Dave Matthews Band
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller's
Ice Ice Baby (Solo)
Walk On Me
Family Tree
How It Should Be (Sha Sha)
Wasted and Ready
Harriet's Got a Song
In Other Words
Commerce, TX
No Reason

onstage 8:15pm
Donít Drink the Water *
Too Much *
#41 *
Crash Into Me * (Dixie Chicken)
Warehouse * (Stop Time Intro)
The Space Between *
Drive In Drive Out *
Jimi Thing *
Don't Burn The Pig *
Lover Lay Down *
What You Are *
What Would You Say *
Grace Is Gone *
So Right * -->
Ants Marching *
offstage 10:26pm
onstage 10:32pm
Where Are You Going *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:48pm

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Jake S.
Tonight's show was a very "radio" friendly show. Crash, Ants Marching, What would you say, and the Space Between were all played. Not to say that doesnt mean it wasnt a great show. The tour premier of Watchtower was worth the price of admission alone. A great way to end the show as well. I enjoyed Where Are You Going after listening to it the first tiem but I am not sure if it is a good encore song. Anyways DDTW was a cool opener and a surprising one as well. Warehouse and #41 were showstoppers as always. JImi thing was a awesome jam as usual. However my personal fave of the night was Drive In, Drive out. I personally hadnt heard it in concert for 4 years. I am just hoping Typical Situation returns to set lists for the first time since 2000. See u all this summer .
first off this was very very loud! extreamly loud, but it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. SO we start off with probably the most amazing opener, DDTW. wow everyone was pumped then too much got people even more crazy. #41 was really cool to hear for the first time live. Crash was nice to slow it down a bit. warehouse really cool, TSB same old same old. Carter is god. DIDO certanially showed that. JIMI THING was really aweosme. during Boyds first solo dave took his sunglasses and was going nuts like acting like a rapper it was so funy and so cool at the same time. PIG i loved hearing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LLD serious make out action in the section next to me. oh yeah compliments to the schicks with nothing but bras and ticght jeans on, you look good covered with sweat :-). WYA very nice. WWYS really got the crowd going. GIG i was suprised at how many people weresing this song. So right, very cool right into ants wich was the highlight. ants was so amazing. wow so much energy being traded between the audience and the memebers of the band. VERY LOUD ENCORE BREAK and into WAYG which i was the onlyone in my section to know thw words but thats cool. then watchtower, very very very nice i enjoyed the solos alot!!! Thanks for the great time boys. C U AT ALPINE VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tammy A.
Wow, GREAT show tonight, I think better than last night's cause Dave's voice was sooo much better. Highlights - breaking out lots of songs that haven't been played on this tour, including #41, Warehouse, Lover Lay Down and for the finale, WATCHTOWER. Dave was in a great mood tonight. Right after Drive In/Drive Out, a girl in front of me threw a stuffed Pig on stage. Dave looked at it for a minute, walked over to it, stared again, finally picked it up and laughed. He tried to give it to everyone in the band, and finally set it down behind a speaker. Next they played JIMI and Boyd was rocking out so hard, he lost his shades -they flew off his head. Dave picked them up and put them on and did a little dance around Boyd, it was hilarious. Then, later in thow show between songs, Dave spotted someone in the front row with a camera and actually *posed* for a picture. Man, if anyone has that, please post -it must have been really funny. Very much a radio show tonight, but with everyone dancing and singing and lots of energy from the band. only a few Lillywhite's and new songs -and compared to last nights show, this was like a greatest hits night. I think the best was, they had jammed out so much tonight and when they played Ants as the show closer, I was like, what could they possibly play for an encore? Then came Where are You Going - I really like it, seems to get better every time. Very unexpected Watchtower as the final song - lots of energy and I was so happy to hear it. The guys always give us so much in Chicago - can't wait for summer...
Bob J.
Real strong show. Dave was in better voice tonight, and had a lot more energy. And the rest of the guys were going nuts all night too. Leroi had a banner night, but evryone else had their chances too. But the real star was the setlist. Wow! Just one great song after another. And great jams on Jimi and DDTW andAnts and of course Watchtower. See y'all later this summer!
Neil T.
Well I cannot say anything about this show but these are most of my favorite songs and I am just soooo mad that I went the 1st night when I was trying to get tickets for the 2nd night since the tickets went on sale. I mean DDTW, Too Much, #41, Crash, Warehouse, Jimi Thing, WWYS, Grace Is Gone, Ants and Watchtower....How mouch more do you want....The only thing I like is that ive herd LIOG every show ive been to (3)
Pat K.
This was the best DMB show i have seen in a long time. The 26th show i was so fed up with Everyday music. Today just blew me a way. I thought it was a great show. The band was full or energy a long with the crowd. When Boyd lost his sun glasses on Jimi Thing and Dave picked the up and started jamming with them on just started the night. Or who could forget the flying pig on the stage which sparked the awesome Pig> Ants Marching was spectacular. And Watchtower was unexpected but who could not like it. Boyd's wawa pedal was in full effect and Butch Taylor entered in beautifully. Best Dave concert in a while and i give him lots of respect for workin s hard
[Name R.
WOW. Great mellow show to compliment last night's upbeat show. I won't go into every song but some HIGHLIGHTS were: #41 - First time hearing it in 5 shows and it was incredible. Jimi Thing - FAVORITE SONG OF THE NIGHT. During Boyd's first solo and Dave goes over and takes Boyd's glasses and put him on and starts doin some insane dancin. Coolest thing ever. Pig - Sounded better than at the Palace. Lover Lay Down - Was highly jammed out, had to go for at least 10 minutes. Ants - The boys were having a lot of fun, Stefan was amazing as always. Decent encore - WAYG, Watchtower - Boyd and Butch were rockin, good end to the show. Overall rating: 8.0
Brian G.
Holy Cow. I just got home from my fifth Dave Matthews Band show and my first Leroi Moore show. both of them made it the best concert i have ever been to. after last night's masterpiece, i thought it couldnt be beat, but tonight kicked the crap out of last night. last night was new songs, tonight was good old songs with lots of jams. lets run through it. I knew it was going to be a great night when i pulled into Allstate as Dave's tour bus did and i saw him enter the building. DDTW--nice long intro. TOO MUCH--i thought it would be the opener, but nice to hear. #41....yes!!! show picks up here. nice long solo session, but no everyday outro :( . CRASH--yuck. only lowpoint of the evening. crowd liked it though. WAREHOUSE--woo! SPACE BETWEEN: got it over early. i like the song though, but i was praying for not I did it. DIDO: YES!!!! make another tea party of my own! HIGHLIGHT #1: JIMI THING. holy cow. one of the best ones i have heard. really jammed out. during the first solo of boyd, dave ran up and grabbed boyd's sunglasses and put them on. it was awesome. i got a picture of it. JT was unbelievable. i dont think i have ever danced that hard in my life. Leroi was on fire. PIG: very sweet. i like Boyd's added violin that they are doing this tour. LOVER: great to hear. some girl was talking loud into her cell and asked if her friend could hear it in her cell and i replied "yeah, but we cant" haha. really jammed out. WHAT YOU ARE: my *new* favorite Everyday song. first repeat from last night and dave once again changed the lyrics at the end. it is phenomenal live. WWYS: got the crowd going with "mom its my birthday". nice jam. GIG: was thinking of abby and lisa during this one. very upset that a lot of people were sitting down though during this. whats up with that? SO RIGHT: another repeat. ANTS: great closer. expected. i heard carter do his intro and i knew it was going to be a great ending. WAYG: all i can say besides being a great song is that, Dave, you are a Superman and you have all the answers! HIGHLIGHT #2: WATCHTOWER I think DMB was trying to say thank you for the great weekend. i was shaking when i heard stefan's intro. i was so surprised they pulled it out for the first time this tour. great version with butch taking center stage. all in all, this was the better show of the 2 and the best out of 5 ive been to. the energy in chicago was unreal. security was real tight tonight b/c dave was upset with the amount of people on the floor last night. oh well. i gave the fonz a lizard....hope you liked it! Jimi thing, two step and watchtower really made this weekend even more special than it already was! See you all at Tinley Park. Rock on Boys!
