Dave Matthews Band
Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Yerba Buena

Donít Drink the Water *
If I Had It All *
When The World Ends *
Raven *
Lover Lay Down *
Busted Stuff *
So Much To Say *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Where Are You Going *
Help Myself *
Too Much *
Grace Is Gone *
Bartender *
What Would You Say *
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away (Dock of the Bay)
The Space Between *
I Did It *
* Butch Taylor on keys

Hoolie T.
DMB faced a challenge this evening in attempting to cater to a college crowd at Penn State and at the same time trying to push their new album with a mix of new songs and tried and true radio hits. Long jammed classics of yore gave way to short economic singles with minimal soloing and improvisation. Overall the setlist did have a few gems... the show started with a bang with Don't Drink the Water, we were treated to the first live performance of Help Yourself, and were on hand for the second coming of Don't Burn the Pig. Lover Lay down was a nice suprise as well. Of the new songs, Where are you going brought back memories of crash, and will likely appeal to fans of that song, and the newly refined raven was exciting. Overal Too Much and Space Between were energetic highlights, and Grace is Gone provided the lighter swinging ballad of the evening, but Dave left the entire crowd with a bitter taste after the encore by leaving us all with I Did It. Almost everyone i passed on the way out was mocking the tune and exclaiming how it ruined the night. DMB needs to realize that the final emotion they leave with the crowd is the main thing they take from the show.(i.e. Watchtower, 2Step... WE WANT OUR JAM!)
Spencer S.
I thought this was a great show overall, not quite as good as last year's amazing performance here at the BJC, though. Stefan jammed the whole night, and Dave danced more than I've ever seen him do. It started off huge with "Don't Drink the Water," and boy, did they rock that song. The crowd seemed a little dry at times, especially during the Everyday part of the set. At points I felt like I was the only person in my section that new any song not on the Crash album. "Lover Lay Down" was a crowd favorite, but I felt that the best song of the night could very well have been "Don't Burn the Pig." "Bartender" was mind-blowing tonight, and I about blew out my voice screaming for "Busted Stuff." One of the absolute coolest parts was that we got "Help Myself." I wasn't too fond of the encore, but "Ain't it Funny" was classic. Overall, a quality show that I won't soon forget!
Jessica E.
i just had one of the best...maybe the best..dave matthews band concert experiences of my life. i seriously can not stop smiling. they opened with DDTW which i just love no matter how many times i hear it, it gets my blood pumping and body moving, and i would take it over too much anyday. the crowd was going crazy. then there was if i had it all and when the world ends...brought me back to last summer's tour. typical, but still good. raven....the crowd was kinda half into this one...i was excited, but at first thought it was grace is gone, and then i was like damn it. i had never heard raven at a concert before, and it was done very well, i will give them that. so...here is where my night improved by 1000%. or should i say my life. raven had just finished up, and my friend kelly was next to me and she's not a huge dave fan, but she knows most of their stuff. she asks me what my fav. dmb song is, out of all of them, and i was like lover lay down. and she says do you think they'll play it? and of course i was like noo...they don't play it very often, and its just one of those songs i think you are lucky to hear. she was like aw ok...then she told me she loves long black veil and i told her i didn't think they would play it, but you never know. well not even a minute after that conversation....the band starts up again...and the guitar chords made me freeze. i heard the music...i knew the song...but i didn't want to kid myself into thinking it was something it wasn't. then the lyrics began...'spring sweet rhythm dance in my head.' i was like, OH My GOD. 'slip into my lovers' hands. kiss me won't you kiss me now..' i screamed 'I'm going to die!' (who knows why..too much excitment and shock) and then i actually dropped down to my knees. the ppl in the row infront of me was like huh. then my friends hugged me and i stood up and screamed i couldn't believe they were playing my favorite song and i cried. i have never cried at a concert like i did tonight...but i couldn't help it. it was beautiful...it was surprising..it was one of those things i never let myself believe would happen, because i didn't ever want to be let down. but thank God it did. then after that event in itself...busted stuff came on and that was great. SMTS...the crowd loved this one for sure...i was glad too much wasn't hooked to it, but i guess i spoke too soon, because it came up later on in the show anyway. dave was a dancing fool...i have never ever seen him dance the way he did tonight..like he never quit. stefan was getting into it too which was great. next was don't burn the PIG...yes, don't burn the pig. i don't know if this will turn into a regular this tour or what, but i was amazed i was actually hearing it. people were all up dancing to it like they should be. WAYG...i could fall in love with this song i think...live is even better than anything you could ever download. it bugged me how tons of ppl all sat down for this one...but it was so good. then Help Myself...even more ppl sat down for this one once they realized they didn't know it. there were some up beat parts that got them standing and moving around though. i like this song...but i liked where are you going more. i just relaly couldn't understand most of those lyrics for one thing. ooh but boyd did a fabulous job on that song..wow. speaking of boyd, he had on this jacket that reminded me of some kinda indian attire haha..and his hair is getting shaggy and longer than i thought. TM...everyone loved it. i mean its a good exciting song, i just would have picked 15 other songs to hear before that one again. but even at times like those, where yes i'll admit i would rather be listening to crash than too much...all i had to do was think about how i witnessed lover lay down...and i was all smiles again. GIG...very nice. bartender....not as long as i remember it from last summer, but still a great song. everyone loved it, and when he screamed...ahhh man...when he screamed the place went wild. and the lights got bright and everyone loved it. and at the end everyone did the clapping thing which rules. WWYS...another crowd pleaser. i couldn't believe they went off stage after that one though, because it did not feel like it was time for an encore yet. ain't it funny...was really well done. i heard dave do it the first time he did it last summer...and i can say it has improved very much. space between..screams echoed throughout the bryce jordan center. i've heard it so much on the radio, but its never bad live, so i wasn't complaining. but then when i realized they were going to do another song after that...all i could say was 'please put that guitar down dave..please please switch guitars.' but it didn't happen. and they closed with IDI. that was my only real upset of the night...its one thing to play i did it...its another to close the amazing show out with it. buuut, i sang every word and danced around and had fun none the less. I give it a 9.
