Dave Matthews Band
HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
What You Are

onstage: 8:11pm
When The World Ends *
What Would You Say *
Grey Street *
Seek Up *
I Did It *
You Never Know *
Warehouse (stop-time intro) *
The Space Between *
Rhyme & Reason *
Lie In Our Graves *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
So Much To Say * (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Where Are You Going *
Two Step *
offstage: 10:36pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Justin P.
What a great show! My third. Dave was looking great, Boyd ripped, Carter fat, LeRoi cool, Stefan dorky, and Butch.. constipated. Rocking crowd, the band had good energy. I was sitting behind stage, it was a wonderful view. Opening was alright. On to the highlights: GREY STREET: I saw him switch over guitars, I knew it was coming, but I was jazzed! Wonderful beautiful song. SEEK UP: I seem to be good at getting this song played to every concert I go to. I DID IT: Puhlease. LIOG: Amazing. Hot jam.. though not quite as good as 4/8. Boyd is nuts! Do they play SLEEP TO DREAM HER and GRACE IS GONE next to each other to show how inferior STDH is? ASTB is always fun. Too much TOO MUCH though. RAPUNZEL: The most amazing jam I've seen them do of this song. I thought the arena was gonna collapse from all the energy. WAYG: My psychic vibes worked, and he played it. Score! TWO STEP: Yeeeeah! Yeaaah!..wait.. that's it? Anyway--the concerts seem to be getting better and better the more I go to. Rock on, Dave!
Bob P.
Wow, this was an incredible show. I remember reading many reviews from shows these past days leading up to this show, seeing how people weren't happy with the lack of jams. Well, the show these evening was all but short on them. It was quite a show. SEEK UP was a treat to hear and was very good. The appearences of Warehouse, Too Much, Lie In Our Graves, Rhyme & Reason, Rapunzel, and Two Step were just amazing. I finally was able to hear You Never Know live which I was hoping to be able to hear. Right before Rhyme & Reason began, the people in section 112, or wherever it was comin from, to the right of stage in the 100's, people began the Two Step chant that was discussed earlier on the nancies boards. Well, i don't want to go as far as to say this is why they played it, but it quite possibly could be. As the Two Step chant ended carter put up two fingers to dave, possibly signaling two step? Dave then scratched his dead and could it possibly have been there that he decided it was in order to have Two Step. This was something I was wondering about because I didn't think Dave would play Two Step two nights in a row, just as it was only introduced into the list of 2002 played songs last evening. Altogether a solid show that I was sad to have ended. I am looking forward to seeing them in Toronto with the Bela Fleck & The Flecktones!
Bill M.
parking lot scene was real cool no security at all i am 18 and dont really look at and we drank 3 30 packs in the wide open onto the show..... WTWE- opener it was cool blah blah SEEK UP- first one ive seen live dave kina messed up the verse but its ok WAREHOUSE- kiked ass great job by the boys YNK- really enjoyed listening to it for the first time LIOG- was jammed the hell out nice solo by boyd and butch SMTS-ASTB-Too Much was great justgreatenergy by the band WAYG- sounds great with the band TWOSTEP- i love this as a closer great show no pig no help myself no osw no ants no tripping, but after the show i cant complain and now i know why i spend hundreds of dollars each year to see these guys jam see you at the gund!!!!!
Matt P.
My fourth show, it was great with a few real downers mixed in. I'm not an Everyday-basher, but a few of the songs from that album put a big damper on the excitement a few times...but overall, the highlights were: - ENERGY !!! Rapunzel- simply amazing, couldn't have asked for a better closer Two Step- not as good as 7-21-00, better than 7-29-01, anyway ya look at it though, Two Step is awesome, nice way to end the night (especially considering it's only the second time it's been played this year!)Overall, nice show...can't wait until Saratoga in July! :)
Adam D.
Well tonight's show was definately one of the best so far this tour.Robert Randolph to start off was very good and really got the crowd into it. On to the show...When the World Ends, was somewhat of ashock as the opener, but was played very well. What Would You Say - very predictable, but good nonetheless. Grey Street- The Band sounded really tight on this one, and the lyrics are finally finished!-great song. Seek Up- First time this tour and it didn't disappoint! I Did It-again? You Never Know- Great new song, definately will be a crowd favourite - give it time. Warehouse- Whooooo great intro, and the band obviously loves how the crowd gets into it. The Space Between- Not too bad, but very predictable. The 14 year olds really like this one. Rhyme and Reason- I really like this song and Stefan really adds to it. Lie In Our Graves- Definately the highlight of the night. Boyd went crazy! He must have covered the whole stage while doind hid solo. Great energy! Sleep To Dream Her- I almost fell asleep. The only good thing about this song was that it led into Grace Is Gone- They've really stretched this song into a nice jam. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much- First time this combo has been played all tour, a welcome return. The lights in Too Much were pretty fantastic and got the crowd really pumped. PNP-Rapunzel- Good closer, Dave really danced up a storm for this one. Actually, Dave and Stefan were groovin all night. Where Are You Going- Predictable yet nice. Two Step- Great song, but a weak version. It must have clocked at only 6 minutes. No drum solo, no piano solo. I wonder why? Overall it was a very good show. The boys really seemed to get into it. It looks as though, they've gotten the jitters out of their systems from the first four shows. Definately a well balanced set list tonight. I can't wait for Toronto on Friday. See you all there!
