passionate about the band. With that passion comes high expectations, especially since I have seen the band countless times, in venues ranging in size from 1000 to 25000. I have over 2,000 hours of Dave and I've heard almost every show from this tour so far. I expect them to put on a good show and I must say that at Shoreline, they didn't disappoint. The only complaint that I have about the show is that the sound was really weak and that was only because we were sitting way in the back. I think about half way through the show someone realized they had forgotten to plug something in. Once the sound came back, it was on. I did learn a trick though that I would like to share with the people that have to sit way in the back. Take your hands and cup them around your ears. For whatever reason, this amplifies the sound ten fold. You'll look somewhat retarded but it makes a huge difference. Dave really likes playing in Northern California, probably due to the fact that he recorded two of their albums in Marin County, just an hour north of Shoreline. I think because of that, he plays a show that caters to the true fan, not the thousands of little girls that were running around the venue in spaghetti string tops. The first third of the concert was slow, opening with Everyday and then Granny (my absolute favorite song!) It didn't pick up until later and it was so good to hear Rhyme and Reason, Song that Jane Likes, and Pig (the first time I've ever heard that live) and the incredible Daniel Lanois song Beauty of Wynona. My girlfriends favorite song is Lie in Our Graves and the fact that he closed with it made it a very good night for me! All in all, a great show and ranks up there with the 20 other shows I thought were great. On to Marysville, hope to see you there!
"hands and feet are all in line" he needs to stop facking with us... HL: bartender song that jane likes: i know that all STJL are the same...but this was amazingly livelier and more energy that was loud and boyd..what can i say... busted stuff: dave was into this one and leroi took an extended outro you never know: longer drum intro by carter and oh yeah, lie in our graves: butch and boyd...boyd and get the idea. LL: 5 everyday songs what you are though was surprisingly has a closer potential but not yet... *huge tortilla food fight on the lawn! lol..we had fun! it happened just after SOULIVE left the stage...lasted for a long time too..
Michael W.
I will try to keep this one short as I have more to say about the Sunday show but, here it goes. Arrived a bit late (in the parking lot @ 7:30)and missed Soul Live. Dave came on at 8:20 with Everyday. Not a typical opener therefore I realized this would be an interesting show. Next, was a flawless Granny. Man still playing this beautiful song after all these years. WTWE was next and it fit well in this location and played very well. You never know was after WTWE and my sister says its a good song just listen to the words. Ill have to do that someday. Speaking of sister, mine loves this next song #41. Played to perfection, #41 is always killer. Idid it? Ya, thats next and I did not expect it having heard Everyday as an opener. Busted Stuff was next and what can one say? This song was ideal in this spot within the set list and I was thankful to have heard it again. Fool to think. Its ok and we have to get through the Everydays' as best we can. Time for a pee when they play it though. A nice, long, screaming Bartender with STJL and Crush to follow. The crowd (we had lawn seats) was ready to take to the next level and was pleased with what can next. The resurection of Rhyme and Reason. Complete with new lyrics. I love this song because it reminds me of the early days (1995) when it was always played. WWYS was pretty standard but a nice treat and kept the crowd into the show. PIG, a first for me. Loved it. After #41, it was the almost the show highlight. Where are you going. This will be DMB's Kasmir. A excellent song (first time for me with the whole band. A shocking end of the regular set list with What you are. After the song Everyday This is my favorite Everyday song from the album. You will here this one at shows forever because it is so powerful. From start to finish, it builds then explodes to end. The show highlight was #41 but a close second was the first encore: Beauty of Wynona - solo. Most of the crowd did not have a clue to this song and was played to perfect by Dave solo and finally, LIOG closed the night. This may be a first ever as the last song. I dont know, go back to 1995 or 1996 and it was done but not lately. That being said, it was not a night of extended jams or guest appearances but one solid show. You just never know what Dave will play or how they will present the songs and that's what keeps us coming back for more so, see ya manana for day two.
Kevin W.
