Dave Matthews Band
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller's
Ice Ice Baby (Solo)
Walk On Me
Family Tree
How It Should Be (Sha Sha)
Wasted and Ready
Harriet's Got a Song
In Other Words
Commerce, TX
No Reason

onstage 8:10pm
So Right *
Grey Street *
You Never Know *
Granny *
I Did It *
One Sweet World *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
What You Are *
Crush *
When The World Ends *
So Much To Say *
Lie In Our Graves *
Raven *
Where Are You Going *
Two Step *
offstage 10:20pm
onstage 10:26pm
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away +
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
offstage 10:42pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

This was my 3rd show and I must say it was a treat. It was a great setlist with a lot of energy. It was knid of funny how Dave would go back and talk to Carter after each song. They're best friends for sure. I love seeing the band indoors. Raven and You Never Know were real treats tonight. It was overall a great show with Boyd and Leroi really playing amazing.

So Right- I am glad they opened up with this song. It was a pretty standard version. It really got the crowd going.

Grey Street- I konw we were going to hear this song tonight. You can always expect this song in Chicago. Great version with a sick roll at the end of the song by Carter.

You Never Know- This was my favorite song of the night. It is always a treat to hear this one in concert.

Granny- This was a pretty standard version tonight. I really liked how Carter messed around on the woodblocks in this one. It made the song sound really cool.

I Did It- This was a cool version of the song. It was pretty standard again.

One Sweet World- One of my favorite songs by the band. It was kind of a slower OSW which I really enjoyed. Dave sounded awesome at the end scatting while Carter followed him on the drums. It was really awesome.

Big Eyed Fish- My first time hearing this song in concert and I was not dissappointed at all. I liked it a lot.

Bartender- This is one of my favorite songs to hear live. I really love how Dave gets all lound and intense towards the end of the song. Leroi brings it all together at the end playing that anthem on his sax. Very powerful and very intense live.

What You Are- Dave really had it going on in this song. At the end he like imporpvised when everyone thought the song was over. It was totally awesome how Dave did that.

Crush- This song is all about LOVE. It was an awesome version. It was very cool how the crowd sang along throughout the whole song. Carter Beauford on the drums!!!! He was amazing at the end.

When the World Ends- This was a pretty standard version. No surprises....just a goog old version.

So Much To Say- This is always a good song to hear live. It really gets the crowd going. I love how Dave and Carter sing together in this one. It makes for a real cool live song.

Lie In Our Graves- This song = Boyd Tinsley....He was amazing in this song. It literally had him all over stage. He was having so much fun with the band. A crazy solo that ended with im playing soft and sweet. He stole the show with this performance.

Raven- This was my second favorite song of the night. It is really a treat to hear live. The band raelly had fun doing this one. It ended with all of them smiling.

Where Are You Going- This was a standard version that was kind of quieter. Dave really sang well on this one. Leroi sounded awesome on he sax too. It made for a great version of WAYG.

Two Step- I only have two words for this song.....CARTER BEAUFORD!!!!This was his single best performance I have ever seen or heard. At the end of the song during his solo all the lights were off and you could see him on the screen just smiling and blowing bubbles with his gum all while doing this insane solo. GOD BLESS HIM!

Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away- This was more of a tease with Dave singing 2 verses. It was really kind of cool. Kind of a happy song.

Gravedigger- Dave is amazing in this one. Singing with so much emotion and passion. It was a treat.

PNP/Rapunzel- I really like when they end the show with this combo. It is really cool to see them all jamming and going nuts and then all the sudden they bring it together to end on the same note. I really love this song live.

