Dave Matthews Band
Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, South Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Terrence Simien
partial set:
The Maker *
* with Dave on vocals

The Best of What's Around
Don't Drink the Water
When the World Ends
So Much to Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Everyday (#36)
I Did It
True Reflections
If I Had It All
What You Are
Ants Marching
Grace Is Gone
All Along the Watchtower

This is my seventh show, and whoever has been giving the guys a bad rap on their reviews is way off. The show tonight showed why these guys are the best live band in the world. The openr brought the crowd to life, the crowd call was in full effect. Granny united everyone together in the chant of "Love!!". The way the guys mixed together old and new was exceptional. Anyone who does not care for the new songs live needs to get over themselves. I though that it added a freshness to the show that had been lacking for sometime. the way these guys tore into the new stuff was awesome. The best part of the show was from Ants on down. Ants was exceptional, followed by a great Phish cover, then Grace, and ending with an energetic Watchtower. This was by far the best show I have ever been to. The setlist showed great balance, and the three song encore shows how much the crowd was involved. I love the new album even more after hearing it live, and if Dave likes it better than the Lillywhite (which is great), than let him play. I love the new stuff, because it brings even more energy to the wonderful old.
Caroline O.
Dave played Greenville last night and I would rate the show a 6 out of 10. Dave opened up (with a beard by the way) with 3 old favorites, I particularly enjoyed Granny because Dave was into it and dancing crazy as usual. The show then nose dived into Don't Drink The Water which was played badly. Kids around were openly angry and someone threw a plastic coke at the stage, but it only made it halfway there. Dave kept it slow with WTWE and JTR. I thought Dave jammed out Angel and the audience came out of their seats for the SMTS/2much/Everyday/I DId It jam. Thoughout True Reflections and If I Had It All the audience seemed bored and no one was into it. Dave rocked Ants and the place exploded from his great version. Everyone was cheering so loud and was so into it that no matter what song Dave played next the whole was going to go nuts...Dave put down his guitar and walked backstage. He came out and played an excellent version of Waste..I was screaming like a crazy woman becasue I was trying not to get my hopes up because I wasn't sure if he would play it again after Charlotte. The crowd liked Grace is Gone and really appreciated Watchtower. I thought that the encore was the highlight of the show last night. Then the lights came on, it seemed too early. I think everyone would have liked a longer two set show, but I felt that I got my moneys worth...but I have seen much better Dave shows
Justin S.
After being at Charlotte when the band had so much energy, I didn't know if Greenville would be able to match that kind of performance. But once again, the band proved me wrong. The energy for the entire band was electric! They played some great old songs tonight like "BOWA" and I was so thrilled to hear "Granny," what a great song! The setlist was similar to Charlotte but I really didn't care because the show was great. Another great version of "Watchtower" to close out the show and end on a definite high note. But the real highlight of the night for me was "Ants Marching." OH WOW!! The band went nuts and so did the crowd. It was a little sad b/c the crowd wasn't into some of the songs b/c they didn't know them. However "Ants" got everyone up and singing at the top of their lungs! Another night and as always, another great performance by the Dave Matthews Band!!!
Andrew B.
This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my life. My second Dave concert, this one rocked the house! I was talking to a few people after the show who disliked it because of the song choices, but I thought that the set list was awesome! Dave played the whole show flawlessly, also him singing with the opening band on a song suprised a lot of people. Some highlights: -Warehouse as an opener, great -Granny, this jewel of a song was beautifully done. -JTR, awesome song, awesome jam. -SMTO->To Much, one of the best bridges in between the songs I have ever heard. -Everyday, great song, started out like#40, extended -True Reflections, Boyd sang/played like a god. -Ants Marching, whole place went wild, awesome version of the song. -Waste, coming for an encore Dave by himself with guitar, very mellow, great Phish cover, 2nd time he played it! -Watchtower, perfect ending for a perfect show.
Charles F.
