Dave Matthews Band
Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
What You Are (Instrumental)
What You Are (Full Band)
One Sweet World (Full Band)
So Much To Say (teases)
Too Much (Instrumental)
Tripping Billies (nature intro teases)

onstage: 8:10pm
Too Much *
Grey Street *
If I Had It All *
I Did It *
You Never Know *
Crush *
Drive In Drive Out *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
Lover Lay Down *
So Much To Say *
Grace Is Gone *
Dont Burn The Pig *
The Space Between *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
Two Step *
offstage: 10:22pm
onstage: 10:29pm
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
offstage: 10:43pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Jason E.
What a show tonight here in Prov. RI. This is by far the best setlist of the new tour. The entire show amazed me. Some highlights must have been Grey Street. This song really got the crowd going after a predictable opener in Too Much. If I had it all and I Did It we popular with the crowd. The new song You never know is amazing to say the least. The boys really put everything they had in to that song. The entire arena went nuts when Stefan started the into to Crush. I was hoping this song would be played for us. Drive in Drive out also a great Jam. Lover Lay Down was one of my favorites tonight. I have never seen them play this live before. Don't Burn the pig was a nice surprise. Half the crowd had no clue what they were playing. The end of the show was incredible with Big Eyed Fish, Bartender and Two Step. This is the first time Two Step has been played this year. A really nice encore with Where are you going and Ants. Over all quite and amazing night.
Nathan B.
I don't even know where to begin about tonight's show. It must have been one of the best in my 6 show history. There was so much love and energy in that building tonight it was pouring through my veins. Two Step was such a great suprise, so happy to hear it. I met Stefan before the show and he signed my warehouse ticket.. Thanks so much Stefan! Carter waved to me! =) Pig was played again, which I couldn't believe. I didn't even mind I Dit It and TSB. And what can I say about the encore. The strongest close all tour.. Ants Marching. Crush was simply amazing. I got a taste of One Sweet Whirled at Ben & Jerry's and they played it tonight. Great! You guys rock so much. Thanks for an unforgettable time!
Tom D.
WOW! What a night, my first show ever in Rhode Island, and boy was it an amazing one at that. First off, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, was a great opener, i highly suggest going to one of there concerts. Now on to the boys! Too Much, great openner, really got the crowd going. All of a sudden, i noticed the 12-string goin on, so what else, Grey Street. The song gets better and better everytime I hear it. Great way to keep the energy up. Next was If I Had it All. Nicely done, good energy. I Did It, not my all time favorite, but its alot better without the ladies. You Never Know, great little sneak preview from the soon to-be released album. The song is amazing, sure hope to hear this one again. Crush, pretty standard, but its great to hear. One sweet world, once again, very standard live performance, but this time with a nice Swim Naked Outro. Lover Lay Down, I really thought this song had fallen by the waist side, But it hadn't, it back and kicking. After that, I thought the show was gonna become, one of those "for lovers" shows; but then all of a sudden, BOOM!!!!, SMTS. Absolutely amazing. At the end, I honestly thought that the entire crowd was going to get to enjoy a nice version of ASTB, but unfortunately no. Grace is Gone, very nice, seemed like there was a good jam during the performance, but I wouldn't know (damn long lines at the bathroom, i thought guys were quicker than girls). Don't Burn the Pig; I guess all of the posters on last years tour actually worked. This song is sooo great hear live in concert, rather than on cd. There was so much emotion put into this one, I was just lucky to be a part of it. The Space Between, good version, i was really impressed, Daves' performance on the electric guitar is getting much better. Big Eyed Fish --> Bartender. Absolutley astonishing. Dave messed with the lyrics a little bit, which kept everyone on there toes. Great long jam to go along with it, so that was pretty phat. Two step, hmmmm, only two words can describe this, F@*&#! AMAZING!!! This is the first time ive ever heard it live, and Ill be honest, it took my breath away. Good ole' dave and boyd jam thru out, it was beautiful. Dave and the boys were back out for the encore, which was amazing, because im used to being graced with dave's solo presence for the first song of the encore. Anyway, Where Are You Going. Great song, but I still have to get used to hearing it performed full band. Ants, great closer, even though Ive expirienced it before, always brings me to my feet. I was really hoping for a great Watchtower, but maybe not, this show is definately one of the highlights of my freshman year at JWU. Later!
Dave B.
