Dave Matthews Band
Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

#41 (Everyday)
When The World Ends
So Right
Digging a Ditch
Tripping Billies
Grace Is Gone
What Would You Say
Jimi Thing *
What You Are
If I Had It All
Everyday (#36)
All Along the Watchtower
Fish Monkey Man
Long Black Veil
Ants Marching

* Eric Krasno of Soulive

Erik B.
AWESOME!! This was my 5th DMB show. The opening of #41 was amazing! The band's Everyday teaser at the end of #41 was a real crowd pleaser! I really think that Angel is going to replace Crash as the lady favorite. Bartender was unbelievable, Leroi outdid himself with the introduction of a pipe in this song. So Right got my girlfriend really excited, so I can't say enough about that. And then there was Tripping Billies. WOW! I've never seen them do Tripping Billies like they did tonight. Boyd brought the crowd to a new level. WWYS was an incredible surprise that led right into JT where the boys were joined by Eric Krasno from Soullive. This was a very jazzed up, laid back version with some some great solos and impromptu Dave lyrics. Watchtower was it's normal kick-ass self with a great Stefan intro/solo (not to mention Dave's energy!). Big Eyed Fish???!! Are you kidding me??!! Wow, we were all taken back. I believe this was the first time this song was played on this tour....what a treat! :) Ants Marching sent us home with a huge smile on our face, and the crowd ended with cheers of "Dave is God." All in all a great show in a great venue!
Derek G.
Well as the air filled with the smell of weed and popcorn I sat ready to see a good show....and boy did I see a show. This concert is one of many I have seen and I had to say this one was a good one. Well the night started out with one of my all time favorites songs #41 man that is a good way to get he crowd going!!! Then he went into some classic tunes that I just adore it from Satellite to Jimi Thing with Eric Krasno rip it on the eletric I though it was sweet. Some of hte new song from his new CD songed good to me and I enjoy hearing them Angel,WTWE and So Right I though were extremly great songs live. Grace is Gone and Digging a Ditch two lovely songs did put the crowd to sleep but I though it rocked I love those song too!! Then Dave sang another one of my favorite song Granny...I was somewhat disappointed about the crowd though most of the people just sat down and started to talk and talking on their cell phones and I was thinking a Dave Matthews Band Concert that comes to Albquerque is something very special and that the concert to me is just is just like the song Pantala Naga Pampa says "to come and relax now lay your troubles down" and around me sounded that nobody did...girls fighting with their boyfriend was to me dumb listening to that all night was getting old !!! Also well what was around me there is not a lot of people that didnt know the song he was singing and people was asking me what he was singing. Then there has to to be the haters there at a show the two guys in front me of keeped screaming "Pearl Jam" God knows why they keeped screaming that?! Anywho back to the concert what I thing help Dave get the crowd was that was a really good version last night I really enjoy hearing that song live but it go the crowd on their feet and screaming....I lost my voice during that song...but it was a really good song to end the first part of the concert. The Encore was somethings that was I was fantastic the first song that he sang Fish Monkey Man was a BIG surprise to me I have never heard that song before and I have followed the band since '94 and well maybe I just missed it..but LBV was a good one too I thought needed the lovely ladys I though would of made it better....then he pulls Ants Marching and I called this one but it was just off the hook better then last year in Denver and in Woodlands but it was off the hook. But jsut wanted to thank Dave for a great show!!
Kyle M.
Good God that was fun. It rained almost all day at my house by the Sandia Mountains. We left really early and got to hear part of a soundcheck that included Big Eyed Fish (Fish Monkey Man). There was hope. Great jam on #41 into everyday. That was kind of cool to hear it finally. Satellite was cool, different beats were introduced. I hadn't noticed that Dave and Boyd are wireless now. This show was really nice for the reason that there wasn't too much time between songs. Jimi Thing had to be twentyfive minutes plus. Krasner and 'Roi had fifteen minute solos split between them. Beautiful, best Jimi I have heard in a long time (3 or 4 yrs). Then came the encore. I saw dave pick up the twelve string and I went nuts. he played the opening riff and I almost fainted. It was a little different, he mixed up the chorus it went fish->baby (not man)->monkey. It sounded beautiful, Boyd had a great solo for this song. On another note, Boyd sounded so on tonight, no screeching or squeaking. He was just on. It was a great show. No I DID IT!!!! or sleep to dream her!!!!! I'll let you know how Phoenix is...