Joe L.
OH MY GOD!! What a show dave and the boys put on for us tonight! Ben Kweller was a very good opener, he totally rocked out. Now, on to the set. The boys opened up with Don't Drink The Water. It was a pretty standard version, I don't really like it as an opener, I was hoping for BOWA... Then they launched into an energetic version of too much, Dave was had happy feet and Carter was all smiles. Next the boys launched into #41 which is always a great treat. It was a pretty standard version with a nice jam at the end. Next on the list was Crash, although this isn't one of my favorites it was a great performance, way better than i expected. The crowd went nuts when Dave busted out the "Dixie Chicken" lyric. At the end of the song Carter looked into the camera and pumped his fist, and said something like "Yeah, that's how you do it!" Next came Warehouse with stop-time and woos. This was a great song and really got the crowd going. They had a great jam at the end and there was alot of intensity. Then came the only real lowlight of the evening, The Space Between, although i don't mind the song too much it wasn't a particularly good version. But the boys managed to gain all the intensity back with a magnificent Drive in Drive out. Carter went insane and was pounding the drums like a madman. Then it happened...JIMI THING!! Probably the best version of Jimi Thing I have ever heard, it was unbelievable, even Dave got in on the jamming! During Boyd's solo his sunglasses fell off, and Dave picked them up, put them on, and began dancing like a fool. This song was sooo good, you should defenitly try and get this song on tape. Pig was next, which is a nice treat, first time i've ever seen it in concert, it's really good that they've brought it back into rotation because it is a beautiful song. Then there was another shocker, Lover Lay Down, which was absolutely gorgeous. Then it was more everday, with What You Are. The boys actually played very well on this one and there was a lot of intensity towards the end. What would you say really got the crowd going again, the lights in the arena really were cool. Grace is Gone was next, and most people in the section i was in were sitting down. I was a little pissed because it is such a great song and the boys played a great version, dave was full of emotion, you could see it all over his face. Another everday song followed, this time, So Right, it was pretty standard, nothing special. Then the ultimate highlight of the show was ANTS MARCHING. Carter was all smiles and they launched into the most energetic version i've ever heard, the drums were smashing, the saxaphone wailing and the violin was screaming. It was a great way to end the set. Then came the encore, first was Where are You going, which was nice but i would've preffered to hear it early in the set. Then the spotlight was on Stefan......WATCHTOWER!! First time played on the tour and it was well worth the wait, and excellent version to end an excellent show in chicago. The boys seemed to really be having fun, espicially carter. See you in august!
I don't even know where to start. This show tonight was probably the most amazing concert and DMB show I have ever seen, or even imagined seeing. The intensity of the band was outrageous. I have never seen so much energy in 5 guys as these band members performed. To start the night out Dave got the crowd of 20,000 pumped with DDTW. It was such a treat to see all different varieties of songs. Old time favorites like #41, Lover Lay Down, Crash were just among the few. I couldn't believe what I saw, when Dave played Ants and then had his encore with Watchtower. I don't think they have played those two songs in the same set in the last 3 years. Just in all it was an amazing show, and DMB just keeps getting better.
WOW! What an incredible show, by far the best I have been to. I'll mention all the highlights. Firstly, starting things off with DDTW was great, it really got the crowd into it. You could tell that Carter was into it too, he was going nuts on the drums and smiling during the whole song. That really set the tone for the rest of the show. LeRoi had a great solo on #41, which was a treat to hear. During the "Warehouse Woo", the entire band was smiling and feeding off the energy of the crowd. On Jimi Thing, Dave took Boyd's sunglasses and was dancing like a maniac. His dancing inspired everyone to go nuts during an incredible version of What Would You Say. And ending the show with Watchtower, left me speechless. During the entire show, you could just tell that the guys were having a lot of fun on stage. Overall, I give this show a 9.5/10.
Once Again Dave Matthews Band finds a way to amaze me once again. This by far was one of the best show's this year. DMB played a ton of old school songs (WWYS, Crash, Jimi) and only a couple new songs. A great mix by DMB. The atmosphere was like no other. Dave and the boys came out with a certain excitement. Dave especially talk-a-tive and dancing tonight. All of them just were into and digging it tonight. Lerio had a ton of jams. DDTW was an excellent opener. The concert was just amazing. words can't describe it. plus seeing dave in the parking lot after the show leaving on his tour bus and waving to me also helps a ton. DMB is on top of their game. Dave's voice?? Better than perfect. Dave Matthews Band is Awesome. see ya at Alpine Valley.
Matthew H.
Well, I dont think I can put a description of tonight's concert into words, it was that damn good!! I've been to about 9-10 shows overall, most in the past couple years, but it might be my favorite of all. The energy I felt was simply amazing. I have never seen Dave this comfortable onstage, and I LOVED the vibe he put out! The setlist was awesome, but the energy level in the arena was what made everything undescribable. Alright, I guess it's time for me to break it down to you, so here it goes... Opened it all up with DDTW, which I called before the show. It's a great opener, 'cuz it just gets the energy going right off the bat. Then jumped into Too Much. It was a good song, kept the crowd going, then into #41. Great tune, especially jamming live for 10+ minutes. Then Dave got all the girls wet when he started playing Crash. Lol. Very nice soothing song to keep things going. Then into Warehouse, which is awesome live. This was one of the songs I had wanted to hear tonight, and glad i did. Dave got the girls screaming again with Space Between. Good song again, nothing to write home about, but worth writing to nancies.org, obviously. :) So, then the next song, Drive In, Drive Out, caught my attention. I know this isn't played regularly, but the crowd really responded well with great energy, which i was a little surprised to see, since most people would consider it a "sit down" or bathroom break song. But it was great, Dave throwing in a few lines of his own, and of course his gibberish, which everyone has come to love, and always fun to listen to. And then from this point on, Dave brought the roof down!! He played Jimi Thing, which was a great 15+ minute jam, but from this you could see how much Dave was really into it tonight. I've never laughed this hard at a Dave concert before, when Boyd's sunglasses fell off while he was really getting into one of his solo's. So Dave picked up the sunglasses, put them on, and started dancin up a storm with his guitar like he was the sh*t!! HAHA, OH GOD, did that ever get the crowd going!! From that point on, he just kept topping himself song after song. Went into Pig, which was awesome live, I think first time I've heard it. And wow, Lover Lay Down! I love that song, and hearing it live just got me wishing i had a girlfriend so bad. :) Now into What You Are, which was good. I was shocked at the end of the song, when he threw in a line something like, 'you are on your knees now, pray, pray, pointing the barrel to your head.' Wow, he put so much emotion into tonight. So then WWYS, Grace is Gone, which was amazing, and then So Right. From that, he jumped right into Ants, and God, everybody was feeling the energy! Simply amazing! Encored with Where Are You Going, and Watchtower. Great combo. Just when you think Dave can't top himself, he throws something out and stuns you! Which is why I have come to LOVE that man. Carter was great, all smiles around for him tonight. Well, I think I've beat this whole story into a novel, so with that I'm done! Loved everything about tonight, thanx! See ya ~ (AIM sn: AntzMarching40)
Jason P.
Seriously, tonight's show was the most high level in musical energy ever. Some of personal favs from the show: #41 - Man, I almost crapped my pants when I heard this, being the first time it was played with just the band, and it was awesome. PIG - ah yes, the birthplace of last year's 'Pig Revolution' finally got its wish, that is after someone threw a stuffed pig on stage. SO RIGHT ---> ANTS - The site doesn't say this, but the band did it, So Right started off cool, band jammed a bit with it and then it cut right to Ants Marching, the people totally ate this up. WATCHTOWER - First one of the tour, awesome once again. Excellent jams by Boyd, LeRoi and even Butch in it. Seriously, tonight's list was one dreams are made of.
