Dave Matthews Band
Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

#41 (Everyday)
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *+
So Right *
Fish Monkey Man
Jimi Thing
Angel *+
Stay *+
What You Are *
Sleep To Dream Her
Grace Is Gone
True Reflections +
Mother Father *+~
Love of My Life *~^
All Along the Watchtower ~^
Long Black Veil *+
Everyday (#36) +

* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
~ Carlos Santana on guitar
^ Karl Perazzo on percussion

Tolga E.
Wow... what a freaking amazing show! It all started with the first opener, Angilique Kidjo, who not many people payed attention to except that right before her last song, she introduced Carlos Santana and they played together for a bit. Because most people arrived after this hapenned, Santana was still a bit of a surprise for everyone. Next came Macy Gray and franky she was awful so I'd rather not talk about it. Finally Dave took the stage and the madness begun. #41 and satellite were fairly standard with #41 having the everyday outro. The Space Between with the lovely ladies was surprisingly nice, they actually added to the song! So Right was great and its starting to get jammed out more. Fish Monkey Man was same as past 2 shows but still great, not many people applauded after tho cuz they had no idea what they just heard. Bartender and Jimi Thing were epic, each lasting 15 minutes or so... Jimi Thing even had a Dave solo along with Leroi and Boyd solos. What You Are sounds great with Butch. Finally.. CARLOS. Dave came out and said "You know, we have a lot of friends around here..." and proceeded to introduce him. The next 3 songs were all really amazing but Watchtower takes the cake - the most amazing rendition of it I have ever heard. The encore was sweet and mellow and Everyday was great because the Ladies kept singing lyrics from #36 on top of Dave's Everyday lyrics and they basically played both songs at the same time instead of one going into the next. All in all, truly amazing, Carlos was unbelievable.
Brian D.
Well, on the first ever concert at Pacific Bell Park, it certainly was a memorable one. The opener of #41 definately pleased me and a lot of fans (anything but I DID IT). The highlights were: Fish Monkey (Big Eyed Fish) which sounded wonderful despite most people around me not knowing it. Also, Bartender! It was absolutely incredible...this is one song that keeps getting better every time I hear it. The camera work and lights were excellent as usual, but the sound could have been a little better. Dave was stoned and drunk out of his mind which showed quite a bit throughout the performance. When Carlos Santana came out, it was no surprise, but I still went crazy. The version of Watchtower (Boyd-less for the most part) was ripping with Carlos subbing in for all the solos. And Mother Father sounded really good, much better than the album. The show might as well have ended with Watchtower, because the encores, although very good, were not nearly as good. It was kinda a sour way to end the night, but still very pleasing and I certainly wasn't disappointed. There's always tomorrow night and Vegas next weekend! Cya there.
Ross D.
Firstly, Angelique Kidjo and Macy Gray were both great openers. Carlos Santana came out and played on the last Kidjo tune; she has a magnificent voice. Macy Gray is just tight. Anyone who begins her setlist by yelling, "All the ugly people be quiet!!" can't be all bad. Her whole set was just funky! Her band is huge (a 3-person horn section, 5 fly guy/girl backup singers, drummer, percussionist, keys, bass, electric guitar, and the hightlight.... a DJ!) The DJ's spinning was fantastic! Onto Dave... #41 and Satellite were both mellow, pretty standard, nice openers. WTWE was nice. Space Between is wonderful live. The chorus just soars. So Right fine, but it kept the momentum of the show for Fish Monkey Man -> Bartender and Jimi Thing. A full Fish Monkey Man was really good and Bartender was stunning. Jimi Thing is always nice and LeRoi's solo at the end was made up of short percussive notes and nicely unlike many pervious solos of his. I'm not a big fan of Angel ("Why do I beg like a child for your candy..?" C'mon, that's an awful lyric!) The energy picked up right where it left off with Stay. I know some of y'all don't like the Ladies but Stay with the Ladies was huge with a big full sound that can't be beat. At this point, the show was full of energy and momentum (slowed only by Angel). It was just rockin! But What You Are, Sleep to Dream Her, and Grace is Gone all but killed everything. I don't really know why but the show kind of came to an abrupt halt. It's not that the songs were bad but it really came down. Things picked back up with Boyd and True Reflections. Dave's guitar part seems different than before; it now sounds really close to Jimi Thing. Then Carlos Santana comes walking out on stage with percussionist Karl Perazzo. It's a treat to see Carlos, but Mother Father isn't the greatest tune in the world. Love of my life was better. And Watchtower rocked hard! Two solos by Carlos (none by anyone else) and lots of energy and emotion. LBV is usually a pretty mellow tune, but as soon as the song got to the ladies' 'nobody knows' parts, it just exploded. They were just shouting and wailing those parts and it was not mellow in the slightest. #36 / Everyday was a wonderful closer. I love how they're doing this song on tour. It went on for a good long while. I don't know quite what to make of this show. The first half was marvelous. But it sank into a lull for three songs. Butch's return was sparse and very uneventful. It was rare to even to able to pick him out of the mix (maybe it was because I was on the floor, I don't' know?) He was quiet except for his True Reflections solo. As far as Carlos Santana goes, it's an interesting exchange. On one hand, we got a great Watchtower and to see Carlos play But they wouldn't have ever played Mother Father or LOML if he wasn't there. And neither of those songs is stellar, especially near the end of a set. Where you usually get a couple of the great classic Dave jammin' tunes. And tonight, those just weren't there, in lieu.Mother Father & LOML. Those two songs at the end of a set was disappointing. And 8 Everyday tunes is probably a little much. But the lack of singles was very nice and the first half of the show was wonderful. So, it was a very mixed bag with this show, some great moments but somewhere, it just kind of got lost.