Well this was my third Dave show and by far the best. The atmosphere and energy was just amazing. A great surprise with Warehouse opening things up. And Best of Whats Around?? Youre lying of you called that one. That was great. Granny was good then DDTW was slamin. Then came the expected When the World ends. One of my highlights was JTR taking the next spot. WHat a great song to see live. I feel sorry if you dont see it at one of youre own shows. The next few songs were predictable with True Reflections, I Did It, Everyday, and If i Had It All. Next was an incredible What You Are. Such and energetic song. They wrapped things up with the best version of ants ive ever heard. One couldnt help but dance. And finally the encores. This was the first time in the tour they played 3 songs. Phish's Waste was cool and so was Grace is Gone but the highlight of the night was Watchtower. This was the first time ive seen this song and it was excellant. Ive never seen cooler lights than that. I give that song a 12 on a scale to 10. All in all, a superb show. Not a perfect 10 setlist but defineltly a 9.75. Hopefully they will hit a 10 this summer at Virginia Beach. See yall there.
Brad C.
This was a great show,Warehouse really got it started off great. I totally did't expect BOWA or Granny, but they were both great the crowd was really into it. DDTW, what can I say? The place was rockin on that one, its really almost a totally different song live. WTWE, had it's moments, "we'll be burning one..." "sweet making love" got big cheers as I expected. JTR was wonderful another big crowd song. Angel,(the next crash?) has its moments, it's still in album condition and feels like somethings missing. The SMTS-> ASTB-> Too Much, was all out, it was a bit slow, but it's always a great combo. Roi was wailing on that one. Everyday/#36 this little combo has lots of potential, but it's a bit out there right now, it doesn't really lead anywhere, as if the song has no purpose. I Did It is still in need of some serious work as it's had very little changed. True Reflections, saw Boyd going off like a mad-man, singin' and his solo was so great! If I Had It All, it's a good song, with lots of potential for a DaveHeads favorite, needs to make it acoustic though, but it was done well. WYA, again, lots of potential, but it was also missing something. Ants, The absolute greatest version of Ants I've ever heard. The solos and everything were tearing it up. Whole place loved it. Great set closer! Dave and Boyd did the fighting instruments dance. Encore- Waste, it was the first time I heard it, and I thought it was great! Acoustic covers are always good! GIG, I had been waiting for this one all night, I finnaly got it. It was perfect in every possible way. Watchtower, Stefan had a killer intro solo, loved it, then the band took it to the next level, went all out for this one as they should. Watchtower has got to be the best closer ever!
Matt H.
Just wanted to say that Dave really put on a great show tonight. The first four songs were a great beginning and Warehouse as the opener was the best. Dave answered my wishes on that one. The rest of the set was good, with the regular mix of the new songs from Everyday and JTR from the Lillywhite Sessions. The closer, Ants, was awesome. The crowd really got into that one, it's a shame that is like the only song people actually knew every word to. The encore was so awesome, it's hard to put it in words. Dave did three songs, which i haven't seen him do too often. The first of which was an awesome solo cover of Phish's Waste, a very lovely song. Than it was another beauty, Grace is Gone, and than an awesome version of Watchtower, that included a Listner Supported like Stefan bass intro. All in all a very good show, with Dave doing some sweet dance moves and a some fine sax playing by Leroi.
Mark W.
first show of the summer. off to a good start. show # 10 for me. i have stopped attempting to rank the show as my favorite, since each show holds a special or unique experience/vibe/meaning for me. this greenville show holds a lot of "firsts" for me. this one was the loudest, the loudest singing i've ever heard, only the second indoor show i've seen. good wh seats, about 13 rows back, center. lots of good energy in the air. i came in to see dave singing the maker w/ terrence simien. about 820, the guys came on. dave did his pacing around the stage while everyone got into place. dave sporting a beard these days. or shaving just not on his "to do" list. high points - opening w/ a strong number. (my past two show have been opened w/ stone, not a great "rocking" start.) my first ever BOWA!!! unfortunately the setlist was interrupted with the band doing a few cover songs by Glen Ballard. not that they were bad or sounded bad, they just sounded like they didn't fit. maybe they'll grow on me. if i had to choose a fave new song, then give me everyday (36). standard on astb>too much. most energy i've ever seen on this one. first True Reflections for me. love to close a show w/ ants. always leave us wanting more. encore - PHISH!! dave mumbled something about this song written by a friend of mine. a la Anastasio. great number, first dave solo number i've ever seen. > grace is gone. (loved the "lillywhite" #'s throughout the night) strong finish w/ rockin' watchtower. good setlist, but still short @ just over 2 hours. play a little longer, guys. see you @ Oak Mtn. capacity - 12,000, oh yeah!!!
