Dave Matthews Band
Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

onstage 8:20pm
So Right *
Grey Street *
Granny *
Crush *
You Never Know *
I Did It *
Bartender *
Lover Lay Down *
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Where Are You Going *
What You Are *
Two Step *
Digging a Ditch
Raven *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Long Black Veil +
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:43pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Andrew H.
Ah yes indeed, another amazing show. I just got back from the Target Center (only a 20min drive.) This is the first show Ive been to with just one other person - It was her first show ever, my 7th, and it was also her birthday. Let me just say she had the time of her life. We had great seats, lower level, just to the side of the stage. When Dave came out to introduce Ben Kweller, he was talking about his bad throat and how the lozenge that he had in his mouth came from over seas - pretty funny. Highlights of the show include: Crush, hearing the 2 new songs, You Never Know and WAYG(which are amazing) Lover Lay Down, a bad ass version of ASTB, Two Step IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SET!, and Pnp->Rapunzel. The show was great and the crowd was great...in my section at least, it was much better than the 12.3.01 show last year. Im probably forgetting stuff, but Im tired as hell. See you all at Alpine 8.31 & 9.1! Aw Yeah!
Another solid show fro the boys tonight. Too much like 4/26 but oh well. They are playing great right now and from the floor it looked even better. Me and Anjuli were dancing away all night to the great tunes and feeling the great vibes. Lover Lay Down, Long Black Veil, and Watchtower were nice suprises. You Never Know sounds better and better at every show. Off to Ames for another great show. Thanks DMB!!!
Matt B.
This show was excellent!!! Straight into the music, going straight into So Right. It was great to hear Grey Street. Dave was laying down the tracks from Lillywhite with Bartender and Raven. Both were excellent, especially Bartender with a sweet improv at the end. Too bad there was hardly any Dave SPeak, but it was made up for with the excellent performance. It was great to hear Diggin' a Ditch! It doesn't come up that often. For the encore Dave came out and played Long Black Veil solo with darknes behind him and a solo spotlight on him, and when he was done, the rest of the band joined him for an amazing performance of Watchtower. The show was great and I can't complain! I think Dave likes Minneapolis!!
ok, first off the opening bad Ben Kweller is kinda cool, they arent made for a Dave crowd but they would have been cool to see ina small venue. Dave introduced Ben and also went on about how he was had a sickness and he contracted that sickness from the U.K. and then he went on to talk about how the U.K. was formed(it was a bunch of dave-speak and he mumbled a whle bunch)now to the show. so right: calle dit as the opener one of the better everyday things. grey street: you can tell they have wrked on it they played it last time they were here. GRANNY: I FUCKING LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG!!!!!(and yes pete the "fucking" were nesisary) but he voice was hoars so that sckat thing wasnt up to par. CRUSH: awsome tune, did not see it coming. you never know: it was cool that i had to tell everyone what the song was. i did it: he's done promoting everyday, i dont get it. bartender: get tune was hoping for the bartender>big eyed fish. but its all good. lover lay down: high quality classic. SMTO>ASTBJ>TM: never herd it live but i am lovin' it. where are you going: i had to tell everyone about this one too (i am such a nerd) what you are: dave did a really cool sorta phantom of the opera thing at teh beging and a knew ending. TWO STEP: they did a moderaitly long jam on this but we called it. Carter was tricking the crowed with the double-bass pedal on this one. Digging a ditch: i am kinda lovin' this tune now. Raven: unexpected but excepted nicely. PNP>Rapunzel: I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY THEY PLAYED THIS, it wasnt quite as good as i would have hoped but satisfoactory. encore Long Black Veil: sure i know what you are saying, minnesota, give gives a rats ass about minnesota....but one man does and his name is dave...not only did he grace us with this totally kick ass cover but also did it SOLO!!!!!!!! it added a totally knew sorta dark feeling to it but atthe same time filler it with lovely thoughts....it rocked my fucking socks off!!! watchtower: i knew it was coming...thank god bob dylan lived in minnesota, because the intro fucking rocked but since the acoustics are so horrible at the target center the end sorta mushed together. low-lights: i'm not even going to say it cuz you alreday know high-lights: GRANNY, CRUSH, TWO STEP, LONG BLACK VEIL(might be on the top of that list) see ya in Alpine Valley on sept 1st peace
Matt N.
