Dave Matthews Band
Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

So Much To Say *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Raven *
Crush *
What You Are *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Swim Naked Outro) *
Too Much *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone *
Jimi Thing *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Where Are You Going *
Two Step *
The Space Between *
Tripping Billies *
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Glenn S.
Absolutely amazing! So much energy from all the members, especially Boyd. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves. #40 as an opener was really a pleasant surprise. Grey Street was amazing as usual. Same with Warehouse. I was really excited to hear Crush. It was the first time live for me and it was definitely one of the highlights. The other highlights were YNK, Raven, the return of Jimi Thing, and the amazingly jammed out Two Step. I thought we might get the infamous TSB and IDI encore since both had not yet been played but the boys came through with a perfect Tripping Billies. Even if the would have done IDI, I still would have been estatic. I couldn't have asked for more. On to Cleveland!
Jeff S.
Great concert!!! Rock on DMB!!! Not only were they all on fire throughout the show, but the ending with Two Step was AMAZING!!! Wonderful opening with #40(seems like Dave added a little more of the verse just for us in DETROIT!!!) SMTS was a nice treat, very enjoyable. WTWE off of Everyday, was also a treat with much energy, and a song I have come to love. ***NEW SONG!!! YOU NEVER KNOW... I LOVE IT!!! AMAZING!!!*** Warehouse full of nice solos by Boyd and Leroi! Raven, another favorite off of the "Lillywhite Sessions," seems the lyrics were a little different, but who is complaining! THEN A HUGE SURPRISE, STEFAN BUSTS OUT THE OPENING PART OF CRUSH!!!! Amazing song, made me cry!! What you are, also good, nice intro with the lighting and stuff! OSW!!! I can't belive they played that tune! Grey Street and Grace is Gone, again, I love the Lillywhite Material. Jimi Thing, Thanks Leroi for keeping the FUNK alive! ***DON'T Burn the PIG*** I LOVE DMB FOR PLAYING MY FAVORITE SONG!!!! WAYG, amazing new tune, I like it. ***AMAZING VERSION OF TWO STEP*** SOLOS BY EVERY MEMBER OF THE BAND, INCLUDING BUTCH!!!! CARTER PULLED OFF A FUNKY SOLO WITH THE BAND BACKING HIM AS HE PULLED OFF INTO A LATIN GROOVE THEN INTO HIS FAMOUS "BILLY COBBHAM RUDIMENT" AND HIS FERIOUS CHOPS AMAZE ME AS A DRUMMER. LONG LIVE CARTER AND FUNKY MUSICK THAT HE DOES FOR THE DMB!! Tripping Billies---excellent encore for a wonderful beautiful night full of the best music around. LONG LIVE DMB!!!!
Brian B.
Great show, nice opener of #40 to start the show. This setlist really had a lot of diversity, a good mixture of past albums. It seemed as though the band brought the intensity level up and down. Definately the high note of the show for me was Crush. Very exciting number, crowd seemed to want a high energy show throughout, the slow numbers although were nice transitions into the louder ones. The lighting was great tonight, streams of blues and reds, kinda omnious at times, but it carried the songs nicely, especially for the breaks during the woo's and stop intro of Warehouse. Finally, after last summer's lack of Pig, he played a full version of it. I think the fact of him not playing it all last summer kinda hyped it to a bigger song than it really is. It's a slow, mellow number, just a beautiful song. Once again, DMB played a gorgeous Two Step, although nowhere near last years, 06-04-01, Comerica Park 20 minute version, but still a powerful version. For the finale I figured we'd hear Billies, an Dave acoustic solo, and a closer probably Ants or something else. I wanted to hear Watchtower, but it seems that this tour is sans Watchtower, maybe it needs a rest, regardless I would have loved to hear it again. A two song encore by my standards is kinda weak, but this was a special show, for many reasons, and I had a great evening with the band. This was a good setlist and show, good enough that I would recommend picking it up through a trade if you're thinking about it. Have a great summer everyone!
Dale M.
