Dave Matthews Band
Oak Mountain Ampitheatre, Pelham, Alabama
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Soulive

One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Swim Naked Outro)
#41 (Everyday)
When the World Ends
I Did It
The Space Between
Sleep To Dream Her
Grey Street
Rhyme & Reason
Digging a Ditch
What You Are
True Reflections
Two Step
#40 (tease) * -->
Waste *
Everyday (#36)
All Along the Watchtower

* Dave solo, acoustic

Matt P.
First off, Soulive was an excellent opening band. I only caught the last two songs they played but the final one was a great jam that included some Voodoo Chile stuff in it. Great band. This was the best DMB concert i've ever been to and that's saying a lot. The rain was actually pretty cool and made the show memorable. If you've never been to a concert in the rain, you're missing out. It creates a cool atmosphere. I was in the 5th row, first tier center. Thanks Warehouse! Onstage at 8:10. Dave kicks in with OSW with the instrumental intro. Great opener, he did the Swim Naked outro I think, couldn't really tell cause it was loud and he did it real quick. Might have been something else. SATELLITE is next, i don't care if some don't like this song, i was glad to hear it. Good stuff. He mentioned the next song was for someone named "Red" i think and then kicked into #41. Great jamming at the end from everyone. Everyday outro. WTWE was next, he kept the six string acoustic out for it. I love this song live it is full of energy. Next he switched to the baritone and played IDI. It's not awful live. We'll just kinda leave it at that. He switched to a 12 string next and played BARTENDER. It was awesome! Dave wailing in the rain, can't beat that. Back to the baritone, SPACE BETWEEN is next. This song is killer live, and when he mentioned the "Rain falls down..." etc parts, (anything with the word "Rain") the crowd went nuts. It was coming down pretty hard then. SLEEP TO DREAM HER is next. played it on the six string acoustic. I don't like this song, but it was a good performance. back to the 12 string....GREY STREET!!! As soon as the drum intro kicked in i got so hyped up cause i didnt expect to hear it. It was a great jam, about 8 minutes. I think he did some Rain Street variations but don't hold me to that. Then after this i am 99% sure he played #40 as a tease. Just the opening chord progression. After that he was looking at Roi as if to say "Should i do it?" Of course the crowd was going nuts yelling for #40. But he went into RHYME AND REASON instead. Good performance, i've never particularly loved this song but it was a really energetic performance. and then....RECENTLY!!! Oh my God i almost lost my mind when he went into Recently. Short version, no intros or outros but just to hear it was so great. Like reuniting with an old friend. But the fun didnt stop there, DIGGING A DITCH was next. First playing of the 2001 tour for both of those two songs. Ditch was really nice, mellow and brought the crowd down. Back to 12 string, JTR. Rain's still coming down at this time and this song fit perfectly. Good performance. Then, back to the baritone and WHAT YOU ARE. This is another Everyday album song they play with a lot of energy live. I liked it. Dave went back to the six string for the remainder of the evening and went into TRUE REFLECTIONS next. It was a really tight performance with Boyd getting in on the fancy footwork during his violin solo. Then, TWO STEP. Wow, Wow, Wow. After the vocals part ended, Dave jammed a nice little guitar solo i hadnt heard before. Then after about 8 minutes, Dave introduced everyone in the band then just went off to the side with Boyd and CARTER took over. Mellow at first, then he went nuts. I'm not a drummer so i don't know how to technically describe what was going on, but let's just say that a normal person would need about eight arms to do the stuff he was doing. Killer performance to end the set. Two Step went a good 16 or 17 minutes. Offstage at 10:15. Dave came out again at 10:20 and teased #40 again (you drove us all nuts Dave!) then went into WASTE. Waste is such a perfect song to begin an encore with. Mellow sounding. Trey would have been proud. Rest of the band comes out and they go into EVERYDAY. Boyd's new wah pedal for his violin is awesome. They did the #36 intro then a mixture of #36 and Everyday for the outro. The coolest part was while Dave sang Everyday at the end, the crowd played the part of the Lovely Ladies and sang #36 in between Dave singing. It should sound awesome on the live tape or CD. Then Watchtower, no Stefan intro. This song always brings the house down. Simply incredible. More Boyd on the violin with the wah pedal made for a tight solo. Show's ov er at 10:45. Closing, TIGHT show! 4 lillywhite songs, first playing of Recently and Ditch this year. Three song encore, 19 songs total and a #40 tease. If you've heard any complaining about the 2001 tour and how it's shorter and not as good as year's past or something...that's not true. Tonight's show proved that.