AMAZING! That is the only word I can use to describe tonights show. The boys were really on tonight, busting out the best setlist of the year which included some sweet surprises. Now to the songs. Too Much: A great way to start up the evening, by playing a nice energetic song. Grey Street: Possibly one of the bets Lillywhites, this song really set the evenings mood by stepping up the energy, and getting the crowd really into it. If I Had It All: A relaxing Everyday song, where I was able to take a quick water break. I Did It: I was so happy to hear this so soon in the setlist, because I knew it was coming, just this way it was quick and easy. You Never Know: The only song i'd never heard, and it was awesome. A really great tune, that at times reminded me of Grey Street. Crush: As soon as I heard Stefan fiddling with his bass, i knew this one was coming. A great song with an awesome jam dominated by Boyd. Drive in Drive Out: Somewhat unexpected, I was really impressed by this tune tonight, adding in the "tea party" to make me quite happy. This led to... One Sweet World: As soon as I heard the first chords of the beginning instrumental intro., I flipped out. This was a HUGE surprise, and was a nice long, jammed out version. Lover Lay Down: Also unexpected, this was a great song that had a nice long jam to it, and showed up at a perfect time. So Much To Say: The beginning seemed a little more funky than usual, and Dave really danced away with this one. Great song. Grace is Gone: I love this song, and it started really slow and mellow and turned into a huge rocking jam which really got the crowd grooving. PIG: The song I was waiting for! This was an amazing version, and Dave was really enjoying himself. The crowd was also very into this one, which I didnt really expect. Great song, great jam, great time. The Space Between: The usual old version, but played nicely. This was another water break for me. BEF: I was so happy to hear this one, especially knowing Bartender was soon to come. He added the "stay up in your fucking tree" to the monkey verse which really got the place moving. Bartender: Awesome song which never disappoints. Boyd was hot on the whistle in both BEF and this song, and really dominated the jam. After all this, I figured they would break the set and come back on for the encore. But then, out of no where, came the song we've all been waiting for... TWO STEP: This song was awesome, and since it hasnt been played yet this tour, completely unexpected. This song had so much energy that the arena was going crazy, jammed out to the max, complements of Butch. This song really made my night, and made the set even more amazing. After a break, the boys came back and played the expected, Where Are you Going: This song is very good, and has molded well with the full band since Paramount. I was really happy to hear this. I then expected the usual Dont Drink the Water or WWYS but then, again out of no where, came... ANTS MARCHING: What a way to top off the night! Another song forgotten about this tour, Ants really blew the lid off the place. It was played perfectly, with the boys having a ton of fun up on stage. What a show! The lighting was great, and the acoustics were alot better than the Fleet. The night was full of surprises, and the set was made by the return of 2 powerhouse songs, Ants and Two Step. Again, all i can say is AMAZING!
Bill S.
"You've been great to us, so we'll be good to you," Dave remarked in the encore, and great to us he was. The end of that show more than made up for Monday nights less than stellar ending. Before I start, many thanks to the dude behind me with the good herb. Now onto the show. Too Much was a predictable opener, but had lots of energy and was mad fun. Grey Street was brilliant as always. If I Had It All, hey theres worse on that album. You Never Know was as amazing the second time seeing it. This song seems even better and better (if thats possible) the more I see it. I Did It, well at least they arent closin with it! Now is where the show really takes off. One Sweet World made its debut and was at its mellow best. Lover Lay Down followed, keeping up with the mood of One Sweet. Man do I love these 2 songs! Don't Burn the Pig, hell the energy with this song is just amazing. Big Eyed Fish --> Bartender is just soo chill. Bartender is taking on almost a Seek Up-like quality to it. It really has become an epic. Then comes TWO STEP! The Dunkin Donuts Center has officially crashed to the ground now. And I offically nominate Carter Beauford as dictator for life after that Two Step. Him and Butch both just went off! What a great way to end the set! Where Are You Going was predictable, yet very cool. Now I'm thinkin DDTW or What Would You Say would be the closer, oh no! ANTS!!!!! Is there any better way to end a show! The crowd just exploded, ending an awesome show, and my time with the boys for now. Damn I can't wait for the summer shows!! See y'all then.
Tyler G.
Tonight's performance was possibly the worst Dave Matthews Band show (out of 24) I've witnessed. That said, it was still a DMB show and probably better than any other Friday night alternative, such as scalping tickets for the Red Sox vs. Yankees. However, when referring to DMB shows, I never use the phrase "possibly the worst" loosely, so I should have some serious, legitimate gripes. Perhaps it was the way the whole thing came about...after an average, yet exciting pair of Boston shows, I decided to try to get tix to the Providence show. Things weren't going well, until today when, what I termed a "miracle," took place. I checked Ticketmaster around 2 this afternoon. To my absolute amazement, I found three consecutive seats in section 5, right in the center of the floor. I was psyched. We arrived in Providence at around 730. Parking was a bitch. We were in our seats by 8. The seats were much further from the stage than I had imagined they'd be based on the online seating chart. "Oh well," I thought, "at least I'm here." Dave opened with Too Much. My first thought was, "hey, I like this song." My next two thoughts were, "hey they played this last Sunday...and Monday," and then, "the sounds sucks from these seats." And so it went, song after song, with shitty sound quality and repeats from the Boston shows...SMTS, I Did It, The Space Between, Drive In Drive Out, Grey Street, Where Are You Going, and several more I can't recall. Pig was repeated from the first Boston show, but it might have been one of the better-played songs. Bartender, also a repeat, was played pretty well. But then again, my qualifications for a well-played song generally include that it be longer than seven minutes (jammed-out), and that it lites up the crowd, which Bartender simply cannot fail to do. Other bright (or maybe just "less dim") spots included One Sweet World, replete with the standard (i.e., awesome) instrumental intro. I was pretty sure that Bartender was to be the final song of the set. Toward the end, however, when the jam was winding down, Dave exchanged, with his assistant, the mahogany twelve-string for a cutaway six-string Taylor. "Good," I thought, "we're going to get one more." With six-string in hand, and Bartender slowly dying, Dave Matthews stood face-to-face with Boyd Tinsley, and they were clearly up to something. What followed was far-and-away the best song of the night: a more or less average 12+ minute version of Two Step, 'nuff said. The encore was nothing Special. Where Are You Going, then Ants. Ants was nice, though, but standard. This was by no means a horrible night, but it wasn't very good either. Too many repeats from Boston. Not enough jamming...essentially radio versions of every song. Whatever, I'll stop complaining, because I still believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that DMB is the best touring act currently around. Before I shut up though, I have to comment on one more thing that defies logic, and that is the following: If you are going to play SMTS and Too Much in the same show, play SMTS into ASTB into Too Much...it doesn't make sense to do it any other way. Ok, I'm done.
