Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
What Would You Say?
Can't Stop
Crush *
If I Had It All *
Raven *
Say Goodbye
Dancing Nancies* -->
Warehouse* -->
Typical Situation *
Tripping Billies *
Smooth Rider* -->
What You Are *
Everyday *
Stay *
Two Step *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Gabe T.
"My mind is blown" 23rd show for me, 2nd night in a row at Camden and this may have been the BEST DMB show i have ever witnessed!! OSW & WWYS were nice to open the show chillin with allot of energy. Can't Stop was very interesting crazy new jam. Crush was next and they really played it out nicely always a great song to hear live. Around this time Dave talked about startin off the show slow and gettin ready to pick it up. Did they ever!!

If I Had it All was great with Dave screamin out the lines at the end. Raven, what a great tune, was incredible....... and then it started!! The last 11 songs of the show were off the hook!!! Carter started off Say Goodbye incredibly and Dave was throwin in all these crazy lyrics. Then Nancies into Warehouse into Typical Situation!!!!! Words can't describe the feelings I was having during those three songs!!! It just really blew me away jammin out to those 3 songs all played out for over 10 minutes! Then Trippin Billies was as good as always........... there it was that 12 string....... everyone around me was beggin for it....... and it came JTR!!! I mean really that song just kicks!!! Unreal!!!! Haven't heard it in years and god did I miss it. The end of that song might be there best insrumental jam!!!

Smooth Rider was next..... and they did things in that song that were just mind-blowing!! Another 10 minute jam with Dave just whaling, I mean killin it!! Then came What you Are and I was thinkin well heres the end of the set. They rocked out on that one and followed up with a beautiful version of Everyday(#36) crowd was into it big time singin better than the lovely ladies ever did;) So that was the end of the set. But No!!!!! Ended everything beautifully with Stay...... And man did I wanna!! I didn't want that night to end!!!

Finally got to run to the restroom and they came back on to a wild but attentive crowd chanting Two Step. I heard someone say Dave said "Last Stop", I didn't hear it but I think Two Step was planned all along just might have missed AB intro. I couldn't of thought of a better way to end this powerful, passionate, perfect evening!! They played it out as well as I can remember it. Then Butch kicked some s**t!!! WOW did he ever with Carter joinin in to finish out the show!!!

I really feel I witnessed something special!! It was like there goal was to blow us away and boy did they ever. I have always felt so damn lucky that I have been able to be a part of the growth of the best band on the planet. This was my 10th anniversary seeing DMB and how I pray I will get to experience another 10 years!!!
Energetic does not even come close to describing this show. I always knew 2nd nigth at Camden was amazing, but this show beat them all. the crowd was definetly feeling it a lot more 2night and it seemed as if the band was too. when i saw they sound checked Last Stop the first night i was hoping soooooo bad they would play it at this show. but although the set list may seem short this was one sick show.Dave said after one of the first songs we're going to start off slow then fizzle it up or something like that which made you know it was going to be an amazing show. One Sweet World- good opener. it got the crowd into it everyone was sining their hearts out.

What Would You Say?-nice to hear it live again always a crowd favorite.

Can't Stop- awesome new song with a sick baseline and beat had the whole crowd clapping 2 it and for those people who were at Hershey they could feel it going into Crush

Crush- one of my all-time favorites sounded amazing as always Boyd really tore it up on this one running around the stage.

If I Had It All- totally surprised to hear this one. First time it was played this tour and it was awesome. it sounded as tight as ever and Dave sang his heart out. the outro was sick with Dave and Carter repeating "if I if I if I Had it all" much like the lovely ladies did on the Folsom Field CD.

Raven- another surprise. my 1st time hearing it live and it was awesome. this was a real treat for a lot of the fans, but i noticed a lot of people around me not singing and kind of looking around trying to figure out what song it was.

Say Goodbye- Awesome Awesome Awesome song. Carter's intro was crazy and the whole crowd was really into this one.

Dancing Nancies- gets better every time i hear it. Boyd took it to new heights playing like crazy. Dave Started started with Could i have been a millionare in Philadelphia? Could i have been lost somewhere in Camden? this made the crowd go nuts. then the song went into Warehouse.

Warehouse- Again gets better everytime i hear it. everyone in the band was on point for this song. Louie Louie towards the end was awesome and had many people singing along with Dave. the end was also crazy with the salsa jam. Leroi and Rashawn were tearing it up.then right into Typical Situation

Typical Situation- i can't believe he went right into this for 3 songs straight. this is an awesome song to hear live. the song really picked up and had the whole crowd jamming. then at the end Leroi and Rashawn did a dueling horns type thing which was sick and Carter and Steph added a kind of Reggae type jam both parts made the song that much better.

Tripping Billies- the boys finally took a break after playing 3 in a row. they took a little while so you knew the next song was going to be awesome and it definetly was. they busted into Billies and the whole crowd went nuts. as much as the crowd was into it before this just turned it up even higher. the whole crowd singing their lungs out and Boyd was unreal much as he was all night.

JTR- its hard to follow Trippin Billies, but JTR wasn't bad and the rain on the background screens was really cool.

Smooth Rider- my first time hearing it live i really didn't know what to expect, but to my surprise this song almost stole the show and was one of the highlights of the night. it started out slow but towards the end Dave kept getting more and more into it and by the end he was screaming the chorus and his face was put on the big screens and you could see his emotion. it was a lot like he does during Bartender. with such a sick set lists this surprisingly was one of my favorites for the night.

