Dave Matthews Band
Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

Granny *
I Did It *
Grey Street *
Crash Into Me *
Jimi Thing *
Drive In Drive Out *
If I Had It All *
The Stone *
Too Much *
Seek Up *
The Space Between *
What You Are *
Where Are You Going *
When The World Ends *
Ants Marching *
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away +
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

John E.
Great Show Dave! The crowd was really into it. Band jammed well on Jimi Thing, Too Much, Ants and Rapunzel. Granny was a pleasant surprise. Seek Up! Its about time; jammed long on that one, about 15min. With this crowd, and the energy the band gave tonight, even the Everyday tracks sounded good. Hope everyone else's concert is as good as this one.
Aaron O.
I just back from the Cleveland show and I am pumped. Nice to finally meet some fellow Nancies even though I don't remember who you are all ready. A lot of good things about the show, I'll just do a brief summary...Granny - cool opener, got the crowd going. I Did It - Dave hesitated with an acoustic and was talking to everyone, then I saw the Barry come out and was like, "Oh, no" It is better live but I'm still not a fan of it. Grey Street - third song in a row that was new to hear. Just being at the concert made everything seem shorter, but it didn't feel like things were jammed out that much. Crash Into Me - debut for 2002 - girls gone wild. Nuff said. Jimi Thing - about 12 and a half minutes, pretty standard from all the ones I have heard. Dave is still doing a little soloing. Drive In Drive Out - standard as well. Another one that was my first time hearing. If I Had It All - another new one for me, kinda powerful at the end. The Stone - didn't pay too much attention during it. Too occupied coughing from the lovely ladies in front of me. Too Much - I felt this one coming. During Jimi Thing like everyone in my section and the section next to me just sat and i was like the one in the middle who didn't - Once Too Much came on it was like new life. Seek Up - I finally got to hear this live. Around 14 minutes I'd say, no lead into Rapunzel, tad dissapointed. Space Between - I sat down during this one. What You Are - Dave kept the Barry out and I knew either this or So Right was in the way - they chose What You Are. Pretty cool. Pretty Cool. Where Are You Going? - first full band version I heard like my friend said, if the rest of the album sounds like this, I can't wait. When the World Ends - pretty cool, the screens having the globe go around made it something to watch. Ants Marching - oh Christ - there is not enough words to describe how jumping the place got when they hit those first bars. The excitement didn't stop until after the encore break when just Dave came out to do Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away? - Once again, another first. Nice little song. Nice Little Song. PnP - Rapunzel, ok the past two shows that I have been too they closed with this and it marks the third time in a row that they closed the Cleveland shows like this. Dave's voice still sore, he wasn't hitting the high notes like, "from the top you PUSH me" kind of like an octave down. I am still impressed greatly with my show. Can't wait till It's circulating. Oh and a side note, I actually got to rip off a vendor...muawahahaha...
Jake H.
I have to say, this was prolly the second best dave concert i've been to, but i've only been to this one. Well, it wasn't really that bad, ha. Starting off with granny was great, 3rd time this year. Grey Street was done pretty well though i would've liked to hear it jammed out a little more. I Did it was a buzzkill. Crash through Stone were pulled off wonderfully, this really woke up the concert. Seek up kicked ass, they started pullin' out some wicked shit toward the ending that i've never heard before which was a nice treat, Dave started screaming like crazy. The Space Between was a nice touch to mellow the concert down with Where are you Going before Ants Marching. The encore was a let down... i was really hoping for some You'll Never Know action, but we had to deal with Rapunzel which was jammed out as best as that song really can be. The concert was long as hell which was great, but i just expected more.
Matt K.
Tonights show was truely amazing. I took my buddy John Kaster. Before tonight he was a DMB virgin. It was a blast. The energy was high. Literally!!! Major highlights, Granny,Crash Into Me(first time playing it so far on this tour) very awesome. Nice to hear Jimi Thing, Everyday songs were not bad at at all once they have been road tested. Ants Marching was killer, also love the song Where Are You Going, going to be a hit. Kara W. I was thinking of you the whole time i will will tell you why when the time is right. Great video affects for the entire show. Seek Up was a shocker!! Loved it though! See ya'll in Pittsburgh and Ohio again! Rock on DMB!!!
Justin F.
Just got home from Cleveland (2:30 A.M.) and my head is still ringing with DMB tunes. Just some quick highlights: Granny opener was a great surprise. Crash was a nice one to ehar as well after a hiatus. Jimi Thing was one of the best versions I have ever heard (and this was my 42nd show). Ants Marching was fantastic due to set placement. As far as some lowlights: the girl behind me that screamed like she was being attacked every single time they showed Dave on the big screen. The Seek Up for once was sub-par. Boyd just seemed to be a little bit off. Rapunzel as the second song encore. Just doesn't have the power to be a closer...the crowd was enthusiastic and loud throughout and this made 4-24-02 a ver memorable show.
Matt K.
