Dave Matthews Band
Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Rhyme & Reason
#41 (Everyday)
What You Are
If I Had It All
Donít Drink the Water
When The World Ends
The Space Between
Grey Street
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen The Bridge) -->
Too Much
Jimi Thing
Digging a Ditch
All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching
Everyday (#36)

Diego F.
Tonight was magic. Pure majic. Sometimes enough water, and enough lightning mix to create the perfect atmosphere for a good time. This was my fifth show and the boys came out rocking. But the place didn't get going until the rainstorm that began during #41 and drenched everyone, even us who were underneath the cover. Anyways, to the show. What You Are, If I Had it All, and When the World Ends were all great like last night. The Space Between was great, getting drenched just like the band does in the video. Don't Drink the Water was great and hit hard, I tried my best not to drink the water. Greystreet was played on a twelve string tonight which was a surprise. So Much to Say>Anyone Seen The Bridge>Too Much was amazing as usual. JImi Thing was great. Boyd and Leroi jammed out big time and Dave had his solo, where he added a little of a latin flavor into his scales, almost sounding like the scales he playes on Mother Father. Watchtower was great, with Boyd using effects on his violin I thought it would be the closer, but when they ended Carter continued to all too well known snare beat for Ants Marching. Everyday was great, they played it very upbeat and even added some nice grooves to it, I liked Dave singing over the drums at one point almost in a rap style. But anyway tonight was great. Probably my second best of all the shows Ive been to. It only comes in second after 9/13/00, I'll see them again in July in Dallas and San Antonio. Later.
Justin K.
Well what a show-- oh yeah-- I think the Dave Matthews Band played too! I've lived in Houston my whole life, sometimes the weather gets pretty nasty around here- but it's been a L-O-N-G time since I've seen it storm that severely for as long as it did. Those poor bastards on the lawn were soaked to the bone- but they were loud, and lovin it... and I guarantee that Dave and the boys appreciated it. The lightning was spectacular, lighting up the sky all around. Every time a loud clap of thunder occurred, an even louder roar from the folks on the lawn would follow- it was quite a sight. The setlist was pretty good too, OSW to open, followed by a standard Satellite, and R&R. At that point- it became surreal. They opened up the giant mushrooms, turned on the screens, and started into a great #41 just as all of Mother Nature's fireworks began. The storm was raging by What You Are-- and still going into If I Had It All. They went into a good version of DDTW (which I think was impromptu because usually Dave's roadies will tune his guitar appropriately when they switch, but this time Dave did it on his own-- and he looked like he was explaining something to the rest of the band right before they got into it). As WTWE began- I'll bet most of the people on the lawn were actually thinking it might happen, still raining like crazy then. The Space Between sounded good, as did the 12-string version of Grey Street. By SMTS- the rain had died down a little and they did a really tight sounding version of that with the standard ASTB -> Too Much. He started Jimi Thing with an almost Warehouse sounding intro, but then into the recognizable riff. I guess Dave felt like doin a little dancing too because he was goin nuts.. crazy-legs and all. Leroi had a solo that even blew Dave away.. you could see by the expression on his face. At one point- Dave and Boyd stopped playing completely and just watched Leroi work his magic with Carter keeping the beat and Stefan adding a little bass. Dave had an excellent solo with the best guitar work I've seen from him ever. After at least a 12-13 minute version of Jimi Thing, they finished up and Dave went into DAD. It was pretty standard, and I was really surprised to hear it 2 nights in a row. Stefan had a great solo into Watchtower, which was played as good, if not better, than I've ever heard it. Loud, FULL of energy, and just blew everyone away. I was thinking that I almost didn't want them to come out for an encore because this was such a good way to close-- then upon the last note of Watchtower- they went straight into Ants. It was played equally as good with a Boyd solo that I thought would cause that poor violin to burst into flames. After a few minutes they came out for the encore-- I had guessed Everyday, and it was an interesting way to close the show. I'm sure some people won't like it- as it wasn't the typical 'bring the house down' kind of ending to a DMB show, but it was absolutely fantastic. At the end of the song we had Dave, Boyd, Carter, and Leroi basically singing acapella. It was a perfect end to a perfect night. I think the rest of the band thought it was a special show too as Dave and Carter grabbed hands right at the end of Everyday and Boyd walked over and gave Dave a hug. What an experience. Now I have some time to let this all digest before the Dallas show in July. Living in Texas- we don't get the stadium shows like the folks up north do-- so Texas stadium and 60,000 screaming people should be unreal from the 4th row, I can't wait.