Thanks DMB for a great show! The boys were amazing tonight. I look forward to seeing you at the United Center in December.
The M.
Well Dave, thanks for a great night but you could have been alot better! Played many highlihts like grnny, two step, one sweet world, and Crush, but I mean to tell you the truth, I wish everday was never relased just so I didnt have to listen to songs like WTWE and So RIght. I would much rather listen to some old jams like WWYS, Crah, or Jimi Thing. All in all It was a great show but could have been alot better. Needs to lose Raven and that damn AInt it funny how time slips away and play some songs that people can sing to. Now i love something new but he just cant match the old stuff and untill he can, he has to stick with what people love. But, Dave thanks for a great night!!!
Dan W.
wow what an amazing show. never done this before but i guess ill give a song by song review since im real pumped right now!!!!! so right- nice opener. saw somepeople calling this earlier in the day. first time ive heard it live and it wasnt bad. got me kind of worried about the amount of everyday songs though. grey street- love this song. never will get old. nice version too. you never know- after hearing this millions of times over the past couple of weeks it still was awsome. real glad i was able to hear it tonight. granny- got the crowd going. always a great song. i did it- yeah one sweet world- i really wanted to hear this one also. cant beat the intro and outro. just an awsome song. at one point carter threw his drum stick in the air while still playing with the other hand, never looked up to catch it, it just landed right back in his hand and he kept playing like nothing happened. it was real cool. big eyed fish- standard version. love the pennywistle into bartender- wow, what a powerful song. daves voice sounded fine! what you are- really like the new ending. a real cool jam. crush- now here is when things started to heat up. what an awsome song. carter was amazing. at one point you couldnt even see his hands, they were moving so fast. the whole band was going nuts, except roi who seemed to be pissed off the whole night. dave was just in awe. when the world ends- not bad, not a big fan though. so much to say- heard this at all 5 shows ive been to, and every time its been without the bridge jam. i guess make this number 6. LIOG- just an amazing song. boyd was on fire, great solos. butch was awsome on this one also. probably the best version i ever heard. Raven- first time i heard this one at a show. i was real pleased. where are you going- just love how everyone sits down or goes to take a piss during this song. in a few weeks they will be going nuts when they play it. two step- again. carter beuford on the drums! wow was he on fire tonight. just an awsome version. the whole band went up to shake his hand after this one. and when they came back out after the encore they were all still laughing and going nuts about it. aint in funny- first time i heard this one live. not too bad either. improv- was really weird. actually made me kind of depressed. dave just kept on talking about digging a grave, and death. said something about the year 1913. just really strange. went on for about 4 minutes. Rapunzel- i called this one. dave was going nuts. fonzie was going nuts, butch was going nuts, carter and boyd went nuts, roi didnt. but what a great version. butch adds alot to it. my ears are still ringing from the crowd. wow what energy! all in all an awsome show. carter was on fire and fonzy seemed real pumped up for some reason, he was just real happy the whole nite. dave didnt seem overly excited, kept grabing his throat so hes still probably under the weather a bit. roi seemed pissed the whole night. he had trouble with his sax the whole night and at one point just threw his reed to the ground. sorry for the length, but for everyone who hasnt seen a show this tour, they are on fire!!!!
Wow, what a night. The band was pretty cool tonight, I must say. Highlights of the night: SO RIGHT - first time played all tour long, and it was sucha high energy song, a great way to start off the night. YOU NEVER KNOW - You know, I listened to this song before from bootlegs ans whatnot, but hearing it live in person is a total different experience, just so much passion. WHAT YOU ARE - Dave did a different verse at the end, I think it was a cover of something, I don't know... the crowd went nuts and Carter was very pleased too. RAVEN - The new lyrics are pretty decent, even though I miss the falsetto. It was funny, I was the only one like in my whole section who stoof up for the whole song, and belted out the lyrics. IMPROV (I'll just call it "Grave Digger") - Pretty cool for just making it up on the spot, it featured only Dave, Carter, and Stefan, and Dave just kept on singing about diggin graves, and one to be dug for him or something... it was kind of a downer, but i t was so awesome, the crowd was in total silence just listening, truly a magical moment. Can't wait for night two.
Brian G.
Well, my year and a half wait is finally over. I was so pumped for this show (third row seats help!) Lets go through the highlights and one lowlight. SO RIGHT: Great to hear this for the first time in 2002. I know that this was a great opener to a very special Chicago Weekend. YOU NEVER KNOW: amazing. only a few people (including me) knew this song and it rocks! Carter had a really long intro with this song. LOWLIGHT #1: I DID IT. at least they got this over with quickly. OSW had the instrumental intro. BEF-->BT was great. dave broke a couple strings during bartender. WHAT YOU ARE: Called this. Wow. great live. it was even better because right at the end, dave was singing new lyrics which were awesome. Dave and the boys were on fire tonight! CRUSH!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to hear this. i thought they were going to play Watchtower with Stefan's intro, but they went into Crush instead. LOWLIGHT #2: Mostly new songs (including 4 everyday) up to this point, not a lot of oldies. LIOG: one of the best ive witnessed. boyd went absolutely nuts. a nice 17 minute liog that was one of the highlights of the night. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? first time hearing full band and i love it. HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!: TWO STEP. un-f**kin-believable. easily the best two step i have ever heard. when i thought they were going to end it, they just kept on going. how the hell carter can move his arms that quickly and still blow bubbles is beyond me. lots of solos from all the members, resulting in a 13 minute jam. AIFHTSA was nice to hear for the encore. then they went into i guess an improv. i thought it was going to be Diggin a Ditch b/c dave kept saying Gravedigger (i also thought it was a new song). one great lyric from it was "Dig my grave shallow, so I can feel the rain." sweet. THen a very nice PNP-->Rapunzel to cap off an amazing evening. Tomorrow night will be hard to beat! I called 10 of the 18 songs they played tonight before they played them. this was the best show i have witnessed of the 4 ive been to and i just hope that tomorrow will be up to par with this one. This tour is all Leroi and Boyd. They are taking a lot more solos and it is unbelievable the energy that Dave and the boys are putting together each night. Rock on Boys!!!!!
Collin Q.
First of all, the boys returned to Chicago and rocked the house out. I saw Dave but the baritone on and i figured a "I Did It" opener but was wrong. "So Right" comes ripping out and Dave screwed up the first line as well. Kinda lost it due to the fact it was the first time played this tour. "Grey Street" followed and was as tight as always. Very nice with amazing lyrics. "You Never Know" was amazing. This song is just pure power and the lyrics are mindblowing. Nice to hear "Granny", a classic unreleased song just when we need one. "I Did It" was standard sending most people in my section on a beer run. "One Sweet World" was great as always and is still one of my favorite songs. "Big Eyed Fish" was nuts like always and Leroi's intro into "Bartender" gave me goosebumps. Honestly. Stefan was jammin out during "Bartender" as well. Dave busted out the baritone again and did the classic moaning and screaming intro to "What You Are". Stefan busted out some bass groves and then took us into "Crush" in which Boyd and Dave jammed out to. "When the World Ends" and "So Much to say" were standard, but "Lie In Our Graves" took us to a whole differnt level. Boyd tore it up all through the song and never stopped. He made the night complete. I was glad to hear "Raven" again, this time with totally different lyrics and a differnt jam style as well. "Where Are YOu Going" is an amazing song and a favorite of mine already. "Two Step" was amazing. Carter went nuts on the drums. If the roof could have fallen in, it would have. Carter made that song and they boys followed the standard 5 drum kicks and took us home. "Ain't it Funny" was great to hear again but then something new happened. what I call "Gravedigger" came out tonight, a little 3 minute jam and Dave kept repeating something like "Gravedigger, dig me a grave but make it shallow so I can feel the rain" It was amazing. "PNP -> Rapunzel" closed the show and finally got Dave's feet moving. All and all, an amazing show. Hope tomorrow is as amazing as well. Peace
Michael Z.
This was a good night at Allstate Arena...not the best but it was indeed a good time. It was half and half new songs as well as old songs which gave it a mix that had the fans wondering as to what will be played next. Granny and One Sweet World were good to hear early as opposed to the new songs and during One Sweet World, Carter threw one of his drum sticks through the air while on a tear. Big Eyed Fish into Bartender was awesome and Leroi on the flute adds a great addition to these songs. I have to say that Where Are You Going is an awesome song that I look forward to hearing more of and watch as it progresses in concert as have most of the other new songs from night to night. I think the great highlight of the night was of course Lie In Our Graves, went for about 15-20 minutes (somewhere in there) and the jam only gets better with every show. Two Step had a lot of energy especially at the end when the band kept playing louder and louder to finish off the set. For the encore, Dave came out by himself for Aint It Funny without the Ottis Redding "Sitting on the dock of the bay...." part which was short but sweet. Then this so called "Improv" where Dave sang something about a grave and digging (wasn't Digging a Ditch though)...not too sure what this was which ended up going to Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel where Dave switched two verses around which caught me off guard. The band however played a solid jam and Dave danced his way around the stage like a mad man that really sent us on our way.
After showing up an hour and a half before ben kweller went onstage, I found out I was 2 minutes late from seeing boyd in person and giving out his autographs. I stuck around for a little while longer to see dave twice before he went into allstate for good. The first thing i have to say about the show was that it was filled with complete energy. The second thing i have to say is that i've never really had as much respect for the piano/keyboard before tonight since peter grieser was around. Opening with so right added even more pump to the crowd. When one sweet "whirled" came around i couldn't keep my eyes open the entire time. I felt this sense of flow in me. The rest of the show was completly amazing. The "gravedigger" improv was also way cool. I've never really heard about it until tonight. It sounded more like a whole tune than an improv though. Boyd -> butch added much respect to the lie in our graves tune. Dave also went off during two step, which just carried unbelievable ammounts of pump to it. Alltogether, one of my favorite shows. I just can't wait until tomorrow night....!
Gabe G.