Ryan R.
Ok, I think i should go through this concert review sequentially so if you find yourself thinking this concert rocks at first then slowly going more and more downhill until it just festered into an infinite decrease to the worste setlist of this entire 2001 tour, you'll feel exactly how i felt standing there watching the show... To get it out of the way, i have to say that the problems with this show had nothing to do with the sound, the lighting, the venue, where i was sitting or anything, that was all great, (i was in the 10th row middle front). Ok, onto the review... #41, INSANE opener, i liked it a bunch, great version, everyday at the end was really cool... SATELLITE, great second song, good to have the older songs coming in strong and early, pretty average/standard version though. Now onto the everydays, they gotta come in sometime ya know... WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, great live, i had no idea i would like it that much, (believe me im not a fan of the everyday album) and it was good he played it acoustic. SPACE BETWEEN, exactly like the cd, on the baritone electric, lovely ladies on it, basically i dont like that song, so whatever.
Danielle G.
Let me just say wow! #41 was a great surprise opener. Satellite a little more mellow then I thought it would be. The boys played a lot of new songs, which I wasn't too happy about because I love the Lillywhite Sessions more than the Everyday album. But it was nice to hear When the World Ends, The Space Between, and So Right. The Monkey Man Jam from the Lillywhite sessions is good too. Bartender was great!! That's my favorite song off of the Lillywhite cd. The jam was great and the boys were into it. Jimi Thing was way more than I expected with another great jam and Boyd playing his butt off made it better. Angel was good, but Stay was better. The lovely ladies were out there singing for most of the new songs, but they sounded GREAT on Stay. What You Are and Sleep To Dream Her were great, but nothing compares to Grace is Gone, that is truly a classic song. True Reflections was a great surprise to see. Next came the great Carlos Santana who stayed out with the boys to play Mother Father, Love of My Life, and the very best version I've ever heard of All Along the Watchtower. I've seen Santana play Watchtower with a few other bands on tour but those versions were nothing compared to Carlos and The boys. After a good wait for the encore I was happy to hear Long Black Veil. But the best part of the show for me was to hear #36. Even though the boys and the lovely ladies turned it into Everyday, it will still be #36 to me, and I only sang the parts of #36 to the song. It was a great show but I know tonight's show will be better!!
Tony S.