Bobby N.
Yowza! The energy was flowing through the band into me, and for much of the show (and to the dispeasure of the people around me) my body was out of control and sweating like Roger Ebert. This show was, quite simply, riDONKulous in all respects... the energy was amazing, the setlist was astounding, the music was beautiful, and my eyes welled up during Seek Up. Lie in Our Graves is my favorite Dave song, and Boyd was kicking his legs all over the place, just going off and going crazy. This is the second time I've heard You Never Know live, and it's really a sweet song... solid lyrics.. My section was sorta boring and full of middle-aged people... I was one of two people in my section who refused to take a seat during Sleep to Dream Her... some people stayed in their seats through Rapunzel and I just wanted to give em the taste of the back o me hand. But the show was unbefrickinlievable. I want to go back. Take me back.
Conor R.
Well, it was my 15th show, and all I can say is that Dave and the boys didn't let me down at all. DMB always seem to pack a punch at their shows in Buffalo, and this time it was not an exception. Upon entering HSBC, I was reminiscent of the May 11th show there in 99 that I atteneded. I wondered if they would play Seek Up again. Nah, they couldn't, could they? The set was good, there was a stale period in it though (Sleep To Dream Her-> Grace Is Gone), but overall a good setlist. Also, I didn't really like WTWE as the opener, but I don't like Everyday, so... you know... anyway... THEY PLAYED SEEK UP! I'm always happy whenever I get to see this played live, Dave really puts so much into it, it almost brings you to tears. Warehouse was awesome, the best song of the night in my opinion. So much energy was in that song. LIOG, as soon as I heard those opening chords, I started jumping up and down like a mad man, and Boyd was so into it, I just fed off of it. And I loved PNP-> Rapunzel to end the set, it was a change for me, but I love it, they really jammed it out at the end. I expected the encore to be what it was, but it was better than I expected. WAYG is becoming one of my favorites, and you can never go wrong with Two Step to end the night. All in all, this show kicked, lots of energy from the crowd and from the band, they just fed off each other. Now I can't wait till Hershey...
First I'd like to say to say that i admit that Buffalo isn't the greatest city in the world, but the DMB fans sure know how to drink and party. Even though it rained all day and the weather was miserable, the Buffalo fans still faught it out and tail-gate. I did not think the opener was that great with WTWE, but the Band surely did make up for it with WWYS, Grey Street, and Seek up. I'm not the biggest fan of I Did It, but still it was a pretty good version of it. You Never Know is a hot beat!!!....amd even though I agree that The Space Between is over-played, it still gets the crowd going (especially the females). R&R was a pleasant surprise and the fans thought so as well. Lie In Our Graves had to be one of the best versions i have ever heard. It was jam packed with rockin solos and got everyone to there feat. Sleep To Dream Her is not one of my favs but it still was alrite, but Grace Is Gone was smooth and got all the lighters out. SMTS into ASTB into Too Much was unbelievable and I really thought that would be the end of the concert as the Band put their whole heart into it, but they suprised us and threw in Pantala Naga Pampa and Repunzel to end it off which got everyone to their feet and dancing, even Dave who was in his prime during this beat. Even though it was the longest encore of clapping and cheering i have ever witnessed, Dave & the Bandame back on and surprised us all with and encore of WAYG and Two Step which brought the house down. I have never seen DAve dance so much and be so into the music he played. The band definitely played off the vibe of the crowd which cheered throughout the concert and reacted to every move the Band made. Most definitely is was one of the best concerts i have seen not only because of the sound of the music but because of what he played - he did not play the radio favorites throughout the concert, however he did stick to a majority of up-beat, dancing tunes that went well with the fans, and seemed to bode well with the Band as well. Keep it up.
Dion D.
Well, the setlist was amazing SO MUCH TO SAY, SEEK UP,TOO MUCH, and LIE IN OUR GRAVES are all mind blowing. The only problem was that its Buffalo and there were all drunken football loving slobs who yelled and clapped all at the wrong time. WAREHOUSE was almost ruined by the "YEAH" in the beginning, i mean what did they think it was, A FOOTBALL GAME?!?!?! Besides that all time faves like RHYME AND REASON, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, PANTALA NAGA PAMPA, and REPUNZEL were not tarnished by the drunken POSERS all around the arena. TWO STEP closer was grand, i loved it. This show in one word, STUPENDOUS!
Jay T.
Ok this was my seventh show and probably up there towards the best of them. Many surprises that blew me away. Hearing both Warehouse and Two step in the same set is amazing. Hearing "you never know" and "Where are you going" was also a highlite. Awesome version of Rapunzel, and lie in our graves stole the show with boyd jamming for what it seemed like forever. Cant wait for SPAC.