Wow, the first of two shows near Chicago was terrific. The setlist was quite good, even if the encore was a little subpar. I called "Grey Street" to be the opener, but they played it 2nd...close enough. That really warmed up the crowd for "You Never Know", which sounds fantastic. The new song caused a bit of confusion among the fans, but I think it won them over by the end. "Granny" had the crowd yelling "LOVE!"...fun stuff. However, I think the turning point of the show was "One Sweet World"--the first song to really make people dance. A few great songs after that, but then came one of the highlights of the show: Boyd pumping out a GORGEOUS solo during "Crush". Definitely one for the ladies, as the woman next to me aptly pointed out. The guy is outta hand. The song had the entire crowd crooning to the chorus. The other highlight had to be a jammed-out "LIOG". Again, Boyd and Butch with great solos. "Where Are You Going" sounds lovely with the full band in it now; it's pretty clear what the radio single for the new album will be. The surprise of the night had to be "Two Step". After "So Much to Say' and "LIOG" I thought they were done with "Crash", but they proved me wrong. Great version as usual...they really teased the audience with a strong closer. Unfortunately, the encore couldn't compare, and full quite short. "Ain't it Funny" was expected. The little improv jam was not, but when Dave jumped into "PNP", I knew the show was done. Don't get me wrong, I like "Rapunzel", but I guess it doesn't do it for me as the encore closer. Ah well, I guess they were saving "Ants" or "Tripping Billies" for tomorrow night. All in all, good show. Interestingly enough, though, there wasn't a single song from "Under the Table and Dreaming"...hmm. Still, Dave is my dad.
Chris K.
This show was amazing! I had been praying for a "SO RIGHT" opener since I bought the ticket, and it made it's debut tongiht. Very good opener and then "GREY STREET" was equally fantastic. They had tons of energy from the beginning, and it lasted throughout the night. "YOU NEVER KNOW" is new, but it's great. Theye played "I DID IT," but got it out of the way early so it wasn't that bad. Carter threw his drumstick up in the air and caught it during "ONE SWEET WORLD" which was definetly the coolest thing to see during the show. It was so funny! "BIG EYED FISH" and "BARTENDER" were both awesome! Dave's voice on BEF was really weird, but cool and Boyd played Bartender a bit differently, but I liked it. "WHAT YOU ARE" was cool as hell and Boyd jammed like crazy on "CRUSH." That song absolutely rocked tonight. "LIE IN OUR GRAVES" was unreal. Boyd's solo was incredible and at one point, he was leaning back and playing on one foot. He was walking all around, just having a great time with the bow. "TWO STEP" was sweet as hell and they played it differently than I am used to. Dave had the featured solo in the beginning, not Butch and Carter was fantastic on th drums. They really closed the set with a bang and we were totally going nuts. Dave came out and played Willy's tune, but then the band played a new song after that. At least I think it is new. He said "GRAVEDIGGER" a substancial amount during the song/jam or whatever it is, but I don't really know how to label it. The other band members didn't have much to do during this song either, so it was kinda wierd, yet catchy. "RAPUNZEL" was great and Dave was totally dancing all over. They did a wonderful job tonight, and the highlight was undoubtedly the opener. See ya all tomorrow night!
First time reviewer here...12th show overall...First words...OH MY GOODNESS!!! I had front row center seats for an amazing performance tonight. Had a sign made for Dave which he seemed to enjoy :) Dave and the boys had so much energy that it didnt matter WHAT songs they played. As it turned out the set list kicked ass anyways. For all those people who were looking for "more", you guys are nuts. The opener blew me away right away, SO RIGHT is such a good opener. GREY STREET has been one of my favorite songs since they started playing it and tonight's version was incredible. I hadnt heard YOU NEVER KNOW and i really liked the sound to it, cant wait to hear it on the album. GRANNY, not my favorite song of theirs but a good crowd pleasure and again, sounded awesome cuz of their energy. I DID IT..if they were going to play it, Im glad it rocked as much as it did, it has come a long way since just last summer already. ONE SWEET WORLD was just awesome, lots of people sat down but I didnt care...Dave was smiling and having a great time. BIG EYED FISH -->BARTENDER is one of the best combos of any 2 songs ever. So passionate and emotionaly. I about fainted. WHAT YOU ARE was so good tonight its not even funny, easily one of the best Everyday songs, especially live. Crush made a lot of people almost pass out tonight. Amazing version. WTWE, pretty standard, nothing too outstanding. A really good SMTS. Then came LIOG with Boyd going crazy and then Butch chilling us all out for a while at the end. RAVEN's new lyrics are so amazing. I stood and tried to hear as much of them as possible. Interested to see which lyrics are going to be on the album. WAYG, really nice song, faked a lot of people out into thinking it was grace is gone, but sounded really good with the full band. TWO STEP is one of those songs that is sick no matter what, but tonight's was easily one of the best ones ive ever heard. CARTER BEAUFORD on the drums@! Carter smiled at me when was bowing to his greatness. AINT IT FUNNY sounds so good..Dave just up there by himself. The IMPROV song was a nice surpise..i didnt know if it was just an into or whatever but I guess he just made it all up. PNP-->RAPUNZEL...WOW!!! Dave dancing like a crazy man..All in all just an amazing night and even though there werent a lot of old songs it didnt matter because what they played kicked so much ass. Cant wait for tomorrow...Thanks DMB!
Peter N.
Well, first off, I'll start with a disclaimer. I was front and center for this show, so my review may be a little biased, but this show was unbelievable. Here's a quick rundown of the set: SO RIGHT- unexpected but a great opener, amazing energy and great sound. This is still my favorite track off of Everyday. GREY STREET- just keep climbing, the energy only increased on this tune, great version I like the new lyrics a lot. YOU NEVER KNOW- I was very excited to hear this one, as I've been starved for new songs for about a year and it lived up to the DMB standard. Real groovy with a cool message. GRANNY- first old tune of the night, pretty standard version but of course it rocked anyway. crowd got really into it, singing along on the LOVE and BABY parts. I DID IT- everyone disses this song but tonights version of it should put those people to shame. Although it doesn't show off the full talent of the band, it's a fun song that gets the crowd jumping. ONE SWEET WORLD- sweet as ever with the nature intro, Leroi's alto mic wasn't working for the intro, so he just switched back to the tenor (which he still sounded great on). BIG EYED FISH- Dave has so much fun with the lyrics on this song, his facial expressions are great. I'll take this time to mention that the only time I could tell Dave's voice was bothering him was on the falsetto parts in this song and others, but his chest voice still sounded great. BARTENDER- this song is always amazing, and it was again tonight. Great job by Roi on the pennywhistle. WHAT YOU ARE- boy has this come a long way since last summer. Dave improvised the last verse and it was just sick. CRUSH- a good time in the set for one of the band's best singles. Stefan sounded great and Boyd tore it up on his solos. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS- this was a good cooldown song after the craziness of the past couple trax. another Everyday song that has come leaps and bounds since it was first played. SO MUCH TO SAY- always happy to hear this song, pretty std. version but great nonetheless. LIE IN OUR GRAVES- this is one of those songs that is always good no matter what and it lived up to that reputation, Boyd going crazy and playing the crowd, then Butch chilling it out with a nice piano solo. RAVEN- LOVE the new lyrics to this song. It makes a lot more sense and flows better, plus the instrumentals have improved as well since the song debuted in summer 00. WHERE ARE YOU GOING- great to hear the other completely new song, a beautiful ballad that is reminiscent of Grace is Gone. TWO STEP- another song that is good every time, but tonight it surpassed any other version I have heard. Crazy jam in the middle and the build at the end almost killed me. AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY- i really like this tune, another example of the fact that any cover Dave decides to do, he'll make it sound as good or better than the original. IMPROV- i had no idea what was going on for this, but it sounded like part of an actual song (of course, Dave is good enough that i'm sure he was just making it up as he went) an excerpt from the lyrics (as close as i can figure): Gravedigger, dig me a grave. Make it shallow, so I can feel the rain . . . PNP=>RAPUNZEL- this is always a great closer and it didn't disappoint. Dave danced up a storm and Carter proved yet again that he's definitely an alien.
Dan K.
What an amazing night. I will just run through a few highlights..."So Right" was a quality high energy opener that got the crowd pumped up. Dave then launched into a great "Grey Street", a song that they performed well tonight. When Dave hit the opening notes of the instrumental intro to "One Sweet World" I knew the tone for the evening was going to be good. I never get tired of hearing this song, what a great song, in my opinion one of the best he has written. "Crush" followed, Boyd tore up the solo sections and they ended it with a tight little jam a la storytellers. I love hearing this song, always a favorite. "Lie in Our Graves" was amazing, Boyd went nuts, and the solo Butch Taylor played was really very good as well. This went something like seventeen minutes and when it ended I thought I would have to wait for the encore to hear "Two Step". Not so, as those opening chords came out and did this song rock. Carter is absolutely amazing, his hands were flying, and even Dave got in on the solo action. He seemed a little unsure of himself during his solo, but it was played beautifully, and was a nice treat to hear. The encore was kind of a let down after such a great "Two Step". Really wanted "Halloween", I guess I will have to wait till Alpine. "Ain't it Funny How Time Slips Away" was standard. Then the band started just improving on this one tune. I'm really not sure what it is...thought it was "Digging a Ditch" for awhile, but it wasn't. Kind of depressing, lot's of lyrics to the extent of "Gravedigger...dig me a shallow grave so I can feel the rain...", but it was great to hear. "Rapunzel" was standard with a little longer jam at the end, Dave was dancing around crazily and ended the night on a nice high energy note. All in all a great show, still hoping for "Halloween." sometime this tour.
Tammy A.
I have such mixed feelings on this show. I think, if Dave had been in good voice and feeling good this could have been one of my favorite shows -set list was awesome and the band was just so in the groove with each other. However, and we should all be concerned about this, Dave's voice is clearly not back to normal, and this is a major problem. He was unable to hit many of the stretch notes and it kept him from delivering the kind of performance he normally does. Worse, his voice deteriorated throughout the night. I felt bad for him, cause he was clearly aware and bothered by it - he did not dance for most of the show, really until they got to Two Step, and even then, it was subdued. This was just so unusual - no happy feet- maybe they are tied to his vocal chords? Now the good part is this.. what an awesome group DMB truly is. The rest of the band obviously knew he was struggling and busted their asses to make the performance outstanding. Carter, what can you say? The guy plays like he has 5 completely independent limbs. Awesome. Roi, wow - he carried the first half of the show with his improvs on the horns, until somewhere during CRUSH when Boyd woke up. Then it was his turn, going nuts on Crush and then later probably a 3-4 minutes solo during LIOG that was just awesome. Stephan, better every year - laying down the lines on all the songs and clearly the only other band member who can stomach playing I DID IT. And finally Dave, playing his heart out to compensate for his voice. The fans were so great and appreciative tonight - even in my section up in 203, eveyone stood the whole time and people were decent to be around. Thanks for a great show guys and hope Dave can heal up.
Ryan W.