This show blew my mind! You should know will make an amazing addition to Busted Stuff. It's a very strong show to play live. The rest of the show was very diverse, I could not have asked for anything more. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and 10 out of 10. The only thing that could have improved this show would have been the lovely ladies singing back-up, or perhaps bob dylan and the ghost of hendrix joining dave on stage for Watchtowers. Bartender was amazing, LLD was perfect. *thanks dave* p.s. sorry (Dave) about the silly stunt on the freeway with your tour bus...we wern't stalking...just trying to sneak a picture ;)
Troy M.
WOW!!! Need I say more...What an awesome show!! This was my third show and definitely the best. "So Right" was a pretty solid opening song. It got the crowd going. Some highlights were "Crush" (you can never hear this song to many times), "You never know" and "Where are you Going" Two great new songs. Very nice to hear "Lover lay down". By far the best version of "What you are" that I have ever heard (awesome intro). Digging a Ditch was a surprise. But the biggest surprise was Dave playing "Long Black Veil" solo, for the first song in the encore. Then closing it out with "Watchtower", a song that never gets old. I was a little disappointed that he didn't play "Pig" so I am looking forward to Alpine and hopefully he will play it there. "Thank you very much DMB!!! I can't say it enough."
Brian G.
Well what can you say but THIS was the best DMB show Minneapolis has seen yet to date! The view from the 3rd row was unreal and the energy the band had was felt throughout the stadium. My fav song off the set list tonight has to be Granny hands down! Great drum ending!! Thanks Carter!! Lover Lay down was one i wasnt thinking would grace my ears, but much to my surprise. Bartender, so much/too were also great. Am i crazy but would anyone like to hear i did it, messed into too much or so much?? The encore was UNREAL! WATCHTOWER!! OK thats all folks... see you in Ames, IA tomorrow!! Then in Alpine in late summer!!!!! Last time in Ames in 98 the surprised me with the Maker, is there another surprise for me??
DAVE, DAVE, DAVE!!!! Minneapolis loves Dave and the boys. The crowd went absolutely nuts when Dave stepped onto the stage. Started off with a couple of slow songs but by the 4th song "CRUSH" the place was hoppin. It was my first time hearing crush live and it was awesome. The best part of this band is their fabulous solos. LeRoi and Boyd really put it out there. I wish they would have shown Boyd on the screen more ( I also wish he wouldn't wear a shirt...nice abs!!) but we were close enough to see him anyways. Love, love, love the new songs, can't hardly wait for the new disc. The crowd around us was great, Dave fans are the best!!! SMTS, and TM had the place rockin, I was soooo glad to hear the old stuff along with the new...nice mix. Great ending the show with PNP and Rapunzel, you knew they were jamming so hard that it had to be the last song...freekin amazing! The acoustic LBV was lovely, everybody singing with Dave. We were hoping for Watchtower and we GOT IT!! All in all, a great show. On to Ames tonite!!!!
I honestly don't think Dave can perfom much better than he did at this show. Not only was the setlist strong, but the crowd was INTENSE! I didn't expect the energy that was in the Target Center for this show. So Right is a great opener, it got the crowd going right away. This song has improved so much since the first time I heard it live. Grey Street is arguably the best Busted Stuff song, and seeing it in concert never gets old. Granny is Granny, simple and just a fun song to see. Crush, as always, was a crowd pleaser. Even though a lot of people hadn't heard You Never Know and Where Are You Going before he played them tonight, the crowd's intensity didn't let up, probably because they're great songs. Bartender finished off with a great jam. Lover Lay down brought down the energy, but SMTS - ASTB - Too Much brought it right back up (surprise, surprise). Great intro to What You Are; I wanted to see Last Stop tonight but this was a worthy substitute. Digging a Ditch and Raven brought the crowd down a bit again, but PNP - Rapunzel took care of that for the closer. Long Black Veil & Watchtower took us from one extreme to the other in the encore. Can't wait Until Labor Day Weekend & Alpine Valley; see ya there!
Jason S.