Tonight was my fifth DMB concert and it was deffinately the most powerful setlist yet. "You Never Know" and "Where Are You Going" are great songs and make me look forward impatiently to July 2nd. This is deffinatly the most energetic they've played in a long time. The energy that was reported missing by some fans is clearly back. "Crush" and "Pig" are great new additions to the nightly setlists that I've missed in the past few years. All in all an amazing setlist, and it'll be hard to top tomorrow night in Cleveland, but I'll be there to find out. Peace and love.
David J.
This was my first ever Dave Matthews Band concert and it blew away any and all of my expectations. I take back anything I might have said about DMB not perfering Detroit for they put on one of the best setlists of the tour so far. The crowd was really into the show and the band kept everyone satisfied. Highlights include Number Fourty as an opener which faded into So Much to Say. Raven was really performed well and upbeat and was followed up by Crush in which Boyd took over. They then played One Sweet World which was really the one song I wanted to hear tonight. LeRoi played his usual instrumental, jazzy intro which really made my night. The crowd really got into Too Much and Grey Street was a treat with Dave on the twelve string. Jimi Thing was probably the highlight of the night being the first time played on this tour. Although it was a pretty standard version, it was great to see the band go off for the first time of the night and just play and play. By Two Step, I was in a state of amazement and this version just blew my mind. I could guess it was near twenty minutes with Carter going off into the longest solo I've ever heard him do. He just kept going and going into his solo playing rhythms I've never heard before. The encore was great. Everyone was singing along to The Space Between and Tripping Billies can only be described as Tripping Billies. Boyd went nuts and closed out an awing first concert and an all together fantastic setlist. Thank you DMB and I can only hope for a larger amphitheater to be built here around Detroit. Note, LeRoi had the flute out tonight but never did use it.
Anthony R.
Wow....amazing! This was my ninth show and I don't rank my shows, but this one was great. Absolutely destroyed the Toronto show last week(except for LIOG w/ Bela) The tempo never slowed all night. #40 as an opener was great. Such a great song and a huge surprise to start a song. Makes you wonder when there going to play a whole band version. You Never Know is a great tune and I can't wait to hear the studio version. Warehouse was also amazing. Carter and Stefan were leading the crowd while we were yelling "Woo" during the stop-time intro. Crush was a huge highlight of the night. The outro jam was so wonderful, especially when Carter went nuts at the end. I truly believe that What You Are is becoming a concert classic. It isn't a typical song, but after hearing it last year and hearing how much it has improved to this year, it is sweet. So much energy in that song and I was happy to hear it again after Toronto. Jimi Thing was great tonight, and I usually only like the first part of the song. The second jam is usually so slow, especially when they would make it all jazzy for butch. Tonight, I fell in love with the whole song. The new jam is unreal, and even includes some great guitar work from Dave. I got to hear Pig again and I still don't beleive it when they start playing it. Two Step is one of the best ways to close a set and Carter put on a great clinic at the end. Space Between wasn't spectacular, but Billies was a perfect ending to an amazing set list and an amazing show. I'm off till August and Deer Creek...everyone else, enjoy the shows!
Matt L.
