Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
Pig *
Grey Street *
Where Are You Going
Joy Ride *
Big Eyed Fish *
Bartender *
So Much to Say * -->
Too Much *
Dancing Nancies * -->
Drive In, Drive Out *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Break Free *
Louisiana Bayou *
Stay *
Sister ~
American Baby Intro *
Two Step *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Dave solo

I was slated to see the Atlanta show in August, but when I realized Dave was coming to Raleigh on my night off from my summer camp counseling job, I knew I had to be there.

The band started the evening on a laid-back note. I've been at concerts where they opened with explosive tunes like Don't Drink the Water and The Stone, but last night's One Sweet World did a good job of bringing in the balmy evening. Pig and Grey Street were, as always, immortal.

Boyd must have downed some Red Bulls or something before the show. He made a circuit of the stage during Dancing Nancies after having a jam duel with Dave in front of Carter's looming fortress. More prancing around during Bayou. I don't know what got into him last night, but the crowd loved it and so did I.

Good to hear So Much To Say and Too Much. I can't get enough of that jam in the middle. I thought Stefan's amplifier was going to explode by the time they segued into the second song.

Even with the recent success of their Stand Up album, Dave and the gang still does a great job of pleasing fans of all eras of DMB history. I didn't expect Stay or the two songs from Busted Stuff in the middle, but they were welcome additions to the list.

Break Free already is one of my favorite songs. The band got some blowback from hardcore fans (myself included) about their work on Stand Up. If Break Free and other new songs like Joy Ride are any indication, the band is doing a crowd-pleasing job of assimilating its new style into the jam-band traditions that have made it so legendary.

The American Baby Intro was fantastic. Hunger for the Great Light translates well on the stage -- they shine bright white beams of light down on the audience during the section in the middle where they let LeRoi have a go on the sax. Seeing everyone bathed in light was a killer effect.

My favorite part of the evening by far was Carter Beauford. As far as praise, the man doesn't need any help from me; I'm sure there isn't anything I can say about his talent or his love for drumming.

During Two Step last night, he hit one of his crazy drum highs and refused to get off the stage. He went into not one but two extra drum sequences after his main jam near the end of the closer -- one of which launched off during what was supposed to be the last note of the song. He was whaling on the cymbals and double bass like he does at the end, and Dave was mumbling into the mike, and Stefan was wiping down the bass strings with a sweaty palm, and all of a sudden Carter just launched off again and played for an extra five minutes. I could tell it was improvised because Dave was grinning and Stefan was looking around like, "Aren't we supposed to be done now?"

It was off the wall. The crowd went crazy. I've never seen anything like it at any concert, Dave or otherwise.

I hope some other nancies readers got to experience last night. I'm psyched for August.
I always prefer Raleigh over Charlotte concerts for some reason, and this concert didn't disappoint. The boys had great energy from the start, although I called OSW to open. I never heard Pig live before and that was cool. Grey Street, BEF->Bartender, SMTS-->Too Much and Two Step were highlights. Two Step would never end, Cause Carter kept on drumming when all looked to be over. Amazing show and atmosphere although the EMS crews picking up this body in front of me did become distracting after a bit
Wow. This was my fourth time seeing DMB in concert and I must say it was my favorite by far. As an Atlanta native I've enjoyed two shows down home and plan on seeing them again in August, but I knew one time this summer wouldn't be enough. I came up to Raleigh with two buddies who had never seen Dave in concert (i.e. had never lived).

One Sweet World is always one of my favorite openers. Especially hearing it outside, under the stars on the lawn. I had never heard Pig in concert and was very excited as it was one of my favorites. The atmosphere the entire night was great and the crowd was really into it from the beginning (might've been the 'canes jersey Carter was sporting). I really liked the new tunes they played which was exciting because I can't say I'm much a fan of Stand Up. Though Bayou and Great Light are probably my two favorite songs off it and hearing those is always fun.

The stage was set up very nicely, with three screens behind the band showing different angles and camera shots. The lights were amazing as usual and really added a lot to the atmosphere. Personally, my favorite part of the show had to be Bartender, one of my top three favorites. I saw them perform it at Bonnaroo last year and I gotta say this performance blew that one out of the water. It really was a religious experience. Dave wailing out the chorus over the band just jamming with a huge sound. It was incredible.

I can't wait to see them again in August. I'm counting down the days.
This was my first Dave concert ever and what an experience that was. My best friends parents actually see him once or twice a year. Well, they got a hold of some VIP tickets and I bought one from them and went off to see Dave Second row center! Now I am I guess what you can call a relatively new fan, but I am absolutely obsessed.

