Dave Matthews Band
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

Don't Drink the Water
#41 (Everyday)
When The World Ends *
I Did It *+
Fish Monkey Man
What Would You Say ~
If I Had It All *+
Angel *+
What You Are *
Sleep To Dream Her *
So Much To Say *
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
Tripping Billies (nature intro)
Everyday (#36) *+
All Along the Watchtower
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
~ John Popper of Blues Traveler

Andy T.
Excellent show!! My second Dave Matthews Band concert, the first being the Glen Helen Pavilion on July 29th 2000..It was a rather mellow setlist, but still excellent all the way through. They played a lot of the new album, and many people didnt seem to know the sleeper tracks. Excellent versions of What Would You Say, with a huge suprise guest, John Popper of Blues Traveler adding harmonica talents to the song, #41 and Tripping Billies. The venue was awesome, and i would go back and see them there again...ill see them anywhere actually!! Thanks for the great show guys!
Jay C.
What a great show! The highlight for me was when John Popper (of Blues Traveler) came out and blew a mean-ass harmonica on "What Would You Say". His accents and solos complimented the song perfectly and added alot of excitement to the already exciting tune. May I also add that Mr. Popper lost so much weight I almost didn't recognize him when he first came out onstage. John was looking as good as he sounded! Great job John! As usual, DMB's dynamic rendition of Jimi's "All Along the Watchtower" proved to be an excellent choice for the final encore. The heavy band accents during Dave's solo acoustic intro of the song sounded like cannons. I loved it!
Sam A.
It was a beutiful night, and Dave had his dancin shoes on. The highlight of the evening was definately WWYS with John Popper. It was nice seeing him come out and join the band on the number. The band played a lot of Everyday tonight. I am still waiting for them to play Dreams of Our Fathers. It's my favorite song on the album and they still haven't played it in concert. Anybody know why? I'd like to know. It was nice hearing some Lillywhite in the mix as well. Big Eyed Fish and Bartender were played back to back with a very nice Leroi solo in between the two songs. Very good show overall with a lot of energy. Looking forward to the Vegas shows this weekend.
Mike S.
Concert number 3 for was sooo awesome. but still, the worst of the three. The new songs....well they arent my favorite. And live, they sound veryyyyy similar to the cd. Anyways to the concert...i was realllly surprised with the opening was a good way to start tho...totally pumped me up....then satellite...same as always....always good to hear...then #41 (everyday)....this was beautiful......always love hearing this song. Then the new songs.....WTWE and IDI.....neither one impressed me.....then Fish Monkey Man....a big surprise and awesome to hear...but i like the original version better where he doesnt change the lyrics around. Then one of the highlights of the concert....BARTENDER!!! This was amazing!!!! Such an awesome version!!! Then after that....the second highlight....WWYS with Popper!!!!! AWESOME...he had an insane harmonica solo!!! A great surprise!! Then after that....more new songs....IIHIA then Angel then WYA then STDH....i didnt like any of them too much....they were OK....then SMTS into Too Much...this was awesome....i loved hearing it again. He played it with a buuunch of energy and dave had a siiiiiick dance with these songs. Then TSB...sounded the same as the cd and every other time i have heard it live. Then was goo-d...not what i expected live tho....then Trippin Billies....a BIIIG HIGHLIGHT!!! Boyd had an incredible solo.....blew me away.....sooo much energy!!! It was up there with bartender and WWYS. Then encore was everyday\36......this was ok.....nicely played with a mellow jam....then watchtower....damn i love that as a closer!!!! as solid as ever!! A good night....too many everyday songs..but the non-everyday songs kicked ass!!! I still left with a big smile. So thanks again dmb. And if anyone has ways of getting that show on cd....let me know...thanks...its time to say goodbye. adios
There's really only one thing to say; JOHN POPPER! When Dave introduced him on WWYS, I think I almost died. Had they only played that song, I would have been happy. As for the rest of the show, good, not great. This was my third Dave show, and the previous two I feel had more energetic setlists. Last night there were too many Everyday songs and not enough of the old jam songs. However, the SMTS/Too Much combo was very welcomed, as was Triping Billies. And for their encore, the 36/Everyday mix version was unique, and very interesting. As a note, it realy seems like Dave enjoys his old music much more, he smiles more and dances more on those songs. I wouldn't complain if I saw more of those, but that's just my oppinion. Either way, the show was not at all bad. Enough good songs to make me happy and lots of people to make the show fun.