Andrew B.
Great show. With each show the setlists seem to get a little better. The band is finally starting to warm up. Highlights: SEEK UP. Wow, very unexpected. Dave's howling at the end and Boyd's solo were amazing. LIOG. Boyd is off the hook. Kudos to the "lighting department" as well, they made the song that much better. The crowd was really into it. WAREHOUSE. The "woos" are fun, and Carter is really stoked about getting the crowd into it. ASTB--->TOO MUCH. I have been waiting for that since DC, and I finally got it. Even though you know what is coming it still sends shivers down the spine when they break into Too Much. TWO STEP. The crowd was calling for it all night, and I didn't think they would play it. A great encore, though they did shorten it down a little. Overall, a great show. Not the best I have ever seen, but nonetheless still amazing. Providence was a little better, but the boys were still on fire tonight. P.S. Dave, stop playing Sleep to Dream Her!!! I don't know one person who likes it, and crowd just takes a nap.
well hello, great show last nite played a great set. i was scared looking at some of the previous sets but they played amazing was hoping for lover lay down but i got where are you going. to me buffalos acoustics in the arena sucked it was fine for the loud ( too much so much to say ) but when it came down to you never know and grace is gone ( sooooooooooooooooo amazing) you couldnt hear and i was 21 rows in but o well luckily i knew the words. we were the only ones standing singing to a few of the lillywhites. i just wanted to tell people he is getting better as the tour continues it seemed to last longer than previous songs. they on con besides the acoustics was the lack of comedy from dave the last show i went to he made fun of jacko and gw bush. but other than that put on an amazing show i went even though i have a final on monday worth every low mark i receive ENJOY PEOPLE its a great show. PS was reading some comments before about the dissappointing stage and how its like a tavern they dont need the backgrounds and to put on a show its just them playing and thats all we need. ciao robby
Ladies and gentelmen, the band is back! They are really starting to get into the groove, and I think from here on out we'll be seeing some great setlists.Ok, on to the set list review. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS This was a disappointing opener, but we figured we would get the Everyday stuff out of the way and everything would be fine. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY now this is more of show opener, this got the crowd moving and prepared us well for the next song. GREY STREET this is my favorite Lillywhite song, it was played really well tonight, very tight, and very well done. Had tons of energy. SEEK UP this was a huge surprise!!! Hasn't been played this tour, and it sounded great. Out of the 60 some odd live shows I have, I have not heard a better version, it had some beautiful solos, great singing by Dave, and it seemed to outro with the heart beat, I thought they might be going into Panta Pantla Naga Pamba, but was a little disappointed when it ended. I DID IT we knew we were going to have to hear this song, we were just thankful that they didn't play it as an encore. YOU NEVER KNOW he played an interesting intro which I don't think they had played before or at least not the 4/5 show, its a new song and sounded beautiful, I'm looking forward to hearing this one and knowing the lyrics for the summer tour. WAREHOUSE this song I had been wanting to hear for two years, and I finally got it. It was so great, better than I could have imagined. SPACE BETWEEN well, again, we were just happy they didn't play it as a first encore song. RHYME & REASON not expecting this song either, was great to hear, very impassioned, and sung really well by Dave, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. LIE IN OUR GRAVES one of the highlights of the show! The song lasted for probably 15 mins. For about 4 mins Dave left center stage, and let Boyd lead the band, it really was The Boyd Tinsley Band for about 5 mins of this show, he was playing really well, not very out of tune that I could tell, and not scratchy at all, many props to Boyd tonight. SLEEP TO DREAM HER well this was disappointing, but whatever, it went into GRACE IS GONE, which made everything ok. At this point I much gripe about the crowd. Overall it was very good, very energetic, however, everyone sat down for this series of songs, it was really annoying, I found it disrespectful. Ok SO MUCH TO SAY I was really happy to hear this song, and knowing that they played Too Much at every show, I was really hoping for ASTB---> TOO MUCH, and that's what I got, this was really really good, I was expecting it to close the show, but thankfully they decided to play a bit more. PANTALA NAGA PAMPA----> RAPUNZEL, heard this and knew it would be the set closer, I was very happy with this as a closer, they reworked it a bit and made it into a quality set closer, I think this will close allot of the shows this year. WHERE ARE YOU GOING it was fun to know the lyrics to this song when no one else did, its a great song, and will make a great single. TWO STEP perfect closer, they reworked this song, in past years, they would bring the song down making it quite, and letting Butch solo, however, this year, they didn't let up at all, quite a good closer, better than I could have hoped for. This was one of the best shows I've been to, and kicks the crap out of last years Everyday tour. I can't wait untill the summer leg, I have a feeling its going to be a good year.
Marcus G.