Great show tonight, I made it just in time, coming from my Anthropology final in Ann Arbor that got over at 6:00. It was my 6th show and my first time at the Palace and I must say it was a delight. Missed Ben Kweller, but I had no choice. Anyway, on to the show. (#40) Dave came out hit a few notes of it, I thought it would just be a tease, then he started in full, it was real nice, about a minute and a half. Fun way to get things going. SO MUCH TO SAY: Pretty starndard really, I was hoping for the bridge but oh well, still a sweet was to get it going. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: Ok, getting goin' some more, crowd startin to settle in finally. YOU NEVER KNOW: Gorgous song, great tune, tons of energy, especially at the end. It killed the crowd for a bit, but it was very worth it. WAREHOUSE: Got the crowd RIGHT back into it! This rocked tonight. Whoo's as normal. RAVEN: I have officially heard all of the played Lilywhites live. This was a great way to follow Warehouse. CRUSH: I am 50% on this song and it's well worth it. Boyd messed up after the first chorus and went into the bridge, but played it off. The outro was killer tonight. WHAT YOU ARE: Sweet little lyrical thing at the end, but it still had lots of power. ONE SWEET WORLD: Standard, that was 4th one sweet world out of six concerts. Swim naked outro. TOO MUCH: Standard as well, I would have like to have this bridged with so much but oh well, got the crowd on it's toes again. GREY STREET: OK now it got going for me big time, definitly one of my favorits and it was killer tonight...definitely killer. GRACE IS GONE: Standard, my favorite version of this song is still 6.27.00, check it out sometime. JIMI THING: First of the tour, so that was cool. The outro was sweet, they all got in a little cirle and played, really cool to see that. PIG: I figured but it was still awesome, so glad to here this one was the one song I had a strong desire to hear, definitely a beautiful song. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Great new song as well, very mellow. I wish that rio would fill with the pennywhistle though and not Butch on keys.--->(into)--->TWO STEP: Definitly the highlight of the night. Carter went nuts!!!!!! it was seriously incredible. ---- SPACE BETWEEN, knew it was coming, standard. TRIPPING BILLIES: Awesome great way to end the night that was very solid. Overall, I think that solid is a good way to descibe tonight, nice set, fun night...back to finals for me:) Next stop for me is Deer Creek in August.
Matt N.
This show was simply very powerful. I'll staart out with saying that the band was on fire playing very smoothly and hitting all of their shit. There was a lot of crowd interaction with the band, a bunch of davespeak, and a lot of energy comin' from the stands. Ok, so the opener, #40...this was a complete surprise, but it was very nice to hear. Not many people knew it, but it sounded really good. I'd been listening to this song all day so i was glad to hear it. SMTS and WTWE were pretty standard. Both sounded great, even WTWE which is growing on me along with a few other ED songs. Then YNK,i called this just before it was played...this is just a beautiful song. When the studio version of this song hits the shelves this will be a lot of fans' favorite song. Warehouse...very very fun song to hear. A lot of dancing by everyone in the stands here. Raven was great, pretty standard but it seems they really like this song. Maybe a single on the next album?? Then Crush, i could tell it was Crush as Fonzi was teasing us with the opening baseline for a good 30 seconds. This song sounded very very tight. They were together and really jamming this out. The only other time i heard this was in buffalo last year and they didn't sound nearly as together as they did tonight. Then WYA...This was my bathroom break, but it is growing on me too. It has a spooky feel to it. Dave was even adlibbing towards the end throwing in a bunch of new made up lyrics. One was something about holding this barrel to your head. Then i heard him tuning his guitar for OSW, and i started goin nuts. This was just great to hear. Once again this intro far outshines the song itself but it is oh so sweet sounding. Too Much...pretty standard, lots of dancing as usual. The Grey st. and GIG...Probably gonna be the next two singles off of Busted Stuff. These songs sounded great. It seemed, believe it or not, there was a TON of energy behind Grey St. even though it hasn't be released AND people were SINGING the lyrics to GIG. That surprised me. Then Jimi Thing...once again i heard him strummin' this before and i couldn't believe my ears. First time of the tour. The band really jammed this out, boyd was going nuts, and it was CLEAR that they really really enjoyed having this song back in the setlist again. Then DBTP...It was excellent, very majestic lyrically intense song. Always glad to hear this song. Dave is making sure that no one complains about not hearing a song again with PIG this tour. WAYG sounded nice. I don't like the lyrics of this song too much, they seem really lame. But it's a good song, will make a good single release in the coming month. Then there was 2-Step...absolutely crazy. It was very long, really jammed out. Butch had a nice solo as usual. But Carter basically said to everyone while he was playing "I am the best drummer EVER!!!!" He was sick, just going crazy with his solo jam. The rest of the band was just in awe of him. Then there was a pretty long encore break, a LOT of noise from the crowd. Then they come back out, i see he has the electric so i know it's TSB. Pretty standard, i'm sure it pleased a lot of fans, it was nice to hear. Once this song ended i was just hoping, praying, that the crew would take that guitar away from him. Get that electric out of his hands because we still hadn't heard I Did It, and i didn't think he would go TWO shows in a row without playing IDI. Sure enough they snatched that guitar from him and closed with a sweet Tripping Billies. Boyd was dancin like a maniac, even mimicking Dave's little dance. This was my 6th show, 2nd this year, (other being toronto) and i have to say this might have been the best show i've ever seen them play. They were on FIRE, sounded very tight and clearly enjoyed playing here much more than i've seen any other time. However, i think this "best" standing show will only last a couple days cuz once the boys hit up chicago i think there will be some even better shows there. See ya'll in Chicago!!
