Dave Matthews Band
Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

What Would You Say
Granny +
Donít Drink the Water *
When The World Ends *
I Did It *+
Digging a Ditch
Lie In Our Graves *~
The Space Between *+
What You Are *
So Much To Say * (Anyone seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
If I Had It All *+
Angel *+
Tripping Billies *
Stay *+
Two Step *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
~ Trey Anastasio on guitar

Tolga E.
Well everyone I just got back and I gotta say tonight was really interesting and also really confusing. First off, What Would You Say, which they closed with here in Shoreline last year was hot right off the bat but was cut short. Then Granny started and was pretty cool but again, not a big jam - 8 minutes tops. WTWE and I did It were standard. Recently was great to hear but they kept it as short as I've ever heard it live. The reason for all those short songs came out when they start Lie In Our Graves. I gotta tell everyone this was the most fucking amazing rendition of this song EVER. Simply unbelievable, I'm struggling for words... Trey has a loooong solo at the end and outro'd it. For a while he kinda did a call-and-response type deal with Boyd, it was so excited and the sound had so much depth I couldn't quite figure out the details of what was going on but it sounded UNREAL. In total, this was at least 15min but prolly more like 20. TSB, What you are were standard. SMTS->anyone seen the bridge ->too much were standard but still quite a crowd pleaser. Nothing else really stood out in the regular set but Billies and Stay had great energy. Two Step was awesome with Butch doing a long solo and Carter going insane on the drums. They kept the lights off for a while and everyone was expecting to probably hear Waste with Trey but it just never hapenned, what can i say? Great show, really amazing LIOG
Brian D.
Well, it was one amazing show! Definately better than last night, which lacked in the setlist department. The energy was certainly there tonight and talk about pullin out all the stops: Recently, Granny, and an amazing version of LIOG with Trey Anastasio all in the same night! Maybe I got a better experience than some because someone traded me 4th row center aisle tix for my 14th row, but still, no matter where you at, you can't deny the show's energy. I'll let everyone else handle the reviews of song by song, but this show wasn't missing much...not nearly as many lowlights as last night and a whole bunch of highlights. Take care and see ya in Vegas! Aladdin Hotel, here I come!!!!!
Jeff K.
Ok, tonite... wow! I went last night, and thought that the set he played was pretty special. I'm not a huge Santana fan, but it was pretty special seeing them up there together for three solid songs. It was the virgin run for Mother, Father, and it sounded pretty good. Also, Dave was screaming his lungs out for Bartender and Boyd's hair was standing up vertical during his Jimi Thing solo. Also, the Lovely Ladies and Dave belted out a spectacular Stay (probably better than tonite's) and 36->Everyday->36. But tonite was just special, and I have never seen Dave put on a better show. He was dancing to every song, and during LIOG, he was just smiling watching Trey and Boyd jam into a specatacular sequence. ALso, 41 was a great lead off song last night, but Dave let the audience know that he was all business tonite by starting with WWYS. THen, he didn't slow down for a while, following with a strong and steady build up to teh climax in Granny. DDTW was a surprise to me, I figured Dave would take his time after two classics. THen he went electric, with a clean and crisp WWTE and I Did It, which sounds much better live than it did on Letterman or SNL. Recently was a good song to here, as was the first REAL slow song of teh night, DIgging a Ditch, which i thougth was an improvement over last night's Grace is Gone. My life will never be better than it was during LIOG, because Trey and Dave, my two fave's were playing together and playing perfectly. That was teh best surprise of the night. The second half of the show was highlighted by a spirited SMTS->ASTB->TM, and Dave really started to get down and dance during Stefan's base line during ASTB. The crowd took a breather during If I Had it All, and just in time, because JTR was awesome, starting with the Ladies singing "Rain, Rain, Rain down on me" acousticly before the music kicked in. Angel was the next in a series of perfect songs, and then two big fast ones, Tripping Billies and Stay. THe band was so into Billies that I figured it was going to be the last song before the encore. But Stay and the Ladies made it perfect. Two Step was a long, drawn-out beautiful piece of work, nearly 20 minutes. The only dissapointment, in my opinion, is that Dave and Trey didnt play Waste together, and that Trey only got one song. Two great nights of Dave though. If anyoen has the shows, e-mail me at Cya in LA
Adam C.
