Dave Matthews Band
Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

The Best Of What's Around
What Would You Say
What You Are
When the World Ends
Dancing Nancies
Digging a Ditch
So Right
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Grace Is Gone
If I Had It All
True Reflections
Tripping Billies
Big Eyed Fish (Tease) -->
Angel From Montgomery
I Did It

Brooks B.
The Woodlands again, what a majestical place it was last September with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones visiting Houston too. Soulive had a good act and had some good sit down and chill music before the two and a half hours on your feet sucking up Dave. Having heard a couple of their shows on tape so far in 2001 and checking out the setlists, I was expecting the carbon copy typical mid-tour Dave show. I was surprised with an opening of BOWA, Warehouse, and WWYS. All got the crowd into the act and had a great overall feeling that DMB still exists. Roi was on tonight and really shined in BOWA and Warehouse. Boyd tore it up on WWYS. Then Angel comes with Dave's intro rift - really sweet. He had to put the DMBallard in the setlist so then we got What You Are and When the World Ends. I like WTWE the best off the CD: they do it justice in concert, but it needs a jam session built into it. Then Nancies being "Lost somewhere in Texas..." That got the crowd going again just like the first 3 and then followed that up with Bartender - probably my favorite song right now. The cool thing about it was Roi played a pennywhistle in the intro and at the end of the jam which made it different from what I had ever heard before. It's their newest jam song that will rank with LIOG, #41, Two Step, Seek Up, and Jimi Thing - ALL of which we did not hear tonight. I'm really looking and hoping for an LIOG tomorrow night because they haven't played that one yet this tour either. Recently, another golden oldy that I've never heard in person which would have been cool with an outro but just stopped abruptly and kinda went into Digging a Ditch which really kept things kinda mellow. Intensity picked back up with So Right which is probably the best concert song off Everyday that we heard tonight(Everyday/#36 combo is the best but I didn't hear that tonight, maņana) and then JTR and it's solid ending. Dave then went onto this is a quiet one, played Sleep To Dream Her and this killed the crowd, beer/bathroom song. Grace followed where he commented "This is about a Texas affair" or something along those lines much like last year's "This is about a Girl I met knew in Texas". Had to throw in some more off Everyday before the closing songs. I kinda expected I Did It here but only got If I had It All. True Reflections and Angel From Montgomery are showing that they want Boyd to sing more - these are classic songs that were played 10 years ago (and I know this by the stinkin' sign that was up about 7 rows from me on the left that blocked my view of the stage) when they started. Tripping Billies was phenomonal and really put a great ending to the show. They were rocking so hard that they had turned up the jamming so that Dave's voice didn't come through when he was singing the last verse or so. The crowd was hootin' and hollerin'. The Encore SUCKED!!! Waste and Angel from Monty were just fine. They had to end it with I Did It, that's wore than ending a show with Stay. I'm glad I'm going tomorrow night and I could do without I Did It. I hated to leave on such a bitter note but at least knew that I will live to hear them again in 24 hours. Other observations that make this tour better than previous ones - they've got video screens on stage now that show closeups of Dave and crew, really nice even from reserved seats. The tapers were in full force too and I hope to have copies soon so e-mail me if you're looking for one. Although the band has sold out to Ballard and become more "mainstream", they were so solid on their old stuff and had great intensity through the whole set so that I still enjoyed the show. Probably #3 or 4 of the 5 shows I've been to though, pretty damn hard to beat Bela Fleck with DMB. I miss Butch Taylor too on the keys, he adds that extra dimension on sound and it'd be interesting to see one of the dudes from Soulive join the band for a jam or two. Maybe tomorrow night, thanks for a good one though and more later from me tomorrow. See ya'll!
Diego F.