Brooks B.
Surreal, I don't know where to start. Whether it was being soaked, being very tired right now, being enthralled with The Dave Matthews Band. Those who were at the Woodlands Pavilion tonight like I were just lucky. I don't know that I've ever heard the band as alive and together as they were tonight. From the top, a great opening with OSW - just as expected with intro and outro. Then the show rolled into Satellite who Dave dedicated to someone which was cool. It picked up with Rhyme and Reason - a good concert song. Then things became surreal. #41 allowed the band to show their true colors letting Boyd go off, letting Roi go off, and then letting Dave do his Everyday outro just foreshadowing the result of this fine concert. The rain started to pour around here and the lightening was extremely dangerous. I fortunately was not on the lawn but in the last row of reserved under the pavilion and yes, my back side got drenched. People went crazy with the natural lighting and the torrential rains. What You Are kept the intensity going that came from #41 and then followed If I Had It All - both repeats of last night. Then Dave had a huddle with Carter and crew. I think they added Don't Drink The Water here to go right along with the weather and it was very appropriate. When The World Ends - good song again and placed pretty well in the weather songs. Oh and Dave busted out with The Space Between and really got the crowd up with the line "Like will it rain today" and "The rain that falls.". Awesome, then Grey Street and I'll admit that I wasn't expecting this one. Here's where the concert became incredibly intense, SMTS --> ASTB --> Too Much, you can't beat this for building energy from soaking wet fans! Dave then busted out with Jimi Thing and the night turned into the jam session, wish I had gotten a time on it but it was clearly close to 15 minutes. Roi dominated. We then got some great Davespeak, "If you're jeans are wet, well just take them off. You can keep them on but you don't want them sticking to your ass." Digging a Ditch came for the second night in a row and after that I so yelled Watchtower and I so got Watchtower. Stefan finally got to show his stuff and there was yet another opportunity for Boyd to go ballistic and Roi to howl like the wind. A perfect ending to an energized set but What The F? Carter pulled a fast one on the band and broke into Ants Marching where the crowd was already pumped, just floored all of us to be even more pumped. Superb, surreal. The encore break lasted a good seven minutes and we got the best Everyday that I think has been performed so far. There was a good 2 minutes of A Capella and I ended up with a sweet picture of Dave kinda clapping with his hand and fist. There was supposed to be a Two Step at the end but I was very content with what we got and didn't know about this until getting home. All in all, concert #1 for me without other guests (like Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) and #3 overall of 6 concerts now. The Woodlands and Dave Matthews Band = a damn good show where I was not disappointed tonight at all. But it was surreal, those 5 men were on tonight and I've not heard any other concert where they produce the type of show that we received. Well worth the exhaustion, wetness, and by all means money. Gentlemen, thank you once again.
Ryan P.
Wow! what an amazing show. I might be mistaken, but I think Dave just absolutely loves the woodlands pavillion. the second show of last season's 2 night stand here was amazing, and tonights (the second of another two night stand), came close to matching it. opened up with OSW, satelite, R&R, and 41! 4 straight oldies!!!! unbeleivable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halfway through 41 it starts POURING down rain. I mean this was craziness. Then came What You Are, which is by far my favorite Everyday song in concert. by this time the rain is at full force and showing no signs of stopping. so dave talks with his bandmates. he comes back up to the mic with a silly little grin on his face and starts singing DDTW! EVERYBODY GOES CRAZY!!!!!! The crowd is wild, the band is wild, theres more energy in the crowd than there is in the gigantic lighningbolts flashing all around us. then came when the world ends. this song just doesnt do anything for me. i really dont like how the cut it off at the end (its just so tacky). then, THE SPACE BETWEEN! very nice. then grey street which was great. then SMTS->ASTB?->Too Much which i always love. JIMI THING WAS AMAZING. LEROI'S SOLO WAS THE BEST IVE EVER HEARD HIM DO. Dave even did a good amount of soloing there. DaD came next and slowed things down. at the end Steffan started doing a little solo right into the opening chords of watchtower. A GREAT WATCHTOWER!!! The lack of jamming last night had just been made up for by these two songs. at the end of watchtower, carter decided to take some liberties and start Ants going! Dave was like "what?" then he smiled and they did a great ants. encore break... EVERYDAY!!!!!! AN AMAZING SONG! so long and great that i honestly dont care that it was the only encore song. i mean, there were 3 last night (even though one of them was i did it). GREAT SHOW. only reason it didnt top last year's 9.13 was because they didnt have bfft, but other than that... am! azing.
