Dave Matthews Band
First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

What Would You Say *
Raven *
Too Much *
The Space Between *
Grey Street *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
I Did It *
Grace Is Gone *
The Stone *
Lie In Our Graves *
If I Had It All *
Drive In Drive Out *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Where Are You Going *
Donít Drink the Water *
* with Butch Taylor on keys

David W.
Well after what I thought was a very lackluster start except for the changes made to Raven and the new song You Never Know, things really didnt get going till about LIOG with about a 20 minute version that knocked my socks off. I love the song and this extended jam with Boyd pooling with Dave, Carter, and Butch was amazing. The crowd was pumped also, probabally one of the loudest arena crowds I have heard for a show. Then, the end of the set with BEF into Bartender into PNP into Rapunzel was a almost 45 minute mini concert by itself. Where are you going for the encore is a nice slow touch. I am glad to finally hear it with the full band like it will be when it comes out in May. But DDTW is still not one of my favorites and I wish something like Tripping or Ants or even Watchtower would have closed the encore. All in all a pretty middle of the road show, no extrodinary performances. It even looked like Roi was a bit under the weather, since he really didnt do any extended solos and even was not playing all the time with the rest of the band. Also the thing that got me was that Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were announced as the opener early on when I bought the tickets but I guess the could not open until the canadian leg of the tour, so that was the bigest letdown of the night.
CarterDMB27@aol.com .
This might possibly be number 2 on my list only being subpar to tweeter 6/24/01. Started off not on my right side, raven a nice touch, but I wanted more. Then they kicked into, what I think, was the best Lie In Our Graves ever played. And with the butch outro too! They totally jammed it on Drive In Drive Out and I don't know if it's a new lyric, but it's the first time I've ever heard "I'll create my own god and we'll have a funky tea party." I went nuts. Then my prediction to my friend was right, or atleast somewhat. I called a Big Eyed Fish into Bartender to close the first set. And boy were they two GREAT versions. Again, possibly the best Big Eyed Fish that I've ever heard. Then as the awesome Bartender jam slowed down, they kicked into the heart beat into to PNP-Rapunzle. The best part was I was the only one around that knew what was going to be played next. Those things plus the playing of The Stone, and You Never Know, one of the best songs I've heard in a very long time, I can't get enough of it (Which I also believe is Kitty Kat Jam), and the two random jams that they played made this concert great. All out, I think this was a concert that was not to miss, and if you did, trade trade trade!
Nick C.
Good thing computers were invented, because I can hardly talk. My seats were five rows from the wall on the mezzanine. I couldn't get any further away, yet somehow this became the best dmb concert I've been to. What Would You Say was a predictable opener, plus the crowd energy seemed to lack, at least in my nosebleed section. But what a treat to hear Raven. It was very nice, I just wish the crowd was into it. Too Much was played next, always an energetic song live, its just too standard. I was hoping for a surprise song in that spot. Space Between was next. What can I say. I'm sick of it, but I still tried to enjoy it. Grey Street was played next and boy did I enjoy that, but still no crowd enthusiasm. When The World Ends was no surprise, pretty average. You Never Know was played next and from the MP3 I had downloaded, the begining before he starts singing sounded different. It had a folk twang like Grace is Gone and Where are you going. I was very happy to hear it as were my friends, who heard and loved it for the very first time. I did it was next. I sat down after the first few chords but realized I kind of liked this song live (id still rather hear almost any other song instead). It was enjoyable. Grace is Gone was figured to be next. Its a beautiful song and I really didnt expect Boyd and Leroi to jam, but they did and it was fantastic. Before the show someone told me their friend tapped into the soundcheck through IEM (which I dont condone) and heard the stone. If I had heard the stone and not been expecting it, I'd have cried. It was great to hear that song and next was LIE IN OUR GRAVES. Wow. That may have been one of the best moments of my life. It was so intense and the crowd rose from their seats during the jamming. Butch played crazy fun piano solos and the band was all smiles. If I had it all was good. Drive In Drive Out was fantastic, but yet again the stupid crowd didnt understand what was happening. Big Eyed Fish was great because me and my friends decided to screw the crowd and just have fun our selves and we were so hyped at this point. During Big Eyed Fish we were praying it would go into Bartender and did it ever. From the halfway point on, this show rocked. Bartender was solid and we knew there would only be time left for another song or two so we were hoping for pantala-> rapunzel and we got it. That brought the house down. I could finally feel the energy in the crowd after Rapunzel. When the band came back on, it was predictable Where are you going was going to be played. It was and its a very nice song. After WAYG we could hear Dave tune his guitar and it sounded like chords from Dont Drink the Water, although we were hoping for Pig. It was DDTW and what a fantastic closer. This was a good show because there was so much jamming from the band and a nice combination of about five songs to end the set. Rock on.
Justin B.
Wow! What a night. Again Dave prooves himself as he blew off the roof at the First Union Center. He opened with the ever so popular WWYS. Then was the Raven which was really good. Followed by Too Much and TSB, which are also fan favorites. I got the chance to hear his new song called You Never Know. It had a great beat and rhythm and will be a big hit, once the new album is released. The Stone was great to hear, since he rarely plays. Lie In Our Graves was the best part of the night. The lighting, the intense music and the fans mad ethis song what it was. Boyd added an unbelievable solo on the violin, and Butch on the keyboard helped him out. Rapunzel was a great ender before coming back out leaving fans on the edge of their seats. He came back out, fans going wild, pleading for more, and that he did. First he played Where are you going, a new song, which was good and set up for a great ending. DDTW ended it and it was amazing and so was the whole night.
Patrick P.
This was a great show! I know people are going to complain about I Did It and Space Between but they are just crowd pleasers. This ranks up there with one of the best shows I've been to. What a great variety of songs. Atleast one song per album. The jams were awsome and Boyd rocked the house with his solos. Dave's dancing was also a highlight of the night. I can never get enough of that. The Stone and Big Eyed Fish were definately a surprise. What an awsome performance!!
James D.