Right after the show, one is usually still on a high ... so it's easy to say "this was the best show I've been to." Well, I'm not sure that's the case here. It's the best show I could have hoped for. If anyone is on the field tonight, take a moment to look around. It's a sight to behold. #41: This is a great opener. Soft ... smooth. It gets the crowd relaxed at the beginning then brings them up at the end. The Everyday outro is getting better and better. Satellite: Pretty much the same. Slight variations at the end. WtWE: Butch really fills in the gaps here. The song is much better live than just hearing an MP3 of it. It has the album ending, but I suspect that sometime in the future, this will be altered. TSB: Wow! The LL really added to this a lot. They didn't sing any words, but instead used their voices like another instrument. To all of you who said "Ugggg, the LL on Space Between," please hold your judgment until you actually hear it. So Right: My favorite off the new album really jams live. Leroi's solo in the middle is getting stronger and they jammed just a bit at the end. This will be a DMB staple for years to come. FMC: Thank you lord all mighty. Need I say more? Bartender: This actually had a bridge from FMC with Leroi on the Pennywhistle. Slight sound problems with feedback, but a great solo that lead into the greatest version of the song I have yet to hear. Dave's screaming during the jam was very intense. Jimi Thing: The only song I've heard at every show I've ever been to, which is good because it's my favorite. It got the crowd pumped, then brought us back to relaxation for ... Angel: Pretty much like what we've heard before, but with the fuller sound thanks to Butch and the Ladies. Stay: I just really like this song. It rocks and gets me pumped. What else can I say? What You Are, Sleep To Dream Her, and Grace is Gone: All fine songs, but three slower songs in a row may have been a bit much. It felt really long. True Reflections: I really like this song and it's very obvious that the band does as well. Boyd had a blast. Mother Father: Months and months ago, I bet my GF that Santana would be at Pac Bell, but she didn't believe me. How could a building in SF open as a musical venue and not include Santana? The song was pretty much like the album, but the boys had a lot of fun with Santana on the stage. And Yes, Perazzo did play during this song. Love of My Life: This made my GFs night. Great jam by Santana and the boys were having so much fun it was contagious. Watchtower: Way better than the Neil Young one from 4/21. The look on Santana's face was priceless after Stephan started his intro. Not sure Santana saw that coming. He went over and jammed the intro with Stephan. The outro jam had everyone grovin. What a night. Long Black Viel and Everyday: I love both of these songs and the LLs really made LBV. I defy anyone to listen to this version and tell me you don't like them. They were fabulous. Everyday really rocked and sounded like Dave was singing part of another song (other than 36), but I couldn't understand him. This show is really more than the sum of it's parts. The setlist was great (IMHO) and Macy Gray was better than expected. The ballpark was cool and Dave said "after the show, we'll all play ball. Big Teams." Anyone who says that this wasn't a good show is either fooling themselves or not that big of a fan. Of the shows I've heard so far this tour (not all, but more than half), this is the best one.
its 1AM and I just walked in from the show, and a great one it was! During Angelique Kidjo Carlos Santana came on and guested ona song that had the lyrics kinda like this, "tomba tomba tomba" Well, I knew he was going to come on and jam with the boys. He did on Mother Father, Love of My Life and on Watchtower, Karl was there too and added a nice touch. #41- Great way to start a show, lots of energy. Satellite- Had the little instrumental guitar intro that Daves been doin, very cool. When The Worlds Ends- Probably the strongest Everyday song, very kickin' Space Between- Standard, Butch added a nice touch, made it fuller, but the lovely ladies did nothing to make it better. So Right- On some parts is almost seemed like Dave was struggling on the guitar a little, but a very energetic song never the less. Fish Monkey Man- Very Sweet! Dave sung it a little differently, like a shuffle lyrics. I dont know how to explain it, the way he sung it just sounded different, but very good! Bartender- Boyd went straight into this after FMM. Definatly the high light of the night, great Pennywhistle intro and outro by LeRoi, added a great sound to the songm which paractically put me to tears. Jimi Thing- Another highlight. Long ass solo for LeRoi, it seemed like he was playing forever. Daves solo almost sounded middle eastern, I could have sworn I heard some Minarets in there, or was he just warming up for Mother Father? Stay- Got everyone moving, kept the momentum going. But enough of the lovely ladies already. Still great. What You Are- Very solid, but nothing too special Sleep To Dream Her- This song really slowed the pace down, the calm before the storm, the storm that is Santana! Grace Is Gone- Immediatly followed STDH, great great version. Nearly put me to tears. True Reflections- Ok, this song was good but it was not one I was dying to see, just a standar song, with a very solid Boyd solo. Mother Father- It was inevitable he was going to come out, this song was great! Dave wailed, Santana wailed! It was great Love Of My Life- Another great song, this was nice to hear since its only been played like 5 times live or so. Sounded great with Butch. Watchtower- Great Stefan solo, kinda spacy. great solo by Santana, lots of energy. Long Black Vail- See Listener supported, but the lovely ladies solo thingys seemed longer than ussual, good to hear. Everyday- This is just a feel good happy song, with a #36 into. Very good way to close After the encore, and they left the stage, the house lights nver went on, and some little guitar music played in the background, and everybodyb thought he was going to come out and do a second encore. It would have been amazing, seeing a seocnd encore. It was funny because all the tapers in front of us were lowering their stands, then quickly rolled them back up because of the lite guitar. haha! Also, the lighting was great, great effects. very cool. Macy Gray- She was OK, not great, but not bad. Just kinda,"yeah ok, come on and finish. I want DMB."
