Dave Matthews Band
Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Yerba Buena

onstage: 8:13pm
So Much To Say
When The World Ends
Drive In Drive Out
Lover Lay Down
Too Much
Grace Is Gone
Rhyme & Reason
Lie In Our Graves
Digging a Ditch
Grey Street
Warehouse (stop-time intro)
Where Are You Going
I Did It
offstage: 9:58pm
onstage: 10:04pm
The Space Between
What Would You Say
offstage: 10:24pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Kelly T.
Very energetic show, Dave's voice was very full and clear. Surprisingly (based upon previous shows of this tour), the band played a lot of old favorites from Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash. Lie In Our Graves was definitely the highlight of my night. Boyd Tinsley was AMAZING as usual and the harmonic chords that fade out the end of the song lasted forever (that's a GOOD thing) to really let the crowd relax, but also added to the suspense of when Dave would come back in with the lyrics. Warehouse was strong, Lover Lay Down was beautiful, and Granny/Grey Street were full of pulse. Where Are You Going is a nice new song (new to me, at least) and the lyrics are intimate. Great encore in Space Between but the setlist seems to be missing the second encore- What Would You Say. Another great show for DMB!
Jenna O.
well i got there while the opening band was on... ya so Dave opened with So Much To Say. must say played well. next was When the World Ends. Nothing great.. then ... GRANNY. I love this song so much, everyone in the Fleet was singing along! Dave brought back the classics Drive In, Drive Out and Lover Lay Down (The people in front of me kept making out! i wanted to throw up!) Then Dave to no big surprise went with Grace is Gone which was played emotionally. Rhyme and Reason was a shock but an unbelievable song that i haven't heard live in a while. Next was the most unbelievable Lie In Our Graves I have ever heard!!! BOYD AND BUTCH were on fire! definitly the highlight of the night! Dave slowed things down with Digging a Ditch which served as a bathroom break to some but I like that song so i jammed by myself!Grey Street and then Warehouse were both played well. Where Are You Going then he closed things up with I Did It which got he crowd pumped for the encore. Space Between, can't take much more of the song, then What Would You Say, which was a dissapointment since he opened with it last night....Overall it was a really good concert the crowd was exciting and Dave and the Boys played their hearts out. See you in Providence!!!!
Sean F.
Tonight's show was definetly alot of fun! So Much To say as the opener absolutely made it fun and the energy was definetly flowing. However, the BEST part of the night had to be Boyd's solo during Lie In Our Graves. My jaw was on the ground for like 2 mintutes, the last two minutes of his like 5 minute solo! Jammin with Dave Stefan and Carter was an unforgettable moment. The low point of the night came at the end, I Did It with SPace Between and What Would You Say as the last three was definetly a let down. I'm hopping more will come from 4-12-02 and 4-15 & 4-16-02.
Jeff G.
Well, I just want to say that tonight was my 28th show, and I was lucky enough to stand right in the front, up against the barrier. But unfortunately, while it was great to be so close, ever since I saw Dave Matthews Band for the first time with a couple hundred people in 1993, this was the most dissapointing show I have been to. First thoughts - 2 hours? -NOT EVEN ONE SONG from Remember Two Things? And relatively speaking, they simply weren't that sharp tonight either. Even on a pillar like Warehouse, they did something I have basically never seen - they came out of time with each other....I have never written in to any website ever, and I don't know why I am now. And I have never been one to be a negative fan - I love this band and take them with the good, the bad, and the queesy, cause the bottom line is that they have helped me feel passion, love, excitement, healthy addiction, and all the other benefits of truly great music. But I guess I just wanted to say that hearing about how the band only practiced for a few days before the tour, and then seeing them roll out a two hour set of mainly jukebox hits - even from the front row - didn't do it for me. And I am not angry or bitter about it - just dissapointed.
Timothy Z.