Mike N.
Wow!!! What a show!! This was my 53rd, but the 1st for this tour, and I must say I was completely impressed!!! The band really seemed to have a new spark in them. This was the 1st time for me hearing You never know and Where are you going live, and those are two beautiful songs. Almost brought tears to the eyes, but DMB would never do that huh? I had picked too much into astb into smts as the opener, but i only got a fraction. Although, I must say number 40 rocks.!!! Grey street had seemed as if it were completely revised, that which I liked....And Two-step was thouroughly incredible. My sister bet me a case of beer that Dave would play Jimi thing, I said hell No! and to my surprise he did. So she is a happy camper. I almost couldn't believe we got raven, but Dave was in a raven mood. Warehouse was violent, very energetic and meaningful, especially for Boyd...at least I assume. sorry Im not going in order, just pulling em' from the list in my head.I'd say, the highlight of the show had to be the ridiculously well played drum solo by carter on Billies. He was literally smoking his hands were moving so fast. Like you could see smoke rising right out of his palms..oh and his ears. Really Weird huh? So I am off to Cleveland for tonights show, after i take this Damn final exam.So wish me luck !! thanks and hope to see you all tonight. Peace Love and Dmb! Mike
Come on now... the place is called The Palace, what did you expect? a shitty setlist? notta chance. Got there reaaaally early and entered to win 100 bucks 4 times, of course...i did not win But was that gonna put a damper on my night... HELL NO. So yea...Dave comes out and introduces Ben Kweller... "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyy" ...yea you know it, that deep greeting. Dave seems to really like Kweller's music and the man himself, shown by the friendly hug they gave each other after his introduction. This guy wasnt half bad... he goes ahead and opens with his own rendition of ice ice Baby which i definately got a kick out of. Sha Sha was decent tune, as were most of the others. i just may pick up his disc at The GUND... But enough about that... lets get to what matters here, lets get to the goooooooood stuff... The Band walks out, and as anyone would i quickly began thinkin of what the opener would be (which i had pret! ty much been doin all day) and i really had a feeling it was gonna be DDTW...but instead Dave had to come out of NO WHERE and play... #40 - HOLY SHiT. Dont even act like any of you expected this. This just plain knocked me on my ass. Pretty standard solo version, similar to Listener Supported's... maybe a bit shorter, but just as SWEET i assure you. This was just an amazing way to start the show and really just a great surprise... i dont think there was a person in the Palace that wasnt feeling it... Very very quickly the boys take us right into... SO MUCH TO SAY - Craaaaaaaash Style baby, you just cant go wrong with this tune. Great way to start it off, was also a surprise to me. i had forgotten that they had opened with it once before on this tour but the quickly remembered. Pretty Standard version, but hey, the Standard Version owns...and yes, this one did too. i had a feeling they'd take us over the Bridge, then right into Too Much, but there was the normal pause between! songs and they went on into... WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - Now i've always liked this tune, but had always thought it was better as a studio cut. Something about the 2001 performances were just missing, but tonight i was fairly pleased with it. Again, pretty standard, but it was one of the more solid live versions i have heard. Pretty pleased with it, gotta love it when the lights go out at the end. Crowd Ate it Up... YOU NEVER KNOW - Called This Baby. it seems to like to stay around the number 3 spot on the sets. Come on, this is YOiNK, do i really need to say anything else? No. But i will... Killer Killer version. Few minor lyrical changes, Dave might have also been a bit early in the beginnin verse, but when it comes down to it NOTHiNG can be done to make this song sound bad. (well...besides Ballard...) But Damn this song is just almost too good to be true. Dave broke a string, and DAAAAAAMN Roi was smoking at the end of this. And im talking CRAZiNESS. Roi, you are my hero... ! WAREHOUSE - Called this after hearing a few of the chords he played during the Global