Damn good show. Took my buddy John Kaster with me. Before tongiht he was a DMB virgin. Now on to the highlights, Crash Into Me, Seek Up, Granny, Ants Marching, Where Are You Going. The whole show was amazing. Great video affects for the concert. Kara W. I was thinking of you the whole time and I will tell you in time why that is. The energy was high and so was the crowd. The concert was a kick ass show. Dave and the boys have really done well with working on playing the Everyday album songs on the road. Rock on DMB, see ya'll in Pittsburgh and Ohio. Peace Matt
Rob H.
Overall, this was a very good show. Some things were definitely unexpected, crash came out of nowhere, I was glad to hear it. Also wasn't really expecting jimi thing or the stone, but I'm definitely not complaining. Dave played a lot of everyday stuff (I really thought they would just promote that album last summer and then be mostly done with it, I guess not) but it was nice that it all sounded very un-pop, much better than the studio versions. When I saw Dave bust out the 12-string I was really hoping to JTR, but I was pretty sure he wouldn't, because he hasn't played it yet on this tour. I guess that means we probably shouldn't expect to see it on the new album. It's really a great song, and I hope it emerges as a favorite among many fans and eventually evolves into the great encore song that it has the potential to be (but that's just my opinion). I was disappointed not to hear either pig or DDTW, as they've been regulars so far this tour. Ants definitely was the highlight of the show, it's fun to see Dave and Boyd get totally crazy on stage. I thought the encore was the weakest part of the show. This is the third time I've heard rapunzel as an encore, while it was really jammed out the best it can be, I just don't think it's a good closing song. Also, they should maybe look at old set lists, there was a lot of repeats from the last cleveland show. I also think they could do a better job of sequencing. Some songs just seem so out of place at the time they're played. But what the hell am I complaing about? I just enjoyed a great show, and I was able to enjoy it in the company of my best friend, my girl, and my little bro.
Well well well. A great show by the boys tonight in America's rock'n'roll city. Not jammed out as much as I would have liked, and, the setlist was shorter than normal (17 songs, 2 hrs 15 minutes) but Cleveland sure knows how to welcome DMB! The place was insane. The energy was beyond anything I have seen at any DMB show. Granny was a great opener - it was a bit shorter than usual. Dave didn't do the usual "ooh ha hoo! ooh ha hoo! mm-bada mm-bada mm-bada" scat that he usually does. They got I Did it out of the way early - thank God. I don't think there's a way to save that song. It has very little potential to do anything good. Grey Street was nice to hear, but it's a shame it was the only Lillywhite played the entire evening. It wasn't jammed out too much, either. Crash got the place riled up (at least the girls). Was a nice surprise - the first of the tour! Jimmy Thing was amazing - nice 13 minute or so jam to it. Drive in, if I had it all, and the stone were all fairly standard versions. The stone is my favorite song to hear live so I was glad they pulled it out. Nothing special though. I still think the 12.7.00 version of the stone is the best out there. Too Much - wow! One of the most intense versions I have heard. Dave had his usual fancy footwork going throughout, and he was off the hook! Dancing all over the stage! The crowd dug it. Seek up followed, and after a killer intro, it slowed down to more of a chill, mellow version. The crowd was groovin through all 15 minutes...the band could have jammed longer, though...seemed like they just stopped out of nowhere. Leroi had some great solos. Space Between - standard. The whole place was singing though. What you are - I like this one more and more each time I hear it! The band did a good job with it, and Dave added some sweet lyrics at the end. Where are you going - first time I heard it with the whole band. Fairly standard version I think, but it's such a beautiful song anyway. When the world ends, again, standard version. Cool visual effects on the big screens above the stage! Ants Marching - only 15 songs into the set!?! what? But, man, the band, AND THE CROWD, raised hell. Incredible. Must have been 7-8 minutes. Boyd and Leroi went nuts, Dave was a dancing maniac, and Carter did some amazing stick flips that would have made God himself shake his head and say "shit, even I can't do that." The crowd went ape-shit and the place was jumpin. Great way to end the set! The willie nelson solo was a treat - no "dock of the bay" outro though. Too bad. Now, the closer. DMB has ended the last three Cleveland shows (8.22.00, 12.7.00, and now this one) with PNP---> Rapunzel. I was hoping for possibly the first watchtower of the tour, but, well, we got the famous duo of PNP---> Rapunzel once again. But, this time it was ok. In fact, it was more than ok, IT WAS INSANE!!! Other than Dave screwing up some of the lyrics, this jammed like I have never heard it jam before. must have been a good eight minutes long - at least!!! The whole band went crazy, Dave danced all over the stage, and the crowd - loud, louder and loudest! Killer ending to a damn good show. Shouts out to the Nancies sitting behind me! Twas nice to meet you all! And to those people throwing shit at me and my sign...grrrr. Shame on you. eh, nevermind. The band saw it, and that's all that matters :) I guess like any show it had it's highs and lows, but in the world of DMB, their lows are still pretty damn good. Thanks, DMB for a great show in America's rock'n'roll city. Come again, but stay longer next time!
Keith C.