If you're somewhere out in nancies land, didn't attend this evening's show, and have been to a good number of dave performances, you'll probably glance over the setlist and yawn. However, to see a mostly predictable set played so tight and so energetic, it was more than what you might expect. I had called SMTS as an opener thinking they'd utilize the trilogy, going into ASTB and Too Much. Alas, Too Much showed up later and no one's seen the bridge (weak Big Dig joke there...). Then Dave teased the hell out of the Nature intro of Tripping Billies and WTWE slapped me across the face. Granny- 2002 debut. Excellent positioning. Lover Lay Down was great.. extended outro and LeRoi action. Likewise on Grace Is Gone.. jammed out more than usual. Other highlights- LIOG was especially intense. Boyd doing his regular spectacular thing. The "WOO's" during the stop-time intro to Warehouse were AWESOME, with Carter jumping out off his stool and Stefan waving his arms on cue for the crowd during each pause of Dave's intro. Even they dig it! WAYG- refer to my comments of last eve. I Did It made me cringe.. unfortunate closer. Encore- if I found myself on the beach sands under a clear midnight sky with a lovely lady wrapped in my arms, TSB would have been much more enjoyable. WWYS became the latest example of a setlist device used since around Hartford 2000, that of beginning a stop at a venue with one song and ending that same stint with it again. Overall, an enjoyable time in Boston. Provdog and NYC close on the horizon.
Katherine L.
Ok, explain this. For a band that has 80+ songs, WHY DO THEY REPEAT 7 OF THEM two nights in a row at the same venue?? Show was WAY more energetic than last night, but the setlist was standard and blah. HIGHLIGHTS: a ROCKING LIOG (kudos to Boyd and Butch on that one), WAREHOUSE w/stop-time intro (people get the "WOO" thing now and that's cool), and a sexy, sexy LOVER LAY DOWN. GRIPES: SMTS>>TM>>WWYS AGAIN!! STOP PLAYING THAT COMBO!!! Also, ending the set w/ I Did It was WEAK, we all hate that song and everyone (except the 14 y/olds again) sat down. Also, what's with encoring w/songs from the night before?? Well, enough bitching, the show had it's moments...but the night before was still better. See y'all in Providence!
Nathan B.
"So Much to Say" here. This show was way better than last night's performance. (04/07/02) Not that the boys performed poorly the night before, but that we saw a much better setlist tonight. "Granny" was stunning as usual and the woo's from the crowd proved everyone got into "Warehouse". I had to call up my girlfriend during "Lie in our Graves" because she's a big fan of the song and the solo's were amazing. BT had so much energy tonight. Decent mix of old and new songs without overdoing it. It would make for a nice live album. Maybe they'd title it "Crash - Live in Boston". Of course, they did lack the power closers again this evening. Where is "Two Step" or "All Along the Watchtower". Maybe 4/12 guys? All in all a great show though. In case anyone missed the Davespeak when he announced the openers, he said, "... Boston, home of the invincible red sox... I think I have a piece of lettuce stuck to my tongue." You don't have to get on our good side Dave, we all love you anyways. Carter, I know you were aiming at me but it flew just over my head. Hit me up Friday!
Tyler G.
I'll keep this brief cause I can see that people have already touched on the highlights. If last night was the band's chance to promote Everyday and the Lillywhite songs, and to feed on the success of BTCS, tonight was the exact opposite...a return to the songs of old. Case in point, the 12-15 minute LIOG that had the entire arena going insane. As usual, the theatrical Boyd Tinsley ripped it open during the instrumental section...at one point ,when they did the decending Em, Bm, A, D, G,I almost starting crying. Anyway, the show was well done. Overall, a good two-night series with decent variety, although we didn't need to hear WWYS as the opener last night and the closer tonight. And damn, a short set again.
Rebecca L.
I'd just like to reiterate a trend in the postings that I've been seeing (and witnessed AGAIN tonight to my dismay)...I DID IT is CRAP!!!!!!! STOP PLAYING IT!!!! Everyone hates it!! What's with these short concerts?? It's like Dave is trying to get them over with, there is NO jamming, NO imagination, NO energy. How hard is it to come up with different songs two nights in a row?? How about playing songs we like?? Here's what's missing: #41, Two Step, Watchtower, Stone, Typical Situation, Say Goodbye, Halloween. WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD SONGS GONE????
Brady S.