Collin Q.
Wow. What a great night. First of all, if your the type of fan who likes radio hits, this show was for you. If not, you probably didn't like the show too much then. Opening with "Don't Drink the Water" was good and I could hear it when Dave started strumming. He checked for the drop D tuning and I figured it out. "Too Much" was a good upbeat song to get us going and the return of "#41" was great. Nice jam and all. "Crash" was standard but the boys got us going again with "Warehouse" and the "Whoo's" with Stefan and Carter pumping their fists. One Dave threw on the baritone, I figured "Space Between" and it was great like always. "Drive In, Drive Out" was great and it got Dave's feet moving too. It was nice to hear "Jimi Thing" after almost a year and a half of not hearing live. Dave grabbed Boyd's shades and put them on during one of the jam parts and the crowd went nuts. "Pig" was amazing and just completed the night for me. No more teases, this song is back in full swing. "Lover Lay Down" was beautiful and LeRoi had a very nice solo in it. "What You Are" got us going again and was the first repeat between the 2 nights. "What Would You Say" was great as always with an amazing jam. "Grace is Gone" was beautiful and is one of my favorite songs. "So Right" marked the second repeat and yet again, Dave screwed up the words right off the bat. After the final riff, Carter cracked us into "Ants Marching" which tore the roof of the place. Amazing Boyd jam as well. I called the first encore "Where Are You Going" and was blown away by the closer. "All Along the Watchtower" made it first appearance of the tour with Stefan's bass grooves leading us into it. Boyd used his Wha-Wha pedal like he does in "Everyday" to top off his solo. All and all, I liked last nights setlist better, but tonight had more energy. Great job boys, see you at Deer Creek 2002!!!
Two words guys...ANTS MARCHING!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything quite like it. This show was absolutely fantastic. I've been to enough of Dave's shows to know something special when you see it and I hate to beat a dead horse, but the energy from the band and crowd on Ants, was???...well words just don't do justice. I thought two things during the song...One, the roof was going to blow off from the noise and two, my heart was going to stop beating if they stopped playing. This was unbelievable and I think many would agree with these sentiments. The crowd and band was just absolutely deafening! All in all, it was an incredible concert and worth every dime, dollar and deuchmark on the planet. Way to go guys...see you in August!
Eileen E.
WOW!!! I went last night and again tonight and for the 17th time, The Dave Matthews Band has amazed me. For the first time in all my shows they played Lover Lay Down, this was bay far the highlight of my night. I really like that fact that they played Pig and one of my new favs Where Are You Going...not to mention, EVERYTHING else. I really cant complain about anything from either night. GREAT openers both nights, great energy from the band as well as the audience and THANK you so much to the guys for not only coming back to the windy city, but showing us an AMAZING weekend like no one else could! See you at Alpine!!
Holy Sh*t!!!! That setlist was F*CKING AMAZING!!!!! Plus amazing seats on top of that!!! An INCREDIBLE Opener of Dont Drink The Water. And then the crowd just picked up EVEN MORE energy with too much. Then dave played #41!! That was AMAZING! Seriously. Just amazing. Incredible song. Then CRASH INTO ME. I cant believe they played it i was sooo happy. Such a f*cking good transition.I LOVE THAT SONG!! I WANT DAVE SOOO BAD!!! I started to cry!!! Warehouse, Space Betweem Drive in Drive Out,and Jimi Thing were awesome. During Jimi Thing dave took boyd's glasses and was fucking tweeking out!!!it was sooooo funny!!!!! he was pretending to be a rapper or some sh*t. Fucking Funny as hell!!! Then -----> LOVER LAY DOWN. OH MU F*CKING GOD!!!!! I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH DAVE!!! lol. That was .... i cant use a word fit to describe it. What you are, what would you say were both the sh*t. Grace is Gone and So Right were sooooo good. Encore was Where Are You Going and Watchtower were fucking incredible. You have no idea. Watchtower was a f*cking amazing way to end the show..wow.. thats all i have to say for the show....WOW......ILL SEE YOU GUYS AT ALPINE VALLEY!!!!
Ned I.
Well the band sounded great tonight, but I personally liked last nights show much better. Had a great time at both. I've only been to 4 DMB shows, probably because the tickets are a ripoff, but I still paid because they are a great band, and I really love their music. So now, after having a small amount of experience, let me just say that I can't stand about 85% of their fans.(I didn't say all) They do make them very rich, because they are very dedicated. Both nights, I couldn't find one empty seat. But I think that in the excitement and passion and dedication to the band, they've completely missed what's really going. They'll yell and scream at the top of their lungs, tonight I heard "DM is GOD", which is cool, but SHUT UP ALREADY!! I'm trying to hear the fuckin song. People yell so much, that you can't even hear what's going on. It's like when the Beatles played. And if you're saying that they're just into the music, then why is it, every time DM would stop singing, and the band would do some improv, conversations strike up all around. "Where are we going after this?" Did you see...? etc. etc. Yeah, real dedication. Why do you think Roger Waters built that fuckin wall in front of the audience when Floyd toured? People might say that the band wants everyone to yell throughout THE WHOLE SHOW. But I don't think so.. Anyway, how can the band tell the people that paid no less than $55 to see them, to shut the fuck up? They yell when he just pretends to walk toward the mike. He could probably walk around onstage all night, and everybody would cheer until 11:00.
Whoa! What can I say. Great show to see, Watchtower, Ants, WWYS, and Pig...PIG!!! Highlight of my night was being 15th row dancing with the opening band! But back to the show. The lights were amazing, it seemed that after every beat the lights would change colors. It was fantastic, ditched class to go and was glad to come, very very worth doing so next time as well. Keep up the jaming and enjoy Dave Matthews BAND, BAND as well. At one point pepole were shouting "We want Dave!" Not true fans, you need the band behind him, so this is a shout out for the other band members, you guys don't get noticed and praised as much as you should. Keep jammin'
the show was incredible. i read these reviews and i always think that i can sum in up in a few sentences, but its going to be rough. there was so much energy here it was amazing. highlights were #41 and lover lay down (finally i was there to hear it) and the jam they did with lover lay down was great. of course jimi thing. dave and bt, what a pair. the stuffed animal was funny. i dont know what was up with that. drive in drive out was a pleasant surprise. then during grace is gone, they jammed that out for a while while dave walked around the stage to the back to see everyone. that was sweet. i was hoping for ants and i got it and i was hoping for watchtower at the end. that was great. all the songs they played from everyday were my favs. it was soooo loud in that place from the fans. it was nuts. great stuff from the band tonight. i was looking at a review from someone about last nights show and it said he wished they had played jimi, crash, or what would you say and they played all of them tonight. makes you wonder who reads this stuff.....see you all in noblesville in 105 days.
WOW, by far the best show i have ever been to, at the begining i thought the croud was a little bit worse than last night, but the band changed that in a hurry! DDTW was a great opener,#41 was a unexpected and amazing, it was not a long verion however that is okay, opend up more time for others. crash was excelent, i could go on and on about every song but i wont. it was an amazing setlist, but more importantly, the energy of the band was unbelievable. when dave wore boyds glasses during jimi thing he went crazy and so did the croud, it was one of the highlights of the show. i agree with another post left about how the rest of the band does not get enough credit, i am constantly correcting people that say..."he" playd this, or dave this, and like he said, they chanted "we want dave", i dont know about all of you, but the rest of the band is unbelievable, yes dave is amazing, but please do not take the BAND out of Dave Matthews, carter, boyd, leroi and stefan are too good to take credit away from. ... so right into ants was soo good, carter had a huge smile on his face (as usual) he started ants the best way, with just the snare drum. and the energy in that building was intense. a vary long and vary loud encore break was well worth the wait, where are you going and WATCHTOWER!! i thought they were going to stop watchtower for a while to build up some hype, i did not expect it, but for some reason i knew it was comeing, and then the spotlight went on stefan and i went crazy, it was a great show and a great night, i feel so bad for all of my friends that went last night and not tonight, last night was great, but this was unreal. and also, butch you rock, when is initiation for him, huh???