Setlist was really nice, and the band was so into the show (more than I have ever seen them into a show before). The mix was real low, and the crowd was very loud, and it rained for 10 songs straight. BUT of all the shows I have seen, this one is in the top 4-5 (Atlanta 98, Knoxville 99, Nashville 00, Pelham 01, Nashville 98). The highlight of the night (BY FAR) was the Carter solo at the end of Two Step, he solo'd for about 2 minutes, that rocked. On a scale of 1-10, 8 (if it wasn't for the mix and rain it would be a 10 easily). I promised myself that if they played Halloween as the Encore, than I was going to retire from all further DMB shows, guess I'll see them soon. One more thing, first time I have ever seen them do 3 Encore songs.
Eugene H.
Dave is back, or should I say Dave Matthews Band is back, in my 12 years of shows, I have never seen the band more on key and together. It was an Unbelieveable great show. It seems like Dave was Happy Last Night. He also seems more where he wants to be!!!!! We got a Two step to die for, it was about 20 minutes long. Grey street/Rhyme & Reason was very clear and great jamming. I truely think The band is finally comfortable and here to stay for awhile.
David L.
Great show as a whole. I was a little disappointed to have heard so many "Everyday" songs, but this is the appropriate tour for that I guess. Recently was a treat, though it was extremely short (3 1/2 mins) Two Step was absolutely amazing, I can not imagine them ever playing it this well. I think that the extra long set (19 songs in all) was perhaps to compensate for all the really short "Everyday" songs. The rain poured the entire night, which only made JTR even more sweet. I pegged the "Waste" encore when Dave came out alone and went for his acoustic, but the #40 tease really got my hopes up. The band seemed energetic and the version of Watchtower is one of the better ones I've heard. As a whole, I give the show a 9 out of 10 (mostly for Two Step and the extra two songs).
This show was awesome. Even though it rained most of the show the crowd's energy was high. One Sweet World was an excellent opener followed by a great rendition of Satellite. The new stuff was really good, also. It had the feel of the older stuff. The tow songs had to be the encore of Waste and Watchtower. Waste was done accustivally with just Dave and was beautiful. Watchtower was the best I have ever seen performed live. It was a great way to end a great show!
Scott S.
Dave was awesome last night. He did his usual dancing and closed the show really strong. it was raining like crazy all nght so everyone was soaking wet but noone seemed to care. every time dave would mention "rain" in one of his songs, the crowd went crazy. i wish he would have played typical situation, crash, or ants marching but oh well. i give the show 7 out of 10. of course-dave is always good. later
Lee G.
This was my 12 show and what a great reminder that DMB is still one of the best live bands ever! Dave started off with the instrumental intro to One Sweet World, hadn't heard that in a while so it was nice. Next dave chose satellite and #41, and played both with lots of energy. Three old school songs in a row to start the rainy night off was a very nice suprise. Next dave chose two songs off Everyday, followed by and old friend, Bartender. Always great to hear some lillywhite on this tour! Sleep to Dream Her was nice, but way to slow for an audience standing in a downpour. Grey Street, WOW always good live with great jam! Next, two I never expected Rhyme and Reason and Recently, two old ones that I really enjoyed, it had been a while since I've heard them live, great energy. Wanted to hear the broadway intro, but it was cool. Next came Digging a Ditch, which I think was the first time this tour, always exciting to hear that. Boyd once again impressed me on True Reflection. Finally, one word for it "Damn", One of the better Two Steps I've ever heard, if not the best! Carter was jammin like I've never seen before. Then, the song I personally had been hopeing for, Phish's "Waste". Followed by the Everyday-#36 tease. Then to rap the end of a rainy night in Bama, Watchtower, which was just as stunning as ever. What a show guys! Keep on jammin!!
Brian R.