After last nights performance, the band pulled out there 'old' tunes out of the bag again. Both nights the energy was flowing incredibly, but tonight was definitely needed to get back to the old feeling of a Dave show. After the lack of jam songs last night and earlier in the tour, Lie In Our Graves, Drive In Drive Out, Warehouse, and a bad ass Lover Lay Down were pulled out. Grey Street is always sick to hear, and was very well done tonight. My friend and I made the mistake of looking for her buddies in the nosebleeds during R&R when we had LOGE 5, and wasnt ableto enjoy the first two minutes of Lie In (kicking my own ass as I write this). LIOG was in no doubt the single stand out of the night. Boyd owned this tune. This is my favorite jam of all time, and the boys were all over it tonight. Where Are You Going, LLD, Granny, Digging a Ditch, and the repeat Grace Is Gone were all sweet as hell tonight and were raw with emotion. Again, it is a sad sight to see with all the little teeny boppers yelling for Crash, but again they were all sitting down and lost as to what to do without all the radio cuts besides I Did It and Space Between. Im glad to say that I didnt have to put up with many of them in my section, which made the night a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Tonight wass far better than last nights performance, and it is only going to be uphill after this evening.
Wendy L.
Dave wore a navy t-shirt with a dark grey button up shirt over it, unbuttoned and blue jeans. He got a haircut today I think! If I ever meet him I want to ask him. This would be ironic, as Dave Matthews is the only person in the Dave Matthews Band who did not need a haircut. Boyd wore a white Hugo Boss tee and camel brown pants, maybe suede. Leroi wore a red tee shirt with a yellow lightening bolt. We suspect he wore that because Elisa wore a near identical shirt tonight as well as last night when she was first row on Roi's side -- hers is yellow with a red lightening bolt. Stefan wore a floppy Gilligan hat, it was cute. If anyone cares, Butch was in all black. Carter wore a white tee shirt. Speaking of Carter, there was a guy in front of me holding a "CARTER IS GOD" sign. This is true. When they came on stage, Dave went to get something someone from the audience was offering. It was a very large lizard. Fonz gestured thank you. 1. So Much To Say. However, not much to say. 2. When the World Ends. I can just see it now. This thread will start to die as I run out of interesting things to comment on. 3. Granny! First time of the tour! This was one of my top three "I'm-gonna-pee-in-my-pants-when -they-play-this-song" songs. It needs a little work, but that's to be expected, it IS the first time they've played it since last August. Unless they played it at the bat mitzvah. Anyway, they sounded much better than the ringtone on my cell phone. 4. Drive In Drive Out. Second time they've played it this tour, and even better. Carter went nuts on this song. So much so that after the song was over he imitated himself bashing the crap out of his drums. Wait.... CARTER IS GOD!!! It doesn't matter if you like this song or not. I don't even consider it among my top 40 DMB favorites. However, this song objectively just kicks ass live. Plain and simple. 5. Lover Lay Down. Ooooohweeee, I love this song. Unfortunately, these three dumb little bitches behind me SCREECHED the song and completely ruined it. Their wretched singing made scratches on a chalkboard sound like sweet nothings. 6. Too Much. Hmmm. Fourth time in a row. Too much Too Much. 7. Grace is Gone. Well, you know this is my favorite song because it means BOB IS HERE!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS! Bob the Blob is the neon blue throbbing plasma thing that comes up on the screen during GIG and only during GIG. I love you Bob! I was all giddy and showed Elisa. She feigned understanding as she silently reconsidered our two-week road trip planned for next month. 8. Rhyme and Reason. Dave did NOT fuck up the first line this time (as he did opening night at MCI.) Doug sat with Elisa and me just in time for 9. Lie In Our Graves!!! First time this tour and Holy shit! Boyd went off, for the first time really this tour!! He did this cool seranade thing where he'd face the band member who was backing him up. First Dave, then Carter, maybe Leroi, don't remember....then Butch....and the Butch went into his first real solo of the tour. I wished I timed it, but it was loooong. This was incredible, the best I remember. Was just so excited to hear it at all. 10. Digging a Ditch. The third song of the night that was first for the tour. Was good, was glad to hear that rather than Busted Stuff or Raven for the fourth time in a row (nether BS nor Raven was played tonight.) It seemed slightly slower than usual but it sounded good. 11. Grey Street. Interesting that they didn't play GS in DC nor at PSU, yet they'd play it twice at the same venue. Anyway, I don't look a gift horse in the mouth -- GS is my favorite Lillywhite -- er, new song. 12. Where Are You Going. Nice, as it's been every night. 13. I Did It. Why why why must they play this every night??? However, this means that they will NOT play this for the encore. encore: 14. The Space Between. Grrrr. 15. What Would You Say. Didn't they open with that??? I hope that after seeing 50 concerts this year I will be able to remember the difference between So Much to Say, Too Much and What Would You Say. Oh, and then a horrible injustice! Carter was throwing out drumsticks, and he pointed STRAIGHT to the guy who was holding the giant "CARTER IS GOD" sign. He overshot by a few feet, and some other college jackass caught it and kept it. ASS! I kicked myself for not making that guy feel like pondscum. The guy with the sign just quietly walked away. Shit, that just sucked. Conclusion: The best setlist of the tour so far. However, because of last night's seat locations (front row center) and the Three Dumb Idiots behind me tonight, hard to say that tonight, overall, topped last night. See you in Philly.
