Dave Matthews Band
Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Yerba Buena

onstage: 8:11pm
What Would You Say
Grey Street
I Did It
You Never Know (new song - first time ever played)
Dont Burn The Pig
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Grace Is Gone
Too Much
Busted Stuff
The Space Between
Improv Jam -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
offstage: 10:10pm
onstage: 10:18pm
Where Are You Going
Don’t Drink the Water
offstage: 10:32pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Tyler G.
I wasn't expecting much tonight after reviewing the setlists from the first two shows. However, the performance tonight reminded me why I even bother to attend every show possible. The opener, WWYS, was a surprise, and it was done very well. Grey Street followed. It reminded me of the first time I heard the song...the same power, the same emotion, only more refined. The setlist drew heavily from BTCS. Crush was done like the album had just been released, and so was DDTW, the final song of the night. As usual, Bartender was fantastic, with Carter pulling his usual mind-blowing drum stunts. There were two new songs, Where Are You Going, and an additional song I didn't know. An incredible show, despite two problems: a short (2 hour 20 minute) set, and the absence of UTTAD songs. The length of the set, unfortunately, is a product of the band's success. I can get over it, though.
Chris N.
Dave came out tonite with a lot of energy. The opening act, Yerba Buena was really interesting. They were a good act to catch. May I add that i lost my ticket 5 minutes before i got into the show and the friendly Fleet Center staff was kind enough to give me another one for free. Goes to show you there are still kind people out there. Anyway, as for the show tonite it was a change in set from my previous shows. What Would you Say as an opener, Warehouse was better in Foxboro 2 ago. After getting blanked on Before These Crowded Streets and LIllywhite on August 4 @ the Meadows, we got more than our fare share with a strong Crush, Don't Burn the Pig, and a INTENSE PNP~Rapunze to close the set, and Dont Drink the Water for the 2nd encore. Lillywhites were Grace is Gone, Raven, Busted Stuff, and a really well played Bartender. They laid off the Crash and UTTAD, playing only 2 combined, neither really great songs. A definte highlite was not hearing many Everyday songs, and we heard two new songs, Where are you Going And You Never Know. They were a little slow but not all that bad. The show itself a good time (obviously), probally the 4rd best show out of 4 ive seen, i hope for some classics at the Dunkin Donuts center.
Timothy Z.
Considering I have four classes tomorrow and I need energy for a second evening with DMB, my review will be (somewhat) short but sweet for certain. I might even refrain from complete sentences. Anyway, excellent show!! The most chill, overwhelmingly low key and soulful performance I might ever see. Dave is looking healthy, sounds strong. LeRoi walked around his little pretend circle of the stage more than usual. Butch's hair has grown out and he looks even more like a porn star. JJ and I fear that Dave was wearing cowboy boots, but hopefully our suspicions are terribly wrong. Foremost- NEW SONG! Caught the entire place by surprise. Sounded a little muddled at the beginning, but You Never Know starts slow and picks up musical steam throughout.... only discernible lyrics were about dreams. Comes to an abrupt end like WTWE. But it can only get better sounding. Such a treat. This started my favorite part of the show- Crush, Raven, and Don't Burn the Pig were great. Such a random foursome of songs, middle of the setlist. Something new and different. Refreshing. Busted Stuff- new LeRoi solo at the end makes it sound more like a jazz tune. Solid. The jam before PNP-Rapunzel started like the regular heartbeat intro that Carter and Butch do, most notably on Listener Supported. But then Dave really got into it and it manifested into a hardcore improv jam. Many had been lulled and mellowed by the predominantly somber set, but Rapuznel picked it up. WAYG- good God. So beautiful. I shall cry in mournful sorrow when this becomes an overplayed radio hit. It's too precious... I never want to be purchasing deodorant in CVS and hear it come over the speakers. It's way too personal and touching. Alas... DDTW was solid. It was dedicated in memory of Rebecca, Dave said. She must have been a blessed soul. What, pray tell, shall the boys do tomorrow?? I can't wait. Another review awaits!
Braden S.
What a show! An extreme amount of energy. The setlist was not very typical, and to the dissapointment to all the teenie boppers around me it was not a very radio-friendly show. A number of tunes off the Lillywhite sessions reared their faces tonight which is always a pleasure. Onto the Highlights! Obviously Pig is in no question an incredible song to hear live, but Crush, Busted Stuff, Bartender, Rapunzel and a new tune were right up there on the night. Butch's and Leroi's solo on Bartender were incredibly bad ass. The new tune was not expected, but was damn good. I think it flowed really nicely, and will be great to hear as it evolves. This was a pretty abnormal show in my experience, but the energy was flowing, and the boys did a great job. We'll see if they can top it tomorrow evening. Until then!