I will have to say, contrary to what I've been hearing, the shows this tour are amazing. Tonight was my first show for the summer, and though it didnt top DMB's last coming, tonight was amazing. The lights kicked major ass. They started with one of my favorite songs Best of Whats Around, then going into Warehouse where Dave danced like crazy. And then What Would You Say to keep the jammin' mood going. Today was Bob Marley's birthday and I kept screaming that, hoping they would hear it and play something like Exodus. Then came three Everyday songs, which were what I expected. Then came Dancing Nancies, I wonder if was a result of people having posters requesting it. But I believe it was Boyd who made the house rock. Bartender was cool with the addition of the small flute Leroi plays. Recently was a surprise, but a rather quick one. So Right was great, my favorite Everyday song that they played tonight. JTR hit hard as always. I still think Grace is Gone was inspired by Texas, since Dave again reference to Texas in this song by calling it a "Texas love affair". Boyd rocked with Treu Reflections and the whole place was moving with Tripping Billies. The Phish cover, Waste, is a beautiful song, I plan on seeing them take that to a new level. Angel from Montgomery was great to put in that country twang in Texas. And I Did It, well I wish they wouldnt have done it. But that was the only downside, of tonights show. We'll see if they close with Two Step or Rapunzel tomorrow. Later.
Betsy W.
wow... ok im sure many of you remember me from last year with my tales of ill back you up. well screw that! let's see, where to start... ok i met the sound engineer, aaron, of soulive. he hooked me up MAJORLY!! he put me on their guest list and when i showed up for the show, they left me 2 extra tickets (row T, not bad, but i already had row A) and after show passes. we didnt know what it was really about so we just went to our seats and passed out signs that said HAPPY 10TH DMB b/c it was their 10th anniversary of their 1st live show ever tonight. we made tshirts that were "dont mess with texas" tshirts, but we crossed out texas and wrote DMB. we got lots of compliments for our creativity. the show started and it was awesome of course. they FINALLY went back to the good stuff. i mean, HELLO?!?! bowa > warehouse > wwys?!?!?! where did that come from?? I DONT CARE!! they also managed to squeeze in an EXCELLENT AND OUTSTANDING version of dancing nancies (ann's personal favorite). we were both blown away. then they busted out recently... THANK GOD! ive been dying to hear that FOREVER, but they didnt jam it at all, actually it seemed very short to me. i was lookin for the "pretty girl" outro, but hey beggers cant be choosers. i guess you could call this "boyd's night." he got to step up in both true reflections and angel from montgomery, both of which were awesome esp. angel from montgomery. ok so im sure some one else on this page will tell you all the ins and outs of the show. but i have a good story to tell!! after the show we went to this gate where they would tell us what our passes were all about. we had noooo idea even as we walked into this pretty plain room with food and some small tables what the passes were all about. then it kind of hit us that it was a meet and greet. we sat down and waited for like 2 minutes... and then guess who walks through the door... this BIG fat black guy. he was soon was followed soon by none other than Mr. Matthews himself. so we all applauded him and he talked for a minute to everyone about how well the show went and how they decided to go back to some old songs because they hadn't played them much yet this year. he visited the 1st table and we all waited patiently. a guy i met that evening through friends of mine made a sign for the show that said WILL YOU SIGN MY CHET? they gave him passes for that so dave could actually sign it. so dave did and drew a small picture too which was awesome. then i (betsy) asked oh is it my turn? and dave signed my pick from last year, my everyday cd, my dmb journal, and a few things friends asked me to get signed for them. he was so nice about it all, i asked him if he remembered me from last year and playing ill back you up and all that. and he said "oh yeah, of course. i was definitely playing it for you." i didnt take him too seriously though. i was still flattered that he was trying to please me. he was VERY open about flattering me, and i even told him "dave, youre flattering me." but we cant remember how he responded. i asked him to do my voicemail message, but he accidentally pushed end instead of pound, its ok b/c DAVE TOUCHED MY CELL PHONE. i stood up for one reason or another and he just RANDOMLY hugged me. i told him that i could have hugged him all day, and he said "oh you no idea." and thats a direct quote. he stood there for awhile and was casually hitting on me although it was obvious what he was up to. after the hug thing he said something like "yeah you should just come out on tour with us and then i could hug you all the time." UHH YEAH!! OKAY! LET'S GO! i think thats what he said. so we asked him all about the lillywhites (he loves em but says theyve only played