First, let me say I was skeptical of the Dodger Stadium Venue, but, aside from the clueless people that work there, it was a BEAUTIFUL production (loved the screen work) and I was won over (don't think they should play there again tho; $15 for parking, $7 for A BEER!) Floor seats, section C8 (thank you Warehouse!) and was I ever glad I came in for the openers! Holy Angelique! VERY impressive, where can I get a CD of hers...and being one of about 4 people who was glad to see Macy Gray, again I was very happy. See "opener" in musical lexicon --> 'warm up the crowd' and THAT they did. Secondly, I'm not going to bother you with what I would change, cuz just short of seeing them play every song they ever wrote, I'd change something every show so...Third, to all the critics out there that keep screaming about setlist repetition, I am not going to disagree, but I am going to say that I shall nitpik, semantically speaking, and choose not REPETITION as the word, but PRACTICE or BAND MELDING or whatever and SO BE IT--guys, keep freakin' doing it! HOLY EVERYDAY! It is obvious that these songs have been blooming/flourishing, whatever word floats your boat. So, I'll try to be brief (ha!): DDTW was a good opener for me; seeing the Band (and Dave) just pour it out set the right mood and my worries about energy etc. fell away. Satellite then 41 just brought the crowd into a fantastic bear hug that I thought solidified the tone for the rest of the night. Love WWTE and was thrilled to see more of a BT presense than on the album. And, if you had asked before the show what song I could do without, guess what--IDI--I was WRONG. I'm GLAD I saw that live; coming along nicely, very nice. Fish Monkey Man with the verses switched so the title makes more sense that way and the man is now a baby, pretty darn cool. Bartender--?what can I say except Dave pretty much ripped that out from the bottom of some reserve of power in his soul; I almost expected him, literally, to go down on bended knees! WWYS--um, JOHN POPPER!!!!! enough said...Then a solid string of Everyday songs; two of my, so far, not favorites (Angel, STDH) succeeded in, borrowing my friend Dylan's words here, PULLING ME INTO THEM and pouring them into me; I was LIKING Everday, but it had yet to take up residence in the DMB places of my being--now it has. Personally, I think ASTB is worth taking up the space with SMTS and Too Much (both also rockin'!) But OH MY GOD, if I can make a layered analogy here, Trippin' Billies was where I, and I think everyone in the place, peaked/climaxed! At the end I turned, mouth open, to the people around me and was glad that I had the time prior to the encore to recover, change discs and brace myself. Yes, predictable encores, but aptly chosen. There is something to be said about doing what works. Many say enough Watchtower, but I'll watch it again and again and again if only to have that few moments of frickin' unbelievable magic that is Stefan Lessard. On the whole, a SOLID show. My 8th show ever, as good as the rest; first this year and I can't believe I have to go to work for 3 days before I get to head out to VEGAS! To everyone who is waiting for their first show this year, know this: your favorite band is still the most amazing thing on the planet!
The parking people at Dodgers Stadium did a terrible job directing traffic. I ended up missing the first 2 1/2 songs even though I was at the venue an hour early. Oh well. Highlights: What Would You Say with Popper was awesome. They jammed it out extra long. Leroi was on fire all night played the pennywhistle a couple times like from Fish Monkey Man ---> Bartender. Tripping Billies was the best I've seen.. so energetic at the end. Everyday/#36 was fun.. and Watchtower was good to end the set. Overall, an above average show for DMB (there was quite a lull with If I had it all untill Sleep to Dream her), but an awesome and fun show nonetheless.
Shawn H.
Check this out! After seeing Dae this weekend at Pa BEll for the first night and live in the NBC studios for Leo, I was pretty stoked to see them in my home town at Dodger Stdium. Only problem was, I didn't have a ticket ( being in grad school is hard on the wallet). So,I brought a beach chair and my skateboard and just planned on sitting in the parking lot and listening. I got this pretty prime spot out by left field where I could see the speakers and the guys peeing into the trash dumpster, so I thought I was in good shape. Lots of people were laughing at me, asking me which way to the beach and all ( haha, good one), but the people who were really fans thought it was pretty sweet that I would come just to listen. I did'nt really care, I just wanted to hear the show and was content with that. Anyway, there I am, and this guy walks up halfway through the first song and goes, " Hey man, you got a ticket?". No, I didn't have a ticket, just there to listen I told him. And Bam, he drops two tickets in my lap. " Have a good time", he said, and was gone. I look at the tickets, they are field, section 4 row A seat 3 and 4. I almost crapped my pants! I ran in and there I was, dead on center with Dave. Not only that, but Kevin Bacon was sitting right next to me! Was a fun show, but really heavy on everyday songs, couldn't compare with SF shows. Figured that we would get to see Jon Popper there since Blues Traveller played in San Diego the night before, and the sets have had some nice guests lately. Was pretty amazing to hear Popper up there with the guys on SMTS. REminicent of the old HORDE shows. Excellent exellent version. Once again, Big Eyed Fish is beautiful and it really sets apart the people who love the band from those who are occasional listeners. SMTS->ASTB-> Too Much is always a classic and it really brought the crowd to its feet as well. But I cant get over Tripping Billies. That song will never sound bad and will always be a excellent live song. Not a great setlist( was praying for Grey Street), but what do you expect from a LA show ( of course it is going to be everyday heavy). But after all, how bad can any Dave show be, let alone one that was free and almost first row. Show number 11, and always fun. Wish I could follow to Vegas, but I am done for this tour. Out.
Adam C.