Warming Jam on 4-4. Same chords, but he didnt go into it with the "its gettin too warm in here..." lyrics. Nstead, he quickly started the Stop/Time intro which we all know and love. Carter was right there with us on the WOO's puttin his sticks up in the air. The boys love that WOO shit. Very Solid Warehouse...really glad to hear it. The set just kept gettin better... RAVEN - ...flew tonight. i kind of expected this, and was extremely glad to hear it. "Whatca got, whatcha got in your hand..." i'm REALLY feeling these new lyrics. i'll miss the nightly lyric changes, but these are very solid. i love the whole Father/Son thing. Someone to the side of me said "Vulture!! its Vulture!!"...i of course laughed my ass off. Silly People. Boyd sounded particularly great on this one. Seemed to get a really good crowd response... CRUSH - My board name isnt NiCK Satellite, nor is it NiCK Captain...a! nd no, its not NiCK Rapunzel. its NiCK Crush. This song is just too amazing for words. Stefan teased with it for a while but sure enough went full fledged right into it. Crowd Loves this one of course...how can you not? And i'll tell you one thing for sure...BOYD READS THESE BOARDS. He saw all the hating on him and just said tonight "Fuck you all...you want it?" And DAMN he gave it to us. He shoved it in our faces and said i AM THE MAN, DO NOT SCREW WiTH ME. He was a little anxious after the first verse when he started the solo but quickly relized that it wasnt quite time... smiled about it and it was all good. BUT DAMN. When it did come, it came with the thunder. The next time i see a post hatin on Boyd... i'm gonna... be angry... WHAT YOU ARE - The Electric. it had to have come at some point. This is definately one of the better Everyday songs, so i was pleased to hear it. The scat thing at then end KiCKS ASS. Dave was kinda do a spazzy fist in the air while doin it... gav! e me chills. Stuff like that scat thing is just one of the coolest things about Dave... kinda out of now where things that just plain sound good. Bottom Line. Really felt this version, this song equals energy, Nuff Said...ONE SWEET WORLD - Won Suite Whirled instrumental intro as always. Surprised to hear this one. Mid-Set OSW's kinda weird me out lol... i have so many shows with this as an opener, its almost like it is out of place anywhere else. But it was a great surprise and i love this tune tremendously, so it was a real treat to hear. "Dont you love to swim naked..." Hell Yea. On a sidenote, i took the One Sweet Whirled Ben & Jerry's pledge before the show and they gave me a $1.00 off coupon, so i felt really good about that. Anyway i can help, im for it... TOO MUCH - Fuck it Up. Always Gets the crowd goin... Butch was layin his FUNK down. No matter what anyone says, you just cant go wrong with this tune. Sure, its been played alot so far this tour, but i dont blame! them. it does exactly what it needs to do, and i was really feelin it. Dave isnt eating out children tonight, so no need to worry about that...GREY STREET - 12 String comes out...and i think i speak for everyone here, that when the 12er comes out it is always a good thing. Called Grey Street right away. And of course there went Carter. Fantastic Version...Crowd was going insane. Really lovin this one. Dave went all out with the "Yeeeeeeeeeaaaah" at the end. Always gets a good crowd reaction. Pretty standard verision, Nice Jam at the end. ALWAYS a nice night for a little Grey Street... GRACE iS GONE - Hear the first few chords and first thought it was WAYG. Soon after though i recognized my mis-hearing, and relized it was GiG. Something has happend to this one...the jam at the end is just daaaamn good. Carter tore this up to know end. it seemed as if there wasnt a person in the arena who didnt know the lyrics. Alot of singin along... which is always cool to hear. Amazing ver! sion, amazing jam...as i mentioned above...JiMi THiNG - aaaaaaaaaaawh yea. Very glad to see this one back. i knew right away we were in for a solid solid jam. To my surprise, Dave didnt go up real real high with the "Lately i've been feelin low..." verse, which was actually pretty cool. Boyd was on fire, Roi was on fire...and DAVE...Damn Dave...your solo was just too much. Started off real slow...you kno the drill, pluckin a few chords, after a bit of that, he quickly grabbed his pick off his mic stand and just went OFF. Very Cool. The whole band was dead on with this