some of once and thats why they cant play em live. like they went into the studio and recorded the lyrics that came out of dave's mouth. they even did a big eyed fish tease tonight.)then we talked about phish and how awesome he thinks that song is. it was cool hearing him speak about his music and how he reacts to it. so we managed to get a picture with him and while we're waiting, he kept squeezing us TIGHTER and TIGHTER and TIGHTER... wow. it was incredible. he was so nice!! he was all down to earth and so sincere. like we all got the vibe that he REALLY cared and he really wanted to stay and talk. i offered him a party if he wanted one b/c i could throw one together if need be. but the bodyguard sweeped him away b/c they were all waiting on him so they could go back to their hotel. but before he did, ann asked what so right is really about. we personally thought it was like a tribute to the fans, but he told us one night he and a bucnh of friends were drinking and running up a tab, and they just kinda spit out the lines like "stay up and make some memories" as toasts. its kinda just like a tribute to friendship. so he had to leave. and we did too. we all walked out in a group and we're flipping out and screaming the whole time. i walked through the parking lot screaming I JUST MET DAVE MATTHEWS AND HE THINKS IM HOT AND WANTS TO TAKE ME ON TOUR. i mean seriously, he's "girl" crazy i swear, even though hes married. oh well. im all right with that. it was a fun night, CANT WAIT TO SEE WHATS IN STORE TOMORROW!!! WE LOVE YOU DAVE!!!
Boyd F.
What more could i ask for in my first DMB show to tape. An early warehouse got me moving. Id say the high points were Bartender, my personal favorite, and the phish cover, waste (me bieng the phishhead that i am). Dave started it solo with stefan adding great accent (not unlike Mike Gordon) then carter began his noodling with it. Dave mumbled out on the first verse right before the "pretending on the stage" line, but otherwise he did it justice. On a bad note, the ballard songs do sound kindof bare without keys. Dave's electric is grungy-piercing without a keyboard wash behind it. Overall it was great show and the recording came out great, cant wait till tommorow night. peace ya'll.
Jason C.
My lord! Was completely blown away yet again by this band....... BOWA: Never thought id get to see this open, my lord was I happy when Carter hit those drums to start it off....dave and roi on fire Warehouse: Every year this song gets better and better live, nice crowd wooooo's WWYS: roi ripped this one up again, very nice! Angel: I really havent liked this song that much, but it sounded really good tonight. What You Are: wow, this song has come a long way in the first 3 weeks of the tour, sounded very tight! Great dave wailing. WTWE: I really like this song live, the whole band sounded very together tonight, and that abrupt ending is really cool! Nancies: Heard them sound check this before the show, nearly crapped myself then. Needless to say my pants were soiled during this version. Boyd's solo actually sounded REALLY REALLY good, unlike sometimes with him! The entire crowd was in a mass frenzy, Carter was pounding the shit out of those drums!! Highlight of the night!! Bartender: holy smokes, this song has become some spectacle to see. Instead of the normal Boyd intro to the song, Roi played along with him, it was really cool. Dave's wailings at the end of this song are just unreal, absolutely amazing. Then to finish off the outro Roi played again, did some little wizard of oz tease in there. Highlight #2 of the night. Recently: I freaked when the song started, too bad it was the short version, but Recently is Recently. Ditch: Thought this song was dead, it has come back, I liked it a lot......lots of people sat though. So Right: Dave messed up the lyrics again, still sounded really good, roi tearing it up again. JTR: There is no question that the band has perfected this song, the outro is really really amazing now! Sleep To Dream Her: Everyone sits again (morons), I liked this though, nice and soft.... Grace: The drunken buffoons next to me liked it! Seemed to be about 2 min longer than usual. If I Had It All: the band plays this really well, crowd liked it a lot, dave gets into it big time. TR: ugh, i am tired of this song, roi's solo was good at least. Big eyed fish tease: soiled pants again!! Dave played about 5 seconds of the song then went up to the mike and sung "story of a man". OMG i was ready to have a heart attack...dave is a BIG TEASE!!! Billies: OMG this was completely crazy, boyd went off like a mad man, one of the best version I have ever heard. Waste: crowd didnt really know it, but its a great cover, dave does it quite well. Angel from mont.: very nice surprise for me!! crowd really seemed to like it, no roi solo though.... I did it: saw dave pick up the electric and knew this was coming. It really wasnt too bad as the closer....people were kind of just standing though, which is weird because this song is on the radio all the time....oh well overall: 9 out of 10........ dave was really into this show as was the rest of the band, but it really was boyd's night. played 20 songs too!!