Well, where to begin? At the beginning I assume. Once more what I can only describe as a "Dark" Intro went into Don't Drink the Water. This was just about the same as the version on Saturday night at Pac Bell. Then, a very subdued version of Satellite that picked up at the end. #41...there's only two words to accurately describe this song: Leroi Moore. He was smoking. He played a flute solo followed by a tenor sax solo and then brought the song crashing to a finish. At the end they did what has worked so well in previous concerts: laying the lyrics of Everyday over the beat of sounds so beautiful. He was the star of this song. When the World Ends was good as usual. I'm beginning to believe that this is one of Dave's favorite songs off the new albums because it's almost always the first Everyday song he plays. IDI...I'll skip even commenting. But hey, the "hip" and "popular" LA crowd really liked it, so I guess that must mean the song is good. Then came Fish Monkey Man (is this song ever called "Big Eyed Fish" or is that a completely different song? someone e-mail me if you know...I'm very confused on this count...because, isn't there also a "Monkey Man" song?) The crowd simmered down for this one, but damn, this is just a beautiful song. There's no other way to describe it. I hope they release the Lillywhite Sessions just so I can have this song. Bartender was nice, and WWYS smoked with Popper on harmonica. He was dancing all over the stage and GOING OFF. Three different solos where it seemed that he just didn't want to stop. SMTS-Too Much was standard, albeit with energy. Stay is getting a little old, and Tripping Billies was strong. Everyday, a good Encore opener. Watchtower opened with a sick solo by Stefan, and Dave was growling through the whole thing. GREAT VERSION. And then, that was question: why did he finish at 10:40? A little bit early. And still, Dreaming Tree eludes...
Jarod R.
What an Awesome Show!! Dodger Stadium turned out to be an great Venue and the whole place was so energetic. Well It was good to hear some classics tonight. Don't drink the Water, of course a wonderful opener, even with the new funky images they project on to the screens. #41 rocked as always! It is easy to tell the band loves playing this tune, I would have liked to se it later in the set list when the Stadium was off it's feet. Fish Monkey Man was awesome live! I think it caught a couple fans off guard and if there was anyone who hadn't heard it they are certainly fans now! I think Bartender took the cake for tonight. It was amazing. It started with the african flute intro so everyone was trying to figure out what song it was. The band definetely knows how to build excitement. Then at the end the Jam was amazing...Remeniscent of the Blue Water Baboon Jam it was loud and, passionate. John Popper was awesome, and skinny!! That was definetely a treat seeing as they haven't gotten together in a while. The slew of Everyday songs write in the middle of this set let everyone sit for a little bit. Angel is definetely the best new song live, it's a lovers slow dance. Sleep to dream her--Blah. Only mistake in the set list tonight. So much to say was such a treat the stadium was back on it's feet and didn't sit down again. Too much set the place on fire with the funk Jam at the beginning, the drums sounded great tonight, Space between was sweet, lighters lit everywhere. Then tripping Billies...THIS SHOULD ALWAYS END THE SET. This is such a kickin closer. Then the encore was a treat, Everyday(36) is a wonderful new spin to an otherwise bland song (#36) and of course it is always nice to hear Watchtower close the night. This show rocked! Dave needs to Rock SoCal some more there's a hellovalot of fans down here! Peace, Love, and Dave!
Heather C.
Excellent overview of the new album: "If I had it All" sounded sweet. I was excited to hear "Angel." My first stadium show v. amphitheaters and it was a little hard to hear Dave speak. You could see Dave's energy with the Dave Dance during "So Much to Say." Surprise guest John Popper was one of the highlights when he came on stage to perform "What Would You Say." "Stay" was a jam that got just about everyone up and dancing! Dave licked sweat from his fingertips! "#36" into "Everyday" sounded great with the Lovely Ladies and Dave harmonizing together. Overall, a fun show with great energy and crowd enthusiasm. Now on to Vegas baby!
Ian S.
This was my 9th Dave show, and unfortunately I have to say I consider it my first 'DMBallard' show. Let me say from the outset that I am a BIG Lillywhites guy; I think those most of those songs are just awesome and sound so incredible in concert, and while I don't think "Everyday" is bad, it just falls short of what Dave and the Boyz are capable of (with a few exceptions). I was thinking this would be an Everday-heavy show since it was the band's only stop in LA, and I was right. This was a very up-and-down show; it had some awesome moments, but there were also some pretty disappointing sections, too. It started off very well--DDTW, SATELLITE, and a great #41 with the 'Everyday' outro. WTWE--this song is growing on me, and I have to admit it sounded pretty good live. IDI--Didn't do much for me, and I don't know what they thought the Lovely Ladies could possibly add to this song; their efforts are much better directed in other songs. FISH/BARTENDER--Whatever other parts of the show were disappointing, I have to say that these songs made the night worthwhile. I've decided that Bartender is my favorite DMB song-period. Old/new, released/unreleased, doesn't matter. The lyrics are incredible, and the intensity and emotion in the jam at the end of this song are unparalleled. WWYS--Not one of my favorite songs, but how cool was it to see John Popper up there! It looks like he's lost about 100 lbs., and he and Leroi had awesome solos. IIHIA--more intense than on the CD, but the energy of it still falls short of many other songs. Ditto for ANGEL--I thought I liked this song the first few times I heard it, but it's a cheezy, catchy ballad, and Dave is capable of much more than this with his slow love songs. WYA--One of the songs from 'Everday' that I really like, and this one had good sound and energy in concert. STDH--I don't like this song on the CD, it didn't get much better live, and four 'Everyday' songs in a row? Are you kidding me? SMTS-->ASTB-->TM--Dave seemed to get some energy back here, he was dancing all over the stage, and ASTB sounded much cooler than I remember before. TSB--A rare great song from 'Everyday.' This one truly has potential to take its place among Dave's great love songs, and it sounded great in concert. The crowd really seemed to love this one. STAY--It falls into the dreaded 'radio song' category, but I happen to like this song a lot, and the jam session at the end w/the Lovely Ladies was great! On the other hand, what does it say about the strength of the setlist when Stay is one of the highlights? I thought they'd go off stage with this song, but we got one more; an awesome BILLIES! Boyd was his old incredible self on this one, and it made me think again that with so many great old songs that they play so well, with so much energy and looking like they have so much fun, I wish they wouldn't play so many new songs that are clearly inferior. Fortunately, the show not only started strong, but ended strong. For the encore, EVERYDAY--in my opinion this is far and away the best song off the new CD, so fun and happy, with great concert jam potential that really came through last night, and #36 is a perfect song to mix it with. Lastly, WATCHTOWER was awesome! The lights really added a lot, and Dave's emotion on "...the wind began to HOOOOOOWL!" gave me chills. All in all, like I said it was an up-and-down night, with most of the down being too much 'Everyday' stuff. I'm hoping the two shows in Vegas this weekend will be better--maybe see y'all there!