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews Band appeals to fans old and new with a great show with a teriffic balance of classics and new favorites. What Would You Say was a good choice, as it was fast and got the crowd pupmed very quickly. Grey Street appealled to the hard core fans that have heard the Lillywhite Sessions. The Dave Speak afterwards hinted at waht was to come- I Did It, I think this live performance was the best yet. The new song, You Never Know, gave the audience a chance to listen to a new and really unexpected song, I think it will do good as it received a good reaction. Crush is a song that has not been played often in MA; I enjoied hearing it for the first time live. Busted Stuff was another surprise, it was great. Another new song, Where Are You Going, is catchy and I feel it will do well when it is released. The only difficulty I had with this show was the choice in the closer, Don't Drink The Water. Despite it's popularity and powerful performance, I would have liked to see a better closer in it's place. Congrats Dave Matthews Band for bringing a great night of music to Boston.
Patrick R.
Alright.first show of mine for the year 2002. my 5th show overall. On to the show. Great Venue to see DmB. Very intimate setting with the band. The crowd was a lot more lively than that of the 2001 tour. What Would you say- Great opener got the crowd into the swing of things real quickly. Grey Street- Amazing song. unbelievable. third time hearing it live the first time being back in 2000 and it just keeps getting better. The 12 string sounds so great on this tune. cant wait for the new album. Dave put on the baritone and the high from the previous song instantly died. I called i did it and it was pretty standard not too bad. Would choose about 30 other songs over it tho. Dave started to play a new song and i hadnt a clue. simply beautiful tho. Definetly going to be the next crash/satellite with the line "dream my little darling" echoing throughout the fleet center. I feel honored to be part of the special show in which we were the first people to ever hear that song named You never know. Crush came right out of left field but when stefan hit that first note i knew that we were about to be treated to something special. Incredible version everyone singing at the top of their lungs. Raven is definetly going to be a radio hit off the new album but it is great nonetheless. Jam at the end that i dont remember being there in 2000. Ive been waiting since 99 dreaming and hoping and after Crush i screamed out "Dave surprise me!" and much to my prayers it came. PIG. PIG PIG. by far the highlight of my evening i could have left right after that. it was great to see everyone standing to this song which had vanished from setlists for over 4 years. Dave had an evil smirk on his face as he sung the line "oh its been gone for a few short years but the best is yet to come". I woulda thought Dave would have realized that people hate Sleep to Dream her when everyone left in 2001 to go to the bathroom when this song came on. Grace is Gone. Sweet song realy. Excellently played. Too Much- All i can say is Carter! it was mindboggling to watch his hands fly during this song. Boiyd ripped it up as well. Dave lowered the energy with Busted Stuff. Great slow song that i havent heard live yet. Loved it off lillywhite but was even better live. they added a nice jam at the end which added about 5 minutes to the song. Bartender was great but a little too long. Would have liked to hear Bigeye fish into Bartender but it was still great. The space between i could have done without. The girls liked it. When carter started the drum beat and each member fed off each other i recognized it as the intro to Pantala naga pampa. IT was played just like the version off of Listner Supported. Rapunzel was INSANE! People were going nuts. The energy level was amazing. The energy went straight through the encore break and The new song was great as well. I have a copy of hanover grand of dave solo so i knew it but a full band version was so much better. it lacked a lot of boiyd and Lerio but still great. I knew it was going to be Dont Drink the Water when Dave dropped down to D. I couldnt figure out why he would do this since he has only played three shows and twice has ended with it. Still a lot of energy and a great show. Highlights definetly Too much PIG PIG PIG and rapunzel. Dave has to start mixing it up tho. So many repeated songs from the nights before. Also what happened to the Jams of Yore? Jimi thing, lie in our graves, even recenetly. Also classics like ants, trippin billies, and drive in drive out were oddly left out. Oh well. Ill see you all in Philly and Hartford. Dave looked great and the band was on fire the whole nite. Thanks for a great Night.
Nathan B.
The seats were far away from the stage but I could still feel Dave's powerful music. WWYS was fantastic, Grey Street was tweaked slightly but sounded great. As much of a DMB fan as I am, or maybe because I am, I have to say that this was my least favorit show in recent years. "New Song" was rather distorted but still put out a good song. There was "Too Much" new music tonight. If it weren't for the great songs from BTCS you'd think that Everyday and the so-called "Lillywhite Sessions" were the only albums the band has produced. But who are we to criticize. You guys have been our inspiration from day 1. Rock on! See you tomorrow!