2002! Theyre back baby! Looking at the Setlists of the first few shows of the 2002 tour, i was getting a little worried about the boys, with the two hour shows, mellow songs and repeat sets. TONIGHT was Incredible!! they pulled theyre classic A Game tonite. Unreal!! 2 hours and 34 min. It was just an emotional, rock em, sock em, no holds barred show tonite. >From the Opening powerhouse WHat would You say all the way to the refreshing and extremely powerfull encore of where are you going which is awesome by the way to the loudest, baddest dont drink the water i ever heard, this show was just the most solid show for opening my 2002 run that i could ever ask for. One of my top 5 favorite shows. You never know is a phenomenal song! Raven sounds 600 times better. Whooo hoo they played the stone! Folks, lie in our graves was just freekin incredible! boyd went absolutely nutso! the big eyed fish blend into bartender blend into improv jam into pnp into rapunzel was NON stop music playing for almost a half hour. What a nite! what also made it special was waiting anxiously by the tour busses before the shows and getting an up close and personal look behind the scenes and getting waves and hellos from carter, boyd, leroi, steffan who was riding around a mountian bike butch and dave Great job guys!
Jerrod F.
Hey everybody! MAN!! WHAT A SHOW!!! (even if the majority of the people around us up in the nosebleed section acted as if they were in the waiting room of a dentist's office) for all of you who couldn't make it, i'm sorry you had to miss out, it was my 5th and best concert and i think i've been to some good concerts..here comes the review~~what would you say? as the opener-honestly wasn't all that into it..up until leroi's solo (he's sounding better than i've ever heard him!), always fun to hear, lots of energy Raven!! what a good song, definitely developed more since lws and looking forward to the new album, Too Much-always a fun concert song, got some people dancing, ..ok well i feel like an idiot cuz i just read the rules over there and now im gonna stop reviewing every song and just cut straight to the highlights (but they were all highlights! haha)YOU NEVER KNOW-damn dude! i really loved this song-its got such an uplifting sound. the new album is shaping up really well (STILL ONE MORE NEW SONG TO COME!) THE STONE-unbelievable and unexpected-sounded like it did on listener supported which is a great version, LIE IN OUR GRAVES-oh my gentle jesus-so unexpected as well and done with excellent jamming by boyd and especially butch (no "and we dance away at the end" but hey what are ya gonna do?), then before patala there was this sweet ass jam that didnt show up on the setlist, at least not on the dmband one..it was mostly butch and carter but everybody got in on it and it was just nuts, leading nicely into patala naga pampa and course into rapunzel which was full of so much energy..thats what FINALLY got everyone up around us, it was about time. well i left out a lot actually but i'm out for now..4 more shows to go this year!! woo!! camden for all 3 nights and hershey will be sucha blast..hope to hear PIG! which was the only thing i really missed at tonight's show..cya everybody later! DMB STILL RULES! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!
SaxBoyz@aol.com .
Oh my God! What can I say I love Dave. He very much surprised me tonight with an awesome, and what I like to call, dave-scream show. I knew going in that it would be an Everyday-Lilywhite show. So the opener, WWYS. Very good, it got me dancin. Then Raven, SpaceBetween and more everyday... All very nicely played. I was even pleased to find that When the World Ends has gotten a lot better, also Grey Street was lots of fun! Great jam.! Dave also played a new one that was really good. it had a really thumpin beatand even changed to different meters I think. Then Dave played the second half of the show for all of the real Dave fans. First, a little improv jam into LIE IN OUR GRAVES! This was awesome, byfar the best rendition as of yet! Oh my gosh! Boyd went nuts!!!! He absolutely tore it up! Then Butch Taylor finally makes himself heard, I LOVE YOU BUTCH, as he and mr. Tinsly do a little back-and-forth jam. What can I say but that Butch Taylor is a g! od on the keyboards, he played a very great solo and then jammed with Carter a while before Dave came back in, "Ohh I can't belive..." then, amazingly, Bartender came out and was incredible! dave was howling and it gave me chills! then, ohmygod! right into What Will Become Of Me(intro to Pantala Naga Pampa) once again byfar the best intro I've heard thanks to Butch. and at one point it seemed as if Carter was going to explode if he didn't get a solo soon. so, sure enough Carter had his turn tearing the stage up, he got everyone pumped for... Pantala Naga Pampa---> Rapunzel. What can I say. pure beat-rockin, stompin jam! A lot of Dave dance made me very happy. Leroi was rippin it up even though it was a little hard to hear him. The encore was a treat... Where Are You Going is a very good song. Very old school-dave sounding, I enjoyed it. Now although I was hoping for Two Step or Warehouse, I knew right away as dave dropped the D that it was DDTW. I love this song and it was a very good closer. NOw what I mean by a dave-scream show is because he played Too Much, When the World Ends, If I had it all, Bartender, and DDTW all in the same show. that's a lot of howling, and I love it when Dave goes all out and "gives me the shivers!". All around this was a well played, awesome show. Definately worth every pennie. And I can't wait to get it, so any of you tappers e-mail me SaxBoyz at aol.com pleze!
Michael R.
The guys are starting to find their groove. This is my second show so far this year, and definitely their best so far. It is always the same for the first couple shows of each tour. It seems like they are holding back. But as the tour goes by, the jams become longer, the intensity becomes greater. I am sad to see so many bad reviews of this years shows. No matter what they played, somebody is going to complain. I am just grateful that I got to see a bunch of talented guys play what I thought was a cool show. I can't wait to see what happens toward the end of the tour. My review of the show is as follows: I didn't have a chance to get into the new song, I will give it some time. "Where Are You Going" is just an incredible song. It might not be a 20 minute jam, but not all songs can be. I could listen to "Big Eyed Fish->Bartender" all night long. It just doesn't get better. Sure there were some missing songs. I am really hoping to hear "Two Step" yet this year. I am hoping that this show doesn't mark the end of "Pig". But all in all, I had a great time. I got together with some friends, saw my "nth" dmb show, had some beers, danced to some nice tunes and headed home with a smile on my face. That is all I ask. If people decide to "jump off the band wagon" this year, by all means, go ahead. It just means better tickets for me and less bad attitudes at the show. I had a good time. That is all. See you in Rhode Island, Buffalo, Canada, Pittsburgh, New York & Connecticut. I will be the guy with the s**t eating grin on his face for being at a dmb show.
