Dave Matthews Band
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

onstage 8:35pm
Too Much *
I Did It *
What Would You Say *
Busted Stuff *
You Never Know *
Warehouse * (stop-time intro)
Satellite *^
What You Are *
The Stone * -->
Drum Solo -->
Grace Is Gone *
Everyday (#36) *
When The World Ends *
Gravedigger (partial - new song)
Donít Drink the Water *
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
offstage 10:35pm
onstage 10:41pm
Long Black Veil +
#40 (tease)
Two Step *
offstage 10:59pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
^ with Angelique Kidjo on vocals
+ Dave solo

Scotty L.
What a night! First, let me tell you the crowd was awesome. The applause was deafening when the boys walked out. Dave was dressed nicely as always in a long sleeve pull over. Carter had on a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey. And Stefan...Stefan was actually wearing slacks and a suit jacket over a shiny button-down. I think he's really trying to compete with Boyd in the fashion department this year. Now let me just say to you folks out there....please don't be taking the ecstasy before a show. The older couple in front of us really needed to get a hotel room. Pretty distracting, but hey, I guess if you're gonna make out, it might as well be to DMB. So onto the setlist.....They started with TOO MUCH. The crowd immediately fed off the energy of the song, and the band in return fed off the energy of the crowd. Dave was dancing his ass off...all night! Great opener. Then, I saw the electric guitar, and I knew it was going to be I DID IT, since they didn't play it at Chula Vista. It was cool, but I was bored. It wasn't anything special. Same old I DID IT. But then they went into WHAT WOULD YOU SAY and brought the energy right back up. Classic song. Just as great as always. Then they all got laid back with BUSTED STUFF. It seemed a little slower than usual tonight, but it was good. They jammed out a nice long, slow groove at the end. YOU NEVER KNOW - "Don't lose the dream inside your head. It's there until you're dead. Dream." Do I have that right? Amazing song. The best I've heard it yet. Then WAREHOUSE just ruled. I don't know if an energy level can get higher. Also, because it was an indoor concert, the crowd's roar just bounced off the walls, making it louder still. Then Dave introduced Angelique Kidjo for some help on SATELLITE. I love the way she moves during the song. She adds a great vibe onstage. Afterwards, I saw the electric guitar again, and was not excited to hear what would come next, but God bless them, they did WHAT YOU ARE for the second show ina row! And Dave's singing during the outro was louder and clearer than ever. And then, the highlight of Scotty Love's night began. They did THE STONE. I can't say enough about how great this song sounds live. But then how about instead of stopping at the end, Carter busts into a DRUM SOLO!! Yes, you read right. A DRUM SOLO!! Shall I say it again? A DRUM SOLO!! ready for what's next? How about a DRUM SOLO....into GRACE IS GONE!!!! Yes, it's possible. And it happened. THE STONE into a DRUM SOLO into GRACE IS GONE! Wow. And Dave showed his very gracious side during the extended end of GRACE IS GONE by going behind Carter and playing for the poor audience members sitting behind the stage. What a swell guy. And then the boys surprised us once again by playing a full band version of EVERYDAY. I could tell Dave wanted some #36-audience-participation, like last year at the 5/26/01 Vegas show, but the crowd just gave back a steady loud, white-noise roar. So Dave sang a little #36 himself. then I felt the energy went down a bit with WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. Was Glen Ballard in the audience or something? Too many Everyday songs. Play What You Are and stop there, guys. But, oh well. Dave played the new GRAVEDIGGER JAM. It's okay. Nothing special...yet. I have faith that if they want to, the band will turn it into a great song someday. But it didn't help the low energy tonight. Until the band busted into a good, hard DON'T DRINK THE WATER. Great as always. But then they bring the mood down again with WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Why? But I admit, it sounded great. And never fear. the band grabbed the audience and lit a fire under our feet again with the set closer, ANTS MARCHING. Yeah, I was up for this one. Incredible finish to a great set................encore break...................for the beginning of the encore, Dave came out alone again and played LONG BLACK VEIL. Props to the Lovely Ladies, but it was so nice to hear Dave do this song without them. The usually drown him out just a little. His voice really shined on this one tonight. Great job, Dave. And then a huge finish to the show with TWO STEP. Not quite as good as at Chula Vista, but still epic and breathtaking. And that was that. One more show tomorrow night in Irvine. They still haven't played the four songs I'm waiting to hear. If they play them all in one night tomorrow, I think I'll die of happiness. If you're wondering what those songs are, read my review after tomorrow's show. I love you all!! Good Night.