To start this out, this was my second DMB show and it was REALLY GOOD! Robert Randolph and the Family Band opened and were AWESOME! They had tons of energy and really got the crowd pumped, and they even all wore Sabres jerseys! The second that DMB stepped onto the stage the entire arena was shreiking. The opened the show with WTWE which was awesome live. The next songs was What Would You Say which is a personal favorite of mine and is a seasoned classic. Next they played Grey Street which is going to be one of the better songs on the new album. Then they surprised me by playing Seek Up, which hasn't been played regularly in quite a while. It was one of the highlights of the show and definitly got the crowd on their feet. Next they played I Did It which I don't like that much, but it was still good. Then they played You Never Know, which I had never heard before, and it is a very good song. Warehouse was next, and the crowd started going wild. Boyd Tinsley literaly shredded up the strings on his violin during this one, and really got the whole arena grooving. The entire audience sang along to The Space Between. And then came Rhyme and Reason, another good song from UTAD. Lye In Our Graves came next and included a long jam in the middle that was really cool. Sleep To Dream Her, one of the better songs from Everyday came next, but everybody sat down or took a bathroom break during it which was sort of disapointing. Next the played Grace is Gone, another excellant song from the upcoming cd. SMTS to Too Much was one of the better parts of the show and included a really good bass solo during Anyone Seen The Bridge. PNP > Rapunzel was great as usual. Then for the encore they played Where are You Goning which is going to be a classic! Everyone seemed to love it, including me who had just heard it for the first time. Next They played Two Step to end the show, and everyone was singing along. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give the show a 12, and it was definitly that good! Any tape traders out there should try to get this show! It was even better than my last show, 7/21/00 which was also a really good show.
Matthew B.
The boys were on tonight! The setlist featured a good mix of the new songs with the classics. They were woven together perfectly and the energy remained high all night long. Some of the highlights of the night included: Seek Up!!! A totally unexpected surprise, I was practically jumping out of my seat when they started playing this. They played it well with a nice jam at the end. After IDI, they went into a new song called You Never Know, which sounded great live and will be a sweet addition to the new album. This was followed by a great version of Warehouse which the crowd went crazy for. After a rest with the Space Between, the band picked it up again with Rhyme and Reason followed by the best version of LIOG I have ever heard. This song was played perfectly and the very long jam at the end had the crowd in a frenzy and was one of the coolest moments of the night. The boys got it right this time when they played SMTS into ASTB into Too Much. This really brought the energy up after the mellow songs GIG and STDH and everyone was singing along word for word. PNP into Rapunzel was a nice change of pace and everyone had fun dancing in their seats. Although this was a great show, I would have liked to see less of the everyday album and more of the great live songs (#40,#41, Say Goodbye ect.) The encore made up for it all though and was by far the best close of the tour so far. Where Are You Going is a great new song and I really love the lyrics to it. I just hope that it doesn't get overplayed like I think it will. The boy's went out with a bang with one of my all time favorite live songs. When the intro lick to Two Step was first heard, the noise that erupted from the arena could be heard all the way across the border in Canada! The band used a great variety of their song catalog tonight and it proved that although the albums may sound a little different, they all have one thing in common: Great Music
J.T. D.
One Word! WOW! This is my second show on this spring tour(I was at PSU's BJC, last week) and my 15th over all. I can truelly say that after last weeks very mellow set to say the least, and not so excited fans, that Buffalo and i know Rochester as well came out. Thank you guys for your excitement and for making DMB all feel welcome in Upstate NY. now to the show. first one of if not the best shows I've seen.SeekUp and Warehouse were Big suprises 2 great oldies that were both done very well, and I cant say enough about Lie in our Graves amazing Boyd was Awesome he really played his heart out on that solo. Where are you goin, and you never know are to great songs that seem to get better everytime i hear them. I only wish that 2step was played out a little more with Butch jamming but i know it was the encore so they were tired i understand that,overall great show and once again thanks for being a great crowd (inside during the show at least) see ya in Toronto and Spac.
Tony D.
Simply put, this was just a great concert. The rain didn't keep the Buffalonians from rocking it out before during and after the concert. What a great time!! Awesome setlist throwing in some old and new, a great mix of DMB. Highlight of the nite was definitely the best version of Lie In Our Graves. Boyd was so on tonite. Every song,so much energy,you could tell the band was ready to come out and put on a great show. Ill never forget the day or nite, from tkain the subway down to HSBC with my cousins and a bunch of others. It was certainly a DECENT time if I must say. Can't wait to see them in Saratoga in July. A solid gathering to say the least.
Kate B.
All I want to say is thank you, boys, for making up for PSU. This show kicked total ass with the setlist, energy of the crowd, energy of the band and being in an Arena where security isn't up your butt for smoking. Seek up, WWYS, R&R, Grey Street, Two Step, a smokin' ASTB, LIOG, jams everywhere....I felt like I was at Chicago again and believe me that ain't a bad thing. Boyd went bezerko during LIOG and it brought the house down as always. This show was by far one of the best I've seen, here's another phenomenal summer...
Pat S.