Jason B.
Lie in Our Graves - Wow! This one's still got me pumping. Definitely the best live DMB song I've heard, ever. Boyd was just sensational in the middle part, jamming with more enthusiasm, more intensity than I've ever seen in him (and that says a lot). He was playing "to" Dave, and then Carter, reaching a feverish climax, and then doing a little call-and-answer with Butch before giving way to the keyboardist. Butch took the reins and started mellow, slowly building toward yet another musical climax before the ritard and kick back into "I can't believe that..." Man, I just can't say enough about how incredible this 20-minute version was tonight. Other highlights: You Never Know - Really like this one. Hope it's on the new album... Grace is Gone - love the extended jamming at the end... Big-Eyed Fish into Bartender... nice combo, and Bartender somehow morphed into some jazz-style jamming. Lowlights: Too many radio songs... DDTW as a closer - what about Watchtower? Or Ants? Or Halloween (i can dream)... The fact that I predicted the WWYS opener, the encore, and the segue into Bartender (sure, i amazed my friend Wendy and girlfriend Bevin, but seriously, surprise us, Dave). Still, a great show. Still beaming from LIOG.
Dan W.
My first DMB show and I was sorely disappointed. I see a lot of shows, and was expecting a lot more. Crowd was strange, lots of smoking and pot smoking, lots of talking and socializing, lots of runs to the restroom and concession stand. I've never seen a crowd, as a group, that was so "casual" about their involvement in the music for an act as popular as DMB. Like a big party, with DMB as the house band. Weird. Also, the sound quality and acoustics were horrible. I've seen numerous shows at First Union Center, and acoustics were always fine. So I have to assume Dave's guys set things up poorly. Songs sounded very muddy, and you couldn't make out a lot of the individual instruments at all, even during solos. Dave about salvaged the show starting with Big Eyed Fish and down to the DDTW closer....a lot more soul and connection happened at that point. I'm going to assume this was just an off night, and go see DMB one more time at the Tweeter Center in July. Hopefully this was an aberration and a typical show. It will be interesting to see what others think.
Rich V.
The show was incredible, what else can i say. This was the fifth time of seen DMB in the last three years. They keep getting better. I miss the long jams of the earlier days., but the shows are still just as great. Tonight was the best show of the tour so far. I hope they keep getting better so that the summer tour is even better than tonight. I had great seats, and the band never looked or sounded better. I hope everyone who was there had as good of a time as me. Hope to see everyone in the summer.
Alex H.
Well this fu center show made my 5th and was excellent!!! WWYS was a pretty good opener. It got the crowd up and moving early in the night. Raven was a first time hearing it live for me and was just one of the many awesome lillywhites of the night. Too Much was also a crowd pleaser and dave was dancing like crazy on this as he did the entire night. TSB, well im just glad we got this out of the way early. Enough said about that. Next came one of the many highlights of the night for me. Grey Street was terrific and i have been waiting since fu center 2000 show to hear it again live. WTWE, sounded the same as it always has, but still ok to hear. You Never Know was amazing to. The lyrics has something to do with dreams. I hope it makes it on the next album. IDI, again, glad to get it over early. At least we would not hear this as a closer or encore. I will say that it had a decent vibe to it though tonight. GIG was also amazing. The ending jam to this keeps getting longer and better every time i hear it. The next song without a doubt shocked every one who was listening to the show. THE STONE!!!!! so glad i got to hear it and it was without a doubt the best song of the night until the next song. LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!!!! this had to be the best one i have ever seen or heard. Boyd tore this song up and so did butch a little at the end. I also liked the Dave and Boyd dancing duo. After hearing stone and graves, my night was made. If I Had It All pleased me a lot also. It is my fav. everyday song and im so glad i got to hear it live for the first time. DIDO i thought would close the set. This was yet another highlight of the night and dave changed the lyrics a little bit. However, the ending jam was not as long as usual but oh well. BEF into Bartender yet again i thought would close the set. I also heard this at hershey 2001 and it is great to hear. BEF is my friends fav. song and im glad he got to hear it as well. PNP into Rapunzel was also another hightlight. The ending Rapunzel jam was better than any other one i have heard so far. The encores were pretty standard songs. WAYG is great and i also hope this makes it on the new album. The beat to this is wonderful and is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head. At the end of this i was hoping for Pig or another classic dmb song. I thought for like the first 2 minutes they were playing Watchtower because stefan was doing a little solo on the bass. It turned out to be DDTW but that's ok. It had a lot of energy but seemed to be shorter than it usually is. Overall, the best setlist so far this year and think they will keep getting better. Lastly i would just like to say to the girls who were sitting next to me that you were awesome. (sect.201 row 2 seats 9 and 10). I would also like to say to the RSHS crew, thanks for letting us hang out with you guys in the parking lot. I hope they put on another awesome show at hershey in july
Kevin A.