Nick M.
All and all this was a very cool show. I was sitting on the 2nd row thanks to the Warehouse right in front of Leroi. Dave seemed to be in a great mood tonight making all sorts of faces and random noises. Before I give you my breakdown of each song I have to give props to the guy in front of us who got the backstage passes. There was this guy on the 1st row holding this sign that said, "Dave, Sign My Chet." Right before Tripping Billies Dave saw the sign, gave the guy a nod and a wink. If that wasn't cool enough, right after Tripping Billes Dave walked off stage pointed right at the guy (apparently telling a stage guy something). The guy didn't know what to do but was understandably excited. Then before the encore one of the stage guys walks out and grabs the dudes sign, takes it back, looks at it, grabs two passes, walks back, and hands them to him and his girlfriend. They said something like "After Party" or something to that effect on them. HOLY FREAKIN' COW I WOULD HAVE GIVIN' MY LEFT TESTICLE TO BE THAT GUY! Anyway....on with the review. Overall I would say that the show was well above average. I'm not gonna draw this out too much. The setlist really says it all. He played I think 20 songs which is a little above average. The three opening songs had very high energy. You could tell that Dave was in a very good mood. Dancing Nancies was AMAZING! I was so pumped to hear this song. I can only begin to tell you that Boyd is a badass. Bartender was pretty good although I liked the cd version a little better than what they played tonight. They just didn't quite jam it as much as some other recordings that I have heard. It was pretty cool to hear Recently but pretty standard. I think JTR is my favorite Lillywhite song. It's just a very cool jam especially in concert. Close behing JTR I love Grace it Gone and you can really tell Dave likes it too. The best jam of the night was Tripping Billies. This song rocked like no other! Again, Boyd (aka Big T) is a badass. Man he jammed this song and the place was rockin'. There was this girl about 15 rows back holding up a Big Eyed Fish sign. I think it was right before the first encore that Dave teased it. He started playing and sang, "Story of a man, who...." and then stopped. Of course we all went nuts. After giving the guy in front of me my left testicle I would give my right to hear that song. I wasn't that impressed with I Did It as a closer. Altough I would say that most of the Everyday stuff is growing on me and is quite cool live. GOOD SHOW! Hope to see you there tonight! I'll be on 7 tonight (It's no 2nd, but still cool).
Jimmy H.