Mike A.
Ok, let me start off by saying that this was the best LIOG I have ever heard!! The crowd was so into and the band fed off that...Boyd was so on, and Butch...AMAZING! SMTS was a good opener, kind of expected, but awesome all the same. Drive In Drive Out - Excellent..crowd was so into it! Lover Lay Down was great, very nice jam outro. Grace is Gone - One of the songs I really wanted to hear, not a letdown...LIOG was AMAZING!! Warehouse was a pretty good jam..the WOO's were really cool. Where Are You Going - another song I wanted to hear...sounds awesome with the whole band. I never liked I Did It until this show...the whole crowd was into it and it was just a really cool atmosphere. What Would You Say was a great closer, I would have liked to hear Ants Marching, but oh well. Overall, an A++ show..can't wait to get it!
Mike F.
One of the greatest nights of my life! It took them a while to come back for the encore, seemed like longer than usually. He did a little solo accoustic intro for The Space Between, but when he started it from the beggining the place went NUTS. It brought tears to my eyes, I LOVE THAT SONG. Lie in Our Graves was also pretty freggin crazy. We were in the sixth row for a while, until some rich bastards kicked us out cuz they came late...but oh well, we were like 50-100 feet from dave for a couple of songs! GREAT NIGHT! thanks!
Dave B.
hey guys i never thought that you would actually do it, but you did......sell out. first off a 2-hour setlist? you gotta be kidding me. I actually started comparing you guys to the grateful dead. but after last night you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. some people (not me) spend a ton of money to see,what, a short set no dancing like the old days no jamming except liog>>amazing. I would definitely rethink why you are on the road and who you guys are playing for. As a fellow reviewer already said, i am not a negative fan, I love the band. I am just very, very, very dissappointed with both nights here in Boston.
Chris R.
This being my 15th dave show, i was impressed as usual. So much to say got the crowd rockin at the fleet with everyone in the crowd behind the stage singing along with the whole set. Carter whaled on the drums on a good but short drive in drive out. Leroi had an awesome solo on lover lay down. Lie in our graves had to be easily the best song of the night. Boyd hadn't done much, but when it was time for his solo, the whole fleetcenter went absolutely nuts. He had to have played and danced for what seemed to be a good five minutes. Then when dave came back in to sing, the place was crazy. I had never seen a dave show with so many people singing and going nuts all at once. Grey street was a good song, prolly the best off of lilywhite, then came warehouse with the time stop intro. Everyone in our section started the woo's and carter looked back behind stage at us and got us all to woo with him. That song rocked with everyone jamming out. After warehouse though, the show went down hill. The new song was alright, but I did it to close a set kinda sucked. no one i know really cares for it. And talk about a weak encore, The space between and i did it. C'mon guys, we could go for something a little better next time. Watchtower, Ants, tripping billies, angel from montgomery, no more of this everyday crap. But over all the show still rocked. Hey carter my roomate says thanks for the drumstick u tossed back to us, and to the kid who threw salsa on us when we got the stick and he didnt, grow up. See ya in providence.