OK, so a decent show overall with a couple of great performances. WWYS...bleh...I was really excited to hear it a couple of years ago at the Vet, when it was the first time I had heard them do it since I've been going to the shows (first one on 6/5/96). Now it's cool to hear, but they've been playing it like mad. (While I'm thinking of it, it was SO nice NOT to hear Crash!) Raven was great to hear, and it sounded real good. Too Much had a good energy, that's one of the "radio hits" that I still like hearing because, well gosh, it's just so much fun! The Space Between...all I can think of now when I hear that song is the preview for Black Hawk Down...Grey Street, man, could this song be any better? Nope. I love the build up the song has and the emotion that's in their playing when this song kicks in. WTWE, probably the "best" song on Everyday, it's the best one to hear live anyway. You Never Know was very good, this was my first time hearing it at all so I didn't know it, obviously. Good stuff. The new album (that comes out in July by the way...someone above this post said it comes out in May...) is going to be very very good (well, duh!). I did it, ho hum ho hum. Started nagging the security guard in front of me to let me be his personal assistant next Tuesday when Paul McCartney plays the FUC...wouldn't bite though... Grace is Gone is perhaps the best song these guys have ever written. It's heartbreaking and so sad, yet so good. The only other one I like better is I'll Back You Up. The Stone...ah The Stone...this song rocks and it was a real nice treat to hear last night. This one started to really get me going then they went into...Lie In Our Graves. We witnessed divine intervention last night people...if God plays the fiddle, he took over Boyd's body and soul last night. I think the crowd cheared throughout the first 10-13 minutes of the song, it was hard not to. This performance of that song is the best the band has ever played when I've seen them. They weren't even facing the crowd, they were all huddled around Carter and just feeding off of each other. It was an amazing sight. But then they played what could be the worst song they've ever done If I Had It All...god that song sucks. Of course they could have played Amazing Grace after that LIOG and it would've sounded bad. DIDO, lost my interest a bit, but then it was BEF's turn. This is a great song that was done justice. Sliding it into Bartender kicked ass and they went into the second best jam of the night. The jam in Bartender seems so unforced and effortless, like it's supposed to be 15 minutes long to get the song across. PNP into Rapunzel is always fun and the boys grooved it out. WAYG is a great song and sounds fantastic with the whole band. DDTW...what a let down, I was hoping to hear Pig...oh well. All in all a B- show with special props going to the crowd, one of the most well behaved and (somewhat) sober crowds I've seen in a while.
Rob H.
This has been my third DMB concert. My girlfriend loves them to death. Personally, I enjoy their cd's much better than their live performances. Don't get me wrong, the concerts are good but I've seen better. Unless your totally wasted or high as a kite, there is just something missing. Out of the three times I've seen them this was the worse show. It started off good with What Would You Say but I was dissappointed they didn't play All Along The Watchtower. I probably won't be going to see them for awhile. Atleast I didn't waste my money buying tickets for the Camden shows this summer. Much rather use that money to see quality bands that can really rock the house like Creed can. In a previous review someone said, "last night was one of the loudest area crowds he's ever heard." To be honest, I actually thought it was weak. When I saw Creed at the center I couldn't sleep that night because the noise was so loud I had ringing in my ears. Another that can jam, better than Dave in my opinion, is the Pat McGee Band. Check them out. They are good friends with Dave and are also from Virginia.
I know many people feel this show was pretty great but I truly feel that it was lacking some key elements. There were some highlights--LIOG (best that I've ever heard), Rapunzel, Grey Street among others but in Dave shows, there must be certain key songs to make it an unforgettable night. A Jimi Thing or Two Step must be played; #41, Crash, or Crush; and at least 1 (preferably 2) Stay, Watchtower, and Ants. DDTW and Rapunzel should have been switched, you need to leave with a bang. Overall, the concert was very predictable, replicating to an extent the first four shows, but it's been the best so far.
Chris M.
Unfortunately I Think Dave's Best days are behind him. Expect for the Stone and Lie in our Graves , which blew the roof off the place, the rest of the show lacked a pulse. Even by the time he got to "Lie" He had managed to put anyone over 21 to sleep. What i wouldn't give to hear warehouse, two step, Halloween, Typical, Watchtower, anything that jams, not this watered down mockery of himself. Dave has the potential to be the best show now or ever. I can only hope he returns to his foundation for future shows and doesn't mail it in like he did here in Philly!
Craig W.
DMB stuck primarily with the tunes it had been playing since the tour opened last Thursday, but this show was awesome. What Would You Say was a great opener, the jam was awesome, and it really got the crowd going. Raven was a surprise so early in the set, but was very cool. First time hearing it live for me. Lyrics that stood out where "boy shrugged and walked away, man stood and watched as he was leaving" or something like that. i don't pay much attention to the words of this song (though I should) but the music is fantastic. too much and space between were nice, standard renditions. a little effing around before space between w/the electric was nice. grey street was great and really got me and my brother going. WTWE was nice too and You Never Know was really cool. I can see myself really liking it after some consistent listening. I took at pee break for IDI and made it back just in time for Grace is Gone. This is where the show picked up. The Stone and LIOG drove the crowd nuts. If I Had It All was cool, not my favorite, but a pretty decent tune if you ask me. DIDO really rocked and the last foursome of Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender -> Pantala -> Rapunzel really all just meshed together and was incredible. I love BEF live.. just great. The encore of WAYG and DDTW was very good. I was hoping for Pig... but maybe I'll get that in NYC next week. See y'all there.
Andrew G.
Drew's back, this time for a roadie from Baltimore to the Philly. I traveled alone this time leaving any possible dead beats behind. I must say this was one of the best pre-parties I've ever had going into a show. Since I was both hosting and tending bar the grey goose was ice cold, the limes were fresh, and the air being breathed was very "KIND". I also had live shows from MSG 2001 kicking to get me ready. Come time for the show i was in phenomenal shape and the band did not disappoint. I got a similar opening to the show in MCI with a So much to Say-Raven- Too Much opener. The energy in the building was incredible. Of course I'm starting to realize that I'm 5-10 yrs older than the average DMB concert goer, but of couse I know and love the music much more. Grace is gone is rapidly becoming one of the bands strongest jamms. And ask anyone who was there about the performance of Bartender, the best I've ever heard. There were no pregnant women to pass my special cigarettes to this time but clearly this was a much better venue for such activities and I was clearly in the majority. The highlight for me was definitely the Pig tease into Lie in Our graves. It was something I was hoping to hear going in and it rocked. When the world ends, If I had it all, Big eyed fish, grey street, and even space between all were awesome. The encore started with where are you going which sounds better every time i hear it. And Dont drink the water seems to be ending a lot of shows with great energy. So all in all the show was outstanding. I have no regrets about traveling to the show or droping the coin on a ticket. I would jump at the chance to do it again, although i do need to get back to my dayjob of saving mankind.
DiLLKo@aol.com .
