Dave Matthews Band
Thompson Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Soulive

When The World Ends
Grey Street 
What You Are 
Jimi Thing 
If I Had It All 
What Would You Say 
Grace Is Gone 
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) --> 
Too Much 
All Along The Watchtower

Angel from Montgomery
Tripping Billies

Patrick B.
My first show so I must say it was absolutely amazing...ive been a fan for many years and havent gotten to see a show until tonight...I thought it was a great mix of lillywhites,everyday,old stuff, and covers... This is my first setlist submission so dont kill me if i did it wrong. I am pumped for Oak Mountain now. Peace People
Dave Y.
I must say that after reading some earlier reviews of shows I was kind of scared before the concert, but WOW!!! no need to worry because this show rocked! The boys had so much energy on stage. They were laughing and smiling the whole show! There was a great mix of really old stuff (tripping billies), semi-new stuff (bartender) and new stuff (Angel) For highlights, I like WTWE as an opener because the cut off ending is just so cool! Granny was really unexpected, but was awesome because it got everybody dancing. Warehouse was awesome because it was my first time hearing it live. The Whoooos were rocking! Dave started playing Angel before LeRoi was ready(he was working with the reed to his sax) so Carter had to motion for Dave to play the opening riff a second time. Grey Street was also a welcome suprise. During the jam in Jimi Thing, Dave was not even playing, just dancing on stage and enjoying LeRoi's awesome long solo. He was dancing so much he had to pull up his pants a couple of times. The 36->Everyday jam was cool. Even though WWYS is an old radio song, LeRoi's extended solo was phat!! After SMTS->ASTB I was hoping for a Too Much tease like last summer, but that is okay because Too Much rocked. Dave broke a string on the first verse and switched guitars with the techie very smoothly after the second verse. After Stefan's killer intro, both LeRoi and Boyd's solos on Watchtower were rocking. great jam. After Watchtower someone in the front left threw a paper airplane on stage. As Stefan was walking off, he picked it up. When they came back on stage for the encore, Carter and Stefan pointed in the direction the plane came from, so I new that it had to be a request and it was going to be good! Angel from Montgomery!!! Complete with Boyd singing and soloing!! A rocking Tripping Billies ended a great night! Wish you could have been there Tommy-T! peace Dave
Jacob R.
Being a DMB concert virgin, I have to say losing my virginity was one of the best experiences I had. First of When the World Ends was a nice openener, ending was suprisingly cool when live. Granny-good, but wasn't interested, Warehouse was awesome. He began his solo, stop-time intro with a overhead spotlight that really set the mood. From this point the crowd got pumped and basically stayed high energy the rest of the night. BEST SONG - GREY STREET. I called this when he brought out the 12-string. It was amazing the power the song had live, which is obvioiusly missing in the lillywhite sessions. The crowd really loved the song, but almost positive a majority had no clue what it was. Everyday-36 was good, but my attempts to get a 36 going during the end were useless. What Would You Say further fired up the already boisterous crowd. People were jumping, dancing, and signing with a sort of euphoric feel that took control of the show. So Much-ASTB-Too Much was incredible. The energy at this point was rising at rocket speed, only to explode into a climatic frenzy with Watchtower. I haven't metioned it yet buy Boyd took control of this song and was on tonight blasting the crowd with ear pounding solos. Encore: Angel from Montgomery was good live, I just don't like it. Tripping Billies on the other hand rocked the entire place. People were going nuts and the attitude was infectious. In conclusion, the concert was the best I've seen and am looking forward to June 6th in ATL.
Bill O.
My second Dave show and it was a thriller. I'd have to say Dave seemed exta happy. The crowd anticipated his arrival and then he came. When the World Ends: a great way to open it, and played very well. Granny: WOOHOO, yes Dave you rock perfect song to go into because of the variety of the two songs, good pick. Warehouse: you could see this one coming on, Dave was jsut looking like he was ready to go all night with this concert. Angel- ohhhhh such a lovely song, haven't heard it live yet so it was so great. Grey Street- I love this song it is a definite song that Dave has to get released one way or another.What you are- another good new song. Good performance of it, but Boyd was getting tired. Jimi Thing- yes yes yes, what a song full out open jam as Boyd wakes up with a kick ass solo and kicks it to Leroi, whom kicked a solo like none other, who then got Dave to kick a solo, yes very good performance of this. Bartender- he played this song very nicely and its back to his old roots. JTR- Dang he was kicking these unreleased songs, LOVING IT MAN. (#36)Everyday- WOW, what a mix of these two songe such an awesome mix of these songs.If I had it all- I couldn't really tell what song this was for a while because of a little mishap by me, but that's ok it was perfomed well.What would you say-GOOD GOOD, Everyone was singing, unbelievable we were all in tune and just jamming with Dave. Grace is Gone- Very good slow song from Dave, ready to rock out thoughSo much to say into Too Much- yay two good songs combined into one long one. All along the Watchtower: WE LOVE YOU STEFFAN, new little solo from Steffan in the begging and such a good songENCORE- Angel from Montgomery- I've never heard them do this song, and boyd really got into his singing.Tripping Billes- What a way to end up a good concert, nice jam in it to. Over all good concert and ready to see him again
Aaron S.