I dont know a show they could do that would have more energy that tonights did and if anyone says otherwise about tonights performance they must have went def from how loud the crowd was...I went to both shows and at the first one noticed a great energy and a lot of crowd pleaser songs and a couple radio favs but this night had whatever was left it seemed starting off with DDTW which just started the crowd up from where the left off the night before...two highlights of the night was just before they played Jimi Thing this girl in the front somewhere threw a stuffed pig on stage, Dave walked over picked it up laughed shrugged his shoulders at the sound guy as if saying should we play it but the sound guy must have said after the next song or something cuz they played Jimi Thing, but second highlight was in the first solo Boyd must have been bobbing to fast cuz his glasses fell off and Dave just went down picked them up put them on and started acting like a wild crazy man on stage and then of course Ants Marching...the crowd went soo nuts durring this sound that the Allstate Arena crew should look into putting the bolts back on the ruff since the sound decibles had to have blown them to mars or further away yet it was just awsome I cant say anything bad about this concert cuz it just RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tonights show was MUCH better than last nights. highlights include ANTS & WATCHTOWER. on a side note some DMB fans scare me when they talk to themselves outloud, something like "dave is god, i want to eat his poo." strange, very strange.
Chris K.
I knew there wasn't a chance of them topping last night's performance, but tonight was still pretty sweet. Got off to a slow start for me because I am not a big "DDTW" or "TOO MUCH" fan, but "#41" was awesome. "WAREHOUSE" was cool to hear; I love that tune and then "CRASH" was a little bit of a surprise. PLayed nicely though and the place erupted. The boys played "JIMI THING" the best I have ever heard. Before Boyd's first solo, he gave Dave a pair of sunglasses and then went on a tear. At the height of this solo, when they were dueling, Dave just stopped playing and just threw his body every which way. He just totally spasmed out and just jammed to Boyd's tune. It was funny as hell. "PIG" was awesome to hear live, but not too many were excited for it. Bunch of us went nuts for it, though. "LLD" is a great concert tune and it was a nice chance of pace. "WHAT YOU ARE" was the first repeat of last night and I am real glad they played it again. That song is fantastic and I think the band knows it. It's awesome when Dave uses his precher voice at the end too; it has so much passion. The boys played "SO RIGHT" again, which I hoped they would do, and it was freaking awesome. I love that song so much and I am so glad they played it this weekend, especially as the opener yesterday. After So Right there was only a 1 second pause before Carter started the snare. It was really unexpected and I have never heard an arena that loud before. At the beginning of each song, usually the audience screams but then trails off, but on this "ANTS MARCHING" we were screaming for a solid two minututes, straight. I swear, I've never seen anything like it. They played that song out of their minds. Easily, without a doubt, best performed song I have ever seen live in 11 shows. Boyd was incredible, simply incredible. You knew "WAYG" was the first encore song, but I love that song so much. Played well. Then immediatley, Stefan kicks into the bass solo. FINALLY!!!!!! They bring "WATCHTOWER" to the table this tour. I've always loved this song and it kicked ass. Hell of a way to end the weekend. Truly an amazing weekend that began with "SO RIGHT" and left on a Dylan tune. Great once again in Chicago!
Ben S.
Great feeling in the crowd tonight. They hit Crash pretty hard to open the show Too Much, #41, and Crash Into Me. The band was done warming up when they got into Warehouse. The crowd could barely stand. One of the best highlights was Dave taking Boyd's sunglasses and dancing on stage. They act like kids up on stage and have no care in the world except for performing. Jimi Thing had a bit of everything too...crowd was singing, Boyd and Leroi took their turns to jam out the song and Dave even soloed out the end. PIG!!!! Who knows whether this was in the setlist or a spontaneous song but the stuffed animal pig thrown on stage could have helped?? Dave was sure what to do with it, but the crowd made it clear that this song should be brought back. It was a much fuller sounding performance with more of the band playing on it than on the album. This was the highlight for me!! Lover Lay Down surprisingly had a long jam at the end for such at slow song. Other highlights would have to be What You Are and So Right. While the Everyday album was completely downplayed in this show, these two songs fit perfectly. They were high energy and used the band more than on the album. Dave threw in an extra verse to end What You Are reminding us that his songs are still evolving for the band. The crowd has really warmed up to Grace also. The band filled this out and the fans were appreciative...no more sitting down and waiting for the next song like in years past. Ants finished off the set with a bang. Carter couldn't stop smiling the whole show and especially during this song. The crowd went ballistic to no end and Dave thanked us for it. Where Are You Going is a sweet song and seems like it could continue to change and grow. Stefan was probably dancing more than anyone the whole show and he finally got to show off on the intro to Watchtower. Dave led into the lyrics while Carter did the laughing...too cool here. Solo was great with Boyd using the Crybaby wah and Butch blasting out on the keyboards. Still a simply amazing band in terms of energy and crowd reaction. Check em out!
WOW ok where to begin? Tonights show BLEW last nights show out of the water. THis is my first review and my 15th show (a little slow i know). In terms of sheer energy I have never been to a better show. The band was live. The crowd was live and the band acknowledged the energy of the crowd in their music and their demeanor on stage. I have never been to a louder show. The band seemed to really be enjoying themselves on stage tonight dancing and laughing having a good time. AND they jammed everything tonight. on to the setlist DDTW-solid opener got the crowd going. TOO MUCH-fun oldie definitely a different beginning two song feel that last night. #41- YEAH BABY!!!! right when i heard the first chord i was thrown into old school heaven where i remained all night . So pumped they played this. CRASH- eh one of the two low points but you gotta get a beer sometime right? WAREHOUSE- right when the stop time started the place went nuts as did the band. TSB- I really dont know how you go from warehouse to TSB but they did it. Low point #2. DIDO- one of the best versions ive heard. Yes Carter is God. IVe never seen anyone with hands that moved that fast. Now interesting part of the show a pig was thrown on stage and Dave looked at it for a second and then started walking towards it as the crowd roared (deafening) he picked it up looked at and put it away talked to carter and the band for 1-2 min and then launched into....JIMI THING???!!! hell yeah great version long jams and this is where Dave did the infamous rapper booty dance when he put on Boyd's sunglasses - crowd loved it!!! (this was what i meant by the band having fun). Then Stefan started scratching his chin teasing us and they then played PIG -- I hadn't heard this song in 4 years i think and it was mind blowing. Such poetic lyrics. LLD- beautiful always love this song. WYA- now im not an Everyday fan but this song rocks live!!! maybe it was just the eneergy tonight but it was awesome. WWYS - pretty standard good jams good energy (energy is the word of the night) GIG---my fav lillywhite done to perfection ---gives me the chills everytime i hear this song live. SO RIGHT- another good ED song worked well tonight. ANTS- I don't think i can even put this song into words so i wont even try. UNFUC*INGBELIEVABLE. Just a special show so far. ENCORE: WAYG - love this song with the full band this song and YNK are great old school sounding dave. then....Stefan started with the spotlight and the excitement rose and we got the first Watchtower of the tour. Only three repeats from last night. This was old school jamming Dave even with ED songs and he put on a show....I rank it #1/15 for energy and environment....and 4/15 for set list....over all 2 or 3rd best EVER!!! I gotta wait all the way til Alpine now... DMB withdrawl is eminent.
Gary I.