Christine H.
Dave Matthews did it again. Last night's show was one of the more memorable DMB shows I have been to. Not only did Dave fans witnessed an awesome show, but they also got to see a badass lightning show too. After a few songs, it started to pour on everyone on the lawn seats. I don't think too many people were complaining though since it was still packed. He opened with One Sweet World which was real nice. The last two DMB shows I went to he opened with the same song. I guess 3rd time is a charm this time around. I was pleased to hear my favorite song #41... awesome jam! The crowd got a kick out of hearing Don't Drink the Water since it was pouring down rain on everyone. One of the highlights for me would have to So Much to Say into Too Much. I usually don't like these two songs that much, but last night's performance made me a new fan. The crowd really got into Too Much. Jimi Thing was also a big hit. Dave really ended the show well with Watchtower and Ants Marching. Watchtower was badass and it got the crowd going strong. Ants Marching was a perfect end too. He played Everyday as his encore. I haven't really listened to that song that much, but now it's really growing on me. Overall, last night's show was awesome. DMB put on one hell of a show and the rain and lightning added to the craziness. Once again, I was blown away. Can't wait till next time!
Gimmlet A.
First, I'd just like to ask what is is about Bryce's Tahoe that makes people wanna piss behind it? That being said, this concert had some kick ass energy behind it. Nice blend of old stuff mixed with a little new stuff, which worked out great, since the new stuff ain't that great. They played Grey Street and Ditch from that scratched album, which was a nice surprise. Boyd was tearing some crazy stuff out. It was pretty cool, 'cause it was all thundering and lightining and raining for a while throughout the concert adding a lot to it. All in all, this concert was awesome. Definately one of the best I've been to. Nothing real special happened that made it different than any other concert, but the energy behind each song was just awesome. There seems to be less time between songs now than in the past which is extremely cool.
Amity D.
Last night's show was by far one of the best I've seen. The jam in the beginning was a nice start...nobody knew where they were going with it. Somewhere around What You Are, it started I've never seen it rain before. They started showing the wind and the rain on the big screens behind the was awesome. #41 blended into Everyday was really nice. Last night was the first time I've heard #41 at a show and it was very well done. I don't think they had Don't Drink The Water planned in the list, but since it started raining they played it (that's just my guess but it seemed random after such a slow start). The crowd went crazy during The Space Between's line " will it rain today?" The band seemed to be eating it up. I'm not totally sure, but I think Kit Kat Jam was in between SMTS and Too Much...I've only heard it a few times but I'm pretty sure that was it. Jimi Thing was the best I've ever heard. Leroi did an AMAZING jam. I really don't think he gets enough of the spotlight, and they gave it to him last night. Dave did a small solo, then spoke to the crowd, saying something about how wet jeans make your butt itch, then told us (I wrote it down), "I know it doesn't feel good to have wet jeans, but if your jeans are wet, take them off. It doesn't mean you have to go rubbing on everyone, just take them off and keep to yourself!" Those who could hear him went nuts when he said that. Diggin a Ditch had a nice solo from Stefan, who I also like to see taking the spotlight now and again. Watchtower had a slow start, then went into a great jam. When Dave sang "...who feel that life is but a joke..." Carter leaned into his mic and gave a very dark, evil cartoon like "HA HA HA," which he may do all the time, but I've never noticed. I was a little disappointed in the encore being so short, but it was a nice version of Everyday and #36, with Boyd doing background. I didn't think it would sound right without the ladies, but it was really awesome! Dave did a nice little "Diggi Diggi Dum Da Dum Dum" here and there. I'm torn between 5/11 and 5/12 being my favorite shows...both were incredible! Oh, one more much as everyone complains about the Everyday songs, I think they sound great live! Keep it up boys!! (=
Matt, J.