Marty V.
What can I say? An amazing show to say the least... great variety from the each album as every fan got something out of it. "Don't Drink the Water" was an surprising but great opener and really got everyone pumped. The energy went down a little with the playing of 2 Everyday songs, but I'm really impressed with how good they are live now after the band has had time to work on them. "Lover Lay Down" was a great surprise and great to hear. "So Much To Say" got the crowd back to the top of the energy it had at the top of the show and I couldn't believe they played "Don't Burn The Pig" for the second night in a row after not playing it for years. "Where are you going" is a great song, I was interested to see how it sounded with the band instead of when I 1st heard it as a Dave solo. The best song to me theentire night was "Too Much" - so much energy behind it made it my favoriute song of the night. "Grace is Gone" and "Bartender" were great back to back and I've never heard a be tter "Bartender" live. To close the set was another surprise with "What Would You Say" but it was a turned into a great jam for being a radio single. The encore was rather surprising but I liked it. Dave came out and did "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" as a good solo then the rest of the band came out for an Everyday closer. "Space Between" and "I Did It" were great and it was a memorable show. Now I have to buy my tickets for the summer shows this morning.
Aaron S.
I can honestly say that any time I see dave it's great but I was very dissapointed with the lenght of the concert and the set that dave chose. Don't get me wrong the show did have alot of great songs but it was dissapointing to not see them really jam out any songs. Thw whoe night I was just waiting for a jam out song like warehouse or two step and it didnt happen. Even when they jamed out bartender they cut that short. I think that was one of the worst setlits dave has ever put together besides the one he played thursday night in DC....I did it should never be played as a closing song!
Nicole P.
The band was very mellow tonight. Not much jamming. It all felt very rushed. Of the three concerts I've been to, this was definitely my least favorite. Pig was the highlight for me. I took two Dave virgins to this concert and am sorry to say they did not enjoy it as I expected them to. Something was definitely missing from the show. The band left immediately (the buses pulled away as the first few people were getting out of the venue). When some guys suggested tipping Dave's bus (a bit extreme) I knew I wasn't the only one who left feeling a little cheated.
Sara W.
This was my third Dave show, and i was extremely pleased, but at the same time slightly disappointed. I thought the songs he played were awesome, and you could tell taht the band was really pumped. dave kept doing this strange sort of superman lunge and he seemed really relaxed on stage. he looks alot better this tour also. alright, on with the show. i was really surprised that he opened with ddtw because he closed with it last night, and i was really hoping for last stop...but the song was awesome and it really got the crowd going. i wouldn't have played if i had it all right after it, i think it kind of sedated everyone a little, but it was gorgeous. for the high lights: RAVEN!!! i wanted to hear that song so bad and the boys have really cleaned it up and it sounds os amazing. pig...ah...PIG i could barely breath, it was so gorgeous. the new song where are you going is really awesome, just a beautiful song. but my favorite part of the evening was help myself. what a surprise! i was so shocked i think my heart stopped for a good six seconds. the only disappointment of the evening was the encore. when i saw dave get his baritone i knew (but hoped otherwise) what he was doing. for such a good show i was really disappointed that he closed with space between and i did it, i think everyone except for some boppers were. I was relaly hoping for #41 also, and i thought dave was going to give it to me after bartender...i was really surprised when he played WWYS. The only complaint i have about this concert was the order the songs were played were sort of awkward. I was really shocked that he didn't play ssms-->astb-->too much. All in all i have to say though, this was an awesome concert. See you in Boston!
Katie G.
Out of all the shows I have been to, it was by far not the greatest. To me it seemed like the guys just weren't there, like it was a chore for them. I would've liked to hear more jamming from them, you know like they were having fun and were enjoying what they were doing, I just wasn't feeling that. There were too many mellow songs and I was ready for some of the more upbeat stuff. Of the highlights opening with DDTW was way good and got me pumped up for a good show to come...there was PIG which was awesome... and HELP MYSELF was a big surprise to hear in concert. I just feel like he plays so much of his new stuff and doesn't mix it up enough. Over all it was an alright show, but the encore was a huge dissapointment... AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY was kick ass,..the SPACE BETWEEN was ya alright, but I DID IT...what the heck was he thinking? That left me a little bit mad going home
Gene Z.
