Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: G. Love & Special Sauce
The Stone*
Best of What's Around*
The Idea of You *
When the World Ends*
Hunger for the Great Light*
What Would You Say>
Lie in Our Graves*
Too Much*
Pantala Naga Pampa* -->
#40 (Tease)
Ants Marching*

* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Dave solo
This was the debut of "The Idea of You."

John T.
Great musical talent, with a good song list! The Stone starting off was a little generic/dissapointing but still performed nicely. It was great to see JTR played, but shocking that they played Raven! Best of Whats Around and What Would You Say was spectacular. The overall show had a smooth flow to it with great balance of old hits, some jamming, and thankfully very little from Stand Up. Lie In Our Graves might have been the hit of the night, where Boyd was simply fantastic. This song featured the best/longest jam of the night while PNP-->Rapunzel also jammed. The encore was pretty generic in the last song being Ants marching. You can't go wrong with Ants but still, that was the encore last year at Deer Creek so I wanted something different. One more note, Sister had a nice flow to it but still needs a little work in finding its idenity i think, but It was nice and chill.
I frequent this site quite often before a show to see what the band has been playing, but have never felt compelled to write a review until now. The band put on a phenominal performance Friday night. From the Stone opener to the Ants closer they were totally into rocking it. I think it's partly because they have a new energy in Rashawn Ross tearing it up on the horn. What a perfect addition to an already amazing ensemble of musicians. Bravo guys. Keep it coming.
Wow. 2nd best show of my 20. I had never gotten to hear Pig or BOWA and have always longed to. The boys knocked both of em out for me in the first 5 songs. The boys seem to be enjoying being on stage more than they have in the last couple of years. The deercreek crowd was amazing as usual. I would say the best version of Crush that I have heard live. The new song, Idea of You is really good. I think all the long time fans will be taken back to the pre-Everyday times when you hear it. If the next album sounds like this tune I think everyone is going to be really happy. Sister is also a very sweet song, especially after Dave explains how it came about and how much his sister means to him. The #40 tease was cool although after the second line Dave did this little evil laugh as if to say "Ha, just messing with you heads." The crowd gave him some boos for that but it was all in good fun and in response to the little evil laugh. Overall, a spectacular show full of great jams and even greater energy from the band.
Peter P.
Okay, every year for the last 4 years Ive been to at least 3 dave concerts a year. The dave concert of June 2, 2006 at verizon wireless music center was the best dave concert I have ever seen. That day was my 13th dave concert. I am a geek when it comes to dave, cuz my buddies and i try to call the opening song, closer, encore, etc. When they opened with the stone I was so happy. the crowd was totally feeling it too. Every year he plays two night show in Indianapolis, and ive gone to everyone in the past 4 years, and seriously that was the most intense feelings from the crowd I had ever experienced at verizon. Best of whats around was amazing. you could sense then and there that it had an old school feel and the band was completely on. Then out of left field...Raven. unbelievable...for those fans out there that keep up on how often songs are played.... yeah thats one of the ones that havent been heard for quite some time :) Then when u think u couldnt be more surprised.. Crush.. i totally expected something different... carter was rediculous on this by the way. totally jammed out. EVERY song was jammed out... Then Pig came on...ooooooooolllllllldddd sssschoooooool hits did not stop dying this night folks. then his new song came out "the idea of you" dave plays a 12 string soprano guitar(basically a higher pitched guitar). Great song old school feel w/ a tweek...it will turn out nicely. Bartender was amazing...started it with the Boyd tinsly intro...this song is always jammed out... they had a sweet hit during Roys flute solo. When the world ends....which was sweet. Then, i noticed dave whipping out the 12 string taylor...i know that he only plays certain songs on a 12 string and i was only hoping for one song.....and did it come true? yes it did. JTR!!!!! i didnt think hed ever bring that back... and yes the end of JTR was totally jammed out... Rashawn Ross adds so much to the band. They have a more tight rhythmic ensamble now and have all parts covered. then he played hunger for the great light. the first song of Stand up. which ended up being really good. the end of that one was nuts cuz it was fast and carter, again...went nuts. What would you say totally had me dancin on the lawn. And when lie in our graves was played...i seriously lost it. I hadnt heard it played since my first dave concert. 2 of 14 concerts ive heard lie in our graves, u better believe i was flippin out. this song was jammed out probably longer than any song that night. ended beautifully as always. Followed by too much.. and then what i wanted to hear probably the most this tour was Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel... reason being the end jam to Rapunzel is soooo fun to dance to...especially when you have The dave matthews band performing at their BEST!!!! they didnt miss a hit all night.

