Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World *
Pig *
JTR *+~
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Smooth Rider +~%
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse * -->
Where Are You Going?
So Right *+~
Shotgun *
The Idea of You *
Stay *
Digging a Ditch *
Tripping Billies *+~
Sister ^
American Baby Intro * -->
Two Step *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Ian Gordon on trumpet
~ Reggie Watkins on trombone
^ Dave solo
% G. Love
This was the debut of "Shotgun."

Justin F.
This show marked a 10 year anniversary from my first dmb performance. Some people like to hear album cuts of songs at live shows and others prefer the anything goes improvising of a live show. This show had both elements, as Nancies-Warehouse was really welcomed. But oh my, Dave really was off his game for So Right and Tripping Billies, sadly forgetting lyrics to both and butchering both songs. A Billies set closer is great, but Dave stopped the song midway due to his vocal and instrumental screw-ups. Two Step was very sub-par and the crowd energy (much like for Ants Marching Friday night) was extremely low energy for two songs that are normally roof-blowers. Great highlight of the night goes to Smooth Rider and G-Love's rap in the middle of the song. 10 years have passed for me and this will definitely not be my last, I just hope tonight was a fluke as far as a let down goes.
Finally JTR. It was good to finally hear it. It pumped me up for the rest of the night. Now to the rest of the show. Digging a Ditch,very nice I love that damn song.Rapunzel Dancing nancies all good. New songs good. Out of the three I like Shotgun the most.Sister once again Really enjoying that song.Rashawn Ross kicked some major butt this weekend.And his boys on the Trombone and trumpet Ian Gordon,and Reggie Watkins were a nice fit. G Love on Smooth Rider was sick. G love & Special Sauce did there thing also.Saw them Friday not Saturday. Pig was nice and One Sweet world still got it going on. Where Are You Going was also one that does'nt get old. And Tripping Billies was a good ending.Tonights show had a good vibe all night.Alot of energy. Till the end. I liked Fridays encore better. Two-Step always the closer in the Burgh.
Shane M.
I thought tonight was better than the show on Friday. I loved Pig. Awesome jam, got the crowd into the show. I knew JTR was coming I just didn't know when. So after an unexpected Crash Into Me there it was, I loved it. Dancing Nancies followed by Warehouse caught me rocking out there on the lawn. Then there was So Right. I cannot believe he played that. I was hoping he would when I was listening to it on the way up to the show. Then came a new song we haven't heard yet: Shotgun. I really enjoyed it. I thought Diggin' a Ditch and Tripping Billies were both played very well. As for the encore, I was kind of disspointed. I love American Baby Intro but I wasn't feeling Two Step. Don't get me wrong I love Two Step but I would have rather heard #41 or Watchtower or something along those lines. However I thought this show was better than his show on Friday. I enjoyed the hell out of my two nights.
Incredible show! I don't know what this other review was talking about, but out in the lawn people were absolutely loving every second of Dave's performance. It was a non-stop dance party with every soul singing at the top of its lungs. Two step was a great closer and JTR was amazing. I could go on and on. I still wish I was there dancing! Can't wait for my next DMB show.
C.J. B.
Wow, mind-blowing show. Unfortunately, I don't think much more could top Friday night. OSW opened it up nicely, followed by a groovin' Pig. Crash was refreshing after a little hiatus with the past few concerts I've seen. As expected Rapunzel was as pleasing as always, followed by one hell of a Smooth Rider. What a way for G-Love to go out. Dave must've heard me with my Nancies, Warehouse request. It was definitely a good 2 years since I had heard WAYG and I've never heard So Right live, so that was a treat. The 2 song block of new stuff sounds awesome. I hope that was a taste of what we can expect on the new album. The show began to round up with Stay, followed by a nice laid-back Diggin' A Ditch. I loved Trippin' Billies as a closer but I think Dave was having some technical problems for a bit. Finally, the crowd's pleas for Two Step were answered with that as the Final Encore. I give Friday a 10 and Saturday an 8. The weather was perfect and the band took advantage. I hope they keep up the 2-day weekends in Pittsburgh.
Tr3y_Duc3 .
This was my first DMB show ever and all I can say is...I went in to the concert being an average fan of his music and now I am absolutely hooked...The atmosphere was unlike any other I have experienced...When he broke into Crash, it was an amazing spiritual experience...everyone singing and pouring out love to Dave, and Dave just giving it right back in return...wanted to hear Lie in Our Graves or The Space Between, but I cannot in any way say I was disappointed...I'm going to see him dozens mote times now to make up for all those missed years!!
What a great show... I attended both shows this weekend and I must say that it felt like one tremendous release for the band and for the viewers. Dave and the boys were rockin the entire time they were on stage. They let loose and got crazy for many of the extended jams. The first night Boyd was out of control!!!!(always a good thing) LeRoy brought the funk as usual and Carter was the heartbeat the entire weekednd. A sweet drum solo during Two Step which was awesome. Dave brought all the new songs out and the crowd responded well, Sister is an excellent tune with a great meaning, love it and I could hear it everynight! Oh and some political satire infused in some of the new tunes... glad to hear someone stand up and say what needs to be said! Thanks Dave and the band (horns and G love included) thanks to the fans for keeping in tune with the music and showing some love.
I've had the opportunity to see DMB all over the country. But nothing is like you're hometown. Being able to catch them in my hometown of Pittsburgh for my 11th and 12th shows was nothing more than amazing. I wish I could post something about the Friday show, but that night my mind was blown. You never know what to expect during the tours when no album is resealed. I guess that's the cool part about them. Will you hear radio favorites or early jams re-done and mixed together with songs of today (ie: #34/Everyday)? Either way it is a guarantee that you will hear music do magical things. Twelve shows, numerous cities, and a variety of sets that have amazed me everytime. But Saturday night the city of Pittsburgh watched the light above their eyes move faster than the light below at 8:34pm when that soft jam of One Sweet World opened the evening...