All in all a good show until the encore. Granny was a surprise as opener. Grey Street was fantastic. Crash brought out the ladies in the crowd. Boyd absolutely went off during Jimi Thing. Best jam on that song by the guys that I've experienced first-hand. I'm still not grooving a lot with the Everyday songs, but When the World Ends and What You Are sounded pretty good tonight. My friend recorded Seek Up somewhere between 15 and 17 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME. Also the first time I've seen it live. The Stone and Drive In Drive Out got the crowd flow back. Where Are You Going was unbelieveable, the full band version is unreal. Ants Marching was off the hook, everyone went nuts. Aint it Funny nice and simple, BUT he closed once again with Rapunzel. This makes it three straight shows in Northeastern Ohio (blossom or gund) that he has closed with the same song and failed to play Two Step, which makes for a lil disappointment. But I can get over it cuz the rest of the show was fantastic!
Ryan M.
Tonight was the best out of 5 shows i've seen. The Mix of songs he played tonight was just fabulous. You were not expecting what song he played next for all of the songs. I won't do a song by song analysis, but i do have some commments. Granny, first time this tour they opened with it. During Jimi, Dave, Leroi, Boyd, and Steffan got into this little circle and just jammed away. It was sooooo funny to watch them have so much fun during it. Ants was off the hook. Seek Up was the biggest treat of the night, what a surprise. Rapunzel gets better and better everytime i hear it live. The boys are really starting to get the feel for that song, and they never know when to stop jamming on it. During parts of the songs, dave does not sing his high parts b/c of his vocal strain, but the boys help out with the instraments to help him out with it. The place was very, very loud tonight, the energy level was off the scale. This show was absolutely amazing. I do not know what to say except for the fact that i cannot wait until the two shows @ polaris ampitheater in august.
B. R.
Decent show, a bit short and nothing compared to what I assume the 23rd in Michigan was like, but I still had a great time at my 3rd show! Ben Kweller was cool and fun, even though a lot of people hated him. Now to DMB! Granny-Nice opener, never heard it before and it was cool but no Dave & Carter mm-ba-ba mm-ba-ba during the jam IDI-it's sounding better live as are all the ED songs Grey St.-I'm glad I got to hear this again, I love this song and Butch adds a lot Crash-2 yrs. ago I would've hated it but it's nice to hear it again, I really do like this song, and the debut is always cool Jimi Thing-nice 15 min. jam and Roi was off the chains! DIDO-Hell yeah!!!!!! Great energy and Carter was dropping the bomb throughout If I Had It All-I like this ED song and it sounded tight Stone-Fuck yeah! This was unbelievable, first time hearing it, hope to hear it many more Too Much - getting a little too common but Carter had some kick-ass fills Seek Up-definitely the highlight of the evening, 16 min. and I love this song, he even changed it from 5 billion to "6 billion proud" Space b/t-okay, it's decent but too many high-pitched screams WYA-awesome, great version w/ some funky bass riffs during the opening WAYG-I really like this song, esp. w/ the whole band WTWE-great version and it gets tighter all the time Ants-NICE!!! so much energy and great closer, although it had only been like 1 hr. 45 min. AIFHTSA-I've heard it before and no Dock of the Bay tease, so it was very very short PNP->Rapunzel-great energy and a strong closer, esp. w/ Roi going crazy... All in all a B grade show w/ a few big highlights!!!!! See ya'll in Deer Creek (maybe...I hope!!!!)
Rich E.
To sum it up in a word, "disappointing". Granny was a nice start and I was looking forward to a setlist that would out-perform some of the band's weaker Cleveland shows. Honestly, if the band doesn't like Cleveland, please don't perform here, because it becomes very frustrating. I Did It....yawn. Now for the grand promotion of the upcoming new album....Grey Steet. The ONE and only Lillywhite song performed last night. Nice to hear Crash live and to follow it up with Jimi Thing was a pleasant surprise. I'll spare the details until Seek Up, which sounded decent and the band jammed to somewhat, but please refer to the previous "do you hate Cleveland" annotation. Space Between was a sound follow-up to Seek Up, and then we're back to Everyday. Where Are You Going was good to hear live and Ants was its usual self.....Excellent. The en"bore" started with Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away and if there's one song that I wish Dave would abandon, it's this one. Not even a #40 tease.....PnP-Rapunzel was a decent close. Indoors or outside, I will not be paying for another Cleveland show!!
Erica J.
I believe I am still in awe. That was an awesome, awesome concert even though I had nosebleed seats this time. I was 5th row at U. park and this show still kicked it's *ss. The crowd though was much more attentive than at U. Park and that may have accounted for all of the energy on stage. Granny was a great opener and couldnt have lasted long enough. When the baritone came out I felt an I Did It coming on, though it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Grey Street has been worked on a lot and is an awesome song now. Crash was surprising, and the crowd went CRAZY. Jimi was well jammed and Drive...Out was well done also. It was kind of upsetting that the people around me sat if the song wasnt on Everyday or Crash though. I expected a Don't Burn the Pig and Too Much, but only Too much was played. Just wish I could have heard "You'll Never Know"! It was so awesome that I'm still a little delirious :o)
Let me just say I felt that this was one of the best dave shows ever. The setlist was crazy and all over the place. Dave, Leroy, Carter, Steffan, and Boyd were all really into the concert and it was really obvious that they were feeling the energy of the crowd. That was real cool. Space Between, Jimmy thing, and the Stone were off the hook....i just loved every minute of this concert and felt that the band did an awesome job and I cant wait til' Starlake!
