Dave Matthews Band
Molson Centre, Montreal, QC Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

So Much To Say *
Granny *
You Never Know *
Lover Lay Down *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
What You Are *
Crush *
Grey Street *
Where Are You Going *
Drive In Drive Out *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
Raven *
Two Step *+~
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away
#40 (tease)
Ants Marching *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Bela Fleck on banjo
~ with the Flecktones

Sjean W.
All I can say about tonights show is it was brilliant. The Flecktones and DMB let of so much energy which set the crowd a blaze into the night. There wasn't one person not grroving and dancing to at least one song, it was inspirational. Dave and the boys played some new tracks and what surprised me most was that they played "Pig", I was almost crying when I heard the first note that Boyd played at the start of the song. The new songs sounded incredible and I can't wait until I hear those new ones on the new album. It's a show like this that makes me want to scream out loud to anyone who's never seen these beautiful bands live. It's also shows like this that make me want to own the Live cd and listen to it every minute of every day. "Two Step" "Two Step" Two Step", oh my god what a version of this awesome peice. The Flecktones joined the boys on stage and they without a doubt exuded energy beyond the minds of every soul in that smoke filled venue. I'm going to bed now replaying the show in my head and loving it. Always...
Lorne R.
How to possibly limit a riview of tonight's show to a single paragraph? The word 'phenomenal' was all I could mutter after many of the songs tonight. Easily ranks as #1 of the three DMB shows I've seen. Highlights: An ENTIRE night without I Did It AND The Space Between. Absolutely ecstatic about that. Straightforward SMTS and Granny to open. Unexpected but beautiful Lover Lay Down. An inspired Crush with Boyd absolutely possessed during his solo. Another great Grey Street (such a perfect live song). Add Two Step and Ants Marching to the formula and you get one unforgettable night. Energetic crowd, great opening set by Bela Fleck & Co., and a superb setlist. All in all, everything I was hoping for. Can't wait until they roll through Montreal again!
Colin ".
First off... Mad Props to the Flecktones for such a brilliant performance. I had to take it all in, since I probably will not get to see them much ever again considering how often they tour up here in Canada. All I can say about tonight's performance is : BEST. SHOW. EVER. (okay, maybe not EVER, but at least best of this spring tour so far). Sidenote: Bela Fleck's t-shirt read "I didn't do it". I found that absolutely hilarious, especially considering that the band ended up NOT playing IDI for the first time this tour. Lemme tell you how relieved I was when I saw that Dave was not reaching for his baritone after #40. Instead, we got a bad-ass Ants Marching! This show was everything I had ever wanted multiplied by 1000000. There just arent enough words to express how good it felt coming out of that show. Granny was a surprise (you called it, Sarah). PNP->Rapunzel was good to hear midset. Lover Lay Down was a surprise! And Two Step w/Flecktones! I knew they werent going to re-do #41 again, but I had origianlly called LIOG, but WOW! All I can saw is WOW! Actually, I wouldn't even be surprised if this show were nominated as a possible live release, considering how everything was so friggin awesome! For those who think that DMB lost their touch... THINK AGAIN. That, or get a copy of the Montreal show. Thanks to all those who made this show so awesome, and to the couple sitting next to me for not ratting me out about moving up for the whole show to be with some buddies. I behaved, didn't I? Thank you DMB!
Long C.
Wow! What can I say? Simply an amazing show - the best by far of the three I've seen in my life. Lover Lay Down (my fav DMB song) was definitely a welcome surprise, and Crush was a nice one for the ladies as well ;) The Lillywhites are a lot more polished then the previous versions, and Grey Street, well it just rocked! Where Are You Going sounds really nice with the band, it's only the second time I've heard it - the first time was just Dave by himself at the Virgin Megastore in London :) Two Step with Bela and the entire Flecktones jamming with Dave and the boys was simply outta this world! I really hope the pictures from our new Bostonian friends who sat in front of us turn out nice! The HABS are still gonna beat the Bruins though! ;) And what an encore, #40 and Ants to finish off... hats off the DMB and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for an amazing show!
Edward A.
WOW, I don't even know where to start. Well, a 20 minute long Two Step is a hell of a thing, especially when it has the energy like tonight's entire show did. This show was full of spirit from DMB and the crowd. Dave did a lot of talking which is also a treat, and he even came out with a little poem before Bela Fleck and the Flecktones came out. For everyone who was worried about Dave's voice, don't be!! He sounded incredible tonight. Every member had so much energy during their parts of the songs or solos, it was sweet. And to end with Ants Marching, come on now, what could be better. Well I guess I should go study for my exam that I have in 6 hours, none the less though, this concert was definitely worth failing an exam for, and if you can get your hands on it, congrats, and let me know. Goodnight everyone.
Brady S.
