Dave Matthews Band
UNLV - Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo, Macy Gray, Widespread Panic

Don't Drink the Water
#41 (Everyday)
Rhyme & Reason
What Would You Say
Angel *+
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *+
Fish Monkey Man -->
True Reflections *+
Recently (Some People Do)
Digging a Ditch
What You Are *
Fool To Think *+
Everyday (#36) *+
Grace is Gone
Stay *+
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda

Jeremy D.
Getting there right in the middle of May Gray's set I was glad to see I had missed most of it. While she had a good amount of energy I don't know what it was, but not one of her songs transcended. She was sub-par at best. Widespread Panic on the other hand was excellent. They did the true job of an opening band and totally warmed up the crowd. Just about everybody on the floor was out of their seats and shaking their groove thangs. Not that Dave needs to be warmed up to, but it definitely loosened the atmosphere. Energy was at it's height as Carter drummed a long intro into DDTW, then with a massive punch everyone else bursted into the song... a great opening. When WWYS came around I hoped Popper might come join Dave again since he played in Vegas the night before, but no dice. Still it was the best I've ever heard, with standout solos from Boyd and Leroy. After an amazing #41(Everyday) with the crowd in total unity came a slew of songs from Everyday. They all sounded remarkably similar to album versions, but it was nice to be able to hear the violin and sax standout more. For the remainder of the set the highlights were Fish Monkey Man, Warehouse, and Fool To Think, which was the only song he played off Everyday, that took on a new form of life when played live. The rolling violin sounded so smooth and Dave was really into it, feeding off the intense energy of the crowd. Dave didn't say much, except continually coming to the mic and shouting "Vegas!" and then once "You make a man feel gooood." Overall an excellent show with a good mix of songs. The crowd was impressive as they were with him every step of the way, I was a little distracted though at times...Jenna Elfman stood right next to me for half of the show.
Sarah S.
Last night's show was awesome!! Dave looked sooo hot!! The setlist was cool. Opening up with DDTW was the perfect choice. The crowd was jammin'!! WWYS was great!! So many of us were into it! I was so happy when he played FTT--my favorite song. This was the first time he had played the song on the tour so we should feel lucky! The boys sounded soooo good and I am looking forward to seeing them again tonight!!!
Tyler H.
Second show of the tour, last one being Phoenix, so to say the least I had high expectations as usual. DDTW was a good intro, even though it was played in LA a few nights before, but nonetheless had a lot of energy. #41 was great as usual, not as jammed out as I would have liked which led me to think that LIOG would be played. Unfortunately it wasn't. Rhyme & Reason was a pleasant surprise and was played very well. WWYS was awesome as well and by this time the crowd was very much into the concert. Angel sounded great and so did WTWE. Space Between was a great song, and sounded a lot better than I thought it would, though it still needs a little fine tuning. FMM was cool as shit, second time I had seen this in a week. Bartender has become one of my favorite concert songs of Dave, it is one of the most powerful 10 minutes of music that one will ever hear, and once again LeRoi did a cool Picalo outro. I was hoping for Warehouse and I got it, and I wasn't disappointed. The crowd was great for this one too. I'm not a big fan of True Reflections, but this was a good song tonight. Recently was great as well...good to see Dave playing older songs. Diggin a Ditch was solid as well. What You Are was awesome and Dave played Fool to Think for the first time ever...once again needs fine tuning but it's a great song. Finally 36->Everyday->36 was AWESOME. I had never heard anything like that before and the crowd responded well to it. During the encore the crowd continued to sing "Hani, Hani...come and dance with me". Dave made several remarks that he had never seen anything like it before and was clearly very appreciative. Grace is Gone was a mellow encore but always a great song, and Stay was a great way to finish out the show. For my 27th show it wasn't bad at all, and I was plesantly surprised with the "old school" songs that he played. Overall a very solid show. Wish I could stay for the second show but I have to go home to "HELL" aka Phoenix, but its a dry heat. Peace!