Where to start? Great energetic show all night. So Right as an opener definitely set the tone for the rest of the concert. 6 songs from Busted Stuff was a pleasant surprise. Raven has now become my favorite Busted Stuff song after hearing it played live. Granny was not too much of a shocker considering the past few concerts, but hearing it played live, I still wonder why it has not been released. You Never Know, what a song, this has definitely become my new fav to hear live. SMTS into Too much was also great to hear and might be one of the best song leading into song combo DMB plays. But you can't forget PNP->Rapunzel, a big surprise to myself because of the frequency it was being played in past concerts, such a great closer. Also a nice surprise was CRUSH, which instantly made me think of this girl that swore the song would be played. (Thanks Leigh) But I think the surprise of the night had to be Two Step being played near the middle of setlist, Dave really let loose on this one with a nice 15 miunte jam and the Target Center crowd responded. Dave continued his at least one new (not different) song being played every night. Minnesota fans were treated to Dave solo playing Long Black Veil for the encore. Then the rest of the band came back out and jammed to All Along the Watchtower. JTR, where are you?? Maybe my buddies back in Dallas will be so fortunate.
Beth J.
Well, I pretty much slept through all of my classes today here at St. Olaf College, but it was well worth it to see the show last night! It was the best I've seen the band play in a long while- the guys appeared to be enjoying themselves much more than at last summer's Chicago shows. Higlights, in my opinion, were Grey Street and Granny (back to back!), and the encore- Dave acoustic on Long Black Veil, then joined by the band on Watchtower, which gave me more chills than usual. The guys made us wait the longest I've ever experienced for that encore, but we were definitely rewarded. Acoustics were the best I've ever heard at the Target Center, but it was still hard to understand Dave's (few) speaking moments. The lovely ladies were MIA last night, so the band had a little more of an old-school sound than the last few shows I've seen. My friends and I just missed seeing the boys entering their tourbus after the show- we were at the entrance to our parking garage when we heard the screams! But it was a great night nonetheless. See you at DMB's return to Alpine this summer!
Matthw G.
It was good to Dave and Company plus Butch put on an excellent performance in my hometown venue, superior in quality to the last time they visted Target Center. HIGHLIGHTS: Strong opening pair of So Right and Grey Street. Crush and Bartender, 'nuff said. Digging a Ditch, an excellent mellow tune that won't ever grow old. The encore: Solo Dave on Long Black Veil, best version I've ever heard. And the requisite closing cover of Bob Dylan's Watchtower. LOWLIGHTS: I Did It: For myself, this is a tune that was old after the first time I heard it. Raven somewhat killed a nice energy that the crowd had going strong at that point. VERDICT: A superbly executed preview of the coming album, finely blended with the all-time favorites of the fans. We'll see what Hilton brings tomorrow night, I have no doubts that band will deliver.
Nate B.
Hey Everyone, lets just start off by saying the boys sure haven't lost anything in their old age. What an amazing show. It was my 8th show, and my first one hearing any Everyday tunes, so I was pumped to hear them. Onto the review... SO RIGHT ~ What a great opener. Terrific energy and the crowd loved. I must say, I wondered how the Everyday tunes would sound live, and I was more than impressed. THis was great. GREY STREET ~ As soon as Dave pulled out the 12 string, I said to my girlfriend, "here comes the Grey Street" And indeed it was. Still an amazing tune, and I love the part about "kicking out all the windows". GRANNY ~ Classic old school. Short but sweet. CRUSH ~ Perfect. YOU NEVER KNOW ~ Great new one although for obvious reasons not many in the crowd knew of it. No matter, I was singing along. An instant classic. I DID IT ~ Honestly, I do not see why people dont like this song or like it live. It was great. An awesome fun song done very well. BARTENDER ~ I was hoping for BEF into Bartender, but just Bartender will do. An insanely long version. Dave's screams were intense and Leroi's whistle at the end was priceless. He even threw in the Scarecrow theme from the Wizard of Oz. Sweet. LOVER LAY DOWN ~ Nicely done. Jammed out and beautiful. SO MUCH TO SAY - TOO MUCH ~ Just what you would expect from this. Dave was dancing like crazy and the enegy was extremely high. WHERE ARE YOU GOING ~ Gorgeous new song. Its great live and will be a big radio hit. TWO STEP ~ Once again, Dave went nuts dancing and the crowd loved it. Huge energy. Carter blew the song up. DIGGING A DITCH ~ Slow but nice. Not a huge crowd pleaser but I was glad to hear it. RAVEN ~ Different. A lot different than 2000 tour in terms of lyrics. I couldnt understand most of them so Im not sure if they are better, but musically it was good. RAPUNZEL ~ Holy SH*T was the energy there on this one. Dave was dancing like a fool all over the place. Carter went silly on this one. The stuff he did should be illegal. Awesome set closer. LONG BLACK VEIL ~ WOW!!! Totally unexpected. Dave comes out solo and Im thinking #40 or Aint it funny, but he busts into this beautiful LBV. The whole crowd was singing along. It was great. WATCHTOWER ~ Didnt want to hear this to close, but intense none the less. This is about the only song Butch took a prominent solo. He went crazy on the keyboards, making it sound almost like an electric guitar. Boyd and Leroi were spot on as well. An amazing closer. I have no idea how Dave keeps his voice night after night. All and All, a great great show. I dont know what all the complaining this tour has been for. The DMB still is the best show on earth.