Reed W.
Ok, I just got back from my second DMB show ever (last one on 7/05/97), and it was a blast. The setlist wasn't like absolutely jaw dropping, but it was a great great show. Me and my friend arrived at the stadium about 6:10 or so, just as Macy Gray's set had started. Not particularly caring for to see that crap, we wandered around (from the outside Macy's music sounded weird... almost tribal, like some ancient Hittite music or something - my friend was like: "That ho sold her soul to the devil, and she's workin voodoo on all those poor people." It was funny. Anyway...) - behind the stage is this large enclosure which is basically backstage. The fence isn't particularly high, but there's a good number of tents, of which you could tell one or two (at least) housed the guys. So we're just peeking over the fence a few times, looking at all the buses (we could only identify one in terms of which one belonged to whom, "Lighting," but we didn't see Fenton hanging around - we DID see a crew member cleaning a bus with a Dixie Chicks T-Shirt on, which was sort of scary, but anyway...), and all of a sudden my friend just stops, and covers his mouth. I listen - we're right near this one white just behind the fence, probably 15 feet away from us proportionally, and what do we here? Sax warming up, pretty repeatedly. It was frickin Roi - we got all giddy, and yelled Roi a few times, and lo and behold in the little crack in the tent I saw a black hand wave in our direction, and that was it, back to playing. Leroi Moore fucking waved to me and my friend. It was sweet. Anyway... So we went to our seats - they were pretty good, Boyd's side (left), field (not floor, just as the floor starts rising, so field level), so really pretty good, considering I'm a first year Warehouse member. We had a good view of the stage and whatnot, and caught the tail-end of Macy's set. She did the same thing that people said she did at Pac Bell - she would start "I Try" then be like "YOU GUYS ARE TOO FUCKING QUIET" then she'd start some other song and go back into "I Try," as if we aren't GOOD enough to get "I Try." Anyway, her band was huge, but people weren't really into it, to say the least. Dodger Stadium's acoustics were pretty horrendous, and like all these big towers they had out on the floor for extra speakers they DIDN'T EVEN FRICKIN USE THE WHOLE CONCERT. Anyway, that was a big complaint. Macy's sound was muted more or less, though, compared to DMB, but still, the acoustics were pretty bad. Anyway, finally Macy left, and after a whole lot of Moby for house music (the crew must like Moby, they use him as house music alot), the moment came - the houselights went off. It took a little longer than expected, they went on about 8:20, but still, around the time. Our hearts dropped as we all rose up and screamed. So Dave and the guys walk out, Dave doing this little arm wailing thing to like pump himself up. He picks up one of his acoustics (6 string I think, I'm not a guitar player), the lights are all red on the boys, and after a few "Hey everybody" s and whatnot, Dave turns to Carter and starts into... Don't Drink the Water - at first I thought this was Bartender - it was hard to hear, but then I realized it was DDTW about a second later. Really good version, this song's HEAVILY underrated live, they jam it out like the shit. On the screens they'd seque from shots of the band on-stage to video clips from the DDTW video for effect and whatnot. Was definitely good, glad I got to hear it. After that nice little jam, I was pumped up, and hoping he wasn't gonna change to the electric JUST yet, was too early for me. Anyway, he started playing some chords that I didn't recognize too well, especially considering I could barely hear them, at first thought it was FMM/BEF - ended up being that new intro to Satellite, which is pretty good. Then of course... Satellite - pretty good version, but fairly standard, was surprised how many people knew the words. After that and a few lines of Dave speak, Macy Gray ran out on stage and hugged Dave - we were like "FUCK NO DON'T SING" and then some other people booed. Heh, it was funny. Then Dave said "Let's hear it for Macy Gray comin out on tour with us to graciously" or something to that effect, and people cheered, and she went off-stage, thank god. Then came that familiar hi-hat work and guitar strum and... #41 (Everyday Outro) - fucking awesome - I love 41, will never get tired of it. Nothing spectacular in terms of previous versions, but for a band version with no Butch (surprisingly, Butch did what he did first night of Pac-Bell, and played largely only on ED songs and a few old ones), it was insane - Leroi was the strength of this version, he extended his solo quite a bit longer than normal, was really enjoying it. The ED outro really is quite sweet, with the little stop for the "Everyday..." then back into the music - very nice, long version, crowd really was into it. Well, except for this guy a few rows in front of me who turned to this chick in front of me and was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SONG?" and she's like "41" - then a few minutes later - "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SONG?" - "41 still." Then he took another drag on his joint, and sat down and made out with his chick. People are stupid. So, another little break, and I was sure he was gonna bust out the electric by now, but no, he kept his acoustic, and still