Jeff G.
Great show here in Vegas. Sam Boyd Stadium was a good 20 minutes from the strip, and like most people I took a taxi to get there. The only problem was after the show when there weren't any taxis to pick people up. A line formed of several thousand people waiting for taxis after the show. Unfortunately, they had to wait even longer because people like myself ran out into the street and caught the taxis before they could pull into the lot to pick up the several thousand people waiting in line. On with the show, the band had a lot of energy and seemed pretty excited to be playing in Vegas. I couldn't tell you how many times Dave uttered the word "Vegas" to the crowd. The new songs sounded nice, but very similar to the studio versions and without any extended jams which was disappointing. Highlights included Big Eyed Fish (or Fish Monkey Man as they're now calling it) which was even more enjoyable because most people had no clue what it was. Recently started with a nice "some people do, some people don't" intro which Dave added "some people like to smoke a big fat one and some don't." Fool To Think (first time played) was nice to hear with the acoustic guitar. But I think the biggest highlight of the night was #36->Everyday. The band started with #36, then switched back and forth between Everyday, and while Dave was trying to sing Everyday the crowd was singing along to the words of #36 and continued singing it through the encore break. The crowd was definitely into it tonight and my only wish is that they would have ended the show with a different song other than Stay, but oh well. Overall, out of the 11 DMB shows that I've been to, it ranks among the top.
Jason G.
Arrived too early and sat in the 105 degree heat for 4 hours before Dave came on stage. 6th show and 6th different opening song, DDTW. Song is much better live, good version. 41 was great, sounds nice with the Everyday outro. R&R was a nice surprise and a great version. What Would, Angel, World, Space for the next 4 songs were pretty standard but could tell the band was building up a little energy. Then Fish Monkey (Big Eyed Fish) was a great surprise but I was expecting it one of the 2 days. First time Id heard it live and it definately pleased. Then from that right into Bartender with Leroi on the Piccolo. Sounded great, first time ive ever heard him play that on stage. Warehouse was a sweet version, crowd getting into the show by this time. True Reflec, could have done without that but always nice to hear Boyd singin. Ditch also a surpriser, standard version, same with What You Are. Loved FTT. Being at UVA for opening night, that made the count at 8 for being at shows where they played songs of Everyday first. 36-Everyday was simply amazing. Started off standard but by the end Dave was totally into it and the crowd reaction was the best Ive ever heard. Never heard him play off the crowd before with us singing "Hunny hunny, come and dance with me". Awesome. The encore could have been better but I always accept Grace, one of my favs. Ended with Stay again as at UVA, not a big fan of that. Overall, pretty sweet show.... 7 out of 10. Looking forward towards tomorrow night.
Jim S.
This was about my 10th Dave show and I must say that I was sorely disappointed at the event. First of all the stadium was half empty and the people there didn't really know what Dave was about. DDTW was a great opener, heading into #41, then Rhyme and Reason, but after that it just headed down hill. You could see the band was worn out and too much down time between songs. A band of this genre should not have downtime between songs. The jamming only happened on one, maybe two songs, but most songs were cut short. Recently - a sore disappointer for those who have heard a real version of the song. I did enjoy Fish Monkey Man and Stay, the lovely, lovely ladies busted this one out and the band was definitely on during this song. As for other songs, I caught a little misplaying, but that's life. It just seemed like the band was out somewhere else, maybe too much gambling. Dave is definitely due for a year or two of regrouping. I will be around next year to see what transpires.
Ryan J.
I drove from Colorado to see the show, and Panic's set thankfully made me not regret the trip. After their set I found myself wondering if I wanted to stay for Dave. After listening to the first few pop songs offered by Dave, I was overcome by sadness thinking of the bands earlier days. I'ts over, they're not the same band. The loss of innocence began when they decided to play one night at Mile High instead of three at Red Rocks. I'm sorry Dave,the magic is not there anymore but I won't forget the past. Thank You.