.....oh my! what a show. started out slow and not very enthusiastic but got more intense when Dave played bootlegs such as Diggin a Ditch Greystreet and Bartender. True Reflections was phenomonal.It rained almost the whole show and the lightning added to the effect of the show..and in the space between..when he said will it rain today?,,it really fit the occasion. that got a lot of cheers..Stefan,,,cool..had the pretty fly for a white guy thing going on... what a his shirt..bright yellow and green, the highlight of the show had to be Two Step with Beuford's awesome one handed drum rolls and flying crashes...they left us all in amaze after that.. they left the stage and fans chanted dave and rumbled the seats simulating thunder...Dave came out a lone and the spotlight was on him when he played Waste an awesome song i had not heard before..they continued and closed with Hani hani hani... from no.36...and went into everyday..very cool..I love that damn song..! and of course he closed with his usual closer all along the watchtower..that song has an awesome light in conclusion No reason to get excited ,,but there was ..awesome show third time seeing dave and was one of the his new stuff...rock on Dave....--BWR--
William R.
RAIN DOWN ON ME!!! Wow, this show was simply amazing. It was pouring rain for most of the show, but the crowd and Dave were as excited as ever. The show started off nicely with a couple old songs to get the crowd going. Then came a nice acoustic of WTWE, followed by an energetic IDI. I'm not a fan of the song, but they played it well. Then came the best versionof Bartender I've ever heard, as the band was really into it. I was so pumped to her The Space Between, as it one of my favorites off the new album. Sleep to Dream Her was pretty weak but they followed it up with a great Grey Street and Rhyme & Reason. The crowd and Dave really mellowed out with Recently and DAD. Then came one of the highlights of the show, the band breaks out JTR. During the chorus the crowd was jus going nuts and throwing their hands up at the rain. It was simply unbelievable. What You Are was just amazing and everybody was really into it. I really didn't think the new songs would play out well in concert, but they did tonight. They rocked out on Two Step, with a kickin' solo by Carter on the drums. For the finale I wasn't really i the mood for Watchtower, then they started playing. This was by far the best version of the song I've ever seen or heard. I was looking arond and everyone was just jumping around and having a blast. I think the crowd really pumped Dave up for this concert, the wetter we got, the more excited the band got. All in all, a great show.
David M.
This was the best show I have seen. I was at Memphis which was a similar show but the show in Birmingham was much longer. DMB did not take a break until the encore. It began raining about half way through the show and this only inspired DMB and the crowd. There was a great mix between old and new material. One sweet world to satellite to #41 was a great opening bit. The encore was incredible (Waste, Everyday, Watchtower). The show was close to three hours and was full of emotion from both Dave and the crowd. Hopefully you were there for it. Enjoy the rest of the tour.
William G.
Awesome! This was such a great concert! This is my first Dave concert and hopefully many more to come. They started off with One Sweet World which was very entergetic. Then they playd one of my favorites - Satellite(keep playing it!). Played #41 with a variation of Everyday which was good. When the World Ends and I Did it were good as usual. Then the low of the concert which was Bartender. That is just not a good song. But they came back with Space Between which was a quality hit with the fans. then a couple more new ones, then to get the crowd back into it wiht Rhyme and Reason. Then they played some old ones which i was not to fond of but the were descent. Then Boyd sang True Reflections which I thought he did a good job on! Last before the Encore they jammed to Two Step for about 10 min which was good. Dave came back and played Waste by Phish that is good. Then Boyd Tinsley tore up Everyday withe the wah pedal on the violin. Last they rocked out to Watchtower which the whole crowd jammed to (Very Good). I wish they would have played Ants or Typical Situation but maybe they will play it in Atlanta when i go.
Justin C.
"Jesus with a guitar." Is how I put it last night. Man oh man; Doesn't get much better than that. 4 off Lilywhite, some Phish, and hmm, let's not forget about a 15 minute long version of Two-Step. It was nothing shy of beautiful. Opening with One Sweet World, with thunder in the sky, while in the middle of the show, everyone seemed to have a certain simultaneous movment of rhythm while the rain poured down, and by Watchtower (the closer), you could not have asked for more. Pure Dave Matthews
Matt M.
My personal highlights: Long OSW intro and swim naked outro, Boyd holding that Bartender intro forever with Leroi on the pennywhistle, The Space Between in the rain, TWO #40 teases, an extended What You Are, Dave cracking Leroi and Stefan up with a lick from Help Myself at the beginning of True Reflections, NO lovely ladies, Carter's Listener Supported drum solo at the end of Two Step, the orange spotlight during Waste, and the best Watchtower I've heard yet. Looking forward to RFK, and crossing my fingers for Lie In...