Sean T.
Man! Pacific Bell Park, Carlos Santana, and Butch Taylor, waht more could you about a half way decent setlist! Not even the image of the band or the presence of such amazing guests could have saved this show. The energy was extremely low, and this show was far too heavily saturated with new-DMB tunes. 1 song from Remeber Two Things(Satelite...not going to make a show), one song from Under The Table and Dreaming(Jimi Thing...which was very good, but the jam is only secong best to summer 00') 1 song from Crash (#41....which is a great opener and I must admit that I never get tired of this one, but still just a decent version.) And then 1 song from Before these crowded Streets (Stay, which was a song I had never heard live and I really enjoyed it.) The presence of 8 Everyday songs is what really kept this show in an idle state of mediorcrity. When Carlos showed up I really thought that the show was going to take off, and at one point the energy was climbing, it maxed out during Watchtower but the band killed it with the Long Black Veil...Everyday encore. Everyday is not a good closing song, and if they do decide to play it at least end it with the #36 ending, but last night they just stopped, like they did on the Album. Not a good way to close a Stadium show. I will be there tonight, and am hoping that the band can kick it into gear and realize that they do not have to build a fan base with this tour, but sustain the one that has been with them for so long! This was my 8th DMB show and it was by for the most dissappointing, some might question this because of the presence of Carlos Santana, but he gets a great review, almost saving the show, but I came to see DMB and they far from delivered.
Alison T.
Let me begin by saying that I have never been more impressed by a concert in my entire life than I was last night with this DMB show. The band was bursting with energy throughout the course of their night. #41 was an excellent place to begin for Dave, although I've always been skeptical at the song's ability to engage a crowd. Yet we ate up #41 like it was candy, as Boyd howled away on the violin. Following #41 was Satellite, another audience favorite from years past. Both songs were played impeccably and energetically by the band. Then, onto the new album: The Space Between and So Right were excellent choices; both started out mellow and built to a cacophany of noise at the end. Out of nowhere came Fish Monkey Man, a truly wonderful unreleased DMB tune. Although the audience was initially confused as to what song the DMB was playing, we warmed up to it quickly. My personal favorite jam of the evening was Bartender. Everyone around me stood in awe of the musical heights Dave reached with his passionate performance. It was loud and beautiful; Leroi shined. In fact, Leroi really got to step into the spotlight during the next song, Jimi Thing. With a near-fifteen minute solo, Roi rocked the house...we didn't think he could get any better. Angel seemed a little out of place after the hell-raising of Bartender, yet it was well performed. Stay was great as usual, and the darkness of What You Are scared me, as usual. Sleep to Dream Her was a spectacular chaser for What You Are, in my opinion {my heart finally stopped racing}. Grace is Gone was amazing. I love that song. True Reflections had the crowd roaring for was excellent. If the audience wasn't blown away at this point, then we were when Carlos Santana was introduced for Mother Father, Love of My Life, and Watchtower. The live debut of Mother Father was great, Love of My Life was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, and Watchtower was unlike anything I've ever heard before. Santana added a level of depth that I've never felt before in the DMB's music. It was one of the most amazing sets I've heard in music, period. For their encore, Long Black Veil was well done, and Everyday was phenomenal. The lyrics of #36 and Everyday were combined to create an upbeat, almost magical song that was enjoyed by both fans of older Dave and fans of the new album. Butch Taylor, Karl Perazzo, and Sanana were amazing guests throughout the show. This concert {the first ever at Pac Bell Park} was the best show I've been to in my life. I can only hope that you were there, too.
Trey H.
The boys do know how to let the magic happen. Last night was crazy... BEF, Santana, Love of my life! Wow never thought I'd hear Love of my life live ever! Before the show started I was 99% sure that Santana was gonna show up because I saw the aux percussion stuff next to Carter's trapset. However, no one else around me believed me. Mother Father sounds awesome! BEF--}Bartender was pretty crazy. Bartender was hella powerful, so was Watchtower. Long black veil was better than the one on LS because towards the end they started doing something really funky. dave was playing the stuff you hear in songs like ASTB on the guitar. Great show. a MUST for all the trader. See y'all at Pac Bell again tonight.