Kevin M.
Really good show overall....lots of energy and Dave seemed really into the show. I've been to 14 shows, and I've never written a review before, but I had to write to try and convey what happened during #36/Everday/#36. It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced at a DMB show. Dave started with #36 instead of Everyday, and I think that sort of set the tone. After a few verses of Everyday, the crowd started with "Hani, Hani, come and dance with me". It started slowly, and began to build and build and buld with each verse. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed the crowd's singing reflected Dave's sadness in losing his friend. Dave was blown away by the response, and was waving his arms telling the crowd to keep going, something I have never seen him do. The look on his face was priceless. What a night.
Heather C.
First off, let me say that I knew this concert had definite potential for being great. My friend Kristy and I just graduated from Cal State Fullerton on Friday, May 25th, and were off to Vegas to see celebrate and best of all, see Dave! I was in no way disappointed. Now this was a true Dave atmosphere, compared to the high security and parking fees at Dodger stadium. Free parking, tailgating allowed, no strip-searching, and beers were only $5! I don't know what it is, but if I don't park in the dirt, then it doesn't feel like a real Dave show. The band played a lot of the same Everyday songs as they did at Dodger stadium (with the addition of Fool to Think), which can be expected with the new album. But, if you're hoping for something rare like Dancing Nancies or The Stone (like us), you may have to wait until the Everyday songs get a little older. I loved hearing Bartender again - this one never gets old and Grace is Gone was so beautiful. The Lillywhite songs are always a great touch to the setlists. Oldies like #41, WWYS, and Warehouse are always great to hear again and again. Every time I hear WWYS I can never get over thousands of people shouting together, "Mom, it's my birthday ---would you say...!" You could tell that Dave enjoyed the energy of the crowd - everyone was really into it and danced and sang. He said something like "You make a guy feel good." He made everyone laugh every time he would say "VEGAS" in a deep, rhaspy voice. I was so ecstatic and surprised to hear True Reflections for the first time. Was this geared towards me because I just graduated from college and need to find that inspiration with my whole life ahead of me?! Boyd did an awesome job on vocals. One of the highlights was during Everyday/#36 when the crowd took over for the Lovely Ladies in singing "Hani, Hani, come and dance with me" and Dave stopped singing and motioned for the crowd to continue - this was so freakin awesome! What a jam. What a way to celebrate the end of finals and the beginning of opportunities. Next it's on to Vegas night #2... :)
Ian S.
I posted a review earlier saying I was a bit disappointed with the setlist in LA but hoping that the two shows in Vegas would be better--to say that they were would be the understatement of the century! What an incredible, special two nights. I'll post a specific review of Sunday's show, too, but for those of us who went to both shows, we had an amazing weekend. Part of what was so great was the crowd--easily the best I've been a part of at any Dave show. Probably because it was in Vegas, and most people had come in from all over the place for the shows, so it was kind of a 'best of' collection of fans. I met tons of 'die-hards' who'd been following the band for years, and with the weather being so great and the shows going on all day (3 opening bands), the party atmosphere was awesome. Anyway, to the show itself: for the first 6-7 songs, the setlist was pretty identical to the LA show, although not in a bad way. I'm not a huge fan of R&R, but #41 was much better than Tuesday; Leroi had great solos with the flute and the sax, and during the 'Everyday' outro they did kind of a stop-time thing and the whole crowd yelled "Everyday!" Speaking of stop-time, WAREHOUSE was awesome! I was hoping they'd do this one, and Dave must've caught my vibe. This song has developed into one of their best ones to do live. FISH/BARTENDER--Bartender is my favorite Dave song of all time, and I'm running out of superlatives for what an incredible experience it is to hear this song live. I also love that they're playing Big-Eyed Fish, and during the Monkey verse Dave changed the lyrics a bit to "stay up in your fuckin' tree!" Very