Ontario Place, Toronto, ON Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Matisyahu
Grey Street *
Pig *
Louisiana Bayou *
What Would You Say?
Big Eyed Fish * -->
Bartender *
So Much to Say * -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? *
Too Much *
The Idea of You *
Everyday *
Break Free *
Hunger for the Great Light *
The Dreaming Tree *
Tripping Billies *
Sister ~
Dancing Nancies *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Dave solo
This was the debut of "Break Free."

My second show, second this year too.

Opening Band: Matisyahu - great opening band. Dave came out before and introduced them. I have one of their albums and they were great live. He beat boxed and it was un real.

now to the band...

Grey street - when i saw the crew had put his 12 string up on stage, i was thining what could the opener be... JTR? that would be awesome! but to my surprise GREY STREET - this song is intense, emotional. but as an opener? who could have called that? It got the crowd going though.

Pig - another great tune. Boyd just smiles while he plays his little riffs. Very happy. Sieze the day! Love. well done by the boys.

Crash- expected. I love the intesity of the ending.

Bayou - my PERSONAL favourite: The band nailed this one. The stage was revealed and three very nice screens came into vision. The jam at the end was soooo great. Its new songs like bayou that makes me still have faith in the boys. It got the crowd going.

What would you say - it was good. the jam was a little lacking. I thought rashawn would take a solo but he sat this one off. Still great though.

Big Eyed Fish - very well played...great tune..good message... sung and played very well... "stay in your fucking tree" got the crowd pumped... but my first thought was "BARTENDER?" and sure enough...

Bartender - probably the song i was anticipating most.Dave sung this with so much passion. especially the last three "bended knees" unfortunately there were osme technical problems, daves guitar stopped working at the beginning of the jam. Still great though... the jam was also a little long... it watered down the intensity of the song. During roi's pennywhistle solo, when he played the wizard of oz part carter got into it. great song.

SMTS - great song.. "any one see the bridge?" ASTB- again faves guitar stopped working just as he began to play his funky part of this song... he didnt scat either. still rgeat though. Too much - i love it... "fuck it up fuck it up!".. the new jam part sounds good too - kinda medditeranean. Along with BEF-Barteneder, the boys were playing for 45 minutes straight... amazing

Idea of You - good tune. I had downloaded an earlier version so i sang along a bit. Dave was jokin around before the song "look at this tiny guitar!... we're playing this song jus' so i can play such a li'l guitar!" crowd laughing hysterically.

Everyday - "Hani Hani!" i diddnt stop singing this. They played the full out #36 outro, with the vocal harmonizing between crater dave and boyd. so good.

Break Free- best new song. Boyd played a little mandolin. I immiedatialy thought it sounded radioheadish, it was aweosme to be the first to hear this great song. its been stuck in my ead all day.

Hunger - Hunger..intense... i especially enjoy dave scatting right before it ends.

Dreaming tree- not my favourtie but was good to hear, suposedly being such a rare song. Kinda sucked the energy out of the crowd. But great anyway.

Billies - "check it out boyd!" i heard he had butchered this at the last show but the band was so on MAN.

Sister - beatiful. quiet. beautiful.

Nancies - "...lost somewhere in Canada..." did not expect this as an encore.

Stay - kinda disspaointed with this, i was hoping ants or two step. But the jam at the end made it a great encore closer. It was ironic... they're telling us to stay but then i left!

All in all a great show. I love the sound of rashawn... the band has such a clean live sound and especially the newly expanded horns section - so clean!
Dave walked out, beer in hand, looking fairly laid back. But the band wasted no time getting the energy level up with a the opener 'Grey Street'. I thought it sounded a bit distorted, like they didnt quite have the sound figured out right or something. It didnt really matter than much to me, I was just excited because it was the first time i'd heard it live. Pig was great and Crash, well for all the casual dave fans out there, it was good too... as were 'so much to say' 'too much' and 'what would you say'. It was a very radio friendly show which probably impressed a great many people in the audience who have never listened to an entire album or know what the acronyms UTTAD or BTCS mean. However, the more avid fans were probably disapointed because they didnt play 'two step' or some other obscure song they'd been dying to hear, but that dave had neglected to play for whatever reason at the last 8 show's they'd attended. With that said, and being a fairly avid fan myself.. I thought a few things about the show were amazing. The first thing was 'Lousiana Bayou'. I was never really a big fan of this song, that is before tonite. When i heard them play it last year at darien lake, it sounded less that perfected. A year later the kinks have been worked out. Great tune, great ending. Ive got a new favorite to add to my list. Next was the debute of "Break Free" If this is an indication of what can be expected out of a new album, we're in for a good one. Special mention to bartender and just the over all energy, excitement and love of music dave and company bring to their shows.

oh yea.. one more thing! The horn section rocked all night long! makes me wonder where the trumpet has been all this time! Also i never thought that leroy could look small beside another man...way to go rashawn
This was my 9th DMB show, and I am shocked at how much it exceeded my expectations! I felt slightly disappointed the last time they played Toronto (ACC in December '05), so I really wasn't expecting too much. Man am I ever ashamed of myself for doubting the abilities of this band. Simply put, I was blown away.