O WOW! What a show! It's the next day and I still can't get over how good it was. One thing that has to be said - the crowd was UNBELIEVABLE!! So much energy. That's what made the show so good. Also, gotta say that Robert Randolph and the Family Band sounded great, definitely check em out as an opener if you can. Now to the show highlights - WTWE and WWYS - got the energy level set and the crowd goin. Grey St - love this song - sounded great. Seek Up - couldn't BELIEVE that they played it - sounded awesome ... 15+ minutes. I Did It - sounded better than many think it does. You Never Know - one of my favorites now! Love this one ... and I was one of the few people who knew it, too. Warehouse - WOOO! - awesome version, crowd loved it. TSB - see I Did It. Rhyme - pretty good version. LIOG - TOTALLY SPECTACULAR!! Not enough adjectives to thoroughly describe how great this sounded, Boyd was all over the stage on his awesome solo. Without a doubt the best part of the show - crowd LOVED this tune - 15+ minutes again. STDH--> Grace - once again, even though it was an ED, STDH wasn't that bad, and Grace quickly followed and sounded awesome, I love the new jam on the end of it. SMTS --> ASTB --> Too Much - great trifecta ... tons of energy throughout the 12 minutes of great jamming. The transition made it even better - was thinkin this was the end of the set. PNP --> Rapunzel - great as a set closer, loud as hell, crowd sang along the entire time. Encore: WAYG - pretty good, wanted to hear DBTP - but this was great anyway. 2 Step - such a shock! Great closer, short and sweet (Butch didn't solo, kind of like the "in the rain version", about 10 minutes). Great way to close out the night. Also, Dave did screw up a few verses in a couple songs, but that didn't subtract at all from the show (this may have been attributed to the contents of the cup he was drinking from all nite). All in all a great show, couldn't have asked for more energy. Boyd was unbelivable all nite, especially LIOG. No signs of the band slowing down at all ... hope to catch em again before the end of the year if I can.
Chris R.
The Show was amazing, opening with WTWE. I was in an annoying long line for beer, and missed some of it, but its ok. WWYS was next, and quite enjoyable. Grey Street was amazing as usual, and seek up was a pleasant suprise. I Did It was next, and although everyone claims to not like this song and space between... when they're played live, the entire audience does go nuts, and the songs are quite good. You Never Know is an amazing song, i love it. Warehouse made me insanely happy, and the entire crowd felt the same. Lie In Our Graves was pretty amazing, i didn't think boyd would ever stop jamming, and then butch came in, it was great. Sleep To Dream is a little lacking of the energy needed to sustain the crowd, and everyone kind of took a break. First set closed with Rapunzel, and that was great as usual. Where Are you going for the encore was called, because it has become somewhat predictable, but still an amazing song, the first single of the new album. And two step to close... i couldn't have asked for a better ending to an amazing show. See you in saratoga
Tony G.
The band is definitely back!!! I was at the PSU show, and we've all read enough about that, so I will add no more on that subject. But I've been watching the set lists and they've been improving each night. Well tonight was the ultimate, most incredible DMB experience I have had yet, being my 15th show. I was really hoping for a killer show mostly for my friend's sake who has not seen dmb yet; and we definitely got it. Onto the show.....WTWE wasn't the best opener but a cool song nonetheless. Love when they bring the volume down for the "We'll be burnin one.." WWYS was better than most I've seen. Boyd and Roi were kickin! Then GREY STREET!! I was so happy to hear it for my first time this tour. One of my favorite songs. Not too much else to say about it. But then, oh yes, then came the biggest surprise of the night---SEEK UP!!!! One of my friend's favorites, and mine as well. First time played this tour, and caught most of the crowd ! by complete shock. I can't say enough about it, just awesome. I never thought they would play it. Then came I DID IT, just glad to get it out of the way I guess. Fun to dance to though. Next was YOU NEVER KNOW. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this song when it was played the first time at Fleet Center (4.7.02). So I knew it pretty well and I love it! It's gonna be another huge one. Awesome. Next was one of the highlights of the night, the best version of WAREHOUSE I've ever heard!! The "woos" in the beginning are simply amazing, and the way the band interacts with the crowd. Carter turned around in his chair to cue the people behind the stage with the woos, and Stephan was gettin into it too. Best version I've ever heard, crazy. TSB wasn't too bad tonight. I was kind of into it for a change, most likely b/c of Warehouse just before it. RHYME & REASON was nothing less than stellar. The lights at the end were spetacular, and Dave screamed his brains out. The best part ! of the night, and the best song I have seen in my dmb concert-going career, was LIOG!!!!!! My god I almost didn't make it to the end without falling down and dying. Boyd was god during this, and the lights, and the crowd, just everything made it a completely surreal experience. Gives me chills just to think about it. YEAH BOYD!!!!!! I was hoping for something mellow next b/c I couldn't handle another killer song, and luckily we got SLEEP TO DREAM HER. It was nice, and a definite necessity after such a crazy LIOG. Most of us called GRACE IS GONE to be next. Love that song, so did the rest of the crowd. Beautiful. SMTS was extra great, and I was really hoping for the BRIDGE, but since they hadn't done it yet this tour, I was skeptical. But we got it!!! ASTB into TOO MUCH, which killed us all. I thought it was going to be the closer with the way they played it and all the lights. But when they didn't take their instruments off, I almost wet my pants again (after my first time i! n LIOG). And the played PNP --> RAPUNZEL! Wow, what a way to end the set. It was just spectular.....The encore break took forever, but they all came back out (around 10:20) to play WAYG. What a song. Second time I heard it live, and it just keeps getting better.....Sometime in the middle of the show, I believe before RHYME, the crowd started chanting TWO STEP, and the band had a mini-conversation with each other, and I bet it was to play TWO STEP as the closer. Maybe they had it planned, but what a way to end an incredible show. They blew everyone away, and after some skepticism by many after the first few shows, I can assure you that the band we all know and love is back and better than ever! Can't wait for Toronto next week!!!