Andy T.
OK. This show was AMAZING! It completely knocked my last two concerts to the ground! The opener, 'Too Much' was brilliant! My friend Grant called TM for the opener (i said Warehouse). Dave was dancin' his ass off through the song. 'I Did It' was kind of an obvious choice to be in the setlist, but the wrong choice to follow such a great opening. 'What Would You Say' woke up the entire arena after a lacking IDI. 'Busted Stuff' sounded awesome! I heard their new studio version of it on KROQ (a local L.A. radio station) yesterday morning when i was in line for the Jay Leno Show. I was at the Jay Leno show when Dave and the guys were on, and waiting 15 hours WAS WORTH IT!! It was an unforgettable experience... Back to the songs, 'You Never Know' was alright, i went around the arena and took different angled pictures of Dave during this one. I got as close as I could without being on the floor, which was heavily secured.. 'Warehouse' (what i wanted to be the opener) was brilliant. Long intro was top notch. 'Satellite' with Angelique Kidjo was nice. She sang the first verse which was alright, then sang the chorus very well...It was a nice alternative to the version of Satellite we all know. 'What You Are', 'The Stone', 'Grace Is Gone', 'Everyday/#36' were all played very well. I was hoping he played Stone, and he did.. 'When The World Ends' is just not a live song..It is so bland when played live..Its a nice studio song, but leave it there...Add a jam at the end of it instead of cutting the song where it does. If there was a low point of the show, it was probably WTWE. 'Grave Digger' was interesting. kinda cool, could have been a sign for Digging A Ditch, but 'Don't Drink The Water' was next. Great performance. then finished up with 'Where Are You Going' and the most kick ass version of 'Ants Marching' ive seen! Boyd was going nuts on the solo! He just blew the roof off Staples! encore 'Long Black Veil' Dave solo was lovely. Either that or 'Typical Situation' Dave solo would have been the perfect encore openers. There was a '#40' tease after LBV, then he started plucking away at 'Two Step'. Not a good closing encore song at all i.m.h.o. The beginning fires the crowd up, but by the end, it too slow and mellow to finish off such an upbeat non-stop dancing concert. I would have rather heard 'Watchtower' or even more 'Billies', no doubt about it. If they did play TB, it would have been too perfect of a show. Ive heard that Tim might be playing with them in Irvine tomorrow night. Unfortunately, im not going to that show. But if Tim does play with them tomorrow, you people who are going will be the luckiest bastards on the planet! Anyway, thank you so much Dave, Boyd, Stefan, Carter, Leroi, and Butch for playing the best concert I have ever been to. See you in L.A. next year!!
Heather C.