Since the setlist is already up, I'll just comment on this one...This was my third concert of the tour (last night's SF show and the UVA show) and it smoked. The band came out in relaxed clothes so I was expecting something relaxed as an opener, maybe Seek Up or Nature---OSW, but instead got an upbeat and surprising WWYS, followed by a great version of Granny. Expecting one more upbeat song, or something along those lines, DDtW was a big surprise, and it was played with a great dark feeling intro before they came right out and played it. When The World Ends was good, and it was nice to see Butch back out there. I couldn't really hear him on DDW. I Did It...I'm not sure how to say this, but I guess you could say that I would almost rather hear any other song in concert besides IDI...and yes, this includes Crash. Recently was a bit of a disappointment...why pull out the song, just to tease by not playing any intros or outros and no jamming. This song was literally played all the way through. The question it better to hear a short and quickie-like Recently or none at all? Ditch Digging went okay, but Lie in Our Graves. Nough said. Dave introduces Trey Anastasio as "my phishing buddy" and they start in on LIOG. When the first break came up for a solo, Boyd, Dave and Trey all looked at each other thinking that the other one was going to solo. The beat went through one more time and when it came time to start a solo, it became a duet with Boyd and Trey. Egging each other on and neither one showing signs of stopping, it was frenetic. They kept playing and Boyd stepped out while Trey jammed for the crowd, looking out at us and picking at his guitar. When he was done, he didn't even wait for the song to finish, he just left the stage. Talk about a man who lets his music speak for itself. JTR was a nice surprise and Tripping Billies got out of hand! Carter going for all he was worth at the end and Boyd going crazy. Leroi was pretty quiet for most of the show, but really ripped on this one. Finally, the Closer...Two Step. Bound to be special when Butch is out there...and the fact that they finished the set at 1025 or so when curfew was 11 signaled something special...well, it was. The beginning with Dave's freestyle lyrics and then jamming. More jamming. Butch, more Butch, Butch playing to Carter, Carter playing to Butch, Carter and Butch going crazy together, Boyd, Dave, everyone. By far, and I can't say this about many...this was the best Two Step I've ever heard. Period. This show is a must have, they were energetic all night. They ended ten minutes before 11, and with only one encore song, everyone expected another, but the lights came up. Hell of a show. Get it, love it, cherish it. Hope L.A. is as good on Tuesday. And when, oh when will he play Dreaming Tree???
Trey H.
Oh my god!!!!!!!! I shit in my pants when Trey walked on stage! Trey + DMB??? My two most fav band! Anyway all i gotta say is that tonight show was sooooooooooooooooo good. Only 5 repeats. Two step was the best i've ever heard. BEfore Carter's solo dave started singing something which i didn't understand a word while Carter plays a beat similar to what he plays on Dreams of our fathers. It was very very very tight! I'm glad I was there for both Pac Bell shows.. first santana... then Trey! I must be one of the luckest ppl!
Ross D.
After last night's somewhat disjointed show, tonight's was incredibly cohesive and tight. The first seven songs were all very straightforward jamless versions (with the slight exception of WWYS) but they were so tight and so energetic that they were perfect (DDTW especially so). Even Ditch was just amazing. I love how the drums hit when Carter comes in. Dave didn't dance at all last night (I literally mean that, not once). Tonight, he was everywhere!! After those seven remarkably tight energetic songs, Trey comes out and what does he bring with him.... the triumphant return of LIOG! After the first seven songs being so great and so full of energy yet so restrained, it was like the boys finally had an outlet. Boyd had an astounding solo!! It went on for days and just kept building and building. He and Trey were in the middle of the stage like Dave and Boyd usually do during jams dueling with each other. Then he went back, stood right against Carter's drum set and just stomped his feet over and over and over again. I've never heard a solo like this one live. Then, as if Boyd wasn't enough, Trey took over and had an extended solo of his own. He didn't wail but he played wonderfully happy and light (like something I think would Bela would play if he played electric guitar) for a few minutes. But the show didn't come down from there; it kept its momentum with The Space Between and What You Are. Both repeats from last night, but it didn't matter. I simply love TSB live! It soars!! The energy and momentum just kept going with a killer SMTS -> ASTB -> Too Much! Tight and energetic with Dave dancing everywhere! ASTB was especially great tonight. IIHIA was well placed and I enjoyed the slight break from the otherwise frenzied and furious energy. The Ladies part in this song really works well. After the nice break, it was right back at it with JTR. The dissonant energy at the end of it was wonderfully uncontrolled and loose. Butch wasn't out there through all of JTR right in the middle of the jam, he comes running onstage, hastily sticking his earpieces in and starts playing. Even Angel worked tonight (a miracle, I know). Billies was simply enormous! Its placement was perfect, Boyd picked up where LIOG left off, the crowd was insane. The chorus was simply transcendent. And even two nights in a row, Stay with the Ladies is always killer. The one song encore seemed to fit with the tightness and energy of the show. A 20 minute Two Step was the perfect choice. It was very Listener Supported up to the end of Butch's solo, and then they played this little intermission (Dave sang something I've never heard before with the bands backing for about 5 minutes. It had the feel of a completely different song stuck in) before going into the regular ending. Butch's presence was definitely felt tonight and added some nice depth to many of the songs. The energy and feel of the show was just ridiculous and you could tell the boys were feeling it. Every song seemed just right in its placement and energy.