Review: OK, lot of thoughts about this concert. Leroi took his glasses off for the majority of the concert which I know is rare and so that was neat. Big Eyed Fish tease was more than just a tease. Dave sang: "Story of a man..." and then he Carter and Stefan played three counts from the song and then Dave said something to Carter and carter was laughing so hard he almost fell backwards out of his drum kit. Anyway to the concert...I knew that this had the potential to be a good concert b/c they had had their days rest. Started of good the BOWA and then a FUNKY Warehouse and then an even funkier WWYS-You know when Leroi's going crazy...and then Stefan starts punching the bass...and then Carter starts acting up...and then Dave is dancing his ass off...damn it was a good one. Dancing Nancies, Bartender and JTR: after each of these songs they could have stopped playing and I would have been completely happy. Boyd on Dancing Nancies was fucking incredible. IT was the first time that I have liked Boyd in concert. Dave Matthews' voice in Bartender was incredible. I almost starting crying actually towards the end when he was chanting. His voice sounded especially good last night. JTR...JAM...pick up an MP3 or an SHN of this one, it's the best JTR I have heard in 10 to 20 conerts! No shit! and not just because I was there to see it! They played really well last night, not too slow, not too fast, they played really weel. They sounded like REALLY good musicians and they left enough energy to play well again tonight. I am looking forward to another pleasant evening.
Matt D.
What a great show. I'm really glad that Dave received my fax of songs that I wanted to hear, because he literally played every single one that I wanted. Starting off with old favorites like Warehouse and Dancing Nancies, he would seamlessly roll right into new songs like Angel and What You Are at the same time incorporating great unreleased songs like Bartender, Grace is Gone, and JTR. The band had great energy all night and the jams were never pointless or rambling, they were all right on. This show should almost have been titled 'The Boyd Tinsley Band,' because he brought every single person to their feet every time he picked up the violin, completely nailing Dancing Nancies and an incredible Tripping Billies. A real treat for me was getting to hear Recently, I thought I'd never hear that song. Great show.
Diego V.
WOW! that was awesome. regardless of what anyone thinks, in my opinion this has been the best setlist of the tour. i had noticed that the setlist were becoming pretty similar, but they sorta changed it up a little. ok to teh show...i had 3rd row seats in the PIT! i was literally about 10 feet away from dave. it was great. first of all Soulive was awesome. i got there about 3 hurs before they came on and get Alan,their drummer to sign a cd, it was cool. ok- BOWA-badass!the guy next to me made a huge sign that said "got carter?" on it or something liek that and throughtout the whole show carter was pointing and lookin over at him after the big drum parts that was cool. warehouse-the opening was great, teh crowds "wooo" was so loud especially being up front. even stefan was yellin "wooo" and throwin his arms up directing the crowd.WWYS-not expected cuz they opened with two old ones but that was really nice.Angel was cool, everyone seemed to know the words and daves guitar sounded breat on this one.What you are..the beginning got me thinking "the last stop" but once it started i was glad. it sounded great live.WTWE-great!carter was rippin it up and this is about where dave began his dance. he was so into it the whole time it was cool. Nancies!!!wow..boyd is the man. they jammed probably for about 15 minutes on this one and boyd kicked some serious a$$. he came to the edge of the stage and started dancing all over and yelling it was awesoem!!Bartender was nice, long instrumental intro got everyone thinking about what was coming up..Recently..well, i love the song, and it was aweosme but dave cut it off at teh very end for soem reason, probably cuz the crownd sorta died down a little, i was hoping for the sunshine intro or the pretty girl outro.diggin a ditch was cool.dave seemed to enjoy this one.So right!!awesome, everyone has been saying that they dont "jam out" the new songs but so right lasted a good 10 minutes easy and was awesome.JTR was nice, dave with his 12-string sounded amazing.Slepto dream her-quieted teh crowd but was nice to be able to hear daves voice over the audience'sgrace is gone is the best LWS song. its awesoem. dave went right into from sleep to dream her.If I had it, True reflections, and Billies were all nice. Billies lasted a while and the drums were amazing. the encore was a little disappointing.waste was cool and angel frommontgomery wasnice, but i did it kinda well sucked. it was alright live but i washoping for watchtower AT LEAST.anyway im going back tonight and hopefully getting backstage. the guy from Soulive got my firend passes and she met dave last night so maybe he can hook me up. see yall again soon.oh yeah this WAS the best show so
Justin K.