Jared M.
WOW! Well after looking over the setlists from the previous shows I wasn't expecting a show with a lot of jams, but that is exactly what we got. It is my first show of many this year and I will try to post a review for each one I attend. The opening song "Too Much" was played well but it still is better when it follows "So Much To Say". "Grey Street" is quickly becoming a new favorite. "You never know" which is not the same as "kit Kat Jam", as someone noted in a previous review is going to be a good one on the upcoming CD. "BEF" and "Bartender" were as good as they could be. "Crush" was amazing. It was played long and strong and seemed to go on forever. What happened after "BEF" and "Bartender" was somehting I will never forget. I predicted "DDTW", boy was I wrong. They played right into "Two Step," first time of the 2002 tour. It was awsome! Especially since it was so unexpected. It was 12 minutes long but seemed like 20. The first encore was "Where are you going" which was expected and will be a good first single. The second and last encore was something I will never forget. "Ants" is my personal favorite and something I have only heard live once. It was played amazingly and left the crowd in utter shock at the concert they had just witnessed. I'll see you all in one week in Toronto. Until then, enjoy the NY shows. Peace out.
Timothy Z.
Heavenly powers hath restored them! DMB shifted into another gear for this Providence treat.. definitely the longest and strongest show of the infant tour. Tremendous energy throughout the set. Every song was placed excellently and kept everyone moving. A perfect way to celebrate my silver anniversary (25th show). Got things going with Too Much and Grey Street, and less than a week into its existence, You Never Know already had some people dancing and singing like it was a veteran to playlists. That's the incredible power of the internet, no doubt. And I thought somewhere after DIDO they'd slow it down but truly the only temporary reprieve was a gorgeous Lover Lay Down. Right before this song Dave, nodding and grinning, pointed to the sign JJ and I were holding up- "Q: Where are you going? A: Go party at Providence College!!!" Perfectly observable response from the 5th row. We got some laughs from other people too, along with small objects being projected in our general direction despite our sparse holding-up of the sign. Anyway, things just kept getting better with Grace Is Gone (as beautiful as ever) and Don't Burn the Pig. After The Space Between I anticipated the closing to our lovely set, as the trend has been 14 songs and under two hours. Haha! Big Eyed Fish was hauntingly intimate, Bartender was blissful, and then as they jammed out Boyd and Dave, talking with Carter, began plucking violin and guitar.. Two Step was euphoric! Best Butch action I've ever seen (thanks to Carter doing a lot for support) and just totally wonderful to see a more traditional set-closer back in action. Again I laugh at myself, since Ants was even more of a suprise culmination to a fantastic evening (and alas, Where Are You Going graciously bestowed before Ants, as JJ and I hoped). Really showed tonight that the band is back to a form we're so used to and that we so thoroughly enjoy. Either check back again after NYC or later in July, whichever comes first. But everyone enjoy in the meantime!
Bob C.
Amazing!!! Simply amazing!!! That's the best way to sum up this evening's show.. I was so pumped to finally see DMB in an arena since all of the other 8 shows I've seen were either at an Amplitheater or a Stadium.. If you haven't been to a show at Dunkin' Donuts Center, you're missing out.. It's a small venue and you're really close to the stage wherever you are.. The boys came out at about 8:10pm and rocked until about 10:45pm.. When they came out the place erupted (as expected) and they broke into the ever so popular Too Much.. This was a good choice to start the show.. I was so happy they didn't open with I Did It (oh, but we'll get to that later!!) Grey Street is always a great song to hear.. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on Lilywhite's.. It's going to be great to finally have this song officially released in July!! Well, we couldn't have a show without a couple of Everyday tunes.. If I Had It All was really good.. I've always been a fan of it.. After that I saw Dave throw on the Baritone guitar and I told my girlfriend Kelly, "they're playing I Did It next..." and sure enough we got it.. It was good to hear it.. They really seem to enjoy playing this song live.. Not to mention, it really is a fun song.. Then the excitement began and went at full throttle.. I finally got to hear the new song You Never Know.. I really liked it and I'm hoping to hear it again on Tuesday at MSG.. It will certainly be a fan favorite!! I was a bit surprised to hear Crush but very happy to hear it too.. They really let it all out with this especially with the little jam at the end.. Dave and Boyd were having a blast up there!! Drive In was great.. This song always carries so much energy and intensity like The Stone which I was really hoping to hear (maybe Tuesday!!).. One Sweet World was aweomse to hear.. I love the live intro.. Lover Lay Down was beautiful as always.. The arena looked amazing with all of the lighters going.. Good to hear SMTS.. Too bad they didn't do the Anyone Seen The Bridge into Too Much version.. For some reason, they haven't done that yet.. Grace was great to see live.. It's such a moving song.. Again, it will be great to have this song officially released this summer... Pig was sweet to hear!! I haven't seen this song live except for the tease he did in the Hartford encore on 8/3/01... Great to see him doing these songs.. Space Between was good as usual.. My girlfriend is a big fan of it.. I personally like this song done acoustically better. Big Eyed Fish into Bartender was truely amazing! I've seen them do Bartender live a few times but never with Big Eyed Fish.. I love Leroi playing the penny whistle before going into Bartender.. To play 2 step after playing Fish/Bartender was completely unexpected.. The crowd just exploded!! I couldn't believe it!! I was so pumped!! This will always be a crowd favorite!! What a way to end the the show!! The intensity in the building was at an amazing high!! Encore was amazing!! I was hoping to here WAYG and got my wish.. I loved hearing it with the whole band.. This will be a song in the same category as Crash.. Beautiful tune!! Ants was a great finale.. I was pretty much positive that they were going to play WWYS after WAYG but I was equally happy to here Ants.. Overall, great show with a great deal of intensity and energy!! I'm looking forward to MSG on Tuesday!! See everyone there, I'll be with my buddy Steve!! Should be a great show as they always play awesome in NYC!!
