Dave Matthews Band
UNLV - Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo, Macy Gray, Widespread Panic

Tripping Billies
Granny *
I Did It *+
If I Had It All *+
So Right +
Seek Up
Sleep To Dream Her +
Grey Street +
The Space Between *+
Jimi Thing
When The World Ends +
Angel *+
Minarets *
So Much To Say -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much +
Long Black Veil *+
All Along the Watchtower +
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda

Jonathan K.
This show was great! Dave opened up with 3 oldies (Tripping Billies, Granny, and Satellite) that really got the crowd going and worked up. After this he followed up by another 3 song set off of the Everyday album which included I Did It. Later on in the show the crowd had mixed reactions to the Lillywhite songs. JTR got a slow response from the crowd, but Grey Street got perhaps the loudest ovation of the night. Dave finished up later on and came back with a great encore of Long Black Veil which sounded even better than the one off Listener Supported and finished up with All Along the Watchtower. Show was the best I've seen. At least a 9/10.
Tom J.
This is my 26th show. I must say that this show was absolutely the worst one yet. Largely, this was due to the Sam Boyd stadium and everyone who organized this concert. The speakers were so bad that Dave would fade in and out, dust was everywhere because some dumb ass crew decided to remove it just a few weeks before. Dust in your eyes, face, mouth, ears, throat, some people were getting sick on the floor. Dave was not energetic at all. He noticed the very poor sound quality and didn't give it his best I thought. The setlist was very dull. Six or seven "everyday" songs to go along with no "Two Step" or "Crash" both nights. Save your money because this year is the "everyday" tour. The old Dave is gone and now we have the new "radio" Dave.
Kyle B.
Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! Didn't see the first night so I can't compare but I have been to 17 previous DMB shows and must say this one was top 5! First off missed the first two opening bands but just in time for WSP, had 9th row seats. Great show with Dead and Talking Head covers. Drum solo was great. Good to see a lot of WSP fans. On to DMB.. Trippin Billies as an what a surprise! Can't remember when he opened with this if ever. Then Granny and Satellite. Lovely ladies were toned down a bit from previous years which helped on Granny. Then the new songs which are sounding better live. LeRoi is adding more and more to So Right. Then Seek UP!!! Someone in the front rows had a Seek Up sign and I think Dave pointed to it as he came out like he was going to play it. Weird to have it in the middle of the setlist but i wasn't complaining. Great long song! JTR standard but great outro. STDH needs to be scratched but oh well. Grey Street really got the crowd going. SB was great too. And then an amazing Jimi where LeRoi went off like I have never seen him before. He was on all night! After Angel, we see Dave just strumming the guitar, my buddy says Minarets and I said theres no way. But then there it was...Run DMC intro (Dave skat rapping)ala Moline 12/18/98. Can't say enough how cool that song is! The set could have been done right there but then into SMTS - ASTB - TM! Before the encore the crowd started singing "honey, honey, come and dance with me" I'm sure Dave heard it becuz it was pretty loud and went on for a while. Unfornutately no #36-everyday but a surprisingly good LBV with the lovely ladies taking turns singing at the end and Dave reintroducing the band during the song. Watchtower-Dave messed up the order of the lyrics but great version. All in all a great show. 2 great live bands! Minarets, Seek Up, Billies, Jimi!!!! Only Dave speak was Dave yelling "Ve-gas" in a really deep voice all concert. See all in Detroit and the Gorge.
Jim W.
I was at both shows, and while both were good and it was cool seeing DMB in Vegas, I have to say the scene is getting a little tired. I've been to 30 shows over 5 years and the crowds are getting worse and worse. First off, the stadium was 1/3 to 1/2 empty. Where was everyone? I met more people who made the trip for Widespread than for DMB, and their fans were way more into the Widespread show and for good reason. They just rock. People really were going nuts and I have to say I'm definitely heading to more Widespread shows in the future. Their fans certainly are much better. I had my usual Warehouse seats, and for Widespread, it was cool. People danced, but respected your space and were excited, but didn't gab through the whole show. But once they went off, the usual people around (tapers, long time fans - people who respect others and the music) were not there. The three girls to my right must have smoked two packs of cigarettes each (all which blew into my face) and sat for half the show. The two girls in front of me decided to stand on their chairs and scream at Dave (like he really cares) for the whole show despite repeated requests by about ten people behind her (and from security) to please stand down. Then there was a couple to my left who made out for half the show as if the clock was running (hint - rooms in Vegas are cheaper than $50.50 concert tickets). And I haven't even mentioned all the idiots who talk on cell phones DURING THE SHOW! and the big fight on Friday night. Overall, the crowd now just sucks, and I think it is sapping the band's energy. I was in the sixth row and you could just see it on their faces (except Carter who must have been on something). As much as I enjoy DMB, it is time for a nice long break (see Phish). Two or three years off at least for them to regroup and get their energy back and weed out some of these fans who have no clue. I'll be at Soldier Field and that's it for me for a while regardless of what happens. Here's hoping the band catches on quick an d does the same before this whole thing is gone and the true fans walk away.
Rob S.
Longtime concertgoer, longtime fan, firstime seeing DMB - center stage, ninth row. The vibe that happened in the desert last weekend was incredible. I have never witnessed a band enjoy performing so much, nor have I ever seen a band truly appreciate its fans as DMB did. Dave was truly blown away the first night when the crowd mixed Everday and #36. The strength and energy of the music was absolutely unreal. If anyone thought the shows were flat, mortgage your butt for a seat within eye contact of the band - it's cliche, but I saw Dave leave part of his soul on that stage both nights. The feeling as the music captured me was better than dope, more spiritual than religion, and even more pure than sweet sex. I wish life let me feel that good more often - maybe I wouldn't smoke or drink to reason with my head, as someone once said.
Jason G.
First off, I dont know what Tom Jones was talking about. Must have been smoking something cause tonights show was simply AMAZING. Ive been to 7 shows, have heard about 60 more and this in my mind was the best show I have ever heard. The band had sooo much energy and was pumped from the night before. You could tell they were ready to go out and put on a great show and thats what they did. Billies was a surprise opener, very rare opener. Could tell this night would be special from the start. Granny & Satellite and introduction of a stage hand that got married night before. Dave saying "Vegasss" often as the night before, playing cards and slots in the air. standard 3 everyday songs, but me and my friend were dissapointed with him not saying "Id Fuck it up!" SEEK UP!! Awesome, the whole band was jamming and definately not expecting that. My DMB song all time. Getting sick of JTR now, seems like he plays it every show. Grey street was best version ive ever heard, long jams, great energy. JIMI THING - 2nd highlight of the night after SEEK UP. Wow. they must have played that out for what seemed like a good 30 minutes. outstanding solo from leroi and really surprised when Dave busted out with his own. never heard him do that before. Boyd and leroi were on all night long. MINARETS!!!!! - sweetest thing of the night. my buddy called he would play this a couple weeks before the show and we were both amazed that he did play it. simply amazing. i dont know if there has ever been a show with both SEEK UP and MINARETS in one sitting. awesome. we thought hed end there but continued to give the crowd more with SMTS-ASTB-TM. amazing versions of all, dave was flowing with energy as was the rest of the band. Encore just topped off the greatest night of Dave ever. LBV was longer then normal and this is the first time ive ever heard or heard of Dave introducing the WHOLE BAND during a song. "Carter beauford on the drums, on the drums, on drumsss". again, WOW. this is when we thought the show was over, but Dave again pleasing the great crowd and went into Watchtower. Awesome version, the band was on top of their game, as they were the whole night. great ending to 2 great days. ill never forget it. definate recommendation to download this song when it gets posted soemwhere. see ya'll at RFK..........
Marc G.
Although I consider myself a pretty obsessed fan, this was my first show ever. It was awesome. 5th row seats. The crowd was pretty good but the people around me sat down during the everyday songs in protest, kinda ruined the mood. Butch was pretty nonexistent, that was disappointing. He had only one short solo on LBV. I was hoping for a two step or LIOG so that he could put in a long solo. Leroi was tearing it up on the sax. And Boyd was going crazy. He wasn't doing anything standard. Seemed like he had some classical influences in his mind because his solos were sounding kinda classicalish. Tripping Billies was a great opener. Gave life to the crowd. So Right is getting better, longer than normal outro with Roi going crazy. Seek up made the night for me. Wasn't expecting it in the middle of the set, but it was the most beautiful version I've ever heard. Leroi and Boyd were insane. JTR and Grey Street were great to hear. Jimi Thing was freaking awesome, it must have been 20-30 min long. Boyd, Leroi, Stephan and Dave all took solos. Leroi's was the longest and just amazing. Dave's particularly stands out cause i had never heard him do it like that. It was pretty long and his face looked like he was concetrating so hard to make it sound great, and it did. Minarets was a nice surprise, kinda expected it since it was supposed to be played the night before but wasn't. It had a cool intro where dave kinda strummed the guitar and made some random sounds. Long Black Veil was the best I've heard. Very long. Butch had a nice solo, and the Lovely Ladies added a lot to it. Watchtower was a great as always. Dave accidently skipped the second verse of the intro and went straight into the third, but after doing the third he went back and sang the second and then did the third again. He kinda looked back at Carter and Laughed. Overall a great first show for me!!!!
Chad B.
For those of us who were there under the white/darkish blue sky, what can we say but, Vegaaaaaaaaasssssss! After hitting two excellent shows in San Francisco, the Vegas shows were distinctly different - Sunday topped Saturday for certain. Great vibe in the desert (minus the windy conditions on Sun and general lack of transportation back to the strip) - wonderful solo jams by LeRoi and Dave (unlike I've ever seen from Dave, summoning a little Hendrix perhaps?) on Jimi Thing - Minarets! Whoa, haven't heard this live in quite some time - and Long Black Veil was pretty sweet with a fitting Watchtower finish. Overall a pretty special show on Sunday with the lengthy jams where Dave did seem to leave a bit of his soul on the stage. Until next time.
Suzanne (.
I wondered as I drove home if there would be a bad review (I knew there must b/c everyone is coming from a very different place) and if there was, what kind of drugs were they on (I was on NONE!!!) because this is in the top couple of 10 shows I've seen. I say this for everything involved: the people I met, the staff (esp. Bruce the guy selling beer at Portable 3 behind section 107 who kept me in ice all day and kept my friends happy in beer--including a couple freebees), the venue, the parking, the weather, the openers (LOVE WSP--love the Panic People too!) the band, the setlist, my dance space, the energy around me...and last, but not least, Minarets; my head almost exploded...
Bill H.
After six or seven Dave shows (not a ton), I must say this one was the first one that was disappointing. at least last night was pretty good. Billies was an apt opener. With 'eat, drink and be merry', it is almost the Vegas theme song. Granny was nice and mellow, then it seemed to go into auto-pilot. The only real interesting thing to me was Dave scat-singing some 'Chicago, Is Not Chicago' did anyone else pick that up? i think that was what was going on. Anyway overall, Widespread blew DMB out of the water tonight, but all in all I would do it again.
Heather C.
I so totally loved this show! This was my 7th and one of the best yet. I have never had seats ground level before, so that was sweet. We were about 40 rows back - center. I can't complain - perfect view. I thought my seats the night before were great - right side of stage first level up - but nothing compares to center stage. I have been waiting for so long to hear Granny, so when I heard the guitar intro I just about died! This is definitely one of my favorite DMB songs and it sounds excellent live. Dave's voice was so pure that he really didn't need the Lovely Ladies, but whatever. Still, I have never been that excited at a DMB show before. From the new stuff I got to hear So Right for the first time, which I really did love. Sometimes you wonder how they are going to pull off the new songs live and if they will jam, but So Right sounded great - Leroi rocked! Of course, I still love the oldies and Seek Up was nice to hear again - it's been a while for me. Everyone around me was up and dancing for Jimi Thing - always a crowd pleaser. Band seemed to be having a great time, despite the heat and humidity of the desert. The chemistry between Boyd and Dave is amazing. Dave kept up his deep "VE-GAS" thing from the night before which made everyone cheer, and I noticed Carter and Stefan smile quite a bit during jams. The other highlight was hearing Long Black Veil as an encore. Again, I got excited when I heard this begin. I've heard Watchtower many times before, and never Long Black Veil, so this was another key point to add to the show's greatness. LBV and Granny in one show - I'm satisfied. And to Joanna and Patrick -it was great meeting fans from my hometown to enjoy the show with. Thanks for dancing with us! The only sad thing about this show is that it's my last for the summer tour. I guess I want "Too much." Until next time - Peace, love, and God bless.
Sheryl H.
i flew from new york to see both vegas shows and it was more than worth it! the night itself felt kind of spooky and certain songs just fit the atmoshpere. seek up was the first of what i thought were the highlights of the show. then jimi thing, which i hadn't heard in a while, was a refreshing favorite of everyone's. my biggest surprise of the show was minarets. i'd never heard it live before and was suprised at how instrumentally beautiful it was! i have to give it up to the "lovely ladies" cause they were absolutely amazing during long black veil, making it my favorite for the night. as for watchtower, which i have heard quite a few times already, i've never heard it quite like that and must say- they went out with a bang. i have to mention that this show was filled with awesome little "jams" that reinstated in your mind what unbelievably talented musicians these guys really are- and boyd stole the show!!!!
Ian S.
VEGAS BABY!! Who's the big winner tonight?! Well, tonight, the big winners were old-time, die-hard DMB fans. At the end of Saturday's show, Dave said something about trying to make it even better Sunday, and just look at the setlist!! The boyz really put on a special one for us tonight. BILLIES--Was thinking they might open with a new song, but when I heard the 'nature' intro I was immediately fired up and had a feeling we were in for a treat. GRANNY--Last night I heard my first Recently, and tonight my first live version of this song! These first two songs--what an awesome start! SATELLITE--This one took the energy down a notch. This song would definitely fit into the category that old-time fans would know well, but I think a lot of people could sometimes do without it (especially in a set with so many other slow songs), and regardless I definitely think this song works better much later in the setlist. IDI--definitely expected since they didn't play it last night, but it sounded fine, and at least they got it out of the way early. IIHIA--also expected b/c we didn't hear it last night. Definitely more intense in concert, especially the last chorus. SO RIGHT--This was also expected (not played last night or in LA). I felt wierd for feeling this way about an Everyday song, but I was actually really excited to hear this one. It sounded awesome, and the crowd really got into it. Besides 'Everyday' itself, I think this is the one song from the new CD with potential for a great jam in the outro. SEEK UP--talk about a tribute to the old-timers! I'd only seen this song live one other time in 10 shows, and I totally was not expecting them to play this one, but I love to see that the boyz still get a kick out of playing their 'classics.' A 15-minute version; Boyd sounded awesome, and Dave and Leroi had a great outro. JTR--I thought they might do this one, especially when I saw the 12-string and the Lovely Ladies. They played this at every show I saw last summer, but it was cool to see again after I've been able to listen to Lillywhites; the jam at the end especially sounded as tight as ever. STDH--not much of a crowd response on this one; you could definitely tell the fans weren't into some of the Everyday songs as much. GREY ST.--God I love the Lillywhite Sessions!! I was praying for this one when I saw the 12-string again, and my prayers were answered! The outro to this song is something special, and by the end I was as fired up as I'd been at any point in the show. TSB--After Grey St., I almost hoped for a bit of a rest or emotional downturn, and I thought it might be 'Angel' when we saw the electric guitar. But instead we got 'Space Between,' one of my two favorites off the new CD! Wasn't sure they'd play it b/c they did it both last night and in LA, but this was a song I don't mind hearing three nights in a row--beautiful! JIMI--I'd hoped for this one since I hadn't heard it either of the last two shows, and! One of the highlights of the show for me. I don't know exactly how long this one went, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were close to 25 minutes. Boyd had a great jam, a lot like on Listener Supported, and then we got far and away the best Leroi solo I have EVER heard!! It was absolutely incredible, and then we still a cool guitar jam by Dave after that. There was no let-up at all; this song has turned into an excuse to just all-out jam by the entire band! WTWE/ANGEL--definitely a slight letdown, which was needed after the previous three songs. I'm not crazy about Angel, but it was a bit more intense and drawn-out than last night. MINARETS--Is there any doubt now that Dave was putting on a special show for his die-hard fans? I thought it might be when the guitar strumming started, and then when the Davespeak started, I totally lost it. Even a bigger surprise than Seek Up, and I'd never heard this one live either. I just soaked up every second of it, and they added an amazing outro with the LL's. WOW!!!! SMTS-->ASTB-->TM--unlike lots of other songs tonight, I have heard this one live several times, and as fun as it always is, I was really hoping for another closer (2-Step, Ants). Great encore again, just like last night. LBV--I know some people don't, but I love this song, and they've expanded it more than I've ever heard before. Butch did a great solo before the last verse. Each Lovely Lady did a solo of "nobody knows, nobody sees..." and then they combined. This led into an incredibly drawn-out, intense, amazing outro. Dave went around and introduced everyone in the band as it was finishing up; haven't heard him do that since some of the oldest live recordings!! AATW--I've seen this one as a closer quite a few times, and like I said, 2 Step or Ants would've made this show absolutely perfect and unbeatable, but...can you really complain? When Dave starts screaming and the lights start going crazy, it's impossible not to get totally sucked into this song. Chris from San Diego--I REALLY hope you decided to stay an extra night and go to this show; seeing the two nights in Vegas together was really something special. I'm sure I speak for others when I say a big THANK YOU!!!! to Dave from your old-school fans; we won't forget this weekend, and we hope you don't either!!
Michael A.