Hey Nancies, I promised myself I wouldn't write a review because a lot of times these reviews come off shallow and heavily opinionated, but after reading some of the harsh reviews from last night's show, I decided I'd take it upon myself to come to the band's rescue. Their two night stint in Boston was awesome and exciting. Everyone needs to remember that it was only their third and fourth night back on the road, and I thought that they were incredibly tight for being back for such a short amount of time (although I did hear where Boyd got off a little in "Warehouse", but no big deal). Some highlights for me were "When the World Ends", "Granny", "Lover Lay Down", "Grey Street", "Lie in our Graves", and "Where are You Going". I'd have to say that the whole night was a highlight for me, and I was into every second of the show. I was a little disappointed with the repeat "WWYS" as the encore, but it's an incredible song and I got over my disappointment in about five seconds. I'm impressed that they're playing two hours this early in the tour, from a musician's stand- point, that's not an easy thing to do, whether you have 80 songs in your repertoire or not. There aren't that many huge acts out there that ever play as long as Dave and the boys do. Also, people should understand that DMB is trying its best to please the variety of people that comes to their shows. They play the radio songs because they know that some people don't have every one of their CDs. Some of the radio songs are the best songs Dave's written, and I know it doesn't bother me when he plays these songs because I don't listen to the radio nearly as much as I listen to my DMB CDs. Plus, they still bring out the rare songs for the hardcore fans, and probably do more of this sort of thing than any other band in the music industry does. And about the repetition of songs from night to night. One would be lucky to go to back to back shows of any other band and not hear at least ninety-five percent of the same songs. Of course they're going to repeat their new songs more. It's the new songs that keep the boys interested in playing night to night, I can't believe how many of their old songs they're still playing frequently. It's not that any of their new songs are any worse than their older ones, in reality a lot of them might be better in the long run. In fact, I think it's just hard for an audience to become accustomed new music when they're accustomed to the old. For example, when BTCS came out, no one wanted to hear anything from that, but recently I've read some reviews from shows where people complain about not hearing some of those incredible BTCS songs. The last thing I'd like to mention is everyone's "hatred" toward "I Did It" that I've seen in a couple reviews from last night's show. From what I could see, most everyone was into "I Did It", I know I think that song's awesome. People were going crazy dancing to that one. Dave wants to make a bomb of love and set it off on the world, now what could be sweeter than that? To DMB, it was an incredible show, and I hope you're around for many more years in the future so you can continue to share your magical music with the rest of us. Thanks.
Jon B.
This show was definetly one of the best so far in the tour. All the old songs were played from UTTAD, Crash, and BCTS. Also the Lillywhites were mixed in great. I think that LIOG was the highlight of the night with Boyd jamming on his violin, and Butch had a great solo. The show was great with Warehouse, Lover Lay Down, and Rhyme and Reason, but I Did It to close. Why would they play a song that he knows is the worst song that he has ever written? It's all right though, the show was really tight, and hopefully Providence will be awesome.
Jon B.
This show was definetly one of the best so far in the tour. All the old songs were played from UTTAD, Crash, and BCTS. Also the Lillywhites were mixed in great. I think that LIOG was the highlight of the night with Boyd jamming on his violin, and Butch had a great solo. The show was great with Warehouse, Lover Lay Down, and Rhyme and Reason, but I Did It to close. Why would they play a song that he knows is the worst song that he has ever written? It's all right though, the show was really tight, and hopefully Providence will be awesome.
Matt R.
Ok so I was completely pumped for the second show and once again the boys did not disappoint. SMTS a great opener and I was expecting the bridge into Too Much but it didnt happen. WTWE is such a great song and kept the crowd going after a great opener. A surprise to hear Granny next, such a great song and the band sounds as great as ever. Highlights of the show were Lie in Our Graves, such a great song and Boyd wailed as usual, by far the greatest song of the night. Warehouse was great with the stop time intro and Carter and Stefan were encouraging the crowd with do shout "woo" during the stops in the intro. Lot of repeats from night one but they were ok Grace and Grey Street are both unbelievable songs. Kind of a disappointing encore with the finish of WWYS the same song the band started with on night one, all in all a good show. nothing like night 2 at foxboro last year though
i can't say i was disappointed with the setlist, not the best, but DEFINATELY not bad at all. you never knwo what to expect with dave. they played some nice classics, but with a lot of enthusiasm and clarity.. the band sounded really clear. 3 songs off of 'everyday' but he tied them in well, showing just as much passion for those as he did for the older songs. 'where are you going' had a nice sound to it (first time i'd heard it) and it got a welcoming response from the crowd. little disapointed with the encore, (probably b/c i was hoping for a little 'watchtower' action) but it was still pretty good. they seemed to get done really early.. was that just me or am i right? really excited to hear 'lover lay down' and especially excited to hear 'rhyme & reason'. 'Lie in our graves' was nasty. boyd rules :o) Overall a good show, i was happy :o)
Jarrod H.