Last night's shows was AMAZING! Out of 10 shows, this was by far, my favorite...simply because it was ALL THEM!!! No guests, no ladies, no extras. Just HARDCORE DAVE AND THE BOYS! They were just ON FIRE! and the crowd was VERY into it and very polite. They were SO in the groove. Even boyd had thought out solos. No just crazy note playing, REAL solos. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY was called. Very tight and got the crowd moving! Then one that I was hoping for RAVEN. He has new some new cool "It'll take you 10 lifetimes boy, to undo what I've done. Boy just walk away!!..." Sweet version and a lot of energy. Then they finished the crowd off with a super energetic TOO MUCH that rocked the place. The crowd was singing SO loud. Then a sort of weak SPACE BETWEEN. I felt like i was listeing to Everyday but then I knew it was coming...GREY STREET. Super tight version with really nice solos. When The World Ends was a surprisingly energeic version. More than 2001. Then probably my favorite part of the show...YOU NEVER KNOW! What a song. Possibly my favorite new song. Beautiful drumwork by Carter. I only heard it once that morning before i left for school and i wasn't as impressed as when i watched their faces so happy to be playing new stuff. I DID IT was kind of a weak pick but then it immidiately started to pick up again...GRACE IS GONE was perfect and then THE STONE WAS AWESOME. Tight tight!. Then the best improv of the night LIE IN OUR GRAVES (Butch played "if I only had a brain" from THe Wizard of Oz during his solo) Dave was so into it. He kept laughign the whole time. Best version I've seen. IF I HAD IT ALL and DRIVE IT DRIVE OUT were super on fire. Crowd loved it! Everyone was singing along. He completely did a solo verse of Drive in Drive out in the middle. He loved it because eveyone got SILENT while he was sing the part. Then came superjam BIG EYED FISH to BARTENDER to PNP to RAPUNZEL finished the show off VERY STRONG!!!! During the intro to PNP (about 7 minutes) was a mix between the say goodbye drumming and nice solos by Roi. I called the encore. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was very reminiscent of Crash Into Me. Very good sing along. Then i called DDTW because of the intro. All together an AWESOME SHOW! Possibly my favorite. I also taped the show and it came out awesome, right in front of the right stack!!
Lewis O.
This show gets a B. I was surprised that some people thought that Graves was the best they ever had heard. I totally disagree. If you were at 3rd night vet stadium (5/22/99), you heard the best. I was surprised that people really thought that show was the best or one of the best they ever heard. I guess after seeing 33 shows, I'm spoiled rotten - because this wasn't a top ten Philadelphia / New Jersey show for me. Stone was a nice touch along with DInDout, which rivaled 1996's version at Garden State Arts Center, NJ. Don't drink anymore Dave...unless you have the special effects (video) on the stage. What ever happened to Dancing Nancies..."lost somewhere in Jersey".
Magyck1381@netscape.net .
So...this was my third show, and I'd say it comes in second. I was lucky enough to be at MSG 12.13.00, and if you've seen the setlist to that, you'd know not much can top it. Anyway, the show started out pretty well. The crowd seemed really bored for a lot of the time, at least where I was sitting. Some people behind me didn't stand up almost at all! Raven was good, and I was praying so hard for Grey Street and I got it. It was really good. WTWE was good, pretty standard. You Never Know was really nice. It's so cool to hear new songs! I did it...I was pretty disappointed. I'm SO sick of that song. I tried to get into it, but it just doesn't do it for me. The Stone....big surprise. I almost lost it and all the people around me were looking at me like i was nuts for cheering for this song. LIOG....Holy crap!!! The boyd/butch jam was so sweet....it just blew me away. By far the best one i've heard yet. Big eyed fish was good with the funky monkey line. We were chanting for Two Step for the encore, but no such luck. I wish they would have ended with something a little stronger than DDTW, but it was still good. All in all a pretty decent show. Dave dancing all through Rapunzel was great. See ya'll at MSG next week.
Dan K.
So this was it. My fourth DMB show on my 18th birthday. You couldn't ask for much better. Looking at the previous setlists for the tour, I was a little worried that it would be lackluster. After leaving the arena last night, I unfortunately had to admit that it was the worst of the four shows I've been to (12/17/00, 06/22/01, 06/23/01 being the other 3). While it had it's memorable moments (Grey Street, You Never Know, THE STONE, Lie in our Graves, Bartender, and Rapunzel), I was also treated to such duds as I Did It and Raven, along with other radio songs that I would choose not to hear. You Never Know is amazing (I downloaded it two days before), and is going to be DMB's next great song. LIOG was simply amazing, the highlight and savior of the show. Bartender had a very cool jam in the end that was a little jazzy. However, there were some strange choices. Drive In Drive Out came out of nowhere, while Bartender was strangly placed towards the end. The same can be said with Don't Drink The Water, which should not be a closing song. Hopefully, they'll start playing some more fan favs and jamming numbers by the time they hit Camden this summer. (One more thing to add. Did anyone notice how much DMB stood around between the first two songs? It was becoming very annoying in my mind.)
Let me preface this by saying this is among the best DMB shows I have seen. The setlist was a litte up and down early but the energy in the building was amazing. The crowd was loud as hell and really into the show. The start was a little back and forth, WWYS is an ok opener. I like how Raven has evolved but they really should let Roi tear it up. You Never Know is an absolutely beautiful song and mark my words it will be a fan favorite once people become familiar with it. The Stone was a pleasant surprise, nicely done. LIOG was unbelievable, blew the roof of the first union center. The 45 mintue extravaganza of BEF-Bartender-PNP-Rapunzel is damn good closing. Where are You Going: sweet song, nicely placed as the first song of the encore. DDTW served its purpose as a high enrgy closer, very nicely done.
David T.
This show was so great. It was the best DMB concert I have ever been to. Dave was crazy that night and the audience was really into the music. All of the songs were terrific. The new songs like You Never Know and Where Are You Going were especially good. I was really happy with I Did It. When I first heard it on SNL I thought it was horrible, but the band really did a good job on it last night. Another amazing song was Lie In Our Graves. Boyd was great on that one. I was a little disapointed with the last song, Don't Drink the Water. I was hoping for Watchtower. Well to sum it up it was an owsome show and if you were not there you really missed a great show!