Jamie C.
The energy and the vibe of this show was better than that of any other show I have ever seen or heard. I feel honored to have been any part of the magic that occured inside HSBC Arena this night. The crowd was amazing; aware of every small nuance that makes a DMB show incredible. Each musician really took the other members and the crowd in completely, and expressed themselves through notes of perfection. They sounded so tight and polished. Attending this show helps me to remember why I am alive...and I am so grateful to be blessed with a life during a time when the Dave Matthews Band is feeding music into our souls. I found myself looking around the arena, watching thousands of people being drawn into another world, while beautiful lights cast a soft glow onto their smiling faces...and I had to ask myself, "Am I actually here?!" There are times when we realize that a moment has dropped into our hearts, and that moment is perfect...we are singing, dancing, full of love and appreciation. I found myself swimming in moments like that. I couldn't have been happier, and it's those times of spiritual elevation that make us feel wonderful over and over again. For the rest of my time here, I will be able to remember the way I felt at this experience...alive and free. :)
What a show.it was my 9th show and definatly one of the best i have seen. The first few songs got the show started off on the right foot. Grey street was the tighest i have heard it. "Seek Up" was amazing (not as good as saratoga but still great) I love the new song "You Never Know" It was great how steffan and carter were getting the crowd involved in "Warehouse" Great Solo in LIOG" "Sleep to dream her" was the only slow part of the show everyone seemed to sit down during it. The last 4 songs brought the house down. i thought they would end with two much but they kept on going. The loudest i have heard a crowd waiting for the encore. "Superman" was the highlight of the show for me a great suprise. Two Step was a great closure, wish Butch took a solo but overall an amzing show. can't wait to see some more shows this summer.
Michael E.
The show was amazing.opening with WTWE and closing with two step.They pulled seek up out of the bag of tricks for the first time this tour.one of my fave's and very rarely do they play it live.The energy in the arena was incredible.at times you couldnt hear the band when the crowd went crazy.Dave and the band looked good and were really into putting on a great performance.What would you say?havent heard it in awhile and was a good classic to pull out.grey st and other lilly white songs that have found themselves mixed in are a plus for a great show.What else can i say.R&R and LIOG.see you all in Saratoga in July for back to back shows.BE good.
John Z.
OK, OK, so I lied, Iíve come back to the fold, but I swear this is it. Now, Iíve read some of the reviews and Iím going to post a VERY unpopular review. Iím a firm believer that a concert isnít free reign to get stupid drunk and high. I think itís a bit of a tired act, but maybe thatís just being old! Iím also one of these people who feels there should be a "Newbie" section at the concert for anyone who thinks Halloween is just a day in October where you can dress in crazy costumes and "get crazy drunk!"(Note the sarcasm!) Now enough social commentary and onto the show. When I heard the opening chords to WTWE I had that creeping sensation up my back that this was going to be bad. But WWYS redeemed the opening and I felt really good with Grey Street, HOWEVER, he changed some of the lyrics and I felt the song didnít have the same desperate, pleading vibe as it did before. Now SEEK UP was sweet, itís been a long time since Iíve heard it and it was NIIIIICE! And then to follow it up with I Did It was a downer. Now Iím not real versed in the newer new stuff, but I liked the vibe from You Never KnowÖ.A-B-Cya Glen Ballard. WAREHOUSE rocked! Love that song and unlike some reviewers I dug the WHOOs. Added something to a cool song. Why does The Space Between get such a big pop? Is it that good of a song? When put next to "chick" songs like Lover or Say Goodbye, is it that good? I think not. Rhyme or Reason was nice but would have liked a good old #41 or a Typical Situation. LIOG ROCKS! I always tell the story of when I used to work in radio and, the night before I was going to a show, I was in the production room, LIOG BLASTING, dancing like crazy. One of the news girls walked in and screamed. I fell on my butt and thought I was going to die laughing. And then to follow it with Sleep to Dream Her???????? What about So Right? Or JTR? As for the reviewer who made the comment that it was disrespectful to sit during Sleep, THE SONG SUCKS! Anyone who has spent any time listening to DMB (previous Crowed Streets) knows it, so why be excited for a song that isnít good. But Dave did teach us a lesson by going right into Grace. Grace is my favorite Lillywhite song, weíve all felt like that beforeÖone drink to remember another to forgetÖah, the memories! To me I look forward at every show Watchtower and SMTS/ASTB/Too Much jam. Stefan is PHUNKY! Rapunzel was okay, but I want to know when Pantala will become a full songÖits such a tease. Two Step was awesome, good way to end it. Overall it was a good show, not my fave but worth the trip. No summer shows for me, got a real job now and canít be travelling the state anymore. See you next year and maybe everyone will be a little older and wiser.