Glenn S.
Not nearly as much as energy as Detroit but it was still a really good show. I was really excited because it was my 7th show and I heard 4 songs that I had never heard live: Granny, Crash, Seek Up, and Stone. The highlights were obviously the first timers for me but also Grey Street, DIDO, the best version of Ants I've seen or heard, and PNP-> Rapunzel. I was really surprised that they only played 2 songs from the upcoming album and 5 ED songs. I can't complain though. On to All-State!
Ryan Z.
ANTS ANTS ANTS!!! pretty much the only highlight of the night. This was the first time i've heard this (out of 5 shows) and what a treat it was. It was pretty much the only song that really got the crowd going, but wow....what a version =D. But to the rest of the concert........ GRANNY~ What a great opener, was so nice to hear. I DID IT~ You know... everyone tears this song apart and i really don't know why. The crowd kinda got into this and they have gotten into it every time i've heard this song. I mean i really don't think its that bad of a song. You can tell Dave loves to play it so let the boys do there thing and just enjoy =D GREY STREET~ Very basic but also very good to hear. CRASH~ 2002 debut and it was great to hear, but very basic. Through out the whole night Dave couldn't hit the high notes while singing, i don't know if its his vocal chords still being sore or what but just a diff. style of him singing. JIMI THING ~ Again very basic but Dave,Boyd,Stefan and Leroi all got together during the jam and did a little dance, so that was cool =D. IF I HAD IT ALL~ Very Basic but not a bad song to hear. THE STONE~ Again... standard version but it is a favorite of mine. I had great seats but was with all Old people!! anybody else notice that there was a lot of old people and not college kids??? the only bad thing about that was they sat the whole time, TILL they played TOO MUCH and that brought a roar from the crowd and some standing, but there wasn't anything special about the song. SEEK UP was a nice treat, never heard this one before. Not to many people around me knew it, but i liked the extended jam and the new stuff dave was trying to sing lol . THE SPACE BETWEEN~ VERY surprised that the crowd went that wild when he hit the first 4 notes, standard version but a good one to play. WHAT YOU ARE~ this was prob. another highlight.... WELL PLAYED boys!! i mean i like this song a lot on the album and i've seen it live before but WOW, was very impressed. WHERE ARE YOU GOING~ great new song, but wanted You never Know Sooooo bad and couldn't get it, was actually kinda dissapointed, that would of made my night i think. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS~ eh it was alright, by this time i was upset with the setlist and the Energy of the band so i was like whatever. And then Ants baby!!!! =D ugh, i loved it. Personally i thought the encore kinda sucked, Not even a Sittin on the doc of the Bay version of Ain't it funny.. sooo i thought they'd have a great finishing tune (2 step, watchtower) but we got Rupunzel (they like to close with that in Cleveland for some reason). But all in all not really a great show. Not to much energy from the band or the crowd, and not to good of a setlist. Would of liked Pig,Crush,Grace is gone, Bartender sort of what they've been playing. But oh well what can you do, it was another dave concert and a great time with the girlfriend...take it easy boys and girls =D
Wow. What a rush. There is nothing like seeing DMB from the front row, and I have been lucky enough to have that happen twice. This was my sixth show over the last seven years, all in Cleveland. "Hello, how are you doing today" GRANNY rocked, what a magnificent start. By GREY STREET Dave's back was half soaked. I was hoping for as much off of Lillywhite as I could get. Boyd was right in front of us and looked as if his veins would pop out of his biceps during JIMMY THING. It's always nice to hear that one jammed out. SEEK UP was another favorite that was filled with energy. I enjoyed the two new songs, while feeling left out that it seemed like everyone else already knew the words. The frenzied Powderkeg that is ANTS brought down the joint. While I enjoyed Dave's solo AIN'T IT FUNNY, I saw on one of the bands set lists that the first encore was going to be GRACE IS GONE until Dave audibilized. I was really hoping for that one. PNP-RAPUNZEL was a familiar ending for us Clevelanders, but none the less welcomed. All you lucky ones going on to Chicago, have fun. This guy has to stay home and pay the bills now, but thanks for the good times, Dave.
Amy D.
This was my first Dave concert and I was floored. Never before have I seen a band preform better live than on cd. There were so many new songs, but they did not feel unfamiliar because lots of old stuff was mixed in. Best show I have ever seen, even from my nosebleed seats. Don't leave when you think it's all over, Dave's encore can not be beat!