The first word that comes to my mind when I think about that show is, "WOW." Everyone in the band seemed to be playing on key. That was the ninth time I have seen Dave and by far the best. First off, Dave played off the electric crowd brilliantly. It seemed to get louder and louder as the show went on with Leroi's sax solo's and Boyd's famous violin jams. The new songs sounded great especially "When the World Ends," and "If I had it All". I also enjoyed the way he mixed in the Lilywhites. "Grey Street" was unbelievable and the crowd responded to it with roars of approval. "Watchtower", was a nice closer although I wanted to hear "Ants". But the real treat was his encore when he played, "Angel from Montgomery," along with "Tripping Billies." Two songs that just work perfectly together. Going in to the show I had my doubts from what I have been reading in the reviews. But I am here to tell you that I have been to nine shows now and none of them can even compare to tonight. Can't wait to see them in Foxboro!!!
Tucker E.
This was the fourth DMB show I have attended, and will definately not be the last. There has been a lot of talk lately about Dave selling out with Everyday, and i was skeptical, but after this show, my mind is made up, Dave better than ever. This show rocked. It was a little slow getting started until Warehouse when the croud got pumped up. By the time Jimi Thing rolled around it was great, Boyd's solo was amazing followed by awesome solo's by both Leroi and Dave. Other highlights were What Would You Say, which was filled with energy. Then they slowed down with Grace Is Gone, which proved that the Lillywhite Sessions is awesome. It was sweet let me tell you, everyone in the crowd busted out the lighters. They ended with Watchtower which was absolutely fantastic, they were so into it i was moved to just start jumping around, flailing my arms. Angel From Montgomery for the oncore was great, I really like hearing Boyd Tinsley sing. Let me tell you folks, this show was off the chain.
Charlie M.
Well, this was my second show in a week, what a great week it has been... First off, let me say that I am pretty big into trading tapes of DMB concerts. So, I have heard literally hundreds of versions of "Jimi Thing". The version that the guys played it Knoxville is by far the best version I have EVER heard... There was a lot more jamming tonight than I have seen at the other venues this year, which is definitly a good thing. Plus, the Lillywhite songs get better and better everytime they play them... All in all, everything meshed really well and I am definitly happy with the overall experience, Especially when they played "Angel From Montgomery" (which ruled more than anything that has ever ruled before)... I still didn't get to hear "Two Step" and I SMASHED my hand hand into the gaurd rail REALLY hard while I was flailing around during "What Would You Say" (which hurt A LOT). But, it was still great fun... Hopefully I'll be seeing you all at 6/6 :)
Jason B.
About three weeks ago, I wrote a review for the Charlottesville show. I was one of the fans that was a little disappointed in that show... it now occurs to me that I was being a little unfair on two accounts 1)too many expectations 2) it was their first show this summer and they needed a few shows to warm up. Although I was tentative about going to the show in my hometown of Knoxville, I went ahead and "sucked it up" (aren't I a trooper?!?). Bottom line: Dave rocked!! I could go through all the songs and tell you what I liked about ALL of them but that would take too much time. The highlights were on songs like Warehouse, Jimi Thing and Watchtower where the fans were able to see the unbelievable musicianship of this band. On songs like Grey Street, If I had It All and Bartender, the fans got to see the passion in Dave's lyrics and vocals. And on songs like the Everyday, What Would You Say and Trippin Billies, the fans got to just have some serious fun!!!! In my Charlottesville review, I said that Dave would have to face lift the Everyday songs,bring guests on to fill the sound or trash them to make the shows good. I don't know what they did or if it was because we were in an arena, but the Everyday stuff sounded very good and I enjoyed them thoroughly, so I have been hushed on that subject. Also, the fact that he mixed things up so well brought those new songs to another level... I did not feel like he was selling them to me... he was simply sharing his newest stuff. One last comment... the energy at this concert was unreal. The fans were feeding off the bands enthusiasm and vice versa. It made for a great night. And because the energy was so great, Dave and the boys seemed very relaxed and they just had a blast. There were times when you could just tell they loved where they were. In one instance, Carter did a fill in an Everyday tune that was new and Dave just turned around, looked at him and smiled. It cought Dave off guard and he almost missed the entrance for his next part... but you could tell almost missing the cue was the last thing on his mind... he was too busy having a good time with his band. That was the best thing about the Knoxville show... the boys of DMB had a great time and they let some very happy Knoxvillians become a part of that world for what now seems a very, very short two hours. The boys of DMB are back!!!!