Alright, send the children out of the room. About the Montreal show - three words to sum it up - Fuckin Bad Ass. Bela Fleck and the 'Tones up on stage RIPPED on Two Step. It must have clocked in around 20-25 mins. Unbelievable. Pretty standard setlist with the other shows, not much variation, but again, You Never Know, Pig, and Lover Lay Down are such sweet songs to have the priviledge to listen to. What You Are - my favorite tune off Everyday was sick. Grace Is Gone, Grey Street, Crush, and Bartender were also exceptionally done tonight. The only downfall on the evening was the lackluster crowd. During five or six tunes, I looked around only to see 6 people (counting myself) standing in the entire section. To the encore. It was beautiful to see just Dave walking up on stage, and Aint It Funny was predictable, but still sweet as hell. Dave strutted around stage messing around with the opening C progression of #40, and I couldnt believe it. 40 only lasted a minute or so, but that is my first time seeing it live, and it was unbelievable. Ants was a standard closer, but the energy was raging in the Molson Centre. Wish Bela and the Flecktones would have guested on a couple more tunes, but Two Step definitely made up for it. A hell of a night!
Michael L.
All I can say is THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN! I heard before the show and I kind of knew that Montreal had a reputation to live up to and did they EVER! Two Step with all 10 guys jamming away on stage and they didn't Play I DID IT or SPACE BETWEEN, that says it all right there, and I thought we got a treat the night before in Ottawa! WOW! See ya'll in Detroit!
Pat B.
This was easily the best show i've seen of the many i've encountered. A typical opener for this tour but still electric. You Never Know is coming along well as the tour moves along. Lover Lay Down was a lovely suprise. Boyd was going nuts during Crush which made it all the more amazing. Drive In was incredible and the new verse had the crowd going insane. I can die now that ive heard pig live, i just dont understand why theyve waited this long. The highlight of the night was obviously 2Step. The energy and passion throughout the song kept the venue amazed. The flecktones solos were incredible especially Coffins. I only wish i could have seen them play 41 last night as well. A great encore in Aint It,40 and Ants. The setlists are stunning as of late(no IDI or TSB). Hopefully it'll stay that way for the rest of the tour.
David R.
After seeing them in Ottawa i thought beating the Ottawa show would be impossible. Dave and the boys proved me wrong! The fact that Dave left out IDI is a clear indicator that this was "live cd" material. (Very happy about that.) Dave pulled off an amazing Crush which replaced The Stone from the previous night. The crowd here was absolutely insane! Pig was an amazing surprise, as was grace is gone which blew me away. Boyd's face offs with Dave were mindblowingly intense. Leroi had so many great solos! My friends and I were thinking, "what could they do to top off #41" from the night before. Two Step was defintely the answer! The flecktones were wild as usual; and with the help Carter's drumming power the best Two Step was created. Since he played Ants in Toronto i dont think people were expecting it.., but what a finalle! Incredible show! Once again, dave and the crew never disappoints us here in Montreal!!
[Name R.
Absolutely indescribable show. My second. With Dave's recent vocal strain, I didn't know how daring he would be with his singing. He sounded fantastic. The Band opened with an incredibly energetic SMTS. Then Granny, GRANNY!! I had only heard the 4.7.02 Fleet Center recording of You Never Know, absolutely fantastic in person. LOVER LAY DOWN... need I say more? Awesome to hear Dave reviving some Lillywhite tracks in anticipation of the new album. BEF, Grey St, Grace, & Raven all rocked! We die hard fans were loving it. Drive rocked, and Dave did an incredibly beautiful version of Pig! The show's highlight for me: Dave alone doing #40 during the encore!!!!!! What a treat. Where Are You Going...absolutely beautiful. Crush was a little slow, but still one of my faves. Can't wait for the summer tour and the new album! It looks to be one of their best yet!
Name R.
This was a great show. It was one of my favorites for sure. The feeling in the audience was real positive energy and having Bela Fleck and the Flecktones opening was a lively mix of great music. When dave came on, the crowd went wild. He played one of the best sets ever, with awesome jams in rapunzel, crush, and an esp incredible version of two step as the last song. for the encore: Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (willie nelson cover) was a great solo by just dave, followed by #40, and then a perfect last song: Ants marching, as my view (from way up above) fit into the song perfectly. What a great show!!!!!
Mike Z.