What an amazing show! First off, let me say that the one thing that makes the L.A. scene different from any other is all the people that come to the show in high heels, dresses, and/or leather jackets. I was wondering where all the guys in long hippie skirts were tonight...Anyway, my 12th show and first one at an indoor venue. I dug the sound! The band seemed to be so much more into it than they were in Chula Vista. They opened with Too Much accompanied by some of the greatest Dave Dance that I've ever seen. Dave also rocked out during What Would You Say. He looked kind of like a funky chicken bobbing his head all around on stage! I was cracking up. Roi rocked the house on a jam during all this as well. For the first time ever I heard Busted Stuff and it sounded sweet. Then followed a long, soft drum intro into You Never Know. This song was written so well and is so deep. Then we got Warehouse, complete with the time stop intro and everything. Dave brought out special guest Angelique Kidjo to sing a beautiful version of Satellite with him. Another highlight was The Stone, which I always love to hear. The crowd was singing the chorus at the end and then Dave and Stefan had this incredible jam together. We were blessed with a heavenly Carter drum solo into a faster version of Grace is Gone. Holy Everyday - not being played that much this tour and we got Everyday! Not just Everyday, but an Everyday with a #36 ending! Another highlight was Ants Marching with the crowd singing and dancing and more of Carter's drumming magic. I thought fireworks were going to come shooting out of his drums more than once tonight. Encore was a remarkable Dave solo of Long Black Veil and then the band came back out to play a jamming Two Step. I was truly impressed with this show, as I had my doubts at first about it being in L.A. and all, but I was not one bit disappointed. I cannot wait to see what the boys have in store for us tomorrow night in Irvine. Take care y'all - Heather
Bill H.
The second night of the SoCal leg of the tour was fun. Carter was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, I guess showing some support for the 2x champs. (He also wore a Jordan jersey the opening night of the tour in DC) My seats were decent, but the sound was not as crisp as last night where I was. Security was everywhere and that made it tough to smoke, but we prevailed. While last night seemed to focus more on solos, tonight appeared to be more about group jams and I liked it. Some highlights for me were Too Much, Satellite (simply because AK sang the opening verse instead of Dave and it gave me the chills), The Stone and the jam at the end of 2 Step. All in all a solid show, on to Irvine tomorrow. ps- does anyone know what has happend to Dancing Nancies and Typical Situation?
Sean P.
I really don't know what to say. I am not going to go over the setlist because you can scroll up and read it, but this show was unbelievable. I think it is the second best show that i have been to behind Devore '99. And i am somewhat partial to that show because it was my first. But i have seen some real good ones like last year at Pac Bell with Santana and Trey. The entire atmosphere tonight was electric. The crowd, the band, everything. The band was so on the entire show. I have been waiting 7 shows to see the Stone and warehouse live, and tonight i got my wish, both of them. One more thing, thanks Dave and Los Angeles for bringing out all of the hotties. There were some real good looking ladies there tonight, and DMB did not let down. I am hoping for Pig tomorrow. See ya'll in Irvine and then 500 mile drive to Shoreline. Thanks...
Jon K.
Pretty solid show tonight in LA. Predictable opener in Too Much. I Did It then took the already half dead crowd and just buried it...Busted Stuff was sweet to hear along with Grace is Gone (even though no one within one hundred yards of me knew either one). The highlights of the night for me would have to be Everyday/#36. Even without the ladies this song is just amazing. Boyd took it to another level with the #36 intro solo. Great set closer in Ants (first time seeing live) which even got this crowd completely to it's feet and dancing away. Encore was good with #40 tease, Long Black Veil (decent, but not the same w/ dave solo) and a great 14 minute Two Step that had more emotion than the one 2 nights ago in Chula Vista. All in all a decent, very radio friendly (WWYS, DDTW, Satellite, IDI, WAYG, Ants, Too Much, Everyday) set. Too bad the crowd sucked w/ the exception of all the real warehousers and nancies (parking lot pre-activities were great once we got it goin). See everyone at Verizon tomorrow. Peace
Mike, M.
Kelly - Alright, it's 6:30 in the morning, and after a long haul there followed by the long haul back we just returned to our home at Santa Cruz! I give major props to the people that drive from state to state. And now I have school in about an hour and a half! Anyway, dave rocked. I'm pretty damn tired and in need of a shower, all I can say is that The Stone was my highlight of the night, it was all I wanted to hear so good stuff. WWYS still has yet to fail me at a show, Uhh...shower time, here's jewelz. Julia - Hello all! Good show tonight; high point being LONG BLACK VEIL! Totally wasn't expecting it! It was so awesome! THNX DAVE! Lowpoint: Satillite...good lord, what the hell was that? It was my 1st time hearing that song and it was wrecked by (insert name of girl that Julia is too tired to remember). Geez, but the rest of the concert made up for it... Carter was so awesome tonight. Esp. during 2 Step.... Right now would be the time where I would say here's Mike or Mere, but they are I guess I'll just say on their behalf that they had a blast.... yeah, I'm going to bed to you guys on Saturday! Mike - Zzzzzzzzzz Mere - (Sawin' Logs)
Michael P.
