Dave Matthews Band
Corel Centre, Kanata, ON Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

onstage 8:13pm
Donít Drink the Water *+
Rhyme & Reason *
You Never Know *
When The World Ends *
One Sweet World *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
I Did It *
Grey Street *
If I Had It All *
The Space Between *
The Stone *
Too Much *
Raven *
#41 *+~
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away (Dock of the Bay)
Where Are You Going *
Tripping Billies *
offstage 11:02pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Bela Fleck on banjo
~ with the Flecktones

Derek Y.
All I gotta say it.. Compared to last year, this show was definitly 50X BETTER than the last. And for those who said the Ottawa fans suck.. Well, think again. We started with an awesome DDTW then Rhyme and Reason and then the new song You Never Know which was great. The big highlight was THE STONE.. That was awesome long one too.. and then the biggest #41 recorded was tonight.. 32:01 MINUTES OF JAMMING on #41 with Bela and the boys. Then the 3 song encore, Lots of dope smell, since it was 420. This overall is the best show to get so far from this year. Have fun, Bye Bye!
Matt R.
WOW! two great shows in two nites! man, again the boys were great, too bad the crowd wasnt... they were so dull... but the band was amazing...as always... dont drink the water was really cool again with bela finger pickin it. you never know sounds really really cool im likin that song alot. then shitty everyday stuff (when the world ends) ONE SWEET WORLD! i wanted to hear that, #41, billies and seek up, i woulda been happy with 1 so i was happy and that tided me thru the big eyed fish-->bartender and i did it. grey street was amazing again (note, on all lilywhite stuff 2nite he used the twelve string). everyday stuff (space and if i had it all) yada yada yada THE STONE!!!!!! holy smokes that came outta NOWHERE! but it was soooooo sweet. too much sounded good, ive heard that live 3 times, same for dont drink the water, gettin old... raven was sweet and THEN it happened. #41. my fav song. not only did bela come out, the whole friggin band came out, they were incredible, musta been 35 minutes. sensational man, absolutley incredible, did some Sojurn of Arjuna. and dave did some cool vocals on dreamin of the flecktones in outter space, it was cool. then encore. aint it funny how time slips away was cool but he didnt do "sittin on the dock of the bay etc." then where are u goin, meh, i dunt see whats so great about it. and billies! i was goin NUTS! 3/4 songs that normally arent played? thats amazing! incredible incredible show. too bad didnt have TO's energy lates
Lorne R.
Just got back from my second ever DMB show, this one in Ottawa. Good venue, with pretty good acoustics. Just want to offer a little preface to urge all of you who aren't yet familiar with the music of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones to go check them out - their opening set was a great appetizer. As for DMB, they were in great form, as usual. Dave didn't show any evidence of his vocal cord strain. Leroi even smiled. I'll skip the song-by-song and let you in on my personal highlights. The Stone was a religious experience. Bar none the best live performance of any song by any band that I've ever heard. I'm so glad that they've decided to bring it back to their live rotation. Rhyme&Reason and One Sweet World (with prolonged intro) were beatiful reminders of the 'old' DMB. Great Lillywhite material as well, with a flawless Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender. And fabulous instrumental interplay on Grey Street. The Ottawa Crowd seemed to eat up whatever Liillywhite the band wanted to serve. I look forward to tomorrow night in Montreal. Stay tuned!
Johnny L.