then after we caught our breath during the break dave finally comes back on stage. He played the Sister song that i had been hearing about since the beginning of the tour. It was beautifuly and the crowd was very supportive.....then dave starts teasing #40........holy F*ck. i thought he was about to play it...then he laughed in a "oh sh*t i shouldnt have done that" kind of way... then everyone started booing the stage. He felt bad and came back to the mic and said "tomorrow sounds like a good night to play that one"........and everyone lost it...(WHICH by the way i did attened and was COMPLETELY amazing...full band too folks:)) but thats a different story.... anyway then closes with Ants marching...which was nice but not what it could have been, considering ive heard that as a closer at the same venue last year and ive heard it in a majority of my concerts... but yet...ALWAYS a good song to hear.

main highlights: the stone opener....nothing sets the mood like a good opening song. Raven being played was awesome. The Idea of You was sweet cuz we were the first people to hear it played :) . JTR...come on do i need to explain.... Lie in Our Graves....repeat last..........Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel closer. And #40 tease.....cuz it lead to him playing it the next night:) i rate this concert a 10/10 they keep getting better and better everytime i see them.
Went to both Indianapolis shows. Both were great. First off, I feel lucky to have been in the first crowd to hear 'Idea.' Nice song. Hope it's released some day. (I felt the same two years ago when I first heard Joy Ride). I left friday's show hoping to hear only two repeat songs Saturday night: 'Idea' and 'Sister.' I heard them both again, plus JTR, which was sweet both nights. That jam at the end - I can never get enough of it.

Crush on Friday was the best version I've heard. Same for Too Much, into which the band snuck a nice little off-tempo jam which I'd not heard before. I love surprises.

Saturday night had plenty of surprises, too. Everyday had a nifty new arrangement with a doubletime segment in part of the chorus. The other big surprise of the night was - oh my God!!! - Dreaming Tree! It came in the middle of a three-song encore. I couldn't believe it! What time signature is that, anyway? 7/4? I don't know, but that song rules. I'd never heard it live before and was glad to hear it. The Louisiana Bayou closer was stunning.
i went to the secound show at noblesville and it was more than unbeleviable. out of all the shows ive been to i would put it and #1. i am so glad JTR is back and he rocked it out pretty good. diggen a ditch was ridiculous. what has it been, like 4 years since hes played that song, same with #40 and dreaming tree...unreal. the first night he teased #40 and everyone booed and he said tommarows a good day, and when he came out and played it sat. the crowd went nuts. it was a real special performence and the rest of the tour is gonna be the same way.
wow. what a great way to start my summer. this was one of the best shows ive seen by any band, ever. verizon has such a good crowd every year which always makes dave shows that much more enjoyable.the stone was a great way to start, i was wondering if the red rocks show would start a new developement of this song, and it did. at the end, everyone was singing "fools rush in." it felt good. from that point on, it was one good song after another. its amazing to me that the band is still jammin with so much enthusiasm and energy. i really dont know how tomorrow night can top what i saw here tonight, but only time will tell. basically an all around amazing show that will be with me forever. i hope everyone had a good time and we'll see you tomorrow.
This show was so tight. I've seen about 60 shows in my life, and this is in the top 10 for sure. as other ppl said, Crush was the best I've ever seen. Just rocking. Ants was sweet. LioG, good version. Just nice to hear a bunch of Btcs and Busted. Overall, great energy, crowd and band alike, just a good vibe from start to finish.

Also, Dreaming Tree is in 7/8

I went to the Pine Knob show tonight, 6-6, after both indy shows, and the encore was sister, Dreaming, Ants. Just awesome. DT was even better tonight. Just keep getting better.
Thank God - the band I grew to love when I was in college is BACK!!! I was getting a little disappointed with some of the shows from recent years - the band seemed to be going through the motions. But not on these 2 nights - great great shows!!! The Stone is one of my all-time favs, and I still gets chills when I remember the crowd participation on Crush - probably one of the best live versions of Crush I've ever heard. I'm usually not a huge Bartender fan, but the almost 20 minute long version they played was AMAZING!!! The new song, Idea of You, sounds pretty cool - much like the CLASSIC DMB sound - I'm really looking forward to the new album. For those who started following DMB around the 94-95 timeframe, your band is back! It was really cool to hear some of the classics, as well as hearing the always-great crowd participation. Dave was very chatty on the mic - very entertaining as always! This show was very special to me - Friday was my 30th birthday! Honestly, the show was in my top 5 all time of any DMB show I've seen. To top it off as my fiance and I were leaving the show, Dave's bus rolled by and he gave us a wave!!! VERY awesome experience, from G Love & Special Sauce getting the crowd started to the DMB show itself - from start to finish one HELL of a ride!!! Thank you VERY much DMB - you guys gave me a birthday I will NEVER forget!!!!