Brandon W.
This show was probably the best show I've seen in Birmingham, three song encore was great, last time it was only one. He started out with three old songs, a surprise. I didt sounded really good live and got a pretty big cheer. Bartender was awesome, I love Dave's high wailing in the end. Grey Street awesome. Recently was short but sweet. Digging a Ditch was great, first one this tour. JTR, DAMN gotta love that one live. I swear the best Watchtower I have EVER heard, this one is awesome guys, light show amazing. I'd say one of the biggest highlights for me was even though, it was pouring down rain most of the show, it was so neat. Whenever there was a flash of lightning or a flash from a camera it would light up the rain and look like the rain was just frozen there in an instant. It was so neat, oh and Dave sang a lot of rain lyrics. Great show, it ranks up there with me.
Mitchell R.
I drove 4 hours and it rained most of the show... but man was it worth it. OSW- great opener, the boys did the instrumental intro for about two minutes and then broke into the song,very nice. Satellite- only second time played this tour and pretty basic. #41- I was hoping for this one, dave broke into the everyday chorus toward the end of the song. WWE- crowd loved it/ i didnt that much, one of the better ones from everyday yet i still havnt adapted to it. IDI- broke away from the mellow mood but i was hoping for stay(mainly bc of the rain). Bartender- Dave yelled something "Lord let it rain on me" over and over, crowd loved it. The boys slowed it down again w/ Space B/T.STDH and seemed to grow bored until Dave brought out Grey Street. Pretty basic but still intense and my fav. from lillywhite. Rhyme/Reason and Recently- unexpected and i loved it. DAD and JTR- Nice to hear some stuff being plaed form lillywhite. Everyone went crazy dave started with the "rain" chants in jtr. WYA- sounded just like album but still nice. True Reflections- awesome! boyd went crazy on his solo and they jammed it out. Best part was that the rain stopped right at the beginning of the song, very cool. Two Step- UNBELIVEABLE! the one song i came to see. everyone solos were great and then came a man they call carter. He was so on and was just tearing it up , by far his best solo i have ever heard.ENCORE: Dave came out by himself and i was hoping for #40 (although i knew it would be Waste)Well i ended up getting both, dave strummed the first couple of lines of 40 then smoothly grooved into waste.very cool.Everyday/#36- new it would be played sometime. I heard it and Waste and Memphis and they were both much better the 2nd time. Watchtower- overplayed but tonight was an exception. The rain, the lights, the atmosphere just made it so sweet. The boys were so into it and it was a great closer. Overall great show, looking forward to next year.
Three words...OH MY GOD! The show couldn't have been any better. One Sweet World, what a great song. The intro literally brought tears to my eyes. Somewhere between Satellite and #41, it started to rain...everyone got soaked! I think Dave and the boys decided to change up the set list. Ironically, most of the songs had the word rain in it. Every time Dave said the magic word, the crowd went nuts! JTR was excellent..."rain down on me" was perfect. The Everyday songs were pretty standard, very much like on the CD, but of course seeing Dave perform the songs made them twice as better (except for Sleep To Dream Her...not a big fan of this song). Rhyme and Reason was superb...full of energy. Digging A Ditch was absolutely beautiful. I loved True Reflections...everyone sang along. Two Step was phenomenal. Dave and Boyd went crazy...they had some kind of dance off type thing. Then the encore: People banging on the seats, holding lighters in the air, chanting "Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave!" Finally Dave comes out and does an acoustic solo - a Phish cover, Waste. It's a gorgeous song, and as of now it's my Davorite. Everyday/#36 was amazing. Honey, honey's turned into pick me up love's. I'd heard it was great, and I had been hoping they'd play it. Watchtower...there are no words to describe this song and what it does to me. To me, this particular concert was completely surreal.
Brendan G.
This was my first Dave show, and it was badass. We got up to the front of the stage and saw him while he was playing #41. It was awesome cause it was raining and it was thundering with lightning, and the lightning was purple, like the lights that he used on stage. Also, when he opened with One Sweet World, he had the sax get in on it, and it sounded incredible. It was an overall awesome performance.