OSW - Nothing says "Good Evening" than this opener. What a tune. Never have I seen it as an opener. Wonderful way to start the evening. Pig - Nothing needs to be said. The second I heard Boyd open up I knew we were in store for an incredible show. Crash - Obviously a fan favorite. Very enjoyable. JTR - This was a first for me. Maybe it was the backing horns by Ian Gordon, Reggie Watkins, and Rashawn. But whatever it was, it cooked. Glad to get it under my belt. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel - Another fan favorite which lit up the crowd. Always a fun one to hear. Smooth Rider - Didn't expect this Stand Up tune. Also didn't expect G. Love on this one. G. Love took this jam to a whole new level, laying down a kick ass rap and the harp. Certainly going to look forward to the tapes of this one. Nancies - What is there to say about this one? An ultimate classic. Boyd was on fire. Warehouse - I was hoping they would loop this right after Nancies. I have seen Warehouse multiple times and it is always fun to see the crowd get into this one. WAYG - Another Fan favorite. Nice slow tune for the middle of the show. So Right - So unexpected. I forgot how much fun this song could be. Haven't heard it since my first Dave show years ago when they were supporting Everyday. The horns made this song 1,000 times better than you have ever heard it. Shotgun - Live Debut. Looking forward to hear this later on the tour. The Idea of You - Heard it Friday. Heard it Saturday. I love it. Better get ready for this one folks. Stay - Never disappointing. Digging a Ditch - I am glad to see this back on the set. It is one song that is truly over looked. Tripping Billies - Always a great closer. Dave fumbled on some words, but Boyd's solo, and the energy of the new horn section brought closure to what I felt was an amazing set. --- Sister - Dave acoustic is always good. He gives a nice little back-story about the song and how it is for Jane. American Baby Intro - I never thought I would hear something so amazing. This was incredible. I was in the bathroom and ran back to my seat cause I knew that this was going to cook, and boy it did. Best jam these ears have ever heard. Two Step - A Pittsburgh must. I have heard it a million times. Always great, but nothing is better than the 8/3/02 Two Step.

Overall...best set I have ever heard. Looking forward hear what other tricks the band has up their sleeves. See y'all on the road this summer...enjoy.
Bryan V.
Tremendous show put on by dmb last night. They always seem to raise the bar when they play with "old friends" as Dave likes to phrase it. Take it for what it's worth but I've been to well over 50 shows over the course of 10+ years and this show has to rank in the top 1/3. Rashawn Ross continues to come into his own and Ian Gordon and Reggie Watkins were a great addition on trombone. I'm not much of a rap fan but G. Love did a great job rapping on "Smooth Rider". His harmonica playing was even better. "So Right" was a very nice surprise and after the 2nd listen, "Idea Of You" is growing on me quickly. I thought the brand new song would be called "Heaven" but it turns out it's actually "Shotgun". Regardless, it sounds like a winner to me. Dave plays a new, very different sounding guitar on both of these new songs and it sounds like it has inspired him to come up some interesting new music, particularly the riff on "Shotgun".