I would like to state that I heavily agree with the review by an anonymous guy named 'john' found a little higher on the page. I think most DMB fans have become spoiled with getting 3-hours of music at every show. That is just not realistic, especially for a band who has been off the road for eight months. I have been to 15 shows so far, and these two nights in Boston were probably the most fun I have had yet. 2+ hours is enough...it's like watching a good lengh, engrossing movie. In my opinion, there was not one time that either show dragged. And about the guy who talked about them going off time with one another during warehouse...um, yeah it happens...they are humans, not wind-up toys. I was amazed that with the task of touring for one album, and trying to promote brand-new material, the boys broke out such old songs like "pig", "lover lay down" "drive in drive out" "rhyme and reason" and "lie in our graves"...i have no idea how anyone could complain about that. go see any other band, and what you will find is that are bombarded with new songs, and maybe get a few oldies dispersed. DMB has done an amazing job catering to both die-hard original fans and newbies. Plus, i love their radio hits. i don't listen to the radio, so these songs has never played themselves out to me. and everyone does not hate 'i did it'. Sure it's simple, but the boys seem to have fun playing it and it was energetic. I'm sorry some fans feel cheated...maybe that's their cue to stop going. I, however, will keep going, and keep being amazed and entertained by a bunch of guys who are stull the best live act around.
Nate H.
Last nights show was excellent. Rhyme & Reason, Lie In our Graves, Warehouse, and What Would You Say? were the highlights. Boyd was amazing during Lie, and Warehouse. A few small problems though...where was Everyday? It's a great song (better than Space Between), and hasn't been played yet this tour...I don't understand. Also I don't feel that Carter got himself a solo, which is something that I look forward to at DMB shows. Carter is obviously an amazing drummer, and we deserve a crazy solo. Another problem that I have, and it's not a small one, is that the show was too short. Roughly 815-1020...The band has an extensive repertoir, why not give us a few more songs??? I'd love to hear a cover more often (Waste specifically, and it's nice to see Watchtower out of rotation for a change). I just think that for the rising ticket prices, we should get more of a show...especially from a band as fan oriented as DMB. Despite this, it was a good show, with an excellent setlist.
Rena M.
Dave was absolutely amazing last night. He was funny and having a great time. It was def one of the best shows I have been to. He shines on the stage and he is real which makes him all the more sexy. He loves his band and that showed a lot last night!!! His new song "Where are you going" was awesome. He had a great selection of songs that he played and he mixed them up well.
Laura M.
The Fleet Center definitely hosted an energetic crowd on 4/8. The setlist was composed of mediocre radio singles as well as very well played old favorites. Granny was a pleasant surprise and the LIOG jam was great! Warehouse is a fantastic live song and the stop-time intro got the crowd "wheew"-ing in no time. Where Are You Going was beautiful. Like many others, I was far from impressed with the encore, but there's always the meadows and the tweeter center!
Nate B.
WOW this just capped a superv day starting out with my brother and my friend meeting dave, stefan, Butch, and Carter. getting pix and talking they are sooo cool. Butch left the voice message on my friends phone which was cool. Hey what a great show at least in comparson with last night. STMS- OKAY for an opener but not my fav, especially when they played TOO Much for the 6th and left out ASTB. But WTWE was cool along with Granny which was the first of the tour. DIDO- Funky Tea Party of my OWN! LOVER- great jam by Roi first time hearing it great. R&R great energy with GIG before it was chill nice way to get the blood pumping again. LIOG all i can say is BOYD and BUTCH two great solos matching last nights HeartBeat. First Digging. GS nice repeat. Warehouse insane. carter and stefan both pumping fists. WAYG pretty good. I did it to end come on not another Penn. but lots of energy. TSB where is 40?? i was really hoping for it. WWYS didnt they open with that last night. o well good song. Great Show and a great way to end a great venue. See ya in Prov
Bill G.
Ok this show just rocked!! I have nevre seen the band having this much fun before. they were all in good spirts joking around with eachother and hey i have no complaints about the setlist ata ll even tho yes i will agree the encore was somewhat of a dissapointment but u know what I just there for the music. The energy coming from the crowd and the band was amazing. It was great how the band played a ton of old stuff tonight. Higlights were of course Lie In Our Graves with boyd and hey butch trying to get a good solo in just like boyds. towards the end he was stareing at Boyd and boyd was just smiling trying to hold back a laugh an then they shook hands. Warehouse been waiting 4 years for this song and i finaly got to hear it!! Grey Street. Missed it at the 1st show in Foxburo this year but i'm glad i heard it with such an amazing crowd tonight. I was waiting all night for Where are you going and I finaly got it!! The full band on this song is just amazing everything n more form what i expected of them. Lover lay down was great. It was a perfect night for granny even tho i was hoping just maybe there would be a slight chance for Help Myself. well this is long enough. All in all I would say the band is off to a great tour year. They look and sound better then ever!