one. Pretty much flawless... DONT BURN THE PiG - Stuffed Pig comes flying on the stage, and sure enough we got it almost immediately afterwards. God i dont understand why this didnt come back in the sets sooner. This song just flat out kicks ass. Carter is unbelievable on this one...just doin his thing. And again...BOYD, im tellin you he reads these boards. He has TOTALLY redeemed himself with this one. He soun! ds right on. i think we will be seein this one in the sets for a loong time now. Nothing but positive energy, and it got an awesome reaction. "Dont Burn the Pig..." ..WHERE ARE YOU GOiNG - i was really expecting this as the first encore song, but nevertheless was very pleased to hear it. The more i listen, the more i love. And i have officially decided that this song will be huge. i really do. Nothing too different performance wise...pretty much just like the mp3's. But thats definately not a bad thing. Gotta love the way he holds that "Where ARE you going.." at the end. Great stuff, and it almost instantly went into... TWO STEP - YES. Now i could sit here and right as much as i have for this entire reveiw JUST for this song. Dont worry, i wont...but DAMN this song was FUCKiNG iNSANE tonight. Now i didnt hear the mp3 of the one with the Flecktone from the other night, but this has taken 6-4-01's place as my new favorite version of Two Step. "Hello, My Name is Butch Taylor, a! nd i have humungous BALLS". Damn he was incredible tonight...his solo was extremely intense and by far the best i have ever heard. Carter did a bunch of different stuff on top of the normal crazy drum ending. Almost like a Salsa/Cuban type jam for a good while goin on. Absolutely incredible. Carter is just a machine. BAM! Set Over...And ended in the best way possible. THE SPACE BETWEEN - Baritone Comes out... knew right away this is what we were getting, and kind of expected it anyway since WAYG had already been played. i in know way hate this song, and think its pretty good live. Crowd Loved it, Sang every word. Good song for the first of the encore i must say...would have greatfully taken something else, but i wont complain...cause it was pretty damn good. i gotta give them that...TRiPPiNG BiLLiES - No Nature just BADOOOM right into it. Fucking insane. Boyd Tinsley ownz every single one of you. There is just nothin more to be said about that. He is the master. i dont think! anyone can disagree with this as a closer. Great way to end a great show. Crowd Loved it, and i couldnt have been happier...Show ends, lights come on....Carter comes out and throws some sticks. DAMNiT i didnt get one, but it was close...incredible incredible night, although i got burned with a cig from the dude next to me, so yea i was happy about that...also, some kid collapsed in the lobby like at 5:30 before the show...they called 911, dont know what the story was with that, but i hope he's ok Anywho...i will see you fools at GUND & ALLSTATE BABY...NiCK
Ken B.
I have seen this band 8 times. From California to Cleveland. Wow what a show by far one of the best 2 Steps ever and to hear Crush and #41 was incredible. Now I have Cleveland and Chicago to look forward in the next week then on to California for Shoreline. This show is by far one of the best.!!!!
Zack G.
They found jazz tonight, and it was transcendent. It's amazing and beautiful to see how amazing the band has become. They have transcended to a new level of music. Their jams, which were abundant, were jazz grooves better than any music i have ever heard. crush was so melodic and the after groove set the pace for their amazing flow. one sweet world was an unbelievable treat, and too much, the song i have heard at every show ive been to, was so amazing tonight. the band used so much improv, boyd and leroi, and stefan, were brilliantly in improvisation sync tonight. stefan amazed me often, especially when he stunned me with his jazzy transcendance of jimi thing. dave jammed solo jazz with butch and carter which was beautifully rare, boyd on tripping billies created magic, as did butch and carter on two step, which flowed directly out of a smooth jazzy jam from where are you; it made me tear and scream. must mention the twosome of grey street and grace is gone; the improvement of both already brilliant songs is mind boggling. our modern mozarts haven't even reached their prime, but theyre getting so close to creating their magical symphony. peace
Patrick N.