The buzz was in the air- it was going to be a good night. My 10th show on DMB 10th birthday (which was discovered thanks to some clever fans). Based on some of the reviews that people had submitted about previous shows- I wasn't sure exactly what to expect-- but let me assure you- they didn't disappoint. Thanks to the Warehouse- I ended up in the 4th row and had a great time. Opened with BOWA- lots of energy to start their Houston run, Warehouse & WWYS were great as well. Angel was great-- that's when they turned on the giant screens and the mushroom-pillar looking things. The lights and set really add a whole other dimension to the performance. I was a little worried that the new songs would sound 'thin' due to no backup keyboards, but I didn't even notice it at all. They were excellent-- and much improved over the UVa concert. Nancies! What a great surprise! One I've always wanted to hear live. Dave started it with a 70's-style porn-flick kinda sound, it was great. Bartender was amazing- Dave's vocal abilities never cease to amaze. His voice is definitely a 6th instrument to the band. Recently was short and standard, So Right sounded good, JTR is always a winner-- though I was hoping for the 'rain down' intro that they've been doing. Sleep To Dream Her-- I love this song-- it quieted things down a little, but right into GIG (and Dave tossing in the 'Texas affair' comment) brought everyone back to life. If I Had It All was great as well. Boyd rocked on True Reflections and especially Billies. Billies was fantastic (sans Nature Intro-- though it looked like he was about to start that way). They played it with soooooo much energy it was truly a sight. The crowd at the Woodlands is always great-- they were going nuts until the band came back out for the encore. Waste was played first (I was hoping they'd save it until tomorrow).. it is a beautiful song. Dave messed up the words during the first verse, started laughing, then said something to the effect of, "I messed up and gotta start over"... so he started again and sang it beautifully. Angel from Montgomery has never sounded better. It was so clean and perfect. When they brought out the baritone for the closer- I couldn't think of anything except I Did It, which is what they finished with. As many have already said.. not necessarily the best closer, but it was played well and there were plenty of kickass songs throughout the night. Overall- a really good show. I don't bother ranking them because I think they're all great. On another note-- I had the pleasure of sitting directly in front of perhaps the most popular guy in the audience.. Tito Woodburn (the famous DMB taper).. and let me just mention- he is the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. Major props goto him and his friend (Nick- I think).. If you get his copy of this show and if you hear some screaming where the tease to Big Eyed Fish is-- sorry about that... we were all a little excited. See you tomorrow night.
Matt, T.
Wow. Instead of posting a song by song review that you have already read five times, I am just going to say that you need to see the band this tour. No matter how bland it looks on paper these shows are simply amazing. Everything sounds great inculding the new songs. There was a Big Eyed Fish tease between True Reflections and Tripping. Dave just sang "Story of a man...", and that was it. But he did have his fingers on the chords for the song. Recently was cut short, no jam. Nancies was very good. Billies was awesome, Boyd even dueled with Stefan. Go see DMB this year, you will not be dissapointed. Have fun at the shows. "Come waste your time with me........"
Amity D.