It was a O.K. show. Tonight was my 15th show, and I would give it a C. Would have liked to see a couple diff. songs. The Stone, Warehouse, Ants were the highlights of the night. Didn't care much for DDTW, Satelite, and I Did It. For some reason when Dave is in LA, he always plays those songs. There also weren't any long solos, the band just didn't look to into the show. Although I'll give Stefan credit for wearing a suit. I look for tonights show in Irvine, to be a great one.
Ian S.
Let me say first of all that I did NOT go into this show with very high expectation, for various reasons--our seats weren't nearly as good as in Chula Vista, I didn't think Staples would be as cool a venue as the outdoor places he was playing before and after this show, Dodger Stadium last year was an average show at best, and other people had said Dave's LA shows are usually on the dull side...maybe it's because I set the bar low and therefore felt very pleasantly surprised, but regardless this was an awesome show! It definitely did have a different feel than the Coors show (slick, upscale, high-profile, 'Hollywood' as opposed to laid-back, hippie, amphitheatre atmosphere), but that didn't make it bad; it actually fit well with the setlist they played, and the crowd was much more into it than I would've expected. It was definitely a show heavy on the dreaded term "radio songs," (see the first three songs), but over time, Dave and the boyz have really found a way to expand them, jam them out a bit, and make them really good live (WWYS, DDTW, obviously ANTS, and even I DID IT sounded somewhat cool last night). BUSTED STUFF was awesome; they played a long, jazzed-up outro that was very different and totally unexpected, but great. YNK--although I'm kind of surprised both of the 'new' songs are on the slower side, I really like them both. After hearing this song a couple times now, I really got into it last night; it sort of reminds me of 'Say Goodbye,' while WAYG reminds me of 'Crash' or 'Grace.' WAREHOUSE was excellent as always although it seemed like it took the crowd a while to catch on to the stop-time intro and the "Woo!" SATELLITE was a surprise since they hadn't been playing it much, and Angelique definitely added a lot--again, a 'radio song' but it's come to have its own life and presence in concert. WYA was incredible! The super-long intro almost reminded me of Pink Floyd with the lights and the long buildup, and then Dave went nuts screaming a new outro. STONE--I'd never seen this song live before, and I always overlook it, but man did it sound amazing tonight! The setlist for this show was nothing earth-shattering on paper, but there were several 'diamonds in the rough' that unexpectedly made it a great concert, and this song was definitely one of them. I wouldn't have thought it would work to go right from STONE to a little drum solo, to GRACE, but they pulled it off. This song was also very jazzed up and jammed out at the end and much longer than I've ever heard; I thought it was cool that Dave went behind Carter during the outro, probably in part to give some to those unfortunate souls seated behind the stage and in part to just let the boyz play on their own. Awesome. EVERYDAY--another highlight for me. The totally jammed-out version of this they played in Vegas with the LLs last year was one of my favorite live moments ever, but I hadn't heard it live since it also became a 'radio song.' I was so hoping they'd still do the #36 outro at the end, and Dave must've heard my prayers! I was so happy! WTWE was a bit of a downer, and then Dave went into this "Gravedigger" solo--totally unexpected, pretty dark and intense, but I liked it a lot! Thought it might be a lead in to LIOG or Bartender, but DDTW is always good too! Always great energy on this song. WAYG--I don't know why, but I can't help it, I really love this song! It's so simple, but maybe that's what makes it so sweet. After what we heard Monday, I figured we'd have a good chance to get ANTS as a closer tonight, and it was awesome. Great energy as always, and the longer outro continues to impress as they keep expanding even their oldest songs. What a wonderful encore! I may be in the minority, but I've always loved LBV, and while I'd only heard it with the whole band and the LLs, Dave sounded beautiful on the solo version last night. I think it's awesome that he's doing a solo acoustic song at the start of almost every encore this tour. I had a funny feeling we might get TWO STEP again, even though you'd never think of hearing it two nights in a row, but sure enough, we got to hear it two nights in a row! Let me say that again: we got TWO STEP two nights in a row! Need I say more? I think it sounded a little tighter on Monday, but because it was their last song, I think the very end had more energy last night. All in all, an outstanding (and very pleasantly surprising) way to follow up on Monday's show, and I'm hoping there's still plenty of good stuff ahead in Irvine. See y'all there!