no LL, so I was thinkin WTWE, and what'd I get? When the World Ends - this song is sweet live, I don't care what anyone says. Butch came out for it for the first time, added a good deal. Trouble is the whole concert I couldn't see Butch, so I had to rely on the screens/my ear to know if he was playing, and he was - he added a little more "fullness" to it, but didn't overwhelm it, as Butch is famous for doing. Good version, crowd dug the "world ending," nice big roar. Then he busted out the electric - I knew he'd have to eventually. I was hoping for So Right or WYA right about now, but I heard him practicing the chords, and said "IDI." And sure enough, he brought out the LL, and went into... I Did It - it's good live, not like I love the song, but it's alot better than I expected it to be. Has a good deal of energy. So then Dave brought out his 12 string, and I was like "WTF?" - I was NOT expecting what came next... Fish Monkey Man - I went nuts when I heard the opening chords. I was NOT expecting FMM to played after IDI, of all songs, but sure enough, there it was. Was great to see, considering me and only one other guy in my section knew what it was, and probably some people close to the stage on the floor, but that was about it. I was worried they might not play it since LA isn't exactly a fan hub for DMB, but they did, and I'm privelaged to say I've seen Fish Monkey Man live. Good version, Leroi picked up the sax work at the end which was absent from 5-14 and 15 a bit, and Dave did a little more improving - I remember on the monkey part, he said "Cause a monkey should know, stay up your fuckin' tree." Was good stuff. I told my friend that if Leroi busted out a pennywhistle, they were gonna do Bartender. And sure enough, he did, and they did that ultra, ultra cool seque Irish thing, it sounds great - Boyd sounds like bagpipes, Leroi a little... well... pennywhistler. But good stuff. It was loonggggggggg too, longer than I heard on recorded versions. When the crowd began to get impatient (not me, mind you, the CROWD), they finally busted into... -->Bartender - wow, this song is so awesome live, it's beyond words. Love the jam at the end, Dave gets into it like no other, I must say. You haven't lived until you hear it live. After that, I was floored. I was like "alright, they're not gonna top that." I wasn't expecting any guests tonight, honestly I wasn't, not after Pac Bell, even though this WAS a big stadium, I thought they wouldn't bring out anyone. So all of a sudden this figure comes out of the shadows, and Dave's like... "I wanna introduce a friend of mine to play on this next tune... and old, old friend of ours... Mr. John Popper everyone!" I was fucking floored - I knew John hadn't played with them in a long ass time, I knew this was gonna be awesome. I knew what song it'd be too, and I was psyched. Oh, and you wouldn't believe how much weight John's lost - it's incredible. He doesn't look at all like he used to. Really good for him. Anyway... What Would You Say (ft. John Popper) - oh... my... god. This was probably the best WWYS I've ever heard/witnessed. Leroi was on fucking fire, he went on forever and ever, then when you thought they wouldn't allow it, comes in John - holy shit. His solo was incredible, just incredible, and just when you thought it was done, he kept going, and going, and going, and going - it was magic. Just like the old days, sort of. Oh my god, what a great WWYS. The crowd, and me, went nuts. Unfortunately, no more John for the rest of the night, but still great. WWYS and John go together so well, it's great. I thought the electric again, but nope, Dave stuck to his acoustic, and I thought "IIHIA?" Sure enough... If I Had It All - complete with the regular guitar intro, sounded really good. Not particularly a highlight of the show, but the crowd enjoyed it, and the band seemed tight on it. I liked the LL's outro thing on it, despite what others say. So then he busted out the electric again, and I predicted Angel, but hoped for So Right, and sure enough, he kept the LL out there, and he played those familiar opening chords... Angel - when you see this live, it makes alot of difference. The guitar riff on that song is just classic, and it sounded really good and tight. I really enjoyed it, alot more than IIHIA - so shoot me. And he kept the electric on, now I knew he could only play So Right or WYA, and sure enough, that chanting started, with Carter doing his symbal work, and... What You Are - wow this was awesome. Probably one of the best if not the best new song live - lights went crazy, crowd went crazy, band went crazy. This song has so much energy live, it was great - you haven't lived till you've seen WYA live. So he switched back to acoustic, and said into the mic "This is sort of a quiet song...." For some reason my brain didn't click on STDH, but sure enough... Sleep to Dream Her - yes, it is a lull, but it's a good lull. You need a stretch break, and this was the song to do it on. I was almost positive they'd do a -->GiG next, but... I dunno what to call this, but I think it is a seque - see if people who come back other than me agree, because the band took like 1 second to go into, like no rest at all...