"Story of a Man Who".. decided to drive 7 hrs from Denver to NM and heard Fish Monkey Man (as it is now called.I saw the official set list).but I will get back to that later. Journal Pavilion is a great venue, but what isn't when your sitting 7th row. #41 opener.great you could see that the band had a good two days rest since TX. Granny.pretty standard really (to quote Austin Powers). Satellite.always a crowd pleaser, and the boys did just that. Angel.the baritone sounds awesome now that they have it cranked up (the inflection on Dave's voice was fantastic as well). WTWE.clearly Dave's favorite song of Everyday.I like the abrupt ending now.sounds great in concert. Bartender.this song was packed with raw of my favorite Lillywhites. So Right.well what can I say.the opening hits hard.and it doesn't stop hitting you till the very end.good to see them jamming this one out. Digging a Ditch.good song.the crowd didn't seem to be to into it though.unfortunate. Tripping Billies.what a surprise.right in the middle of the set.didn't see that coming.boyd went absolutely nuts. Grace is Gone.not many new this one either.this song was passionate.yet reserved at the same time.something only Dave can pull off. WWYS.also a crowd favorite.the jam was one of the better I've heard.Leroi tore it up. Jimi Thing.the guitarist from Soulive sat in and managed to pull off a great solo despite breaking a string. What You Are.I love to hear Carter count off.this song is dare is say.en fuego. If I Had It much better without the ladies.feels like a contemporary spotlight lyrically. Everyday.#36 intro.boyd busted out the wahwah pedal.Dave seemed like he didn't ever want to stop the "pick me up love; lift me up love." Watchtower.a very heated version.Boyd continued with the wahwah pedal can't go wrong with this song. Encore.holy shit..holy shit.Fish Monkey Man.previously known as BEF.Dave took out the 12 string and started.then, turned back to Carter and gave him the "you ready" look, and then out of nowhere, the whole band joined in.the lyrics were completely different.again, not many people recognized it.but I didn't care.first time played can't beat that. Long Black Veil.not my favorite song.but hey, I'll take a three song encore. Ants of my favorites to hear the end of it, Dave put his hand on his head (palm up) and did a funky salute to the crowd. Fantastic Show.I would like to see any others this year try and compete.
Brandon A.
A great, great show. My 4th, and probably the second best. (7.6.99 being the best) I was very pleased with the Everyday songs. So Right absolutely blew my mind. Highlight had to be Jimi Thing/Soulive Jam with Eric Krasno from soulive playing guitar. Another thing that made the show very special was being the first audience to hear Big Eyed Fish live. Stefan's bass solo at the beginning of Watchtower was brilliant. Don't believe the naysayers! Everyday songs are great live.
Oscar P.
Beautiful, undescribable... incendiary. The crowd swelled with intensity and a red-orange sky illuminated the background... RAin fel in the distance and the dave matthews band hit the stage. The started of with granny bled into jimithing and continued an onslaught of songs. I don't recall the setlist well cos I really didn't care much for it. The played most of the "Everyday" album except "Mother Father", "I Did It", "Space Between", "Sleep To Dream". However the band did play Satellite, Warehouse(only a portion), Ants Marching, a blistering what seemed like a 15 minute version of Tripping Billies, Grace is Gone, Digging a Ditch, Big Eyed Fish, and Bartender. Overall worth the $35 bux spent... i luv lawn seating...
Angela F.
Great show. Leroi was in fine form. #41 and Granny to start- My world was rocked! The new songs sounded great, the boys were lovin' playing these jams. An emotional Bartender with some great Dave vocalization. Great mix of new and old. WWYS, and Jimi were tight, Leroi and Eric jazzed up the jam section. Boyd was smokin, Stefan grooved, and Dave is a guitar god. Many folks were happy and singing to Big Eyed Fish, but Digging a Ditch was all Dave. Great encore - Classy LBV, and a roaring Ants. Glad the Boys cold come to the Land of Enchantment - 6ys is a long time.
David A.
The boys put on another good one tonight that couldn't possibly have left anyone disappointed. The entire set was extremely strong with a great mix of the new tunes and the old horses. My personal highlights included When the World Ends, Bartender (Leroi had a peaceful pennywhistle intro and outro and Dave's screams during the jam were enough to send chills), So Right was a hot number, and if you do not love Tripping Billies live, then you do not love yourself. Soulive's Eric Krasno sat in on the electric guitar for a superb Jimi Thing, and Watchtower was a tremendous finish to an already excellent show. Big Eyed Fish on the twelve-string opened the encore: Good track, but followed by an even better one-Long Black Veil. As that tune just about ended, Carter's drum burst through the speakers. Ants, in my opinion, is the band's best closer and tonight it completely brought the house down. With that, I say thank you to the band and I look forward to seeing them in Boulder.