Matthew B.
Wow, that was a great kick ass show last night by Dave and the boys. Dave came out first and did a little posing which was pretty funny. The show was kicked into high gear when WWYS was played. Wicked good. You never Know(new song)was sweet ass, couldn't pick up on the lyrics right away. Crush was sweet too since I have never heard that live and it is one of my favorite songs of all time. Glad to see a lot of Lillywhites were on there ecspcially Grey Street and Bartender. The Jams were the best part of the show, they just went on forever and ever which made the show 100 time more bad ass. Dave was fire for Rapunzel and DDTW was just as hot. Whole show was good except I was looking to hear a little Fish Monkey Man but hey there is always tonight. Go Dave!
Mike G.
I saw Dave Matthews last night for the tenth time over my 8+ years of being a fan and I came to a realization...He's just an average performer. Everyone always says "Oh you gotta see Dave Live" well I've seen him 10 times and at Best he's been good, never great. I 'm not questioning his musicianship because I love his music, that's what drives me to see him time after time. But he always plays the same type of show, 1st set 1 hr. 45 min. leaves stage for 10 min. while 14 yr old girls scream like they were at an N'Sync concert, then he plays a two song encore... and that's it. I've seen a 50 yr. old Bruce Springsteen Jam out for 4 hrs. I've seen a 60 yr. old Paul Simon play for 3 hrs. then do 6 encores for a total of 3 1/2 hrs. I've seen a half Dead Bob Dylan play a 2 1/2 hour set with 3 encores. And I've seen Pearl Jam play the best show ever 2 1/2 hrs with a Kick ass set list. I feel as if I always leave a Dave show saying he could have been better. Last night at age 23 I felt like an old man, I was about 5 yrs. older then everyone else in my section. And as I write this I know the next time he comes to town I'll probably buy a ticket, and I'll probably be disappointed. M.G.
Andrew S.
The Dave Matthews Band - where do I ever begin? I truely feel tonight's show was historical. the group opened up strong with 'What Would You Say' that immediatley grabbed the audience. Having read reviews and the setlists for the two shows prior to 4/7/02, I was not expecting the night to turn out the way it did. 'Grey Street,' one of the more powerful and emotional songs by the band, led off second and to see the audience's reaction to a never released song, you got the feeling that the upcoming release of their new album will be huge. When you have 16,000 people singing the lyrics to the songs of the Lilywhite Sessions, you know this band is special to everyone. A first for me, and probably many in attendance tonight, was the release of a new song that we all can only imagine will be on the newest album. Already being called 'You Never Know' I am slightly partial to calling it either 'Dream' or the 'Dream Inside Her'. We waited patiently for one song to lead into another and we were not disappointed when Sleep to Dream Her gracefully led us all into 'Grace is Gone.' All of this followed by a two more great songs in Too Much and Busted Stuff. But truthfully, I think the night began when the band began Bartender. The song was great, but the band really opened up and the jam in Bartender will make this one of the best live performances EVER of Bartender. This is going to be a show that traders will want to have for their collection. The jam which led into 'PNP' and then a wonderful surprise in Rapunsel had the true DMB fans alive and well in their seats. The show was amazing, as the last three songs were performed for what seemed easily to be 40 minutes. A strong and live audience kept going for nearly ten minutes before the band returned. Chants of USA were shouted and various clapping rythyms were too. But it was the girls in a luxury box who started banging on one of the neon signs in front of them...with a 'clap clap....clap' pattern, the entire audience was in sync within three minutes and out came the band with a strong and awesome performance of Where Are You Going. We have been teased with this new song since Farm Aid and the solo show Dave did in Seattle in Nov. of 2001. Hearing it live with the whole band was too much. The show was awesome and shockingly enough, this was the best show I have been to. I loved it... I highly recommend everyone get this show through trading...it was great.