Judy L.
ok this was my 7th or 8th show, i've seen and heard better. the setlist was heavy on the new album. if you don't like the songs on Everyday, 50 bucks for this show would've seemed like a waste. scenic venue right next to water. I sat in the very last top row and could see much bay, but the band was tiny and the sound was not very good, "fuzzy". 8.32p on stage, 10.42 encore, 11.10p off stage. they said their goodbyes and thank you's after the encore, the lights looked like they were coming on, people got up, the lights went off, people cheered and cheered, expecting the band to return for a second encore (it's happened before). during this time we up in the high stands saw their motorcade (is that what you call it) sneak out from behind the park and onto embarcadero. show over. lights back on. i thought the highlight was aatw, people loved it, and long black veil. i felt like dmb threw the folks who didn't like the new album a bone with lbv, nice treat. too bad from where i was, i could barely make out what he was singing the majority of the time, voices were jumbled. thanks jeff t., for the tickets.
Richard C.
This was my first Dave SHOW and no one has ever played centerfield in Pac Bell Park as well as Dave and Co. First Song was #41 with the everyday outro, everyone was going crazy! Fifteen Minutes later i hear the opening chords to Satellite, 25 minutes in and lost my voice from screaming, they followed with 3 songs from everyday with seemed to slow down the crowd, then they played fish monkey man and bartender, most people haven't heard much lillywhite music, but by the end of bartender everyone was on there feet and the Stadium was rocking. Then Jimi Thing starts, Boyd went absolutely crazy, another 15 minute jam! Then Angel and Stay, 2 more everyday tunes, and another lillywhite song, Grace is Gone, and True Reflections. Then to my disbelief Carlos Santana comes out to play Mother Father,Love of my Life, and then to my surprise they did a spectacular version of Watchtower, Outfield Grass was smoking. Dave thanked the crowd for coming, and they left the stage.Everyone started chanting DAVE,DAVE,DAVE After about 10 minutes they came back out and started to play LBV, with the lovely ladies. Then i heard the opening chords of #36/Everyday, i was hoping for two step, but this was so much better! Everyone was dancing and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I had a BLAST! Best Live show I've ever seen.
Chris I.
As soon as Macy Gray's equipment was moved off-stage and the roadies began to move DMB's equipment to the front it was apparent that this show would be a classic. For starters, the keyboards were unveiled and it was clear that Butch Taylor would be back in action with the band. Second, there was a unique quitar sitting next to Dave's 6-string, 12-string, and electric. It had a bright tribal looking strap and I sure as hell hoped it belonged to Carlos Santana! Finally, this was to be the first concert ever at Pac Bell Park. What a treat! A little Davespeak to highlight this: "I guess after this we'll get together and have a baseball game, or something. Big Teams!" Highlights of the night: #41: opener, got the crowd into the show immediately! So Right: jammed out a little, sounded great. Bartender: great, passionate version, the veins on Dave's head were pounding as he screamed "I'm on bended knee, bartender please!". Jimi Thing: I love the Mexican sounding quitar outro, awesome new twist to a classic song. These were the pre-Santana highlites. All night Dave was talking about how he had so many friends in the Bay Area, well after saying this for about the 5th time, he introduces Karl Perazzo who played some percusion instruments. Then he introduced Carlos Santana, and of course the crowd erupted! They played 2 predictable songs together, Mother Father and Love of my Life, both excellent. During those songs I was thinking in the back of my mind how great it would be if Carlos came back in the encore to play Watchtower with the band. Turns out, I didn't have to wait till the encore as they played Watchtower with Carlos to end the set! It was INSANE, the entire crowd was juumping, dancing, and jamming. Truly a sight to see! The encore, was a mellow end to a show filled with Everyday and Lillywhite songs. I'm hoping for a 2nd night packed with old favorites, i.e. Warehouse, Ants, Billies, Dancing Nancies, etc. The one lowlight of the evening came not from the band, but from the Pac Bell Park crew. After the encore, they briedfly turned on the house lights, but then killed them 30 seconds later. This stopped the crowd dead in its tracks to the exits and had everyone thinking that a 2nd encore was coming. After about 5 anxious minutes, the stadium floodlights came back on, and a boo erupted from the crowd. Not directed at DMB, but rather at the poor handling by the light crew
Barbara S.