First of all I will tell about the soundcheck. I get into PSU at about 4:30. Go up to the dorm room of my sister's friends boyfriend. We sit there for like 10 min. They get a call from some girl inside the stadium during the soundcheck. She is holding the cell phone so we can listen. It was so sweet. We got to hear a new song never played yet and When the World Ends. The new song was kind of slow, but had some awesome lyrics. Now for the show: DDTW - A good song, but not a great opener. Had lots of energy at the end, but the beginning lacked. Always a great song to hear. If I had it all - Not a bad song live. Fun song. But I didnt like hearing an Everyday song so early. Plus it was pretty slow. Which was the biggest problem. Lots of slow songs. WTWE - I knew it would be played. I didnt like the consecutive ED songs. But I do really like WTWE live so it was really fun. A little faster and better. Raven - Amazing!!!!! It was so nice to hear with the old lyrics. Not many people knew it so not lots of crowd noise, but still was awesome to hear! Lover Lay Down - I was so surprised. I was so happy! It was perfect and very unexpected. Busted Stuff - My favorite song off Lillywhites. I was going nuts. I loved it. They jam it out so much. Very awesome! They jammed lots of songs during the night SMTS - Very energetic. Got the crowd up and going. Nice to hear. Don't Burn the Pig - Completely amazing!!!! Awesome drum solo by Carter and it rocked so much. They actually mixed it up with don't burn the pig and don't burn the day a couple times. It was the first highlight of the night. Where Are You Going - I knew it was it when i heard the first chord. I was so glad to hear it full band! It is truly an amazing song. It sounds so solid live too! Help Myself - WOW!!!!!! Definitely the best song of the night. It was just awesome. Great solos and jammed out perfectly. It was so nice to hear this. I hope they play it some more because it was the greatest! Too Much - The song was completely insane. Dave danced his legs off during the song and they really rocked the place with it. Grace is Gone - Nice to hear and create a nice little slow song. Chords sound like WAYG so thats cool. I liked it a lot! Bartender - The jammed this song perfectly! Very nice to hear by itself without BEF eventhough I love BEF. It was great! WWYS - Great song! Really complete and rocking. Would have liked a different closer, but it was still fun! Encore: Ain't it Funny - I knew it was either Waste or this when he came out solo. This song sounds like WAYG also. So we got all 3 that sound the same, which is cool. Sittin on the dock of the bay part always gets everyone going. Space Between - Not bad in the encore, but only if a great song for the closer. It is always good, but a faster song would've been better. I Did It - I was so astonished that they would do something like this. How could they close with IDI after such a great show. Any other song would've been better. I was just waiting for a new guitar to be brought out. But no luck. Hopefully we will get a better encore in Buffalo! Still an amazing concert!
Tony G.
Well I went into this show extremely excited, and left semi-excited. The lighting was spectacular as always, the screens are great to watch for some good close-ups, and the lovely ladies were home eatin potato chips. The atmosphere was perfect. And the band was solid tonight! I wasn't expecting them to be so tight for the second day of the tour. Onto the set: I enjoyed DDTW as an opener; got me going and the rest of the crowd as well. The next two - If i had it all, and when the world ends - were cool, but I'm still trying to catch onto the everyday material a year later. Raven was great to hear live for the first time. Lover Lay Down was awesome! Wasn't expecting it, and I enjoyed every second of it. Busted Stuff has gotten so much better than I remember it back in the '00 tour. They sounded solid! SMTS was what I was waiting for to sing my brains out. The lighting and crowd singing was just awesome. Then PIG!!!!! The highlight of the night for me. I've been wanting to hear this one since BTCS came out, and was never lucky enough to catch it live before tonight. It was truly amazing. Chills chills chills. And another surprise was Where Are you Going. It sounds really really cool with the whole band. That's gonna turn huge by the time summer hits. I was shocked when I heard the opening notes of Help Myself. Last time I heard that one was 8/3/99. It was awesome! Another highlight of the night for me. Ok, I know this may sound sad, but Too Much was actually the only song that got everyone nutty. I would have loved to have seen it paired with SMTS, but I'll take it just the way it was. It did the trick. Grace gave me chills, excellent as always. Bartender!!! YES!!! Loved it; although he didn't do as much howling as he usually does at the end. Still great though. WWYS isn't my favorite closer, and it also wasn't the best version I've heard. I was completely floored when I looked at my watch during the encore break, and it wasn't even 10 o'clock yet!! What's with no jamming? There wasn't a song played that was over 10 minutes. I think Bartender was the longest. Dave came back out for a decent version of Ain't It Funny. Glad the people know it better now. When he put the electric in his hands, I was desperately hoping for a Rapunzel out of nowhere, but instead we got TSB. eh.....Now, the part I don't like to talk about...i don't really know what they were thinking with "that" as a closer, but it was fun to watch, hah.....Good show, with lots of rare, soon to be played a whole lot, songs. I'm hoping they switch things up a little more for Buffalo next weekend. We need some Jimi Thing, Seek Up, LIOG, any jam for cryin out loud. We're there to party for 3 hours like we've always done, not only 2! but hey, I still had a great time and would go back to it in a second.
