Dave Matthews Band
Beale Street Music Festival, Tom Lee Park (AutoZone Stage), Memphis, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: AutoZone Stage: Tantric, North Mississippi Allstars, Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm

#41 (Everyday)
When the World Ends
What Would You Say
(Stop-Time) Warehouse
If I Had It All
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Jimi Thing
What You Are
Everyday (#36)
All Along the Watchtower
Waste *
Tripping Billies
* Dave solo, acoustic
Tech note: Carter's kick drum mic shorted out right at the end of SMTS, causing ASTB to be without kick drum for the first few measures.

David L.
Awesome Show! I have no clue how many people were there, but it was packed literally as far as the eye could see. The energy was amazing and Dave was visibly excited the entire show. I was really surprised that we didn't here any Lillywhites, but it was sill an amazing show. SMTS>ASTB?>Too Much was incredible!! Warehouse was also awesome. No guests at all. It was a treat to hear the whole show with just the band. I sort of felt sorry for Ike Turner, who had to play before him, because people came 5 hours early to get quality standing spots and did not want to hear anyone else. Although the Setlist was short, I give it quality rating of 8.5 out of 10.
Dylan L.
The Concert was an absolute return to the jazz and jam type music that Dave captures in his albums before everyday. 41 was an opening crowd pleaser and was very short as was When the world ends. WWYS was electrifying. Jimmi Thing was never-ending and highly pleased the very well educated followers of DMB. 36 into Everyday was one if not my favorite which started as #36 and then Dave half way through began to sing Everyday. Watchtower was a strong ending. Encore preformances were solid yet, I've never heard the song Dave did solo. The show all together was very stong and sent many home hoping for more.
Ricky M.
I have been to this website before and read all kinds of reviews for their shows and every review i have ever read was exactly true. This was the best concert i have ever been to. I stood for 7 1/2 hours just so i could have good seats and i was about 20ft from Dave himself. He ran out on stage and jumped in the air and there were so many pictures being taken that it looked like they had strobe lights all over the place. If there is a nice hott girl from Mississippi reading this, i probably sat next to you.
Christy R.
Though slightly short, and though several people needed to take lessons on manners (i.e., it is NOT cool to boo Ike Turner off the stage screaming "We want Dave" or to crowd surf in order to get closer to the stage....), the show was really good, and the band was really into it. Played with a lot of intensity, Dave brought out a lot of good old stuff, as well as several new pieces, and nobody was left disappointed. Also, I know he played What You Are from Everyday, but I am not really sure where it falls in the lineup....
Jonathan W.
What a show! I was just a short 2 weeks off from seeing DMB at UVA and I was still amazed. This was my 6th show and will see maybe 2 but definetly one more this year. DMB was flawless but I have to say the people pushing to get closer to the front were pissing me off greatly during the show. If they really wanted to be that close, they should have gotten there earlier. Anyway, that still took nothing away from the performance. Dave seemed very relaxed and you could tell he was having a good time.#41 is a great opener in my opinion and WTWE is awesome live. Dave said this was his favorite song off Everyday and I believe it will be a live staple for years to come. WWYS and Warehouse go good together. If I Had it All was sweet. Now SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much= VERY AWESOME! Even without Barter's kick drum during ASTB. Stefan shined during that. Jimi thing was great to hear again and I think about half of the crowd lit up when it started. Boyd sounded pefect on What You Are as did Roi. I love how they combine #36 and Everday, which I figued they would since the guitar part is the same. And of course Watchtower was as good as ever. Waste was really cool and is one of my favorite Phish songs. And what can I say about Tripping Billies. This was the highlight of the night for me. Carter beat the hell out of his drums and really tore it up. Dave sounded really good the whole night and really nailed the new songs. I kind of went in to the night not expecting anything great, being at a festival and all but left with my jaw dropped. AWESOME!
Meagan F.
For being my first show, I couldn't have asked for a better one! not to mention somehow finding my way up to 3rd row!! #41 as an opener was just amazing! I was really hoping for it and as an opener, just great! WTWE was nice to hear live and WWYS got the crowd really going! Warehouse was awesome w/ the audience doing whoas in the stop time! IIHIA was just amazing! SMTS>ASTB>Too much?!?! OMG!!!! awesome!!!!! Then Jimi Thing was really nicely jammed out!! really pleased to hear a long jam! WHat you are, Everday>36, and Watchtower were all pleasures to hear! It was really nice to hear a Dave solo! especially a phish song! and Tripping Billies was a great closer! got everyone really dancing again! definitely a great show!! I just wish Dave would've thrown some more marti gras beadS!!
Adam E.
What can I say, this was truly a great show. Although it was a little shorter than some of us are use too, I didn't notice. Since this was my first show of this tour, it was my first oppurtunity to here the songs from Everyday. I was impressed, they had a totally different feel thatn the stuff on the album. They had a lot more emotion to them. There weren't any Lillywhite songs in there, but the band played a lot of solid jam tunes like, SMTS, Jimi Thing, and WWYS. Also, the band seemed very energetic, which added a lot to the show. All and all, another great performance.