They had an awesome lineup. My Faves were two step, too much, dancing nancies and grey street. i mean the whole concert rocked but. man. second row. I still cant get over that. I ended up being no more then 10-15 ft. from him! which was an exciting rush. I actually waved at Dave and he looked right at me.

I spent that entire concert standing up and dancing. I must have sweated like 5 pounds because I was drenched. But it was well worth it and an experience at which I will never forget. I now love Dave more then I did before the concert and I didnt think that was humanly possible!
It's been an about a week, and I have been holding off a review of this concert because I wanted to see if this show stood up the test. The test is this: DMB always creates an incredible atmosphere during the show; there is no debate about that. However a show becomes something special when the atmosphere of being there can be recreated by listening to the tapes. It is my conclusion that after listening to this show, several times with various audiences (some people who were there, some people who were not) the result is that this is one of those shows that is special. Here is why:

One Sweet World was definitely a great opener. It's always a nice way to ease everyone into the festivities that are beginning to commence in front of them. Last Wednesday, it was like a hug from an old friend that's been gone for a year, or longer for others. It was warm, friendly, and reminds you of the good times youíve had hanging out before.

Pig, Grey Street, and Where are you going comprised the first little song run of the show. I'll have to admit, I've heard Pig many times before, and I've seen many shows, but very rarely do I get goose bumps during this song. I love it but, in all honesty there's simply no other way to explain it other than, there was just something special in the air that night.

Grey Street has always been one of my favorite songs and as always it was nothing short of spectacular. It always turns the figurative volume up on any show. At this point the show was on such an upswing I wasn't sure where they were taking us next. Then out comes one of the most radio ruined songs in the DMB catalog.

Where are you going? Now, I personally am not a fan of it, and thought if there was a down spot in the show, this had to be it. But I am thinking about this, and looking at in the view of, if they keep playing it they must see some kind of value in it and get some joy out of playing it. So who am I to question what makes them happy.

Continuing on down the set, we arrive at Joy Ride, Big Eyed Fish, and Bartender. I love Joy Ride and was absolutely thrilled to see it brought back. The same sentiments can be echoed for Big Eyed Fish. Now, Bartender, another one of my personal favorites was a two man show in my opinion. For the lyrical part it was the Dave show. The intensity and passion he brought to the preverbal table that night was incredible, and moving. Then towards the end of the nearly twenty minute long jam it became the Carter show. If memory serves me correctly, towards the end of the song everyone on stage was turned and facing Carter, as if saying this is your show anytime you are ready to take us into the next song, we are ready.

The next little string of shows were strong to say the least, So Much to Say --> Anyone Seen The Bridge--> Too Much was great, and for the regulars, standard. However, I'll admit that transition from SMTS--> ASTB is just as funky and amazing as it's always been.

Nancies proved to be the part one of the Boyd Tinsley show, the duel with Dave, and the way he worked the entire crowd in front of the stage nothing short of the energy Bootsie Collin's has when he plays. Need I forget the Raleigh, plug in there was nice.

Drive In, Drive Out debuted here. For those of you who had to watch the screens, you might have noticed the nice little Vince Vaughn like mannerisms that Dave displayed on his face during the "Oh, should I Worry..." portion of this classic. Classic is an gross understatement for this song, and this performance.

From there it's down the home stretch. Hunger for the great light, Break Free, Louisiana Bayou, and Stay closed out the set and was definitely crowd pleasers. Break Free seems polished musically, however as with any song Dave continues to modify the lyrics to his current station in the show, so it's hard to say where it is lyrically. Bayou was nothing short of part two of the Boyd Tinsley show: more interaction with the crowd, and more duels with Dave, with obvious recognition from Carter at the end. Stay was special that is for sure. For those of you who didn't see, there were no "lovely ladies" there, the high harmonies you were hearing were Carter and Butch Taylor, and I must say they did a great job.

The show concluded with Sister, American Baby Intro, and Two Step. Dave teased the audience by admitting that it was a song that Jane Liked, but not that one, a different one. It's a great song; I think overall a future crowd pleaser, similar to the way Butterfly pleases crowds. American Baby Intro again brought the intensity level back up to a fever pitch. One word describes it, incredible. The Two Step that closed the show was remarkable. I've never heard an outro like that before on Two Step. The end was Part two of the Carter Beaufort show. The level at which he took the show out with was no where close to being on the charts. Overall one of the best encores on live and on tape I've heard/seen in along time. On paper some might say it looks weak but hearing it, it's not even possible to let weak into the conversation or building for that matter.

Overall, a great show, with great people in the crowd, all of which who were still thrilled by the fact that the Carolina Hurricanes are the 2006 Stanly Cup Champions. Then throw in the fact that DMB was here, and itís a mix that is impossible to top.