-->So Much To Say - this suprised the hell out of me, I was expecting GiG, and wasn't upset it wasn't played, since it decreased the predictability. Considering SMTS hasn't been played in awhile lately, it was nice to see. Then of course... -->Anyone Seen the Bridge? - this never gets old live, really nice jam, the crowd was very into it... -->Too Much - surprised me inasmuch that it got me dancin more than I expected. Nice version, very good energy from all sides. So then Dave brought back out the electric, I was sure it was gonna be So Right, but... The Space Between - was NOT expecting this at ALL. I thought for sure after playing it on Leno last night that they'd skip this, but nope, they played TSB. Wasn't necessarily a bad thing since they don't play it too much this tour - was nice to hear in a way. The crowd dug it. Band seems tighter on it than previously, and Butch adds some to it. So then back to acoustic - I was like ok, this has to be it, 15th song, and sure enough they busted into... Stay (Wasting Time) - very, very, very good stuff. Yes, it's a radio song, but Butch jammed this out so much with the guys, it was incredible - VERY VERY good. Seriously though, it was a very good version, jammed out alot more than has been previously on this tour. Butch made all the difference. This seemed like a closer, and apparently the lighting crew agreed - they made the lights onstage all white as if the band was leaving. And it seemed that way for awhile, but, um, apparently not, cause they went into... Tripping Billies (Nature Intro) - wow - this song is back in such force, it's amazing. They jammed it out like the shit, Boyd was on frickin fire, as you've probably heard from other Billies reviews this summer. If so, it's true - Boyd just went nuts, it was great. I couldn't stop dancing. Brought a huge, huge smile to my face. So then we screamed for encore, for what seemed like forever and ever (I was hoarse from screaming), and finally they came out... I thought for sure Waste, because they put the spotlight on Dave, but... #36 --> Everyday --> #36 - Really great version, as always. This is probably the most ingenious jam made out of an ED song, just really, really good. The LL add alot, and the wa-wa peddle on Boyd's great. I was sure that this'd be it, because of the 16 song main set, but nope... Stefan started his little Hendrix-esque solo thing, which is really long and nice now, and I knew it was gonna be Watchtower. After awhile... Watchtower - really good, energetic version, lights go nuts on the song, and the crowd went equally as nuts. Just a great closer to a great show. Unfortunately, Boyd didn't use the wa-wa peddle, but was still had an intense solo. Anyway, was a great show. I'd probably give it, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 9. Sure, the setlist wasn't incredible, but with Popper, plus the fact that the band seemed to be having fun (Carter smiled the majority of the time, Boyd more than a few times, Dave did his dance quite a bit) made it a great show. Wouldn't trade it for nuthin.
Timothy J.
The show opened with a great jam of Don't Drink the Water, Satellite, and an even better jam of #41 which included some of the words from Everyday. The next few songs were mellow, but the band recharged the crowd with an awesome version of What Would You Say with guest John Popper on the harmonica. The band, along with Butch Taylor, then played some of their songs from the Everyday album which were all excellent and ended up with Tripping Billies. The encore included Everyday with the lovely ladies singing some of the lyrics from #36 and Leroi also playing #36. It was as if they mixed the two songs. The concert ended with the traditional All Along the Watchtower. All in all an awesome concert especially at such a huge venue.
Nicole L.
Overall, I rate this as a great show. I was glad to hear their mix of the newer songs off of "Everyday", songs off of "Three Days Down," the unreleased new cd, and their older songs. I felt that the crowd really sucked, compared to the Deer Creek crowd that I am used to, being from Indiana. I felt that "Bartender" was the best song of the night. Dave's voice during that song can bring me to tears. I also really enjoyed hearing #41/Everyday. Ever since I heard this during the winter tour in Cleveland I was hooked. I don't want to make this too long so I just want to say this to anyone doubting Dave after the new cd, go see these songs live and you will not be let down. Thanks, Nicole L. Stover
Michael A.
OK this was my first stadium show seeing the band. Also this was my first "Lovely Ladies" show. Considering I would probably prefer a pavilion show without the ladies last night was pretty impressive. Although, my main reason why I enjoyed it so much had to do with Dave's energy. Don't Drink I wouldn't pick as a good opener, but with his knee bending-leg kicking opening... it just seemed like the night was going to be special. Two big highlights to the evening besides the energy: Mr. Johnny Popper coming out and sitting in with the boys on What Would You Say. I couldn't even recognize the man because of all the weight he's lost! Of course an awesome version of WWYS was jammed out. Also, #36->Everyday->#36. Unbelievable sounding when they go back and forth with those two songs. Speaking of two songs going well together- Fish Monkey Man segwayed into Bartender is truly unbelievable. I can't believe I've been lucky enough to get that both shows I've gone to so far this year! Lowlights: Too much from everyday, but that is to be expected from this tour. All in all a very fun show that will give Vegas some competition pending two amazing performances.
Matt B.
