Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Charlotte, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Terrence Simien
When the World Ends
What Would You Say
Rhyme and Reason
So Right
#41 (Everyday)
Sleep To Dream Her
Grace Is Gone
I Did It
Everyday (#36)
All Along the Watchtower
What You Are
Jimi Thing
If I Had It All
True Reflections
Two Step
Tripping Billies

Robb L.
To the Naysayers who don't like the new album, you should all be silenced after this show. Dave and Co. gave a truly animated, exciting, and electric performance tonight. Charlotte has not seen the guys perform this well in YEARS! I was not biased, friends of mine that are not huge DMB fans LOVED this show. They had been dissapointed in years past, and were actually on the fence about coming this year. The band was into it tonight, and the crowd in Charlotte responded like I have never seen them respond for the past four years. The Setlist was fantastic! Lots of Muscle, and a REALLY good blend of old and new. The highlights were watching how these new songs are at the very beginnings of evolving. So Right was prolonged at the end with a segue by Leroi, nothing in depth, but certainly it was extended. Look for great things from this tune later in the tour! Everyday with a dab of #36, #41 with a dab of Everyday...quite a nice touch. When the World Ends got everybody moving quickly! What a great opener! These new songs are coming into their own, only four shows into the tour. The flavor seems different from the album versions, as they have less of the Ballard influence a la Glen's Keyboards(I think this is a big plus). Sorry to report that Butch Taylor is not in attendance. All in all a great night. My review from last year is now contradicted. This show is the best I have seen in Charlotte. Can't wait for more shows this summer!
Justin R.
an all around pleasing show. i was glad they pulled out rhyme and jimmi thing. it was good to hear those two oldies. dissapointed with the encore, but im sure the waste/tripping will be played alot this tour. i enjoyed this show better then the saturday raliegh show because the new songs were distributed evenly, not bunched up. i really like what you are and sleep to dream her is growing on me. when the world endgs makes a great opener because everyone can sing to it and it has energy that is not in the album version. before everyday dave talked about how lucky the band was to have such great fans. two step was good as always but without the carter solo. dave sang the maker with terrance simien which was a treat.
Drew B.
GOOOOOOD SHOW! MUCH better setlist than Charlottesvile, our last show! Cut right to it, WASTE (Phish) by Dave solo is F**KINGOUT OF THIS WORLD! Opened with When the World Ends-solid...WWYS-good...R&R-cool, very cool...So Right-better than C-ville...#41>Everyday-WOW, great flow to the show...Sleep To Dream Her-slowed it down but nice...Grace Is Gone-SWEET, great song...I Did It-standard but good.. .#36>Everyday-love this blend, more of #36 would be Right On...Watchtower-Great they jammed it out...What You Are-good...Jimi Thing-Right on time, sooo sweet...JTR-Great song...If I Had It All- good...True Refelctions-Boyd is bad as s**t, I love this song...2 step-sweet close.................Waste(Phish) Dave solo- This is GREAT, not a lot of people around us really seemed to get into it ? If you go to a DMB show hope your lucky enough to hear it!!!!!!!!!! Dave does it soooo good! Finish with Billies-good, crowd pleaser, not what I was looking but knew was coming! Solid A all in all! Wish they had played MORE Lillywhite....... SOLID, SOLID show, good flow and blend of songs! It helps put my mind to rest after the Charlottesvilel show, so-so setlist, in my book. Hope the guys are on tonight in Greenville.....see you @ the show!
Justin S.
Another great show in Charlotte, NC!! The band was unbelievably energetic tonight. It was nice to hear them start off with a new song and "When The World Ends" is a great song live. There was a great mixture of new songs and old favorites. "WWYS" had a nice jam in it like usual and "So Right" was down right amazing, LeRoi rocks! But the highlight of the night for me, was the most amazing version of "Watchtower" that I have ever heard in my life! Everyone in the band jammed like there was no tomorrow on that song, which got the audience pumped and up and dancing. "True Reflections" was a nice touch with Boyd showing off his voice and violin. I was surprised to hear "Waste" tonight but it was a welcome surprise. This show was unbelievable and definitely the best show I've ever seen!!