The last two nights at the Woodlands complimented each other perfectly. Tonight was definately a night for jamming. One Sweet World was pretty standard. Satellite wasn't bad and neither was Rhyme. Then #41 started up. At this point the rain really started to come down and the lightning and thunder joined in. #41 was very nice with the Everyday outro. They extended the jam at the end nicely while watching the lightning show from the stage. What You Are rocks, I can see this song closing shows. Had It All is surprisingly good live, Dave adds alot of emotion to the vocals. During this one one the screens they showed the trees swaying in the wind and the lightning behind it. Dont Drink the Water was standard, but I really loved hearing it again. World Ends, Dave started to sing, but backed off and let the music go for awhile before repeating "when the world ends" over and over for a while, which was nice. Good to see the new ones becoming less album like. Space Between was pretty good, although I thought Daves guitar was a little loud. They need to turn Boyd up more on this one, the riff he plays sounds really good. Dave hardly used any of the same words for Grey Street, but it was still great. So Much into Too Much was awesome, Stefan was really groovin on Anyone Seen the Bridge. Jimi was about 15 minutes long, with Carter and Fonz holding it down for Roi, while Dave danced and stood back and watched with Boyd. Ditch was pretty standard, nice to hear again. Fonz ripped up the intro to Watchtower, which was really energetic. Dave finished the last line and thanked the crowd and walked back to put up his guitar before he noticed Carter was still going on the snare drum intro into Ants. Dave looked really surprised, but motioned to Carter like he agreed. Ants, though unplanned, was awesome. Boyd ripped it up. Dave still sang the "people in every direction" line, but it was cool. Everyday as a closer was nice, becuase it was different than the usual. They extended it at the end, and Carter was just playing the drums wh ile Dave sang. Boyd had a cool electric thing going on with the violin. Two Step was on the setlist to close the show, but Everyday did the job perfectly with a little #36 action happening. After they finished they were all smiles while Dave and Carter shook hands, and Dave and Boyd hugged. That is always good to see. The lightning show behind us made the show all the better. And the crowd was really into it and extremely loud. Please go see DMB this tour you will not be dissapointed. The new songs rock. Peace out, until Texas Stadium.
Brynne F.
Wow, this show rocked. Although there was a steady downpour for about 45 minutes, it was not that bad. Infact, it added to the music. There is nothing like dancing in the rain with friends while lightning flashes and your favorite band in the whole world is playing Don't Drink the Water. I don't even know where to begin. The instrumental intro and then One Sweet World were a perfect opener, better, imo, than last night's BOWA. Then Satellite, Rhyme and Reason, and #41. I was distracted from the Space Between by the rain, but when Dave sang, "like will it rain today..." a massive cheer went up from the thousands of soaking wet people on the lawn. It couldn't get any better. What You Are and IIHIA were basically the same as last nights but Jimi Great jam. Same for Grey Street, SMTS, and Too Much. Alot of singing and dancing, fun had by all. I know I'm not going in order here so I'll skip to Watchtower. It was the first time I've ever seen it live and it was all I expected and more. I heard Stefan's bass and thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so excited. I was in a haze of joy through the whole thing. Then came Ants which was phenomenal. Right before "people in every direction..." a huge bolt of lightning lit up the sky and the crowd went crazy. The encore was Everday/#36, which I pretty much expected since they didn't play it the night before. It was sweet and perfect, a great way to end a great two nights.