Chris H.
The show was awesome! I stood for 7 hrs to get close to the stage. North Mississippi Allstars were amazing! Everyone has to check them out. Dave had alot of energy, the band seemed really pumped to be there.Highlights: #41 opener, It was a great way to open the show. What Would You Say was jammed out nicely. Warehouse made my night, They did the stop-intro and everyone scream woo in between. Watchtower was amazing as usual. The encore was great to. I was suprised that alot of people knew waste. Tripping Billies was really good. All in all it was an incredible show, I was about 15 feet from the stage. Easily, the best show I've ever seen.
Gerald E.
I've only been to one other show with the entire band, but I have to say this one blew that show out of the water. After waiting threw Ike Turner and the Tina look-a-like he had with him, I feel like I couldn't have waited for a better night. The crowd around me (about 15ft from the stage)had a wager on the first song to play, but no one could have guessed #41. I saw that they played it a few shows ago, but I never thought I could be lucky enough to hear it live. Warehouse and Watchtower took down the house, at some points you couldn't even hear dave since the crowd was singing so loud. I also have to admit, I'm not very crazy about the Everyday album, but even those songs sounded good when played acoustic. Waste needs to be a keeper in the rotation. Not many people knew what it was, but everybody jammed to it anyway. It can also be said that Boyd stole the show. The things he can do on a violin are unbelievable. The only disappointment of the night was that I didn't hear any of the Lilywhite songs, and the dumb chick in the black shirt and tattoo on her back that insisted to stay on someone's shoulders the entire night...I hope her back and head is still sore from all the cans and bottles that hit her.
Jared W.
WOW! Great show. ENGERY was just pouring from everyone on stage. It was really good to hear SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much, that was a treat. Dave was really full of energy, he was bouncing around. No Lillywhites, but still a great show. Jimi Thing was a little different, I have heard it 3 times and he added a cool little outro that I have never heard, very very cool. Watchtower was, as usual, a joy to hear. WWYS was also a pleasant supprise,and WTWE was amazing live! But the final Treat was Dave Solo on Phish's Waste. Very awsome, Had heard he had been doing it, it was a nice supprise. The setlist was a little shorter, but being 10ft. away from the stage and the energy that they had, that show was amazing!!!
Nick K.
This was number 10 for me, but an experience unlike any other. For those who have never seen The Band at a festival, and this was the first for me, it is a must. With dedication and perserverence, you can be front and center. And after 1 hour in line and 5 1/2 in front of the stage, it was one of the greatest nights of my life. Other then the great show, it was the atmostphere that will be most memoriable. Standing, holding your perfect position leaves no time to leave and get a drink or food. After about 3 hours, the security in front of the railing were selling 8 oz. bottles of water for 5 dollars and making a killing. At least 20 people that I saw were passed up to the front from either dehydration or passing out. For those who have never been so close, its like nothing other. 6 1/2 hours of hell until they stepped on stage was well worth it.
Adam C.
WOW!!! This was my second show, although I am a huge Dave fan. This one was soooooo great. I was about 8 rows back in the center, and it was worth being cramped. I loved #41 to start and WWYS was excellent. I will keep this short, but Watchtower was THE BEST thing I have ever witnessed. I really couldn't talk to my friends after the show because I was in awe. I am still feeling the Dave high a week later. I can't wait for Amsouth.
Jeremy W.
WOW! I'm very pleased with this show considering it was part of a festival. I was a long way from the stage due to an extremely long beer line, but I still danced and sang up a storm. #41 is a great opener and really got the crowd focused. My only complaint is that I still think it and Say Goodbye should be played in tandem (i.e. SMTS and Too Much) as they were originally released. I can't believe that nobody else appreciates the ending to WTWE like I do! It completes the idea of the song perfectly! I've seen it twice and love it! WWYS was classic as usual, nuf said. Warehouse is and always will be one of my fav's esp. with Stop-Time. If I Had It All is a strong live song from Everyday and it's growing on me. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much is already getting a little tired this tour, but I'll forgive cause SMTS got me into the band. Jimi Thing--great jam, was that a new outro? What You Are scares me. Boyd's counter-melodies are haunting. It belongs with Warehouse, Halloween, Last Stop, and the other scary, violin heavy songs in DMB hall of fame. Everyday/#36 is unbelievable and will please for years to come. It's even better w/out TLL as in C-Ville. Watchtower great as usual, never gets old. Waste--Shocker!! I was expecting #40-->Bartender but was not disappointed with what we got....thought Stefan was going to make it a duo for a minute. TB--awesome as usual. Was it just me, or was Stefan out front more than ever...I've never seen him leave his protective cubbyhole by Carter. Shout out to my bro and J-Rod!