How y'all doing this evening. Last night Dave and the boys put on a mind blowing, ear busting simply amazing show. The band's energy was lifted to another level as they fed off of the super vibe coming from us crazy Montreal DMB fanatics. The setlist had absolutely no letdowns and also offered some awesome surprises. "I Did It" was finally left out of a set and the crowd was entertained by a diverse compilation of 5 Lillywhites, some of the best songs off of Before These Crowded Streets (PIG!! Rapunzel, Crush)and some oldies including DIDO, Ants and Lover Lay Down. Sitting only 7 rows from the band (I LOVE THE WAREHOUSE) makes you appreciate what they give back to the loyal fans. It gives you an idea how much hard work and enthusiasm goes into every show night in and night out...and now on to the show. The Flecktones rocked and it's great that they decided to open the Canadian shows. Granny was a nice surprise.. "LOVE, BABY" and it got the crowd groovin' even harder then they already were from a pretty standard renition of So Much To Say. BEF ---> Bartender also made the night...but wait...the best is yet to come. When Dave broke out the 12 string to play "Grey Street", we all agreed that the night was already well worth it. A sick version of "What You Are" and a cool new stop time part in "Crush" also made the highlights...but man...we did not know what was still to come...TWO STEP TWO STEP TWO STEP...word's can't express...but if you weren't at the show, I'll do, my best, for you and try to explain. the Flecktones came out and for a 23 minute version of Two Step. Each of the Flecktones took their turn soloing and I could not control myself (can you blame me)?? Victor's hands move so fast on that base that you can't help but stand there and stare in awe...like most of DMB was. The encore was nothing short of spectacular either. Dave came on alone at first with a # 40 tease and then broke into "Ain't it funny". The band joined in after that for a Listener Supported sounding #40...increadible. And if that was not enough...Ants was the show closer. I think that set list sorta speaks for itself..don't you?? Does anybody disagree with me when I say that the "Busted Stuff" album will be the best one since UTTAD?? No i didn't think so! Did I mention that the 2 new songs that were played tonight were nuts as well? I'm losing it!..do you c what Dave does to me...I can't even think straight anymore. If you were at the Molson Center last night you know what I am talking about. So after the show a few of us went to a certain MTL hotel where DMB was staying and met Mr. Moore. We spoke for a bit in the bar and he signed my setlist that i got after the show....what a nice guy! We left before Dave got there cause I was starting to feel a little guilty about being out at 2AM when I had a final exam at 2PM the very same day (today). Well worth it for DMB if you ask me! And to the dude who was sitting to the right of me during the show, you missed a sick Ants Marching and i hope you caught your bus back to NYC. It's been real telling y'all about the best of the 8 shows that I've been to. Hope they come back soon...there is no band like em!! We'll see y'all again no doubt....
Joseph B.
What a night! My fifth show and first time in Montreal. First off, Bela Fleck Rocked! I wouldn't mind seeing them again. Highlights of the night, SMTS and Granny really got the crowd into it. You Never Know, great song, can't wait for the new album. Big Eyed Fish, one of my favorite songs, even better having it carry into Bartender. Where are you going?, another great new song, sounded even better with the band. Crush! My all time favorite DMB song, first time hearing it live and I think I scared some of the people in my section! The whole crowd was dancing and singing, it made the song even more beautiful. Pig was a nice surprise, so was Dave not playing I Did It! Two Step was incredible. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones came out, and the song must have gone on for atleast a half hour, truly amazing. For the Encore Dave came out alone for Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away...Then #40, Just a tease, but always nice to hear. Finally, Ants Marching, one of the best closing songs, always leaves the crowd on the edge of their seats. Everyone was jamming for this song. All in All, Great Show. Probably one of the Best I've seen Yet. Thanks to Montreal for an incredible show, See ya in Boston! I hope.
Pete S.
I've seen DMB 5 times now. I saw 4 shows in '98 beginning with the Jarry Park Tennis Centre venue in Montreal (my, how things have changed). With all of the different directions in the band's music since then, I was somewhat apprehensive that this show would not be the same as previous ones in many respects. I was wrong. Like every single posting regarding the Montreal show, I absolutely loved it. The setlist mix between classic, recent and new songs was perfect, and all of the post-BTCS songs I still hadn't heard live sounded fantastic. With this show and the new, amazing, roots-based song "Where are you going?", the band's future seems as bright as its past.
Jonah L.
Let me just say this: I have never been to such an amazing concert. I only recently became a Dave fan and therefore this was my first concert. I paid a hefty price for my seats (on the floor) and it was well worth it. The setlist was one of the best I've seen around. I didn't expect them to play Pig or Lover Lay Down and it was a nice surprize. The half-hour jam on Two Step with the Fleckstones was incredible and I hope a can get this into my music collection somehow. I was surprised & overjoyed that Dave and the crew ended with Ants instead of IDI or TSB. It was a great way to end. With the crowd singing and dancing non stop, and the selection of songs played, this was by far the best concert I have been to and hope to go to many more.
Catherine N.