My friend Bradley put it best when he looked at his watch at 10.30 and stated, "Do you realize what just transpired in the past 3 hours?" The evening was crazy and that's not including the show. It started off with an old school feel. Stefan was kicking a derby hat (props to Jonathon) and the first two songs were from R2T. Towards the end of R&R, it started to drizzle after what had been a beautiful day. It rained pretty hard straight through #41 and half way through WYA, the lightening was pretty frightful so I went under a covered area. What I did hear of What You Are rocked and I'm glad they're starting to jam a little on the Everyday stuff. I can't comment too much on the songs until Grey St. but a huge uproar came when Dave asked "Like will it rain today?" in The Space Between. We decided to tough it out when they started Grey St. which was awesome. After 10 minutes of hit songs from Crash, they strolled into Jimi Thing. Very interesting to note that eveyone seemed to end the song except for Leroi at a point, then they decided to start making something else up. Dave actually soloed on his guitar which was cool and then eveyone fed off of it. It was like being there when the creative process is underway. The last three songs really made my standing in soaking underwear and mud worth it. Diggin a Ditch is an awesome song and the Watchtower/Ants pair is so sweet and was played Woodstockish. I was hoping to be jammed out on the encore but the band seemed to be in a more laid back mode. Everyday was cool with #36 finding it's way in and at the end it was just Carter playing the beat, Dave singing, and Dave was clapping his hands getting as all in the act. Kind of reminded me of a U2 encore. Overall, it was a crazy night, with an awesome band, that I will not soon forget.
Betsy W.
oh my god, this has been taking me forever to get this review up here b/c i keep managing to close the site and lose everything ive written... anyways, since friday night was such a thrill for me and i was still in a daze, it was hard for me to concentrate on saturday night. friday's show (not just b/c of the after show) made a bigger impression on me probably b/c of nancies, recently, and the big eyed fish tease... even though recently was short and bef was just "story of a man who..." dave told me friday night that he had to stop there b/c he didnt remember the rest of the lyrics after that. he also said thats how it is with a lot of the lillywhites, they all love the songs to death but most of the lyrics were written on the spot so they can't remember them. but dont worry, dave did assure me that the band loves all of those songs and wants to rerecord them one day and release them, but making the "new" album was something they just had to do. 2 little moments of glory for me came before dmb even took the stage. when dave came out to introduce soulive, i of course went NUTS. he saw me, waved and mumbled "heeeeeey....." into the mic. oh yeah, i felt cool. then during soulive's set, neal was talking about how we need to buy their cd and i held up the promo copy they gave me thursday afternoon. and he saw it and was all like "yeah! there it is! rock on," or something like that. a bunch of people turned and looked, i felt special yet again. the rain in the middle of the show was nice, but then again i was covered. im sure for some people it wasnt as nice. i was tempted to run up there and chill b/c it looked like fun, i imagine the vibe was just kinda like "well theres no point in trying to stay dry now so lets just dance in the rain and live a little." thats the vibe i would have loved to experience. space between was LOVELY, esp when we all went nuts when dave sang "like will it rain today" and "the rain that falls splashed in your heart ran like sadness down the window into your room." i really liked 36/everyday live, but WHY DID THEY CUT OUT TWO STEP?!?!? man, that would have been nice. i mean it is texas, a lot of people (but not me) do the two step down here. i love stefan's intro to watchtower, it always amazes me. i still love when the world ends b/c of how dave just walks away from the mic. aaron, the guy i met from soulive, told my friend diego that eric krasno was supposed to join dmb for jimi thing sat night but they didnt get to soundcheck it or something like that. daamn! that would have been so sweet. one sweet world was a nice beginning, but i missed swim naked. i guess thats enough before i find someway to delete this again. take care yall....... "oh i was definitely playing for you." -dave matthews to me about playing ill back you up last year in houston tx
Erin E.
this show was my 7th, and my absolute favorite. despite the fact that dave fumbles around the everyday tunes, and those songs arent as tight as the ones they've been playing for the last 10 yrs, the boys ROCKED the house. dave graciously thanked us for covering for him when he couldnt quite get the words in for wtwe. what he couldnt get lyricly, they made up for in jamming. the show was more up beat than the previous night, and the storm was...perfect. we were all in awe of the magnificance of it all. everyone seemed to be having a great time. there was davespeak about getting naked, and he did some crazy rap stuff round jimi thing if i remember right. i had heard that there was supposed to be a two step, but carter messesed up the end to watchtower, and so they had to play ants instead. we also had gotten hooked up from a soulive roadie, and were supposed to meet and greet after the show. i was soooo pumped to tell dave how great i thought the show was, but the security told us there was no after show and that the band had left. after they told us to leave, we went around where the busses were to wait for him to come out; 2 hours and no dave so we left. so ther were ups and downs of my experience, but the point is...this band still kicks ass.