Rict44@aol.com .
Relax all you Nancies holding tickets for the rest of the spring tour and worried about the negative reviews you seen posted for the first few shows. It's 'One Sweet World" with the band again. Even the "Ants" finally came "Marching" out for the encore in Providence tonight, and that was after DMB broke into a dazzling "Two Step" at the close of a 2 hour, 10 minutes set. DMB was on stage for 2 1/2 hours in all, and while that may be a bit less than what we've gotten used to, tonight's set, like the one in Boston Sunday, was much, much tighter than ones in the past. Call it the Glen Ballard effect. (We may have to praise him yet.) No interminable solos to send you to off to the rest room and another beer. Leroi, Carter, Stefan and Boyd all got to jam, but it was all truly part of the songs. Yes, there were plenty of repeats from the Boston shows that many of us attended, but how can anyone complain about a second helping of "Pig" and "Crush" or another hit from "Bartender" or "Grace Is Gone" or even an extra chorus of "The Space Between" which gets the crowd so psyched, with lighters being held up in the air all around the arena. And "You Never Know" how much you're gonna like hearing the really new stuff over again. The band has never sounded this sharp. There's just 'So Much To Say" about this show. It was almost "Too Much." Gonna be hard to wait a whole week before my third show of the spring in Montreal.
Wendy L.
Oh. My. God. It was just sick, it was so incredible. I don't need to tell you how amazing it was because I'm sure you've seen the setlist. We were in such a good zone too, people around us were fairly into the show and didn't mind us standing there too. We folded up some chairs and made a dancefloor, it's always fun to get to do that (most venues strap the chairs together.) I don't remember what they were all wearing, except Dave looked cute. He had a button shirt. Too Much - sitting anywhere else that wasn't so close I might have minded opening with Too Much -- this is one of five songs they've played every night (along with Where Are You Going, The Space Between, I Did It and Grace is Gone.) But it does get the crowd going so I didn't mind. They always play it so solidly too. Grey St. - Awwww, awesome as usual. Also got the crowd going. If I had it all - I don't really understand the appeal of this song or why they'd choose this over other better Everyday songs like So Right or Everyday. Ah well. I Did It - I was having so much fun I danced my butt off to this song. I have pretty much accepted the fact that they will play this every single chance they get. At least it won't be the closer. I must admit it's getting more fun to dance to. I think I am tolerating it more because I know Dave must love to play it. Why else would they play it so much. You Never Know -- Third time's a charm. Definitely the best version yet. Aaaah it's so great to see their new stuff just get better and better. Crush - God I just love this song so frickin much! Carter just rips the shit out of the song at the end, I love it. DIDO - Crowd responded here much better than Philly. Being in the right crowd makes ALL the difference. I loved the people surrounding us.One Sweet World -- AAAAhhhhhhhh! First "new" song of the night, and it would have been enough!!! I had heard rumors they were going to play it since they soundchecked it a bunch of times but I was still surprised and thrilled when they played the beautiful intro!!! They were right on with OSW!!! Hadn't heard it since the Saturday the Gorge I think...I remember crying then because Dave seemed so happy. He seemed happy playing it last night too. Woohoo, made me want the ice cream! Lover Lay Down - OOOOhhhhhhhhh! So incredible, best version yet! Roi had an especially beautiful solo!!!! Carter broke a stick during this song, of all songs! So Much to Say - not much to say about this, but it was fun. Grace is Gone -- and you-know-who was back!!! Hiya Bob, care for a donut? PIG - It's getting better! Had already decided that this was the best setlist ever. TSB - still didnt change my mind about best set list.Big Eyed Fish->Bartender - I was getting sick of Bartender but I'm starting to love it again because they just KICK ASS. It is their most powerful live song even if it isn't my favorite. I vow to never be sorry hearing it. Two Step!!!!! I CRIED for my friend Brenda when Boyd and Dave started the intro. I yelled BRENNIE!!!! at the top of my lungs, and just wished I could have seen her reaction to hearing HER SONG for the FIRST TIME, and in the FRONT ROW. Two Step just kicked ass and put this show SO FAR over the top of any night of the tour -- even over Boston night one with my front row center seats. It was simply INSANE. Encore: Where Are You Going -- Is it me, or is this song just getting better and better??? ANTS!! Holy Crap!!! The third of three wonderful "new" songs!!! EVERYONE in the crowd was dancing and jumping up and down! I've never seen so much energy at a show!!! The band was a little bit rusty playing this song but it was still unreal. To boot, it was the longest concert of the tour so far, by about 5 minutes. This concert had ALL the makings for a wonderful night -- great setlist, great performances of all songs, intimate venue, awesome crowd, great seats, great people surrounding me... this one is the show to get!!! I got some pretty good pictures, although not nearly as good as the Boston ones. See you in Buffalo.