Shawn H.
What an amazing night with the band. Usually shows here in Los Angeles are a little suspect. The band usually plays radio hits, the fans are usually pretty poor, but tonight was an amazing exception. The band was full of energy and smiling throughout the whole night. It seemed like Dave was having the best tim eof all, dancing through most of the songs and occasionally waving the crowd on as he scat on the mic. We were even lucky enough to get a taste Of Gravedigger ( after which DAve turned around, looked at CArter, and threw his hands in the air). THe band was so tight tonight, but clearly taking the time to see where the songs took themselves. I have to put a plug in for seats behind the stage; they absolutly were some of the best seats I have ever had ( and I have had second row!). You could see the crowd as the band did, and it created a great dynamic as you could watch Daves face everytime he turnecd around to joke with Carter. CArter started off the evening with a Kobe jersey, but switched it to a Shaq one for the encore. Couldnt be happier with this tour. The Lillywhites seem very alive and upbeat, BS is gonna rock! SHow #12 tommorrow, and hopefully we get a Grey Street or a Tripping Billies. Thanks all. OUT
Jeff R.
No need to break it down by song but the highlights: You Never Know. a moving tune with a amazing vocals and a sweet little lead in. The highlight of the evening.The intro to What You Are is a longer, freakier, scarier version of the very short albumcut- very nice. After the Stone there was a great Carter solo and Dave started playing Grace, my favorite of the Lillywhites and a beautiful song. Later Dave turned around and they had a little conference for a few moments and just suddenly burst into a kick-ass Ants, which Megan and I have unbelievably not seen in our many shows until last night. Boyd owns this song- he was all over and as he wound down he faced off with Stefan, who obviously dug it because as he left the stage he pumped his fist to the crowd like a little kid. And the Long Black Veil solo- I missed Carter but I loved Dave by himself singing it in a bit different way then usual, more up and down, and I was wondering if his cords were hurting but he held out and sounded amazing. I never love the sound upstairs in an arena but they made the most of it with a beautiful set list. Wish I was going to Irvine tonight...(anyone?)
Michael A.
What a vibe the band had going tonight! I was a little apprehensive about seeing the band for the first time indoors, but wow did they fill up Staples with energy. I called Too Much for the opener and the band grabbed the crowd's attention right off the bat. I was really excited to be able to get Busted Stuff for a first time. The new CD should be amazing. The stop-time Warehouse was nice as well. Dave did some sort of outro with What You Are with his fist pumping. I like to call it his "game face" when he has that look like he's on a misson. He was definitely on one last night. "Gravedigger" was an awesome intro into DDTW. It has a nice eery sound which is perfect to roll straight into DDTW. Even Carter had some sort of solo at the end of The Stone. I haven't even mentioned Everyday yet. Unbelievable version of the song. The first time (I believe) the full band played it this tour. The "Hani Hani" singing in the crowd up front was amazing. Perhaps a Vegas junior if you will. Two Step seemed to be the perfect anthem to close the show with. Boyd and Dave dueling back and forth at the beginning before we all celebrated. Great show in both aspects (setlist and energy). This was my 12th show seeing the band and has to rate in the upper third or so of those shows. Hopefully tonight's show in Irvine can rival last night's!