John B.
I am one of the biggest dave fans I know personally. Ive been to more shows than i can count on both hands...but I have to say i was highly dissapointed with this showing. There were definately some high points, no doubt. Bartender was the best I have ever heard, absolutely amazing version. Who can forget Pig (!?) I almost lost it when he brought this one back into his rotation of songs. Where Are You Going sounds amazing with the whole band together- most likely going to be a fan favorite for years to come I think. While these and a few other songs held their own, the rest of the show seemed to be lacking something. They cut the show down from the usual three hours long to a short two hour show, there were three minute breaks between each song almost, and the setlist was just too mellow for me and many others it seemed. Overall, by far not the best show of theirs that I have seen- but it still had some saving points.
Jonathan M.
Ok, first time to PSU, lovely college, jealous of the big time college scene. Anyways, good set, real mellow and laid back. Short as well, it was like they had to go so they play two hours and thought it was fine, we deserve more. Anyways, "help myself" sweetest part of the night, worst part, " I DID IT," is by far the worst thing that could have happened. Sorry, but i'll see ya'll in Buffalo!
Phillip S.
Yah just back from number 4. The opening band was pretty good when there werent singing, which wasnt often, but thats doesnt really matter i didnt come to see them anyways. The show...Ive been reading some othere reviews and i think u guys are a little too critical. Sure maybe the very last song could have been better but it could have been worse at least he gave us a solo Aint it funny and a decent Space b/t. Overall I thought the show had a great set list only a few songs i didnt really like. He opened with DDTW, not a fav of mine, but he redemmed himself shortly. WTWE, Raven, Busted stuff, Pig all very nice. I love Where are u going. And help my self where did that come from it was awesome. Finally, Bartender, i dont know what it was about this song tonight but it was awesome. Ive heard it many times but tonight....it was awesome. see y'all after the raleigh show.
Matt A.
Went to the DMB show last night at PSU. Over all it was an OK show. Out of the 27 shows i've been to..this one ranked more tward the bottom. I was hoping for something more. Something more like last years show(Boyd was simply amazing). . I was also disapointed in the fact that they played most of the songs they had played just the night before. And what's with closing with "I Did It"?However they did play "Help Myself" and an amazing version of "Lover Lay Down". Like I said, it was an OK show...on a scale of 1 to 1- 10, I give it a strong seven.
Bill K.
The PSU concert was my fifth since 1998 and the first for my best friend, Denise May. We didn't look at the MCI setlist prior to the show, so we really had no idea. I wasn't expecting anything much different from last year's tour, but obviously the boys surprised me and the other 18000 people in attendance. No #41, LIOG, Ants, Watchtower or Crash. It was an amazing night. The band was absolutely pumped during Don't Drink the Water- I've never seen Dave and Stefan groove so much before. If I Had it All was a surprise, especially as the second song of the evening. The string of Raven, Lover Lay Down, and Busted Stuff made the evening for the dedicated fan. Pig and Help Myself also knocked my socks off. Bartender and Grace is Gone are well known, polished songs that the crowd as a whole enjoyed. There were also the crowd pleasers for the more casual fan, like Too Much, What Would you Say, and So Much to Say. The encore will go down in tour history as the most surprising one, and not in a very good way. I Did It is NOT the song to end a show with. There was no large vibe from the crowd that Billies, Ants, or Watchtower can produce. It's too bad that the concert ended on down note, but the overall setlist shines a lot of light on the hope that this year's tour will be one of the best ever in recent years. The PSU concert was a perfect mix of surprises for me as a devoted fan, and fan favorites for Denise. Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Erica J.
This was the most amazing experience of my life. No Joke. Yerba Buena wasnt bad, when the lead singer wasn't wailing(which wasnt often) Of course though it felt like forever waiting for Dave :o) DDTW was a great opener. I think you guys are too critical sometimes :o) Raven kinda confused me because I knew the music, but not the lyrics (I loved it anyway) I couldnt believe that I was hearing lover lay down though. It actually made me cry. By busted stuff, I was singing like and idiot and I believe that the people around me would agree, but I didnt care. I was actually close enough this time that I could see facial expressions and I was loving the energy that the band was putting off. PIG was a shocker and came out beautifully, but WAYG with the whole band was euphoric... No other word for it. I was pumped with Help Myself and it sounded great live,although they kinda lost the crowd with this. I felt like the only one there that actually knew this song. My high point of the evening was Grace. I absolutely adore this tune because Dave shows so much emotion. Yep, Erica's crying again. Bartender was better than any recording I have ever heard. When Dave came out solo I was so pumped. I was beautiful with the Willie Nelson cover. My only disapointments for the night was there wasnt much Davespeak at all and I did it is not one of my favorites, although the people behind me seemed to enjoy it :o)
Neil W.
ok...that is how i sum up this show...it was only my 5th show, but i have seen them much better. the way they started off was awesome; the best i had seen them do DDTW, then IIHIA was very good, and WTE was very good as well. this was probably the best opening i have seen them do. the highlights of the night for me were when they did Raven and Pig, and hearing 2 of the new songs was a great treat too. the only thing i was hoping for was a little more jamming. but making up for the lack of jamming were Dave's feet...this was the most i have ever seen him dance. i enjoyed the setlist, but the encore was weak. Dock on the Bay was good and with Dave doing it acoustic it was a good treat. but you can't end a show with I Did It! this was the first show that i saw that they didn't end with a good long jam.
