Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
Grey Street *
Everyday *
The Idea of You *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Steady As We Go *
So Much to Say *
Jimi Thing *
Grace Is Gone
Tripping Billies *
Digging a Ditch *
Two Step *
Sister +
Always (#40)
Dreaming Tree *
Louisiana Bayou *

* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Dave Solo

This show was so damn good, I am sitting here two and a half months later still wishing I could be there. Now, as a newer fan (this was only my second show), I didn't know what to expect. This time, as a more cultured fan, I was absolutely blown away. He started out with OSW, which is my favorite Dave song. Myself and the rest of the crowd were really into it right away, and I was so happy with that I could almost walk out then and be happy. Then they followed that up with Grey Street and Everday, two more songs that probably make my top ten Dave hits. The energy was just off the charts. He came in with the Idea of You, the song the band had debuted the first night of their Indy stop. This sent some of the ants marching to get drinks, but I kind of liked it. Upon a couple more listens from a live recording, I really like it. It has some of the older Dave feel to it and some beautiful lyrics. I think this could be a big song on the next album. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse had everybody singing along and "woo" ing, and Rashawn Ross on trumpet during Warehouse was outstanding. Boyd went off during Nancies, and a lot of other songs, but this solo was great. After chilling out a little with Steady As We Go, they came back with SMTS and Jimi Thing which were continuing to push up the crowd energy, before Crash just came in and got everyone going. Can't go wrong with Crash, no matter how many times you have heard it. A lot of people who really know Dave were just loving JTR and their was a lot of enthusiasm poured into that performance. Grace is Gone was just beautifully done. It was amazing how throughout the night they could turn up the energy and then take it down a notch and keep the slower songs beautiful. Tripping Billies just stole the show in my book. It was the best version I have ever heard. They jammed like the song could have gone for an hour, and nobody would have cared. Boyd took over a lot in the jam, Dave was going nuts, and I just got lost in the music. It usually is not even one of my top songs, but it was just phenomenal. The crowd was the loudest it had been all night. My friend turned to me after that song and said "Wow! I think we can go home!" But nope, Digging a Ditch again very smooth after all the energy and then Two Step with the always great jam in it. I was so amazed by everything, I really would not have cared if there was no encore. And I would rather not have had one, because to be honest, Sister and #40 weren't that great. Dreaming Tree was a treat to hear, and Bayou was well done also. However, I didn't really love the encore that much. Too many slower songs, and Bayou is not a song I like too much, though they threw a nice jam in there. Not a great encore, but I did not care. The best concert I have EVER seen!
Tony A.
This is by far,in my opinion,THE best song DMB has ever done.This was my 1st. live Dave experience.I was completely blown away by the whole show,but the fact that they played my wife & I favorite song was unbelievable.The next DMB show I go to will be a 2 night affair.
I am from Upstate New York, and have been going to SPAC for a long time to see my Dave shows, and this was my first time at a different venue. I must say, this was place was very neat to see a show. As for the show, THE BEST I have ever seen. It started off like most shows; I even called the opener, OSW. Then came Grey Street with a great jam at the end, and then Everyday. I'm still waiting for the guys to finally break out and bring back #36 in full. One can hope. Then came a killer new song, The Idea Of You. I really loved this; if this is the kind of music that's going to be on the new album, we are in for a real treat. The band seemed to be so joyful up there playing it. Next was the awesome Nancies > Warehouse duo, great as ever. Boyd was on the mark once again. Then a stirring rendition of a great oldie, So Much To Say. Then came the great addition of Rashawn Ross on trumpet, easily heard as he had his chance for Jimi Thing, and he and Leroi delivered. I loved it. Crash Into Me has really caught my ear lately, after years of disliking it. Interesting how songs change over the years. Then this concert crossed an invisible threshold, where it becomes in a league of its own. JTR!!!! I have been waiting forever to hear this song live! I freaked out when I heard the opening chords, so cool! Then a great version of Grace Is Gone, reminding me of my recently deceased grandfather. What a great song. Then TRIPPING BILLIES! Another outstanding piece of music, the crowd was going crazy! I was sure this was the end of the set, and was about to exhale when I heard Dave start strumming again. Digging a Ditch! Unbelievable. I was astonished, what a gorgeous night. Then came an old SPAC favorite, Two Step. Blending a little old with the new, I love it. What a great set; I was still catching my breath when Dave came out for the encore by introducing a new song, Sister. What a pretty song. I really enjoyed listening to it. #40! I'd only heard this song a few times before, and never with the band behind him. It sounds so great the other musicians behind him. I about fell over as Dave started what I thought was a tease. Then Carter started shuffling about with various percussion instruments. No way. Yes! DREAMING TREE!!!! I was so stoked, I screamed out the lyrics like no other. And kuidos go out to the couple making out right in front of me throughout the song. I got lots of respect for that. The fourth song of the encore, Bayou! What a great way to send us all home. The guys really rocked out the end of it too, making it all the better. Thank you so much for making my first midwest show so memorable!