WOW! what an unbelievable show Dave and the boys put on last night. I came all the way from Delaware to hear my favorite band and they did not disappoint. They rocked Chicago all night long. I have to say there are no fans like fans in Chicago. DDTW was an awesome opener and it was great.Too Much got everyone going and Dave was great. #41 was a song I had to hear and I did.Crash, warehouse, and Space Between rocked for everybody cause most people knew all the words.Drive In was good. I came all the way from Delaware to hear Jimi and I did and oh my god it was unreal.Dave put on these black sunglasses and went crazy it was awesome.Pig, lover lay down and what you are were nice. when a stuffed pig went on stage you knew it was coming. WWYS got everyone goin again and it was nice. GIG was nice and slow.So Right made everyone rock. Then Ants just blew the roof off the joint. Boyd went nuts for about a minute. It was great. Then the encore, Where are you going was good but not many people knew the words. Then as Stefan started an intro it could mean only one thing.Of course Dave saved the best for last, and the best song for what I can now call the best fans in the world, Chicago. All Aloooong the Watchtower rocked out Chicago. The first time all tour and I witnessed it. Crazy rendition and everybody was screaming what a song. Dave once again put on a great show and I couldnt have asked for more. DELAWARE ROCKS!!! WE LOVE DAVE!!
Justin B.
AMAZING! I will never see a better show than that as long as I live. Highlights: Boyd jamming to Jimi Thing so hard that his glasses fell off and Dave goes and picks them up, puts them on and does a boogie/surfing dance, I couldn't believe my eyes. Then Dave jams to Grace Is Gone all the way around the stage so that those behind the stage get to see him. So Right into Ants Marching, Carter banging on the snare drum while Dave changes guitars and what a Ants they played. Then I made the mistake of asking my brother, "how can they top that?" Dave then answered that with authority when busting out the best Watchtower I have ever heard or ever will hear. Other highlights were basicallly the rest of the set, Pig, Warehouse, Drive In Drive Out, and even What You Are and So Right were incredible. The energy at this show was unbelievable, the boys were having so much fun up there and I was having just as much fun from my seat in section 102. Thanks for the memories, this is one show I will never forget.
Eric P.
First off id like to mention that this was my 9th dmb show, and i would have to say it was also the best. ill tell you about the show, but ill have to brag upfront here, becasue i got to shake boyd's hand after the show. me and a few hundred others were waiting by the busses, and boyd walked right on out, shook some hands and said hello. it was a perfect ending to a perfect show. now on to it. the crowd tonight was more energetic than ive ever seen a dmb crowd to be. just look at the setlist. DDTW, Too Much, great to open with. i got to see the original set list for tonights show and #41 was orginally going to be You Never Know, and Watchtower was going to be Trippin Billies, Dave must have decided to switch it up a little once the show got going, and for one i was down with the changes. #41 was absolutly beautiful, and then Crash gave me some of the biggest chills I've ever had a a show, i think it was because dave's voice is totally back, and he wanted to prove it to us. TSB, DIDO was great, and then came jimi thing, where dave put on his blues sunglasses and danced all over the stage, it was so tight. great solo from boyd. Then, the one song i was waiting for, Pig. 9 shows, and ive never seen this live, and it being one of my favorite songs, well lets just say those first two chords made my heart stop and it didnt start beating again till the chorus. Amazing! And then Lover Lay Down? I couldnt belive it, this show just kept getting better, beautiful jam from Roi. What you Are, the best version of this song ive ever heard. Not only did it have a kick ass intro, but he sang the end of it in a total blues style that kicked my ass. Oh by the way, Dave's voice is back, big time. WWYS, Grace, So Right, all beautiful and energetic, and then carter just starts hittin that snare. You could have just played the red-rocks version in the arena, becasue this version was just as energetic if not more. The crowd was going nuts, and we didnt stop screaming till they came back out 5 mins later. WAYG is beautiful and perfect as a first song opener. The orginal set said trippin billies to close, but instead they play watchtower for the first time this tour, and it was the most enrgetic watchtower ive ever heard. no slow jam part, it went boyd, Roi, Butch, with dave dancing all over the place. A perfect ending to a perfect show. Not one bad song was played the entire night, and meeting boyd after the show just topped everything off.
James B.
wow. i have never been blown away by a show as much as tonight. dont drink the water was so full of energy and got the whole crowd on their toes- perfect opener. the rest of the show was just like that- full of energy. everyone in the crowd was grooving along with the band. the setlist was five star. amazing show. actually, of the four dave concerts i have been to, this one tops them all. the band played like their lives depended on it, and ive never seen dave interact with the crowd so much. truly a night to remember.
Pretty decent show--played a lot of popular stuff though. I was actually pretty surprised because I was expecting to hear some new songs but there were only two songs that were after Everyday. They opened with Don't Drink the Water which has never been a favorite of mine but I don't hate the song either. I just didn't like it for an opener because I like hearing something upbeat to open a show. Next was Too Much which I have heard at every Dave show I've ever been to but it's just as awesome every time. Then Dave played #41 which was just amazing. That had to be one of my favorite songs from the concert. Next was Crash into me, same with Don't Drink the Water, I don't mind the song but it's not a favorite either. Then they played my all time favorite Dave song, Warehouse. That was the highlight of the show for me, although the adding of the woo's in the stop time intro kind of bugged me. I know everyone should go crazy for this song, it's just I thought it made the song sound lame. Next Dave played The Space Between which actually sounded really nice. I wasn't expecting it to but it had a different sound to it and I liked it a lot better. Next was Drive in Drive out which was AWESOME, probably my second favorite of the evening. Then came Jimi thing which was the longest version I have ever heard, I dunno, must have been all the pot smoke in the air or something. It was a great tune as always though. Then Dave played Pig which was awesome because I had always wanted to hear that song live. The song just seemed to give out a good feeling all around the audience. Next was Lover Lay Down, which to be honest I missed the beginning of the song but it was a nice song to sit and chill to. Then the band played What you Are which surprised me because I didn't expect them to play that at all. I really didn't care to hear any songs off Everyday but the songs that they picked were probably the best ones they could have picked. Next was What would you say which has never been a favorite of mine but in concert I *Love* it. Great energy from the crowd on that one. Next came Grace is Gone one of the two newer songs they played. I love that song and I was surprised how many people knew all the words. So I thought that was awesome the way everyone sang along. To end the concert they played So Right into Ants Marching which was awesome. I don't know what it was but the energy from the crowd AND the band was so high during Ants Marching. I know that song used to be their big closer but this had to be one of the best versions ever done. For encore the band played their new song Where are you going which was pretty but I agree with what I read in another review, it's not a good encore song. Ending with Watchtower was AWESOME! I was so excited to hear that song. It is my favorite Dave song to end a concert. The song always sounds different in every version that Dave does so it's like hearing it for the first time every time. All in all it was a great show, my seats could have been better for it being so expensive but they played some great songs and everyone seemed to have a great time. P.S. Carter is AMAZING!!!!!
Matt B.
This showed kicked ass! High energy from the crowd and the band, thee best DMB concert that I've attended by far. #41, Too Much, WWYS, Jimi Thing all had kick ass jams to them. Crash into Me, Lover Lay Down mellowed the crowd in between the jammin. During a jam..Dave took Boyds glasses threw them on, and started dancing all crazy, the crowd went insane. Last song before the encore was Ants..unreal, about a 10 min version, just blew us away! Ended the show with Watchtower..great show..great venue, definatly worth the $46.50 and $11 for parking ha! Thanks Boys!
Wow, DMB concerts just do not get any bettr than the 4/27 concert. It was absolutely amazing and a perfect blend of old stuff and new stuff. My friend and I were so impressed with Dave's energy and enthusiasm, and it definitely got the crowd pumped up. Just the fact that he played songs like Pig, Love Lay Down, and others which we didn't expect to be played made the concert awesome. It was the best night of my life and for all of the people that went to the 4/26 show....sucks for you cause you missed out on the best show ever!!
Joe K.
First off great all round concert. Crowd much better second night. Was somewhat of a radio friendly concert. At least they didnt play IDI and Space Between in the same set. DDTW-standard opener and it got the audience pumped. #41 Definitely one of the highlights. DIDO- great concert song good version. Dont burn the pig- been waitin a while to hear that. Great great song. Jimi Thing-jammed out. Grace is gone-So Right-to Ants was a definitely a good close to the setlist. And the encore speaks for itself...we knew watchtower would be busted out sooner or later. Great show even if it was somewhat radio friendly.