Brian S.
I left this show satisfied. It was definitely not the best Dave show but it had its redeeming qualities. I had great seats courtesy of the warehouse so I can't complain at all. Any Dave show is a good dave show. There was a lot of talk between band memebers between each song. This was especially true before Pig. There was no jamming and I have to comment on that. I have no way of knowing what Dave and the boys think before they go onstage or while they are on stage. It was the second night of the tour so maybe they are a bit rusty. Maybe they just aren't confident enough yet to bust out the jams? I have no way of knowing. Also, I Did It is one of the worst DMB songs in my opinion, but maybe they really enjoy playing it. As a closer it just doesn't work but maybe it is just a fun song for them to play. I'm not going to criticize them for the set. It was a good solid show and I'm sure as this tour progresses the jams will return. With all things considered I got to hear some rare songs and I think the new album will be amazing.
Wes R.
probably the worst dave show I have seen yet (5th show) - that said, it was still great - highlights: lld, bartender, busted stuff,ain't it funny, grace - lowlight: rest of encore after ain't it funny - help myself was unexpected but not very energetic and I thought that pig was a bit lukewarm as well...hopefully, as the tour progress, these songs will get some legs - on a final note, there was an asshole screaming in my ear the whole show - he just kept screaming "yeah dave" the whole time - He was one of those people who clap and scream when the jams get quiet hoping they will play crash, and think they are so cool because they yell the lyrics to grace and bartender b/c they are unreleased - enough bitching, i'm out
Brad S.
Being a student at PSU, when I heard that DMB was going to do a show at the Bryce Jordan Center, I was obviously enthusiastic (for lack of a stronger term). Bottom line is, the show started off strong, and then tailed to almost nothing. The show was short and I thought the songs were ranked from best to worst in both innovation and timing. The show was short and uncreative and basically left me feeling betrayed and somewhat ripped off. As I walked home, I truly felt empty inside and very disappointed. As the saying goes, nobody is perfect, and I guess that goes for Dave too. I just hope this was an off night and not a new trend with the greatest band ever. I already have my tickets for when he comes to Pittsburgh in August. Im just crossing my fingers in hopes that the August show leaves me with a better taste in my mouth than this one did.
J.T. E.
OK this was my 20th show of seeing DMB. I have to say this was probably the worst show I have ever been to seeing DMB. Where was the energy, Where were the jams, in fact I have to ask Where is DMB going? Overall the setlist wasn't that bad but never once did the band ever get pummped up like in the past. I had front row tix and just watching their interaction was poor, for example during Bartender--Dave seemed to hold back on the verses-not until the end did he get moving. But I could have dealt with this set had the encore been energetic instead left with TSB and IDI. I am thoroughly dissappointed with the band and have to say i am reconsidering traveling distances for them anymore. They couldn't even pull out Jimi Thing or even dare I say Ants Marching. Granted there were highlights but the band needs to realize people are paying $50 a ticket and they need to bring their A-game to each and every show. Well all in all the band has slowed down and doesn't seem to have the same elements as in previous tours, also the new tune WAYG seems to keep with the Ballard ways of just focusing on Dave, Steffan and Carter. What about Roi, Boyd and Butch? And instead of caring about Dave's style and dancing we should be concerned with the music(which is lacking) but maybe they will realize these problems and fix them, along with maybe writing new songs that are comparable with their first three albums. All I can say is that I really hope it does because this is my favorite band!
Matthew C.
This was my 8th DMB show and I left with very mixed emotions. To start off, I had great seats and I actually got a peek at the set list before the show started so the first 5 songs weren't a surprise (side note - if some guy holding the set list walks up next to you revealing the set list by accident DO NOT LOOK AT IT, it is like ruining christmas morning!). One of the high points of the night was openening with DDTW. This song has a ton of energy and Dave was an absolute dancin' fool! The show then hit a little low point in my eyes with 2 songs off 'Everyday'. I was really excited to hear Raven, hearing that all of the words had been changed since the recording of the Lillywhite Sessions. The song sounded pretty good and I can't wait to hear the studio version so I can learn the words. Busted Stuff was next and it was rockin. Dave sang the falcetto parts just like he did in the studio version. Roi had a great solo towards the end, that was a little change than what I was used to hearing. Other highlights included Pig and Help myself! I thought I was setting myself up for dissapointment after seeing it on the setlist from the Washington DC show. But DAMN, this song lived up to every expectation I had of it! I hope he plays this song on every date so that every person going to see the band can hear Pig! Other than these few songs I have mentioned so far the show was very average. Not as much jamming as I would hope for and a few too many radio hits. Last but certainly not least, the encore! I won't even get started on these last two songs the band played. Look at the set list and you will understand why the majority of the crowd was a little pissed off when leaving the Bryce Jordan Center! Overall, I was happy with a couple rarities and it was fun to finally hear Where Are You Going with the full band. Unfortunately the lack of variation in the set list and the terrible encore pulled the mood of this show way down. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 6. If Pig wasn't played I would have had to give it a 4.
