Dave Matthews Band
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

One Sweet World (Swim Naked)
I Did It
Don't Drink the Water
If I Had It All
Fish Monkey Man -->
What Would You Say *
Jimi Thing ^
When the World Ends
So Right
What You Are
#41 (Everyday) *^+
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Grace Is Gone
Tripping Billies
Waste ~
All Along the Watchtower

* with Sam Kiniger of Soulive
^ with Eric Krasno of Soulive
+ with Neil Evans of Soulive
~ Dave solo

Ryan D.
What's up ya all. Greetings from Phoenix Arizona. This was my 13th Dave Matthews show and I must say that it was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. What made this such an amazing show? The thing that made this an amazing show was the emotion by the band. Yes there were only three singles played, I Did It, What Would You Say and Don't Drink the Water, sorry to of you DMB single junkies, but the emotion on every single Dave song was incredible. More onto this later. First off Soul Live was one of the most incredible bands I have seen in concert. They're a small little band from New York and man do they know how to jam. I really enjoyed their performance. For the guy who sat in front of me who was making fun of Soul Live, you really need to think more about what you say. Obviously you don't appreciate music if you think that band sucks. Keep your comments to yourself. Now the moment you have all been waiting for, onto the show! I guessed that he would open up with One Sweet World and I was right. Ah what a beautiful song to open with. It really lifted my spirits about this show. Pretty standard intro on this song. At the end we got a sweet scat outro and swim naked. Next came I Did It. This is a short buy sweet song. The song fit in perfectly as the second song of the set. Next came Don't Drink the Water. From past reviews everyone's always saying that they can live without this song and that Dave plays it way too much. Yes that may be true that it is usually standard and played a lot. But oh my frikin God this version was awesome. The emotion was great. Looking at Dave's face and his emotions from the 11th row I was sitting at (Thank You Warehouse) was sweet. You can almost see the veins on his face bursting out. Beautiful lighting as well that lit up the enite stage. Next came IF I had it All. Pretty standard. Still getting used to a lot of his new songs. The next song was Fish Monkey Man, which is Big Eyed Fish on the Lillywhite session album, was a huge surprise. I thought I wouldn't here it this early in the setlist. Very nice version with a nice little jam at the end. That song went straight into Bartender. Like I said before emotion was the main theme of tonights show and this song had it all. Lots of wailing at the end of the song and the lighting fit in perfectly. Dave's face looked like it was going to explode at the end of it. Next came What Would You Say. They had the saxophone player from Soul Live come out for this one. That guy can wail on the sax. Awesome solo by him. If any of you all collect bootlegs and have 12-19-98 at the United Center where he play WWYS with Maceo Parker, listen to that. Both of these versions sound very similar. At the end of this song Roi gave the sax player from Soul Live a nice pat on the back along with a handshake. Next came Jimi Thing. He now had the guitar player from Soul Live come out. Damn that band has so much talent. He had a really nice solo during this song. Kindy bluesy. Also holy smokes did Mr. Boyd Tinsley come alive on this song. He had some sweet ass solos all throughout the show and he was having a blast up there. He was just going back and forth with his mouth wide open. God I love it when Mr. Tinsley Solos. Next came when the World Ends. Once again pretty standard, but very nice version overall. Next came So Right. This is probably my favorite song that Dave has been playing off the new album. There was a lot of emotion and wailing at the end of this song. Nice little jam at the end that got me grooving. Next came What You Are. Once again standard song that sounded really well. Next was the highlight of the night, #41. After What You Are, the DMB crew moved a bunch of amps onto stage so I knew that something was up. Dave had most of the Soul Live band come up to jam on this song. I wish he had the drummer come and jam as well but oh well. Anyway, this jam put me in tears. It went one person after the other. First Roi and the sax player from Soul Live took turns jamming. Next came the guitar player, then the organ player had a sick ass solo. Overall this was a 30 min #41 and the best #41 that I have ever seen in my entire life. There were eight people on stage at once during this song. Next came Sleep to Dream Her, which I must say this is the one song off the new album that I don't like very much. I don't know what it was, but I just never got into it. Next