All I have to say is... Dave is the man! He was a dancing machine tonight! All the boys got right into it coming off with A powerful and very lyrical So right. So I'll just go song by song. 1. So Right- Dave didnt waste any time, he came out and tore it up with a powerful set of lyrics and guitar jam. 2. Grey street- YES!! Im so glad I heard it, prolly my fav. new song off new album. AMAZING version. 3. Granny- Alright, a nice older favorite. Short and sweet. 4. Crush I knew this was coming. you could tell when Fanz started groovin. Leroi was also jamin. 5. You Never know- although this was my first show this year, i knew this was You never know, and I cant wait to buy the new album. 6. Ididit- I also called this one next. But it was short and sweet. well played, but I personally wouldnt pick it as often as the boys do. But you know, they love to play it, and I love to watch them. So for those who are saying enough with it, the dont attend anymore concerts. Their job is also to have fun! (sorry, ive been wanting to say that) 7. Bartender- great job, nice solo by Leroi at the end. With a nice little "If I only had a heart" tune in there. 8. LLD- YES!! Prolly 1 of the 3 that I wanted to deffinetly hear tonight. And this song, was, like always, owned by LeRoi, he is a saxophone God. 9. SM2S-->ASTB-->TM- YES!!! I've seen this at every dave show I've been to, and have not gotten sick. I was pleased to see it being played for once this tour. CRAZY dance moves by dave. He is the man! 10. WAYG?-Beatiful with entire band. 11. What you are- WOW, this was cool shit. I was amazed by the deep emotion that dave can throw at this song. Also had a nice outro... something about "Down on your Knees" got the crowed nuts. 12. 2step- yeah yeah yeah, now were talking, Beauford is deffinetly the man. 13. Diggin a Ditch- Well done dave 14. Raven- YES!! ANOTHER "BS" one! thats awesome! Great job with the new lyrics dave! Do I sense Country Singing in that voice? Also lasted a good while, or maybe it was just me and the nice people behind me?? :) 15. PNP-->Rapunzel- AHHAHAHA THIS WAS CRAZY. AMAZING AMAZING ENERGY! This was worth price of admission! ENCORE: 16. LBV- beatiful solo Dave. You da man and we love it when you treat us :) 17. Watchtower, It was either this or TB, would have loved to hear TB, but after witnessing this version in which Dave busted a string on! I cant complain! The energy here was off the hook with Boyd taking the jam first. Then Butch was electrifying the keys Hendrix style. Great show. And i would just like to say Thank you to a great band who has made life more enjoyable for me as a person. Im delighted to hear anything you guys have to say or play, and will continue to follow those who I look up to. YOU GUYS! Thanks for such a good time and see ya In Alpine! And to those who i see knocking the band on this board, this is a FAN WEBSITE!! If you are going to bitch and complain about "Daves voice being off" or "Another I did it!" Go the fuck somewhere else! These guys are doing an amazing job by just being this deticated to us. We owe someone an appolgy and a sincere thanx to DMB. Keep it up guys, your on fire!
Katie F.