John G.
I am going to try and keep this pretty short. Great show. Thank god for Wendy's on I-95. Robert Randolf wasn't the best, but they did a nice job. (8:09 Onstage) Too Much - Good song to open with. Got the crowd moving. Grey Street - I think they messed this one up. I believe Dave went into the jam and skipped the last verse. He and Carter were lauging about it afterwards. Still an awesome song. If I Had It All - well done, but nothing special I Did It - bleh, about as good as this song cab be i guess You Never Know - awesome!!! afew people were familiar with it. i think it is one of the most beautiful songs. Crush - Boyd went nuts during the middle solo. Drums were great at the end. Whole crowd loved this one. Drive In, Drive Out - always love hearing this one. again, carter is god. One Sweet World - first of the tour!! swim naked at the end. Lover Lay Down - beautiful solo by Leroi at the end. someone threw a beach ball up on stage and Dave kicked it back into the crowd. pretty funny. So Much To Say - nice and upbeat after the slow song. got everyone dancing again. Grace Is Gone - the jam at the end of this is amazing. Dave walked to the back of the stage during that. Pig - I wouldnt mind if they played this at every show. Carter held back a little with the drums at the ending, but still so beautiful and emotional. Space Between - I never mind hearing this song. Though it would be a So Right when the baritone came out, but oh well. Much better minus the Ladies. Big Eyed Fish - very nice. "stay up in your fucking tree." pennywhistle right into... Bartender - holy dave screaming. outro is amazing. combined with the lighting on the crowd. very very cool. Leroi did "if i only had a brain" at the end. that went into... Two Step - first of the tour!!! similar to Listerner Supported with the Butch solo. Once again.. Carter Beauford on the drums. 16 song set... very nice!!! ENCORE: Where Are You Going - I think they have this one down live. I love the bridge in the middle. Ants - First of the tour!! There is no song better to close a show than this and I don't think there ever will be. Just awesome. A really great show. My first time at the venue. Very small. I'd love to go back. Can't wait for MSG!!!!
Lyndsay I.
Last night, I lost my DMB virginity. And regrets are the farthest thing from my mind. I could not believe how beautiful the show was. Amazing. One of the highlights was Two Step. Carter went insane...it rocked! He was jamming! Every note was perfect. I also loved how they went right into Bartender after Big Eyed Fish. It's truly the best shows I've ever seen in my life. And for the ladies, Dave is SO attractive in person. He's beautiful, just like his show.
B D.
Anyone who thinks that DMB has lost their magic was obviously not at tonight's show. Absolutely amazing, so much energy. Missed the Too Much opener, but made it in time for Grey Street, tons of energy,crowd really into it big time. Onto the highlights of the night.....CRUSH, I haven't heard this since 98, great jam, love Butch on it. OSW, instrumental and swim naked, AWESOME!! What better way to promote the ice cream. You Never Know/Where Are You Going, 2 great new songs WAYG is was kinda short but still better than I Did It. DON'T BURN THE PIG!!!! I love this song,great surprise,played extremely well. Big Eyed Fish------->Bartender...let me just say that these 2 back to back made my night. IMO, one of the best Bartender's I have ever heard in my life, Dave's passion at the end almost brought me to tears, no lie. TWO STEP...U-N-R-E-A-L the only description for the 1st one of this tour and possibly one of the best EVER and thats not an exaggeration. The jam at the end was so most excellently played and who says this band doesn't know how to jam anymore? Fianlly ANTS, great way to close it,once again the 1st of the tour..Boyd with a great solo in the middle. All in all an AWESOME AWESOME show. If asked to rate it out of the 15 I've been to, I'd say 3rd out of 15. DMB still gots the magic
Dave A.