I won't go into a song by song review, just two words: CARTER BEAUFORD....carter owned this show, he went absolutely NUTS at the end of Crush, during Jimi Thing, and he had a damn long solo on Two Step...this concert just solidified Carter as a god in my mind. Highlights were definitely crush, jimi, two step, and billies, and #40 to open?! that's two years in a row dave has given us detroiters a verse or two of #40, and i thank him very much. dave, and the whole band for that matter, was really lively tonight. dave was dancing up a storm, as was boyd...i know i'm on the post-concert DMB high, but regardless, it was a VERY solid show.
Simply an amazing performance. It is remarkable, though, that Dave didn't hit, or even try for, a lot of the higher notes in the first half of the show. I'm wondering if he's recovered from his throat problems yet. Boyd was outstanding, as usual. Carter, though still on his game behind the skins, was looking, well, BIG. LeRoi was in rare form, although the pennywhistle stayed out of sight. Butch was fine until his solo in Two Step, which went a little high and actually caused some booing in my section. Stefan did an amazing job, especially with "Crush". Overall a great indoor show, but I'd expect setlists from this tour to be very similar to 2000, with only a few spatterings of "Everyday" mixed in.
Shannon S.
What an amazing show!! My seventh, and definately the loudest, most energy frenzied show yet. My friend was a bit disappointed Bela Fleck didn't open the show, but Dave and the boys totally made up for it. Everyone was on fire, Boyd was a fiddlin' mad man, Carter a drummin' whirlwind, Stephan a jammin' genius, Leroi a mellow melody maker, Butch a whiz on the Keys, and Dave, ah Dave, never lets me down. Such a rockin' set list, surprises and treats abound, and the baddest Seek Up to date. See ya on Saturday at Rosemont, IL.
Matt M.
Wow, what can I say. Dave and the boys must really love coming to the D. Out of the nine shows I have been too, this ranks #2 only to the 2nd night last year at the COPA. Besides that, on to the review. First off a #40 opener was pretty sweet but going right into SMTS really got the crowd moving. When the World Ends was a nice surprise and kept the energy going. YNK, what a great song. Then, Warehouse, complete with WHOOS and everything. This was my second time hearing this song live and it always puts me in a good mood. Raven- first time hearing this song live. Like a previous nancie said, I have now seen all the LWS live. Crush was solid, lighting could have been better though. Then I saw Dave pull out the electric and was worried IDI was coming. Instead a rocking version of What You Are was played. One Sweet World was next. No matter how many times I've seen this live, I always love hearing it. Too Much is always fun to hear live, but Grey Street-you gotta love it. Dave and the boys really jammed on this one and from this point on, you could tell the end was going to be good. Grace is Gone, beautiful song. Jimi Thing. First time this year and I hope this is going to played alot this summer. You gotta love when he says "Smoke my kind". Pig. Wow. First time heaing this song live. What a great song. I was hoping for it and we got it. Where Are You Going with the full band is a great song. As many have said before, I see this as the next Crash or something of that sorts. Then the highlight of the night, TWO STEP. Carter is the man. Butch is the man. They were just playing off each other with noone else from the band for what seemed like 10 minutes. You could tell Carter was loving this. Everytime they showed his face on the big screens he had a gigantic smile on it. The Space Between for an encore was kind of predictable. Although I was happy to hear Tripping Billies. This was a great song to end the night with. Made everyone in the place go nuts when the first couple of chords were played. Overall, a great night. Was hoping for Seek Up, Recently, or The Stone, but I'll take what I got and be EXTREMLY happy with it. Can't wait to see them this summer. Regardless of what I may have thought from viewing the setlists from the begining of this years tours, Dave and the boys are back and sounding as good as they ever did. Peace and love.
Eric G.