Opening Act: I got there right when Kweller was in the middle of playing his stuff. While walking around the arena to my seats I listened to him and he is not at all that bad live. Kweller finished his set and everyone calms down waiting for DMB to get on stage. So Right: Now this was a surpriser. First off it had not been played this tour yet(at least I think) and it was an opener. It was a good song to get the crowd going because most everyone knew the words. Grey Street: This song was a good one to bring the crowd a little bit from the opener. Dave played this one very well. But not much to say about it since nothing was special about it. You Never Know: This was amazing because it was one of the songs that you could hear played and sung. It really mellowed the crowd down. Granny: This song was the first song of the night that most people knew. It had a lot of energy. One Sweet World: I was not expecting this song at that time but it fit in just right because it was another song that the crowd could all sing. Everyone played the song just perfect. I Did it: This was kind of a low point of the concert but not. It was a great song for the crowd but an ok one for me. Big Eyed Fish ----> Bartender: This was amazing the band jammed out BEF and I was not expecting them to go right into Bartender which was amazing. What You Are- Another Everyday song that we dont want to hear. Well anyways Dave and the Boys did a good play with this one. Crush- This was one of the 3 highlights of the night. The entire crowd was into the song. When Boyd got at his solo he went all out crazy. Then towards the end of the song Boyd had yet ANOTHER solo and went even more crazy on it. This song had pure connection between the band and the crowd. When the World Ends- Now this song I dont have much to say since it is my least favorite song on Everyday and I was in the bathroom at this time. So Much to Say- I got back just in time for this one and I am happy I did. When they busted this one out the place went nuts. Lie in out graves- This was another highlight of the night. This was played with I think everyone going into a solo. They ended up jamming this for about 7-9 min. which was amazing. Yet again like in crush Boyd went crazy during his solos. At the end Carter went nuts as hell to end the song which was very nice. Raven- This song was played at such a good time because just after two very good and amazing songs. It settled the crowd down for what was going to be the best part of the show. They nailed this one perfectly w/ everything so right. Were are you going- This one was sweet as can be. Not many people knew the song but me and my friend. It was amazing to good to describe. Two Step- This was the higlight of the night. When it was played the crowd went nuts and i mean nuts. When they were finished with the song and going onto the jams was so sweet. Everyone in the band had a solo. Butch's solo and Stefan's solo were amazing. But Carter, Leroi and Boyd all went all out crazy during their solos. It was sweet. Dave well when he was dancing it was so amazing I cant even describe it with words. Encore: Aint it funny how time slips away- This was a good song to start the encore. Slow but yet sweet not many songs are that good for the encore. Inprove- I had no idea what the heck what they were doing at this time but it was sweet. PNP--->Rapunzel- This was a sweet closer. The boys all played this song with so much energy. The crowd all knew the words it was pure excitment. Well I cant wait till tonight 4/27/02 allstate night 2 here I come baby yeah.
Well this was my first ever Dave Matthews show and all I can say is, it freakin rocked. I dont know what my expectations were but they got blown away. I have heard concerts on CD but the visual aspect and actually being there with thousands of Dave fans was amazing. Being able to look around and see people dancing to So Right and Grey Street was awesome. Although I still need to learn the words to You Never Know. Granny was an awesome tune too. When Dave grabbed the electric I was expecting I Did It and unfortunatly got it, but it was still enough to get the crowd singing along. One of the best songs of the night was Crush. Stephan started doing a little bass solo and then hit the Crush riff and people went nuts! Hearing 20,000 people sing "feeling high" was awesome! LIOG was also a great song to see for the first time. I have heard the jams but nothing is as cool as seeing Leroi, Boyd, Carter, Butch, and Dave just rock the place out! Also to see all the lighters come out during Butch's solo was really cool. And to add to the excitiment they then closed with Two Step which is one of my faves and the way they ended it had me yelling at the top of my lungs. Truly amazing! The encore was great too. For six minutes the croud was cheering and broke into chanting "Dave, Dave!" He came out and did Aint It Funny which was very cool. Then the band came out and did the little improv jam with people titled Gravedigger. Very cool little song! When PNP started everyone knew it was gonna be a great end to a show. Rapunzel was awesome. Dave was all over the stage. It was a sweet ending! Well my first show was awesome I can't wait till they come back to Tweeter and Alpine. Until then i guess I have to go back to listening to my CD's
Oh my God. After meeting BT before the show I was def. pumped. I was ready to go inside and chill with the WHers til Ben started up. He was really good but the sound sucked. Dave came on around 5 till 8 or so and I was so excited. This was my second show and I was totally ready. I saw his guitar tech give him his elec. and I knew an Everyday song was coming. When he started So Right everyone was so pumped. Grey Street was a nice song to hear. Its got some sweet lyrics. Then came You'll Never Know. Geezus I love that song. I was like the only one jamming to it and actually knew the lyrics. Next up Granny. I called it and I was soooooo right. It was great. Everyone was groovin to the 'Love' 'Baby' parts. It was so cool. After I Did It I got ticket upgrades to beside stage so I got to watch OSW from 50 feet away. It was so awesome! BEF--> Bartender was really cool, those are like my 2 favourite songs from the Lillywhite sessions so I was happy to hear them. After What You Are Fonzie started up on the bass line for Crush and me and my girl were so pumped. During Boyds jam everyone was just feeding him energy. He loved it and so did Dave. He kept giving Carter these huge smiles. WTWE was next then came a really nicely jammed out SMTS. LIOG was next. I didn't think once about hearing it tonight but I did. Dave was really groovin with the crowd during the jam. He kept smiling at us and moving around doing his Dave feet. Next came Raven. I really like this song but I can never get the words. Oh well, WAYG came up next and damn, I just love the sweet acoustics of this song. So beautiful. TWO STEP!!!! Yes, such a great song. About the time when my throat started to burn like holy hell. I was screaming and singing so loud that it hurt! What a great version. The jams were intense and once again the crowd fed Boyd with energy! The encore was beautiful. It was nice to hear Aint it funny. I knew he was going to play it, Dave loves this song, its so sweet. PNP>Rapunzel was next. I heard this in Chicago last year. Wasn't as intense as last night was. But oh well. I can't wait to come back tomorrow. I'm ready to jam the night away with you lovely people. Peace out.