Glenn S.
First I want to say thank you to Bo and the Warehouse for the front row upgrade for me and my girlfriend and also, thank you to the camera guy who handed me the setlist after the show. Here are the higlights: #41 - this song was lists as YNK on the setlist, but I didn't know that until after the show. I think Dave forgot the words because a member of the crew came out and taped something to stage that Dave read for about 30 seconds before the song. Definitely one of the higlights. He is slowly but surely getting his voice back on the high notes. Jimi Thing - as soon as Boyd went into his solo his glasses came flying off. Dave picked them up and went crazy with this little dance. I really hope someone got that on tape. Pig - someone tossed a stuffed pig on stage before Jimi Thing and I could hear them debating whether to do it then or wait until the time they had it on the setlist. Either way it was great. Dave just stared at the girl who threw the pig with a little smirk on his face. So Right - Dave totally screwed up the first verse and he knew it. He looked down at everyone and just started to chuckle. He did the same thing on LIOG the previous night. Watchtower - this was listed as Tripping Billies on the set list but I was so glad they changed it. This was the highlight of the night. No one wanted it to end. Overall, best show out of the nine I have seen.
Holy shit is all i have to say! I didnt go to friday nights show...and im so glad that i didnt! I heard that last nights show was ten times better. Considering i didnt get to hear the opening act...im sure it was pretty good! DDTW was a surprising opening..but was extremely awesome! Two Much: too cool! #41: One of the best in the show..im so glad they played it!Other highlights of the night included: Warehouse, Jimi Thing (with the sunglasses, lol, that was the funniest thing in the world), WWYS, GIG, Ants marching, and the great ending of WATCHTOWER! I was so happy to see the band getting so into the concert..it was so amazing! I will defintely never forget this night! Thanks for the show DMB! See ya all in August! -mel
Jeff D.
WOW...The first night at Allstate was pretty good, but tonight blew yesterday away. Dave was really into it tonight, lots of Dave-dancing. They opened with DDTW, not too surprising when Leroi came out with the bari, then he kept it out for TOO MUCH...fun song, seems to get Dave going. Wasn't excpecting #41 or CRASH...but definitely happy to hear both of them. WAREHOUSE!!! I was especially excited about this one. This was my third show, and at the 2 previous ones they played no UTTAD songs...what a way to end the drought with my favorite song from that album! SPACE BETWEEN, who wasn't expecting this? DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT, gotta love the energy in this one. JIMI THING, i was pumped when i heard this one begin. I LOVE the way Boyd gets into this one, so much so that his sunglasses fell off during his first solo. Dave being the nice guy that he is picks them up and puts them on and starts doing this goofy dance while Boyd jams away. PIG, really glad to hear this awesome song, as Im sure a few thousand other people were. LOVER LAY DOWN, caught me off guard, but truly a beautiful song carrying on the trend of great UTTAD tunes. WHAT YOU ARE, another one with tons of energy, love the fist pumping by Dave on that new last verse. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, Another classic, I felt spoiled, but totally enjoyed it. GRACE IS GONE, lot's of voices from the crown singing this one, which surprised me for a lillywhite cut. SO RIGHT, I think this is my favorite ED song to hear live, it's got a cool little jam at the end. ANTS MARCHING, Carter is such a badass, don't know if I'd like DMB nearly as much without him. Excellent way to end the set. WAYG, knew it was coming here...while I was enjoying it I was trying to figure out what was gonna be the closer. Stefan answered my wondering when he started up WATCHTOWER, evidence that Dave's voice is all right. First time this tour for this one, everyone seemed to be getting into it. I really like Butch's solo in this, he's amazing. Wrapped up an energy packed night not only from all the band members but the crowd as well. Kudos guys...Im looking forward to Ames
Ok let me just start off by saying wow. What more could you ask for? well there are a few things. first off i just want to inform people when you attend a Dave Matthews band show you don't sit. i don't care if you don't have any legs find a way. i think the atmosphere last night of the people areound me was so much better. but tonight easily had one of the best set list for a concerts i attended. the second thing if you go with a buddy of yours and he pre-gamed to much (1/5 of captain and a few beers) don't let him go to the bathroom alone or he will get lost on the way back. my friend disappeared during #41 and i didn't find him till i personally got up during space between to find him. besides that this was a great concert he played all i could have asked for: #41, ddtw, too much, space between, AATWT, Grace is gone (My favorite),warehouse, Antz, what you are, where are you going (no one but me was sing this, people are gonna go nutz in a few weeks over this), SMTS, and ... ok i am spent i can't remember any more, but my god, i am going to definatly download this one today. "Peace i'm outta here"
Kevin K.
What a night1!!! First off, I met the lead singer of the Detriot band Flatline, man, I'd love to see them tour with DMB, keep an eye out for them.Last nights show started out slowly. It started out as Radio Night, much to the joy of all the drunken 40 year old parents, trying to ruin the show for me, because they found out about the warehouse, and use it for better tickets. But, then the show ended with one of the best setlists I have witnessed. DDTW- Predictable opener, good, but I was hoping not to hear it as I have seen it as an opener twice already. Too Much- Pretty funky, all "fuck it ups", nice.. #41- a shorter version than usual with a short jam at the end, a little lacking. Crash- Mom and Dad's favorite. Is a nice song, but reminds me of how commercial DMB has become, and stings. Warehouse- Pretty solid version. The Space Between- RADIO NIGHT!!!!, but still lovely. DIDO- was the beginning of the turning point in the night. Jimi Thing- In the middle of one of Boyd's solos as his glasses fell of his face, Dave quit playing guitar, picked then up, put them on and started dancing hardcore, with a badass look on his face. At this moment, I knew it was ON!! Don't Burn The Pig- Nice to finally hear live, glad it was resurrected. Lover Lay Down- smooth as silk. What You Are- Oh Hell Yeah! This song had developed into one amazing live song, with Dave changing lyrics throwing in a little, "you know you are fucked up, that's what you are"...such an amazing momentum builder. WWYS- always a jam. Grace is Gone- first "new" song of the night, surprised by this, but it was good as always. So Right- Such an amazing live song,unbelievable. Played into Ants Marching- The jam of all jam, nearly torn the roof off of all state when Leroi solo came around. WAYG- Great to hear live, can't wait for "Busted Stuff". Watchtower- As always an amazing way to end a set. Overall- great show! I'd just like to add Ben Kweller threw it down as the opener, even though the all the 40 year old drunks around me were talking shit about him. They should have been tending to thier young anyway. Until we meet again...
This show was awesome!! wow, dave really pumped the crowd up by starting with SO RIght, first time all Spring 2002, came back with some classics, Granny,,, but screw the everyday songs,, i wouldve much rather heard some Ants or some Sattelite, but whatever, Dave is god, and Tinsley was incredible on violin, Carter is god!
Mike N.
