Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Best of What's Around
Pig *
Say Goodbye
Donít Drink the Water *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Everyday *
Joy Ride *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Dreaming Tree *
Stay *
Break Free *
Cant Stop *
Crush *
Shotgun *
Louisiana Bayou *
Ants Marching *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

Jen S.
I missed OAR... but I was not there to see them anyway. Apparently, I heard it was a rather short set. The band was amazing. Overall, completely AMAZING. I was very glad that they played some old stuff that we all know and love and also some new ones I was hearing for the first time. The new songs are wonderful... BREAK FREE!!!
Alicia B.
What a show the guys put on last night! The sounds was a bit messed up for the frist three songs, but it was right on to start Don't Drink the Water. That was when Dave got that look in his eye that just screams "we're gonna funk it up tonight". He started rockin and twitching his head then I knew we were in for a real treat. Everyday was beautiful and all the guys were way into it, almost comparable to the 9/11 one in 2003 . The croud was eating it up and loved singing with Dave, "Hani Hani...come and dance......". Huge highlight for me was Dancing Nancies (and Dreaming Tree but I'll get to that). I love the teasing and long intros, "I could have been somewhere in Hershey Park" then Dave kept making these funny faces, fluttering his eyes when he said "I could have been a Dancing Nancy"... then with a little gay babble.... it was funny.

Seriously he was so into it last night it blew me away. I couldn't ask for anything more than to go from DN into Warehouse, I love that combo.... every time I hear it on the Central Park CD I love it and they did it agian last night. The croud was going nuts too. If I am remembering correctly it was near the end of Warehouse they busted out "Louie Louie" before finishing the song off.Again, blowing our minds completely. Then right when I could catch my breath and began to wonder what was gonna happen next, I heard LeRoi and I couldn't help but hit the guy next to me on the arm, he looked at me strange for a moment and I said "oh my god, I think it's Dreaming Tree" he laughed so hard and said "right on, it's all good" and I enjoyed every moment of that song. Dave the lyrics down and it was just beautiful. Next was Stay, and it would have been so perfect if we had gotten the rain downpour the weather called for..

"Then later on the sun began to fade And then, well, the clouds rolled over our heads And it began to rain Oh, we were dancing mouths open We were splashing and the tongue taste And for a moment this good time would never end"

We didnt' want it to end either, I thought that might be the closer due to Hershey's noise ordinance but no way! Things got quiet for the new songs, which from the road crew notes were not on the original set list, Break Free and Can't stop, "I'm a junkie for your love" totally funky, groovy and love it! Even Matt, my husband, liked it and that says a lot for an situational DMB fan. I had no idea what was next, Dave was doin' some funky chatter and the sound was going pretty strange.. I thought for a moment we might get a Halloween, but then dave looks over at Stephan and he busted out Crush. Not just an ordinary Crush either, it was a heat felt fierce throw down like something you would see in a D and T show. Again the there weren't any struggles with the lyrics, it flowed so well. Shot Gun I had heard in Charlotte, loved it then and it was even better at Hershey, love Dave on the mandolin. I thought for sure it was the set closer but then they gave us the Lousiana Bayou... "It's a damn shame" Dave was freakin out here, and we loved it.

The croud and the band's energy together were just totally groovin'. They were showin' the love for us and we were lovin' it too. The encore was no less. JTR is a new fav of mine and I can't hear it enough, and Ants Marching was the perfect way to leave these 30,000 DMB lovin fans feeling satisfied. I'm am convinced that DMB loves to play Hershey, it's my 4th year there and I've never been let down.