Mark I.
Overall, the band performance was pretty tight. They didn't seem to into it though, so they didn't jam with as much intensity. They hit the stage at about 8:10 or 8:15, and were done with the encores by like 10:30 or 10:35. The highlights were: Grey St.--Carter was a mad man, he hit some super poly-rhythm combos during the closing jam; Jimi Thing --Boyd let out stellar solos during the first two jams, the timing on the last jam (sax solo, then guitar solo) was a little off at first, but got back in time towards the end, Dave's solo was a little longer than usual; Bartender was a real treat, on point, not much intensity towards the end though--thought Leroi was going to step it up a bit more than he did. Everyday-- Boyd laid out a killer violin solo at the beginning with the wah pedal, probably the phattest performance of any of the songs off the new album. WWYS was awesome, double time jam was longer than I have ever heard. Angel From Montgomery was a real treat--lots of jamming, nice sax and violin solos between the verses. Anyways, good show performance wise. But, out of the 21 shows I have been to, the crowd was the worst ever. Pretty much the crowd stayed SITTING IN THEIR SEATS THE WHOLE TIME!! I couldn't believe it. I think I could count on two hands the number of people who were up dancing the whole time, including myself. Dissappointing to say the least, but at least I had still had a good time.
Justin M.
What a great start to the summer tour! This was my first concert of this tour and it certainly won't be my last. DMB rocked Knoxville and suprised them a little too. To hear Granny and Warehouse back to back was unbelievable. Thanks to the aid of a great stage setup, the crowd was completely overtaken by Bartender and Grace is Gone. I'm fully convinced that it was "Leroi Moore appreciation day," because he had a solo on nearly every song, and it was well-deserved. Leroi is underrated and it was great to see him jam. Add a nearly 20-minute version of Jimi Thing, Grey Street with a new lyrics, and a powerful version of Watchtower, this show was all I had hoped for and much more. My floor seats were great and the atmosphere was absolutely great. I drove nearly 7 hours to see them, and it was worth every minute.
Ben A.
I have to say this was the best Dave concert i've ever seen. The opening band Soulive was great but Dave was rocked the house tonight. When the world ends was a great opener with everyone cheering when he sang "when the world ends, we'll burning one..." Other highlights were Granny and Warehouse.. both got the crowd and the band really going. It was great from then on, all of the Lilywhites were awesome especially Grey Street. From here on Dave was really getting into it, I've never seen him dance around the stage so much. Then the closer, Watchtower, was the peak of the show. It's the first time I'd heard it live and it was much better than the Red rocks/Listner supported versions. I was in the 12th row, and everyone around me kept chanting "Halloween!" but unfortunately Dave didn't play it... I was also disappointed that he didn't play all of #36, instead of mixing it with Everyday. The encore was also awesome with Boyd singing Angel from Montgomery although, judging from the look of dave's eyes on those big screens, he had a little smoke between the closer and the encore. I was at the first Riverbend show last year and the Rupp Arena show in 1998, and neither of them held a candle to tonight's show.
Chris A.
I wish that I could have gotten there earlier to see Soulive, but was glad I did not miss any of Dave. There was energy that matched Soldier Field's, and this venue was a lot smaller. WTWE was a great opener, and they followed through great with GRANNY. It was a treat to hear WAREHOUSE, along with some other oldies. The songs from Lillywhite were well executed, and the lighters during Grace is Gone was pretty cool. It was a treat to hear Angel, and it actually is a different song in person. The true treat of the evening was Watchtower. The tribal fire on the screen was amazing, and they just did some new things that I loved. Great concert, and I can't wait till Soldier Field. Hopefully I will finally hear SAY GOODBYE!