I am no longer a dmb virgin, This was my first show and it was literally the greatest night of my life(my life being 17) I had really amazing seats, (Seats 115) To the concert, I heard Bela Fleck and the Flecktones perform for the first time, Dave being a class act said this poem to open up to introduce the group "I had a dream, And in this dream, i saw a bunch of stars, and.....i cant remember the whole thing...but it ended with...and then in this dream, i found the greatest band ever, Bela Fleck And the Flecktones, On to the concert, When dave came out everyone jumped to their feet and opened up with DDTW, Bela wailed on this jam and the crowd was alive, Rhyme and Reason was impressive to say the least, You Never Know, When the World Ends, One Sweet World, Big Eyed FIsh, seemed to have slow down the groove of the crowd-But we still loved it, the crowd really got into during Bartender when Dave just lets it all out, They went crazy!! It was unbelievable, Same ol for I Did I! t, But as Grey Street played I went crazy (only song i really wanted the to play) it was great, im not sure on this but i think he didnt play the last verse, not sure on that one though, If I had it all and Space Between put some ppl in their seats, not me though, Stone came out of no where, and it delighted the crowd (Some girls favorite song who was sitting beside me, if your readin this email me!!) At this point the ppl sitting on the other side and behind left the concert, so these guys filled their seats and they were cheering crazy-ling! Too Much kicked so much a$$! The crowd sang along to this tune, Raven was always good to hear, at this point i thought it was over, until the whole stage was bombarded with talent, Dave Matthews Band And Bela Fleck And the Flecktones, Then they played....Number 41!!! It was the greatest song and it got the crowd crazy!! It was truley an awesome closer! 32 MINUTES!!! Dave took his break and then came back by himself to play Aint it Funny, Where are you going was next, and then Tripping Billies Was played to perfection! They played amazing on this Carter went nuts, After they left Carter came back and shot his sticks out to the crowd, All In All Amazing time!! These guys are the $hit
Michael R.
Definitely the most chill and mellow Dave concert ever. After busting out a great DDTW opener, Dave went into some more chill stuff for a while with great versions of Bartender, Raven, and Big Eyed Fish. He changed the pace with a cool Grey Street and Too Much. But the highlight of the show was easily the 30 minute jam session with the Flecktones on #41. The 3-song encore was crazy with an acoustic by Dave and a sick ending on Tripping Billies. The bad part was the crowd was dead and didn't know most of the soon to be released stuff. I'll let everyone know how the Montreal show is tonight.
Kate B.
Well my greatest friends drove all the way from Pittsburgh to go to this momentous 4/20 show, so I'm sooooo glad it was more than worth it. Just too bad Ottawa fans don't like to tailgate ('cause their nice?). We did anyway. So, my sweet jesus this show kicked ASS! Dave has a vocal chord strain?....what?....you wouldn't know it. There was all the yelling in all the right places, i.e DDTW, Bartender, Grey Street, billies, #41...did I mention #41? All I can say is I wish every DMB fan could witness something so incredible. Not only was it the longest jam I've ever seen, the entire flectone band came out making it 10 people on stage total, LeRoi even smiled and Dave pulled out some fantastic DaveSpeak that brought the house to it's knees. There are few words to describe the beauty of what was happening during that song. A 3 song encore with AIFHTSA which was predictable because Dave is probably still upset over missing the Willie tribute concert :( WAYG is a great effin' song and as if #41 just wasn't enough to exhaust you, here comes Tripping Billies. As one reviewer said last year about the Chi-town show...where is my casket. Big ups to Warehouse for hooking my friends and I up with 7th & 13th row for what could very well be the best show of the summer. See y'all in San Antonio.
Colin ".
What can I say? I had really bad seats, and I couldn't find the folks I was supposed to meet up with. But, DAMN! I had so much fun in Ottawa with all the cool people I met: Chris, Adam, Gaille, Tim, and the two girls that I never found out your names... thanks for such a great time! (email me, please). As for the show, I was going in with very low expectations, basing myself on what I had been reading on the Nancies boards. All I had hoped for became reality, and here they are: 1. One Sweet World ~ my first live catch of that tune. Full intro, and the Swim Naked outro that Dave was having fun doing all sorts of crazy scats! 2. #41 w/Flecktones ~ before the show, my favorite 41 was from the Warehouse 5 cd, and so I went in hoping for this song with a similar jam (Sojourn of Arjuna).. Boy, was I treated like a king! It was buzzing around in the hotels afterwards: "Best #41 EVER". All I can say about that one is, find it, and find it fast, because it will be one of your favorite DMB tracks ever! 3. Grey Street ~ first time hearing this one too. I love it!!!!!.... All in all, this show was par for me, until I saw the Flecktones come on stage and seeing Dave strumming that A-minor chord. It was all uphill from there. And for the cherry on top, the hotel I ended up in was the same hotel as the Flecktones, so it was nice meeting Bela and Vic. (I got some cool pics too). Thanks DMB and everybody who made this trip all worth while. (4:20... hehe)
Michael L.
32 Minute #41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was THEE MOST AMAZING version of #41 I have ever heard and they couldn't have done it any better! I am so glad I decided to make the trek to Ottawa, even though it's only a few hours. Since there was no tailgating in Toronto I didn't think there would be any in Ottawa, but we found a ton of americans getting drunk in the chilling wind, even these four girls (who couldn't have been more then 18) rolled up this huge cannon and smoked it ALL! I must admit you guys are troopers! Great work, we met tons of nice people and I was even able to get rid of my extra montreal tix to a few guys. (Hope you enjoyed the show!) Happy 4/20!!
WOW! To start with the opening band of Bella... was the perfect beginning to a perfect concert! What a performance by the world champion bassis!! Then walking to the center stage the Dave Matthews Band began with "Don't drink the water" it couldn't be more perfect to get the crowd out of their seats. The mix of new and previously perfomed songs, made the show. Way to go DMB, see you tomorrow night in Montreal..
Nathalie &.
This was my first Dave show and I must say this is definitely an experience I will never forget, by far the best concert I have ever seen. I previously had tickets in section 321, but ended up winning tickets for section 116... amazing seats, I had an incredible view of the band. Highlights for me were Bartender and Gray Street. Too much was cool!! #41, an overwhelming, 32min jam with Bela and the fleckstones (10 great musicians jamming to an incredible song) WOW!!! BEF is one of my favorite songs, when they hit that first note I freaked out; it was incredible. Not many people seam to know it or any of the other unreleased stuff... A great ending to a great night was tripping Billies; the band was jamming like crazy, it was great. Dave was dancing all night and his voice seemed fine to me... The whole band was into it!! All and all this was truly an amazing night? I get to see them twice again this year, can't wait!:)
Amy W.
what a show! this was my eigth & certainly not my last! the setlist tonight was better than any other show i've been to! dave's little poem to Bela and the boys was classy--"the greatest band in the universe, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones...what a guy! onto the setlist--all i have to say is #41! and i thought that the warehouse 5 cd was a great version--this one blew it away! especially since dave invited not only Bela, but the boys as well! (for those of you who haven't experienced Bela and the boys on their own, DO IT!!) i had the chance to hang with bela, jeff and futureman at our hotel after the show, great guys, talented musicians. #41 was between 33-35 minutes. dave, leroi, stefan, carter and boyd--thanks again! you all never fail to amaze us! see you at darien!!!
Andrew H.
My second live DMB experience and it just keeps getting better abd better. The set list from this show was fantastic. DMB broke out the oldies like Trpping and Too Much, but they also played the new big hits like Bigeyed Fish, right into an AMAZING Bartender. By far, the highlight of the show was the 32 minute jam on song #41. DMB joines up with Bela Fleck to perform #41 like it was the last time they would play it. Seeing DMB live really makes you appreciate the talent of those five musicians and their love for the music.
First of all, what a day to see Dave. 420. The highlights of the show were You Never Know. The next Crash Into Me. One Sweet World, with sick intro. BEF and then Bartender were kick ass. The stone was just amazing. Raven has changed alot since the Lillies. Damb #41 was by far the best moment in my life. They jamed for 30 minutes and it was the first time they played it this year. WAYG will be a good hit, and damb Tripping was perfect to end the show, cuz I was trippin. The crowd was better this tme in ottawa. They stood for most of the songs. Bela Rocks
Kris W.
This show rocked!!! Before the show I never heard of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and they are good!! Dave opened with don't drink the water with Bela and his electric banjo gave it that extra little kick and it sounded good!! Dave played for close to 3 hours and I was amazed the whole time. I know that not only does Dave enjoy what he does but he enjoys his fans giving them a show they will never forget. Rock on Dave and oh yeah Willie got my vote for president too :)