Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
Donít Drink the Water *
When the World Ends *
Pig *
Proudest Monkey *
Satellite *
Lie In Our Graves *
Hunger for the Great Light *
So Right *
Jimi Thing *
Grey Street *
Break Free *
So Much To Say *
(Anyone Seen the Bridge) * -->
Too Much *
The Idea of You *
Louisiana Bayou *
Sister ~
The Dreaming Tree *
Ants Marching *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Dave solo

Frankie F.
I have to be as honest as i can be about this show and i know some of you may not agree with me, but this was my 40th time i saw dave matthews in concert and i followed with the next night as well which was my 41st, but this show had a little something behind it i think. I've always heard dave put on great shows, but when he plays in the rain the band just feels.......right. They could play blindfolded in the rain. I remember when he played at giants in the hail storm and that band killed it with "two step." The harder that storm was, the harder that band played; it was as if that band was battling mother nature for the spotlight and dave definately prevailed. This show was of that caliber, but they didn't over-do it. They were on point all night.

Boyd was an early show delight as the rest of the band fed off his energy off the bat. Dave, of course, led the way, but Boyd held the pace for awhile and Leroi and Stephen shinned as well coming out with "Proudest Monkey" which was phenominal to hear and some songs off the EVERYDAY album! I hadn't heard "PM" in about 3 yrs. so that was cool too. I must say along with the incredible concert the light show was pretty amazing to go with it. Very subtle at times, but great nontheless. "Lie in our Graves" was probably the best version I may have ever heard them play in concert. Along with "JTR" as well, probably the best I've heard it ever. It's all about the rain man I'm telling you. They have this connection that just can't be felt , but heard. "So Right" was right on point and this seemed like the time of the night when Carter brought the show down the home stretch. His new songs were great. I had heard them a few times before this show and "The Idea of You" was my fav of the night out of his new ones. Don't get me wrong "Break Free ' was great, but Dave just couldn't stop smiling during "Idea." I definately loved "SMTS" into "Too Much" and "Bayou" was a nice closer, but I was hoping to see Robert Randolph invited on stage for that one.

As for the Encore songs what can I say. "Sister" is a beautiful song and they way Dave sang it backed it up. Very nice by himself. When he came out with "Dreaming Tree" i was surprised. I hadn't heard that in awhile and that was nice, but about halfway through the song i wondered this can't be it can it? What are they gonna play next? The song ended great with a light show extravaganza and then went pretty much right in the intro for "Ants Marching" which was a great old skool Dave closer. It remided me of the bands 94' and 95' yrs.

All-in-all I can't say a bad thing about the night other then I didn't want it to end. I can't forget the great job Butch Taylor did too. He's the secret square. (shhhhhhhhh) Oh and by the way the opener GOMEZ was really really good too.

They took me right to where I needed to be for when DMB came out. I love the edition of the BIG BOSS ROSS too, the trumpet sounds great.
A cloudy rainy night didn't stop me from enjoying the staple of the summer - seeing DMB live. I've seen them every summer since Giants Stadium in 1998. This particular show reminded me a lot of the last show he played at Veterans Stadium before they tore the stadium down, where it rained and rained heavy but suddenly cleared up just in time for the show. "Don't Drink the Water" was a fantastic opener, afterall we were in Camden, and I definitely don't want to drink that water. "Pig" was also nice to hear since the chorus coincided with the rain that evening and of course, a beautiful version of "Satellite" was performed as I continued to look up into the Philly sky. I enjoyed hearing "Crash Into Me", a song that always seem to play at the shows I go to. I thought the new songs were good, especially "Break Free" which was fantastic. The ending trumpet solo blew me away. It was also great to hear "Jimi Thing" and one of my new live favorites "Louisiana Bayou." Overall, I didn't think it was as good as last year's show and the encore once again felt weak, although hearing a great version of "Dreaming Tree" made me smile, especially after they teased the audience with the intro of that song at last year's show. They ended with "Ants Marching" which they always seem to play at every show I go to and I've honestly have become tired of it but I realize it is a crowd pleaser. Anyway, despite the weather, DMB never dissappoints and this year was no exception.