Dominic B.
You know the saying "3rd time's a charm"? Well, for me, my 19th DMB show was the charm. Quite possibly the BEST show I've ever personally attended. I usually rate shows based on how many "bathroom break" songs they play, but last night, I didn't want to leave during any song. From Grey Street to Granny to SMTS to the Rapunzel jam to take me home...I could go on and on about last night, I just hope they try to top it tonight.
Jim A.
THe opener was a good one with So right, one of the few songs that I can handle from the Everyday album. In fact the first 3 songs were all great, but I knew he would blow thehot streak when he grabbed the electric guitar and I was right. I Did It came on which made it perfect to pee and grab a beer if you know what I mean. Which actually is great ( I think he mixes a crappy song in there once ina while just for that reason) The LIOG was great and very energetic Two Step was excellent. The highlight of the night was the Gravedigger improv song was great and got me going. Overall however Dave was quite obviously not reaching the high notes that he has mades us accustomed to. You could obviously tell he is trying to keep his voice for the long road of touring ahead. Bottom line is the set list was great but Dave's voice left something to be desired. Which makes me worry about tonight... we are bound to get a not as good set list, and with Dave's voice at 60% uh oh!! BUt I have been suprised before!!
Wow Dave Matthews Band was awesome I loved it when they play all those songs off of everday.. I think that may be the greteast album ever written.. Dave Matthews next albums need to be completely studio done, no jamming just like every day.. I trihnk everyopne can agree with me that When the World Ends was the highlight of the evening... hehehe
This was a weak showing on their part. For all of you who claim that this show was excellent, terrific, wonderful, etc, you are young and naive. This is not how a DMB show used to be. Everyday ruined the world of Dave shows and has forever changed the way they as a band play, sound, and excite the crowd, namely me. If you disagree you obviously are a weak minded fool and need to pick up a copy of shows from the 98 and 99 tours. GREG BALLARD SUCKS AND HAS FOREVER CHANGED THE BAND AND MY LIFE FOREVER!
Enjoyable. Enjoyable would be the best word to decribe this show. Not spectacular, or unbelieveable. And those are the words i would use to decribe my pervious dave concerts. Well first one thing that made a big difference were my seats, for this concert they were honestly the last row! And the show i saw before that they were 10th row center, so that's a lot of expectation. They opened with So Right which was aweosme, Grey Street was pretty amazing also. The next two songs didn't do to much for me, i was thinking he should play an upbeat song like jimi thing or something that wouldn't invovle lighters. and then he played i did it.. euugg! Do i even have to decribe that one, it killed me. A few songs later he played bartender and it blew me away! That is my favrote song and it was really awesome. Another favrote he played was Crush we all know how amazing that song is live. Doesn't it make u wish u knew how to play violin>? this definatly spiced up the night and i think it got much better from that point on. So Much Too Say and Lie in our Graves were amazing and upbeat, which the night needed. Two step made the crowd go nuts, i loved it! it makes u proud to be a die hard fan. Ain't it funny was awesome, i have never seen dave play a song without the boys =). Rapunzel was a great choice to close with. Ants would have been nice, but that still made me leave with a big smile on my face. Nice job boys!
WOW! kick-ass show! Serendipity was on our shoulders, because we just got tickets 2 days before the show, AND we got to see Carter and Boyd before the show. Just briefly, but close up. Opened with So Right--one of my favorites from Everyday and it got the crowd going. grey street followed suit nicely. You Never Know--heard it a few days back in detroit for the first time, and I think it'll grow on me. Granny was stellar! Everyone was shouting the "LOVE!" and "MAYBE" parts along with the band--everyone was into it. I did it was as expected, but they did this cool jam afterwards that lead into One Sweet World, (and they did that in Detroit too)so that was cool. I loved the changes in Big eyed Fish--he sang the verses in a different order. the outro into bartender was cool as well--they've been doing a lot of cool jams and intros/outros this tour, and I love it. What You Are was great, and Dave did this little almost gospel sounding rant at the end while pumping his fist and singing..new, but rather cool. I'm speachless on Crush--boyd tore it up on the violin!! When the World Ends and So Much to Say were fun, and they did a 'short' 8 minute jam in LIOG, but Carter was on with the drums. and Raven is fast becoming a favorite of mine. WAYG is decent, and Two Step---they were definitely having a good time! So much energy from the band, and the crowd was live! The encore "Ain't it funny.." and then another song about a gravedigger(?)were slow-going, but they more than made up for it with the most awesome version of Rapunzel that I have ever heard them play live! they were on fire! too bad it had to end there, but it was an excellent show and i'm glad I pulled some strings to go. Can't wait til Alpine!
Glenn S.