Mark W.
2nd show of the summer, #11 overall. i will always remember this concert for several reasons. the vibe. everyone i could see was so into the show, it was unbelieveable. no chatting, just grooving. The rain. this could have made for a miserable experience, but only enhanced it. we all went crazy during "space between" for the lyric "like will it rain today" and JTR was almost a spiritual experience with everyone dancing and singing "rain down on me". just one of those moments that makes everything memorable and worthwhile. there was a flash of heat lightning during #41 that gave the crowd a spook and then turned to a a big cheer as if to ridicule it and let it know that it would not damper our evening. the setlist was rather ordinary, but the band has expanded the songs, especially the lillywhite #'s (JTR, Bartender, Grey Street) so well. the band has lost its timidity that it may have had last summer with them and are just wailing away now. it's ashame that they haven't been "officially" released to us. Bartender was amazing, dave wailed like it was DDTW or something. Boyd a bit more animated this show. Glad to hear "Space Between", and not to hear "crash into me" for once. Something new for this show was 4 giant mushroom stem-tree stump-looking devices in the background that lit up. very cool. reminiscent of the giant tree from the Tom Petty tour years ago. #40 tease once halfway before Bartender, once before waste. I hope everyone gets a chance to hear dave do waste acoustically, it's a beautiful song. strong closing w/ 36-everyday and watchtower. also the "everyday" ending to 41 is alot of fun, will catch on kind of like the warehouse "whooo's". a very memorable show from the band, great venue, Oak mtn only seats 12,000 very intimate compared to the stadium shows. not a bad seat in the house. see you all in Atlanta.
Anthony V.
Rumor had it that Dave didn't like to play in Birmingham. Well - After a three year absense from Oak Mountain Amphitheater, the Dave Matthews Band returned with an incredible performance which totally disproved any such rumor. One has to understand that Oak Mountain is a tiny little venue when compared with any sort of stadium or any other massive place he's touring this summer. -- Oh and with the best acoustics I have yet to hear. He surprised us all starting out with - One Sweet World - with the instrumental "Swim Naked" intro. I've been to 6 shows and had hadn't heard that version. I would say Dave really began feeling it starting with Bartender. The rain started pouring at a constant pace - inspiring Dave to charm the crowd saying, "I hope you all are having a slightly wet but enjoyable evening." The entire stretch from Bartender on through What You Are - including a ravishing Rhyme & Reason, were incredible and full of emotion. He finished up the set with Two Step - allowing Carter to experiment with some new fills near the end (which of course he played to perfection). The encore was a delightful one which left everyone talking after the show. I have no doubt he enjoyed himself in Birmingham - I can't wait to be in Atlanta in a month.
Josh B.
wow...the show was absolutely amazing, but who would expect anything less from dave and the boys? he opened with one sweet world and it was simply awesome. the jam at the beginning was only a *taste* of what was to come. the show blew me away with all the jams and solos. I think that during some point *everyone* got to wail away on a solo. In my opinion, Boyd was absolutely amazing and he KILLED on his solos tonight. wow!! even though there was a whole lotta rain, it didn't seem to damper the spirits, heh at least in my section. also, waste was so awesome. he teased a #40 intro and went into waste which blew me away, and when dave went into everyday with #41, i personally went nuts. all in all it was another great show for the people
Patrick B.
My second show in two days and, my second DMB show. I thought the atmosphere at Thompson-Boling was intense, but it paled in comparison to Oak Mountain. The lightning storm before the show and then the constant pouring of rain seemed to have the boys and the crowd even more into the concert than usual. Dave and Boyd rocked as usual, Carter (who I was fortunate enough to see him work his skills up close) was insane, but I was sad to see Stefan and Leroi not in the spotlight as much as they were in Knoxville. All in all, this should should be my #1 for a long time to come. Everyone was jamming, grooving, and singing to every song. I gotta have this show--it was killer. Peace People, Patrick
Rob B.
This show kicked serious butt. It was my first show and i loved it, i'm going to see dave as many times as possible each year, i'm hooked. I was always a dave fan, carter is my idol, and the band as a whole is just incredible. Two Step was INCREDIBLE!!! I wished they would've played rapunzel, but hey, i'm not complainin about the show whatesoever. Thanks dave, and i'll see you again.