came Grace is Gone. I really like this song. Nice slow song where if you looked back into the lawn you can see everyone was showing their lighters. Very pretty view. Next cam JTR. All right, I really like this song, but I didn't want to hear it has a closer, which is what I thought it would be. It's just not a closer type song to me. Good jam on it at the end with lots of emotion. At the end of the song I thought I pretty much assumed the encore of the show would be next since the hour was getting late. But NO! They busted right into BILLIES!!!! Holy shit!!!! I can't stop talking about the emotion of this show and this song summed it all up. The lighting was perfect, Dave and Stefan were dancing, Roi was busting it out, Carter was smiling and tearing it up on the drums, and Boyd-Holy Crap. That guy was going absolutely insane. He went right into the middle of the stage and man did he shine. He had the entire stage and a crowd of 20,000 people all to himself. His solo lasted forever. He beat the living shit out of that poor violin of his. Show much emotion on this. I was dancing everywhere on my seat. Now for the encore. Waste was a real treat. First time I ever heard it. I hope he plays this song more often. Last, but not least came the famous Watchtower. Stefan started out with a really sweet intro on his bass. It seemed to last for like 5 minutes. Then the band busted right into watchtower. WOW!!! I was really hoping for this song, but not expecting for it to be played since it was played the night before in New Mexico. This song was the perfect way to end such an amazing show. Emotion, Emotion, Emotion. I can't say it enough!!! Everyone was tearing it up and into it all with smiles on their faces. God I love this band. Overall I'd give this show about a 9.8 out of 10. Almost every single song I got into which was great. The band seemed into it the entire show. Everyone was having a good time and was in smiles the whole show. Thank you Desert Sky Pavilion . The security did a great job in controlling the crowd, which made it easy for almost everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the crowd as well. Everyone, especially the people in my section except for the two lazy people next to me who sat most of the show were great. To the guy who sat infront of me chearing for #41 the enitire show you know who you are. You truly rock man and I'm sorry I didn't have time to say goodbye to you after the show. Everyone was into it and dancing most of the show. And finally, thank you Dave Matthews Band. You guys made this one of the most memorable shows for me that I will never forget. Once again great show!!! See you all in Chicago!!!!
Michael A.
The word of the night has to be Jam. This was my seventh dmb show and wasn't expecting to get two nice long jams from the boys and their guests (Soulive). I felt bad missing Soulive open, but I wanted to meet up with some local nancies before the show. I was honored to take my mom to her first dmb show. I really didn't expect the band to fulfill her wishes of Watchtower so that was a real treat! She had a good time, which made the show all the better for me. The upsides to the show from my perspective: Carter seemed to be on tonight. Especially amidst the sweet #41 jam with Soulive. Bartender. Unbelievable rendition by the boys. Getting the chance to see Big Eyed Fish or Fish Monkey Man as they are now dubbing it was truly awesome. Lyrically it's been altered by the boys a bit but a little tweaking here and there and that will be an amazing song. #41 jammed out so long with the Everyday outro was SO nice. Jimi of course was amazing as usual. Seems like the Lillywhite tunes as usually really worked well. Dave found his second wind during JTR loosening the legs up and jamming out a great rendition. Oh and the song Waste. Wow does that sound pretty with Dave solo. As far as the Everyday stuff I have mixed feelings. So Right and When The World Ends sounded real nice. What You are will make for a nice song when they refine it a bit. The best part about Sleep to Dream Her is the segway into Grace Is Gone. Well this is turning into a novel... nice show, a few cool surprises.. the band continues their mastery in the live department.
Christina J.
my first show and let me tell you it was one memorable night! highlights were fish monkey man otherwise known as big eyed fish, it was sweet, #41 was pobably the biggest highlight of the night easily a 20 min version with the guys from Soulive out there jamin away...Tripping Billies tore it up, it had everyone pumped, Dave was dancing away and Boyd was just going off throughout the whole song, it was awesome. Finally Watchtower, people say its overplayed but its just an amazing song live. The lighting throughout the show was amazing. Props to those guys. well im done. This show was worth every penny spent. see y'all in vegas, peace
Jaron M.