The show was most excellent, I am not going to say this was the best show, because to me almost every DMB show is the best. There was a great setlist and I was surprised at how good the audio was in such a large stadium. DDTW was a great opener it really got the crowd going and then #41 kept the energy flowing. WTWE and I Did It were both cool. Although I am not a huge fan of I Did It, it still sounded great live. BIG Eyed Fish (Which I still Call by that name) was phenominal, definitley a highlight of the show. And then an equally great jammed out Bartender, which is really starting to grow on me. I believe John Popper coming out and helping with WWYS was the biggest surprise of the night. Other highlights of this show was a sweet Stay with the Lovely Ladies, and then my all time favorite song live Tripping Billies. The Encore ended a perfect night with #36#36 and a brilliant Watchtower. God bless and I'll see you all in Vegas!
Damian W.
Well, I thought Dave and the boys were pretty amazing. I was a little worried about seeing them at Dodger Stadium, I'd never seen a concert there before and didn't know what to expect as far as sound and seating location were concerned. Turns out it wasn't too bad. The band seemed to really energetic, opening up with DDTW was a nice surprise. The highlight of the night for me had to be Fish Monkey Man & Bartender, I love those songs from the Lillywhites. I had a feeling John Popper might make an appearance since BT did a show in LA Monday night. He was fantastic, WWYS is always outstanding when he plays. The show began to drag a little after that, the lowest point being Sleep to Dream Her. Dave must like this one, cuz I haven't heard very positive feedback about it, but he continues to play it. Things picked right back up though with SMTS & Too Much. Dave was dancing like a madman during the Bridge. Although Leroi was fairly quiet for most of the night, Boyd was simply awesome, especially during an electric Tripping Billies. The encore was good. I never get tired of Watchtower, and Everyday is fun to hear with #36. Overall, I feel it was a great show, not the best, but hardly disappointing. See ya in Vegas
Lindsey B.
I have to say that I was very dissapointed with the setlist of this concert This was my 25th show and it was by far my least favorite. The two high points of the night would have been Big Eyed Fish and WWYS with John Popper, both were excellent. The rest of the time I felt like Dave was playing for all the record execs up in the boxes as opposed to all of the fans sitting right in front of him. I guess that's the price you pay for seeing a show in LA, but not to worry, I know that Dave and the boys will redeem themselves in Vegas!
Tyler S.
Before I get to the concert review let me say this. If you ever get a chance to go see a concert at Dodger Stadium, don't go! We got to the venue at 4:00 and paid an insane $15 to park only to be handed a piece of paper telling us NO TAILGAITING! $15 to park and I can't even sit in the parking lot an have a few beers and burgers. Then inside there were what seemed like a 2 to 1 ratio of security to the audience and out of them only about 1 in 10 actually could point us towards our seats, but they all were pretty good at harassing us. On to the show. The whole band was in great spirits tonight, lots of energy right from the start. Dave was dancing around everywhere and Boyd and LeRoi were sounding great. Highlights had to be a great opener of DDTW. #41 with the bridge to everyday was a cool little twist to an old favorite. Really got the crowd going with LeRoi going off. Fish Monkey Man and Bartender were incredible. What a diference from those two songs off the Lillywhite sessions and all the other crap from the new album. 8 songs off Everyday. That was a real let down for me. No jamming, and the electric guitar really does not fit in with the rest of the band. The album is good, but live it really leaves something to be desired. WWYS with Popper was sweet enough to make it all better. And what about John Popper, was it me or did he loose like 100 pounds? SMTS->ASTB->Too Much got the band jamming again and Billies was a nice closer with Boyd going off as usual. Watchtower was an expected encore, but where was Popper, I thought for sure he would be back. All and all a descent show, could have done without hearing all of the Everyday album and hearing some more old stuff (where was Jimi Thing, LIOG, Two Step, etc.) and Lillywhite stuff. I have seen far better in southern Cal and hopefully the band gets back to its jamming ways next time around. Please pass up Dodger Stadium next time Dave as there are far better venues in sothern Cal than that.
Amy H.