Oh my what a show we got to hear last night! It was incredible. Too Much isn't the greatest opener they can play but it was full of life and it sounded much better than the last time I heard it. Then Grey Street blew me away, I haven't heard it since 2000 and I loved every second of it. If I Had it All + I Did It were just fillers but at least the ladies weren't there to kill it even more. Then after I Did It the set just took off! You Never Know sounded gorgeous I absolutely love this new song. Crush sounded beautiful as it always does with Boyd ripping it up during the middle of the song and during the jam. Drive In, Drive Out displayed the great talents of Carter Beauford. One Sweeet World!! Lovely, lovely song sounded so tight and perfect. Great long instrumental intro and swin naked outro. Never heard it Lover Lay Down but it was played with so much energy. So Much to Say, well there isn't much to say about this song, it was nice to hear, crowd got in really into it. Thought we might get ASTB but it didnt happen. Grace is Gone was great, I have heard it at every show I've attended since 2000 but it gets better every time. Especially Carter's new jamming at the end. Pig! First time hearing it. Beautiful and powerful the crowd was just feeding off the band and was with Dave word for word. I must say they have really improved the Space Between. Big Eyed Fish --> Bartender was seemless and perfect. Then Two Step!! and not just any Two Step, the best Two Step I have heard (except 6-11-01). Had such intense jamming from Butch and Carter and the end of this. They came back from the encore slowed it down a little with Where Are You Going. But I knew they couldn't follow it up with WWYS or DDTW especially after that Two Step. So they busted out Ants and the Dunkin' Donuts center exploded! Great version, Great night, the crowd was awesome and Dave really gave us a treat for being so good. Wow I can't wait till MSG now!!
John D.
Anyone who has recently doubted the Dave Matthews Band's passion or talent for playing live shows seriously needs to reconsider their position after last night's show. I'll admit, even I was a little skeptical after the first four songs. However, when the boys broke into You Never Know, the night took off. We were one of the few people who knew the song, which was kinda neat, and YNK seemed much longer and more intense than at Fleet Center. Crush is amazing, DIDO, SMTS, and Lover Lay Down were all solid. It sounded like Dave teased So Right before TSB, so I was a little dissapointed not to hear it. The One Sweet World intro is simply beautiful, and the crowd really seemed to enjoy OSW. BEF>Bartender was rediculous, and the crowd cheered on Mr. Matthews as he wailed away at the end of Bartender. I thought Bartender would be the last song, but Dave and Boyd broke into Two Step, which was far and away the highlight of the night. It was similar to the LS version except that Butch's solo was very upbeat and almost reminded me of the old school Griesar Two Step. If the concert had ended there I would have been satisfied, but a solid WAYG and energetic Ants followed. Probably the best DMB concert I've seen out of five, the night started slowly but just built towards a crescendo at Two Step. See ya'll at MSG.
Jeff S.
This show was truely amazing!!!!! The setlist was planned perfect to give the crowd just the right taste of DMB. The dunkin donuts center though smaller than the fleet was a awesome venue to watch Dave perform. Though Too Much was a predictable opener it still rocked the house. Grey Street, Crush, and Don't burn the pig really got the crowd going. Bartender, Lover lay down, And Where are going were absolutely beautiful. Two Step was deffinately a good surprise.TO close it all out for the final encore they blew the arena up with ants marchings!! Great ending! I went to both nights at the fleet center boston, This show topped them all so far. I'll let you all know how the montreal concert is next Sunday. Till then "eat drink and be merry!!!"
Paul D.
To review just one highlight of last nights show would be completely impossible. This show completed a dozen that I have now been to, and would have to rank in the top one or two. It was absolutly incredible, from start to finish. I would have to say the biggest highlight of last night was the Big Eyed Fish into Bartender portion of the night. Yes, I am bias to Big Eyed Fish, but I hated Bartender ever since I first heard it.. I went to three shows in the pre-Lillywhite days (when they were touring the new songs) and I was bored with Bartender every time. But after hearing it last night, with the unbelievable jam to close up the two song melody, I have become a huge fan of it. Another amazing part of the night was hearing the two new songs (You Never Know and Where Are You Going?). These songs truly do go back to basics, and left me with a smile on my face, even as I write this review. Lets just say... I didn't leave the show disappointed in the least bit!
Nate B.
Got there for the sound check earlier and heard what you are and one sweet world. I was hoping for both of these tunes during the show but only got one. Well on to the show. Too Much- Good opener got the crowd grooving, it made me a little scared that they were just going to stick to songs like they played in Boston. Grey Street- Always good to hear nice placement of the song. THen the Everyday songs IIHA- which is a nice tune live. Then I DID IT- good energy but not the song i was looking for. You Never Know- nice new tune heard it Boston. Crush- when i heard Fonzie going into it i was going crazy. Nice jam in the end. DIDO- Tea party, energetic. OSW- Nice first time i heard it besides the sound check, nice instumental. Lover Lay Down- Nice tune very soothing. SMTS- nice tune getting back to the radio songs. GIG- Sweet song. Pig- ALways great to hear. Nice that he is bringing it back. Tsb- tennie bopper song. BEF--> Bartender Always great no F******* tree but still energetic love the penny whistle by Roi and the Wailing by Dave. THen 2Step. UNBELIEVABLE first of the tour and what a way to bring it in. Everyone was on. WAYG- nice song going to be a crash. figuring DDTW or WWYS but got an ANTS which is always great. Nice solo by Boyd dave seemed to be a little late at some parts. Overall great show best of 9 ive seen but crowd around me kinda sucked they sat down for most of the highlights. But still a great show. Hopefully see u in Great Woods + Hartford.