I was in the PIT 2nd fucking row dead dead dead center right in front of Dave it was incredible!!!! (I was wearing a lime green polo shirt) By far the best DMB show I've been too. After it ended Carter and Dave shook hands, then Boyd went over and hugged Dave it was awesome. It poured for part of the night, the crowd was really loving the thunder and rain, at one point Dave told the lawn people to take off their pants haha. Dave and Boyd were psychotic! One of the best songs of the night was Watchtower, Dave was wailing so hard I thought he would pass out, also when right when the band was going into jamming he pumped his fist in the air and started to dance like a mad man, this really got the crowd going!! WTWE was weird Dave must have not come in at the right time because he started singing the lyrics at the beginning pretty damn fast. Jimi Thing was great, Dave's solo has definitely improved from the last two years. Also right after Watchtower the band (or rather Carter ) went straight into ants, talk about energy the crowd went nuts. I'm pretty sure Ants was supposed to be for the encore- Dave wasn't expecting it because he had already pulled out his iem and yelled night yall to the audience. It was pretty damn funny- as soon as Carter started hitting the snare Dave turned around and waved his finger at him Again Boyd was totally insane, he was at the edge of the stage inches away from some guy that kept telling him to come closer, Boyd finally backed away it was damn good. The encore was incredible, Dave kept switching from #36->Everyday, then around the end he got the whole crowd clapping. Two incredible nights, thanks again DMB!! See yall in Dallas and San Antonio.
Jason C.
wow, tonight's show was REALLY energetic, the most ive seen from the band in a long long time: OSW: Im not a real big fan of this as an opener for some reason, but it was good anyways, crowd liked it. Satellite: ehhhhhh, tired of this song, but it was actually quite good. Rhyme: Intense as usual, dave fucked up the lyrics as usual too, this is where the show began to pick up. #41: right before this started a massive monsoon hit the pavilion, it was rain and lightning like I have never seen before in my life, gave the concert almost a surreal feeling. This version was just bad ass, roi streched his solo on for a real long time. You could feel the band picking up energy from the rain. What You Are: this is the first time I have felt that the song lived up to its potential live, it was really rocking hard tonight. It does seem that there is room for a bad ass leroi solo after the lyrics end, maybe some day. If I Had It All: They put up a video shot of the massive storm onto the onstage screens, gave this song a really really cool feel. I like this song more and more each day. Dont Drink The Water: WOW!! This song just flat out rocked tonight!! One of the highlights of the night, Dave and the band were really into it. When The World Ends: Dave was completely lost the entire song, didnt know when to start, what lyrics to sing, it was funny. Still a good song though. Space Between: Very nice, had been wanting to hear it, didnt dissapoint. Grey Street: Dave has completely changed the lyrics from last tour, save a line here and there. Made it kind of hard to follow along too, but the jam at the end is still awesome! SMTS-->ASTB--->TM: Good lord, this was one of the most intense versions of Too Much that ive ever seen or heard, VERY impressive! Jimi Thing: Thank god they changed the pace of the jam at the end, Roi just went on and on and on! Dave had gotten really good at his solo now. Ditch: Surprised to hear it again, very nice. Watchtower: My goodness, you think you would get tired of this song, but no.....boyd ripping it up on the wa wa pedal on the jam was awesome!! I thought that if they went into ants after this it would be unreal.... Ants: Watchtower ends, dave says goodnight, takes off guitar, suddenly Carter starts in the with snare intro to Ants. Takes Dave totally by surprise including the entire pavilion, wow great way to end the set!! Everyday: I really didnt think this song was going to have enough to be a closer, but boy was I wrong. This was one of the most inspired performances by the band that I have ever seen. When the song usually ends, Dave just decided he was going to keep it going. He stood in front of the mic, eyes closed, clapping......then boyd and roi grabbed mics and started singing, dave starts playing guitar again and he goes into some diggity down down rap thing, it was great!! This very well may be my favorite closer that ive seen so far. At the end Dave shook Carters hand and gave Boyd a big hug, great way to end an AMAZING concert!!!