I forgot to mention that "Lie in our Graves" and "Hunger for the Great Light" were outstanding that night as well. They rocked!
Another summer, another DMB tour. Another series of great concerts. It's enjoyable to watch six guys (in this case, seven with Rashawn Ross on horn) making music, having= fun and giving their all on stage every single night. This one was no exception. DDTW was predictable, but the guys know how to play the hell out of it. Works every time. WTWE, Pig, Monkey and Satellite didn't exactly charge up the crowd, but hearing PM was a nice treat. Crash was fine, but the band outdid itself with LIOG and Hunger. Great tunes with even greater solos and riffs. My wife's first premonition of the night came with So Right, a song Dave needs to break out more often. Jimi Thing was the highlight of the evening. A long but enjoyable rendition, complete with Butch and Dave scatting and the always cool Buffalo Springfield ending. (Let me put in my vote for Butch as the band's permanent sixth member. Anyone who posts that he brings the band down isn't taking the time to appreciate his musicality and technical skills. He's a great addition, and hopefully a full-fledged member soon enough.) Grey Street, the wife's second prediction, was fine as usual. Then the first of three new songs, Break Free. A few fans around me already knew all the words, which leads me to believe it will be a classic soon enough. SMTS/ASTB/TM is always a funky treat, and the band was on fire. The Idea of You, the second new tune, didn't do too much for me, but it was well played. The band closed with Bayou, which isn't the same without Robert Randolph but still holds up. Dave came out for the encore and talked about his sister before playing the third new song, a touching tribute to Jane. It brought tears to the eyes of some fans around me, something I'd never seen before at a DMB show. Dreaming Tree was awesome to hear live, albeit a bit slow. But I knew they couldn't finish on that, so they jammed out on Ants to wrap things up and fill the Tweeter Center with their usual style of energetic rock. I make it a point to see these guys once or twice every year, and I'm never disappointed. Thanks, guys, for making summer concerts fun.
what a sick show in camden. this show was right up there with the Hershey one. my only complait is about the pepper spray happy cops forcing people into the tweeter center at 7 and the couple of fights that broke out in the lawn, but none of that could ruin this show. as the pouring rain stopped the band took the stage and did one awesome version of DDTW next came WTWE which sounded amzing and was a pleasant surprise.Pig was good as always and Proudest Monkey was one of those songs that is nice to hear live atleast once.Satellite and Crash both slowed it down, but in a good way and hearing Dixie Chicken at the end of Crash was sweet. Boyd was on fire for LIOG and made the song insane.Hunger was ok, but nothing special. Then came So Right, a song i've been waiting a while to hear live, this really brought the crowd into it. Next was Jimi Thing which was unreal. Although no Jimi Thing can beat the one in Hershey in 2004 this one was up there. Butch had a cool scat part and then Dave went into a crazy scat making some crazy faces and hand gestures. then came Grey Streey which kept the crowd going and was awesome to hear live again. the new song Break Free sounded amazing and just makes me that more pumped for the new album. So Much to Say into Too Much really got the crowd going again and Rashawn adds a whole new sound to these songs making them that much better.The Idea of You is a cool love song that sounds like it will be good. Bayou was a good closer and Boyd tore it up on this one, but it was the same closer as Hershey so i wasn't to pumped. then came the encore. Dave came out and told the story about the song Sister. it is a sweet song with awesome lyrics and im glad i got to hear it. it was followed by Dreaming Tree which is a treat to hear live, but kinda brought the crowd down. Then they eneded with Ants Marching which was awesome and had everyone dancing. Carter was sick on the drums, too. Overall it was an awesome show the band sounds really tight this summer and had a very strong set list.
This has been my 15th show and i ranked this one in the top three. Many people have said that this was not such a great set list compared to shows I have seen in the past. Proudest Monkey was a song that I havn't heard befor in concert so that was great and Grey Street is always a great song to hear in concert . So to all the poeple who didn't like I wish I could have been at the shows u thought were better. I liked lie in our graves i feel that were i was at in the lawn (the best place to watch a show) was very energized and in to the show. Even though that he has closed with Ants Martching in the past he really does a great job with this song and send the crowd out on a a great note. I also like when he brings out new poeple to play with and i think i know that Rashawn Ross did a great job and meshed great with the band. I hope to hear him again in later shows or albums.