I have seen four dave shows now and this by far blew everything else away! The band was in a great mood and having the time of their lives! Numerous times I would look to Carter and see him grinning ear to ear. The jams on Bartender, Jimi Thing, and 41 were among the best i've ever heard. 41 was THE best i've ever heard. 4 solo sections, fade into everyday, and a mellow jam back into 41 to finish it off. Also, the jam from Fish Monkay man ( which is One eyed fish ) into Bartender was VERY cool. Leroy had this cool flute and they really teased the audience until Boyd layed into the opening violinpart in Bartender. If you see this show for trade or download GET IT! (and let me know where I can get it :)
Eli H.
Sweet Jebus!!!! One crazy show! The opening band Soulive was just kick ass! The last song was a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute. I am now a fan of their music! Anyways..moving on to the Dave portion. At about 8:17pm Dave and the boys took the stage and the place went nuts. From the first note that came out of Dave's guitar, i knew the 1st sone was OSW. It had a very mellow feel to it. IDI was pretty standard but I enjoyed it. Next out of nowhere comes DDTW. Lots of energy! IIHIA came next and they were having lots of fun playing it. Then the next song was FISH MONKEY MAN: I have never heard this one before but it rocked the house! Lots of people sat down for this one and I don't know why? Bartender was next and OH MY GOD did it blow me away!!! LeRoi did some cool opening with a little flute and then at the end of the song the boys went into a jam to top all jams!!! Dave was crooining into the mic for what seemd to be an eternity. The huge video projectors in the back of the stage made for a way cool experience. WWYS was awesome! Dave said that since it was Soulive's last night on tour w/ them he invited the alto sax player to come out and jam. So much energy it got the place shakin! Jimi thing w/ the Soulive guitarist was so sick I couldn't belive it!! WTWE was KEWL has a great vibe live. So Right was good also. I think they were expermenting with a jam at the end. That must have lasted about 7 minutes or so. WYA was sweet...they do a great job w/ this one! Here's where it gets crazy!! Dave speaks into to mic and out comes all of Soulive. He said " since we is havin so much fun jammin tonight, lets see how many players we can squeeze up here..." This must have lasted about 20 minutes! Each player taking a turn w/ a solo...the keyboard player went off the hook! By far the best #41 I have ever heard!!! STDH was just ok. GIG was seemed like the only people who knew the words were me and my buddies.. tons of people sat down on this one. JTR came next and that was lots of fun! Tripping billies was pretty standard and Boyds solo ripped!!! Waste was's way cool by himself. Watchtower was SWEET!! The bass solo was so distorted it melted the walls..Boyd and LeRoi had great solos to end the show!! Out of a possible 10...I give this show a 9.5!!! One of the best shows I have seen!!! Peace!!!
Brian M.
Dave Matthews never stops to amaze me, wow what an awesome show!!!!! first soulive was amazing, everyone should go check them out... Now onto the concert, he opens up with One Sweet World i knew well it was one of the four i picked and i love this song live, he got everyone fired up. Next was I Did it, it was nice to hear but could do without but it was cool to see it live...Then its Don't Drink the Water, it was such a rush when he freaks out at the end screaming. If I Had it All, loving this song everytime i hear. Next was Fish Monkey Man, i am loving this song. I heard it once and wow it was great to see it live. Next was Bartender, i was shocked they did this cause they did yesterday and i flipped, one of there best songs with meaning and it was beautiful live. Just AMAZING!!!! Finally with this next song people finally went berserk, it was What Would You Say with Sam Kiniger on sax from Soulive, Dave had everyone singing at the end it was amazing. Next was Jimi Thing and this one was with Eric Krasno on guitar from Soulive it was the basic 15 min. song but Eric went crazy it was a good mix... Next came 3 Everyday Songs in a row: When the World Ends (love it live), So Right (expanded new version with Leroi) and What You Are (awesome live). Next was like a 25 minute version of #41 and all of Soulive was there and everyone of stage had a little solo. This version was among the best. Then my favorite part of the show he did Sleep to dream Her (i don't understand why no one likes this song) and Grace is Gone (i love this song live). A typical version of JTR still a great song and the finale was Tripping Billies, was amazing and Boyd went nuts at the end finally!!!! The encore was predicable it was a great version of Waste (it gets better and better everytime he does it) and Watchtower. Overall it was amazing just amazing. Onto New Jersey in Giants Stadium see you all there... On a personal note the girl in the red shirt in Section 101 Row S, you were beautiful you need to find me!!!!!