The concert was somewhat of a letdown. Considering the music was pretty radio-friendly (I did it, Crash, Too Much, Space Between, Ants Marching), it was the LOUDEST show I've been too. I know that when a song slows down, and it's quiet, it SEEMS like a great time to yell to dave that you love him, or to just scream in delight, but could you please be kind and chill...let us have a moment? Anyways, Granny started out with good hope, an older, less played one, and was pretty standard. I Did It was pretty straight, but then they hit Gray Street. The words were a bit different from the lillywhites, but the song is still amazing live - stefan was having fun on the bass. Crash - played for the radio fans. WHY do people still scream at the dixie chicken line? Dave teased a cool intro for Jimi, but went into it straight. The JAM, though was AMAZING. Carter switched to a straight 4/4 beat and it gave the song a WHOLE new feel, wow! DIDO - good carter jam song. AHH, The Stone. God do I LOVE that song, it's one of the best songs to hear live, the whole emotion behind it....that is, if you can HEAR it. I had some chick wail in my ear for the whole song. Crowd was well behind Too Much - many Fu@# it up's amongst suck it ups. Seek Up - WOW. Haven't heard it in awhile, the jam went on for quite a long time, but the crowd died down. Space and What you are were pretty close to album - not much jamming goin on in the everyday songs, probably for the better. Everyone shut up for Where are you going, it sounded REALLY nice. Sorta like Grace is gone in the beginning (same key), and is one that dave could do well as a solo. Ants - Yikes. It was DEAFENING in there, all the radio fans were STRONGLY making their presence known, and Dave loved it. AIF - Great solo dave action, it was quiet because nobody really knew what it was (except the willie nelson fans). Lots of "Thank you Dave"'s. PNP -> Rapunzel jammed out, went into the "3 hit" ending, where the guys hit the note for 3 times and keep jamming. Ended after that. GRAB OF THE NIGHT - One of the security guards in front of the stage One-Handed a Glow stick that was thrown at dave. The guy couldn't have done it again if he tried, it was amazing. Was right when space between started up.....Must have been an early TRAX fan seeking revenge for Everyday songs?
Mike N.
Hey guys!!! I thought last nights show was indeed a radio setlist...However, the show was incredible!! I have yet to be dissappointed with any of the shows I have seen...This was #54 and my girlfriends 2nd show..She is no longer a Dave virgin...I think she's gettin addicted now too...So that's good for me huh? On with the show, a very much welcomed granny to start..This was the loudest show I have yet to hear..I loved the bluesy solo Dave whipped out on Jimi thing, thought Leroi's solo was awesome too!! And even though some may say Too Much is a radio song, I'll take it anyday...Stone I must say was my highlight of the night..And then on to Ants with an incredible backing by Carter and Stefan..I have read alot of the reviews and can't understand why people complain..Not to be a dick, but if your always criticizing the shows, DONT GO!!! There are plenty of fans to take your place that will be satisfied if the band comes out and sits on their ass all night..I mean you go to hear DMB right? I have a few tour friends that are always saying shit like "oh they really F'ed that one up or man why are they playin that song" I guess I have never understood how they can go to 20 and 30 some shows and be dissappointed everytime...Lets give em a break, they are entertaining us and doing a DAMN GOOD job!! One more thing I loved the pnp/rapunzel as well!! PEACE LOVE AND DMB
Bill M.
Granny- never expected it to open the show but it was great!!! I did it-Bathroom Break Grey St- I've seen it at every show i've been to but still great Crash- first time this tour crowd liked it but i wasnt too into it Jimi Thing- Jammed Out!!! great version Dido- great version love the improvised lyrics If i had it all- ok.... Stone- My favorite song great version Too Much - good energy Seek up- Kicked my ass Space Between- nice versin crowd loved it What you are- Great energy dave dancing you had to love it WAYG- this song is really growing on me WTWE- Thought this would close the set Ants- Awesome version i wanted to hear this bad great way to end the set Encore: Aint it funny- when dave came out solo i was hoping for #40 but aint it funny was great noone knew any of the words PNP- Rap- Cool way to end th show was very jammed out All in all a great show i was really hoping for he pig or raven but that can wait til summer
Dmb2513@aol.com .
this was my 2nd DMB show in the last week-i'm spoiled. now i have to wait till the pa show in august. oh well. i wasn't expecting a great show last night as the boys never seem to play an amazing show in cleveland. i will say that last night was one of the better i've seen though. granny was an awesome opener-i was suprised. and i was actually glad that i did it was played early to get it out of the way. the highlights were definitely Stone, Seek Up(one of my faves)Jimi Thing and of coure Ants. there was a ton of energy all around. dave was really dancing around. some cool davespeak too included a banana being thrown on stage and dave saying..."Don't throw bananas at me, throw some bud." It was great. i was psyched when Dave came out alone for the encore...i thought we'd get 3 songs, but no luck. ain't it funny was great though. i love pnp-rapunzel, but i'm not fond of it as a closer. i was hoping for a two step. the only lowlights were security-it was so tight. no pictures whatsoever and it kinda sucked since i was 2nd row. and only 2 songs from lillywhites-WAYG and Grey St. Overall, a much better show than what i thought.i met some cool warehouse members too. can't wait till August 3!