Really solid setlist and show. Dave's voice was really weak on the high notes but he compensated for it well. The highlights were Grey Street ( 4 for 4 this tour, keep them coming), BEF->Bartender, Crush, Dave screwing up the lyrics on LIOG, Raven, the new jam about a grave digger, and Two Step. Really looking foward to tomorrow. Hope Dave's voice feels better. The second night in Chicago is always one of the best on tour.
Mike N.
Well since I went to both allstate shows I will review them in comparison....First night, was very solid...Really crazy setlist!! My girlfriend and I had nosebleeds but still really enjoyed the show..So right was an incredible start, but followed by grey street was even better..I thought the band seemed rather chilled, like more calm on the first night as opposed to the energetic 2nd night.I realized at this 1st allstate show that What you are is so F*&@ing incredible live...And before that was the amazing Bartender....Highlight of the night was definitely two step...But the encore pnp/rapunzel was a great closer...I think this was an all around good solid show....But my energy was summoned so much more for the 2nd night so read that review...Peace Love and Dmb!! Mike
MY FIRST DMB SHOW!!! Well, I had a great time even though I didn't hear all of my favorite songs. So right was pretty good, although I don't know if I liked it as an opener. Grey Street ruled and I can't wait until Busted Stuff comes out. Granny is a sweet song. I was glad to hear that. I did it was horrible and sucked the energy out of the crowd. Big Eyed Fish, Bartender were definitely a highlight, they sounded awesome and the pennywhistle sounded cool. Lie in our graves was awesome as usual. Two step was my favorite part. It sounded awesome and Carter went OFF! The encore was pretty good, I was expecting Watchtower but that was Saturday. Too bad I wasn't there. Anyway, great show and can't wait 'til Tweeter.
WOW, that was one of the best dave shows I have ever seen, the interaction with the crowd and the vibe you got from the band was amazing. What you are, lie in our graves, and two step stand out as the songs of the night, this show was a mind F&*K and hopefully DMB continues with that kind of show.
Joe K.
Great show even though I had crap seats. These guys continue to impress the more they play. So Right- best song off everyday and i like it as an opener...tight solo by leroi. Grey Street- always good to hear it. You never know- will become very popular. Granny-crowd was pumped during this song & everyone was getting into it. I did it- we knew it would be coming sooner or later. its actually not that bad live the jam/outro was tight into One sweet world- havent heard it live in a long time and was good to hear. Big eyed Fish- hoping for this one. Bartender- good jam. What you are- pretty standard. Crush- hell yes...great version. WTWE-good. SMTS-love the song always good to have on the setlist. Lie in our graves- decent jam..not best every but pretty good...boyd again came through with a solid solo. That was followed up by raven. Glad to see they are playing the song live its a favorite. Dave closed the set with where are you going, a great slower/quiet song put in a good spot to close the set with a sick version of two step. They jammed for awhile. The encore of Aint it funny into rupunzel was pretty sweet. Great first show but it will be topped by a stellar show tommorrow night guaranteed.
Shane R.
i couldn't have asked for a better show, it seems to be everytime i see dave they stun me more and more. So Right was a great opener and a great song so no complaints there, like i while complain about anything. Solider Field was a awsome show but i thought i wouldn't get any better but i was wrong. Carter, WHO'S THE MAN, there's no words that can describe that man's talent, he's one of a billion. I play the saxes so you know who i also thought was the man, Leroy. I could go on and on but you don't want me to write alot. the only advice i can give dave is give me tickets and keep on gettin jiggy.
This show seemed to have it all with a great opener as So Right that always seems to get the newbie fans going and please the long timers somwhat with its little extra jam but Granny really got everyone going where you could hear the chants echoing off the walls to make this awsome sound that seem to cover up the band...it was also nice to hear some new songs to see everyone looking around no knowing what to do since they dont know the words yet but Bartender and What you Are seemed to be the highlights of the night with their hair raising entry with that on note that Boyd holds out which seems forever and what you are becoming a great song with that soulfull ending Dave added to it making you want to drop to your knees and of course Crush was a huge hit with the crowd as well it should be and LIOG was just Boyd's song as he took center stage and the crowd just ate up anything he did and a counter by Carter with Two Step where he did the same as Boyd...then the second highlight for me was hearing Grave Digger which not many people knew what it was and I see it was listed as an improve but really it was just a brand new song that they havent played live ever and was great to hear even though no one knew what it was
Ron A.
I just wanted to say that this show was the best i have ever been to. I have been to nine shows now and this one reigns supreme. I didn't have great seats or anything but just the energy and the setlist was unreal. I mean just look at the songs they played. So Right is easily one of the best songs off of everyday and is a perfect song to open with. I love the jam at the end. Then to go right into grey st., ynk, and granny. I thought i was dreaming. Then throughout the rest of the night the hits kept coming - one sweet world, what you are (with an awesome ending), raven, two step. It was refreshing to hear them play some dif't songs. How many times can you hear them play their old favorites. I mean come on, this was easily an excellent show, one that i will never forget.
They rocked , It was my first show and I nearly pissssd on myself. I loved the whole thing I've only loved dave and his band for a few years, but I'm young Ive got lot's more to learn. If you guys follow him, follow him to the Chicago It was awesome. Boyd snaped off on his Vio, Dave and everyone followed him afterwards. It was great.