Scott M.
this show was my 13th. . . a few comments. . .i put it at above average. i was expecting them change the setlist up more, but was not surprised to see them get into the groove by continuing to play similiar songs. i cant wait for my camden show this summer (had to cut back this year because of money) because by that time they will be in full swing, chaning up the sets and jamming out more (see below). . .i felt the show up to grace is gone was not good but from the stone on was very good. i felt stephan was particularly good, especially on rapunzel and dont drink the water. the end of drive in drive out was cool. the pnp jam was very beat for what is normally played whoch i liked. i did not like the version on bartender tho. if im going to get a song from everyday, it might as well be if i had it all. i liekd what would you say as an opener but after that i was disappointed for a bit. i liked both new songs a lot. just from reading other reviews of other nights and looking at the setlist, this could have been the best show so far in this young tour. . .when comparing this to some of my other shows. . . i liked this more than the 2000 summer shows i saw (did not like that year for some reason). even with a lot of everyday songs at both giants shows i saw last year, 2001, i felt this was just a bit above that. i felt night 1 camden last year was much better than this. i felt all of my 1999 shows were better than this. when looking over these sets, i realized that they used to play 13-15 songs, last night i think was 17-18. that says something and that something is not good. . ..just a random comment. . .i understand it has to do with being in the arena, but i really wish the shows started and ended later. 10:40 is so early. .. ..finally, i dream of dmb going back to setbeaks. have a good weekend scott m
John W.
The show last night was phenominal! WWYS was a great opener, Raven was one of the highlights of the show, along with BEF - Bartender. LIOG was the best song of the night by far, long version, killer jam...had about 3 different sounding transitions before going back into the song...wow! PNP and Rapunzel was a great choice and when dave left, he had the crowd in his hand...You Never Know is probably one the best new dave songs ive heard in a LONG time...great show, wouldnt have traded it for the world.
Jeff B.
JAM. That's how the show went. It was Boyd's night. They opened w/ WWYS which was great. Raven came next and was very awesome. It would have been better if I had know all of the words. Too Much got everyone going and Space was standard but I enjoyed it. GREY STREET!!! Great song. Loved it. And my favorite Everyday-When The World Ends was great. You Never Know is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs, but not a lot of people knew it and sat down. I Did It-Blah, not too bad, Grace is Gone was awesome. Nice slow song. THE STONE!!!! Very great, this was an unexpected suprise. Here's where the show picked up....LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!! Are you kidding me?!?! They jammed this out to about 20 minutes. Boyd was going nuts. Best version I have heard. If I Had I All and Drive in Drive Out were both very cool. Then Dave come out with his 12-string and thanked everyone for coming, etc. He went right into Big Eyed Fish--->Bartender. I loved the Bartender jam. I thought this was the end of the song. But during the end of the Bartender jam Dave went off the stage and got his 6-string. Then they gradually went in to Heartbeat Jam. I was going nuts. PNP--->Rapunzel was great. It was actually a 4 song medley to end the set. AWESOME. For the encore they played Where Are You Going which sounds great live and DDTW with a lot of energy. People have been complaining about the sets and lack of jamming? WHAT?! 9 out of 10 show. My best so far. Only bad thing was no Pig. Oh well, next time....
Ken P.
Overall, fairly decent show, especially since I consider the first few dates to have poor song selection. Opening band was repetitious but "the march" was cool. Dave opened with WWYS and the crowd was extremeley into it, full of lots of energy. Raven sounds very good in its new form. As the band got into Grey Street, one of my favs, Dave broke a string and the jam was cut sadly short. You Never Know i wasn't too familiar with since this was only the second playing of it but it was good. The Stone was done very nicely, especially since I haven't heard it in awhile. The LIOG jam was great with Boyd and Dave playing face to face at center stage. Big Eyed Fish is just a fun song to hear and with Dave singing "Ya see this funky monkey, sittin up in his funky tree" made it even better. The jam right into Bartender was awesome with Leroi playing his piccolo. Rapunzle was an alright closer for the set but left the crowd wanting more I believe. Where are you going sounds amazing with the band. That is surely to be a hit if they release it. DDTW is a good song, but not a closer. I was expecting maybe Ants or the premier for the tour of Watchtower but DDTW was palyed well but it cant end a show. Overall it was a good show and their set list seems to be improving so the future looks bright for the rest of the tour.
Wendy L.