Alright Ya'll this show was absolutely positively F&*%ING incredible...I don't think I have seen a setlist or a show like this in many many years...Starting with A fat-ass DDTW, never thought I would get that as the opener but I did...Then comes TOO MUCH, very nicely played thanks to Mr. Boyd!!! Ok then they break into 41, which I was def not expecting, but wholly shit it was nice...I'll skip crash just because but next up is Warehouse..Once they busted into WH I sware I knew it was gonna be a "good old" dmb night...And it was definitely that...Ok then space groovy but a little slow for this beginning...Not for long though cuz then they rocked out Drive which I absolutely love....But here comes my highlight, It was Jimi Thing and right when Boyd started his solo he lost his shades dave ran over and grabbed them threw em on and started runnin around Boyd dancing, I laughed my ass off and couldn't believe it...then Dont burn the pig, my god I knew they were givin me a heart attack....I had seats behind the stage which were actually fabulous seats and during GIG dave played to everyone behind the stage....Thanks Dave!!! Onto So right then Ants with like a 20 count on the snare from carter....Really Cool!!! Then the encore Wayg sweet and soundin better everytime...But then for the 1st time this tour watchtower was awesome, butch put some weird but cool soundin electric layer into the jam portion before the last verse....This show rocked and it was so good to see the band so hyped....Thanks again Boys.....Peace love and Dmb~Mike
Oh my god!!! The drive from St. Louis was more than worth it. After looking at all the setlists for each show, I never could have imagined a setlist like this. It was simply amazing. The show was filled with so many powerful and energized songs. The boys were unstoppable. Dave had the usual great voice. Boyd was on fire on the violin (loved the wah pedal). Leroi had some great solos that were extremely funky. Stefan was having a ball jumpin around, then a perfect intro to watchtower. Carter, do i even have to say anything? It was such a great show. The place was so loud and we loved every minute of it. This was the best night of my life in the last year. Thanks guys. And gotta give a special thanks to my buddy Sarah. Thank you so much.
Ryan S.
Well, I guess I have now lived. My dmb cherry is popped, and it was more like erupted. And that is what the boys did, erupt. First off, Ben Kweller was pretty good. But the boys were outstanding. First with DDTW, it was awesome. Really got the crowd into it. Second Too Much kicked ass. Roi was really into every song wildly tonight-so was Boyd. Third was #41 and it was great at 10+ minutes. Carter laughed and rocked out all night. Then Crash Into Me slowed the crowd down some, but was great with the Dixie Chicken outro. Then Stop-Time Warehouse. Unbelievable-I really loved the "Woo"'s too. Stefan and Carter pumped their fists at the crowd and everyone was wild. Really a highlight if the night. The Space Between was fairly standard but this song is almost alright in my book. DIDO was awesome with Dave throwing in some new lyrics-I couldn't tell what they were. Jimi Thing was definitely a highlight. Boyd jammed like nothing on this one. At one point he jammed so hard that his glasses fell off and Dave put them on and danced arounf him-funny. Pig was so awesome I about soiled myself. I wanted to see this soooo bad. It was great. LLD was another great slow-down-the crowd song. It was beautiful. What You Are was fairly good, with some new lyrics about putting a gun to your head-interesting. WWYS was the hugest and coolest jam, while in itself awesome. Boyd rocked again on this one. GIG is great. The "one more drink" line really rocked the crowd. So Right was all right although the lyrics were screwed. Ants Marching was so incredible that I did soil myself. Carter is so awesome and he was definitely that through this one. People chanted "We want Dave" after the closer and it sort of made me mad, because there are five people and it is a band, but whatever. Where Are You Going was good, but I don't know about it as an encore. But Watchtower!!!!! This was the first on this tour and what a way to end an unbelievable night with my best friends and the greatest band ever. This was such a good song! Stefan really was awesome in the intro. This night was amazing and I cannot wait until the next time. Thanks to the Dave Matthews Band for a great night.
Rachel D.
Unbelievable... After my 18th show, I figured it was time to express my opinion of the performance, especially after a night like tonight. I have to say this was the best DMB shows I have seen in years. This one was for the fans, they played with all their heart and spirit. All of the new songs that have been played lately have been fabulous, but it is always amazing to get a show that showcases the classics. My one prediction and hope came true with the main set ending with ANTS and the appearance of WATCHTOWER to culminate the show. I flipped out and screamed louder than I have in a very long time. This was an absolutely incredible performance by the entire band. #41 was spectacular, my one suggestion would be to bring back the fade into EVERYDAY at the end. Otherwise this song was perfection. CRASH is always extra special with the Dixie chicken verse. The new songs played are ones with real character and have definitely gained support of the crowds, especially GRACE, incredible words and incredible sound. They were having such fun and it came through in their performance, LOUD and clear for certain. I am so pumped for my 19th show, August can't come soon enough.
This show was tops! I have seen SO many concerts over the years, and I have never seen a crowd so pumped and involved in a show! It was amazing. The setlist beat out any others Ive seen thus far....and they played 3 of the 4 I wanted to hear; Warehouse, Pig, #41!! Yes, my first #41 and it was wonderful. No Two Step this time around, but cant expect everything eh! Got to shake hands with Boyd after the show....what a grip! Also took some pics and got an autograph. He was extremely friendly with the small crowd all dying to touch him. Funny thing happened too....my brother was shaking his hand and let go before Boyd did, and then his (my brothers)hand flew back and hit some girl in the forehead. Boyd felt so bad, he began kissing this girl's forehead a bunch of times. It was so sweet. Gotta love these guys eh? ANTS was totally nuts. The arena was so incredibly loud, and everyone was singing the words. Carter could be seen laughing many times. And Dave's little rap dance with Boyd's glasses was funny as hell. They were having a great time up there, and the audience just kept 'em going! LLD was quite a sweet surprise, and GIG was obviously becoming more familiar to people. The WATCHTOWER closing cant even be described! Dave's voice was low, loud, and extremely intense...wow. I couldnt believe it. The volumn was incredible! Greatest show on ever.....see you at Alpine!
Where to start? What an amazing show the boys put on last night! The setlist was amazing, and the guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Whenever Carter came onto the jumbotron, he had a smile on his face. My only hope for the night was that they would play my favorite tune, "#41", and when the first few notes started, I couldn't have been happier. Very few Everyday songs were played, which I was glad about. I enjoyed the new one though, "Where are You Going". And of course, there were all the radio friendlies...Crash, Don't Drink the Water (nice opener!), and the Space Between. Other highlights for me included Jimi Thing (excellent jam during this one), and Grace is Gone. Not enough good things to be said about the show...simply amazing! See you all at Alpine!
BIll R.
Man o man.. That was Fun.. the people the last two night at all state showed me that we can all live in a small area and have a good time( for a couple of hours) the show was very Q101y, but was still amazing, the band looked very close and looked like they were having a good time, but daves voice is hurtin big time, he needs to take it easy.. but by far one of the better dave shows i have seen. another thing Stefan looked Like he was Jammin abit to much before the concert, but who cares, they played good, ALL STATE NEEDS TO SELL BEER PAST 9:30 that was terrible. they cut us off at 9:30.. dont they know its DMB,
After my first ever dmb show I thought I would never return, saw it, done it, however it is now my sixth time seeing dmb live and they have always kept me coming back for more, and this last show was no different. Although I would have prefered the prior night's set list, this one was solid, start to finish! The bands songs were crisp, loud, tight, and energetic. The crowd was the best yet, and dmb was the most energetic I have yet to see. Pig was great and GIG is such a sweet song, in addition, the best possible ANTS I have ever heard live. Dave's dancing brought the laughter and his words such inspiration, even though no one knows what is ever said. In, all I have 2 more later this summer and I look forward to it. DMB has proved once again why they are the top dog, and they stand waiting, unchallenged to be knocked from that spot. Great show, lost of UTAB and acoustic guitar which is a plus, I just wish some fool wouldn't have hit my car. DMB still remains the BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND!!!!
I get tired of people bum rapping shows as "radio shows" because they play songs like DDTW & Crash. We need more songs about Native Americans and sex, it is just that simple. Anyway, DDTW was great, I dig it when Dave gets all crazy at the end. #41 was a very welcomed suprise, I thought the show couldn't keep going up, but was wrong. Crash is good, but Crash with Dixie Chicken is great. Warehouse was awesome. DIDO and Jimi blew me away. The words of Pig are so inspirational & really get me thinking everytime I hear them. Don't burn the day, says it all. Grace was beautiful. After hearing Ants at alot of shows & not wanting to hear it for awhile, I was back looking forward to hearing it & was not disappointed, excellent version. Certain songs are always on my wish list no matter how far fetched, and since they hadn't played Watchtower since last July, I thought it was pretty far fetched. I was knocked out & amazed by it. I would have to give this show an A. The post show slipping on the wet stairs & having my friends threatened with jail if they didn't go to a the farthest hospital from the Horizon for bruises was drag, especially since we were staying at the Raddison but the show was GREAT!