My 6th DMB show and I gotta rank this one near the top of the list. Noblesville beats the heck out of Riverbend, I can tell you that. Anyway, G-Love and Special Sauce were the best opener I've been able to catch so that was nice. OSW was a treat as always, and Grey Street was real surprise. In recent months the song has become somewhat boring to me, but this was the most energetic performance I can remember hearing in quite some time and it has rekindled my love for the tune. I was very glad to hear Everyday because I had never heard it at a show I’ve attended before, the same goes for Warehouse which, of co, was made better by Nancies. Speaking of Nancies Boyd Tinsley was on tonight. He sounded great and was all over the stage, interacting with the crowd and the rest of the band. Very entertaining. The Idea of You, is a really nice new tune, it along with Sister have me excited for the new album. It was great to hear JTR, I really don’t know why this song disappeared for so long. The crowd loves it and as the band has said that they do. Anyway, it’s back and I couldn’t be happier. The same can be said for Grace Is Gone, which is a song I had practically forgotten about and, much like Grey St., was reminded in a big way how great the song is by the energetic performance tonight. The highlight of the night and there were many, was Jimi Thing. Each time I’ve seen this song live it has gotten better and Rashawn Ross had a lot to do with it. The crowd was really into it and every band member did there part to make it a memorable moment for everyone there. Rashawn and Roi complemented each other very nicely on this one. Tripping Billies was great as always and I thought the set was over there but I was wrong! Digging A Ditch, nice to hear, but no big deal and the first Two Step of the year, always great. When Dave, Carter, Boyd, and Stefan all came out I thought “there’s no way they’ll all play #40” I was wrong and I’m glad I was. Dreaming Tree was a shock, but a nice one and Bayou ended a great show on a great note. This show was really long and the reason is because most songs that have a little bit of jamming, were jammed to their full potential (ie: Grey St. GIG, TB). Again, a great DMB show and I can’t wait to see them again in C-Ville in September!
As a 50-something who has been to 30-something Dave shows, you always hope the band will take it to the next level. This night, they did exactly that in what was the best show I've ever seen or heard from many live CDs. Anytime you can get Crash, Trippin' Billies, Dancing Nancies/Warehouse, Two Step and Dreaming Tree on a set list, it's a special night. The energy level was great, the band seemed to be truly enjoying itself (Dave seemed unusually energetic) and after nearly three hours, you walked out drained from the experience. Had this show been available immediately afterward on CD, they would have sold 23,000 copies.
I’d have to say that BY FAR this was my favorite performance. Dave Matthews’s performances at Verizon Wireless (formerly Deer Creek) in Noblesville have always been the best performances I’ve seen him do. His set list was amazing, and being a Dave for who knows how long now, it’s was certainly a show that blew my mind. The Lights were mesmerizing, the crowd completely into the performance, and the music… the best set list Dave has used thus far. The fact that Dave played The Dreaming Tree in the Encore of the night was something I was surprised to hear. (I actually cried in the Lawn because I was so surprised… it just happens to be my all time favorite song) I haven’t heard a single negative word from anyone there that night, and if I do… they obviously weren’t Dave fans. The group I went with introduced a couple of newbie’s to Dave Matthews, and they are absolutely hooked now.
The R.
WOW...this show was simply amazing. Dave was really energetic, as were the fans. The setlist was top notch, including his most popular songs, Crash and Two Step. The main highlights of the night for me were the opening song, One Sweet World, and Digging A Ditch (An absolutely great song by the way which gets no recognition). The only negative of the night for me was the encore, or basically Dreaming Tree. This is nothing more than a decent DMB song, not an encore though especially on the 2nd night in Indy after playing..Warehouse, Crash, Jimi Thing, OSW, Nancies, Two Step...you get the point. Bayou is simply an incredible live song, which is played fantastically with Rashawn Ross joining LeRoi. Everyday was great, along with Grey Street. It was nice to hear Revelator both nights this year, after being absent since 2000. Also, sister, which was played back in 1994 (lots of changes!) is a beatiful solo by Dave, and is very relaxing. Also, the new song, the idea of you, is showing great promise for the next album!!
Spiritual. It was as if the band and the crowd connected on a different plane, and the clusters of divine energy just slammed together to make something more beautiful than words could ever describe. With the sun setting over the horizon, one could really tell the world to be one sweet one indeed. The band peaked during grey street, just as they did in the '05 deer creek show, and i nearly lost my mind. The energy man... just the energy.. it was absolutely beautiful. Dreaming tree encore completely blew me away, and at nearly 15 minutes long, i felt like i was on a musical journey through carter's double pumping kick drums. i'd put this up at the top of my dmb shows.. and it was awesome to hear a full band on #40 Keep it up boys....and ill see u summer '07