It really is the sweetest place on earth.
This was my 6th show and my first at Hershey. The way the stadium is set up bothered me when I first got there but once Dave hit the stage, nothing else really mattered. WOW!!! What an amazing setlist. From the start with BOWA to the end with Ants, the guys did not stop pleasing everyone. Highlights of the night included Everyday, with everyone singing "hani,hani..." and Warehouse with Dave singing Louie,Louie. I also enjoyed the new stuff, especially Shotgun. For me,however, my wish came true, as I was granted the pleasure of hearing Dreaming Tree and JTR. What a truely unbelievable, unforgettable night.
Another crazy trip for me, but what is new. Only one way to describe this show and is SOLID. Solid band energy, crowd energy, music and lyrics. Missed Bowa which I know is a small sin, but sometimes you get there when you get there, it wasn't by choice. Caught pig in the parking lot and danced my way in the doors which is always fun. Carter's solo into say goodbye was just thumping like always but really set the tone for what I viewed as one of the most confident performances by the band I have ever seen. They believed in each in everything they were doing and had each other's backs like no other last night. Real sweet intro into DDTW, I thought this was goint to be a what you are but was presently surprised with the outcome. Dave introduced stefan next indicated a Hunger was coming. A little more laid back of a hunger but a good one. Everyday was next and a great one, great crowd participation, great solos by boyd and an excllent outro. Best crowd I've ever exoierenced in herhey and it was great. I'm super glad Joy Ride is back and confused to where it ever went. Great song, the crowd loves the band enjoys playing it, what more are you looking for. Set up that great nanceies warehouse combo. Nancies was spectacular and this where I recall I got that confident vibe. Boyd stood straight and tall during his first solos just with this look on his face like go ahead and try me, and he meant anyone. He ripped around the stage offering anyone a piece who dared, but everyone knew he meant business tonight. The boy must have ate a large box of chocolates befor heading out tonight or they hooked him to a chocolate I.V. or something because he was on point, I was praying Dave didn't stand up to him this evening because it might have got ugly, he had some swagger in his hips and really out danced dave most of the night (most). Nice little louie-louie transition into 30,000 woos that were pretty damn loud. Warehouse was great and the band needed a break after this little situation they just put out. Dreaming tree was good to hear again and seemed to have a much better ending than the song in the burgh and I was quite happy with this version. Still not a big fan of stay for some reason, but dave finally started to dance a little, not that it is a bad song but i just don't like the hook. Break free was a 1st timer for me and i liked it but when they played that can't stop, I thought my boy Stefan was going to take us to funky town. This was a sweet song, not much to it but the baseline is way funky and Dave gets his point across about the song, funky and to the point, I liked it a lot. This led into crush which I was excited about because Boyd was having such a great night. He kinda stole the lead from stefan on this one at one point which obviously upset Stefan a little I saw but like I said Boyd was having one of those nights. Shotgun was alright but I've seen better performances of it. This led to the Bayou which was one of those classic Bayous that was off the hook, snuck out for a quick smoke during shotgun and was able to enjoy a nice stroll light on my feet back to my seat for this one. It was really a great set closer and just let the band showcase there talent once again with great solos from everyone that left us wanting more. Dave came out and mentioned a friend being there which had me on the edge of my seat until I learned it was Ray Ray, what I thought was a great thing was just that, but a totally different light. It is sad to hear Ray's story, but if anyone can get your spritis up it is definately these guys and I thought it was a typical DMB move to mention the guy, it sounds like he is missed. JTR great encore opener and played well tonight leading into ants which was off great. Dave made some smoke come from the stage where he was standing (dancing, like I said most of the night until he reminded boyd who the champ was) finally, likewise boyd on the violin and those drumsticks of carters. It seems like I should be getting sick of this one but each time they get going on it, how can u get sick of it. They just rip it. Leroi, Butchy, and Mr. Ross all recieve honorable mentions for there great performances. Rashawn woke every dogg up within a 10 mile radius and Butchy and Leroi flawless just like always.
First things first, weathermen, it never rains on Dave. Remember that.

Starting things off I just want to say what a remarkable job OAR did. I had never seen them before and was blown away. I had heard alot of there music so wasn't completely unprepared, but with the history of openers for Dave shows my hopes didn't climb to high. The only disappointment came when they left out my favorite verse to Crazy Game. With that said onto the show.

The highlights: Carter, was he on or was he one tonight; intro into DDTW and DDTW itself (I think Dave was actually growling by the end of the song); the new songs, was waiting impatiently to hear them; JTR, loved it since I heard it the first time way back at my first Bryce Jordan Center show, and last but not least Rashawn Ross, he just fits so well with the band and he was exceptional on the new songs. Can't wait for the new album.

Only 2 downers for me, how long it took to get a good jam and nothing from Busted Stuff. I was beginning to think we may not get one til the last song and encore, and lookiong at previous setlists had me hoping for Raven or at least Grey Street.