This was my VERY first concert. Me, my sister, her friend and her brother, we went up together. We sayed in a hotel about 3 blocks from the Target center. WOW thats all I had to say, it was absoluetly amazing. The only uncol thing was that My sibling and I couldn't sit together, I coudln't get two seats together. But even though, jamming with strangers has never been funner. Dave's shows are just getting better and better. By the time watchtower came on, I was having so much fun and just the time of my life. Best tim in the world for me. I can't wait to see him again, and that show'll be hard to top. I loved how carter was just going off on the drums last night, thats cool shit. they all did such an incredible job. It's an amazing feeling being in a place with 14,000 ppl, all wanting the same thing, singing the words and clapping our hands or stomping our feet all for one band... DMB Dave Matthews is by far amazing, phenominal, hes just the shit. And let me tell you this, the party was just getting started when we got back to our hotel. There were at least 5 or 6 ppl playin dave in their rooms on their acoustics. uterly amazing man...
Tyler D.
Very few bands have actually succeeded in having an astounding show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, yet last night DMB proved to rock the streets of Minneaplois with an eclectic mix of excellent tunes including Where are You Going, You Never Know, Raven and a righteous encore solo version of Long Black Veil. Last year at Target Center, Dave and the band failed to please many fans with their simple set, not to mention the poor sound of the TC speakers. Lats nights show just proved how fast their talent progresses and how dedicated they are to true music. With splendid jams on Two Step and Watchtower, funky chords on What You Are and So right and pleasing Lillywhite hums on Diggin A Ditch and Raven, the band proved to be wholehartedly dedicated to mixing the dancing footsteps of the crowd up (not to mention the dancing od Dave which there was much of). Overall, this show sits well above other appearances in MN by DMB and also foreshadows a radical and indubitably intriguing summer to come for the band. I was grateful to experience the harmonius night of jamming from DMB and I thank them for continuing to make music that swims like sex in my ears!
Bob J.
This was my first dave show, I've heard only good things about them live and now i know why. I thought all of the songs were great. The encore was amazing, especially all along the watchtower and long black viel which is one of my favorite tracks. all and all the whole show was amazing. The people at the hotel which was 3 blocks away, and the people i met at the concert made it that much better.I will going to the next dave concert for sure. I wish i could make the trip to ames, but i've already skipped two days of school for dave. WELL WORTH IT.
Matt S.
Overall, I really liked this show. I thought that there may be a lot of Everyday stuff, and radio songs, because, well, its Minnesota, but it wasn't. Besides, I Did It, the songs from Everyday weren't too bad, and you have to expect them to play I Did It. I really liked the outro on What You Are, and Dave showed a lot of emotion when he was yelling "Down on your Knees, Down on Your Knees!" it was awsome. It was a pretty mellow show overall, but with high energy songs at the right time like SMTS>AYSTB>TM, and ending with PNP>Rapunzel. The encore was great, and I really liked the acoustic LBV. While this was a great show I am frustrated that they never really jam for that long. These guys are so talented, and could do so much more, besides that, it was a fun show with a lot of "Un-Radio" songs
-The day started out well, when I got to mees Stefan and Boyd before the show outside of their tour busses. Boyd, of course, asked me if I played basketball (I'm 6'10") and I told him "sometimes" but he was really cool and so was stefan. -The so right opener just got the whole crowed fired up, because new fans liked it and veteran fans agree (I hope) it's the best from everyday. -Grey Street, by far my fovorite song, it is the shit, I was going nucking futs, and lost my voice for the evening after the 2nd song!! -Granny and Crush were very quality, and were nice to hear -You never know - No one around me new what the heck this song was, except me, of course, and I was happy to hear it -I Did It, During this I stretched, checked my minidisc, and just was glad they didn't close with it -Bartender and LLD, were very, very very beautiful. -SMTS->ASTB->Too Much, again I was going nucking futs when ASTB came on, seeing dave do the pigeon toe thing, and get all into it made it SWEET! -WAYG, had to hear that live -What You Are, sweet new ending lyrics -Two Step, this, my friend, was amazing. First time hearing 2 step in a long time, and it was amazing. I thought the 1st set would be over after this, but I am glad i was wrong -Ditch & Raven were sweet -PNP-> Rapunzel....WOW, all I can say is Ya gotta be there when Rapunzel. With the lights, and the dancing and all, It is not much like the bootlegs -LBV, a suprise, especially as a Dave solo. only about 4-5 minutes, but cool to hear him play it alone -Watchtower, Butch Kicks ass! It was interesting to hear 2 covers as closers, weird.