John N.
The penn state show was a disappointment for true dave fans. It was filled with radio ready live versions of his new songs and lacked the concert classics like tripping billies, #41, seek up, ants marching, all along the watchtower, warehouse, crash into me, lie in our graves, rapunzel, stay, and many more. It is unbelievable for the band to leave these out. They ran no two songs together and lacked the jams they are known for.....ive seen dave 10 times....this was BY FAR the worst..
Maureen F.
Well after driving over 5 hours from upstate NY extremely pumped to see The Dave Matthews Band, I can now tell you that I will never see them play live again even if the show was in my own backyard. This was my 9th DMB concert, and obviously I have never had many major complaints, or else why would I keep going back? (even with the over priced tickets for a poor college student.) The best part about going to a DMB concert is the insane energy that I always feel, not only from the crowd and Dave's singing, but from the Band itself. The dancing, the smiles, the glowing that just poors from the stage. Well, sadly all I can say I got out of this concert was a bag of frustration. With every slow song that lacked any sort of crowd pleasing vibes that Dave is notorious for, I assured myself that "the next song would be it". As all of you are reading this know... that did NOT happen. Yea yea sure Love Lay Down, was "so great" and girls were crying blah blah blah. I've seen it before, its almost always the same, and I'm not denying that it isnt a beautiful song. What I am saying is that it should have not been sandwiched in between a wishy washy set. And then came along the encore, I have always seen incredible encores at all of the shows I have been to. Between powerful renditions of Watchtower, crazy violin playing during Warehouse that gets your heart so pumped, and even Two-Step in the hail at Giants Stadium... encores are the time to shoot out a real crown pleaser, to redeem yourself after a not so moving show. If Dave had simply given 110% for 10 minutes I more then likely would have walked away with a smile on my face, glad that I had made the drive. Instead, I found myself making a "1001 ways I could have spent that $50 somewhere else" List for the 5 hours drive back to school. I am so upset, and so disappointed in a band I have always considered to be a great crown pleaser. "I Did It" was a disgrace to the conotation I have always given to encores, and maybe that is just my opinion and the opinion of everyone else I went to the show with...
Ross H.
After waiting seven months for a show that would contain less from Everyday, all I can say what a let down this show was. I was looking forward to a show filled with more of a mix from lillywhites and older stuff with lots of great jams. Instead we got the shortest show I've ever seen with the most lackluster performance I've ever seen. There were too many breaks between songs and no jamming at all. The biggest let down of the night came with the encore when dave got out the electric guitar and played to the TRL crowd, ending out with The Space Between and I did it. What a complete disappointment. The only highlights were my seat location, the best I've had since '96, Grace is Gone, Raven and Pig( a great song that gets too little play ). I'm not sure if i'll try again later in the summer but maybe.
Wendy L.
The band took the stage at 8:10 p.m. Carter was in hysterics when he took the stage. I wish I could have been in on the joke. Dave was wearing a grey sweatshirt and bluejeans. Boyd was wearing a beige suede long-sleeved shirt that laced up in the front. Leroi was wearing a back shirt with a shite shirt underneath. Stefan was wearing a cute yellow cap, backward. Carter was wearing a long sleeved mock turtle neck. 1. Don't Drink the Water. Interesting choice because it was the closer last night. Oh well, I love that song and it was great as always. 2. If I Had It All. First time this tour. Cool lighting. 3. When the World Ends. First time. Those eyebrows! Oh my! 4. Raven. Jay called it, based on the 12-string guitar. It was either going to be that or Grey Street. Ah, it's gotta be Grey Street, they didn't play it last night. Hmmm, Raven. That's okay, it was cool to hear it again. It is getting better too. Dave is dripping sweat and it's only the 4th song. 5. Lover Lay Down! . The hightlight of the evening. I cried for the first time this tour. I would have cried during Pig the night before but I was in too much shock.) Leroi's solo was amazing. Too bad the audience was so disturbingly loud during this beautiful song. 6.Busted Stuff. Okay,Busted Stuff again. Roi and Stefan, great solos. 7. So Much To Say. First time this tour, though I must admit I had to think about it for a second. This song, Too Much, and What Would You Say sorta sound the same to me. 8. Pig. Lightening strikes twice! Since I was in shock when they played it in DC, I couldn't really listen to it. This time I really savored it. Boyd's solo on it is improving, I think. 