OK, I have heard good and bad comments about the new DMB CD. I will let all of you know that Dave Matthews is alive and well. Last night May 18th in San Francisco they rocked my whole body and soul..(as I was silently blowing kissed to Dave from the center stage 11 th row. I guessed that #41 would be their first song as I felt it in my heart. But the whole concert was so powerful and well put together, Carlos was thrilling, Bartender made me cry, and Everyday (#36) was a perfect ending to a perfect concert...AWESOME, and OVERWHELMING, they were GREAT!!! Plus "Sleep to Dream Her" is by far my favorite new song by DMB..They did not dissapoint me, in fact it was the best concert (I have been to 5) that I have had the honor to attend...barb
Sheila S.
Well, this show was just full of surprises (just a crazy roller coaster ride). I was glad that they opened with #41 since I love that song so much. Highlights: The one song I really wanted to hear off the new album is WTWE. It did not dissapoint and Dave was having fun with it. Fish Monkey Man--->Bartender was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. They held out the last note and my God, I was floored. Three songs before the Encore, Dave starts babbling about how he is so happy to be playing in the Bay Area. "I love playing in the Bay Area, we gotta a lot of good friends here." Then he introduces Carlos Santana. I would have never, in my wildest dreams, could have asked for anything better. I knew there was something in the air, but man oh man, this was incredible. You tapers out there, please e-mail me so I can get a copy of this show. This show is not my favorite show, but it was incredible. Watchtower was great to close the set. The Encore was pretty good, kinda like they came full circle, since the concert started out with "Everyday" outro and ending with "Everday (36)". It was like they were telling us a story. To all of you out there who experienced this with me, thank you.
Alex R.
Wow...Carlos Santana came out of nowhere and jammed with DMB for 3 straight songs...mother father>love of my life>watchtower...they were on top of their game..anyways> macy gray was alright and the band before that> macy did i try>no woman no cry>i try...THE VENUE>> waht a beautiful the middle of the city, pacific ocean as the background..what could you ask for...DMB came in a van from an entrance somwhere with 2 motorcycle cops leading them...they then busted out with #41(everyday), good version but hoping for SEEK UP..Space Between with butch sounded great...everyday songs sounded really good, SO right, waht you are, angel, etc. WTWE (acoustic!)with the effects on the screen was the sheeeeettt. i was really hoping for this one and i got it. FISH MONKEY MAN. earlier during the day, i just took 2 finals, got my paper back analyzing this song and got an A on it (love that class) and they played it!!! bartender and grace>>waht can you say> just beautiful..jimi thing was the jam song of the night. stay was in the middle of the set..encore LBV>#36>everyday>#36..really loved it..but the night was all about santana showing up out of nowhere...watchtower>> santana, stefan and dave facing each other jamming>>they were about 2-3 different long jams in between the song...first time hearing LOVE OF MY LIFE and MOTHER FATHER> yes it was played!!! such a beautiful evening...DMB once again lived up to everybody's expectations and more...see you tomorrow..oh yeah, they were about 35,000-40,000 people> great crowd...
Whit G.
When I heard that DMB would bypass the Sac-Valley Amphitheater this spring on tour, I was saddened, until I heard they were playing Pac-Bell. I'd never been to Pac-Bell before, and what better way to visit a new venue than for a DMB show! After Macy Gray left the stage, my adrenaline started pumping in aniticipation-soon as the lights went down, the place went bonkers, and DMB came out with a killer #41, definitely one of my faves to see live. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the show went downhill from there, with brief falshes of the musical genius that is the trade-mark of this band. Highlights included Bartender, a song I heard last summer, but DAMN, this version was easily the strongest song of the night, led by Dave's incendiary vocalizations. I liked hearing So Right from the new album, but I felt that the show lost steam as it continued. Stay, which is probably the one song I've never seen DMB play live, was really cool, but the version of AATW was lacking, despite an appearance by Carlos Santana, one of my faves and a great surprise. In my opinion, I've never heard a better version of AATW than the one from TRAX on the Recently EP. Long Black Veil was too mellow for an encore, and the #36/Everyday mix made it seem like DMB wasn't really sure of what they were trying to achieve with the audience. I felt it left the ambience flat, as no one applauded when Dave switched gears into Everyday. This was my 7th DMB show, and probably the most disappointing. Perhaps my standards are too high, but I am used to the DMB that leaves you stunned at the end of the night, not annoyed at spending your hard-earned cash for a chilly night in Pac-Bell.