Morgan K.
Well, this show didn't live up to my expectations for closing out the rounds in NC. It was a very solid show with some great highlights, but I have one complaint, and I think that anyone who went to Raleigh would agree with me here, where is the variety? Rhyme and Reason, the only song we didn't hear in Raleigh, what's with that? Anyways, still a good show and now to the highlights. When the World Ends as an opener was a suprise, and a good one. The abrupt ending is really cool and the crowd loves it. #41 with the Everyday lyrics in the intro and outro really flow well together, as does Everyday with the #36 lyrics weaved in, very cool. Grace is Gone, what can I say, just a beautiful song and always nice to hear. JTR for the third night in a row is starting to wear on me, but the last thirty seconds of solid jamming from all the boys make this one hard-to-hate. Watchtower was insane, absolutely ripped, and was followed up by What You Are, which is also intense. Dave got really into What You Are, at one point switching up the lyrics to "Don't f*ck me, f*ck you!!" True Reflections and then a very good Two Step closed out the set. The encore started with Dave coming out and saying that his voice was going hoarse, which it was, but then played a great cover of Waste acoustically by himself. You could tell he was fighting his way through it, but it was actually pretty moving watching him give his all for all of us. After Waste, the rest of the boys came back out and THEY were even applauding for Dave. Very, very cool moment. Tripping Billies rallied the crowd and ended the evening with a great vibe. I would have liked to hear some different songs tonight, but hey, three shows in four days ain't bad. Next stop, Nashville and Virginia Beach, hope to see yas there!
Alex M.
This was the second Dave show I have ever seen and it rocked. Dave played a pretty long set list with some of his best songs. For once, I actually enjoyed listening to "I Did It." He did an amzing version of "Watchtower," "36/Everyday," "#41," and "Tripping Billies" as his encore. LIke always, the lights were amazing and so was the video stuff. He also did a version of "The Maker" with the opening band, some acordian rock group from New Orleans. Overall the show rocked!
Phillip M.
Very good show. Some of the songs kicked ass and the ones that wernt awsome just didnt sit well with me. HIGH POINTS - Dave came out on stage with Terrance (the opener) and sang "The Maker"!!!!!!!! it was soo unexpected. #41 was unbelievable, dave was dancin around all over the stage, the everyday outro was really cool. Watchtower was unreal, just to see the expression in dave's face as he was singing got you into it. #36 --> Everyday --> #36 was such and happy song... dave was gettin into it and the whole crowd loved it (one of my favorites of the show). What You Are was unexpectingly good, the did a bit of a jam on the end (nice to hear that). JIMI THING!!!!!!!! dave's jam on the end was almost like arabian, lerio actually got really into his jam on this song, he doesnt get much credit sometimes but he truly went nuts tonight. JTR was nice to hear but i think dave over playes this one ..... but still nice to hear. Waste I was hopin that this one would sorta be a one time thing... you know to make it special, but its a very very good song. Billies was wicked thats all I can say it was wicked. LOW POINTS everything before #41. Sleep to Dream Her didnt do much for me and when he faded into Grace is Gone I think he sorta lost some of the energy that had built up with #41. Grace is Gone is a beautiful song. I DID IT ROCKED.... no no that one sucked. Over all the set looked very much like satuday in Raleigh.
Matt B.
I am sorry to say that last nights show was a disappointment. I hear from everyone that Dave hates playing Charlotte and, as this is the first time I have seen him in my home city, I have no choice but to agree with all. Dave has absolutely no audience appreciation. Hey, common! We payed 40 bucks to hear you and the least you could do is be nice. I expected to hear some of the awesome old songs like Crash, Satellite, or Ants Marching. If they expect folks to come back out for the next tour they have to give them what they want to hear. The only highlight of the show was the song Grace is Gone. What a flop, but hey if he tours next year I'll probably go, but not in Charlotte, at least it won't be the Everyday tour. By the way, it was OVER at 10:30 PM.