Charlie M.
I've alreayd been hearin complaints from the left and the right about too much "New Stuff" being played. But, I personally thought it was the best concert I've seen in my entire life... Nothing could have been more classic than to begin to kick of the show four ultra-power packed songs. The songs on "Everyday" are a hundred times better live than on the album (Since the other members of the band ACTUALLY PLAY). I was also really glad to hear some of the unreleased Lillywhite songs... The lighting was perticularly well done (especially on some of those "jam songs" like Granny, Ants Marching and Watchtower) and REALLY added to the overall energy... And I think the best way to sum up the concert was "energy". This was the most entergetic show I've ever been too, it seemed like everyone there just "connected" with everyone else... As far as I'm concerned, the setlist was perfect. EVERYTHING was perfect... Even though I would have like to have heard "Two Step" it was more than made up for with "Granny", I suppose there is always next time :)
Patrick H.
Hello, all...This was my first DMB show, and after seeing it, it definitely won't be my last. The band opened with Warehouse which was great, as it was a familiar song, so it got the crowd singing. Next, they played three old favorites, Best of What's Around, Granny, and Don't Drink The Water. By the time BOWA was over, I had already lost my voice, and the pot smoke was beginning to make its presence quite apparent. Next came When The World Ends, which sounded pretty much like the CD. The highlight of this one was the line, "We'll be burnin' one...", which sent the crowd roaring. Next up, JTR; not many people seemed to know this one, so the reaction wasn't too good. However, Angel brought some of the enthusiasm back. Any of the fans that weren't re-enthused during Angel were most definitely filled w/ excitement during So Much To Say - Too Much. Everyday and I Did It seemed to be crowd favorites, especially with the #36 tease at the beginning and end of Everyday. True Reflections was amazing. Boyd Tinsley reinstated himself to the position of "My Daddy" when he did his improv solo towards the end of the song. Simply amazing! If I Had It All and What You Are were two more that sounded pretty much just like the CD (not that that's a bad thing, of course). Next was Ants Marching, a DMB classic. This song blew my mind. There was not a person in the entire auditorium that was not standing up and singing at the top of their lungs. I couldn't have asked for more out of this song. After about 5-6 minutes of everyone (and I mean everyone) applauding the performance, Dave comes out and does Waste for the first of 3 encore songs. While it was a good song, it's not a song that I would want to hear over and over again. Encore #2: Grace Is Gone. I'm really glad they ended up doing 3 encores, b/c I would've been pissed if this was the finale. After Grace Is Gone, the lights go out and a spotlight is put on Stefan. He starts jamming, and immediately I knew they were going into Watchtower. Along with the guy two rows in front of me, I start getting really excited (no reason to get excited? yeah, right!). They proceeded to play an awesome Watchtower, which if you haven't noticed, is my favorite song by far. That ended the concert and we left shortly after. All in all, an awesome concert that I'll never forget. While I might have wanted a few more older songs, I'm not complaining about the new ones. Awesome show, can't wait til the next one! Later!
Oscar J.
Absolutely great show. My first DMB show, and they opened with a stunning Warehouse. Then a real treat, Best of What's Around, the first thime in a while that they've played it. A real strong DDTW, and the SMTS >> Too Much combo almost made me wet myself. Ants was absolutely great with Boyd going freakin' nuts. A three song encore, what else could you ask for? Everybody had been calling for Watchtower all night long, and Stefan's intro made it official. Watchtower was truly a treat as everyone went crazy. All in all, the best show I could have imagined.