9. Where Are You Going? I'll be hearing this one a lot, this tour's The Space Between. I don't mind. I love it. Boyd strums his fiddle in this song. I don't think I noticed that in DC. 10. Help Myself! What a rare treat. So rare I had to think about it for a while. I knew it was a good one but it took me a while ! to put my finger on it. Jay knew immediately. According to the Rainman of Nancies, Help Myself hasn't been played since 2000, during which they played it only twice. I haven't had time to check his stats. Anyway, it sounded great. 11./12.Too Much --> Grace is Gone. Well, I don't know if this was so much a segue, but more of an instant transition. Heard both last night, so I focused more on other stuff. Like the lighting. During GIG, the screen had a large, throbbing, neon blue plasma blob with a single white eye. I noticed the same blob last night and thought they were just having problems with the lighting. But now I see he's a GIG regular. I shall call him Bob the Blob from hereon. 13.Bartender. Hmmm. Hard to be pissed they're playing Bartender, but couldn't help being a little pissed they were playing Bartender. But as it broke into the part where Dave is just wailing at the top of his lungs, I felt really guilty that I had been pissed they were playing it. It is an aw! esome song, and the lighting also added to the effect. 14. What Would You Say. At this point, we're thinking, alright we're due for a great encore. Maybe a Grey Street, maybe a Two Step or Ants. encore: 15.Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. The only song that I called all evening. Very nice, as usual. However, I learned that the only thing more annoying than the audience clapping along to a slow song is clapping wrong and not at the same time. Ugh. There was a guy behind us who was going off about another guy who left early. "COULDN'T YOU WAIT FOR TWO MORE SONGS??? JESUS CHRIST, ASSHOLE", thereby becoming ten times more the nuisance than the guy he was berating. Just when we thought we might have gone a whole night without an electric guitar (first time in a year and a half, right), he pulls it out. Jay says, "Wendy, I'm terrified of that guitar." 16.The Space Between. Jay and I breathe a sigh of relief, it could have been much worse. We tolerated TSB. "Wendy, he's not taki! ng off that guitar," Jay said. 17. I Did It. Jay and I consoled eachother, listened to the whole song though we knew it was the last, and then quietly left our seats. They left the stage at 10:15, so the night was about the same length as MCI. I'm hoping they're just getting warmed up and we're in for something special in Boston.
JAG102300@aol.com .
After being declined from warehouse ( 4 year member), I had to go through ticketmaster only to be given seats behind the stage. By the way, Dave and Boyd have nice butts! I drove in the snow to have an encore of The Space Between and I Did It. Oh they did it alright. They screwed up, by playing a crappy encore that made their fans laugh at them while we walked to our cars in 20 degree weather. I did not find this amusing. If I wanted to hear those songs, all I need to do is turn on the local radio station. God knows they play them ALL the time. At least I had the benefit of sitting next to Freddie Prince Jr. I expect total redemption at MSG!
Amity D.
Maybe I've been really lucky in the past and only seen the best of the best, but I'm sad to say that I walked out of this show with a feeling of sincere disappointment. I enjoyed the beginning of the show a lot. Raven was cool...it was exciting to get a song I haven't seen yet and it sounds great live. I also enjoyed LLD...I don't think I've gotten that one yet either. Busted Stuff & Pig rocked my world...I went in there wanting those most and couldn't believe I got them!!! I liked Where Are You Going a lot, and it was nice to see Dave back on the acoustic with the new stuff. Help Myself...WHERE did that come from? Awesome...that was my 2nd or 3rd time seeing it and I always enjoyed it. I enjoyed Ain't It Funny...when Dave came out alone I thought he was going to do Waste, but then he said it was his hero's song so I knew it was coming. He even threw in a line of "Sittin By The Dock of the Bay" right before he finished it up, which was cool. So what made it suck so much? Let me count the ways. Like I said, maybe I've been spoiled, but I've seen Boyd on the edge of the stage on his knees playing like a fool. He wasn't even close at this show...he stood just in front of Carter's drum set all night and stayed out of the spotlight, except to do background vocals on I Did It. YUCK! For that matter, none of the boys really were in the spotlight. The closest thing to a solo was about a 30 second drum bit. All of them seemed so blah, like they totally weren't into it. The mood was slow...even when they did play something upbeat and you thought they were finally going to take off, they followed it up with something like GIG. That reminds me...nothing flowed into the next song. There were at least 20 second to 1.5 minute breaks between every song...hardly any jamming. They stopped after 14 songs...WHAT IS THAT? While they were backstage, I was talking to people around me and we all said "they better give us at least a 3 song encore" ....we didn't mean that we wanted 2 of them to SUCK!! I've got 5 more shows to hit--I just hope they get their acts together soon!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE DMB...I just know they can do much better!!
Michael F.