Wayne S.
Quite a nice improvement from last year's Dodger Stadium. Whereas the band seemed be trying to suite the newer audience with mostly Everyday, this year was an amazing Show! My 6th row seats were the closest i have ever sat at a DMB show and this being my 6th show, definately made it my best. I am not sure if when Angelique Kidjo comes out, if it is supposed to be more entertainment or for her vocals, but either way it was a nice touch to Satelite. Dave's dancing and chicken head bobbing made the show awesome as well as the great choice of songs. Would have loved to see some Typical Situation or even Nancies, but i guess i will just have to go to more shows. One of the Olson twins was there and I was pleased to see that i had better seats than that little worries. I loved the jams, loved the set list, and glad to see they are still having fun playing
This show was amazing!!! First off let me say that Ashley Olson (yes, the Olson Twins) was right behind me...and not only is she HOT for a 16 year old, but she danced her ass off all night long!!! Ok, the energy from this show was incredible. The opener Too Much got everyone into it and the crowd was much louder than I would have ever expected. Dave fed off the energy all night and in turn was dancing up a storm and also talking quite a bit too. I Did It was standard, but then the energy came right back with an incredible WWYS. Busted Stuff and You Never Know were both great...YNK is beautiful live and I can't wait to hear the studio version. The "woo's" during the stop-time intro of Warehouse were awesome and Stefan was egging on the crowd with his fist pumps. Satellite w/ Angelique was a nice surprise in the setlist and added more to the song. The next three songs were probably the highlight of the night...What You Are has been amazing the past two shows and is great live! Then we got The Stone...WOW!!! Carter's solo at the end was insane and he was having a great time all night top it off though, his drum solo lead us right into Grace is Gone!!! Dave treated those behind the stage by heading behind Carter to play part of this. Everyday was nice as always, and I was hoping the rest of the people around me would help me out with my own #36 outro...but Dave went ahead and did it!!! WTWE just isn't that great live, but still nice to hear. The Gravedigger tease was nice to hear and it was quite a surprise as well...which lead into a powerful DDTW. Unfortunately EVERYONE around me sat down for WAYG...that is everyone EXCEPT Ashley Olson!! So needless to say "we" enjoyed the song...very beautiful and a new favorite. Ants had a TON of energy and the crowd just went crazy with this song. The boys ripped it up on this and it left the crowd in a roar for the encore. Long Black Veil was beautiful and Dave was great!! As the rest of the boys were coming on stage Dave teased us by playing part of #40, no lyrics, but still just hearing the guitar part was a treat. Two Step is ALWAYS amazing and last night was no exception. They seem to always have so much fun with this song and the crowd and band feed off each other. Chula and LA down...see y'all in Irvine!!! (and then Portland!!!)
As good as I thought the last show I went to was, this one was exponentially better. I like the smaller venue, it makes for a more intimate setting. A friend of mine and I made a mock setlist of the songs that we wanted Dave to play and I'll be damned if he didn't pay all but one of them... I guess great minds think alike. The show was incredible and I'm getting tired of people showing disdain for the songs from Everyday... It was a GREAT album... different doesn't mean bad people! Loved this show and I can't wait to see what Irvine has in store for us. Start appreciating what the band gives us instead of whining about what they didn't. Great show guys! (and by the way the second encore was not a #40 tease, it was a watchtower tease)
Somehow saying that DDTW was the best song of the night doesn't quite ring so memorable. And, lo and behold, we don't have a memorable show. My big twentieth Dave show let me down some, and that's the first time I've ever said that. Perhaps it was the crowd, oddly middle-aged and well-dressed; perhaps it was the post-modern setlist which mostly dipped into everyday and busted stuff; or perhaps it was the impossible task of dave sounding dave-like in an indoor arena. Whatever...there were some highlights. GRACE IS GONE is getting better and better, YNK has a sweet outro that sounds a lot like a BTCS track, and THE STONE was a surprise, creepy as ever, and the evergy by Dave, at least for the initial songs was damn good. But there were just too many songs that I would tend to use as bathroom breaks...IDI, SATELLITTE, WTWE, to name a few. This just hope that this means tomorrow in Irvine will all the good jams and leave me satiated until Tweeter Center in July. I'll event take a crowd that isn't decked out in DKNY (doesn't that look like a DMB song acronym) and Prada.