All I can say is what a great way to start off my summer. I don't know if you all know how long I had been looking forward to this show! I had just finished my last final on monday, and i drove home 2 hours (from univ. of san diego) with my friend nicole (her 9th dave show) from boston to see dave. This was my second dave show, my first was last year in Chicago at Soldier Field. The show was phenomenal! Something was different though from the show in Chicago: the fans (if thats what you want to call them?) of Los Angeles. What the hell is wrong with these people?!?! I am almost embarrassed to say I am from LA! With the exception of a few, it was like everyone around me was sitting and not even in to it at all-- like HELLOOOOOO- YOU ARE AT A DMB SHOW!!! We were singing and dancing like crazy and some lady behind me actually asked me to sit down! I basically laughed in her face and asked her why she even came! I guess you have to go to a show on the east coast or mid-west to really find the right crowd, but anyways despite the lame people around us, it was great. Dave and the boys came on around 8:15pm, and put on one hell of a show! I won't go through all of the setlist, just the highlights. #41 was beautiful, i love that song, and then Big Eyed Fish!! Holy Shit!!! It was awesome and definitely a privilege to see live! Not very many people knew this one, but we were stoked about it! After that great moment, I didn't think it could get any better and then I heard the begininng of the next song and I think I crapped my pants!! It was Bartender, and I have to say I had major goose bumps and my eyes started to water... it was beautiful, and magical, definitely my favorite song and thanks dave for playing it. You could see it in his face that he really loves this song and is very passionate about it, it was fabulous. After Bartender, dave said "We have a special friend here that is going to come on out and play with us..." (or something like that) and, who comes out?? JOHN POPPER!!!! it was awesome!! When dave said his name and then i saw john popper, i didn't know if i had heard him wrong because the guy must have lost like 100lbs, he was skinny as hell, it was crazy! But anyways, he was amazing on his harmonica for WWYS, a real treat to see, it really got the crowd going. Dave was dancing like crazy all over the stage and the crowd really got it to this one. I am not really that big of a fan of the new CD, but the songs off it were definitely better live. If I Had It All and The Space between sounded great. Stay w/the lovely ladies was pretty standard but definitely got the crowd going. But the most energetic song though of the night had to be Tripping Billies, everyone was going nuts, the lighting was awesome, dave was dancing around was DMB at their finest! After that they came out for the encore and just jammed like there was no tomorrow with Everyday/#36. Damn I just love that song, especially with the Lovely Ladies, it sounds soooooo good! I loved it!!! For the closer, All Along the Watchtower. Dave and the boys jammed like hell and basically brought the place down with that one!!! It truly was an awesome show, and i really hope they come back to LA despite the lame fans, but see you all in Saratoga Springs and then at the Gorge! ps--> to the guy in the green shirt, you were looking good and you need to look me up!!!
Wendy L.
I'm a relatively new Davehead and this is my first review, so please bear with my DMB naivete and lack of analytical depth. What a show...what a band...I was expecting to leave the show dissatisfied since I don't really care for the new album, but I left glowing. Experiencing DMB's new album live made me like and appreciate it and the band more. As for the older songs, even though they played only three songs that made my personal 18-track "Best of Dave" CD, the first few bars of every song rang like an old favorite, a testiment to a truly great band. (Incidently I've learned that it is impossible to make ONE "Best of Dave" CD. Way too many great songs.) Loved "What Would You Say" with the very svelt John Popper on the harmonica (not sure I would have recognized him even with his harp and hat!) And the Dave Gods must have been smiling on me when the Lovely Ladies came out on stage and I turned to my friend and said "'Stay' would be so awesome right now." Next thing I hear is, "We were walking just the other day..." That song epitomizes fun, doesn't it? The crowd made me feel a zillion years old at 32, but teenage energy can be a good thing at a concert. The large screens and the special effects/light show made the mammoth venue that is Dodger Stadium surprisingly bearable. Bottom line is that on the way home from the show I called my sister and warned her that I would be dragging her to the Vegas this weekend, I'd pay her whole way if she'd do the drive and see the shows with me. So if you're in Vegas this weekend, I'll be the one dancing in the "BUT I'D GIVE YOU TRIPLETS" tee next to one very bored sister.
Derek W.
What can I say about the show? Well, if you're a fan who likes the radio singles, you must have been in heaven. If you're a diehard fan looking for rarities and covers, I feel bad for you. I'm not going to say which one I am. Anyways, the show started off well with a rare opening song DDTW. Dave seeemed quite into it tonight and it was apparent from the opening. Satellite was a mellow tune, nothing out of the ordinary. #41 was great! I finally got to hear it with the Everyday outro. and it was all that I imagined and more. WWTW and I Did It were welcomed times for me to get a t-shirt and soda. Then it started into Fish Monkey Man which is a bit of a twist of Big Eyed Fish. I liked it though. Bartender was the highlight of the show. With the added piccolo from Leroi at the end and Dave's emotion on "I'm on bended KNEES, father please!" was great! The next four songs from Everyday were slow and kinda boring. The only enjoyable one was Angel because I think everyone likes that song. Sleep To Dream Her = Sleep For Me (sorry). I was surprised that SMTS and Too Much were actually enjoyable! Dave and the gang played with so much enthusiasm on these two that I couldn't help but loudly sing along. TSB was another slow rendition of an Everyday song, but still good. Stay was jammed out well at the end of the song and Tripping Billies also was a good song to leave on with the huge light show going on in the background. For the encore, Everyday (36) was another mellow tune that I was kinda slowly moving through, until...WATCHTOWER! Right when Stefan started doing his bass intro, I was screaming my head off. I've wanted to see Watchtower performed live and I finally got it! It was great! Ok, I was a little disappointed in the setlist of the show because they played so many commercial singles (why not crash or ants marching, at least?) but I think it's safe to say that the group's enthusiasm and energy infused into the show brought it up from what was otherwise a ho-hum setlist. Go Dave!
Matt W.
This is my second and last show of summer 2001. This show definately will hold me over till next time. It was truly an amazing show. This was number 17 for me and to top it all off it was my birthday too. John Popper was amazing on what would you say. Big eyed fish/ monkey man was great to hear but i still hope he plays kit kat jam sometime. We had about twentieth row seats front and center. Other highlights were tripping billies andof course watchtower. Just wanted to say thanks DMB and thanks Kristen for spending my birthday with me. See ya'll soon.