Joseph H.
Great show lot of energy off the bat! Was great to here Granny again with the whole fleetcenter singing along. Drive In Drive Out, was powerful as usually, thought the line about being f-ing stoned at the end was kindy neat. Lover Lay Down, first time i heard it live and boy was it good wondeful jam at the end beautiful song. Rhyme great period. Diggin a Ditch was nice, and Lie in Our Graves was great as always but will probadly never be as good as 6/16/01 at foxboro. Here's where my problem with the setlist comes in. Grey Stree, Where Are You Going, Space Between, I Did It, What Would You Say, Too Much-Now I love all these songs in fact most are on the upper half of my perosnal list, sans Space, only because I would just rather here other stuff. But these are repeats and we heard them all last nite. I mean come on , the last 4 songs were repeats, that's not how to close a set, i realize at some 2 or 3 nights at same venue your going to get a couple of repeats of course but this manny, i paid for ticket i want to see another show. I just have one more thing to say-- WHat happened to 'Stone' i love this do they even play it anymore in case your wondering i was the one screaming this constantly both nites. Anywho, hope Friday will bring about some great jams and a couple new tunes.
Sarah M.
I love the Dave Matthews Band. Tonight was my 2nd Dave show in as many nights and I must say, he did not disappoint. So what if he did a couple of songs from the night before. So what if he did songs from 'Everyday.' Just being there is enough. Just seeing the band live and getting that opportunity is great. If people are going to complain, why would go? The band must really like what they have produced with 'Everyday' or else they wouldn't continue to play songs from that album. There are so many people out there that never get the chance to see a live Dave Matthews show. Those who do get the chance shouldn't complain incessantly about the setlists and the people who are sitting near and around them. Just enjoy being there and live in that moment. I also agree with the fan that wrote nothing could compare with Night 2 at Foxboro, 2001, that will forever be my favorite show...
Craig S.
The show itself was pretty good. However, look at the set lists from the first five shows so far. They have fallen into a pattern of repeating songs over and over. WWYS, Too Much, & I Did It at every show so far??? In my opinion, those songs are weak at best. What happened to the pattern of mixing it up? And what happened to a 2 1/2-3 hr show? These trends are rather disturbing. Why should I continue to pay $50 a show for less show and why should I pay for multiple shows to hear the same songs? I love this band and have for years, so I'm not trying to be negative, but these trends do not look good for this tour. Having to hear WWYS as the closer for this after they opened with it the night before was just plain wrong. Highlights of the show, Digging a Ditch, Lover Lay Down, LIOG, & DIDO. Hope Prov is better, but doesn't look like it from last nights continued trend.
Paul &.
This was my 6th Dave Show and I must say I was very disappointed. Since it was the beginning of the tour, I was expecting lots of energy and a long set list, neither of which happened. It seemed as though the band was just going through the motions, not ever really getting into it. I was also expecting to hear more songs from the lillywhite sessions, since its going to be released, but instead heard the same old songs that I have heard in just about every other show. And closing with I Did It for the encore?! Oh please, I almost didn't want to clap. Then closing with a non jam song of What Would You Say" rounded out the bad show. Only two hours long too, I want my money back!!
Lauren B.
I would like to call attention to the unbelievable groove Carter and Dave seemed to be in the entire night. They were often congratulating each other, or appreciating each other's playing, and Dave went back once to shake Carter's hand, smiling the whole time. They were amazing together. The rest of the band was unbelievable as always, they all had such energy- it was really a pleasure to watch them, they were all smiling and dancing and grooving. It was clear they were enjoying themselves, and that vibe made the evening that much more spectacular. I hope everyone is right about the possibility of this show being a contestant for a live CD!
I'll make it short. I like Dave Matthews Band, and the show wasn't bad (from what I saw). This is the second time I've seen DMB in the Fleet, and I can say it has the worst acoustics I have ever heard. The echo was so bad we left after 7 songs and went to a club in Allston. DMB is much more fun to see outside.