John F.
Well tonight was the best show i have heard since 12-4-00. The band was simply great tonight with the opener of DDTW until the surprising first Watchtower of the year(Butch added a nice piano solo, which hasn't been played since last year). The closing Watchtower was so much better than U2's version, U2 f*cking sucks!!! When the band busted out Jimi Thing i started making out with the guy next to me, and then he pushed me away. Dave had a nice solo, i havnt seen him that into a song since the winter 98 tour. The rest of the set was really good with a surprising #41, which i love to just sit back and chill to when im hiiiiiiigh. Lover Lay Down was also a very nice surprise i almost busted a load. The everyday songs that were played were jammed out very nicely, Dave added some new lyrics to What You Are. The highlight of the night for me was when they segued So Right right into Ants. Carter was smiling the whole time, especially when he went nuts at about 4 and a half minutes and he was looking right at me. Then Ants was totally amazing when Boyd was going absolutely nuts during his solo. I thoguht he was gonna drop his bow he was going so fast(that would have sucked a fat one). Overall it was the best show i have ever heard, and it once again shows me that DAVE IS GOD!!!!
i am young so this was only my 2nd concert but i know this was a great one. here are my highlights: dont drink the water- incedible to open with and hd some cool clips on the jumbotron! #41 -i couldn't blieve it only the 2nd time he played it this tour so i went crazy- crash- always pleasant to hear- warehouse was icredible i called it before he even startd becausehe hit like two of the cords, it was great! alot of ther greats were played jimi, lover ld, and for pig some guy through up a pig stuffed animal- ants predictable but good- watchtower amazing! first tme this tour so i went crazy- i had great time knew all t words to everysong and danced like crazy
Kim F.
Out of 23 shows, this was the best show I've ever seen. I enjoy the Everyday album, but I'm more of an "Old School" DMB fan. Like I said, I have seen 23 shows and this one was the best yet. Actually, they get better each and every show, but I was pleased that the band played mostly the not forgotten hits. It brought back many memories from past shows for me and others. Looking around, the energy of the crowd was phenominal. I have no complaints (never do!). Just when you thought it was about to be over, Dave and the boys kept on playing. Ben Kweller was a great band, as well. I wasn't too sure about the Ice Ice baby thing, but everything else was great. It's great to be a fan. Every show keeps getting better and better. I have 4 more shows to attend this summer, and I can't wait!
Tommy L.
I did't know what my expectations were going to the show after the first night at allstate. Butch played yet another sick show. I don't know why they put an asterisk for when he is on the keyboards, they should put an asterisk for when he's NOT on the keyboards. I'm sick of thinking maybe it's another special guest, then scrolling down to find out it's butch...i think everyone knows that he plays with them by now. Anyway, opening with DDTW was kinda not surprising, but it still helped start out the show with hype. Crash waas a pretty big surprise on the other hand. He hasn't played it too much this tour and it felt good to hear it live again. Warehouse and drive in drive out felt good to hear too. It helped the jumping factor in me. Then, jimi thing was completely crazy. Boyd was jamming out so hard that his glasses fell off, so dave pick them up and put them on and started completely going off; dancing around the stage. It was the funniest thing i've ever seen him do. Also, i forget what song it was after, maybe 41, but someone threw a stuffed-animal up on stage and dave picked it up and kinda just walked around stage with it. So, it was pretty funny to see dave walking around stage with a fairly-big-sized animal. Pig was sweet too, but he didn't burn the pig, but still way fun to hear. The rest was way good until the encore. I think i actually came my pants when i started to hear the watchtower intro. I was completely OFF THE HOOK. boyd and butch went completely off. anyway, the show was completely sick, i just don't know which show i liked more overall.
The Allstate shows were my 24th and 25th DMB shows respectively, and they were definitely among the best shows of my DMB "career". It was a great weekend, especially since we found okay tix for the 2nd show despite being 4th years who got declined... (okay, so i'm still bitter). anyway, i thought the boys were in prime form, especially taking into consideration dave's recent illness. from the 5th row on the 26th, i was able to see dave nursing what was likely tea in an insulated mug. carter was in rare form on both nights as well! i don't think in any of my 23 shows prior to this weekend i ever witnessed carter go quite so insane on his kit. we got dave saying "carter beauford on the drums" numerous times friday and saturday, cuz the man was on fire. he truly has got to be one of the best drummers out there. another note, anyone know what's the deal with stefan's lizzards?? they are all gone! this is an enormously sad thing, b/c we had become accustomed to getting daryl the security guy to deliver our lizzards to stefan's speakers... oh well, it was fun while it lasted. something i realized this weekend- i figured out why i like the older stuff so much better. you can dance to it! try dancing to the everyday stuff... it just doesn't work as well as dancing to two step or smts or that kinda stuff... i was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the songs played between the 2 nights. this is why you go to all nights at a venue kids... you get the best overall set when you're there each night. unfortunately, allstate doesn't have the greatest acoustics, depending on where you're seats were. all in all, a great weekend. it was great to finally hear pig, especially after my sister encouraged the resurgence - i truly believe her 300 PIG signs at soldier field last year ignited the renewed willingness to play this song for us! also, dmb loves chicago. that's why we were the first to get watchtower this year. :) oh, one last thing, kids, being drunk and high and STUPID is no way to enjoy a concert or to make older fans accept you as "real" dmb fans. that kind of behavior is just NOT COOL. that is all! see ya'll at deer creek!
After seein Tuesdays Auburn Hills show and Fridays Allstate show Saturday night was amazing to me. It was only my fifth show but I've never even HEARD of my DMB putting on a concert like that. I thought my heart was going to explode when I had to leave. DDTW was an amazing start...sooo full of energy it was like it was being injected into me from onstage. For the second time in the week I got to hear PIG which has got to be my fav song now....beutiful. Daves dance with Boyds sunglasses was definetaly a highlight of the night...it kicked in some humor. Lover Lay Down was a suprise, and a nice one at that. I loved hearing all of the older songs. All in all an AWESOME show. Nothing but love....only 106 more days till my next show...check ya'll in Noblesville. Untl then: "Dont burn the day". XOXO
Ashley A.
Well, what would you say? The band was on FIRE! This being my eighth show, it definitely was the best I've seen. There were tons of surprises. First off, I had never heard Crash before and I was not expecting it at all, a totally wonderful surprise. Warehouse, Jimi, Pig, and Lover...was totally not expecting it at all!! I really dig the new song Where Are You Going, very nice. So Right right into Ants was unbelievable. Dave was so funny with his moves on stage, and the glasses...it was TOO MUCH!! I don't know, it's been almost a week since the show and I am still on such a high. I am so thankful for these guys, they give to music what gas gives to a car. Everytime I see a show, it's just such an amazing feeling, an amazing gift that they give us. Aaaaahhh!!! I just can't wait to follow the boys this summer. And for everyone at All-State 4/26-4/27....WOW...we are lucky, IT WAS AMAZING!!!
I'M JOHN FETT, I LOVE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, you may say that I a'm obssessed with them, but i a'm not ashamed of wanting to do dave in the booty. I mean the concert tongiht was so out of this world and dave looked soooooo sexy. I'm not ashamed of my homosexuality. Anyways onto the concert, i have never been to a concert that has been like this ever and i a'm just honored to even be in tha same building with so many dmb fans. You have to hear this concert because i cannot explain it in a few short words. I love dave i love men and i HATE U2!!! DMB 4 EVA!!!
This is the best DMB show I have ever been to. I've been to a bunch back home (I attend school in Illinois and AllState was the closest arena to see him there), and I can't imagine any show being better. I have previously attended the hail show @ Giants Stadium last summer, but the energy at rosemont was incredible. It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget.