Dave Matthews Band
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Terrence Simien
(Instrumental) One Sweet World
When the World Ends
Don't Drink the Water
(Stop-Time) Warehouse
If I Had It All
Crash Into Me
Jimi Thing
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) Too Much
Everyday (#36)
The Space Between
What You Are
I Did It -->
Ants Marching
Angel From Montgomery

Josh T.
Hello everyone. I've been to the first three shows of the tour and I must say tonights was the best. First of all, the boys love Walnut Creek and they definetly wanted to rock the house which they did. Highlights: One Sweet World opener. Very good, got the crowd going. Right into When the World Ends which gets better each time. Then the show got real sweet. I was very happy to be part of the first audience to hear The Space Between. They definetly nailed it. Jimi Thing and Warehouse were like answers to my prayers. It was so refreshing to hear good old songs mixed in with the new songs which by the way were not as numerous tonight as in the previous two. They absolutely kicked butt with Jimi Thing. The solos were amazing. Hearing those songs felt like revisiting an old friend. #36 into everyday is getting better each time. It is much better without the lovely ladies. ASTB -> Too Much was sweet and had everyone dancing. I Did It was kind of annoying, but they went right into Ants and closed the set out nicely. Then, the encore, wow! Angel from Montgomery, I love this song. Boyd was incredible. Such a treat to hear. They closed with JTR which was the only song played from the Lillywhite's. A couple people held up Big Eyed Fish signs, but not tonight! I'm surprised that they have played JTR each night so far. It was good, but kind of getting on my nerves. It is pretty cool that they're ending with a Lillywhite song, but I would have preferred Grey Street. LOWS: Satellite and Crash. It gave me time to go to the bathroom. I really don't like it when they play both in the same show, but it has been awhile so it was not that bad. Angel from Montgomery, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing definetly balanced Crash and Satellite out. All in all, the guys had a great time, they interacted with the audience a little more and they all just kept smiling. It was a great show and i can't wait till my other 5 come. June is so far away!!! see ya at Giants.
Nate B.
This show could have gone both ways, with a couple of alterations in the setlist it could have been excellent or absolutely dissappointing. One thing I must wonder about is the amount of repeats from the first night (which was quite a solid show in my opinion) The boys have to know that a good bit of people are there for the 2 night stand. Everyday has to be promoted I know, but it was ridiculous when we got Space Between, What You Are, and I Did It all in a row. I Did It does nothing for me live, although it seemed I had a large amount of newer fans around me who were getting into it, which is fine I suppose. All the boys seemed into the show for the most part, but a couple times it also seemed as if they were in a fog. The Everyday (#36) number they are doing is cool enough but needs to be placed in the setlist a little earlier on this particular evening. Hopefully Dave will realize I Did It does NOT need to become a song he ends with or uses often towards the end of a set. Enough whining though Jimi Thing was jammed out nicely however Dave got a little out of sync and tryed to jam too early once, Warehouse was excellent and the crowd even got the little Woooo chant going. Don't Drink The Water was intense with Dave yelling at the end instead of hitting the high note (how bout some more BTCS songs, Rapunzel anyone?) Angel From Montgomery for the first encore was appreciated be me and others around me. and in the midst of JTR I thought perhaps Dave was going to grace us with a 3rd encore song, but no such luck. Hopefully for the shows we all catch during the summer Dave and the boys will have a little better idea on how to mix the sets up because thats what was missing tonight.
Todd W.
OK, so night 2 in Raleigh and I didn't have a clue what to expect. My wish was for a night full of older songs, well, that's pretty much what we got. Only one Lillywhite song and that was in the encore. Saturday's show was a little longer, but only by 10 minutes. I guess Sunday seemed shorter because there were more songs everyone knew. Dave seemed much more relaxed tonight and was obviously having a lot more fun. Tonight's highlight was the outrageous Jimi Thing in the middle of the set...I guess the band is trying to give Boyd a bit more time vocally, with the part in I Did it and the True Reflections, Angel from Montgomery thing. I think this makes a strong statement for a tour of two-night stands at every venue!
Morgan K.
Great show! I'm not going to analyze every song, so I'll just get to the highlights. One Sweet World is an awesome opener, and gave the crowd a good vibe (BTW, tonight's crowd much better than last nights). When the World Ends and What You Are are incredible songs live, the new album does them no justice. Warehouse with huge crowd Whoa's in the stop time intro was a big highlight. Dave's mexican twang on Jimi Thang and Boyd's new riff add alot to this favorite. Crash and Satellite were good as always, and got the entire crowd involved. Ant's Marching was the loudest I have ever heard a crowd in 8 shows, it was the perfect song to end on. The encore started with Angel from Montgomery, YES!!! Absolutely incredible despite the fact that most didn't know it. It didn't matter, it was beautiful. And now my only complaint, the JTR closer. I really dig this song, just as I did all last summer, but they played it last night so I wasn't ready to end my weekend on this song. It was good and still jams hard at the end, I just would have preferred something the crowd could have gotton into a little bit more. But Hey, Awesome weekend, see you in Charlotte!
Opened up w/ identical instrumental --> OSW they played at Raleigh in Sept, except tonite's was shorter. I'm not a fan of the mellow openers ... give me Warehouse or 2Step any day. So then came WTWE, which was kinda disappointing. Already saw last nite, and didn't do anything special. The crowd, however, was much more into it tonite. Then again, the band seemed to have a lot more energy. Which begs the question ... does the band excite the crowd or does the crowd excite the band? It's a tough question, right up there w/ the chicken/egg thing. Anyway, Angel followed. Nothing special. Sorry if I sound negative, but I'm just not a huge fan of Everyday songs. Shoulda released Lillywhites, but oh well. Next was DDTW, which was a treat, esp. after ZERO BTCS songs last nite. Warehouse kept the crowd goin, and I was glad to have two jammin songs in a row. Then, the slow death of Satellite. Blech. If I Had it All seems to be the summer anthem, as most of the crowd knew the words (at least the chorus). Then Crash, which I coulda done w/out. How about a lil Crush instead, Dave? Granted, that's been played out, too, but only on the radio. It needs some more live plays. Jimi Thing rocked, as always. Is it just me, or does the song sound even better when yer baked? ASTB--> Too Much ... great, just what we need. More radio hits. Not. #36 --> Everyday was nice. Last nite they played Everyday--> #36, so the lil change was nice to see. Next up, the moment I'd been waiting for. The first ever Space Between in concert. Aw yea. Nothing extraordinary, but good nonetheless. Then What You Are, which may be my new fav Everyday song. Tonite's performance was way better than last nite's. Dave held the opening note for a while (the sinister mumbling). The lighting is spectacular, too, on this song. Lookin forward to later in the tour when they fiddle a lil w/ the song. This one has tons of potential, and it's already a great song. I Did It ... enough w/ the radio songs already! Ants was good, as always. Not surprised it was played, but last song is a good spot for it. Encore was def. memorable. My first ever Angel from Montgomery, and I will not forget it. I had to explain to people around me what song it was, etc. Boyd had fun teasin the crowd at the end. JTR was a decent finale, but lemme just ask ... when the hell did this song get so popular? Earlier in the parking lot, EVERYONE was hopin for JTR. Don't think it's worthy of a finale, though. Oh well. This weekend was my 8th and 9th shows, and I'd have to rate 'em as ... average. That's right, nothing spectacular. Sorry, but it's true. Maybe I've just been spoiled and have seen a lotta great shows. Last year's opening nites at Polaris put this weekend's shows to shame. Don't worry, though, I'll still shell out $50 for a ticket. What else am I gonna spend it on? Hey Dave, after the Charlotte show you're welcome to stop by Elon. We've got a new football stadium that's in dire need of a grand-opening concert. We'll be in touch; I'll see ya in Hartford.
James M.
Well, night two at the Alltel Pavilion did not live up to night one, but I don't know how it could after the awesome show last night. The band again had a ton of energy, and the new songs sounded great. OSW to open, and what sounded like the Swim Naked Outro. A very radio friendly show followed, with Crash, Satellite, and I Did It being played. Jimi Thing was a great jam, and Dave soloed for at least 3 or 4 minutes. Dave was very animated all night, and the rest of the boys were charged up, especially Stefan. Angel From Montgomery was the highlight of the night. It was only played twice during all of 2000, and I felt privileged to hear it. JTR was a good closer, but I was hoping for something else, maybe Watchtower or Two Step. All in all, a good show, but too much radio stuff. Space Between sounded very good tonight, and the crowd accepted it very well. Hoping for a better show Tuesday in Charlotte to complete my North Carolina run.
Ryan J.
First of all let me say that Terrance Simien(The Opening Act) was completely nuts. He ran from the stage to the lawn throwing out Mardi Gras beads. Secondly, I'd like to say I've been a fan of Dave since 1995 and have seen 14 shows, and as far as crowd participation and the Bands energy level, this was the best concert of them all. The concert started with Daves Solo intro into One Sweet World and then followed by some songs from "Everyday" which really impressed me cause I was not expecting them to be as good as they were. Don't Drink the Water was good but when I saw him detuning I hoped for Bartender. So far the show was just average. Then came Warehouse, we didn't get the Passion intro but the stop and go intro was good with the crowd giving GREAT participation with yelling "Wooo!" between the stops. Warehouse blew my socks off and I was ready for more, The Show was going great with some Radio Songs and then Jimi Thing. I didn't clock Jimi Thing but by my estimations it was in the 20 minutes plus area. Jimi Thing in my opinion made the show as all the members solo, even Dave did some lead stuff and it sounded good. The Big Surprise to me was Leroi telling to center stage for part of his solo. The was my sixth time hearing Jimi Thing and it was by far the best. Later came #36/Everyday/#36 which I highly wanted to hear after hearing about it. It very good, I was surprised at the number of "It's #36" I heard from the people sitting around me. I Did It into Ants was strange but good which lead to a Longer than normal Encore Break. When the Encore Break was over and Dave Picked up his guitar and started strumming I was thinking, this can't be what I think it is, theres no way. Then I heard Boyds Voice chim in and I went absolutely nuts. I never in my life expected to hear Angel from Montgomery and boy was it Sweet. Oh Man after being on a high from Angel From Montgomery I saw Dave go for the 12-String and then we got to hear JTR as the Closer, I thought it was a great way to End the show, but everyone around me had never heard both the songs for the Encore and were unimpressed. Which I loved..hehe...Thanks for the "True-Fan" encore Dave! See ya in Charlotte!
Adam S.
Dude.....DUDE!!....Dude.....that pretty much sums up this concert. It was just one of those concerts where your jaw just drops. I don't think I could have been anymore excited about this show and everyone is right...Sunday is the best night. The setlist was pretty good...i would of liked to of heard Bartender or So Right but that's ok...Space Between was out of this world and the crowd just lit up with joy. It was a great song and i'm glad that he decided to play it. But out of the whole setlist i think I Did It and Ants Marching was by far the best. I was just chilling and singing along with I Did It and then out of nowhere they went straight into Ants...It was very unpredictable but i knew he was going to play Ants but i wasn't sure when. Ants just made the crowd go absolutly wild. It made my night complete. I don't think there could have been a better concert. The encore was a little weak but it was nice to hear something he doesn't usually play. But it was definitly the best concert i've even been to and Dave was definitly having a good time!