Nate B.
Got there for the sound check earlier and heard what you are and one sweet world. I was hoping for both of these tunes during the show but only got one. Well on to the show. Too Much- Good opener got the crowd grooving, it made me a little scared that they were just going to stick to songs like they played in Boston. Grey Street- Always good to hear nice placement of the song. THen the Everyday songs IIHA- which is a nice tune live. Then I DID IT- good energy but not the song i was looking for. You Never Know- nice new tune heard it Boston. Crush- when i heard Fonzie going into it i was going crazy. Nice jam in the end. DIDO- Tea party, energetic. OSW- Nice first time i heard it besides the sound check, nice instumental. Lover Lay Down- Nice tune very soothing. SMTS- nice tune getting back to the radio songs. GIG- Sweet song. Pig- ALways great to hear. Nice that he is bringing it back. Tsb- tennie bopper song. BEF--> Bartender Always great no F******* tree but still energetic love the penny whistle by Roi and the Wailing by Dave. THen 2Step. UNBELIEVABLE first of the tour and what a way to bring it in. Everyone was on. WAYG- nice song going to be a crash. figuring DDTW or WWYS but got an ANTS which is always great. Nice solo by Boyd dave seemed to be a little late at some parts. Overall great show best of 9 ive seen but crowd around me kinda sucked they sat down for most of the highlights. But still a great show. Hopefully see u in Great Woods + Hartford.
Sean F.
This show was absolutely amazing. Too Much was a good opener and it got the crowd going. Spent most of the song looking for my seats though. Grey Street was as good as it could be. Crush was definetly kickass because the whole audience sings it. The highpoints of the evening for me were Pig, One Sweet World, Two Step and Ants. Those songs were definetly amazing and it shows the band is on top of their game. I cant wait for the New York City shows this week!
Jen S.
I was reading through the reviews this morning, after an amazing show by Dave last night. I agreed with all but one. In Tyler's review, he totally whined about his complete evening. Were we at the same show? First off, your seats could not have sucked that much. The Dunkin Donut Center is such a tiny venue, that virtually any seat you get is pretty damn good. The sound quality was awesome. Being in such a small place, the sounds were electrifying. And I thought the set that they decided to play was a great mix. So what if you heard some repeats from the Boston show? It is Dave Matthews, and they rock. Period. I'm glad that the rest of you enjoyed the show. I did and look forward to seeing them again.
DMB3272@aol.com .
Besides the annoying bitch seated behind me who kept asking me to sit down (you don't sit at a DMB show, dammit!!!!), it was a special evening of music performed by the Dave Matthews Band. I traveled 3 hours from New York City to see my 21st DMB show - and they defintely did NOT disappoint me. The boys (and Butch) were defintely feeding off the incredible energy from the crowd - and rewarded us all with absolutely insane versions of Grey Street, Crush, DIDO, One Sweet World, Pig, Big Eyed Fish --> Bartender, Two Step, and Ants. It was easy to see everyone in the band enjoying themselves (as opposed to earlier show reviews I've read) and it reflected in the quality of the show. They played a nearly flawless set and they polished up the Lillywhite tunes quite a bit (Big Eyed Fish sounded really tight - DMB fuckin rocks!). Hoping I get to hear Busted Stuff and Raven at the MSG shows coming up!! DMB disappointed me last summer at the Giants Stadium shows - they seemed lifeless and kinda "dead". But there is no doubt in my mind - after all the shows I've been to; DMB was back and better than ever in Providence Rhode Island last nite. Thanks DMB.
Daniel P.
TYLER is a crybaby. This show was definitely great through and through. I mean I had friends in section 200 across the floor and they were as pysched as me. I bought section 1 row A seats from someone 2 months ago and I lost my mind in the middle of grey street. Bartender was nuts, they turned the house lights on and off in the middle of song, EVERYONE WENT CRAZY. So what if they repeated, don't get spoiled. It is DAVE MATTHEWS playing live, suck it up...Two Step and Ants Marching, WOW. All I have to say is, get this bootleg!!!!!!!
I was not expecting much from this show after seeing a few disapointing setlists but this show was amazing. Two step was great and so was LLD and Pig. Where Are you going also was awesome. The jam before OSW was beautiful. It was my 11th show and I'm going MOn and tues-Rock on
My sixth show, and probably the best, simply because of seek up. After hearing Seek Up, they could have played I Did It 10 times in a row and I would have left satisfied. Not something you hear often, and a ridiculously long version...it was great. WTWE was a decent opener, at least something aside from the usual. You Never Knew was pretty cool, i had never heard it before last night. Space Between was predictable but not bad at all. R&R is always good to hear. LIOG was nice and jammed out, thanks to Boyd and Butch...a definite highlight. Sleep to Dream Her wasn't I Did It or Crash, so I liked it, very depressing though. Very cool that it ran into Grace is Gone, which I haven't heard since 8-22-00..another great show.This was also the last time i heard SMTS->ASTB>TM...which was great, and Dave showed off his ability to speed-talk jibberish as fast as possible..as in #36 on Red Rocks. PNP->Rapunzel is often a disappointment but the jam was unbelievable at the end...solid closer to an excellent setlist. Nothing wrong with Where Are You Going, nice song....followed by a great version of Two Step...first time it was played this year, and it was good to see they are still changing songs around, as this was a completely new bass intro and and more concise version. An excellent show overall, partly because of the absence of authority in the getting wasted lot preceding the show. Buffalo is a piece of garbage, but HSBC is nice, saw a great jammed out show 28th row (Seek Up), and I'm looking forward to Gund 4/24. Down with I Did It, and MTV's influence on modern music. Long Live DMB.