Of all the DMB concerts I have been to, this one seemed to be near the bottom. There was a lack of jammed out songs in my mind. However, some rarely heard songs were a delight to hear. Starting off with DDTW was a good intro. If I Had It All was a great Everyday song to hear. WTWE was a welcomed song, even though it might have been odd for the band to play it after 9/11. Raven sounded amazing, as did Lover Lay Down. Busted Stuff could have been jammed out. So Much to Say was a great song, I was fooled along with most of the rest of the crowd, with expecting Anyone Seen The Bridge? into Too Much. But they just ended SMTS, which was cool. Pig, what can I say but spec-f*cking-tacular, so great to hear this song again after quite a long absence. Where Are You Going is an amazing song. Help Myself, a great song for DMB diehards to hear. Too Much, another great Crash song. The ASTB for the concert tonight must have been Pig, Where Are You Going, and Help Myself. Grace is Gone and Bartender were great Lillywhites to play back to back and What Would You Say as the closer before the encore was amazing. AIFHTSA was a great Willie Nelson cover. It was great to hear The Space Between, but to close with I Did It was kind of disappointing. The show could have used a jammed-out song to close, instead of a 3 minute song. Some good jammed out songs that could have been used are #41, Watchtower, Ants, Two Step, Grey Street, Jimi Thing, Lie in Our Graves, Stay, Warehouse, or Tripping Billies. Overall, I would give the concert a 6.5 out of 10. It was good, but there was a lack of some key components of a great DMB show.
Matt M.
Every Dave show you see can't be the best, and tonight's show was average at best. It just seemed as if the band wasn't really into the show. No real jam sessions, and I kept waiting for Boyd to go off, but it never happened. The setlist wasn't bad, Help Myself and LLD were nice surprises and Grace is Gone sounded really good. There was very little Dave speak either, except for the pletheria of odd noises he makes in between songs..... The encore started off great with a great version of Ain't it funny how time slips away, but after a so-so version of Space Between the band ended on I did it, making what till that point was a decent show, subpar.
Leo S.
I've been a big DMB fan for a long time, however this was my first experience at one of his concerts. I was told that he has one of the best live shows around, so my expectations were high, however I have to say that I was a little disappointed. The concert was good and very enjoyable for the most part, however I expected a little more from Dave. "Don't Drink the Water" was a great opener and it exploded with a lot of power, which instantly got the crowd on it's feet. However, a lot of the slower songs he played in the middle of the concert seemed out of place and almost boring. I was pleasently suprised when Dave played a great rendition "The Space Between", a good song which has unfortunately been killed by over-exposure on the radio. The only truely low point of the night was when Dave finished up with "I Did It" as a closer (what was he thinking?). This show was good overall, but could have been improved greatly if more fast-paced, energetic songs such as "Drive In Drive Out" had been played.
I thought the show was great, yes the ending could have been 10x better with a watchtower or something along those lines but i've seen and heard the people diss it to much...They band isnt goin to and shouldnt have to play their so called radio songs all the time...I am looking to hear everything and anything...I look forward to seeing them at Camden and Hersey!
Matt K.
I think the performance at the Bryce Jordan Center was superior. It seemed, however, that much of the audience wanted to hear Dave's older songs, and were not familiar with the newer Lilywhites and unreleased tracks. Being a huge DMB fan, I was able to appreciate all of his songs. I think he gave us a great show, including his Too Much performance and Where Are You Going. He truly performed better than ever.
Sylvie M.
This is the fourth Dave concert that I've been to, so compared to others, I'm still a beginner. But now I have others to compare it to. And compared to the others I've seen, it definitely was not the best. He did pull out some rare songs-Lover Lay Down was slow and sweet, and a total suprise, Where Are You Going was amazing with the entire band and I was pleased to be one of the few in my section who already knew the words, and Help Myself was a flashback to old Dave stuff. Like many, I'm not a huge fan of Everyday songs, but am happy to hear them live, because the band shines when they play live. Because Butch Taylor was there, I was desperately hoping for a drawn out version of Two Step- definitely my favorite song to see live. But it never came...a lot of songs never came. Warehouse had been played the night before, and I was hoping to hear that, since it is another favorite and I've never seen it live. Pig was fabulous though. A real suprise and he did it flawlessly, and people around me really went crazy. I was hoping to hear Anyone Seen the Bridge when he played So Much To Say, but it didn't come either. He did play Too Much later in the evening which really got me going. Those two songs are so much fun to be a part of live...especially with Dave's new fancy footwork .He danced a lot more than usual. The encore was the sour spot of the show though. To end the show with I Did It just put a damper on the entire night. I was begging him to put down the barry and pick the acoustic back up...no luck. It left me standing there, my jaw down when the lights came on and the boys walked off stage, looking like they were almost relieved to get out of there. The show was good, but definitely not the best one I've been to. Hopefully future ones will be better. But any DMB is good DMB if you ask me.
Russ L.
Absolutely horrible. I drove from Long Island, NY to State College, for a show that lasted a little over an hour and a half. Ending with Space Between and I did It. Although I did enjoy Where are you going, and Ain't it Funny. The show was ridiculous though, alot of Everyday, and no Jam sessions, I heard it was because of Carter's shoulder, but anyways. The MSG Shows I'm hoping are much better.
Lauren Z.
The show had a lot of energy, but a lot of the songs were slow and weren't very exciting. They played a lot of new stuff, but hardly any of the faster old stuff. It seemed like Dave had a lot of energy, he was doin a lot of "two-stepin," but overall it wasn't the best show I have seen. I heard something about Carter having a shoulder injury? So I guess if that is true it would have a lot to do with it.