Karen G.
well, just another same ole' setlist at the fleet last night,,,very disappointing to say the least. i wish i could say that the new song was cool, but it really wasnt. im sure all the first timers thought everything was awesome but as veteran of 50 some odd shows, its obvious that the leader of the band is content with "goin thru the motions" nite after nite :( we intend on selling our tix for SPAC after this letdown.....dmb is just not like they used to be,,,they use be able to explore new boundries within their songs, now its just the simple 4 minute songs you hear on radio,mtv or album,,,,i cant justify spending 50 bucks for a crappy seat to hear one new song, or hear the captain of his ship pull out an oldie. simply just a waste of money. i really cant understand why carter and stefan are still with this band, they have such extraordinary talent that is just going to waste,,,,its a sorry sight seeing a band cashing in rather than growing as a band, 3 years of being stagnant just isnt doing it for me. on a positive note, it was nice to see dave let butch have his 1 or 2 minutes in the spotlight with a brief solo towards the end of the show. well, im sure most of you will have an exciting time following dave around, but as of last nite, im jumping off the band wagon. i would also expect for 50 bucks to see a much,much better light show than this band has to offer,,with the money they make, they should have a better light setup than the local tavern. enjoy the rest of the tour folks!! btw, i doubt this review will be published (editor's note: yes it will)
Jimmy C.
well, i've been a fan since the beginning, and after last years shows and crowds(as in, "sorry, j-lo and nsync are tomorrow), i was a little weary to go last night. but i went, AND BOY DID THEY JAM. the crowd still wasn't up and grooving like they use to, even on the floor(mostly because up here people spend a lot just to say they went). lots off of lillywhite and BTCS, and just a nice chill, rythmic tone to the night, compared to the choppiness of the "everyday" stuff. highlights included long jam after crush (stephan the funk master) and butch totally on it throughout the show. its good to be back!
Nick R.
The Show was outstanding last night in Boston, I'm from New York, we were going to stay the night in Boston but we where so wired after the show we drove the back. Dave and the band put on another spectacular show. it was relaxing at times and others we jammed the night away. The best is the end of the show before he encore when the band played Rapunzel. The city of Boston and everyone in the Fleet Center went crazy. Everyone was dancing and living up the moment. It was UNREAL. Another great part about that show was the new song Dave played "You Never Know" it was a great song and you could here it so well because know one knew the lyrics. Thanks to the city of Boston and thanks to Dave and the Band
Peter D.
Well Last nite I was at my 22nd show overall and was a little disappointed. It was my girlfriends first show and she was blown away, rightfully so. But myself on the otherhand, it just seemed really mellow to me. Bartender and Grey Street were defintely as great as always. DDTW as a closer was a little disappointing but it was done with a lot of intensity. Well I have 4 more shows on my roster left including tonite. So we shall see if they surprise us again.. Like they usually do...
Ben M.
"uhh..uhh..BAW-STON!" first off the fleetcenter is a great indoor venue. intimate and much louder than MCI was on thur. loved to see the place packed when dmb stepped on but was not happy with the massive amount of people that remained seated during the show. how can you be at a dmb show and not let the music take over your body! well onto the show… the band stepped on at about 8:10 and started things off with a sweet wwys. the roadie brought dave his 12 and my friend and I guessed it…GREYSTREET! a real treat to hear. Next dave put on his bari and played I did it, which all the I did it fans enjoyed (which there were more than usual, most I have ever seen at a concert). Dave switched back to his 6 and played a new song! (apparently called You Never Know.) It had a very distinct sound to it, very groovin song. Next the roadie brought dave another 6 which meant this one was in drop-d. indeed cause soon after fonzi started up crush with that “wondrous” bass line. Dave switched to his 12 before songs end and soon after started up raven. Great song! Then came…PIG!! I was sooo happy to hear this number again. stdh followed which went right into a jammed out grace. Next was too much. Great timing to bring lots of energy back to the crowd. Too much was followed by BUSTED STUFF! Roi added a chill solo as the band jammed this one out. Fonzi got in a little solo at the end of this one as well. next was another lillywhite…BARTENDER! So much energy from the band! Next was a solid TSB. It seems the band is playin 2-3 everyday’s per show, and so far always including TSB and IDI…I’m hopin they throw in some other everyday’s instead of those two. Next was a PNP jam. Roi and butch both took separate and joint solos. Really sounded good. Then ensued RAPUNZEL!!! This song is too good live! It had most everyone dancing along and cheerin incredibly loud when the band stepped off. Lighters lit the arena and chants of “we want dave!” rang loud until the band returned onstage. They started off the encore with Where R U Going. I love that bridge and wish that they would play it for a few more measures, but it seems that since it is a single it will be kept short. I have a feeling it’ll be a very strong single as I noticed the seated “fans” enjoying the song very much. Dave tuned down once again to drop-d and I knew the only drop-d song remaining was DDTW. Second time I got it but it’s definitely growing on me as a closer. Watchin dave strum away at the end got me really pumped! The crowd gave the band a huge ovation as they departed. I was left wondering why the band is holding out on all the big-time favs. Is it b/c they’re tired of playing them, or tired of requests for them, or just trying something out? Well who’s to know, I’ll hafta keep up with the setlists since I’m done till 3 at tweeter in july. See ya’ll there! 4th row here I come!!! THANK YOU DMB!!!
Bill S.
Well the boys surely made the ride up from Providence worth it tonight. Show number 8 was incredible! The Band is back!!! What Would You Say was a groovin opener as always, got everyone dancing. Grey Street's always a pleasure to hear, and this version kicked major ass. You Never Know what you could get at a DMB show... hehe... man was this awesome. It was so deep and meaningful sounding, I can't wait for this album! Raven was really tightened up from 2000, and sounds great. Pig is just brilliant; the energy they play it with just explodes! The crowd really got into Grace is Gone, I loved to see that finally! Bartender was beautiful as always. It had a very chill jam at the end of it with Butch going off. Heartbeat-->PNP-->Rapunzel was a brilliant closer. The heartbeat was great and Rapunzel was sped back up to old times! It rocked! Where are you Going was nice and mellow and Don't Drink the Water was a great new closer, lots of energy in it. All in all, an excellent show. Now onto Night 2....
The concert itself had many strongpoints. The music was intense and the set was very decent and had almost no flaws. However, the best part of the show was the audience. The fans were toatally feeding off of what was offered from DMB. I scarcely saw anyone sit and everyone was clapping and singing. All in all- an altogether memorable night.
Bobby N.
Yowza!! Unbefrickinlievable. I was row 21, floor seats, and this show was amazing. It was REALLY mellow, but all the songs were played well, and overall it was amazing. The new song was jam packed with sweetitude, kinda like Halloween in the eerie sense if I remember correctly. I couldn't really pick out a chorus... can't wait to hear it as studio. Crush was incrdible, and Raven/Pig back-to-back?? Surely you jest! Cater's madness at the end of Pig nearly brought me to tears. The energy was off the scale for Too Much and Rapunzel. Barely any pre-BTCS tunes, but overall a satisfying show... real mellow and such.
Anthony T.
Opening act reminded me of a Santana or Rusted Root show. They had their own little party up there with all the performers. Sounds cool when a band has a lot of instruments, including bongos. I'm not sure if it would have made it cooler to understand them though. Dave = Chill. Although he has great charisma up there (it still amazes me how he can utter a sound like "ooohllaaalal" and cause an uproar), the songs didn't really allow for much energy from the crowd. I looked around my balcony section and it looked like people were just relaxing/falling asleep or high. The songs were not bad in the least. In fact, I really like Lillywhite, but it doesn't have the upbeat of a Two Step or Warehouse intro. I was disappointed that he didn't play Watchtower, but I was psyched to hear songs that he rarely plays live. The 2 new songs were cool, but again, they fall just below the halfway point between mellow and crazy. Another point: he didn't have his 'lovely ladies' with him, which I actually like.
Wow... This show was amazing... I couldn't believe it.. Pig was sick with an amazing Crush... even though Dave lost a string on the Taylor... I wasn't complaining. And then, Out of nowhere after I did It.. You Never Know... and i guess the title holds true, because you never know what this band will do next.. they're amazing. Great show overall... No complaints from this paying customer. peace, kip
Matt R.
Wow, what a great show...number 8 for me and it rocked. It always amazes me how Dave's voice can hold up for 3 hours for the whole length of the tour. Anyway a really mellow show...Crush being the absolute highlight, so mellow and perfect Grace is Gone and Bartender very mellow and great. Dave switched into electric during the Bartender jam and went right into the space between...You can definitely tell the boys are promoting their new album with this tour. Busted Stuff, Raven, Where are you Going, Bartender, Grace is Gone and the new, mellow You Never Know...beautiful lyrics with Dave singing "don't let the dream out of your head" amazing...a priveledge to hear that before anyone else.....WWYS great opener....thought that they were gonna stay on stage after DDTW but not a bad closer....Well onto night two, maybe they will mix it up with a few older tunes but whatever dave and the boys have in store will be great overall a great show
DMBZStyle@aol.com .
Just got back to Tampa from Boston. I could not have asked for a better 18th b-day present! Although I didnt get to meet any of the band members, I got there early and saw them come in on the tour bus. I could see Carter eating a sandwich through the window. Anyways, lets get to the show What Would You Say- this was a great and unexpected opener. It really got the crowd going to start the night off. I swear that I heard Dave play the first few notes of Pig, but he promptly started into WWYS. It was not overly jammed out, but still nice and uptempo to get things started off. Grey Street- First time played this tour. I knew it was coming when dave took out the 12 string and I saw his hand lingering around the 7th fret. I was interested to see what set of lyrics Dave used. Rather than use the one's from the "Lillywhite Sessoin! s," he used the ones that he had been using during most of the 2001 tour with a few tweaks. I was glad to see that he kept the "red blood bleeding from her, it feels like cold blue ice in her heart" part. I was also curious to see if they had cut out dave's wailing at the end of the song, but thankfully it was still there. I Did It- I saw Dave pull out the electric and figured this was coming. It was a pretty standard version, with a couple lines of changed lyrics. You Never Know-A NEW SONG!! I was just happy to be there for the first ever playing of this song. It is always hard to judge a song after just hearing it for the first time, but I can tell that this one has some real potential. It's got kindof a country lullaby feel to it. Crush- This one fit perfectly as the crowd was in a mellow mood after hearing the new song. It was jammed out as it usually is when played live. Carter ripped it up on the e! nd of this one. Raven- I thought they would never play this three nights in a row but they did. I was excited to get to hear how it has changed. There are now one permanent set of lyrics, it seems, rather than the everchanging ones. Pig- once again, i never thought they would play this for the third night in a row. WOW! Definitely one of the highlghts of the show. It was so intense when he sung the "Time is short, time thats alright, Maybe I'll go out in the middle of the night" part. Sleep to Dream Her- This was pretty standard and gave the crowd a chance to rest after Pig. It was cool to see this segued into Grace is Gone- although a slow song, the crowd was really into it. Everyone was singing along, espcially during the chorus. Too Much- this picked the crowd back up after a couple of slower songs. This version was very energetic with every band member feeling it. When they finished, I even saw! Dave doing a little fist pump. Busted Stuff- It was nice to hear how this one has evolved. It was nice and mellow and it now has a little jam in the middle of it. Leroi had a nice solo during the jam. Bartender- I was dying to hear this and got it. Dave was very emotional in his singing. It was probably about 15 minutes long and Leroi had the standar pennywhistle solo at the end. Dave ahd some trouble with the lyrics but got it back together quickly. Space Between- I knew it was coming when Dave pulled out the baritone guitar, and I was glad that they didn't save it for the encore. It was pretty much the same version we heard all last year. Improv Jam- This was just an extended version of the Heartbeat jam preceding PNP. Butch really got going on this one and you could tell the whole band was into it. It looked like the band was debating on whether to let Butch to go into the Linus and Lucy jam, but dec! ided not to. PNP-Rapunzel- This was the most energetic song of the night, with dave dancing all over the stage. Where Are You going- it was good to finally get to hear the full band version, i think Carter adds a lot to this song. I can't wait to hear it on the album. Don't Drink the Water- I knew this was coming when I saw Dave tune his guitar to drop D. Dave was losing his voice by this point, but he still managed to make this song work without hitting the high notes. It was a good closer, but I thought it was kind of cheapened when i saw Dave talking to the band after they finished. Everyone thought that they were gonna play another song, but i guess they decided that they would call it a night. All in all, a great show and a great 18th birthday.
Daniel S.
I've been to several Dave concerts, and none disappointed me more than this one. I was looking forward to a couple Lillywhite songs, maybe a couple Everyday songs, and the rest old goodies. With such anticipation coming into the concert, WWYS was a good opening, but also a let down. Halfway through, I was very pleased with Crush, but everything went downhill from there. A rise came from Too Much, but I was disappointed it wasn't preceded by So Much to Say. I thought there was too much Lillywhite with Grey Street, Grace is Gone, Raven, Busted Stuff, Bartender. Rapunzel was great, as was the jam he led into it with. Off stage, and back on with Where are You Going, a song I know I will grow to love. My major disappointment with the concert came with the closing song, Don't Drink the Water. I don't think this is a closing song. I was so excited for a Two Step or Watchtower, Billies, or even a Stay, but got this. I don't know if it's just me, but I left the Fleet very dissatisfied, and in looking at the previous setlists this tour, I am very unsure of the path of these concerts.
Joe B.
In Maine it takes about a minute and a half to travel 1 mile. In Boston it takes.... an hour. We got to the bus station at 3:30, as planned, but a combination of subway/bus/walking traffic delayed us and we didn't get to BU until 4:30 (our meetup time at the Harp). Then it took another hour just to get from BU to the Harp. Okay, the show. What can I say. My seats were amazing, by far the best I've ever had (thanks Marjorie!!). We were 8 rows up in the stands, and if you drew a line parallel from our seats to the stage, we were equivalent to about the 10th row on the floor. Couldn't have been more than 50 feet away, and had a great unobstructed view of everything that was going on. The people around us were cool too, we smoked a bowl with the couple in front of us. The only problem was the 300 pound woman next to us who almost squished my friend. She left about a dozen times during the show, including once during DDTW. She then came BACK during DDTW, with about 10 seconds left in the show, I couldn't believe it. I just ignored her, I sure as hell was not going to let her go by and miss the end of the show. She was also drinking cough syrup out of the bottle, and had a few beers. Strange. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY- Sure, it's a radio hit, and sure, it's been played before this tour, but you know what? It was the opening song, I've never heard it before live, and it's classic DMB, so it rocked. The band was on fire. The crowd drowned out Dave during the final "What would you say?" GREY STREET- Amazing. Yet, still not the highlight of the night, probably because the sound wasn't all that great and the music wasn't all that crisp. It still blew me away. Saturday night I asked Jay which song I should call him during, and he said "I think you'll know when it comes." I'm pretty sure I was right. I DID IT- I was actually happy this was played, because it meant no crappy encore. I just sat back and enjoyed it, no need to be critical of a song during the concert. It was fun. YOU NEVER KNOW- When it first started, I was 90% sure it was a brand new song. Then after about 30 seconds, I was sure it was new. This makes 2 out of 3 concerts where I've seen the debut of a song (6-16-01 Ain't It Funny). I couldn't make out any lyrics except "Dreeeammm," but it was obviously a beautiful song. By the end the crowd was going crazy. CRUSH- Dare I say... best Crush ever?? I think so. Sure, it didn't have Timmy like 12/7/98 did, but Carter was equally amazing. Carter went crazy with all the spotlights on him, and then the song almost stopped.... but Carter kept it going on the drums, and they went into a whole different sounding jam. I think it might have been Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up." This went on for quite some time, with yet another amazing climax. RAVEN- Sounded a lot like 4/4, still very sweet. Hard to understand Dave, but it was clear that the lyrics are more structured now. PIG- I'm so happy I heard it. People are bitching that Pig's been played at every show... What The Fuck?? This is one repeat that everyone should see. Just pure joy. My friend kept asking me what it was called but he couldn't hear me, so I just gave up and kept jamming. The ending really is incredible with the spotlight yet again on Carter going insane. SLEEP TO DREAM HER- Probably the low point of the show. The crowd wasn't into it at all. I just sat back and relaxed, and thought about how lucky I was to be at a DMB concert. GRACE IS GONE- Things picked up here. I forgot to look for the Blob on the screens! GIG seems a lot more upbeat during this tour, near the end. TOO MUCH- Believe it or not, this may have been the highlight for me. Who cares if it's been played at every show? I wasn't at MCI or PSU, along with most of the crowd at Fleet, so I enjoyed it. Dave was SO pumped, he was dancing around like a mofo. It looked like he didn't want to stop dancing and start singing. Whenever he yelled (and boy did he yell) TOO MUCHHH the whole arena lit up and people went crazy. BUSTED STUFF- This wasn't the right place for it, not after Too Much. It was really slow and mellow. However, in the middle of the song they stopped and went into a totally new jam that sounded nothing like BS. Really jazzy. BARTENDER- Okay, so I lied, this was the highlight. Dave yelling, the new lyrics, everything. Then at the end Roi broke out the pennywhistle... and it just pierced through the silent arena. They continued to jam, softly, for a good 5 minutes after the climax of the song. It must have been 15 minutes. THE SPACE BETWEEN- Same as always, but better because it was live, and I was there. JAM-->PNP-->RAPUNZEL- The Jam was NOT the heartbeat jam. It had the same drum beat as Heartbeat, but other than that, it was different. It was like a free-flowing jazz exhibition. Like the boys were in a nightclub, playing for 20,000 people. Really cool. Rapunzel was solid as well, and is the only song I've seen at all 3 of my concerts. WHERE ARE YOU GOING- Really beautiful, and this was a good spot for it. I could really hear the lyrics. DON'T DRINK THE WATER- Before this, Dave says "this next song is in memory of our friend, Rebecca." Don't know who Rebecca was. I thought he might play Two Step, but then they started with the airplane noises. Dave was making wind noises by whispering into the mic, it was really cool. I knew DDTW was coming, and was a tad disappointed... I still haven't seen Watchtower live, but once it started, it rocked. Dave yelled pretty much every word, it was very angry. I'm wondering if "Rebecca" was murdered or something. Really energetic.
