Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Best of What's Around *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Hunger for the Great Light *+~
Big Eyed Fish *
Grey Street *
Louisiana Bayou *+~
What Would You Say?
Grace Is Gone
Kill the King *
Dreaming Tree *
The Idea of You *
Jimi Thing *+~
So Much To Say *+~ -->
Too Much *+~
Sister ^
Everyday *
Ants Marching *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Ian Gordon on trumpet
~ Reggie Watkins on trombone
^ Dave solo

Matt K.
All I can say about this show is...WOW! Best show I have ever seen from these guys. It is my opinion that they are in their prime! OK...G. Love & The Special Sauce...great opener...it was awesome how they put in "Gold Digger" as an outro to Cold Beverage. They were great and one of the best openers I have seen with DMB. Now to the main event. Show highlights, BOWA,Proudest Monkey, Satellite, Big Eyed Fish, Lousiana Bayou, Grace Is Gone,The Idea Of You, Jimithing, Ants Marching!!! BOWA...great opener to get the crowd started. It was the first time I was able to hear Proudest Monkey and Big Eyed Fish, they were both fantastic. Boyds ditty at the end of Grace Is Gone was mind blowing. Kill The King was an OK tune. The Idea Of You was really really great. Best version of Jimithing I have ever heard. Excellent outro of Crosby, Stills, & Nash. It was madness all around. Typical So Much To Say -->ASTB-->Too Much, still awesome for a closer. Dave's story for the inspiration for Sister was really awesome. It was a great acoustic solo. He did a lot of talking during the concert. Then you had your standard Everyday into Ants Marching. It was good but they had played it in 04' their too. Overall I find it hard how they will top it on the 06/10/06. The song that would have made this the best setlist is, JTR, but either way it is the best setlist I have seen in a long time and the best show I have attended yet!
Right off the bat, the show Started off right. Best of what's around I thought was a nice opener. Very excited about the show,I wasn't dissapointed. Big eyed Fish,and Grace is Gone was perfect. Dreaming tree and Jimi-Thing was great too.But, Louisiana Bayou with Boyds solo was ridiculous. I was pleased. The encore was pretty good also. Sister is very nice.It's a song that is going to grow on ya.Everyday,was nice to hear then right into a good Ants Marching. I liked the show, Pretty mellow,but worth every cent.
Mike M.
I went to both shows in Pittsburgh... both a blast. But the June 9th set list was 10000000000 times better than the June 10th show. Saying that... the June 10th show was 1000000000000 times better than any other concert i have been to other than the June 9th Show. WOW... simply AMAZING.
C.J. .
Wow, amazing show. Beautiful way to start the weekend with BOWA. Argueably one of the best shows I've attended. I agree with the kid before me, JTR would've made it THE show. Too bad that was the second night. The band did such an array of songs. I'm pretty sure every album was represented. Louisiana Bayou could go on for hours with that ending. Marc and Reggie on the horns just took it to a whole other level. HFTGL is always amazing, I wish they'd jam that out once. Jimi thing's ending was amazing. There was a block of 2 new songs right before the first ending, they were both awesome. I hope that was a little taste of what we can expect on the new album. Of course they end it like they should with Ants Marching. I give this show a 10 out of 10.
Shane M.
I had been looking forward to this show for months and Dave did not dissapoint. Best of What's Around was a great way to start off an awesome night. Hunger for the Great Light is a personal favorite. I enjoyed it. Then a few more awesome jams liked Big Eyed Fish, Grey Street, Bayou. Then came my favorite song of the night....Grace is Gone. I had never heard that song played live until then and it was amazing. I wish it could have been longer. As for the rest of the show, I thought it was awesome. Dreaming Tree was very unexpected and it was awesome to hear. And as for the new jams, Kill the King is a real good song and every time I hear The Idea of You, I like it more and more. Pretty solid encore with Sister, Everyday, and Ants. Overall I was blown away with the show, I had a great time.
On to #27 and a memorable one. I had been looking forward to this show since the summer tour was anounced and then even more so after seeing the interesting setlists the boys were putting out. BOWA opener caught a lot of us off guard, but we should have known better. A great opener that really put the weekend into perspective, I said it befor, but I'm going to say it again "Turns out not where, but who you're with that realy matters". It was a tough trip for me but I love the burgh and my homies and homiettes that make it so special each time I visit, I couldn't leave em hanging. With that being said Dave moves into Proudest Monkey, what a tune. I finally got my cherry popped on this one and it was well worth the anticipation. 4 night stand at Red Rocks last year and it was no where to be found and after hearing it in the 2 spot at the burgh I wouldn't want it any other way. This was then dropped into Satalite which I was quite pleased a great follow up to that song about a monkey and it has been a while since I had heard it. I remember curseing this song in the burgh years ago due to it being played out and it felt real good to welome it with openarms, maybe the best one I ever heard but I think it had alot to do with that hi from PM. I love when Dave picks up that electric because there is only a few things that may be coming and rips them all. He pounded out hunger and finally let Boyd atleast warm up a little, I'm sure he grinded a few teeth off relatively sitting through those first couple. Big eyed fish then, great tune that I was wanting to hear and mixed great with the set. Grey street was great and one that people relate to and love to sing the words, got the crowd involved even though you don't realize you are doing it you pratically sing the hole song. Dave then once again busted that electric out and with hunger out of the picture you had better get ready to get down on the bayouuuuu. It was belted out but a little too quick, it was nice to hear however because it opened the set up once it was out of th way. WWYS a classic that really set up that grace is gone. My third time hearing this, but I don't remember anything near this. Good thing that LB loosened Boyd up because he went simply bolistic on this tune with some good ol hootananey shit that I just couldn't keep up with, this was easily by far the highlight of the weekend and that can not be argued with. Kill the King was a great song and led into the dreaming tree. I was looking very forward to this, but unfortunately it killed the vibe of the show for me as much as I like the song it felt like a step back. Idea of you was another good new one that picked that vibe back up and when you follow anything with jimithing and talk about smoking that kind the night just gets better. that horn section was off the hook and gave me a new appreciation for the instruments. So much to say into Too much, I swear he just plays too much so he can repeat the phrase fuck it up as much as possible, he just loves to say that. What a way to close the set and kept the adrenalin going until the man/boys took the stage again. I have been looking forward to hearing dave's explanation of sister like all were saying he has been doing, but I did not expect him to say a thing like " I feel my sister got my heart and I got hers" It realy makes you sit back and think and wonder what if; what if dave was not able to touch the thousands offans world wide that he does continueing to get it done on the road year after year after year. we'll all have to thank his sister or whom ever made that decision because this great thing is something that may have never been. He followed those bueatiful words up with a bueatiful song. He then broke into everyday which the crowd sort of left him hanging on with no back up vocals prompting dave to leave out the 36 outro i believe which was disapointing after the 2 great everydays at rr. Ants is a great song and I couoldn't wait to wake up in the morning and do this all over again. My 1st show of the year and one of the better setlists in terms of mixing it up that I have seen. I was a little dissapointed in the bands and crowd energy but this was a great show overall and when that first note hit I knew "there was no other place I would rather be" - RWS
33 shows and it's the first time I've heard BOWA live, except for Dave and Tim at Miami U. in '03. That made it worth the trip for me. The real highlight for me was Dreaming Tree. What he did at the end seemed to just have so much emotion I really felt the song. Any show is a good show in my opinion, and compared with June 7 in columbus, this show seemed to have some great energy and wasn't very predictable to me. The encore with sister was awesome, absolutely awesome. I'm looking forward to Blossom in Aug. and am hoping he'll pull out some seek up or cry freedom. that would be sweet.