Vegas, baby. I didn't think the band would be able to match last nights setlist and get as nice of an alternative set as they pulled off. I would say this was the best of my four show run that I went on. How often do you get a Seek Up AND a Minarets in the same set? And if I had to pick the Everyday songs to choose from, with the expection of Angel they couldn't have pulled off a better group of tunes to play from the cd. I was a little bummed we didn't get Fish Monkey Man for my friend that went to the show with me but still Grey Street, Granny, JTR, the bridge.. all very nice renditions with plenty of energy. Only three songs repeated from night one (all three of course new songs). Also you all should see Widespread Panic if you get a chance. Very cool sounding band that can jam with the best of them! So my "tour" with the band is over. Fun times for sure, and while this tour I would rate a little below last year's shows, still oh how I'd love to stay!
Justin M.
Dave Matthews Band at its best. Opened with a few older songs which still got the crowd going. The songs of of the everyday album sounded amazing live. Great version of Jimi Thing. They also played on of my favorites JTR, that was a great performance. The sound of minarets was an added bonus, it really sounded amazing. The crowd was energetic the entire time which made the concert all the more fun. The encore of Long Black Veil and Watchtower was the perfect end to an amazing concerts.
Noah A.
This show was my 35th and I have to say that it is definitely top 3 and maybe the best I have ever seen. I have been following the band since 95 and they just get better everytime I see them. I am really not sure how any other reviewer could be dissapointed with the performance of the band. I can definitely understand the complaints about the crowd, but that is something that is out of the bands control. We had 9th row center for tonights show and 7th row last night. They played mine and my girlfriend's favorite songs in Seek UP and Minarets and were both incredible versions. They also played incredible versions of Jimi Thing and Tripping Billies. I really have a new found appreciation for the songs from everyday (being able to see the whole band contribute). It is a different experience seeing DMB now that they are so big, they are trully profesionals and they deserve all the success they have. I wish like every other true fan that the venue's were smaller and all of the fans were truly into the band, but if a band is that good people are going to come and see them. I will always love this band because if you throw out everything else, the bottom line is they are still a great band and have been producing incredible songs for ten years now. These Vegas shows were amazing and it just proves that this band is only going to get better.
Chad F.
This was my second show of this tour, 19th overall, and after a mediocre performance at UVA, I hoped for a much better show. This show did not disappoint. The length was ridiculous, which should silence those who complain about shorter concerts, and every song sounded great. Billies was an awesome opener, and I knew it would be a great show from there. My personal favorites were Space Between, which I hadn't heard live, and a beautiful rendition of the rarity Minarets. Dave started his guitar muting and crazy banter and I knew it was coming, and it was just unreal. The energy behind this song was great, and it really got the crowd going after a lull caused by Angel. Watchtower was a nice way to close, even with Dave messing the lyrics up during the intro. One of the best parts of the show for me was seeing how much better the Everyday songs sound now than at the beginning of the tour. Each one is smoother, the band has done more with them, and Dave is certainly more comfortable playing the electric. Overall, this was a show I will always remember, if for no other reason than the growl of "Vegasssssss" from Dave after nearly every song. See y'all in DC...
Brad D.
Vegas Baby!! Wow! What an incredible two nights. I have to say that these two shows have been my favorite so far. Dave and the boys played with such heart this weekend. We were giving it to them and they were giving it right back. I don't think I've ever seen Dave have so much fun. They really seemed to be blown away by the excitement in the air. I was on the 13th row both nights. The sound was awesome and the stage was simply amazing. I thought DDTW was a PERFECT opener, so glad to hear Big Eyed Fish, Warehouse & Fool to think, and the #36-Everyday jam was simply awesome. There was quite a bit of jamming going on, and Dave played a lot of lead stuff. The ladies added a really nice touch. I can't believe we got Seek Up AND Minarets the second night!! Two of my absolute favorites. A little surprised that WSP didn't sit in at all, but at least they were there, we couldn't have asked for a better opening band. Anyway, the experience was truly magical, and I'm not sure if those two shows will ever be topped in my book. Thanks guys!!! Looking forward to the Florida run. Peace!
Brett M.
widespread was a very good opener it seemed as though tonites show did not have the energy from the crowd that the first show had but it could be because of my seats. well , i sat 20th row center and this show completely blew me away it was a very long show 2hr 40 min seek up---unreal jimi thing unreal two 2 0 min songs, what more could u want? grey st, jtr, all jammed out awesome trippin opener and during lbv introducin the whole band--hasnt been done in a while watchtower messed up but great closer amazing show vegas simply rocked