It was entirely appropriate for tonight's concert to be at the FU Center because the band sang all three of their fuck songs..."Too Much" ("fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up"), "I Did It" ("fuck it, I did it...") and Big Eyed Fish ("stay up in your fucking tree"). I wonder if this ws a coincidence. What Would You Say: Oh no! The same three girls that were behind me at Boston night 2 are behind me again! Well, maybe not literally the same, but they might as well be! Raven: I like this song, but there seems to always be this irritating shrill that would probably drive dogs to attack if they were in the arena. On the positive side, I think this song is improving. I wish I could follow the lyrics. Too Much: They've played this every show so far. Not sure I understand why. It's a good song but I could go without it. The Space Between: Back-to-back with another song they've played every time. Admittedly I had one of those moments when I wondered if I'd make it through the whole tour. Grey Street: They didn't play this the first two nights but they've played it the three nights since then. I don't mind, they rock in this song. So much so that Dave broke a string. First broken string I've noticed this tour. When The World Ends: Yes, we have reached the point where I have nothing to say about some songs. Oh, a positive note: the girls behind me didn't sing anything past the same song. Phew! You Never Know: The new song! I paid more attention to it this time rather than stare in shock with my jaw dropped to the ground. It is indeed beautiful. The closest DMB song I can coompare it to is the hidden track after Pig on BTCS. However, it sounded a little jerky at times, like they were playing it from the backseat of someone learning to drive a stick shift for the first time. I am looking forward to hearing this song improve because I'm sure it will. I Did It: Live from the FU Center! Grace Is Gone: Bob the Blob is back on the screens, as always!!!! So nice to see you again, my friend! You break up the monotony of tour warm up! I would take a picture of you to share with my nancy friends at home but there are no less than five security guards surrounding me, and I would hate to have to make a break for it halfway through the show. Anyway, I'm starting to think I'd rather keep you a little secret so people can see you for themselves when they get to go to a show! See you in Providence, my friend. The Stone: Just as I was starting to fall asleep, they play a pee-in-my-pants song, the Stone! It turned out to be the only song of the night that they played for the first time of the tour, but what a song it was. Woohoo! I frickin' love this song -- one of my favorites, if not THE favorite! It seemed like all the band members were playing their respective instruments more than usual. The beginning sounds a little different than what I'm used to on Listener Supported -- I think Stefan plays his bass at the same time Dave plays the succession....something. I'll pay more attention next time. This time I was too busy peeing in my pants to notice. Roi joins in Boyd's solo after the orgasmic part, "tell me you wi-hiiilllllll".... but I'm not sure I like Roi and Boyd playing at the same time. Boyd's solo is so beautiful and Roi kicks in....then it starts to sound like they're rivaling for the solo. It's distracting. Oh well. I simply cannot complain about this song, it means way too much to me. Then Butch plays a nice keyboard intro into Lie In Our Graves. It rocked again. Boyd is awesome again, he did the serenading each band member thing again like he did in Boston...however, the song did not seem to be quite as on fire as it was the other night. Still, so grateful for it because it DEFINITELY picked up the otherwise-flat crowd. It was about 18 minutes long, definitely the longest song of the tour. Don't know which of the two LIOGs was longer. I'm guessing FU's was longer. If I Had It All: Snore. Hehe, sorry. Drive In Drive Out: I love this song live, but the crowd was just dead!!! It pained my heart to see the crowd respond so much more to I Did It than DIDO. Well, I'm learning the skill of enjoying a song even though everyone around me seems to be asleep (that is, except Bryan and Lisa.) Big Eyed Fish --> Stay up in your fucking tree, Monkey! Bartender. Long Butch and Carter solo. Very jazzy. Not sure if I've noticed that before. I looked at my watch and realized the band will have been onstage for a pretty long time. One thing about Bartender I've noticed....as good as the song is....it always seems like they don't know how to end it. Carter just plays until it fizzles out. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel: They busted out PNP right after Bartender, with no intro or even a pause. I was in shock that they didn't break before the encore right after Bartender, they had already gone on longer than usual. Rapunzel got even the Philidelphians on their feet. This is truly a kick ass song live. Encore: Fonz put on his orange baseball hat for the encore. The encore brought back bad memories, as it was exactly the same as night one, Boston. Where Are You Going: This was when I was taking pictures of the band, and...Don't Drink the Water: This was when I was like the wind for about 20 feet, and then like a snail onto the streets of Boston. Overall a very good night, especially with the Stone. Was the longest night of the tour so far too, overtaking Boston night one by a few minutes I think. See you in Providence.
Mark B.
Lets just say besides the fact that when I walked in and saw my seats I was exctatic. WWYS was as usual, Raven very nice Too Much was a great crowd pumper. New Songs were good to hear. LWS songs were played as expected but bartender man that jam went forever and was awsome. It got a little slow but once that LIOG came along I knew it was gonna get better, that LIOG was awsome those jams were great and when Dave and Boyd started going at it, it was awsome the place was going nuts. As everything progressed it just got better and better Stephan was having fun, boyd was just awsome same for Butch and carter was great Leroi seemed a little out of it. Overall it was an amazing show my favorite behind 6/24/01.
Kavi S.
This was one of my first dave shows so I dont='t have much to compare it with. I wasn't thrilled overall. At times, especially towards the end, there wasn't much crowd energy. He played many songs from Everyday, which I'm not a great fan of that album. The opener was WWYS which was predictable but still pretty good. Too Much really got the crowd pumping and it led nicely into The Space Between. LIOG was amazing. This one song made the entire night worth it. Everyone was really into it and all the jamming was really good. He ended pretty well with Rapunzel, and the lighting throughout was really especially good too. The encore could have been better. WAYR was nice, but I wish he ended it was something else. Overall, I think LIOG made the night worth it, but the rest of the concert wasn't too great.
Hec. Z.
DMB has done it again at the FU center, which is...Rocking the place! Although they've done it before, but tonight was just an outstanding performace by the band. Of course Dave was being *grins* Dave (silly, funny and talkative) and for the rest of the band. You guys are truely awesome muisicians. Alright let me get going about the show here. The opening song WWYS was played good, but I've heard them play it better from the past shows'. O'well...Anyhow The show started to kick in right after Greystreet, cuz shit...the way carter was useing his drum kit all over the toms...DAMN! WTWE was good to hear in a closed areana nice little jam, along with GIG. The new songs that were played tonight was very, very impressive. Sounds like the band is going back to their old roots of style " Lyrically and just jamming away." High lights of tonight's show incase some of yous missed it, had to be The Stone...the way the lights were floating across the areana, smokey made the whole song seem endless, what a beautiful song. LIOG was played absolutely great! But that can't top the one from last year show at 6.11.01 Gaints with the rain and atmosphere. But take no credit away from tonight's version. Big Eyed Fish and Bartender was so soundly sweet to hear. Espically when Dave gets so emotionally into it. From PNP and Rapunzel down to the encore...2 words...sorry but have to say it...Fucking Great!!! On a final note...Fellas (To DMB) what's up with a little old school sound this summer like " Don't you ever wonder maybe if things has been slightly different you could be with Timmy Reynolds..." Well that concludes my night Later on DAVEHEADS!!! See ya'll in Va, and at the Camden shows this summer...Rock on DAVE! Z
Tracey I.
This was such an awesome show. I had floor seets and Dave never looked better. Just being able to see him play up close was like a dream. He opened with What Would You Say, which as always is a great opener. It got the crowd going when he let everyone scream the famous line "Mom its my birthday"! He played about 5 liilywhites, including grace is gone, raven, and bartender. It just doesn't get my much better. I was disapointed only in the encore. Don't Drink the Water is not a traditional favorite. I would have been happier with Watchtower or Ants. But overall I really can't compline. Dave is just amazing!
Steven R.