Ted O.
Hey, what can I say? This was another one of the great shows in the DMB's history. I have been following the band for some eight years and, aside from the August 2, 1995 show at Paolo Soleri in Santa Fe, this was my favorite. LeRoi was the featured artist this night, his solos were regular and powerful. Boyd was also fab, staying in the background often, coming out and coming out hard during Trip Bill (my wife's "Highlight of the Night") and Ants. I confess, I'm not sure of the title to the first song on the Encore, the fellow behind me called it "Big Eyed Fish" off the Lillywhite Sessions, but I'm having trouble finding it on the net. For me, Dave can't beat "Grace is Gone," "The Bartender," and "Long Black Veil." He mixed the old and the new brilliantly, and for those unsure of the "Everyday" disk, I can only say: thank God the band broke out a different disk. These guys are sheer brilliance and talent, let them explore. We have plenty of "jam" disks, and while I,too, need the Lillywhite CD, I praise Dave and the boys for their latest effort; they care about their music, ALL of it, and it shows in concert. Hey, you can't beat the setting in Albuquerque, open air, only 12,000 people, and one hell of a view. I'll be at the Foxboro show and one of the Jersey show's this summer, expect some feedback from me from those. In all, honestly, Dave and the band were full of energy and this show exceeded my expectations (that's fifteen and counting for me, and number two all time. . .that '95 show just can't be beat). Happy Daving, all.
M. R.
Dave in Albuquerque, what a treat! Being from New Mexico(yes its a State!) we usually have to take it on the road to see Dave. There's a lot of fine venues in our neighboring states (Red Rocks, Desert Sky) but its nice to finally have a venue of our own. It looked like the show might be wet as it rained all day, but the DMB gods cleared up the weather just in time. The #41 opener fit in nicely with the gorgeous NM sunset behind the stage. The Everyday outro that I'd been hearing about on the net was just great, and the rocking Granny that followed was even better. Satellite was sweet, a great excuse to look up at the clouds and watch the blue roll in. Dave then brought out the electric guitar that stirred so much contorversy as of late and laid down a sweet version of Angel. Now I'm as disappointed with the Glen album as anyone, but Angel and the rest of the Everyday songs he played sounded great. The Bartender, Digging a Ditch, and Grace is Gone were, of course, the best new songs Dave's put out in a while, and even crowd members who had no idea what songs he was playing looked shocked at great these songs sounded. The Tripping Billies was great as ever, and the Jimi Thing Jam with the guitarist from Soulive had me stumbling around in awe. When he busted out the One Eyed Big Fish people looked confused, but even folks who didn't know Lillywhite from Betty White agreed after the show "that fishmonkey song ruled!) The rest of the triple encore, Long Black Veil and Ants Marching, left us all shouting for more. I'd still walk a mile or drive seven hours to hear a Two Step, but Dave's first gig at the Journal Pavillion was one to remember.
James M.
My God, what an amazing show!! This was my first Dave Matthews concert, and I was completely blown away. They are no doubt one of if not the best live bands I've ever heard. They may have even topped the String Cheese Incident, which was no. 1 on my list. The opening band, Soulive, was pretty good, but kinda repetative. Their sound mixing wasn't very good either. It got kinda hard to hear the B3 solos. The really cool thing was that Dave himself introduced the band, and that really got the crowd psyched. I've never heard of a headlining act actually introducing the opening act. At about 8:10, DMB hit the stage.They played an awesome set, and I was suprised that they played more old stuff than new stuff, which is a good thing. The highlights of the show were Bartender, Tripping Billies, Watchtower, and Ants Marching. Bartender was very emotional and the intro to it was awesome. Leroi Moore did an irish-jig-like piccalo solo over the chord being played by Boyd. It was also a very emotional song, and the crowd really digged it. Tripping Billies was awesome as I expected, but Boyd was especially on fire, and really getting into the music. Watchtower had a lot of energy to it, and plus the lighting during the song was downright awesome. Dave did a lot of his signature funky dances during the song,too. I was surprised that they did both Tripping Billies and Ants Marching, which is why Ants is on my highlights list. The guitarist from Soulive joined the band on Jimi Thing and it turned into a long jam, with his solo going on the longest. He was really incredible! At one point he broke a string and simply downtuned one of his other strings to compensate and just kept on going. That was pretty impressive! Overall, a great great great show and I hope they come back to my city again some time!