Kaytee M.
All I have to say is wow! The show was not what I was expecting. I saw a disappointing Dave show last December at Target Center, but this year the band totally redeemed themselves. During Watchtower Dave broke a string and kept on going. He was looking up at the ceiling as though he was asking someone higher to help him through the song. It was absolutley touching. In additon, Raven was a nice surprise, and of course Long Black Veil. Way to go boys I loved the show.
Eric M.
Let me start off by saying in my opinion this was not a good show. I am a huge dave fan, however I was quite disappointed in their performance. I'll admit there were some pretty good jams, two step, rapunzel, watchtower, but overall, the 50 bucks i paid for my ticket was not repaid in music. I'd say i received only about 10 dollars of music. I found myself sitting about every other song. Not that i don't like diggin a ditch, and lover lay down, but i could put on my headphones and listen to them and hear no difference between that and this show. I came to hear unbeleivable jams, not quiet ballads every other song. I thought we were gonna make it without hearing I Did It, ahahahah yea right. That song is not Dave Matthews, thats Glen Ballard corrupting Dave Matthews. So right was decent, the only good song played off of Everday. Those 2 new songs, you never know, and where are u going, what the hell is up with that, they both sucked. I think dave was paid to write those songs, the lyrics were not lyrics that Dave Matthews would write about. Wow, i never thought id see the day when i was complaining about Dave Matthews, but ever since Everday............
Mike D.
One word to sum up night 2 at the Garden - energy. The crowd and the boys had tons of it throughout. Highlights included an inspired #41, Everyday/#36 with the On Broadway Outro, a stunning Grace is Gone, The Space Between, and hands down the best version of All Along the Watchtower that has ever been performed by DMB. Randolph and Dave kept putting this hat that Randolph brought out back and forth between the song. Just such an intense jam with Randolph. So Right sounded excellent, solid jam at the end. This show would have topped the 12/13/00 show at MSG if the boys didn't play If I Had It All and Rhyme and Reason, two songs that just don't do anything for me. Parts of the crowd actually booed when they realized he was playing If I Had It All. But still, the show at least equals 12/13/00 as far as energy and performance go. Superb crowd, no complaints. Just an incredible night.
Dave and the gang CHILLED OUT tonight. Although 12/12/00 setlist was better because he played basically everything, tonight's was WOW. Atmosphere: Amazing...Lot of drinking and drugs...The NY fans showed why Dave plays his best setlists in the big apple tonite as there was no sitting down throughout the concert. He opened with Crush for the first time ever, wow. Then he plays Warehouse and the fans are just into it in the early going Boomer. When you think hes about to not top the last 2 songs, he followed up w/ Too Much. But then you knew once #41 came on that tonite was going to be a special night. Dave then chilled out with So Right and followed up with Don't Burn The Pig (SICKO!) DIDO and One Sweet World were also phater than Oliver Miller. He followed with The Space Between as the New Yorkers blew their shotties to the sky and held up their lighters, nice moment. Then an eruption like Mt. Everest for WWYS as the crowd sang every word with Dave like it was Karaoke Night at MSG. Good performance of If I Had It All, Doper performance of Grace is Gone and the crowds energy level was higher than all the Dave shows I've been too. Then he realllllly started chillin out hardcore. Rhyme and Reason is like an ATM, instant cash baby! Ants was incredible, no drum intro but best versin i have ever heard, better than Woodstock's maybe. Watchtower with Dave and Robert REandolf as they hugged was just a site to rememeber. He played this with Randolf's top hat on. A lot of WOW jamming in Ants and Watchtower. Stefan played the Star Spangled Banner during Watchtower which sparked a USA chant. Then he played Where Are You Going (so chill). Finished by jiggling everyones petsi's with 36 as the crowd sang the words and into Everyday. One word: WOW! Dave took a picture of the crowd.....CASE CLOSED
I am not going to give you all long detailed opinions song by song , and waste your time reading. What all i hafta say is 5/29/02 is a day that i will never foregt. It was heaven. Even though my best freind was misssing for half the show, and the security guards were being dicks,DAVE WAS UNSTOPPABLE. (I dedicate this to Steven J. Scharf for taking me both nights both ways to MSG- I love u