Derrick T.
One hell of a show. My girlfriend and I drove two hours from Sacramento to see our first Dave Matthews Band concert ever. What surprises me was that DMB put on such a spectacular show, despite the fact that they did not play most of the songs I wanted to hear. Apparently they had played those songs on Friday with the guest appearance of Santana and I heard Watchtower was kickass! Show got on its way about 8:15 ish with an energetic opening of What Would You say . . and moved their way to Recently, an old favorite. Nothing suprised me more than the performance of "Lie In Our Graves," with the special appearance of Trey from Phish! That rocked, and let me tell you . . . Boyd jammed! The screens added to a great atmosphere with its special effects when each person did their solo. Last of all . . it was a Two Step to die for with Carter teasing the audience . . and then going into his final solo! I don't see how anyone can think of this show as a disappointment. Who cares if they don't play the songs you want to hear in their set list? Truly appreciate DMB for what they are.
Steve S.
Tonight wasn't quite as good as other DMB shows I've seen. Lie In Our Graves had to be the highlight of the night. Seeing Trey sit in and jam on that song was amazing. I was hoping to hear some different songs from what they were playing already on the tour and only got that in spots. But, still a really strong performance by the band.
Again, thanks to those that post these reviews. Very interesting set list and show tonight. I really think that band keeps getting tighter as a group, however the new songs tend disrupt the flow of their shows. Highlight: Lie in Our Graves. Probably the best one I have heard live since Jones Beach '97 when Popper and Bela were on stage (though they were on stage for Seek Up, not Lie in Our Graves). This certainly was in the same class. Two funny moments: Carter messing with Dave on the "bridge" into Too Much. Carter kept playing the same beat until Dave finally turned slighly around and yelled into the microphone at Carter, "CMON!" Second, was Dave missing "Rain on..." intro into JTR and mouthing, "Sorry" to the Ladies and Carter. Overall the show started out great with WWYS, Granny, and a particularly strong rendition of DDTW but then meandered throughout with a few particularly strong songs Lie in Our Graves, Billies. I did not think the Two Step at the end was particularly strong. Cheers and again thanks for posting the reviews.
BREATHTAKING,AMAZING,BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! This is all i heard people saying walking out of one of the greatests experiences a person could have on a saturday night.The Dave Mathews Band, just saying that name right now feeds this strange emotion i'm feeling. I'm sure anyone who has been to there concert has felt it its like u need some kind of rehab class. They played such an awesome show having a setlist perfect for the moment and for the atmosphere. From the first opening notes of "What would you say" to the ending encore of "Two Step" you heard the music not just from your ears but u felt it in your soul,the show was a perfect dream, the type u wish u could have everynight. Pac Bell Park was great too,the open view of the ocean i had with boats lighting it up was like no other while dave and his boys gave the view and the night and A+, i feel so greatful i had the chance to see them and hope u all have that chance..much love to all you all out there who are feeling that special feeling the next day
EPIC, in one word or less! From Start to Finish.Tanks Warehouse for some pretty dandy seats (FL 4 - 12 - at the isle).Now the weather - After all, when Dave plays outside he always talks about the weather and did so many times tonight as it was windy and almost cold by the shows end (this is SF in the summer you know). Now the show: WWYS as an opener. Took everybody by suprise. Their playing this ten year old song like it was on the new album. Seven minutes, complete with lots of Boyd, as was the entire show. A perfect granny complete with the (I can't believe they showed up) lovely ladies. Believe this one. Granny was a first for me. WOW. Next was DDTW and was the only really dark song in an evening with a speaking, dancies and totally happy Dave and Band (complete with Butch Taylor). By now it was time for some new stuff so When the World ends was followed by ididit. When the world ends climbs the spiraling staircase of emotion then drops to a close. I did it? Well how could you go right or wrong with this one. Now pay close attention cause this is where the show takes off. Recently! What? Another ten year old song?! This time round it's a very tight but short version. They ended prior to any jamming. A very nice teese guys and girls. Diggin a Ditch was next and i love this song because of how simple yet emotional it is so "just get on with Diggin your Ditch". Dave says, " we have a lot of friends in SF so, let bring out my Phishy Friend. Ya that's right none other that Trey Anastasio comes out full of smiles then, no one could guess but - Lie in our Graves complete with a Trey lead of 6 minutes then a Boyd and Trey call and response for and additional 8 minutes. The song total was 18 minutes! Freak! I