All I can say is "WOW!" What a great show. This was my 6th and definitly one of the better ones I have been to. So much better than Dodger Stadium. This was my first time seeing them indoors, the sound was excellent. The begginig of the show laged a little. "I Did It" was a great for a much needed restroom stop. "Where Are You Going" is fastly becoming one of my favorite songs! The last three songs were awesome!! What a way to close out the show. That was the longest finish to "Two Step" I have heard. I can't what for Irvine tonight!! A little outdoor session with the Dave Matthews Band...whart more can you ask for??
Amy H.
Ok, so I went the Chula Vista/Staples/Irvine shows for the past few days...and because i am tired i will just do a three-in-one for ya all, #6 for me tonight...i'm gonna skip chula because i was really wasted/high and was not in the right state of mind to even have an opinion of it... yeah it was that bad and will never do that again... but i do remember for the Beauty of wynonna into PNP & rapunzel, it was very cool, and totally unexpected but here's the highlights from irvine, (yes sober and thats a good thing after chula...): Bartender... dave's face during "baaaaartennnder pleeeeeeeassssse" says it all...CRUSH... so romantic and beautiful and my first time to see it live, it reminded me of how much i love that song...PIG!!!!the whole thing, not just a few lines... and boyd on his violin...unbelievable... its my favorite song and i never thought i would hear that tonight, let alone twice in my lifetime, it made the evening, maybe even the week, no doubt... fool to think, i'd dance a thousand steps, oh dave that is one of your greatest lines, everyday with the crowd singing honey/hani!!! it was great!! that song is great and then the best all along the watchtower that i have EVER heard, warren from gov't mule plays a mean guitar, and stephan and boyd and dave were battling out like no other, and to close irvine with old willie's ain't it funny how time slips away, oh boy... i loved it, and that song speaks so much truth and it is so simple, then the finalle=billies!!! great stuff!! everyone was going crazy!! loved it...lets get to the good stuff... now, irvine was great, chula... couldn't really tell ya, but staples, oh was phenomenal!!!! so anyways, all i can say is that i seriously doubted staples and had little faith that it would be up to par with the rest of the shows, but i was SOOOO wrong!!! it was like night and day compared to last year's dodger stadium show...the crowd was jamming and it was just completely different... I have been to the gorge aka the greatest place to see dave (date:aug25,01) and i swear this was as good or maybe better than that, and after that august day i thought it would never be equaled or topped...but, i mean IT WAS AMAZING, and i have NEVER seen so much energy coming from the band, the boys were on fuego... they really are so damn talented and maybe it was just the crowd that was around me (it really makes all difference when you are with real true hardcore dmb fans like yourself and have people to share the excitement, you know what i mean? i mean i always seem to go to dave shows with people that are not totally into the dmb and only know a few songs but i made some buddies that are on the same page as me when it come to dave and it just was so much better of an experience!! thanks brian and paul!!).... so anyways there was something very special about this show... highlights: WWYS=jamming like no other, BS, YNK (i am obsessed with this one...), WAREHOUSE!!! everyone did the wooo in the beginning-- it was rad, THE STONE!!! i've never heard it live but it was INTENSE!!! good stuff no doubt!! GIG--- so beautiful and you can really tell dave loves this song... EVERYDAY/#36.... this song makes me want to get naked and jump in the mud!! oh yeah!!! dave adds in his little 'funky love'... oh my its great... GRAVEDIGGER... i am digging (no pun intended)this song.. and looking forward to hearing it in the future...DDTW--- INTENSE, i love it!!! ANTS (it was nuts!!! dave was dancing EVERYWHERE!!!!boyd/carter/roi/&carter were all nuts as well... it was unbelievable... the band at their best). LBV...i haven't heard this since chicago... dave, all by himself... i was in heaven and that song was made for him to cover... good god--> 2step... i was praying for this one too, and i didn't think we'd get it again because they played it at chula, but it was so perfect and topped off the night perfectly... what a week... seriously, i practically blew off studying for my finals and i have NO regrets... the dave matthews band is, no doubt in my mind, the greatest band...what a way to start off my summer... saratoga springs,ny here we come... to those who are going to the gorge or contemplating whether to make the trip: JUST DO IT, it was phenomenal, i will tell you just what i was told: make the trip up to the gorge to go pay hommage to the gorge gods...i had no idea what that place was going to be like, and i still can't put in to words how to describe that place... you got to see it for yourself.... i wish i could go this year but i am in australia during the same time as the shows, so go for ME!!! you will NOT have any regrets!! i promise!! so long folks, hope you all enjoy the rest of your shows this summer!!