"Sister" is also a very good new song. Pretty sure Dave used his Taylor on that one and yes he did say it's about his sister Jane (can we be that far away from the Jane trilogy?!? haha). The American Baby Intro was as intense as you would expect "Halloween" to be, maybe even more so. Time to give it it's own name! There were many other highlights to the show but just to sum it up they all played tightly all night long and they all brought a ton of energy to the stage. Of course they almost always do, but they really took it up another notch last night. The only bad part was the flub right after the first verse in "Tripping Billies" but they are human after all! Have they even played a cover on this whole tour? Not that I would mind but I don't think they have. Pretty impressive.

The worst part about the show was the parking. From the time I entered the entrance to the time I parked it took a good 45 minutes. At that point I had to sneak into my own spot because it didn't look like they would be directing me into one any time soon. It was a mess. Being from northern NJ I know traffic and this was very bad. I realize the venue is larger than most amphitheatres but you would think the parking staff at Post-Gazette would have it down by now. It was terrible. I actually think they were running out of spaces so they left people sitting there while they thought of a "Plan B". Maybe the VIP lots were bigger than they should have been, I don't know. I normally am very patient but I thought the situation was ridiculous. By the way I entered the entrance around 6:30 which is reasonably early considering the opener went on at 7. Plus it was a Saturday so you have to figure a good number of people were there early to tailgate. At least the show made up for it.
Alex T.
The best show on earth. The past two shows in Pittsburgh marked my 10th and 11th, and i wouldn't have wanted to hit double digits any other way! I have never heard best of whats around live, and for them to open with it made the weekend incredible. My best friend happened to call it by the way. I new songs were great too,Dreaming tree had the best visuals on the backdrop screen, though I wasn't feeling the closer Ants on friday. By the way, G love was amazing on friday, covering golddigger and such! Saturdays show simply blew me away, with Pig, Smooth Rider, and SO RIGHT!! thats one of my favs i have never heard live, and it rocked just like i thought it would. Tripping billies had me dancing like no other on the lawn, as did the entire show pretty much. Finishing it out with two step, the dave matthews band finished out a great weekend for me and my crew yet again. Musically they were tight as ever, and the backdrop and lights continue to get better every year. Iam counting down till next summer!!
Amazing...mind-blowing weekend... From Best of What's Around on Friday night to Two Step closing Saturday night. The most appealing aspect of DMB is their passion for the music and incredible talent that it takes to do what they do night after night, year after year. For many years, myself and a large number of our friends have been going to see DMB. We used to hit the road to catch many shows a summer & a few throughout the winter. Unfortunatly, gone are those days as we get older and our lives have taken us all in different directions... marriage, kids, job relocations...whatever the case may be. But the one thing that will never change, no matter what direction we may go, is the 2-day weekend in Pittsburgh.

I have seen many shows in my day, but I must say that the show Friday night far surpassed anything I have ever seen (few minor glitches, but who cares). Saturday was great too...American Baby Intro into Two-Step...I don't even know how to describe it...you just had to be there. The highlight of Friday's show was the amazingly wonderful version of a favorite of mine, Grace Is Gone. New songs are always nice to hear and Sister was great. (I'm a sucker for Dave solo, so I may be alittle bias) Never a dull moment.

The greatest part of being a DMB fan to me is my 6 year-old daughter who has also become a fan over the years. She went to her second show Friday night (1st show was last year in PGH). She sings, she dances, she has a blast. I was going to leave before the encore to beat the masses since she's small...but she refused to leave until she heard "her songs"...thank god thay came through with 2 out of 3 for her in the encore...Everyday & Ants (she missed Trippin Billies 2 years in a row)...cause I have no idea how devestated she would have been without hearing a few. I told her "maybe next year"...
Takeshi H.
First off let me say historically I think the best tours have been those where the band isn't promoting an album. Losts of balanced set lists, a few new songs, and great versions of the classics.

Second, it appears that the band is getting better and better. I'd love to see Rashawn Ross be a permanent addition to the band much like Butch. He adds so much color and space for improvising. If he's not going to be permanent. Definitely DO NOT miss this tour.

Third, I've seen DMB a dozen times or so and 'Burgh, unlike other places, has consistently the best crowds. They are always amped up. They know all the lyrics to all the songs and they seem to understand that a good show is a joint participation between the band and the audience. (I wish Columbus would figure that out, for a college town, C-bus is pretty dumb!)

Now on to the show, DMB played great and as one of my friends said, "You know the show is going to be good when they are jamming at the end of Pig." He was definitely right.

JTR-I've been hearing how well this song is in other reviews and that's no exaggeration.

Dave did alot of dancing during Rapunzel and got the already rowdy 'burgh crowd up to another level.