was in total amazement. I love when Dave out-does himself. Oh, ya Dave started that whole thing with four notes of Christmas Song prior to the D-chord of LIOG. Space between song is Phat and so far the new songs are being met with great admiration from "Dave Heads" and others as well. What you are - then, So Much into Too Much nearly brought the house of 40,000 down to the ground. They kicked out the jams on this triple. If I had it all is my second favorite (after What you are)of all the new songs. This stuff fits so well with Dave of years past. I really think he's got somethin here. JTR is one of my all time favo's and Dave loves to play this song to perfection.The last three songs of the regular set were Angel which I thought I might not like live but was wrong. Dave speak prior was I going to play one thats' just a little bit mellow (Dave shows you with his thumb and index finger), Tripping Billies which is another older fav and had the crowd in a sing along as everyone can relate. Finally, Stay (two nights in a row)was the closer. I wanted Ants but i can't have it all. At this point, we are nearly two and a half hours into the show and what's to finish? A 15 minute Two Step complete with Big Butch Taylor solo then bring it down to almost conclusion only to become revived by Carter and the drum march to closure that runs it up the flagpole and throught the roof. Two hours and Fourty-five minutes later were all stading their, screaming or heads off for more Dave. At one point, every one up front thought id might happen but all good shows must end and this one is up there with the all time greats. Ants and Warehouse would have got me there. Dave has found new life (like the old one was'nt really bitchin)with finally releasing the songs first before playing them live. He has a perfect mix of old and new, with electric, twelve and six string guitars in tow. I does not hurt to have the guests and, the band he does. 2001 tour is turning out to be greater than 2000 (How can that be?)I hope for more suprises to come in the near future. Sorry, i couldnt get you up Julie but the Pac Bell Nazi's wouldnt let me even close to you. This is the first time i've been to a show where you had to have a ticket stub to leave your seats. Pac Bell, please chill in the future. We just want to eat, drink and be merry. This activty envolves others. Oh, excuse me Mr. I forgot you did not learn the rules of socialization.
This was the most amazing show i have ever seen. With the slight exception of IIHIA and possibly WWTE, every song was exceptional. The Higlights of the night for me were: Two Step, Lie in Our Graves and Billies. The only dissapointment for me is that they only played one encore although it was tremendous. I would have also liked to have heard Waste with Trey, I mean it is his song and since Dave has been playing it this whole tour, why bring Trey out here and not even do it with him. But anyways it was great, I'll see you guys next year.
Ryan R.
Ok, here I am again reviewing a PacBell concert, but this time, I don't have to be so down on what happened at the show. BECAUSE IT WAS INSANE!!! This show I must say would have to be either the best of the tour, or maybe one behind the second night at Woodlands where the setlist was godlike. But I really don't have many complaints about the setlist last night either because I was so satisfied after the show that I couldn't even believe my own eyes or ears. HIGHLIGHTS: WWYS opener started with tons of energy. Granny was a nice surprise. DON'T DRINK THE WATER!! Wow that song was so insanely cool and sounded fat fat fat. Jesus I loved seeing that, the intro was really intense and scary too. Recently!! Wow that's cool. LIE IN OUR GRAVES WITH TREY!!!! HOLY LORD IM GONNA PASS OUT RIGHT HERE. A 17+ minute jam with Trey playing one of the fattest guitar solos I have EVER seen. Diggin' is most definitely one of my FAVORITE Lillywhites. Great to hear live. Stay was nice, but I heard it the night before, so I didn't really care. So Much  anyone seen  too much was really cool as well! So much energy in that, Dave was dancing like crazy! TRIPPING BILLIES BLEW MY MIND!! Carter was going insane on the song, Boyd was going absolutely crazy, Dave was Flying all around the stage, and the lights were absolutely UNREAL. And JTR another GREAT Lillywhite, wow what a show.. NO WAIT. You don't think I forgot the most INSANE HIGHLIGHT OF THEM ALL DO YOU??? The TWO STEP CLOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, I didn't think they had it in them this tour to go all out and do my favorite song, and a 20 minute rendition too!!! Wow the lights near the end of the song where Carter goes (do do do do) on the double bass was insane. I'm gonna skip the lowlights section of this review frankly cause their weren't really any. I mean some of the Everyday songs like TSB and IDI and IIHIA and WYA and Angel were pretty lame and boring. But intermingled with what went on in this show, I can't even get close to complaining. The one thing that I could say was a little lacking in this concert was the encore, only one song sort of placed a disappointing feeling in me for a moment, that is until I thought about all the insanity that had just been unveiled before my very eyes.