What a show! The only thing that pissed me was the two losers behind me that asked me to shut up a couple of times, ya do you really think I'm going to shut up??? GET A LIFE!! So my friends and I were like, ok, he's going to open with So Much To Say, Too Much or What Would You Say. The thing is, I really wanted him to open with SMTS, wich he did. he he HURRAY! And then GRANNY?!?!??! OH MY GOD, I almost cried, the crowd was screaming, and so was I. I just love this song so much. And then You Never Know, can't wait for July 2nd, this song is powerful, I didn't get all the lyrics though... Rapunzel, HELLO JAM!!!!!! Big Eyed Fish and Bartender were killer, the crowd was really into it, singing and dancing, wow! Grey Street was perfect, I sang like a crazy woman. And just before the encore TWO STEP!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING With Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, it made the crowd go nuts! I was hoping Two Step would come up since they played LIOG and #41 before in Ottawa and Toronto. And the last song, ANTS, that was a surprise!!!!! Everybody was singing, I mean EVERYBODY!!!!! (except the losers, of course) So it was A GREAT SHOW! Energic crowd, like always, Montreal is always loud, let's just admit it, we rock! And Dave knows it so he gave us the best show. I'm just a bit sad he didn't play Warehouse, that would've been cool! And the two idiots behind me left before ants was finished... fans aren't they??? Anyways, I hope Dave comes again next year for another great setlist like this one, I just can't wait.
Francis M.
To be honest I thought nothing could top last years performance in Montreal. I was wrong. So Much To Say was a typical opener, but when they rolled out Granny we knew we were in for a special night. The one thing that I certainly did not expect was them not to play the usual IDI or SBTW which I have to say was a treat. Another expectation which didn't come true (fortunately) was Dave's voice. He went through Bartender and Rapunzel with no problems. Now, DMB +The Flecktones +Two Step= heaven ...Thats all I have to say about that. The encore was so sweet with the 40 tease. We were all chanting for Watchtower, but we were definitely happy with Ants. The only expectation that did come true was the Montreal crowd. Don't get me wrong it was LOUD, but not as loud as the last one. This is probably because Les Canadiens were playing tonight and Les Canadiens come before anything for most Montrealers, even god....
James C.
This was my first show and what a way to bust my cherry. The setlist was great and everything was played so well. We nearly called SMTS as an opener and when Granny hit we knew were in for a good one. Crush amazed me, never heard it better. I really liked "What you Are" surprisingly, very cool song live. Grey Street is fantastic, makes me pumped for the new album. But clearly the best part was the amazing "Two Step" with the Flecktones. Victor Wooten is a god. Go get this show as soon as possible
Ben M.
Absolutely the best show I have ever attended. EVER. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. NOT JOKING. I felt like I had been brought back to the summer of 2000 with Granny and Grey Street - two of my faves. Opener of SMTS was sort of expected, but once hearing the new Lillywhite reminiscent song, I was completely blown away. Sounds like he is moving back towards his Crash and UTTAD days with writing songs. THANK GOD! Bartender sent me into a frenzy; as soon as hearing Boyd's first line I knew I was in for the best version ever. Now I have to admit was quite impressed with the songs from Everyday. Not at all disappointed. TWO STEP - Swear to God I will forever hear that song in my head now. It was my favorite since Crash and LRR. And now I can say I've heard the best version ever. PLEASE let this concert be released!!!! Not to forget the Flecktones! WOW. INCREDIBLE. Loved every tune. Especially Hoedown. Just want to say I've played with Jeff Coffin before...guy's a master at those saxes if not proven by playing an ALTO AND TENOR AT THE SAME TIME!
Montreal was my first EVER DMB show...no, show isn't the word for it...it is truly an experience!! I almost cried immediately upon entering the Molson Centre and seeing that stage and knowing Dave would be out there soon. The Flecktones did an AMAZING JOB warming us, the audience, up! I was in awe when Dave and the boys actually came out on stage...before they had played a single note the entire crowd was on their feet! So Much To Say was an awesome opener, everything sounded incredible!! I gotta admit, I really only started getting into Dave hard core last spring, but once I started listening more and more I realized how many songs I already knew and didn't know I knew!! So there were few songs that I had never heard before that are now new favorites of mine (Grace, and Bartender to name a few)! In closing, dispite my infected mouth, my head cold, my headache from being so damn hungry (I hadn't been able to eat much in a week or so thanks to the infected mouth!), and the very little sleep I'd been running on after a seemingly endless bus drive to Montreal (ok it was only about 12 hours, but it seemed longer!), Dave, Boyd, Carter, Stefan, Leroi, & Butch, thanks for one of the most incredible experiences of my life!! I hoping for more great ones like this!!!
Caley M.
OMIGOD! what can be said about such and incredible performance! Opening, bela flecka dn teh flecktones were absoultly amazing, what a way to get the crowd pumpin!! DMB was definitely worth the money i spent making my way there and even more. I've never experienced a concert so full of energy and i dont believe there was one person there who did not get up and jive to good ol' dave. way to dave, you guys sure know how to get an audience moving\!! Two-steping all teh way home!!