Smooth Rider, I never really liked this song that much but it was a killer performance and G Love can flat out play the harp.

Nancies, I couldn't believe how ballistic the crowd went when dave only played the opening 4 notes, again props to the crowd.

Warehouse, lots of "Woo-ing" by the crowd which was really off the chart. W-house is my favorite tune and it's even better when you get the Nancies>>W-house 1-2 punch.

Interesting little delicate tune between W-house and WAYG.

So right, okay so Dave flubbed the lyrics (maybe they should have soundchecked it more than once) but I was still incredibly happy that he played one of my favorite DMB songs that I hadn't heard live before.

Shotgun nice little tune. I feel like it's one of those "the more I hear it, the more I like it" tunes.

Idea of You, really the best of the new songs that we heard that night.

Tripping, again Dave was really "off it" on the lyrics of the first verse but the "band played on" and Dave got it together and really went all out on a song that, in the past I haven't been a big fan of.

American Baby Intro, another great song that I hadn't heard live before and a great lead in to 2 Step. You could hear a couple of two step riffs by Dave at the end of the AB Intro and then you could clearly see Dave motioning to Boyd to do the violin strumming to transition to 2 Step.

All in all it was a great night from a great band with a great crowd. Pittsburgh, YOU ROCK!
Saturday night in the burgh is always a special time. We had a party bus and a crew of about 20-25 chilling with us which is always a good time. I was really surprised by the sell out status, not that the show sold out, but everyone who had a ticket was keeping it, there were no extras in the parking lot and that is the 1st time I've seen that at star lake and then after the show was over i noticed the hershey and 2 camden shows also sold out, way to go PA.

OSW opener was called by me and I couldn't have felt better when he hit that 1st note one of my favorites, and I love the do wop he always does in it. Dave played a little song about a swine then, great 1-2 punch to open the show, but it made me feel like a greedy little pig because I wanted them to play everything, I just can't get enough. He then moved on to crash which was crash, but if you are going to play it please throw the dixie chicken on; which he did. The crowd was really into the song, but it doesn't do a hole lot for me. JTR is a good song and great live performance but once again it didn't have me jumping out of my seat. Nata - Rapunzel is a great jam and one of his faves for the burgh it seems so he always gets really into it. I expected Smooth Rider, but not with the harmonica and rapping of G-Love and the horn solos of many. This is one of dave's favorites i believe and he really feeds off of letting others shine which is exactly what he did here and boy was it great. I at one point when this came out thought this was a song for the ladies, but I think it is actually intended to make someone feel like they can pull any lady. Nancies was sweet and he fumbled a little saying lost some where in pittsburgh, but he got it accross. What ever happened to the days where dave and boyd would just dance in circles together battleing back and forth for minutes, walking each other down, I'm pretty sure those were old star lake days that I saw that on several occassions and really made me fall in love with the dmd, but it has been many years since those 2 went at it like that. I can't wait to see it again, but everytime nancies gos by and it doesn't happen I keep asking for more like that greedy little pig I was telling u about. Warehouse was sweet, but I felt the woos were a little weak or atleast not what I am accustomed to in the burgh.WAYG? was answered with the song so right. Nice song, but I honestly wasn't highly familiar with it and am waiting to see it again. Shotgun and The idea of you are 2 good new songs and once again looking forward to the new album and these the rest of the tour. Stay is a hi energy tune but not a fave of mine once again unfortunately. Digging a ditch is a great tune and made me reflect a little on all of those ditches my dad made me dig as a kid which molded me into the man I am today. He closed the set with billies which i felt the band really played through any mix ups covering them up with some good old fashion jamming it makes you forget about all of that. Dave played another tear jerking sister (not me) and then a powerful american bacy intro. I say powerful because to me this song is just that powerful. When dave is screaming thos few lyrics or boyd takes front and center and shreds that violin all to the back beats of the horns, drums, and bass the tune is just moving from way down deep inside. The climax of the weekend seemed to be anything but to me, everyone was expecting two step and they got it, however I felt it was almost 2 predictable the hole weekend and it really took a lot away from the song and atmosphere. Now keep in mind I was not on the lawn with the crazies where i prefer to be on a song like this, but something was just missing for me. I knew this was coming like I said but I threw out a crazy idea like closing with it friday and then opening with it on saturday; that would have set the burgh off like no other, but once again I'm greedy to expect something like that. The band exited to a well deserved standing o because they gave it there all for the weekend and they got rewarded with cheers and chants from some of the best fans out there.

That is why dave loves the burgh and the burgh loves dave. sweet bus jersey worn by carter, it almost fit.