It has been exactly one year since i have seen the band sine they rocked Pac Bell. ...i'm gonna keep it short. i cannot explain a dmb concert in words! BARTENDER was off the hook! and #41(my favorite) was good but without bela or a long jam. STJL !!!! i can't believe they played it! i was surprised but pleased..same with DON'T BURN THE PIG!!! it sounded awesome! CRUSH sounded great to and LIOG was a great closer, but i think the band should let Leroi in on the jam and not just Boyd and Butch.. overall..the concert was great! can't wait til sac valley!....i am guessing two step or watchtower..or both!!! *crosses fingers*
Steve F.
ok, ok ... this was show # 16 for me and coming all the way across the country to see it made it all that more interesting (ohio to orlando to phoenix to san jose ). To start off I was really surprised to hear Everyday as the opener ... love that song ... such a great "feel good" song ... highlights for me were #41 (my favortie) One Sweet World, Lie in our Graves, and Where are you going ... I love all of dmb's songs but for this show these are the one's that stick out in my mind ... I was very thankful to hear #41 since they've only played it a handfull of times this tour ... meant a lot to me ... especially with all the travel ... LIOG was unbelievable ... boyd went nuts and it was just awesome ... WAYG, this is a great song ... it really starts to grow on you and the jam in the middle is really sweet ... all in all it was a great show ... as all 16 of them have been ... the only thing is that it seemed like dave was a little mellowed out ... he didn't seem to dance like he usually does ... maybe he's just a touch worn down ... but we'll see in a couple of months when he comes home to Ohio ... yeah !
Wow!!!! We will start with the venue. Shoreline is a great setting bad speakers :( but the beer garden was my best friend before the show. The Crowd, well i sat in the lawn, and the crowd started throwing tortilla chips, it was hilarious, but the crowd was kinda weak. Now the Show!!! Suprised not to see the lovely ladies on the tour but the band was amazing, and even though i like the ladies present, it was a good chance to hear the jams. This was my 12th show and it ranks in the top five. Everyday was a good song to start the crowd out. Granny was its usual goodness. WTWE was really good. You Never Know - i had downloaded this song about a month before the show and memorized it, the crowd wasn't really into it but the song is spectacular live. Then they came out with #41 and i was hoping they would jam for over a half hour on this one like they did earlier in canada this year bout no such luck, still a Great song though. I did it, i could have done without, Busted Stuff was nice to hear for the first time live-great song! Fool to think was good. Words can't really explain how good Bartender was. What a great Jam. Dave went off!! STJL- are you kidding me, Its been awhile since i heard that song live and i needed it-thank you DMB! Crush was amazing and R&R and WWYS were the usual. Pig was what i needed for this show!!!! Where are you going is an instant classic, What you Are was good. The encore For the beauty of wynona, amazing song and awesome to see dave do a solo so nicely. Then the highlight of the show -cry freedom tease, if i had heard that song it would have been the best show i had ever seen. We need that back on the setlists. Then closed with the best lie in our graves i will ever hear, the band went off!!! highlights-you never know, bartender, song that jane likes, pig (cry freedom tease) and lie in our graves.
First off the tortilla throwing was awesome. But onto the show, Dave opened with Everyday, with 36 mixed in. It was nice for an Everyday song. Then Granny which was an awesome surprise. Then WTWE which is my favorite Everyday. Then he played YNK and to be quite honest, I wasn't impressed. Then he played 41 and the show started to pick up momentum. However he had to play IDI, which pissed me off but oh well. Then Busted Stuff which is an awesome tune. Then another Everyday with Fool. Then he played Bartender which I had never heard live and might have been the second best song of the night, everyone was really into it and Dave was no exception. Then he surprised everyone with STJL, it was great. Then Crush which was very nice. I wasn't expecting Rhyme & Reason but I liked it. Then he played WWYS which everyone loved it was awesome, I've seen this song played a number of times and this was one of the best for sure. Then he played a great rendition of Pig, I thought that he might play this one and it was much better than I thought it would be. Then WAYG which was much better than I expected. Then he closed the set with WYA which is not a great song but was well played and had great lights. This would have been a good concert without the fabulous encore, but put together with the encore this was amazing. The Beauty Of Wynona was beautiful, that is all there is too it. Then LIOG, I thought last years version with Trey from Phish on the guitar was good but this was much better Boyd was awesome. And Butch made his presence felt for the first time in the evening but the piano was beautiful. Great Concert, c ya tommorow.