Tyler H.
This was the first Dave concert of the year for me, first of six to be exact, so nonetheless I was excited. OSW was a good but predictable intro, DDTW had a lot of energy, and when Fish Monkey Man came on I was stoked. First time to my knowledge that this song had been played in concert, needless to say it was awesome. WWYS and Jimi Thing were great with Sam Kiniger and Eric Krasno from Soulive, and Jimi Thing alone must have lasted for at least 20 minutes. I finally got to hear Grace is Gone live, and I wasn't disappointed. One word to describe Tripping Billies....AWESOME! Bring on the encore. I called Waste, which was great and AATW was an awesome finish. The show was one of the better shows I have been too, nothing spectacular, but a few highlights that made it worth while. By the way, I am sick of all those who were bitching at the concert that Dave didn't play Crash. Anyone who wants to hear Crash, buy the album, for true Dave fans, you are the only ones who should be going to the concerts. There I said my piece. See ya in SF!
Saaid M.
Having seen them twice on this tour already, it was a bit disappointing to see DMB repeat all but one song for this show. Regardless though, it was another great show from Dave and the guys. They opened up with a jam that went into OSW. Then they went into I Did It, which was nothing special, and DDW wasn't half as amazing as it had been last Saturday, when it was pouring at the Woodlands. If I Had It All has been great throughout the tour, with Dave letting out all his emotions. The best surprise of the night was Big Eyed Fish, one of the best songs, imo, Dave has ever written. He teased fans at the Woodlands, singing the first line of it, but tonight, he decided to debut it and it was spectacular. The band followed up with another Lillywhite song, Bartender. They've added a flute intro from Le'Roi, which is fantastic. WWYS and Jimi Thing were alright, and WTWE had the abrupt ending that is expected now. So Right still needs some work on its live version, but What You Are was awesome again. The jam with Soulive on #41, I thought, was excessively long. Sleep To Dream Her is weak on the album and in concert. Grace is Gone was fabulous. JTR was okay, but Tripping Billies really brought the house down to close the show. Dave's version of Waste is fantastic and Watchtower was an awesome ending to a great show.
Ken J.
I knew going in that this would be a special show; it was Soulive's last night with Dave & the boys & figured the Soulive guys would be sitting in on a song or two. Well, I & the other 20K people there were in for way more than just a few sit-ins! The show opened with One Sweet World with the nice instrumental intro. They then jumped right into high gear with a blistering I Did It that got the crowd all fired up!! The next treat was One-Eyed fish, except Dave sang the verses in a different order & instead of it being a Man that forgets to breathe, it was a "Little Baby." It was a very emotional version of the song, almost bringing people to tears. It's amazing the effect this band has on people!! On Jimi Thing, Eric Crasno, the Soulive guitarist, came out to jam. It was one of the best Jimi Thing's I've ever heard; the guys all just kept trading little solos all around for about 10 minutes!!! Then came what was in my opinion the high point of the entire show: Eric Crasno, Sam Kininger (Sax) and Neil Evans (Hammond B3 Organ) from Soulive all came out to play #41 with the band. The place just erupted with sound and movement as they got into the meat of the song & then everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, had solos. They just kept taking turns, going back & forth across the stage. Every solo got better & better until the end of the song. The set ended with blazing versions of JTR & Tripping Billies. The crowd erupted & didn't stop until Dave came back on stage accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. He started by saying that "this was a song he's been playing with for a little while," and went into Taste, by Phish. Like a ripple on a pond, the people all around me figured out what song he was playing; "Hey that's...I think that's a song by... wait a minute...YEAH!!!" It was an amazing version, full of emotion that you couold not only see on Dave's face, but could hear in every note he played. Then Stefan played a Moog-sounding bass solo & they went into the evening's closer, Watchtower. It was nothing short of spectacular; a terrific end to a terrific show, probably the best I've seen...Ken