First of all, the security was terrible and we had to wait 45 minutes to get in...and therefore I missed #40!! But finally we got in there and our seats were great. SMTS was standard, but great as always. WTWE keeps getting better evertime, the ending is great. You Never Know kinda slowed the crowd, but still a great song. Things got moving with Warehouse, and then the highlight of the show was CRUSH...amazingly beautiful...then the traditional intro into OSW, where the boys jammed out! Too Much is always a wonderful jam, along with Grey Street (which Im sure he will bring out as a single right away, since he is playing it at every show).. Grace is a really cool jam, and I am starting to really love that song. Then they played Jimi Thing..WOW Butch rocked out, and Dave was dancing along side with Boyd...so awesome!! Classic Pig..then WAYG..and I really like this song, and I think it will catch on quickly. OH man then TWO STEP...this lasted forever...they jammed out hard and they all got into it...They all did solos, and Carter was a bad man...he jammed out like crazy...so awesome! Then I was worried the encore was gonna consist of TSB and IDI....and I was partly right, since he came out with the Electric...but TSB is a cool song, then he made the show by ending with Tripping Billies, which is exactly what the crowd wanted!!!!!!!!!!!Overall all the boys seemed to be really enjoyin themselves and they didnt get off stage til about 11pm! Great concert guys.....I cant wait til they come to Columbus in August!!!!!
Samuel J.
I'll keep this short and simple. I have been to 9 DMB concerts and this one stood above all the rest. The Two Step alone was worth my ticket price and they played all the songs I wanted to hear. Everything was jammed out, from Crush (BOYD), to Jimi Thing (Everybody, they even got in a little circle, cool moment), to that Two Step (Carter Beauford on the drums) that I dare say was better than the one on 6-4-01, which was my favorite until last night. You could tell they were very spent by the encore as they really came out with the energy. Thanks DMB, always a good time.
Wookie5176@aol.com .
This was my 8th time ive seen Dave, it was one of the best. The set list was very deep and had a good ammount of variety of all of his work. Grace is gone was great, as well as dont burn the pig was my favorite part of the show, until he ended with tripping billies. A good compliment to the show was the sold out crowd that was extremly loud.
Tonights show was awesome. The setlist was excellent, I got to hear a couple rare ones that also happened to be personal favorites (40, Pig). Highlights- YOU NEVER KNOW: oh baby i love this song! oh yea i think is the song dave broke a string on, but that didnt stop the song from kicking much ass. WAREHOUSE: a classic, and stefan really helped the crowd get into the "woos" in the stop-time intro. CRUSH: boyd boyd boyd.... and did a notice dave having troubles with his voice? who cares it was an awesome version. WHAT YOU ARE: the best everyday song live... and holy shit dave added an awesome vocal to the end, couldn't understand what he said but he was bein a badass, very cool. ONE SWEET WORLD: cooool intro! JIMI THING: holy geez, the whole band was kickin. PIG! PIG! PIG!: i was praying that i'd get pig tonight! wow dave wow. TWO STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: NO WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW AMAZING CARTER WAS ON THIS SONG! he had about a 15 minute solo that seemed to end 3 different times... quite possibly the best any song has every been performed by any band ever was two step tonight at the palace! couldnt believe it. TRIPPING BILLIES: boyd tinsly... judas! boyd tore it up... never seen him so into it before. if i had to sum up this show in two words i would use these: "TWO STEP". overall definatly the best setlist of any of the 4 shows ive been to, and the boys kicked ass all night long!
What a great show!! To Matt...the U of M guy that had a final done at 6:00, what's up?! We sat right next to you! So hi! :) But anyways, it was an awesome show...my 11th, but one of the best. Boyd was incredible, AGAIN, and more and more he fuels a stronger desire to meet him. Yes, its my lifelong ambition, even if it doesn't happen until I'm 80. I even made him a cute little sign, "Boyd You are My Only Beethoven!" which I think may have pissed off the guy who was litterally pissing in a cup behind us, but I know that Boyd saw it. He looked right at us! All I've ever wanted was to cross the mind of the violin god, and I think that my dream came true, even if it was only for a second. But anyways, I agree with every positive remark that has been posted...I don't even know how to put my feelings into words! Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did. And always remember that passing out isn't a bad thing...it could actually be the best thing in your life! How crazy is THAT?! But yeah, I will see everyone at Deer Creek, hangin on the lawn! ADIOS!