Right out of the gate with Grey Street, great version, jammed out so nicely. Then Pig, and Crash Into Me, all performed so tastefully. Louisiana Bayou was when things really took off. Boyd went absolutely nuts! It was definitely his night! He roamed the entire stage on all of his jam-outs! (LB, Tripping Billies, and Dancing Nancies), mouth wide open, just loving every minute of it. The crowd fed off of his energy. Other highlights included Bartender, Too Much, and Dreaming Tree (first time seeing it live, and it did not disappoint). Also, The Idea of You and Break Free fit so perfectly amongst the classics. The encore was the best I've ever seen!

This band is showing no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact, this could possibly be one of their best tours EVER. Do not pass on the opportunity to see them.
Dov W.
Bayou was phenomenal. P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L Break free was great. Idea of you wasn't. Sister was pretty impressive. Bartender rawked, especially "...on bended kneeeeeees!!!!" but mostly Bayou was PHENOMENAL!!!!
This was only my third show, although I've been a HUGE fan for over 10 years. I have to say for me personally it was an incredible experience as we sat front row centre and the whole evening had a very 'intimate' feeling to it.

I thought the opening act was very talented and I'm even contemplating going to buy his CD. I thought the DMB setlist was perfect, although I was hoping to hear JTR live, maybe next time. My highlight of the evening was when Dave came out for the encore alone and told his story about how he came about writing 'Sister'. That was a nice moment. Also when the rest of the boys came out to join him, and Boyd gave Dave a hug, goes to show that they are so tight. Nice to see.

Mark - it wasn't a beer that Dave carried out, but rather a hot liquid as it was steaming.

I hope that Dave's wrist/hand/arm is OK as he was shaking it alot through the night. Perhaps just the physical demands of being on tour.

WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Panama R.
Well, my first show of the year, and quite sorry to say, but it was a complete disappointment. I know Darien is not a very good venue to take in a show, but Dave used to rock there... In any case, the setlist probably looks good, but as far as energy or feeling, there wasn't much. The songs, particularly the ones early in the set like OSW and JTR were so incredibly slow, it was hard to get into them... Great Hunger was excellent, and probably the best jam of the night... It was very nice to get a LIOG, and Boyd was solid, but seriously, Butch has the ability to just destroy a song (or a set for that matter). Warehouse was good, but seemed to be lacking something, though the jam leading out had a different feel to it, more of a calypso sound that was pretty cool... Overall, the show didnt suck, and the setlist is strong, but they just look old up there, and they don't rock anymore... Just one dude's opinion...
Sam P.
My second Dave show, i saw the other in December of last year in the Air Canada Centre. This was even better! The sound was great, the venue was great, and the crowd was cool too. Lots of weed smoke in the air, and the Toronto skyline surrounding the stage was awsome. Great songs all night long. Grey Street for the opener was cool to hear. Too much rocked,So Much to Say rocked,bartender rocked,What Would You Say rocked, etc. Stay for the last encore was brilliant, my fav song, i would have enjoyed it more if i haden't had to go to the mens room so bad. The whole band is amazing, im definately going to be at every Toronto show for sure.
I do not really pay attention to the set list structure, though like everyone I do have my personal favourites. What I do pay strict attention to and admire almost to a fault in these multi talented gentlemen, is the absolute raw musicianship and attention to musical detail that the DMB provide for their fans. They are all individually artists in their own right, and collectively a band doing what they do in 99.9% pure syncronization mode. They meld together like the baking of some exotic dish that when viewed at face value looks like a bit of cluster, but when brought together in one big melting pot, produces the most unusual, but complete and satisfying melodic meal one could possibly consume! Hardly an electric guitar present in the DMB, and some of the best music we will ever hear because it is what you don't hear....chunky fat guitar chords in the cloned musical culture we are in today! The DMB dares to be different, and that....is what makes them different! I have been a fan of DMB for years, however a live fan just in the past couple years.....I will be seeing chef Dave and his cohorts many many more times!!!
Matt K.
GREAT SHOW!! Maybe it doesn't look that awesome on paper but it really was. Grey St was a great opening song. Some complained about some sound glitches early in the show... I think I heard only one bad bit. Pig was much better than I have heard before. Something about the timing, but I will have to check when I listen to it later. They got the timing down REAL good this year and this applies to some other songs too (Dreaming Tree especially). Bayou was great great GREAT! Yes, quite similar to many other Bayous... but the end seemed a bit spicier than some I've heard. Boyd seemed to really work well with everyone, and sometimes he just flies off the handle too wildly. This was good control and great teamwork. What Would You Say - nice. No big shocks there. BEF! Whoo! And then Bartender. What a gorgeous song. Butch laid down a solid solo. I continue to be baffled by those who use this jam as a beer break. Or worse - get on the cellphone. This is consistently the most powerful music they create! Too Much was very good. The bridge into it is quite a bit changed up this year. Idea Of You was GREAT, but BREAK FREE!!! Oh my! We were blessed with the first playing of this song. This will become a new classic for the band. Give it three years, at most. By far the best new song. It's not even close. The song is so complex and wonderful. Kind of similar to You Never Know. Dreaming Tree was awesome, but as second to last in the main set? Placement issues perhaps, but still a nice way to get to Tripping Billies. Which was outstanding! Boyd really let loose here and it was amazing! Probably his best this night. The Dancing Nancies was an amazing treat in the encore. Never would have guessed it. Stay - you've heard it (and loved it) before. Everyone goes home happy. Great Billies. Great playing throughout. No real weaknesses. Maybe the best Toronto has ever seen. And Matisyahu - very nice! Support those openers people!