cool. TRUE--an outstanding version. Dave strung out the intro a bit more than usual, Stefan sounded especially strong on this song, and Butch and Leroi had great solos. This is a song that the Lovely Ladies really make great, and is it any news flash to say that Boyd is incredible?! RECENTLY--I almost lost it here! This is one of my favorite DMB songs, and in 10 shows this was the first time I'd ever heard it live. I was hoping for the full version with the "pretty girl" outro, but even the short version was awesome. DITCH--four Lillywhites in one night? I was a happy man! WYA--one of the great new songs, although it actually sounded a bit more laid-back tonight than on the CD. FOOL--cool to see a song's live debut, but I don't think there's much all that special about this song. #36/EVERYDAY--talk about special! This was incredible, probably the coolest version of any song I've seen at any show, and mainly because of this amazing crowd. These two songs mix together perfectly, and as the 'Everyday' portion was winding down, it was so cool how the band gradually worked their way back into #36--first Boyd and Leroi, then the Lovely Ladies, and finally Dave. They went back then to the "pick me up love" outro like on the CD, and pretty clearly planned to end it there, but while the band was singing that, the whole crowd, on its own, was singing "honey honey, come and dance with me" from #36. Dave noticed, totally encouraged everyone to keep singing, then looked around and signalled everybody else in the band, and they wound up going back to finishing with the outro to #36! SOOOOO cool! I didn't know if the show could get much better, but we had a great encore. GRACE--God, I love this song. Besides Bartender it's my favorite off Lillywhite, and it sounded as beautiful as ever tonight. When the band came back out for the encore, you could tell that Dave was especially appreciative of such a devoted, energetic crowd, and right before the opening chords for STAY, he said "Vegas make you wanna..." All in all, an awesome first night. On a personal note: Susan from Denver--sorry I couldn't sell you my ticket for Sunday, hope you made it anyway! You rock! Also, a BIG thank you to the girls from Steamboat Springs who let us ride back to the strip in the back of their truck, thus avoiding what would have been at least a two-hour wait to get a cab out of the stadium!!
Michael A.
"Hani, Hani come and dance with me." Need I say more? That's a preview for later. Anyway, onto the set. My wife and I had nice 2nd row seats just left of center. Pretty tame crowd, although for some reason our aisle seemed rather tight. Considering I saw them in Dodger Stadium (the last show) I wasn't too thrilled to get Don't Drink as the opener again. We had a very nice grouping of songs by the end of What Would You Say. But even then I wasn't too fond of hearing another version of that considering I heard WWYS both of my first two shows. One of the biggest highlights of the night had to be Warehouse. A very tightly played version of the song with the boys throwing around all sorts of energy. Recently was nice, especially the "Some do/don't" intro. I was clinging to the hope of a "Pretty girl" outro, but still a fun song. But the whole night was about #36->Everyday. The crowd all around started singing "Hani, Hani," before Dave started into Everyday. Towards the end of the song the band let the crowd explode with the refrain for what seemed to be 4-5 minutes. Even during the wait for the encore the crowd started singing it again. For me the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed at a dmb show. The only wish that didn't happen was an Ants or Watchtower ending. Stay was fun, but that show seemed to build and build and should've had a classic ending. Anyway, fun time for sure.. night two on the way.
Darin N.
I have seen the last five shows...starting in S.F. People please, negativity and a Dave show just don't mix...It's all good all the time, some just might be better than others. I DON'T CARE HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN A FAN...IT'S ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME. AND SO IS EVERYDAY, ALL GOOD!!! so...the last five shows (my perspective) 1. Pac Bell Park (5/18) Santana for three songs, please. 2. Sam Boyd (5/26) The crowd was amazing. 3. Sam Boyd (5/27) almost as good as Sat. 4. Pac Bell Park (5/19) sweet show 5. Dodger Stadium (5/22) parking sucked missed 3 1/2 songs but it was all good. It's all good people...feel blessed!!!! and yes...I have seen my 16th show.