This was perhaps the worst display of music I have ever seen, save the Ratt show I saw in the late 80's. I'm not sure which concert had more weed, though. There was this kid in front of me, it sounds like that Catino kid, and he just annoyed the crap out of me. He loved it, even though the band has obviously lost its ability to play any instrument. I was severely disturbed by the solos they played, because they ruined the only songs that the band played better than monkeys could. Lie in our Graves was alright, so was Grace is Gone...but then again, so were the songs that were on the PA before the band came on stage. My girlfriend made me go to this concert, and I hated every stinkin' minute of it.
The First Union Center is a great venue. I came from New Jersey to see the show, and it was a pleasant change from previous shows at MSG an Giant's Stadium. The crowd was great and my seats were great as well (no thanks to the Warehouse). On to the show. WWYS as an opener was very energetic, and I could feel that the concert woudl be great. In my view the middle section was too slow, and not enough long jams (with the exception of LIOG) were played. With LIOG in mind, where did BUTCH TAYLOR COME FROM? He was amazing! I have seen him in other shows, but he really was great on LIOG tonight, and of course Boyd was also amazing with his solo. I was disappointed not to hear Don't Burn the Pig and Warehouse or Ants as an encore, but Where Are You Going is a good tune and DDTW was nice to hear. I rate this show a B+
Wow!! After Penn State, I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother going to the rest of the shows I bought, but the boys definitely redeemed themselves in Philly! It wasn't my #1 show, but it was DAMN good!! First off, I'd just like to say hi to everyone I tailgated with & let y'all know I had a great time!! I've never seen a parking lot so full of tailgaters...it was so fun! Also on that note...all of those slobs need to learn how to CLEAN UP after themselves!! :( Anyway...the show was great. A lot of the songs were the same as PSU...WWYS, Raven, Too Much, TSB, WTWE...yada yada yada...but the ENERGY was so much better!! They put a whole lot more jamming into it, a whole lotta fancy feet, a whole bunch of smiles from the boys...you could tell they were just in better spirits than Friday's show. Dave was doing lots of jibberish too! I love that!! They also played longer. I couldn't belive how short PSU was, but Philly was at least 2.5 hours. The second half of the set was obviously the best part, starting with The Stone. I've wanted that song again for so long and keep missing it. They did a jam at the end that was totally badass!! After that, they went into a really sloooow jam...just mellow and real nice...that fed into LIOG. It was about 18 minutes long and performed so well!! The best part was the middle...Dave and Boyd started to play to each other the way they always do when they go nuts, then Boyd turned back and played to Carter while Dave and Stefan played to each other. Then Dave turned with Boyd and they both played to Carter, then Boyd went over and played to Butch. Poor Roi was just over there by himself...I guess nobody wanted to play with him! :( DIDO was a big surprise for me...I haven't seen it performed since 2000 & it sounded great! BEF...OMG!!! I saw him get out the guitar & decided that they were either doing Busted Stuff or Bartender, but when I heard those first few notes, I started jumping around and screaming like a Banchi! I don't think anybody in my section even knew the song...they were all staring at me like I was on crack. I'm sorry...I LOVE THAT SONG!!! Dave sang about the fish, then about the man, then "this fuckin' monkey sittin up in his ?funky/fuckin? (not sure which) tree...every monkey knows stay up your fuckin' tree!" That's how he did it last year in San Antonio too. It was better this time though, cause last year his voice was sore so he couldn't do the "No Way's" and he did in Philly! :) Ok, enough about BEF. Bartender fucking rocked...quite possibly the best jam I've seen them do during that song!! Ok...so as if The Stone, LIOG, and BEF weren't enough to completely make my night, we got PNP & Rapunzel!! Holy shit!!! I couldn't have been happier!! At Penn State, I kept saying, "dammit...Butch is there...can't they at least do LIOG or Rapunzel..." and I was really upset that they didn't do either of them. Like I said, they redeemed themselves 100%!! The new songs are nice...I hope I get to hear them some more because it was hard to understand the lyrics to You Never Know, and I really like WAYG. Great song...but Dave, you ARE superman!!! Thanks for a great show boys...I'm back in TX now...see you next month!!!
Erin S.
As much as it pains me to say it, i found this show to be extremely disappointing. WWYS was a good opener and Too much always gets me going but there were too many songs from everyday and lillywhite. Lillywhite is no doubt one of my favorite cd's and he played the best of the songs off that cd but i could barely recognize them when he played them and they just didnt have that special something that we all know Dave possesses. The concert wasn't bad at all though, there just could have been better songs. I would have loved to have heard 41 or Warehouse or Two Step for the encore at least. DDTW was completely inappropriate for the encore!! Lie in Our Graves completely knocked me off my feet and i was in awe. I dont think its possible to ever a better live version of that song. I always enjoy Dave concerts though- his stage prescence is absolutely amazing and just seeing him smiling and putting his whole soul into his music is always uplifting. And at the end of the night, when all is said and done, Dave always remains number on my list!!
DMB rocked First Union Center. Unfortunately, the half of the crowd there was drunk and nose bleeding high school kids who thought being at a DMB and got drunk would make them cool. As other reviews say, the setlist was heavly from lily white studio. And I really respect the decision on the setlist because who wants to be in a band that only plays hit songs from almost 10 years ago. Being good musicians, DBM is producing great new songs and they have the right to play the songs. "The stone" and "Lie in Our Graves" were the high of the concert. DMB jammed for a long time (over 10 min. each, I would say) and seemed they were having great time and so as the audience. I hoped encore was something upbeat like "Ant's Marching" or "Trippin Billies".
Sean L.
Wow once again Dave puts on a amazing show. This was my forth and is up there with the best. Starting off w/ WWYS fired me and the crowed up, then going into Raven was sweet. Too Much is a classic and TSB wa not bad. Grey Street and YNK were amazing. LIOG, Bartender, BEF, GIG, The stone , and DIDO were all out of this world and they rocked the house. PNP into Repunzel is always great to hear. WAYG is fresh and was AMAZING to hear and DDTW was not bad but i was hoping to hear Two Step or Ants. Overall it was a great show and i will c them agian 7/16/02-7/17/02-7/18/02