This was my 5th show and for a dmb concert, it was a let down. I think mostly because Monday's show in Chula was soooo good. Indoor arena sucked. Crowd sucked. DMB's energy was great tho. From top to bottom: 1. Too Much - surprised me and had great energy 2. I Did It - um...yeah they need to stop playing this song 3. WWYS - awesome, but another radio hit, typical of LA shows it seems 4. Busted Stuff - slow and mellow and dave was great at the end 5. YNK - greatttt song 6. Warehouse - one of the highlights 7. Satellite - i loved angelique, guests are always great to see 8. What You Are - A good everyday song which is rare 9. The stone --> GIG - WOW. WOW. WOW. Best part of the night 10. Everyday (#36) - sounded a lotttt better than last years, boyds solo was awesome, added a lot to a decent song 11. WTWE - ok 12. Gravedigger and DDTW - pretty good but I don't enjoyit live as much as other songs 13. WAYG - good song 14. Ants - surprised me. Boyd's solo was insane. Great song Encore- 15. LBV - enjoyed it solo without the LL's 16. Two Step - surprised me again. But not a bad way to close a somewhat decent set. Dissapointments: Too many "hits", no 41, LIOG, BOWA, Pig, LLD, Nancies, Typical Situation, Seek Up.....whered they go??? Looking forward to tomorrow night tho. Adios.
Jay T.
the DMb show at the staples center will be one that i will remember for the rest of my life ... not so much about the show, but i did before and after the show ... the show kinda lacked on jammin and it seemed the crowd was not really into the show ... but i was ... to make a long story short they played awesome...but i will not forget that i met 4 out of the five members of DMB .. i first got Leroy autograph on my art work .. then came boyd .. awesome... he signed also ... i was about to leave and head into the show and then turn around and said " no im waiting" then after that ... i met carter... shook "The Mans hand" he signed also ... went to the show and dont get me wrong i cherish all the shows i go to but they could have jammed alittle bit more ... after the show i camped out hoping that i will get stephan and daves autographs... but stephan went in and was drinking with friends i think..and i waited for the dave... dave came around the corner and girls started screaming " DAVE" but all i could do was yell " dave please come and sign my art work" and right before that, his bus driver told me " he hardly ever signs" ,,, but low and behold dave walked over to me and grabbed my pen and signed my art work ...too .. man talk about being on cloud 9 ... im still there and will be there for a long time... next dream is to actually hangout with them and chill,,, maybe even play around with their instruments.. i would just like to thank the Dave Matthews Band for making my 4 years of trying to meet them come true ... thank you thank you thank you i cant say it enough .... for people who know me ... understand how much i love their music ,,, so thank you once again for sending me to cloud 9 .. maybe they can write a song about being on cloud 9 .. see you soon .. i hope ...