This was my second show in two weeks, last show was buffalo 4/13. well after seeing buffalo, i knew it would be hard to impress me further. i'll just talk about key parts of the show. granny, amazing opener, first time i have heard this one live, it was performed very well. i was extremely dissapointed with the crowd reaction for seek up, my whole section besides me and my friend decided this was the song they would go to the bathroom during, sit down, or get a beer. besides this, for the second time this year i heard seek up, how odd is that!?!? im not complaining, its my personal favorite. well dave did what he did in buffalo and mixed up the verses again, oh well still quality jam at the end of the song and everything else was performed well. ants...this was a solid and energetic showin of dave, nice way to close the set. now for the encore, i was pretty sure after where are you goin and space were performed in the original set he was goin to play aint that funny how time slips away, which he did. then i hada feeling, dave has played the same closer of pnp-->rapunzel for the two previous showings in cleveland, i was thinking, what if he played this again?... and he did. this was performed well tho (not nearly as energetic and well as the rapunzel at 4/13 buffalo), but i was wishing for a diff encore closer just because it seams like everytime i go to a show in cleveland he has the same closer! this show was pretty solid show.....8/10
Well, for my first ever Dave Matthews Band show I was obviously impressed. I had been preparing myself for this show for quite some time now by listening to all the live shows ones' ears could possibly handle. I must say I was very displeased with the setlist. It had it's better moments indeed, I loved Grey Street, Jimi Thing, Seek Up, What You Are, and Ants. I was glad to hear Where Are You Going but I was waiting for it's partner in crime, You Never Know. Interesting. Ok so I we all just get done seeing Ben Kweller rip it up on stage (depending if you know music or not) and the crowd gets it's typical chants going. So Dave struts onto the stage and every damn girl around me starting screaming their lungs off yelling "I love you Dave!" in repitition throughout the night. He begins to fiddle around and goes into granny. Everyone around me was befuddled cause they had no idea what it was. I felt as if I was hanging out with "fakest" people in the place. He played it great. Nothing out of the ordinary from what I've heard. A guitar switch and I knew I was in for it. I Did It, one of the biggest reasons Everyday was hated, and of course they feel they need to play it to my good friends the "fakes." After this Grey Street, once again my section was silent and returned to their seats confused by what they were hearing. Bogus! He played this great, lyrics different, but expected. I would of loved to see them jam the hell out of it though at the end. I really don't think they were feeling it. Then the "fakes" were delivered to again. Crash, I was praying we wouldn't get and we did. Oh Well, it ended nicely. Here was my personal highlight, Jimi Thing. Made my night and the great aroma of mary jane took it to another level. Best I've heard it jammed, Boyd baffles the mind sometimes and he had me dancing like I was part of an irish jig. Drive In/Out was good, but nothing new. If I Had It All, biggest dissapointment of the night. Stone and Too Much good. Just good. Seek Up was a surprise, haha, the "fakes" sittin again. Great jam out, really good. Space Between, very mellow. What You Are, another highlight for me. Loved Stefan and Dave in the beginning, I could of enjoyed that funk for a long time. They played it great and Dave made the ending fantastic. Where Are You Going, it was what I've heard. When The World Ends, great song, didn't really want it. Ants Marching, this song had everyone dancing. Even the fools around me, It put a great end to the first set, wonderful. AHHHHH! Now the encore, In my mind I was praying for You Never Know, and then Two Step or DDTW. No dice, we get the Cleveland classic. Oh well, it was a great night, and the Dave Matthews Band hold themselves true on my list and the best live band there is!!!
Ben S.
The dave show at gund arena was fun yet dissapointing. There were not enough lillywhites and to many everyday songs. Granny was a nice suprise for an opener. I did it is a bore. just a radio fan pleaser.Grey Street got my feet goin but i would have liked it to be jammed out a little. Crash- ive really got nothing against the song except for the fact that its truly overplayed- i was excited to see that it hasnt been in the setlist all tour but of course they play it at my show. Jimi thing got me all crazy- one of the best versions ive ever heard- boyd was on fire! the lastconcert i saw before this dmb show was aerosmith- and seeing boyd and dave groove the way they were reminded me of steven tyler and joe perry gettin dirty on stage. Drive in.. If i had it all and the stone were all up to par and pleasing. Then came Too Much- What a great job they did with this one- dave was pullin a bunch of those painful expressions while he sang and everybody was jammin out. Space between (ugh)- seek up was a good tune to hear- the end of the song always gets me goin and what you are was probably my favoite everday cut of the night.I really enjoyed where are u goin, its got a great beat for a slow song and the band really did well with this one,when the world ends ive never really liked but antz was an exciting ending for the set. of course it got everybody up and going. Encore...willies song was alrght but i was hopin hed come through with an acoustic lillywhite(wishful thinking) PNP-rapunzle was a fun ending but he ALWAYS ends with that in cleveland- stop that dave- anyways good show but it lacked lillys and it really needed one more jam song like 41 or nacies or PIG! o well- worth the cash- hope to see dave again soon
Just a few things to say about the show tonight. There was a lot of Everyday played tonight. Not a bad thing just DMB has some better songs. Wanted to hear some of the busted stuff but only got Grey Street and I guess you could say Where are you Going. Great to hear Stone, thats one of the best songs, they play. Wanted to hear Pig, OH Well. Granny to open was a suprise. ANTS ANTS ANTS! That was the best song all night. Encore sucked big time seen it about a million times. Dave go with some Crush into Billies or something. That would be something new. Or how about the GOOD OLD TWO STEP! Everyone wanted to hear that one. OH YEA, THANK GOD THERE WAS NO SLEEP TO DREAM HER! Great show, a top 5 until the encore then it was just an average one.