Overall though, this is probably the 2nd best Hershey show I have seen, only being beat out by the 9-11 show from a few years ago.
Jaclyn M.
The June 23rd concert at Hershey was probably the best Dave Matthews show I have ever seen in my life. Mind you, I have only seen Dave about 9 or 10 times, and all those times except for one exception were at Hershey or the Tweeter Center, so I guess I don't have too much of a comparison to go on. I have always felt as if the band does not particularly enjoy either venue, and while I have never found the group to EVER perform poorly, Dave is often quiet and unresponsive to the audience compared to some of the shows I have heard people talk about.

This show was SHATTERING. My voice is still recovering from all the screaming and singing I did. Dave was in his finest form, performing his facial contortions and vocal ramblings that we all love so much. Boyd was like I've never seen him before, full of fire, sprinting back and forth across the stage and dancing and jamming and...he's always one of my favorite parts of a DMB show, but all's I could do half the time was shake my head in absolute awe. Warehouse/Louie Louie was smokin'...I finally, after all these years got to hear Stay (Wasting Time)...Louisiana Bayou was wicked...I am so glad this year I went and got really good seats, because I will never forget this show. Dave was crazy, he cracked some jokes, and he was more open and friendly to the Hershey audience than I have ever seen him.

I cannot say enough good things about this show. Don't Drink the Water was primal, totally on. Dave was GROWLING. Hunger for the Great Light is one of my favorite of his new songs, so I can't objectively critique it...it was fantastic. Everyday was a constant swing up and down, frantic and hard one minute, chill and mellow the next. It was so complex, even for DMB, with some interesting syncopation and about a million different vocal parts going on at once, not to mention the VERY pleased audience singing along. I'm *embarrassed blush* not too familiar with Joyride, but I don't know why not. It was a fun song, although it seemed very brief after the blissfully neverending "Hani Hani, come and dance..." I've been one of the lucky ones to hear Warehouse at almost every single show I have seen, but this version was far and away the best version I've heard. And Ants Marching was nuts...it never fails to give me chills when everyone sings with Dave: "People in every direction...no words exchanged no time to exchange..." This particular performance was crisp and happy, the perfect ending.

And I honestly can't complain about the crowd. In fact, this was probably the best, most considerate, fun, and CRAZY DMB crowd I have been around. Not one thing made this concert even remotely unsatisfying, and I am SO psyched that I have decided to attempt to get more tickets for more shows this year, whereas I typically only go once a year. I am the only one out of my friends who truly enjoys his newest album as well as his old stuff, but even I must say that it was a thrill and an honor to be there for this performance. PERFECT.
Wow. What a show. The traffic was unbelievable, but i guess inevitable. I was quite excited for O.A.R. but i was a little dissapointed. The music didn't seem so loud and you could definetly tell that the crowd was there for Dave Matthews, not O.A.R.

Dave Matthews burst onto the stage with BOWA. It was awesome, set the tone for the whole show. Pig was awesome definetly a highlight. That song is so amazing. Nancies, Warehouse, Hunger, Everyday, DDTW, Crush, Bayou, Ants...All favorites of mine

I love all the new stuff, cant wait for the CD!!!!

I was looking for Grey Street, Too Much, Two Step, Idea of You, Kill the King, Rapunzel but they werent there i was a little dissapointed, oh well maybe next year

Dave brought it though. You could tell he was really into this show. It was amazing, like all his shows.

Also such a plus even though it was guareenteed to rain by the weathermen, it never did. of course 20 minutes after the show it poured, but not on Dave. What a miracle
G M.
great show, the jams out of DT, Nancies, Warehouse and Crush were sick. The jam out of Bayou was earth shattering. A couple lulls, but that's par for the course at basically every show you will attend. Gotta mix the slow stuff in. Nice to hear Pig, Say Goodbye, and dreaming tree, just great stuff, hot our hot tour. 05 and 06 are turning out some fantastic shows
Joe M.
This was my second show of the year. It was a really deep set list......Dreaming Tree was DEAD ON - it sounded perfect. Dancing Nancies was equally impressive. Shotgun and Break Free sound great live, but Can't Stop was even more incredible. I was really feeling What You Are, but got Don't Drink the Water instead. The intro to that song really got everyone in the mood. Pig was also dead on, you could tell Dave was really into it. The encore was unbelievable - JTR right into Ants Marching.

My only real complaint about the concert was the sound...It didn't seem loud enough to me. I am used to going to the amphitheatre at Darien Lake and perhaps that is why...it just seemed like a lot of the sound got taken out of the open arena. Other than that, just an awesome awesome show...