Took my 13 yr old son to this show. It was his first concert ever and my first since Jerry Garcia died. So even though I love DMB's music, I didn't know what to expect or if I'd feel out of place and totally uncool at 38, although not much older than Dave, right? Well, we were both blown away. Of course, I have no other concert to compare it to, but by the first few notes of WWYS, I was like, Son? What son? Highlights for me were Warehouse, which rocked. LIOG, Boyd was amazing, I thought I was going to faint for a while there. SMTS,ASTB,TM and PNP,Rapunzel. I didn't really think they'd play these songs since they have so many new ones, so I pretty much danced my butt off. Highlights for my son were also Warehouse, and Rhyme and Reason which is one of his favorites that he didn't think they'd play. We both loved Two-Step, although he was hoping for Watchtower, which he listens to every version he can get his hands on constantly. My son isn't a fan of Everyday and I actually like a couple songs, yes, including The Space Between, probably because it reminds me of the Dead. If DMB would get into the song more and jam with it, seems like they could really turn it into something so much more than it is. Everyone around us seemed to enjoy it anyway, and I Did It as well, which again I think would benefit from a hot jam in the middle. So many people say they hate that song but everyone I saw was dancing. I heard Grace is Gone for the first time and I thought it was so beautiful, I really loved it. The best part of the whole experience, though, was the different perspectives a 38 yr old woman and a 13 yr old boy had on DMB going in and how the music took all the differences and just dissolved them for a few hours there. That's what I used to love about the Dead and it's what I love about DMB. (Plus, the Dead never had anyone as cute as Stefan, who I wanted to take home with me.) We also met so many great people at the show and in the lobby of the Hyatt where we stayd, and where DMB stayed as well, although they only got off the buses for an hour or two and then left for the arena. We saw Boyd get off the bus and my son saw Carter, his idol, who he called the wrong name cuz he was so excited and then felt like an idiot cuz the security guard moved Carter along and yelled, WRONG NAME! GO AWAY! But some guy did give him a dollar tip for holding the door, so that was cool. And yes, we saw Dave up close and personal. He was talking on his cell phone so we didn't bother him, but my son took a few pictures and Dave stopped while he snapped, which I thought was way cool. A bunch of fans followed him into the elevator, which I thought was way UNcool, especially since he was still on the phone, and once they all got in he said, I guess you're all takin' the elevator, stepped out and yelled, Cheers, as the doors closed. It was pretty amusing. We're going to Hershey this summer and we're both counting the days, and yeah, we're still dancing.
Michael L.
OK, first of all this is my first every review and my third DMB show(first this year)I would just like to say that IT WAS AMAZING! The crowd was sooo into it that you could barly hear what was going on. I have planned on going to about 7 shows this year so I can hear a number of songs on my list and I'll tell you that I heard a bunch of them tonite!. Highlights were definately GREY STREET, LIOG, and SEEK UP. Those songs were so full of energy that I was almost shaking, it was soo great. I took my friend who had never been and never heard them live it it totally didn't disapoint him one bit. Thanks Bufallo, you fans really know how to tailgate!
Tom H.
Well this was the first DMB show I've been to since Philly in 2000 and Wow! What a damn fine show. The crowd was ROCKIN and the setlist was phoenominal. Dave and the gang were off the hook and opened with a suprise (to me anyway) of WTWE. The highlights of my evening were LIOG and the closer Two Step. Un-freakin-believable. Lotsa energy and fun times. 11th row made a bit of a difference too ;-)
Scott D.
This was an absolutely AMAZING show. the band's energy was so high and the solos and improvs were so energetic. Boyd in LIOG is reason enough to get this show from the traders- ive never seen him go that nuts. Great mix of old and new stuff, seek up was a very much appreciated surprise for the entire crowd, as was warehouse. the two new songs, where are you going and especially you never know are such great songs and theyre really working for the guys live. two step brought down the house, great way to end the night. the crowd was really energetic, but at some points it was a little too much screaming for no reason for me, but if thats the only problem, im fine with it! DEFINITELY worth the money for the B&P-get a copy ASAP!!
Jeff K.