Mindy G.
Well, this was show number 8 for me, and I would have to say it was definately up there on the list! Dave treats Cleveland pretty well! After a "life-threatening" ride downtown, and an adventurous tour around Cleveland (we got a little lost!!!) on our way home after the show, I'll still go by saying it was a great night! I must admit that I was completely surprised to hear Granny open the set! This was a new one live for me - I loved it! It sounded incredible! I Did It and Grey Street were pretty standard, but the crowd was completely into them! Crash sounded great and it was a first time for this tour - always a good thing! Dave was going nuts with the Dixie Chicken ending! (that's always a favorite of mine!) Jimi Thing sounded great - Boyd had an awesome jam - but I would have to agree that they could have jammed longer on this one. Drive In Drive Out sounded incredible too! With the video and lights, the arena was completely lit up! If I Had It All sounded great - it was nice to hear how some of the Everyday songs have come along since playing them last summer! The Stone was up next - this was the second time I've seen it live and it was just as great as I remembered it! Too Much really set Cleveland on its feet though - I loved seeing it mid-set - that only gets you more anxious to see what Dave's going to pull for an encore! Dave went nuts! He was dancing all over the place! All I wanted to hear all night was Crush - in 8 shows, I still haven't seen it live! I was hoping knowing that he's played it a ton this tour, but by this point in the set, I'd given up - it didn't matter when he pulled out Seek Up! Seek Up was probably my favorite for the night - This was another new one for me so I was completely into it! Once again, I think they could have jammed a little longer, but it still sounded incredible! The Space Between and What You Are were pretty much just off the album - but the crowd was completely into them! I loved Where Are You Going! I know this one's going to be a hit on the next album! I can't wait to hear it recorded! To wrap up the set, Dave pulled out When The World Ends and Ants Marching! As soon as the first note was hit, chaos hit! I honestly have to say that this was the strongest version of Ants I've ever seen! They went nuts! Boyd and Stefan started playing face to face and got pretty intense! The encore was pretty sweet too - Ain't It Funny was really good to hear, followed by an incredible Pantala Naga Pampa and Rapunzel! Overall, I'm proud of the boys! They never let ya down! Great show! Can't wait to see them again at Polaris for shows 9 and 10! (just remember that Cleveland Rocks though!!!)
Tim H.
I guess you get kinda picky about the setlist after 15 shows. Every show I have seen, there has been a first for me me. I was hoping maybe Lover Lay Down, Raven, or You'll Never Know this time, but I guess not. Only Where are you going which I really like. I was disapointed about only one Lillywhite song. The show started out really well minus Crash and I did It. I've just heard them Too Much(Bought a beer). Grey Street with the 12 string was definately cool. Jimi Thing was really good, really energentic jam probably one of the best since '98 (if not better). DIDO was well done, and so was Seek Up. The setlist went downhill from there. I was at Charlottesville and I think I got enough of Everyday there. If I Had It All was the best, the rest didn't really impress me. The Willie Nelson song and Rapunzel was not the encore I was hoping for. I guess I just have high expectations. The show was played with a lot of energy and the band was really into it. I will say that I enjoyed the show much better then the past two summer tours. But maybe I'll get a better setlist next time.
First off, I have two things to say..(1)FANTASTIC SHOW!!, and (2) THE SIGNITURE SONGS ARE BACK!!!!!! This show was right up with the other fantastic show of DMB's that I've seen, the other being Three Rivers 07/03/99..which they closed with an unforgettable Two Step w/ the fireworks!!! I mean what else can you ask for, instead of the normal wwys, smts, or ddtw, DMB stunned us all with a long awaited Granny!!! After that there was no calming down after dave kept on bringing those Fav's...the always loved Crash, Stone, Seek Up, Ants, and how can you forget a beautiful Jimi Thing w/ a truely amazing firey solo from Boyd!!!! I, like many others, could have used a little Two Step or Say Goodbye, but unlike the Bryce Jordon concert I was at which he closed with the much overplayed "I Did It"..which I have the radio for if I ever feel the need for a "factory-produced/written" song, Dave and the gang redeemed themselves with a wonderful close to the show with a nice Pnp->Repunzel!!!
Jason H.
Well, a friend and I made the 4 and a half hour drive up from Charleston,WV to see the show. This was the first DMB concert I've been to since Cincy and Pittsburgh in the summer of 2000, and my 3rd overall.I have to say, I was a little dissappointed with the show. I really don't care much for any of the Everyday songs. I mean they're not bad songs, but I would rather hear the boys play anything besides the songs on that album. I also had the misfortune of sitting in a section, with mostly old people who sat down pretty much the whole show, and got all pissed off at me for standing up. Thankfully, the ones in our row, had had enough right around Too Much, and they left. Then I could actually dance around a little bit. Overall, the show wasn't bad. I just didn't feel the vibe, and it wasn't as fun as the other shows I've been too. ANTS was def the highlight and I would have to say Granny was too. The encore was lacking. I like rapunzel, but for an encore, Dave needs to come out with one of the classics you know. It doesn't matter which one. There's a number of songs that they could close with, that would make everyone happy. Anyways, the show was still awesome and I'll see you guys in August!!!