What You Are- always a great song to hear live. the emotion from smooth rider carried over into this one. it was at this point where i realized how much respect i have for Dave being able to belt out those lyrics cause this was the point where i basically lost my voice.

Everyday- love hearing this live and singing. Dave and Boyd went back and forth like they normally do with the lyrics it was cool.

Stay- thought Everyday would be the set closer but was glad he had one more in him. everyone was really into this one and we defineltly wanted them to Stay for a while.

then the band left the stage and the Two Step chants started. As much as me and my buddy love Two Step we really didn't want to hear it because we knew there was a possibility of Last Stop and we heard Two Step as the closer the 2nd night of Camden last year.After a few minutes the band came back and we all were so nervous at what they would play.

Two Step- this made many people in the crowd happy and i can't complain two much i mean Two Step is Two Step but this made us all wonder it there would be another song since they opened the encore with Two Step. either was everyone was rocking out to Two Step and Dave had new lyrics for the first verse it was somthing about telling a child a story it sounded pretty cool. Butch had an awesome solo towards the end but i think i was to busy thinking about what was coming next. then carter towards the end of the song went nuts on the drums and the rest of the band just stood and watched. our anticipation grew thinking maybe they would go right into Last Stop as Carter was jamming out Dave came to the microphone and yelled out "Last Stop", he then backed away came back and yelled it again. everyone was going nuts waiting then carter had a powerful ending jamming out and the song stopped. everyone waited Dave came to the microphone said thank you very much and the band left the stage. this left everyone i was near standing kind of stunned. we were soooooooooo close to hearing Last Stop he even teased us but they didn't play it. i know that upset a lot of people. but all in all it was an amazing show and the best one i have ever seen so i can't let a 1 song encore ruin that. overall all the guys played their hearts out like always and made for a sick show.
Jim R.
this was my 8th DMB concert @ the Tweeter. I think it might be the best one yet. The setlist was very strong and the band put forth a lot of raw emotion into the concert. The crowd really fed off them and was ready to go. I heard that the band broke into a little "for what its worth" the first night and it was a nice treat to hear Dave "Bluto" Matthews do a little Louie Louie. I personally liked that they played a lot of songs that traditionally are used to close out in the middle of the concert. The highlites of the show in my mind were Nancies into Warehouse and the feeling Dave put into the end of Smooth Rider. Rashawn Ross i feel is a positive addition to the band for this tour; he brings a lot to the table and it gives a different sound to the songs we have heard before. Boyd really gave a great preformance; he had a lot of songs that had energy consuming solos and he gave it all. I was impressed with dave's vocal power (the last time i saw him was the end of a tour so his vocal chords were strained im sure). The only real complaint i have is that i feel Fonzie got left out a little bit; he didnt have too many solos. Two step at the end pleased a crowd that had a real good time sharing a night with the band.

One little side note, please throw away your bottles in trash cans and not in the parking lotguys...i picked up some glass in the lot and wound up in east camden in front of a liquor store changing a tire, which wasnt a great time. Later on!
This was my first DMB show and I'm looking forward to my next. Hopefully get to see them in Randall's Island (fingers crossed). The set list was so good, I was so excited that they played JTR and Warehouse! I loved the opener to One Sweet World and honestly each song's transition was amazing! I'm not sure who was playing trumpet, but I'd love to hear them with Dave more often, they rocked! I loved the lighting it really made a difference, just the whole experience was so great. The crowd's energy was intense I really love Dave fans haha. Only thing to complain was the security before the concert wouldn't let anyone in to tailgate until way later, but that's beyond your control just shitty that the night before us slowed us down. Rare that they played If I Had It All, but good thing they did it was wonderful. I just saw that they changed the encore which I don't think they should have done, despite the crowd's wild chants I think the lawn definetly started that one haha. A one song encore, never seems to close it if like they did the original Baby and Rapunzel. I wish they would do Halloween or even a Christmas Song. Thank you DMB and crew, etc. for a great show!
This was my first DMB show and also my first concert i have ever attended. Lets just say Dave set the bar extremely high in my books. All of these reviews describe the concert in different ways. The section i was in was chanting #41 for the encore. The whole section around me went crazy when What You Are came on. I noticed that was only his second time playing it on tour and im so glad he played it because its my favorite song. Rashaun was ridiculous!!! He won the crowd over in a few songs and so did the guy on trumpet. I've only been listening to DMB for about 6 months and i can definitley say that this has to be the best musically sound rock band. Dave seemed to be having so much up there i wish i was up on stage with them. All of my friends went both nights but i could only attend the second night and they said it was so much better then the first night. I seriously cant describe just how awesome this concert was!!
Mop T.
The show was AMAZING I couldn't have asked for a better FIRST SHOW. All the songs were ones i had heard before so I knew the words. And I got to go with my brothers who are HUGE fans they've been all over the place for the shows. I don't really have any complaints since i dont have any other shows to compare it to. and the people around me and my brother were cool.

The only thing that would it better is if they played Stand Up. I always liked the song and would've liked see it in concerte. My favorite song of the night was Tripping Billies I'VE Always since I first heard the song because i like the song sounds and gos. I would've liked to hear Lousinana Biyu. Hey I NEVER dance and the concert got me dancing. Great Site Dudes.