After reading the reviews that are already posted about Friday night's show, there's not much left for me to say about the show itself, but since one girl got to tell her story, I want to tell mine. My friend Rebekah who I met in the Warehouse found out where Dave's hotel was, so we decided to go stalk him at the hotel after the show. We waited in the bar for a while, and around 1 am when the bar was about to close, my boyfriend started to think "if I were them, where would I be?" He got up, walked away, and came back 5 minutes later. He walked up to Rebekah and me and said "okay girls, don't scream, (we knew then that he found someone and wanted to piss ourselves) but go over to the elevator, up to the fourth floor, and get off. You'll hear the stairmaster going and Boyd's on it." When we got off the elevator (after hyperventilating inside it) we turned the corner, and there was Boyd with no shirt on all nice and sweaty reading USA Today on the Stairmaster. Rebekah whispered to me "what do we do?" and I whispered back "I don't know" I walked over and got on the treadmill next to him!!! Here I am, in tight jeans, a tye dye scarf tied around my chest as a shirt, and a FEATHER BOA around my neck...ON THE TREADMILL NEXT TO BOYD!!!!!!!!!! He turned and looked at me and smiled at the Boa and said "that's nice" and I managed to squak out "Thanks, it's my souvenir from Jazz Fest." At that point I couldn't contain it anymore. I made some stupid comment about Boyd being on the stairmaster next to me, and thank God he relieved the tension by asking us if we go to school and what we do and what clubs are good to go out in around town. We told him we didn't want to disturb his workout, and he said to come back in 10 minutes and he'd give his autograph. 10 minutes later, we went up and he was gone )= so we sat and waited for a while (but i do hav the newspaper that he was reading). While we waited, DAVE MATTHEWS HIMSELF AND STEFAN LESSARD came strolling up out of the elevator!!!!!!!!!! I ran up to them with Rebekah, we got tons of pictures, and DAVE KEPT PUTTING HIS FINGER IN MY BELLYBUTTON!!!!!!!!! Every time I talked to him his finger was in there!!!! The sad/funny part is that my boyfriend's a very strong muscular guy, adn for one of the pictures, Stefan was coming in next to him and my bf said "watch out chief" and shoved Stefan out of hte way, thinking he was one of the soundguys!!! I didn't notice that, but a minute later I said "Stefan!!!" and gave him a big hug and my bf looked and said "OMG i'm so sorry man" so i got their pic together to make it up to Stefan! And...i had my FEATHER BOA AROUND DAVE'S NECK in one of hte pics!!!! At one point I asked him if he played LBV for me at Jazz Fest, because I was in the second row dead center screaming for it throughout the show, and he cocked his head and looked at me and smirked and said "Well suuure I did!" I knew he was flattering me, and I just gave him a HUGE HUG...DAVE HANGS ON TO HIS HUGS they're so amazing...and said thanks or something. I think i was pretty stupid most of the time...only managing to say OMG over and over again...but oh well. I actually did get to tell him that I think he's amazing and that his music really inspires me, and he seemed really happy about it. My boyfriend also congratulated him about the baby, which got a really warm smile and a thanks out of dave. As horrible as it is to go stalk them in their hotel, they didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, they were quite happy!! Okay, that's my story (= (= (=
I was in the PIT 2nd fucking row dead dead dead center right in front of Dave it was incredible!!!! (I was wearing a lime green polo shirt) By far the best DMB show I've been too. After it ended Carter and Dave shook hands, then Boyd went over and hugged Dave it was awesome. It poured for part of the night, the crowd was really loving the thunder and rain, at one point Dave told the lawn people to take off their pants haha. Dave and Boyd were psychotic! One of the best songs of the night was Watchtower, Dave was wailing so hard I thought he would pass out, also when right when the band was going into jamming he pumped his fist in the air and started to dance like a mad man, this really got the crowd going!! WTWE was weird Dave must have not come in at the right time because he started singing the lyrics at the beginning pretty damn fast. Jimi Thing was great, Dave's solo has definitely improved from the last two years. Also right after Watchtower the band (or rather Carter )went straight into ants, talk about energy the crowd went nuts. I'm pretty sure Ants was supposed to be for the encore- Dave wasn't expecting it because he had already pulled out his iem and yelled night yall to the audience. It was pretty damn funny- as soon as Carter started hitting the snare Dave turned around and waved his finger at him Again Boyd was totally insane, he was at the edge of the stage inches away from some guy that kept telling him to come closer, Boyd finally backed away it was damn good. The encore was incredible, Dave kept switching from #36->Everyday, then around the end he got the whole crowd clapping. Two incredible nights, thanks again DMB!! See yall in Dallas and San Antonio.