WOW!!! What a show. For anyone who was there, they understand what I mean when I say that it was an incredible show. Everything went right. The arena was very nice, the crowd was totally into it, and the band was fully prepared. The opening band was pretty good, they got us all nice and warmed up. When the World Ends isn't a favourite of mine but it was actually a very nice opener. WWYS was fabulous. Grey Street couldn't have been played nicer. SEEK UP!!!! WOW, the most pleasant surprise of the evening. I was so happy to hear this very old, very good song played. The new song You Never Know is going to be a very good song once people get into it. Warehouse was wicked. The Stop-Time intro with the WOOOOO's was awesome. Rhyme and Reason was also another surprise for me which was very good. Lie In Our Graves was unbelievable. When they finished the jam right before Dave came back in to finish the song the lights and everything went out and I thought he was going to end it right there and then he broke into it and we all went crazy! Grace is Gone was SOOOO good. Surprisingly however, a lot of people weren't really into it. Maybe because it is unreleased and not known?SMTS --> ASTB --> Too Much was also really good, I love the transition between songs. PNP --> Rapunzel is probably one of my favourtie two songs and I went crazy when they played it. Boyd went CRAZY throughout this one. ENCORE: Where Are You Going was very nice to hear. It's get better and better and I can't wait for the single to be released. And, last but DEFINITELY not least, the highlight of the show. TWO STEP!!! The best song Dave has to play and he does it. Me and my buddy tried to start up a Two-Step chant during the encore but people didn't join. He played Two-Step at my first show in Toronto on 8/10/01 and it was even better tonight. The song took my breath away, I was so happy to hear it, and what a song to end an AMAZING concert. P.S. FEEL BETTER DAVE!!!
Terenye A.
downtown buffalo isn't the greatest, neither was the weather, but the show was awesome. living in ohio and purchasing tickets two months ago, it was quite worth the wait, and the drive. dave opened with "when the world ends", and played a variety of songs from his previous albums, to the "lillywhite sessions", to "everyday". i have to say the band was totally awesome and energetic. one of my favorite highlights of the show was boyd tinsly doing his solo. dave danced alot, and the crowd really got into it. the band did a wonderful job, it was one of the best concerts i've been to. i am looking forward to seeing them in cleveland next week.
Amber Z.
It was good. I wouldn't say it was "whoa, totally great," but it had its high points. Maybe I'm too picky. But the crowd, at least where I was, sucked. I sincerely apologize to any visitors who had to sit in my section, 105. No one was standing. That's a slight exaggeration, but the people next to me were losers. They did not stand up once. They did not smile. They did not clap. People at DMB have to realize they are not at the movies or the philharmonic. Not that I dislike the philharmonic, but my god, please don't give people dirty looks who stand up and clap, ok? It's a Rock Concert... Not just any Rock Concert, but it's Dave Matthews Band. Anyways, the setlist was, uh, nice. When the World Ends was kind of a let down. Seek Up was a great surprise, but should have been the opener. What Would You Say was great, and Grey Street had a lot of energy, but nothing like Buffalo a few years ago. I Did It sounded like it did on the radio, which is a good thing for some people, bad for others. It was my first time hearing You Never Know, and I liked it. Better than Everyday, that's for sure. The crowd went crazy during the Warehouse entrance and it sounded like the good-old-days. Space Between wasn't bad, but Rhyme and Reason was an awesome surprise, but I missed the old intro. The highlight of the night was Lie in our Graves, for sure. I've heard some good versions, and Boyd was on fire that night. Totally amazing. Sleep to Dream her was ok, but the Grace is Gone was totally great. It was jammed out a bit and sounded really good. So Much to Say and Too Much were great additions and the PNP into Rapunzel added some extra stuff to the night. The encore was nice, Where Are You Going was cool, my first time hearing it with the band. Still sounded the same. Two Step ended the night elegantly, but I missed a long jam at the end. All in all, a good show. Not totally great, but I guess the venue isn't as great as Wilson. Hopefully Toronto will be better! I'm sure Bela and the boys will add some old favorites...maybe a 41? Please?... and mix it up
Mike O.
14th show. The one I have been waiting for for some time now. baadasss!! almost all long jams. Been screaming for Seek Up for about six shows now. when those strings started to play, i fell on my ass. wharehouse, also been a while, as well as two step. liog, always excellent. gonna be tough to top this one for a while. We'll see with the Gund and two at star lake in August...peace out ya'll...seek up
Chris M.
This was my 13th show. Was it the best one I've seen? Probably not. But It was a great show. When the World Ends, although some of you have shown distaste towards it, in my opinion was a great opening. It was nice hearing them begin the show with something relatively new. It just made me yearn for something older in the next song. And they so often do, the band satisfies with a little What Would you Say. I think of all the shows I've been to, this was one of the better mixes the band has put together. I listened to Lillywhite the entire ride to the show, and it had me praying that he would play Grace is Gone, amazingly, unepectantly he did. PS. I predicted either Trippin Billies or Two-Step for an encore...and man did Two-Step send me home realin'.