MEMARA@aol.com .
Wow, what an awesome suprise. I was at the Fleet Center last week and talk about apples and oranges. This was 100 percent better, just read the set lists. The guys were so tight. Butch Taylor was awesome. They played the perfect mix in just the right order too. We harecore Dave fans definately got the night that we've been waiting for. Grey Street really got the crowd hopping and Grace is Gone was so beautiful. DBTP was probably the highlight of my night, also Two Step and OSW. In the time they were out there, they gave us true fans the songs that we dreamed of hearing and mainstream fans a smile in between. Bartender and BEF were incredibly powerful. The show was the best that I've seen so far! A must have bootleg!
Craig S.
I guess they showed me tonite. I submitted the worst review for the second nite of Boston. They just weren't good up there. They made up for it in Providence. Longer show, better set, and less repeats. They finally looked like they were having fun. I was weary in hearing Too Much as the opener. I can't stand that song. With the exception of I Did It after that, no complaints. Grey Street was good again. They can repeat this one every night. Pig and Lover Lay Down also. Most impressed with OSW, Two Step, and Ants. All first time this tour. Great venue and a restoration of my faith in them. Reminded me why I spend all of my money and vacation time on multiple shows. Thanks guys!
Greg D.
This was my 5th Dave Matthews Band show, and while it proved to be a really good time (as their shows always do), I thought it was probably the weakest show of the five that I've been to. "Too much" was exciting, and fun as always; a truly energetic opener. Next the band went into "Grey street" which is a truly beautiful song. "If I had it all" and "I did it" were exceptionally average, but I guess they have to play "I did it" at least, for all the surface-level fans. "You never know" was the first new song they played. I felt the verse was relatively weak but I thought the chorus was very strong. "Crush" was a crowd favorite, and a very pretty song, however I feel it could've been played much better. "Drive in Drive out" was very powerful and energetic, and well-done by Dave and the boys. One Sweet World was pretty good, I loved the intro section. "Lover Lay Down" was a very pleasant surprise, a light, delicate and beautiful song that needs to be played more often. "So much to say" is always a fun song, but this version just seemed so plain, with no anyone seen the bridge (probably because they opened with too much). "Grace is gone" is an amazing song, sweet and sad; one of my favorites. However tonight it just seemed to lack the emotion that first drew me to the song in concert last summer. Anyway, the highlight of the show was by far the performance of "Pig." This song is truly one of their best, and I'm very glad that I got to hear it in concert for the first time. The remainder of the show, "The space between", "big eyed fish", "bartender" and "two step" proved to be very disappointing. The set tonight was plagued by averageness, by the lack of that special magic that makes Dave Matthews concerts the wonderful experiences that they are. Perhaps this is what is known as the Glen Ballard effect. "Where are you going?" and "Ants" were the two encore songs. The former was another new song, but again, it was not immune to the lack of magic that had dulled the entire set up to this point. "Ants"... I've just heard it way too many times to get pumped for it. The sound wasn't great, and boys didn't seem as tight as they usually do, especially Leroi. I was excited that Butch was with them, but he too was affected by the averageness of the night. I can say that I had alot of fun, but I wonder if Dave and the boys are starting to sell out. I can only hope that this show is not indicative of a trend but rather of say, an "off night."
On stage :8:10 pm right off the bat Too Much it got me pumped .. next was Grey Street which was a great song .. dave got out the 12 string for it... next was If I Had It All this song was actully good ... then after this was I Did It this song is good but DMB should spread it out not play it continuous ... then came the new song You Never Know GREAT song ... I was suprised for the next one Crush I love this song so much , steffan kept playin with the bass like he was messin with us ...but I knew it was crush...After this was probaly my second favorite song of the night but its in a tie Drive In Drive Out Dave had funny lyrics to this " it feels that god has left us behind, oooh we dont have any worries we could just make up another god and have a funky tea party of our own" i dig it ... Carter is god for his drumming ... then came OSW with a very nice intro ..Roi was amazing in this song ...Lover Lay Down was next i was upset because my Kate wasnt with me shes aka Lovely Lady ..i thought that the show was gonna go at a more slow pace then outta no where SMTS it got the crowd in a jumpy mood... then Grace Is Gone very nice song ...PIG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH .. TSB was allight ... Big Eyed Fish was very nice and it went right into Bartender ... but then when silence came .... Dave and Boyd looked at each other and TWO STEP my all time favorite song I seriosly went NUTS i wanted to cry it was so great .... then came the encore Where Are You Going was first I really enjoy this song then to finish off this great night ... ANTS .... this show was amazing ...thanks for the night boys... see ya @ the tweeter Center