Terenye P.
wow, dmb is so awesome. this was my second show ( i was at hsbc, buffalo on 4-13) and three more to go. the best part was having floor seats, being so close to the stage. the crowd was great, dave really got everyone into it. granny was awesome, a cool opener. grey street was awesome, as well as crash into me, and jimi thing was a sweet surprise. the stone was one of my favorites, the space between was nice and mellow, and ants marching was another surprise, not played too often. i think the encore was great, he did a good job doing his solo for "aint it funny how time slips away". the show ended with the great pantal naga pampa to rapunzel. the crowd really went wild. i think the band did an excellent job considering dave looked tired, he still sang his heart out. steffan was looking ultra cool, as usual, and boyd really kicked ass, carter and leroy were great, i think they really felt the energy of the audience. i have to say it was a little better than my experience in buffalo, the band was awesome there, and the setlist was great, but there were alot of drunks, and downtown buffalo wasn't the greatest. cleveland had a great crowd, and i'm looking forward to seeing them again in june. dave, steffan, leroy, carter, and boyd- i love you guys!!!!!!!!!
Annie M.
I have been to three DMB shows, and this one was pretty good. First the positive: The boys seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Dave was grinning the whole time, dancing, and just having a blast. Dave, LeRoi, Stefan, and Boyd all came to the center of the stage and jammed in a circle for a while. You could just tell they were having a good time, and were doing it for themselves as much as for the crowd. That was really nice to see. Granny was a FABULOUS opener. I was so excited to hear this and really thought it was a good omen. Unfortunately I DID IT followed. Yawn. It seemed the band was alternating "popular/crowd pleasers" with truly good songs. Because then they played GREY STREET. My personal favorite. So I was very pleased to hear it. Crash was good, and of course got the crowd into it. As everyone else said, JIMI THING, SEEK UP, THE STONE, and DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT were great. The highlight of the show for me though was WHERE ARE YOU GOING. It was just so PRETTY! I liked the MP3's I'd heard, but it's just AMAZING live. The Davespeak was hilarious. Especially when he said to throw bud at him instead of bananas. Just reiterates my point that Dave seemed very happy that night. The negative: To be honest, there really was too much Everyday stuff played, and not enough Lillywhites. I'm really not one to criticize (ironic...) but it's true. I would have like to have heard more Lillywhites, or old stuff such as Two Step or Pig. ANTS was great. PNP--> RAPUNZEL are two of my favorites, an this was the first time I heard them in concert. Great, but not good for closing a show. Seem to be better openers. But all in all it was a good show. Good to see some older people there. Actually, it was kind of funny because the older people in my section would dance to the Everyday stuff but sit down when they played old stuff. I thought that was odd... Anyway. Yeah. Good show. I had a blast. And am definitely going to try to get tickets to a few more this summer in hopes of hearing Pig and some more Lillywhites.
Scott S.
Well this was my 16th DMB show and three buddies and I drove from Chicago the night before the show. I havnt had much time to submit my reviews but better now then never. We got to Cleveland the night before and found a hotel and got settled for the show on wednesday. During the day of the show we walked around cleveland and watched our beloved Chicago White Sox take batting practice at Jacobs Feild, which is georgous! We got to Gund real early and were there to hear dave play CRASH during the sound check. For the record he played it later during the show for the first time on the tour. Ben Kweller was introduced by Dave at about 7PM EST. Dave wasnt on stage till around 15 after eight. He opened with Granny which was something I had never heard him open with. I liked it and from the minute the song began it was evident that the entire band was just full of energy. I DID IT sounded excellent. The really have cleaned it up since last summer. It sounds great! GREY STREET, which may be my favorite song ever, was simply BRILLIANT! The first thing that i noticed though was that he has gone back to using a twelve string for the song. Late into the tour last year he was using his 6 string and it didnt sound right to me. However, the 12 string is back and it sounds awesome. CRASH with the Dixie Chicken Outro was a nice suprise because it was a first for the tour. Jimi thing is nothing short of a true DMB JAM! Boyd was on fire! DIDO was great, a lot of energy and great lighting. IF I HAD IT ALL needs some work. I just like it so much better on the CD. THE STONE was awesome. Watching Dave move his fingers in the opening is a mouth opener. TOO MUCH was awesome with the ever popular F*$k it up version. SEEK UP was BOMB-O! We are now 6 billion tall according to Dave. It was a good 15 minutes. SPACE BETWEEN was simple and the same as the album. WHAT YOU ARE is my new favorite song to hear in concert. At the end of the song Dave does this gospel and bluegrass screaming thing and it is the coolest thing ever! The rest of the show was nothing special except Repunzel was a JAM and so was ANTS. All in all it was an energetic show. See ya in CHICAGO for DMB shows # 17 and 18 for me!