Katherine L.
MELLOW is the only word to describe it. The poor, poor teenie-boppers around me couldn't figure out what the heck was going on...they SAT DOWN the whole time! DMB pulled out all the slow songs tonight, but after 10 loud shows I was ready for something chill. Highlights: PIG (never seen it live, Dave brought it back for this tour), GREY STREET (mellow but gorgeous), GRACE. Oh, and CRUSH rocked, super-sexy tonight. Gripes: the 14 year olds who didn't know the songs (sorry guys), lack of lighting, WWYS>>TM (sick of it), and RAPUNZEL!! STOP PLAYING RAPUNZEL!! WE GET IT ALREADY!! Other than that the music was amazing, see y'all tomorrow!
Johanna B.
This was only my 2nd Dave show, but I was pleased. I must say the highlight of my night was that they played Pig, a favorite of mine, which they do not tend to make part of live sets. The energy of the crowd was about 10 X's that of the other concert I was at (8/20/00--Cuyahoga Falls, OH). Before the encore, eeeeeeeeveryone started chanting "Dave," banging chairs, etc. Ya just don't get that in Ohio. Now, as for the show overall...yes, there were 5 songs from LIllywhite. I personally thought that was cool...I looooooved hearing Bartender and Grace is GOne and Grey Street. However, some of the ppl. I was with were a bit disappointed that there was only one song each from UTTD and Crash. There's give and take though...esp. in a Dave show...you definitely want it ALL, but can't get it all. Crush was a bit of a surprise and was AWESOME! Boyd ROCKED OUT on Too Much, as always. And the two new songs--Where Are You Going and You Never Know were really awesome. Both are ballads, and much more old school Dave than Everyday, for instance. Yeah, and I Did It...please just cease playing it at shows. 75% of the audience at Dave shows are hardcore devoted fans...the hardcore devoted fans do not like this song. The 14 yr. olds who listen to their radios a lot like this song. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM!! Overall, great show.
Tom W.
This was my first DMB concert. My girlfriend, who is the biggest fan ever, got us tickets. We had pretty good seats in the balcony over Dave's left shoulder. I've seen bands from Godsmack to Kenny G (don't laugh), and I've got to say that this was one of the tightest sounding shows I've been to. The sound was good, lights were good, and I thoroughly enjoyed the setlist. Unlike so many who have posted reviews before me. I give credit to a band that can do what they do. They are very talented, and are fortunate to be able to play this music night after night and not wind up in the same gutter as Hootie and the Blowfish. I was a little discouraged by one of the posts on here by someone who actually said they were leaving the "bandwagon" because of this show. I wasn't aware there was a bandwagon... Perhaps the fans that are unhappy with a band after 50 shows should find a new hobby anyway. I've also seen a lot of posts bashing the 14 year old radio crowd. It seems to me that there are some DMB fans that are a little high on themselves. The type of people who insist that they "heard it first." I think it is great that the younger crowd can show up and appreciate such fine music. I loved the crowd, and I love the people of Boston. I will definitely come back to see DMB again and share that experience with them. It was a fantastic show.
Nick D.
Ive been a die-hard DMB fan since the beginning, but sadly I've been only been to one show other than this one. But this only being my second show, I know that this was one for a seasoned Dave follower to remember. This show had lighting coming from the crowd from the beginning. They came on stage casual as always but then exploded into WWYS, which really set the mood. Next was one of several Lillywhite songs on the set list. I loved sitting there and every song all the teni-bopper DMB "fans" turned around saying "Whats the name of this song?" I had to say the same thing to myself when they pulled out what I now know is called "You Never Know", which I loved. The 2 songs I was dying to see them play was Crush and Pig, and my wish was GRANTED!!! The Crush performance set a jazzy mood, which it alwasys does. Later on in the set the blasted out what i think will be one of the best DMB songs, BARTENDER!!!! When they pulled it out, it really got the crowd going, i sat on the side of the stage up in the boxes, and it gave me a clear view of when the lights whet up during the song, to see the crowd in front, and it was the best site ive ever seen. Dave screaming out the new lyrics while the lights blast out from behind him while the crowd roars, DAMn! that picture is burned in my mind. For the encore they busted out "Where Are You Going" which this was the first time Ive heard it with the band, and it was 10x better, with Roi playing the solo, it really made the song the beautiful thing i thought it could be. And they closed the show with the all powerful DDTW!!! That song resenated in my head the whole subway ride home. This show will be tough to beat for the many DMB shows that await in my futre.