Jennifer A.
I had a great time at the show on May 1st at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater. I am an avid Dave Matthews fan, so this is difficult to say. I was a little disapointed in the setlist. The older songs he played ( not on the Everyday album) were generic and almost the exact same songs played at Verizon in September. I also looked forward to hearing The Space Between. I will continue to love Dave and his music, and I hope the next show I see is a little more diverse. Also, I enjoyed Dave's version of Waste! I love Dave!
Okay, after 7 years of DMB summer tours I've never been so disappointed. Both Raleigh shows left me wondering what happened to the band, but Charlotte is usually a great show for the older fans. Not this year. After a set littered with Everyday tunes, I was begging for a Seek Up or Recently by the end. The encore was the high point of the night, hearing Phish's "Waste" for the second time in three shows. Unfortunately it went right into the same version of Billies we got in Raleigh on sunday night. With the lawn seats creeping into the forty dollar range and most of the crowd needing their parents to pick them up, I might have to pass on seeing more than one show next year. Very disappointing.
James M.
Well, it seems like i had seen this show before it even started, and wait, i did, it was the first two raleigh shows with rhyme and reason added in. All of the songs were repeats from one of the two raleigh shows, and Jimi Thing was played in back to back shows. Waste was nice to hear again, but then it was the same standard version of Billies to end. The highlights of the night were a well-jammed out So Right, What You Are, Watchtower, and Two Step. The low points were again Sleep To Dream Her, which drained all the energy out, and of course I Did It. But hey, i got to see DMB 3 times in 4 days, so i cant complain.
Ben H.
YIKES! I have been to 4 shows, and this was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Me and my good friend Justin had awesome seats in section 3, (thank you Warehouse!) An unbelieveable setlist with great energy! They walked out on stage casually with dave sporting a full beard! Then they jump into When the World Ends to start the show. I'm going to go ahead and say it now, for all the MORONS who don't like the new stuff, and those "true" fans who take bathroom breaks during the new tunes... I hope you are all reading this because you can suck my ass!!! I love the old stuff as much as the next guy, but I think the new stuff is really cool and it is GREAT live!! Tonight had a great mix of old and new, with a cool intro/tease into WWYS, followed by the most pissed off RHYME AND REASON I have ever heard! AWESOME! I hadn't heard that one live before, and it was a NICE suprise! SO RIGHT was incredible, they absolutely NAILED it along with all the other new tunes. Roi absolutley blew the roof off the place, he is my hero! JIMI THING, #41 with the everyday outro, the most mind-boggling WATCHTOWER I have ever seen or heard, TRUE REFLECTIONS, and GRACE IS GONE and JTR from the Lillywhite album. WASTE is a really sweet song and I'm glad Dave started covering that one, followed by a TRIPPING BILLIES to end the night that would have gotten a paralyzed person up and dancing like James Brown!! All I have to say about this show is that it freakin whipped a camel's ass!!!
Jim T.
All in all, not a bad show...dave sportin a beard is kinda interesting. WTWE..alright opener, one of my personal favs from everyday. WWYS..heard this song ALOT last summer, but i suppose it's one of those songs that never disappoints live. could have done without R'n'R..other highlights...i liked everyday with the 36 overtone alot.."hey, uhh, you know, we think about how lucky and blessed we are to have such great fans 'everyday'" can this song NOT be a live staple? watchtower, solid as usually, fonzie with the into this one..Grace..ahh, a beautiful song, glad they pulled it out tonight. lowlights, though it pains me to say it about this band: sleep to dream her, ugghh..not a fan of this one..wanted to give it a chance live, but....not enough davespeak, and minimal dave dancin too. i don't think the crowd was really into that much either...not a lot of radio songs tonight, could definitely tell the crowd wasn't familiar with a lot of the new album or the lillywhite stuff...not a problem though, guess it's better that way. billies was a solid closer. overall, the show left me wondering: are we ever gonna hear the likes of nancies, say goodbye, pig again?? see y'all at giants, take care of each other.